Arkansas: Emerging Crystal Portal – James Tyberonn

Arkansas: Emerging Crystal Portal
Written By ~ J Tyberonn

Copyrights Reserved 2019


A few years ago, I attended a Kryon channel in New England that had a serendipitous effect on me. In the course of the channel, Kryon gave a precisely dated timeline of Atlantis, then added that indisputable evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas! The comment energized me.

Synchronicity noted. I had been experiencing tugs to do a little ‘global’ exploring in my home state for weeks prior to the Kryon channel. Kryon’ s bidding provoked mental exploration of where the Atlanteans would have left ‘evidence’ in Arkansas.

The first thing that came to mind was diamonds and quartz. Atlantis used them, Arkansas has them. As I began examining possible areas of Atlantean mining, a prolific juxtaposition occurred. I contacted several Lightworkers about the subject, and soon learned that many Earth-Keepers had been recently receiving intuitive tugs regarding Arkansas.

The referred serendipity became quite poignant. I became keenly aware that Arkansas’s unique geology would play a major role in the ascension of the planet. (A separate topic from the search of Atlantis, yet equally fascinating …and perhaps more important.)

The Trip to Arkansas:

I loaded my Suburban and made the 8-hour drive to Arkansas’ Ouachita Mountains on a sunny Thursday. The drive was pleasant and uneventful along the flat, straight expanse of Texas highway 59. As I cruised through Texarkana into the rolling green hills of the Ouachitas, the energy became discernibly softer.

My destination was Crater of Diamonds State Park. I spent the night in Magnolia, and drove onward to the diamond mine cum State Park. Interesting things occurred as I entered the Little Missouri River valley that winds serpentine through the lushly forested hills. Pines gave way to thickets of hickory, oak and sweetgum. Occasional sycamore trees stretched high over the green canopy. I felt a distinctive sensation of being lulled into a deep creative serenity … peaceful, yet vividly awake. Ideas and impressions came in from all angles. I was aware of feeling very ‘expansive.’ Time passed quickly, and suddenly I was there. Two hours had passed in what felt like a quarter hour. Interesting energy field!

Mounds & Rivers

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I felt the pull of the crater. The heady perfume of gardenias hung wonderfully in the air, as I ambled to the Park entrance. Nothing like natural incense to kick-start data feed in a power-point! This site would not disappoint me.

I loved the quaint location. The diamond crater is pocketed alongside the Little Missouri River, a clear, pristine river held sacred by the Quapaw Indians. The Quapaws were themselves descended from Mound Builders who had several impressive mounds in the general area. Most notably the Toltec Mounds in central Arkansas, Spiro Mounds in eastern Oklahoma, and Poverty Point Mounds in northern, Louisiana. All built near major rivers.

Arkansas Volcanic Pipe

The diamond crater is actually 3 overlapping volcanic pipes, composed of the telltale green kimberlite soil. The ‘Kimberlite Pipes’ of Arkansas, like the ones found in Africa, are a cornucopia of diamonds, amethysts, peridot, garnet, carnelian and myriad other semi-precious stones. The rich dark soil had been plowed and turned to allow the dozens of ‘miners’ – mainly families and school groups – to dig through the greenish loam for treasures. Everyone seemed happy, and very grounded. There was something both inviting and therapeutic about sifting and digging in that earth. The child in me wanted to tread barefoot in the soft tilled loam, and squeeze it between my toes!

I walked the perimeter, and came upon three young, well-educated Park Rangers giving talks under a pavilion fitted with water lines and screen-meshed shakers, explaining to would be miners the unique geology and strategy of finding gems.

“Over 500 diamonds are found here by visitors each year ,” the Rangers explained. “This is the eighth largest diamond mind in the world, and the only active diamond mine in the United States.” The 20-minute talk was quite comprehensive, geological and useful to the stone miners. Very interesting indeed.

The blue skies began to cloud over so I surveyed the concave crater grounds, and spotted an enormous oak situated on a well-grassed slope. It seemed to call me over, and I joyfully obliged. A soft rain started to fall as I nestled under the thick cover of the big oak. The summer shower was light and passed quickly, creating that pungent, earthy after scent of rain on soil. A soft breeze flowed past, and carried the wafting perfume of gardenias in bloom around the Ranger station. The two aromas mixed in a wonderful aromatic cocktail.

Tyb’s Download

My focal download of information occurred in a span of twenty minutes, but I knew the clarity of this oasis facilitated the flow. I wrote quickly, most of it after the flow, comfortably nestled against the oak. There was a lot of information. I was told Arkansas is being activated as a major portal of the Crystalline 144 grid … and this diamond crater is one of three satellites that will anchor and feed the vortex.

The Vortex

I was told that a wide vortex is in formation that will combine three separate energy fields in Arkansas and western Oklahoma, and this synergistic blend will disseminate a coded-crystalline energy throughout the mid and southern sections of the United States. The vortex will connect and blend three different energy fields: Eureka Springs, the Talimena Ridge (Rich Mountain), and Mount Ida ( Hot Springs).

The center-apex is between Hot Springs Village and Mount Ida. Here the crystal energy will be emanated in a pristine fountain, and carried in a spiraled sweep into eastern Oklahoma and southwest Missouri, in a unique two-segmented vortex. The approximate parameters of the ovalesque (2 part) vortex are Crater of Diamonds, Spiro Mounds, Christ of the Ozarks, Blanchard Springs, and Toltec Mounds. The crown energy is fixed into the area of Queen Wilhelmina State Park, and the heart center of the vortex is located in the area if the river valley rift of the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, anchored to Mount Magazine, the highest point in the crystalline state.

Stargate Crystal Portal

The portal forming over Arkansas is a function of the Crystal 144 Grid. The portal is, in essence, a white hole, a stargate. It charges energy inward from higher dimensions into the earth plane. The portal will feed coded light energy into the awakened crystals and the crystals will in turn outflow their new and stored energies for distribution by the vortex engine.

Semi-Circular Compression Vortex

This particular vortex has a unique aspect that I have never before encountered. While it is somewhat circular in shape around the crystal portal, it is composed of two semi-circular segments that enclose the energy, but are not connected in terms of energy flow. The energy does not circulate in a circular surrounding motion. Each semi-circular segment shifts in a to and fro movement, similar to the agitator inside a washing machine. The semi-circular templates are fixed in place, and do not shift. The energy patterns rotate within them.

The vortex aperture is of a smaller diameter at the base, and increases in width as it rises higher. Metatron explained that the side-ringer format creates an internal pressure inside the matrix of the vortex, that compresses and accelerates the light-coded crystal energy being vaulted upward. The two fulcrum-tips of the energy movements in each semi-circular template are in multidimensional synchronicity. The momentum of the two contained energies are in balanced opposition to one another. It is, in fact, this balance of opposing motion that holds the vortex intact, and forces the energy upward, jacuzzi style, into the dimensional fields for distribution.

Although the vortex is intricately connected to the portal, it operates from a different grid – the (electro)-magnetic grid (icosahedron) – and operates under different mechanics. The vortex extends to 1000 feet below the earths surface, to about 3000 feet above it. The upper portion of the vortex brings in the hydro energies, the mid portion the crystalline, and the lower segment the magnetics. The portal itself is housed within the vortex, and rises to infinity.

Trinity of Tellurics

Combining three distinct vortices of different telluric energies, and forming one blended mega-vortex is quite a powerful undertaking, and will not happen overnight. The three vortex nodes referenced represent three differing telluric energies:
Crystal energies of the Ouachita Mountains centered between Mount Ida and Hot Springs.
Magnetic energies of the Talimena Ridge on the western borders of the state.
Hydro energies centered in a 70-mile radius around Eureka Springs in the northwest corner of the state.
Each area requires some energy clearing, healing and anchoring. This has been ongoing, and is quickening. There still remains work to do in this regard. The vortex portal matrix became functional and became fully operational in 2012.

Clearing and Preparation of the Three Centers

In general the spring (hydro) energies of the northwest portion of the state are quite clear. The nature of the waters and the relative remoteness and resort status of the area have helped maintain its clarity.

The crystalline and electromagnetic fields need more clearing. This is a work in progress. All Lightworkers can help. Prayers, particularly utilizing an Arkansas crystal are uniquely potent, but all prayer adds to the energy. Many clear, crystalline rivers traverse these mountains, and these aid greatly in the energy balance.

Many Lightworkers and Earth-keepers, as Metatron said, (and I have since confirmed), are being pulled and drawn to the three Arkansas center to aid in preparation for the 2038 Return of Light.

Metatron advises that each continent has its own energetic chakra system, powerpoints , meridians and leys. These are being cleared and reworked to appropriately correlate to each of the three harmonic grids: (1) Dodecahedron Gravity Grid , (2) Icosahedron Electromagnetic Grid (3) Crystal 144 Grid ( double penta dodecahedron).

Crystal Center

The crystalline energy is centered in the Hot Springs – Mount Ida portion of the state. The crystal-bearing quartz deposits occur in strata 35 miles wide and 170 miles long, extending from Little Rock to beyond Talimena. However, the richest deposits occur in a powerful area between Hot Springs, Mount Ida and Jessieville. The mega-crystals are deep below the Hot Springs area.

The thermal waters that give Hot Springs its name are protectors for these generators. The 47 hot springs along the forested southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain gush forth nearly a million gallons of 143ยฐF water every day. The water is slightly radioactive, with a very clear, focused energy. This water is remarkably healing, and contains higher dimensional energy codes. The water is very potent, and indeed carries a unique frequency that has long been recognized by the ancients.

There are intermittent pockets of duality that do clearly require work . Hot Springs was an underworld gambling mecca from the 1920s through the early 1960s. Al Capone maintained a residence there as did many crime figures. That energy has been cleared to a large degree, but it is not completed. The Lightworkers drawn to this crystalline vortex over the past decade, are being led to the areas for healing this residue and assist in dimensional alignment. Much of this preparation has been completed.

Talimena Ridge – Magnetic Outflows

The ‘magnetic energy’ is focused around Rich Mountain along the Talimena Ridge of west Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. Iron and lodestone deposits abound. While most magnetic vortices have a downward pull, the magnetic energy here actually has an outward flow at the numerous vertical and lateral node points along the ridge. This happens, but is rare.

It is in fact this area that is the most powerful centre within the Arkansas vortex, combining most effectively the crystal and hydro energies; magnetically infusing and activating them. A powerful stargate exist near the apex of the ridge near Queen Wilhemena State Park.

I heartily recommend the ridge crest drive from Mena, Arkansas to Talihena, Oklahoma. It rises sharply from the town of Mena, and showcases 70 miles of beautiful overlook vistas, with spectacular views on both sides. Some overlooks are at incredible energy nodes, especially the one just east of the state park hotel. The 70-mile ridge actually contains the highest elevations between the Appalachians and the Rockies. National forests sandwich the ridge with massive tracts of virgin mountain forest, never having been inhabited. The ‘raw’ nature of the forest areas has preempted the need for clearing & balance. Certain points have pockets of a potent magnetic energy that is somewhat electrically imbalanced.

As with many power areas, religious groups have been drawn to the surrounding valleys near the ridge for years. Large groups of Mennonites, Ammonites and Rainbow People have colonies in this area on private lands adjacent to the National Forests. Their sincerity and spiritual seeking has contributed to the vibratory clarity of the Talimena Ridge. Bigfoot & Yeti have been reported in the ridge & virgin forest areas for centuries.

Eureka Springs

The ‘hydro apex’ is centered near Eureka Springs in NW Arkansas. Long viewed as sacred land by the indigenous peoples of the region, the massive spring system that surfaces near Eureka Springs and undulates as an aquifer throughout NW Arkansas & SW Missouri creates an incredible plasmic field of benevolent anionic particles.

The energy here is very balanced and a tangible sense of spiritual well being exists within this area of the Ozark Mountains, centered near Eureka Springs. Several sacred rivers run through this area as arteries of heart energy. These include the Buffalo River, which was protected by a myriad of spiritual forces acting in synchronicity. The Buffalo River became the first river in the USA to be designated a ‘National River’ three decades ago. This declaration provided a protection that prevented commercialization of the area, and halted plans for a hydroelectric dam. Other sacred waters that carry great energies are the Ouachita, Caddo and Cassatot Rivers, and well as lakes Ouachita, Maumelle, DeGray, Heber Springs, Tablerock, Bullshoals and Beaver Lake.

The center of the integral tri-vortex forms around Mount Magazine.

Telluric Field Electrics

As in any field of intensely charged earth, electrics will freely form pockets of anionic and cationic fields. Therefore certain areas will often hold pockets of electrical plasma that are can become overcharged or imbalanced.. Both create a macro balance, yet form a micro imbalance. Areas of benevolent feel usually have a 5-to-4 ratio of anions over cations. When this ratio is not in place, energy pools occur, which create a sense of imbalance. This will happen in pristine or raw areas. Yellowstone is another example of this.

Certain areas with this imbalance are being groomed and redistributed to facilitate the flow of the vortex.

Atlantean Mines in Arkansas

Now, I have completely evaded the initial concept of this article, regarding Atlantis mining in Arkansas โ€ฆ up to this point. So where are they? Perhaps thatโ€™s for you to find. The clues given me, after tedious research, and channeled guidance from Tyberonn & Metatron are combined as follows:

Below Mount Ida are ancient remnants of Atlantean tunnels and mines, but these are quite deep.

Outside Eureka Springs is the most likely area. In the labyrinth of limestone caves that network the entirety of the Ozarks are passageways that link into a complex and abandoned facility in which incredible mining structures still remain. These, according to Tyberonn, were used in mining a far more precious substance of which we have no knowledge today. There is a greenish, porous, phosphorus compound mineral that was used in the Temple of Rejuvenation in Atlantis. This mineral is a rare derivative of a more common mineral, and exists in an area not too far from the Christ of the Ozarks region of NW Arkansas. It is near, I was told, a natural body of water. I was also told that when the cave evidence is found, it must be reported to journalists and put on the Internet quickly so that the authorities cannot cover it up and hide it.

One other interesting tidbit that may be related is, itโ€™s a little publicized fact that there are two areas in NW Arkansas where ancient stones have been found, that have petroglyphs โ€“ ancient writing similar to Viking runes. These predate Columbus by 300 โ€“ 500 years. A more publicized occurrence of this is in the nearby Runestone State Park in eastern Oklahoma, near the Talimena Ridge, in Heavner, Oklahoma. Some speculate an evolved writing similar to the Atlantean hieroglyphics, not unlike rare specimens of the rune writings on certain Mayan ruins. Others believe they are from Viking explorers.

There are vast hollow earth regions deep below the Talimena Ridge which are colonized by what is often referred to as the โ€˜Blue Beingsโ€™. There is additionally a Syrian B base in this area. The magnetic energies provide a stargate matrix that enables entry and exit thru hyper dimensional doorways.

Visitor Information

For visitors, there are dozens of powerful and beautiful areas to visit in Arkansas. Two exceptional drives are Highway 7 beginning at Hot Springs for 80 miles headed northward through the Ozarks. This passes through very potent energies. The Talimena Byway from Mena, Arkansas to Talihena, Oklahoma is another 70-mile stretch that traverses potent energies.

Arkansas is in the rural south Bible Belt, so ‘New Age’ beliefs are not shared by most residents.

Healing, crystal rivers such as the Ouachita, Mulberry, Caddo, Cassatot, Strawberry, Buffalo and Little Missouri flow through the mountains. These are available for white water rafting, and have beautiful cascades in the mountain regions. Springs sites are in Hot Springs, and Eureka Springs. Both are very healing. The War Eagle Mill near Eureka Springs, the Christ of the Ozarks, Rich Mountain, Mount Magazine, Mount Nebo and Hawkbill Overlook are very powerful points, in addition to the ones covered in the article.

In terms of crystals, there are dozens of ‘metaphysical’ mines open to the public. Seekers can dig for their own crystals in rich deposits of laterite earth. This is etherically permitted. However, massive amounts of quartz are being industrially mined on National Forest lands, using bulldozers, backhoes and explosives. This must stop.

Arkansas has the largest deposits of quartz in the United States. There are richly veined deposits of high quality crystal found near the surface in an area between Hot Springs National Park, Mount Ida and Jessieville. Arkansas crystal is noted for its clarity, hardness and several unique electrical properties. Certain mines, most notably the McEarl mine, produce an extremely clear, high frequency crystal, highly prized (and priced) among metaphysical circles. McEarl crystals are very potent, and have a greater hardness and density than standard quartz.

As functions of the new 144 crystal grid, portals are emerging in many areas of the USA, of which Arkansas is just one. The Arkansas portal has a unique function because of its tie-in to the crystalline energy. A vortex is being formed to distribute the energy. Many Lightworkers are drawn to these emerging portals to contribute to the anchoring, alignment and facilitation of these portals. Physical presence is not always required to contribute to the clearing of these portals. Each reader can contribute to forming these portals through intent and prayer.

End of Article


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Gratitude for all images. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


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