September Ascension Energies – Infinite Self – Jamye Price

September Ascension Energies – Infinite Self

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August had a beautiful power to it. We have been moving through some wonderful changes lately and August helped refine more power within by opening us up further to Infinite Time. This may have manifested in patience (I’m timeless), impatience (time’s up), time glitches (where did the time go) and/or deep understanding (multiple timelines).

Maybe it didn’t seem that connected to Time for you, and it seemed more physical: Excitement/fatigue, sleep patterns changing, brain fog or mental over-stimulation, temperature changes in your body (especially localized, like a hot or cold spot). Or perhaps you noticed closure on old issues, new determination, relationships ending or improving.

Overall there was a stronger connection into the subtle flow of Time rather than just the linear flow (it still applies). This has the effect of a greater connection into the power of universal law, so you are utilizing a greater capacity of your inherent power.

During the Lyran Perspective channeling, Areon pointed out that Time is a functionality of our density and that we “hold form” with our storylines – lines of connection that bind us into specific form. Rather than thinking about timelines, observe storylines.

Storylines are the information/reference you hold of Time. They create your identity – a theme of this quarter. As you neutralize “storylines” you release the binds of Time. This includes the past or future expectations holding you in a repetitive form.

This flows beautifully into September as we continue a trajectory of Freedom in 2019.


September’s energy of Infinite Self continues your expansion into your universal nature, your infinite sacredness, your powerful divinity. You’ve always been this, it is the infinite nature of Time which is woven into your substance.

You’ve moved through linearity in many different ways to culminate in this beautiful space/time on Earth. Just as August helped you blend past and future into now, September will help you blend me and them into us.

This is not for the weak of heart. It is for the Angels that know the power of Love in its full spectrum of linear/dual experience. Authentic Love requires great courage when it’s not the easy choice. To find the balance of self and others requires a strength that is willing to allow rather than just control.

You came here to enjoy the beauty of the physical realm and assist humanity’s emergence into fourth density; connection within separation. Many avoid connection in deep ways. To truly observe the self or be vulnerable to another can be frightening for the psyche (July energies helped shift this), so it is often resisted unconsciously. But as you’ve likely experienced, it’s usually easier than expected and definitely worth it.

Your inner connection begins the process.

The layers of separation are obvious, the invisible connection is not. An aspect of Ascension is that it creates an amplification of your intuitive senses to look beyond the obvious into potentials not yet formed. You become the Space that Time manifests through. Time is your vehicle of uniqueness, moment by moment, even as All Time is connected.


You are infinite and finite. Physical density creates the experience of separation, which is a valuable construct, slowing our perception to a pace within Time that linearizes the moments. In each moment is a uniqueness.

You bring a unique aspect of the unity of Life to human form.

Within your physical expression is a subtle, non-physical, less dense aspect. You can call it consciousness, thought, emotion, lightbody, geometry, God, prana or Love, to name a few. I have been taught to focus on Love because it is the connective, binding force of Life. It has often been resisted, misunderstood or undervalued in the current human experience.

In this physical energetic structure, though it is subtle, the information of your connection or separation resides and determines your interaction with Life. Your focus on your own improvement and wholeness is creating a deeper access to the flow of Love here on Earth.

To enhance access to your Infinite nature, become more conscious (less unconscious programming leading you—neutralizing storylines). Become more loving, especially by honoring the sacredness of you, the vehicle through which you experience Life. This then flows out and teaches through the vast subtle field of information.

As people learn they are divine, cherished and powerful, the unconscious fears start to melt and merge into an inner sense of inherent worth. The connection begins. In this month’s video, there are some exercises to enhance this focus of Love on Earth.

There is a powerful reason this month’s energies are called Infinite Self rather than something like infinite divinity.

YOU are that powerful reason.

Areon was explicit that this timeframe will be calling us to more inner power. Look for experiences coming up about valuing yourself, and how you can create a win/win in your interactions. Loving yourself unconditionally within, while honoring the conditions of the physical realm, is the connection of your finite and infinite expression merging.

The courage to connect is a powerful force for humanity. As the compassionate ones start leading, the world really changes. Fear becomes less dominant, people become more creative and integrated with their environment. It is the trajectory of Freedom within and Love throughout.


There is an aspect of September that is amplifying the Divine Feminine within. We all have both masculine and feminine energy within, for they represent the dualistic engine of life in this density. Both energetics are necessary for creation. To enhance more of your Divine Feminine energy, become more allowing of your intuitive flow, nurturing yourself and others (not enabling), creating a deeper connection, allowing the creative to flow and letting go of action just for doing’s sake.

The balance of masculine/feminine energy is a core aspect of empowerment. When you are whole within, the effort and resistance of creation is released. You nurture creation with inspired action. Your excitement is supported like the flow of water downhill.


September feels like a culmination of more clarity as the Infinite Mind and Heart merge into a deeper understanding of the boundless Love within you that releases you from linear Time. (from time to Time) ;o)

Your “new” identity of the Love that you are is becoming clearer and stronger. The space that you hold connects the timelines that tell the story of humanity’s evolution.

As you are moving through this month, observe how life is calling you to Love the separation into connection. You are an immense power.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah



September 2019 Message
Linda’s New Book





Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss the nurturing qualities of Love.

Love is a much-discussed concept. Sometimes it is thought of in romantic terms, and other times the concept goes far beyond an emotional state. We wish for you to consider Love in an expanded state and think of it as a vibration.

Love as a vibration encompasses a wide range of spiritual qualities. There is the warm feeling you get in your heart center when you think of someone for whom you have special feelings. This may be a partner or other family member, a friend, or someone who has done something kind for you.

It can also extend to pets and the animal kingdom. You may feel Love when you are in nature and admire the beautiful plants, the rocks, and the oceans and rivers. The various kingdoms of humans, animals, plants, and minerals inspire great awe when you view them with gratitude. This leads to a feeling of Love as a vibration.

As you experience the beauty of nature, you may feel a Oneness with All That Is.

This can lead you to consider the other qualities of Love as a vibration. It is often expressed in many ways.

When thinking of the ways to express it, you may wish to consider giving Love to yourself as well as to others. When you are gentle and caring with yourself first, this allows you to have a clear energy field. Then you are able to transmit a gentle, Loving vibration to others. Each expression of Love for others begins within yourself, and then it flows outward.

With each quality of Love, ask your Higher Self to bathe your entire energy field with this aspect. Feel it saturate and fill each part of your Being until you experience the nurturing quality it embodies. Then you are ready to share this aspect with others.ou may express Love as an act of kindness for another. You may smile at someone or hold the door for them. You may let them go ahead of you when checking out at the grocery store. As you perform an act of kindness, you may likely feel the warmth of Love in your heart center as you connect with the Oneness of all of Creation. Even the smallest act of kindness allows this connection to occur.

Another way you can express Love is accepting each person as an individual. You are aware that each person came to carry out a special mission and that not everyone will like or appreciate the things that you do. Being gentle with yourself as you carry out your mission is nurturing yourself with the quality of Love.

Accepting another person and their mission does not mean that you have to agree with what they do. It simply means acknowledging that they have a Divine Spark and a unique mission, just as you do. This allows you to feel Love when you realize that you each burst forth from the Great Creator and that you share a Divine connection.

Forgiveness is also an aspect of Love. There may be occasions in your life when you wish that you had not said or done something. Forgiving yourself is an act of Love. When you look at the situation and realize the lesson it contains, you can forgive yourself and know that you will take a different course of action the next time. When you approach it this way, your energy field has been cleared, and this is an act of Love.

This same principle applies to forgiving others. When you forgive them, you are applying a quality of Love, which clears your energy field and allows you to move forward. It also keeps the door open for future interactions with the person you have forgiven.

As you continue to consider the many ways you can express the qualities of Love, you may realize that in its expanded form, it helps to reinforce the Oneness of all of humanity and Creation. Realizing this Oneness is one of the greatest qualities of Love. It helps you to transcend third-dimensional situations and to view them from a higher perspective. When do you this, your nurturing Love ripples out from you to all of humanity and throughout the multidimensions. You are an energetic Being expressing the nurturing qualities of Love.

Beloved, we are happy that you are expressing the nurturing qualities of Love for all of Creation. You are a great Light throughout the multidimensions.

Know that you are greatly Loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

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Many thanks to everyone for your encouragement during the writing and publication of this book.

Love and blessings,

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