Archangel Michael on How to Regard a Fallen Guru – Steve Beckow

Archangel Michael by Alma Yamazaki @ Pixels


Archangel Michael on How to Regard a Fallen Guru

In trying to find the quote from the Divine Mother on fallen gurus, I came across a passage from Archangel Michael in which he discusses the same subject.

I found the piece so informative that I determined to post it:

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon,
Jan. 3, 2013.

S: Is XXX and her circle guilty of the crimes that YYY accuses her of?

AAM: No one is to be hung out and dried. That is the way of persecution. That is the way of the old Third [Dimension]. That is the way of guilt, shame, blame, fault, that false grid that we are happy to be waving goodbye to.

Now have there been some mis-steps or irregularities in this situation with XXX? And with several others?

S: Like ZZZ?

AAM: The answer is yes. Now one of the difficulties – and you and I have spoken of this, as with WWW – but let us speak of the situation of those who become might we say gilded gurus. And we use that term very specifically. And that is why Pope Francis, thus far, is demonstrating being such an exception to the rule.

The power is tremendous. And, as you know, regardless of the vows of chastity, poverty, humility, many of these beings have massive followings and massive donations and wealth. And the temptations can be enormous, not only to do with money, but to do with using power in ways that are not loving.

It is necessary for such beings to surround themselves constantly and vigilantly with those who adhere to a very high moral, ethical framework, and you are learning this. You have always been a person of integrity and I would never infer otherwise, but you and I have, dear heart, had the conversation of integrity around massive wealth. (1)

And so the dangers of integrity particularly as it relates to ethical behaviour of one’s followers is the baseline. It cannot … well, it can … but from our perspective, it cannot be violated.

Now did we say to you that such gurus in fact become unacceptable or that they have lost their vision? [No.]  They may have lost their way momentarily but they are always worked with, never abandoned; the same, no being is abandoned. Sometimes there are situations where they forget that their direction comes from the Divine Mother and so there is an influx of ego.

But your [our] role is never to judge, to stand back and be the observer and to forgive. And sometimes you [we] are forgiving on behalf of the human collective. Sometimes you [we] are assisting those who have been hurt. Sometimes you [we] are tending to those who are trying to re-emerge or re-organize in light of, can we say, misguidance.


(1) I said to him earlier that I couldn’t see how people could keep from being bowled over by the idea and arrival of sudden wealth and a conversation ensued.


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