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Friday, September 6, 2019

Transmutation Back to SELF

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

A new world is coming, but the old world has not come into it’s ending.  Therefore, there are two realities, or perhaps many more, that are learning to coexist within this NOW.  Therefore, the new and the old are rising and ending within the same NOW.

Eventually the past and the future will meet within the NOW of the ONE of your fifth dimensional consciousness. Fifth dimensional consciousness is not longer burdened with the past or the future, as there is ONLY the NOW of the ONE.

“What is the Now of the ONE?” we hear you ask. We understand that it is difficult to understand the “Timeless NOW” or the “Unified ONE”, as your third dimensional human incarnation has likely made you forget many of the innate skills and emotions that are normal within your fifth dimensional and beyond SELF.

Within humanities growing “sense of the NOW,” the past and the future are learning to be friends, or at least, they are learning how to co-exist. This co-existence can only be perceived by those who are feeling, responding to, and documenting the silent inner call that tugs at their heart and mind.

Yes, your third, and even your fourth, dimensional consciousness is addicted to “time.” Time gives you a beginning, which you can call on to come into your consciousness, or an ending in which you can forget that which you are not sure you are ready to know.

It is primarily within one’s deepest meditations and/or during a dream remembered that humanity is beginning to feel that which they cannot see or hear via their third dimensional earth vessel.

While you are wearing a human earth vessel, many of your innate, fifth dimensional senses, desires, memories and feelings are lost in the hustle and bustle of your third dimensional life. You were told before you took your current earth vessel that you would likely forget your higher dimensional reality while wearing that vessel.

However, you forgot that message in the same manner that you forgot many of your other fifth dimensional messages and experiences. The reason why you “forgot,” is that your third dimensional consciousness is unable to process messages that have a resonance of the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency.

This situation was not a mistake in any manner, as we, your Galactic Family, knew when we sent you off on your “Earth Mission,” that if you were to “come out” as your true, Galactic Self, that it would frighten the third dimensionals.

By “third dimensionals” we mean the beings that resonate to the frequency of the third dimensional, physical reality. We, your Galactic Family, are careful to give you as much information about being, or returning a third dimensional vessel that lives within the limitations, illusions and many conflicting emotions of wearing a third dimensional form.

We say third dimensional “form” as you may choose to NOT take the form of a human being. There are other beings, such as horses and dogs, who have many of the same emotions of humans, but they are not faced with many the challenges of humans such as greed, avarice, competition, loneliness and selfishness.

Humans do have may skills that animals do not have, but just as the animal kingdom is faced with harm from humans, humans are faced with harm from humans. Why is it that humans harm other humans? We, your Galactic Family, have also pondered this question.

What we have come to is that, whereas animals, plants, and other members of Gaia’s planetary reality, live without the sense of separation from Source. In fact, most of Gaia’s Nature Beings live within the ONE of the NOW.

Yes, it is true that animals fight with each other, attack each other, and even eat each other, they remain connected to the flow of Gaia’s needs. Animals would not take all the water away from other animals, or kill another being because the were angry.

Animals live within the Flow of the ONE in that all beings have taken a form in order to participate with the creation of life on planet Earth. In fact, most of the humans on Gaia have also chosen to take an earth vessel so that they can experience the “time” and “space” of Earth.

Time and Space becomes inter-twined within the fourth dimension and are merged into the ONE within the fifth dimension. It is in the third dimensional frequency of Gaia that separation, power over others, greed, avarice, wars, and destruction of Gaia’s body occur.

Why is it that the beings, humanity, who were meant to be the most evolved beings on Gaia have become the most destructions beings to Gaia’s planetary body? It is to find the answer to this question that we Galactics came from the fourth, fifth and beyond dimensions to discover how we could protect Gaia.

Perhaps, humans have not cherished Gaia because they are not yet aware that Gaia’s Earth will ascend back into the higher frequencies of reality from which She came? Perhaps, it is because too many humans have been too deeply influenced by the Dark Ones who also came to Gaia’s planet to hold the polarity of darkness and power over others.

Gaia’s initial intention (as planets are living beings) was to be a living example of the process of ascension.  The “process of ascension” is when the frequency of any person, place, area, and/or planet expands their energy pattern to resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension.

The third dimension is Gaia’s lowest energy field, and unfortunately, it is the energy field to which most of Gaia’s humans resonate. On the other hand, the actual body of Gaia’s planet, as well as all the plants, animals, insects and other beings, resonates to differing frequencies beyond the third dimension.

Many, in fact, more and more third dimensional humans, are remembering their own Higher Expressions of Self and are expanding the frequency of consciousness to encompass the fourth, fifth, and even beyond dimensions of reality.

However, those who have expanded their consciousness to encompass the higher dimensions have also needed to hide that awareness from the forces of darkness. These “forces of darkness,” are often in high positions and are often difficult to ignore.

We, your Galactic Family, remind you again that the darkest night is just before dawn. Therefore, do not loose faith in the higher frequency messages that you are receiving. You may choose to keep them to your self, share them with a few and/or share them with many.

We, your Galactic Family, invite you to join us during our regular meetings that we provide on our Starships for our brave warriors to Gaia. If you wish to join these fifth dimensional meetings, fill your heart with Unconditional Love and your mind with confidence.

YOU are, indeed, receiving higher dimensional messages, but not all of you can remember these messages – YET. It will likely take a while for many of you to know that you CAN and DESERVE to communicate with your fourth, fifth and beyond Galactic Family.

You will likely feel us first in your Open Heart. Then, as you allow yourself to remember what that Unconditional Loving feeling means to you, you will begin to receive personal messages. We ask that you instantly document these messages as it is difficult for your third dimensional brain to retain a higher dimensional message.

It is for this reason that we ask you to write down what you have received. Eventually, you will feel secure enough to share you messages with others. You can share these messages in any manner that you wish.

You can write them, draw pictures about then, write music or songs about them, dance to the feel of these messages, as well as in whatever manner your heart and mind can merge into the unification of Oneness with all the aspects of your Multidimensional SELF.

It is vital that you know that there is not right or wrong way to communication inter-dimensionally. YOU way, your manner of communication, is perfect for you. However, we do recommend that you document these message in some manner, such as writing, singing, dancing, drawing, creating a video, or whatever manner that you most enjoy.

If you enjoy your process of Interdimensional Communication, you will put aside certain times and places in which you feel the most inspiration and connection with your own, other, “Inter-dimensional Expressions of SELF.”

We suggest that you meditate, dream about, draw, sing, hike, to the FEELING of your own “Inter-Dimension SELF.” It is in these creative manners that you will begin to fall into, merge with, become ONE with your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

Please remember again and again, that there is NO right way. There is ONLY Your Way.

By allowing your self to connect with and take full credit of being your SELF, you will begin to remember more and more about your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

Allow your “imagination,” which is your FIFTH DIMENSIONAL THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS to take you into the YOU that you have always been, but forgot. We, your Galactic Family in the higher dimensions of reality, have been watching over you, our brave expressions of SELF who have volunteered to take a earth vessel during this critical time of Gaia’s “process of ascension.”

Just as it is difficult for many of the humans on Gaia’s planet to allow, as well as openly engage in, the process of transmutation BACK to SELF, it is also very difficult for Gaia to transmute Her Planetary SELF back into Her innate frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, are aware that some, in fact too many, of those wearing an human earth vessel may not be able to transmute their consciousness, and hence their bodily form, into the frequency of the fifth dimension.

However, those who wish to help others with this transmutation, will enter the collective of those who are participating in the process of Gaia’s Planetary Ascension. Please remember that the love and dedication that you give out towards Planetary Ascension, will return to you three-fold.

There are still many “laggards” as well call them, who are beings wearing an earthly form, who are still working for the forces of darkness and power over others. We remind you how the Ascended Masters in your human history all went though the process of releasing ALL personal desires and giving of themselves to the ONE.

If you look at the lives of the Ascended Masters you will see that there is no right way or wrong way. In fact, it is up to each being to find “their way” to assist with Planetary Ascension. One thing that the Ascended Masters have in common is that they released the need to GET and lived within the desire and dedication to GIVE.

Earth is a very diverse planet with many different life forms. Hence, there are many different Paths to Ascension that each of the many different beings walk. We say “beings” rather than humans, as ALL the many versions of living beings on Gaia can, and will, discover their own manner of “ascending/returning” to their innate Higher Dimensional expression of their Multidimensional SELF.

Love and Light will guide the way for all who have chosen to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. There will be some, if not many, that wish only to ascend themselves, or only ascend certain humans or certain places.

We, the Arcturians, say in closing that Planetary Ascension is NOT something that you can “get for our self.” Planetary Ascension is something that YOU have chosen to create by Becoming ONE with Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

Yes, there are some who will work against Planetary Ascension and/or only want certain people or places to ascend. These ones have chosen to put their personal needs before the needs of dear Gaia and Her inhabitants.

Ascension is a process of Energy Out equal Energy Back. As Gaia expands Her frequency of resonance into higher and higher dimensions of reality, each being will connect with the resonance of their own thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, what they hold inside of themselves is what will be projected out as their reality. In fact, what you hold inside is what you create in your life with your every thought and breath. If you love yourself and project that inner love out into your reality, you will experience a reality of yourself and for others.

When a person thinks not just of themselves, but for their entire Mother Earth, their thoughts of love and light will go out to others and into Gaia’s Planetary Body.

What if 50% of humanity sent out thoughts of love and light into Gaia?

What if 75% of humanity sent out thoughts and love and light into Gaia?

What if YOU, the ones who read this message,

sent out thoughts of Love and Light to Gaia?

We, the Arcturians, invite YOU to send out love and Light to Gaia!

Thank you in advance for your Gift to Gaia.

The Arcturians, and the Many members of your Galactic Family,

Send YOU Love and Light from our Higher Dimensions of reality.

We ask that you share that gift with others, and with Gaia!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 6:31 PM


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

13 – Love + Cities of Light Part 5 – Linda Dillon

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13 – Love+ Cities of Light Part 5

Linda Dillon: I had the pleasure today, in my calling out, to reach out to Genii Townsend. And Genii is a pioneer. First of all, Genii is an incredible woman. She is a pathfinder, a wayshower, a transmuter, a beam of light all to herself. And she is the founder for The Light Center in Sedona, Arizona. Genii has been a pioneer on this work on Cities of Light and the Sedona in particular, City of Light, which is our first City of Light and is known as The New Jerusalem.

Genii has this fabulous book, Something’s Coming!, which I would encourage all of you to buy at that website and read. It’s filled with wonderful information and visions and so uplifting. And so encouraging, just like Genii herself. So I’m going to get on the phone and call Genii. And I hope you really enjoy this interview because I know I’m going to.

LD: Hi Genii, it’s Linda.

Genii Townsend: It’s Linda! Not Linda Dillon. That’s really wonderful.

LD: Not Genii Townsend!

GT: Well, they call me Jedi Genii, but the Townsend still stayed. How nice to talk to you!

LD: And how nice to talk to you and thank you for taking the time out of your really busy schedule with the Sedona Light Center to chat with us about the Cities of Light, and about the Sedona City of Light. And even before we get started, I understand that it’s your birthday tomorrow.

GT: Haha!

LD: And on behalf of all the whole lightworker, loveholder community out here I wanted to wish you happy 90th.

GT: Oh, I’ve got tears. Thank you.

LD: Oh, you are so welcome. We are so honored to…

GT: I’m blessed. I just feel every day I am blessed with all the information that I have been given. And then to connect with you on top of it, hey, this is a good day.

LD: You know, it is a good day, and I know that you have volumes and volumes of material on the City of Light for Sedona. And I’ve had your book for some time, Something’s Coming!, and I’m sure many of our listeners have that book and have enjoyed it and are enjoying it. And if they’re not, we’re going to send them the link to go and enjoy it.

GT: This has been quite a trip.

LD: Well, where did it begin for you? How did it get started?

GT: Well, I married Dr. William J. Townsend and at that point we were, I’ve always been, I’m going to say light-headed, which I’m experiencing right now. And I married him and lo and behold, he was telling me that, “There’s something coming.” And I’m saying, “What’s coming?” He says, “I’m not sure” because he was a channel too. He says, “I’m not sure” and this was way back, quite a few years ago. And I said, “Well, why don’t you sit down and write about it.”

So, to make this short, he did and he came out and he said, “Genii.” And I said, “Yeah, that’s me!” “Guess what?” “What?” “There’s a holy city coming.” “Coming where?” “Coming here.” We were in Tucson at this point. “Coming here? Where?” And I’m looking outside to see if there’s room in the backyard. And he said, “No. It’s coming here.”

And they sent him into our guestroom and said, told him to write down and make the drawings of this city that was coming in. And by the time he got through, day after day after day, he came out and said, “I’m not doing this anymore.” “What do you mean you’re not doing this anymore?” “This is too big for me to handle by myself.” “Well, put it down and then we’ll find somebody else who can help with it. Where is this supposed to go?”

Well, at that time we thought of because we were getting indications to go to Las Vegas and I didn’t know if it was a fun trip or if there was something there. So, Bill says, “I’m to open a light center in Las Vegas.” And I thought, “Well, they probably need it.” So, up we went and this is where he brought through all this data – in this spare guest room. And I said, “I’m not doing this anymore” and he said, “Yes, you are. If God’s giving it and God wants something to come here we’re going to help.”

So, lo and behold, it was around this time he had taught me how to channel. At first, I thought it was a lot of weird stuff. I’m a stage performer, especially with puppets and marionettes, for the kids. So you know where I was.

LD: What kind of marionettes?

GT: Marionettes with strings. In Las Vegas, I created – recreated, and we have a few hanging around the house now, of the celebrities. And even after making them I got to meet the celebrities. One of the major ones was Carol Burnette and I did one of her little charwomen, and she put me on the show with the charwoman.

LD: Oh, how fun was that.

GT: And I still have – in fact, I made two. She has one and I have the other one here. Which delights everybody who comes in the front door. But all this leading to the City of Light. In the background, I was taking dictation like I didn’t have good sense. And it was growing. Oh, Linda, it kept getting bigger and bigger and the number of buildings in there!

I go in there now quite a few times. I’m invited through meditation to go into a building called the Embassy of Peace.

LD: Um-hum.

GT: And this is a big place. Sort of like what Joel Olsteen has, and it is filled with entities from all over the universe. And I get to talk to Ooo-lon, who is the headmaster, chief or whatever you guys, and he has contacts all over the universe. So I get to go in here – in mornings, say, in the morning I’m writing, which I do on my prayer work. And then all of a sudden a letter, a sentence I should say, came through and said, “You’re invited to the Embassy.”

And I said, “What Embassy?” “The Embassy of Peace.” “Ah, Okay, where’s that?” “It’s in the City of Light.” “Excuse me? I’m to go to the City of Light now?” He said, “Yes, you can go now. In fact, in your teaching your class for peace, God wants the students that come to you and get what you call light links. They too can go into the City now and see what’s happening.” By this time I’m really getting, “What is going on here?”

LD: Uh-huh.

GT: And so it all got put in. He said, “Put it all in a book. This is what God wants to come through so this is what’s going to happen.” And lo and behold, I did. The books grew from one small one to a great big one because I kept getting more information – what kind of buildings, and everything is healed with light. There are no instruments to cut you up. I did – oh, I did get to go on the Birth-aterium where babies were being born.

I got to see them and they are coming out giggling and blowing bubbles and there is no instruments for the women to be concerned about at all. It’s all light.

LD: Yeah.

GT: Everything is light. No pain. We are so blessed. I can hardly wait.

LD: So how did you end up realizing that it wasn’t in Las Vegas but in Sedona?

GT: Well, I tell you. This is the hard part. We left Las Vegas. Bill was not feeling well and during this time he made his transition, which was pretty hard for me. “Now what do I do? You’re talking about a city, my Bill is gone – how do I handle all of this?” Well, I have. And I even hear from him here and again. What I found out is that nobody dies.

LD: No.

GT: You just get recycled. That’s about it. And Bill started telling me, and also came through me, that all these different kinds of buildings were healing in the easiest, most delightful ways. The whole place is light. By this time I was channeling big-time, and Spirit said, “You are to go to Sedona.” “What do I want to go to Sedona for? I always know; what for?” “You are to go to Sedona.” So, my daughter, Starr-Light, and I packed up the car to start. “We’ve got to go to Sedona.” She said, “Why?” I said, “I don’t know but God said to go and we’re going.”

So we did. We drove here with her and me, a cat and a dog, and found a house, which I am in now. And this was about twenty years ago, Linda.

LD: Wow! So, it was before even 2000.

GT: Um-hum, yeah, yeah. And it has been, this city has been my life since then. Just lately I was told where is this city going to happen. I mean you’re going to have people all over going crazy with the lights. They’ll think, “They’re coming to get us.” And Spirit says, “Coming to get what? They are coming to clear up what needs clearing up very badly.” “Oh, okay.” And we have, I have been working with it. They said…okay.

Every day I’m doing my prayer work and asking, “What do I need to know?” is my question of the day. And then I have volumes of the answers where. Then they come on one morning, “There’s going to be called a new Jerusalem.” “A new Jerusalem? How about this?” I said, “Why does it have to be a City of Light?” And this is what God said, “Don’t you know that your world needs cleaning up?”

I said, “Oh my God, yes.” I said, “My sentence is and my prayer is either it comes from love or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t, I don’t need it.”

LD: Exactly.

GT: And I have used that ever since it was given to me by a friend. So, Jedi means love.

LD: Oh, does it?

GT: Yeah, uh-huh.

LD: Cool!

GT: It means love.

LD: You know, you and I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting. I didn’t become fully aware of your work until 2012 when we were all in Sedona. But what’s interesting is, you know, for years the Council of Love held annual gatherings in Sedona. And in 2000 when I was in Sedona, the Council had also, well ZenZuriah, who is a future being from the City of Light, came forth and also announced the City of Light for Sedona.

Also, and I love it when these synchronicities happen, called it The New Jerusalem.

GT: Awww.

LD: I love it. I love it. So when you look at these, because now it’s like the Cities of Light are exploding all over the planet and so I’m curious, and I’m sure everyone who’s listening because, you know, you’ve got the goods, Genii. When you look at your City of Light does it feel like we know that they’re interdimensional? We know that they’re filled with light. We know that they’re places for healing or arts, or you know, different cities have different purposes. But do you feel it’s like interdimensional – like not to be seen in the physical, or what do you feel?

GT: Oh it’ll be seen, it has to be seen as third dimension for us humans to be able to go in and get healed. The energy right now, and that is already spreading out, the Christ. In fact, one day when I was out near where the property was supposed to be, I’m seeing in a meditative state, I’m looking at – what do I see but the Christ standing by a post. And I said, “Boy Genii, you’re losing it. Look at this.” Now, what happened were his words, and this is what I heard him say as he looked over the ground, “Be here now” and he waved his hand over the ground. Well, I almost fell out of the car.

But his words were so, and as I talk to my guide afterward, my teacher, they said to use the word now – n-o-w.

LD: Yes.

GT: And the Christ said now and that’s what he meant. You’re living in the now, and the more you stay in that now moment, this is all there is. The more your lives will change because this planet has to change. The darkness is running rampant and it’s time for a cleanup. In fact, some of the cleanup is already starting. But we who walk in light, we who love with light, we who love each other, even if we don’t see them or know them, are bringing in this light. And there are more cities – you bet.

This particular city we’re talking about here, there will be thirteen of them around the world. When this city is in and functioning the way it’s supposed to, the other cities will also appear. And, you know, people are saying, “There’s a city in my area, there’s a city in my” – it’s already begun.

LD: It’s already begun and I think what people really, the encouragement that you’re offering and really giving, is that this isn’t something that’s sort of in the ethers. That these are cities that we are really going to be walking around, living in, living in community in. It’s just so exciting.

GT: This whole place has to be healed.

LD: Yeah.

GT: And the planet itself, my teacher said, “It will shine in the heavens like the moon.” We live in a universe with other planets, other entities, and they’re all trying to do their own good job that they have. Nobody’s coming to get us. That is so stupid. Nobody’s…we don’t have anything they need – darkness?

LD: Right.

GT: There’s a lot of strange things going on now and we are in honey, we are in a level of love. The more love coming for us – I can talk to you like this and the chair starts because I feel the love, not only through you but anybody who’s listening to this funny conversation.

LD: Well it’s not a funny conversation. You know that the darkness is there, we know that the chaos is right up front and center. But it’s front and center so that it can be cleaned out so that…

GT: Yes.

LD: …you know, Terra Gaia, ZenGaia – whatever we want to call this beautiful planet, really is restored to the original plan. And all these false grids, or false paradigms, or false belief systems are gone.

GT: This year – I keep saying we are so blessed because we are. As I look through my book I have in front of it there also brought through the plot plan of the city and how the city comes into life. The high towers, he drew up the high towers that are bringing in the light and focusing on the love that you and I are speaking of until all the people who may be tuning in. You are so loved, we are so blessed with what is taking place right now, and I know it’s going to be interesting, all of a sudden.

LD: Oh, yeah!

GT: All of a sudden there is something on the ground that wasn’t there before.

LD: Yesterday.

GT: Yes. And there are four entrances, I can tell you that – north, south, east and west. And these are five stories high because I have the drawings of what happened. And as you go through the entrance into the city itself, the light that is already being picked up within our systems, because we are light and we’re opened up, we’re going to start feeling really good. And blessed that some way, some how God said, “Hey, now hear this. I got something coming in and you’re about to…”

LD: “You’ve got to enjoy it!”

GT: And we get to heal. This planet needs to be healed. And what people see as darkness is coming out all over.

LD: Uh-huh, uh-huh.

GT: Yes. We are…go ahead.

LD: When you look at the plot, as it were, the template for the City of Light, how does it compare to the physical city of Sedona as we all know it now? Like, does it just come down as an overlay or how do you see this working, Genii?

GT: Well, it won’t be an overlay. It’ll be three-dimension like we are now. And the whole thing seems to be because of the light that is making the city light. For example, high towers – 1500 feet in the air, and they are designed to catch what are called UPPC’s – Uni-Phase Power Capsules – that had been hitting this planet for a long time. We don’t see it, we don’t feel it, but it’s been preparing the city to be on ground and we can see it. You can imagine my Bill going through all this stuff he’s never heard before.

Well, this city is called, this one that we are going to be part of, is called The New Jerusalem.

LD: Right.

GT: And after I saw the Christ standing not far away – I was in the car. I’m looking at this prop, see. And here’s this light of all lights here, and he said, “Be here! This is The New Jerusalem.” So what better can God send us? One thing they said, and the city has no need for the sun, neither of the moon shining. The glory of God is enlightenment. That’s from Revelations 12:23.

We worked hard – we are star workers. And the cities that are coming here, whether it’s here or whether it’s Florida, and it’s going to be all over…

LD: Absolutely!

GT: Yeah. This one, according to the plot plan, and I said, “I’ve got to put this in a book or something.”

LD: Um-hum

GT: And Sedona is the first to go galactic.

LD: And it’s the first City of Light, period.

GT: Yeah. What is the Sedona galactic? I’m asking prophecy. And what I call the prophecy, that indeed the power center of Earth has been chosen, Sedona, as the first kick-off location that has its opening imprints of the City of Light healing. This is important due also to the technology coming forth as the impact of this energy rises to mainly those now in process feel the peak of the final separation whose light work on themselves is reaching their own peak.

The inner cleansing opens the way for the planet to change over. And it will be seen as completely completed, ready or not. The light frequencies of the Sedona areas pull in yet more power as those who live there attempt to stay balanced. Oh boy! Now, in the wake of this ballistic, cosmic energy leads the holy demonstration.

LD: I think you’ve really touched on something, as well is that is one of the things I think that’s shifted over the last few years, is that lightworkers are really coming to realize not only the need for balance, but the need to be balanced in their bodies. That we are the agents of change. And that we’re, you know, like you’re anchored in Sedona to help shepherd in this change. So, it’s not about leaving or going anywhere. It’s about bringing it in.

GT: Right here. Right here. Right now.

LD: Right now.

GT: Right now, as you and I are talking, and those who are listening, we are being drenched in light. Just due to this City of Light coming forth. And we’re in a perfect place to do it. We have the energy field, we have the galactic moon, we have a few things going for the first one to come forth. And, Oh.

LD: It’s exciting.

GT: Go Galactic. If God wants a city in here, God’s going to have a city in here!

LD: Yeah! There’s no point in debating it really, is there?

GT: And speaking of the word galactic, I asked, I said, “What does it mean to go galactic?” So, to go galactic means to be the first to be enlightened to such a degree that the energy forces maneuver the opening to the heavens so quickly that the electromagnetic fields of upper and lower connections spread its frequencies throughout the rest of the planet in a second of your so-called time.

It is within the starting point of cosmic light that it targets this planet through, in particular, the Sedona portal. In this way the cosmic connection is made. We, you and I, and Nina and Charles over here, we know what it is to feel strange. And especially me trying to walk straight and feeling wobbly.

LD: There are days.

GT: We did. I finally got a walking cane, and we put Minnie Mouse on it because I’m a Disney kid. And she looks all and she walks with me. And everybody gets excited because Minnie’s coming.

LD: It’s perfect, it’s perfect.

GT: You do want to say something, Nina?

Nina Joy: I just think that this is the most amazing thing to have been drawn here to Sedona in the late 80’s. And so I have felt and experienced quite a bit of what Genii has been talking about in the book, her books, and all of the information that she’s getting. I feel blessed. And I know that this area of Sedona and the reason why it’s coming here is the Sedona, Arizona, area is the chosen location of impact due to the energy fields…

GT: Yeah.

NJ: The vortexes…

GT: Yeah.

NJ: It’s a star location, etc. etc. so there might be other areas of the world that is also becoming more enlightened. Or let’s just say the frequencies are getting more palatable for the galactics to come. And the people in those areas – of course, their thoughts, their words, their deeds make a difference. And so, I know that it does. Is anyone else feeling that? Is anyone else aware of that? I think there are, there are many, many.

LD: Oh my gosh! Since we started revisiting this topic, because it’s been a topic certainly that the Council of Love has talked about over the years. But in the last six months especially I’ve been hearing from people all over the world, literally from Australia and Europe and Asia, and South America, Central America and North America of course, about these activations. And of course, the guidance that’s been coming through on our side, on my side from the Council has certainly been just exactly what you’re saying, Genii and Nina.

It’s like you are holding the energy of the love and the frequency and so just by who you are and where you’re situated, because there is that marriage of the energy fields between Gaia and the human inhabitants – the star beings. And those of us who are star beings are very cognizant of that. But the more that we’re holding the vision, the clearer the cities are coming. In Port St. Lucie, we see the Atlantean City of Light offshore rising up. So yeah, it’s exciting!

GT: It’s very exciting. Just to add a note here. One of the other things I do is call for peace to light.

LD: Um-hum.

GT: And during this session the students are, we call it light-linked, and a new corridor is opened. And they then can go into the cities now; through meditation go into the city. I had one of my students, Dr. Rick Cohen, he’s been in what’s called The Body Temple and he sees how the light is healing the people. This city is for healing, mainly healing. And everybody else out there who’s feeling crappy just needs to have just one touch of this city light and they’re ready to go.

LD: Let me ask you something. Are people, as things are coming online as it were, are people going to be able to access The New Jerusalem in Sedona without going there?

GT: Right now, as we sit here, the energy fields of the city, because it’s already on ground, is moving out, and all of a sudden somebody will say to me, “Gee, I feel real good today. What’s happening? Okay, what’s going on?” And yes, if they’re open to receive, don’t be surprised if you start getting a little wobbly because the energy fields are moving in waves, and yes, things are starting now.

To go into the city proper, it’s a done deal. Everything is taken care of. Even if you’ve lost a leg, the light is still there and the leg is put back on. Or a leg – I don’t know, maybe somebody else’s leg, I don’t know.

LD: And you’re good as new.

GT: Yes, you get a new leg. And anybody who is having any kind of problem, we as lightworker right now, I know Nina and I both work with people, and you do too, what is taking place now? What can we do now to get ready? First of all, to be open, totally open to be healed of anything, especially mental because that’s what brings all the rest of it on and to be open. I’ve just had, to be a lightworker is a blessing in itself – you know that.

And here we are, I have a son in Texas who is having liver problems. And he didn’t know what to do, but he didn’t tell me is that the doctor told him he had two months to live.

LD: Oh, my.

GT: And I said, “Alan, I want you to do this. Just know that there is light coming to that liver, right here, right now and it’s cleared up. You don’t need to be concerned about any of it.” Well, what I did was use city energy to send the light to his liver.

LD: Um-hum.

GT: And I wasn’t even sure what side of the liver it was on. But I figured Spirit knows!

LD: Yeah!

GT: And in a few days, I just balanced him in the light. He asked, “What do I need to know?” I said, “You’re a walking light bulb. That’s it! From head to foot you’re a light and it’s clearing up.” The mental, which brought this up in the first place, and I just let it go. And thank God, and the city for the teachings, for giving him something to think about. A few days later he called, and I said, “Okay, what did the doctor say?” He said, “There’s no problem.”

LD: Isn’t that wonderful.

GT: “You’re kidding!” No, he said there’s no problem. It was healed. He was walking…

LD: And there’s the proof in the pudding, right?

GT: Yes!

LD: Yeah.

GT: We are all blessed, we’re all going to be healed, and the darkness will not be able to play anymore – all these crazy things that are going on.

LD: I think you’ve really hit on two things, Genii, is that to be a lightworker you have to be really present and even though you may have your challenges, you really have to see that it’s a blessing. And to be that walking light bulb. I think that’s a beautiful analogy to just see yourself beaming out regardless of where you’re located.

GT: And I just got a chill factor – use it. They’re saying, “Use it and help wherever it’s needed.” Ahhh.

LD: Sounds like a perfect…perfect….

GT: Oh, Linda. I just love you. I’m looking forward to meeting you again.

LD: Thank you, thank you. Well, I feel Sedona calling me these days, so don’t be surprised if I’m knocking on your door.

GT: Okay! Say, “I’m Linda, I’m here. Let’s go!”

LD: It’s a deal. And nice to talk to you again, too, Nina.

NJ: And thank you for allowing me to be with Genii today. I do want to remind everyone that what Genii had gotten a while back is that everyone talks about the second coming of Christ, the second coming – Christ is coming back. Jesus is going to come back. Well, this is it. The Cities of Light is the Christ coming back and the awareness of the love of Christ will blanket everything and come about.

GT: He is here now.

NJ: He is here now! That is, to me is – oh my goodness! I mean, it’s not new age – it’s “now age”. It’s now is when the Christ comes. This is going to be apparent.

LD: Absolutely. And in the Cities of Light, and in each and every one of us.

GT: Yes. Yeah, all over the world I’ve got a whole list of countries that are going to have the light cities.

LD: Good. Well…

GT: This one is the first one. It’s going to prove everything out and people will be, “Okay, this stuff is really working.”

LD: Yeah.

GT: And then it will spread.

LD: And you know, people love to visit and to see. And that’s okay, that’s just part of the process.

GT: Um-hum, Yes.

LD: But it’s – I would really encourage our listeners to go and to visit your website, which is and to read your fabulous book, which I will include a link on our page, which is Something’s Coming! Which is chock full of gems – absolute gems. So, I want to thank you, Genii, and I want to wish you happy birthday!

GT: Oh, thank you, Linda. I’m looking so forward to being able to talk with you in person. Thank you. You’re an angel helping a lot of people to find out what angels really do. And on behalf of Nina and me and Charles Betterton over here. And all the people who are students of light and are looking forward to be able to walk into a City of Light and be healed. And that’s the name of that ball game. God told me to tell you.

LD: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

GT: Thank you, honey, for asking and talking to me. This has been a treasure. And you are – I’m going to cry. I do a lot of that when I feel love.

LD: Thank you, thank you. We’ll talk again soon.

GT: I wish you a happy day.

LD: You too.

GT: And a happy life. Well, me too.

LD: We will. Thank you.

Linda Dillon: What a pleasure to be able to talk to Jedi Genii and to her associate, Nina, and to learn more about the Sedona City of Light – about The New Jerusalem. And Genii’s sighting of our dear friend Yeshua, Jesus Sananda. And we know that the anchoring of Gaia, certainly of the Cities of Light, and of each and every one of us, is in the higher dimension of the Christ Consciousness – the dimension of love. And the more that we can hold that energy and transmit that energy, the more that our entire planet is transforming. And the Cities of Light are coming online.

So I really want to thank Genii for the time she’s taken to chat with us. And to wish her, again, happy 90th birthday! And to thank her, I think from all of our collective hearts, for her massive dedication and her commitment to bringing this really important City of Light online.

My intention today had been to move on to some other wonderful visions that people are having with regard to Cities of Light and the transformation of Gaia to ZenGaia, Zen Terra. But when completing and talking with Genii today and talking about her encounter with Yeshua, he stepped in and is eager to talk with us about this issue of Cities of Light, and I’m sure many things.

So I guess discussion of the visions that other people are having in our other seventy-seven Cities of Light will wait until our continued discussion next time. But for now, taking a nice deep breath of magenta and feeling myself surrounded by those beautiful rocks of Sedona, I’m going to step aside.

Greetings, I am Yeshua, I am Jesus Sananda, I am your beloved Jesus. I am your dearest friend Yeshi, and I welcome all of you – yes, of course, from my beloved new Jerusalem, from this blessed City of Light. But I also welcome all of you from all over this planet and far beyond, for you are not planetary beings, you are not universal beings, you are not galactics or intergalactics. You are beings of light and beings of love. And this is how you have always been, and always will be.

But beloved ones, as you hold the love, as you hold the light, as you hold the vision of this particular City of Light and the lights all over your planet, you are literally birthing, bringing forth, anchoring, inhabiting, visiting and thriving in these beloved cities – the cities of your future and the cities of your now. Yes, because this channel Genii is correct: Never is it intended that you can or you do anchor anywhere except in our Mother’s infinite ocean of time anchored in the present – the gift of the eternal now and the current now.

Yes, I have had this channel literally write, transcribe, prepare my book, the Messages for the 21st Century because, beloved ones, that is your now. And you are steeped in the currents of time, in the currents of unfoldment, in the becoming of the truth of who you and all are. Your planet and your Cities of Light are inhabited by many – and certainly by beings from near and far, galactic and intergalactic, planetary and not – it matters not.

When I said to thee long ago – yesterday, tomorrow and now – to love your neighbor as yourself, yes, I was not merely speaking figuratively. For I literally have met the person who lives and thrives next to you or who in fact may be in need of your quotient of love, of your quotient of light. But I have also met all of your neighbors, and I do not simply mean all of the inhabitants of this beloved planet known as Gaia. I mean all of your neighbors near and far, within and without, above and below.

Why do I ask in this discussion of Cities of Light to bring this forward, this discussion of what love means and the urgency for the anchoring, the living, the being of love right here right now? You know that the chaos upon sweet Gaia, the mischief, the hurt, the pain (I do not wish to minimize this) the terror, the abuse, the control, the hatred, the greed – all of this is so readily apparent upon sweet Gaia in each and every community on the planet, in greater or lesser quotients. It is obvious, apparent, and unfortunately being experienced.

And I do not just mean the terror of a mass shooting, or the terror of an election gone wrong. I mean the terror or the horror of living in absentia. And what do I mean by that? When you are not anchored in your heart, when you are not anchored in the light, when you are not anchored and living in and as the love, you are in absentia to your life, in your life. You are not present in your very life, in this experience that you have chosen to participate in this grand unfoldment of our Mother’s Plan. Can you imagine? And you don’t need to – just look around you.

How awful it is that so many human beings are not present in their own lives. That they are not anchored in their hearts. Not even in their minds. Because to live in hatred, in chaos, in recalcitrance, or God forbid – literally God forbid – in disinterest and boredom, means you are not present in your life. How can this be? How could darkness gain such a foothold that people would choose to not be present in their life, in their mission, in their purpose, in their joy, in their trust, in their hope, in their fulfillment, in the fulfillment of their potential and their yearning?

How could it be that people would tacitly or actually choose to not be in their lives? Well, the only reason is because they are not in the love. And the only reason is quite literally that they are in pain. To not be in love is to be in pain. In fact, it is a unique form of torture, of agony. And it means, quite literally, not living the life that you had planned along with us, the Mother, your guides and your circle of existence.

Now how could this be? The future Cities of Light, the anchoring of the current Cities of Light, of my New Jerusalem, requires that you be present in your heart, in your love and in the love. And in the heart of love. That is what the light is. It is about being the divinity of who you have always been and not embracing the lie, the untruth, the machinations, the distraction of being less than you are, of being limited.

So many of you are excited, as are we, about the anchoring of the Cities of Light all over sweet Gaia. And you say to us, you turn to us and you say, “How do we proceed, Lord? How do we anchor what is promised?”

How you anchor and how you proceed is by living in love, by living in your hearts, by bringing into focus and into conscious action how love lives. How it behaves. How it expresses. What it experiences. These future Cities of Light are dependent, my beloved friends, on you.

Your friends from the galaxies, your friends in the unseen realm, myself and the Masters, we all assist in this unfoldment. And it is not a future time or soon. It is an unfoldment of now, and we do not imagine that there is one of you that does not understand what we mean when we say now – current time present reality. It is not something for you to put off and say, “I will get to this when I can. When I have a chance to reflect, to pray, to meditate, to key in. When I have a chance to feel the love that I am or to behave in loving ways with my community.”

It is not something to be delayed. You cannot be in absentia to your life and call yourself a loveholder, a lightworker. This is my clarion call to each and every one of you. Anchor beloveds, and be the truth of who you are. Be the love and anchor these cities of magnificence, of healing, of brilliance, of art, of entertainment, of governance. Anchor and know that I am with you, and you will come to visit me in this magnificent City of Light.

Go in peace. Farewell.


Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah