Does My World Work? – Steve Beckow

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Does My World Work?

Am I creating in my own life a world that works for everyone?

No, I’m not.

I can still be grumpy and territorial and impatient. I snarl at bad bus-line behavior.  I tell people trying to sneak on for free where the front door of the bus is. Cosmic policeman.

Nevertheless, I do know how the world is when it does work for everyone. I have that one skill, that one string to my bow.

I spent months in that space. (1) It’s a space of Love. I hope capitalizing it will make my point. It’s a higher form of love than many people have experienced, apparently.

Many of us might have experienced it for a few moments in a peak experience. And then it’s gone and just a memory. I had a long-enough visit that I could take note of it and write up my experience of it.

I can still summon the Love up from my heart but … and here come my excuses.

What is higher-dimensional Love like? I’ve often compared ordinary love to Tang and higher-dimensional Love to freshly-squeezed Florida orange juice.  But that comparison really doesn’t do it justice (I nearly said, “juice-tice”).  It’s way beyond that.

Being in that Love is being in an ascended state. Fifth to seventh-dimensional I was told by Michael and the Arcturians.

In that state, a person wants nothing else than more Love. They wouldn’t lift a finger against another person. All they want to do is to share the Love and have other people enter into the the flow of it.

I feel like I have an above-top-secret secret. “Pssst! I know where Shangra-la is.” (In the heart.)

But it’s true. If everyone drowned in the Ocean of Love or fell into the Lake of Bliss, such an Ascension of consciousness would produce a world that works for everyone. And we will do these things. That’s my firm prediction. (3)

Meanwhile, creating a world that works for everyone as nearly as I can in my own life seems like a very productive experiment to run.

I loved Adamu’s distinction between self-responsible and other-responsible. (2) If I’m to be self-responsible, rather than waiting for others to do it for me (create a world that works), then I need to make the world around me work.


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