The Mechanics of Love – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Amanda Sage


The Mechanics of Love

I feel a little funny saying it, but Iโ€™d like to comment on the mechanics of love, if I may.

I canโ€™t remember how I used to look upon love, say, a decade ago.

The truth is I knew nothing about love until age 68.

I probably accepted that I knew nothing about it except that, if it was there, that was a good thing and, if it was not, that was a bad thing โ€“ that needed to be masked or hidden.

Fast forward to today and I now have access to my heart, which before was closed, and I see love more clearly now.

Michael has said that love is everywhere for the getting, but I also believe that weโ€™re meant to seek it specially in our very own artesian well โ€“ our hearts.

Here it gushes like an inner tsunami of love, filling every nook and cranny and leaving one drowned in an Ocean of Love.

And, later, when one is no longer swimming in bliss, (1) the door remains open a little. One is still lifted up by a wisp or a wave of this divine, higher-dimensional love.

But there are certain characteristics of it that Iโ€™d like to make sure weโ€™re aware of.

And I submit these as philosophers might call postulates, as statements of what I think of as truths, which I make available for the testing.

One is that love is never still. It must flow. We cannot contain it or restrict it in any way or it will simply disappear.

Two is that love must flow universally. We talk about โ€œuniversal love.โ€ If it isnโ€™t universal, it isnโ€™t love. Love is by its very nature always, already universal. It flows in all directions.

Three is that we taste love as it passes through us onto its next destination. Thatโ€™s why so many people roll their eyes when feeling that love. Itโ€™s like having a feather drawn through your heart only ten times more gentle.

Itโ€™s rapturous. And we retain the memory of it to spur us on.

Four is that its next destination is someone whoโ€™s aware of it. It may flow through someone unaware of it, but theyโ€™ll be โ€ฆ unaware of it.

One has to be aware of love, bliss, peace, etc., for them to blossom. Iโ€™ve found this to be the case repeatedly.

I think it may prove the same with the dimensional setting we find ourselves in: Itโ€™ll depend on what weโ€™re aware of.

To summarize: Love flows universally, but weโ€™re unaware of its flow. Or weโ€™re aware of it but try to hold onto it and it disappears.

Itโ€™s open to us instead to call it up from our hearts on our inbreath and send it out to the world on the outbreath (see the โ€œLove Pumpโ€ graphic at top). And revel in the love as it passes through us.


(1) All spiritual experiences below Sahaja Samadhi (or Ascension) are either partial or temporary. Only the fire of Sahaja burns the vasanas (the seeds of future action) to a crisp.


Artist ~ Amanda Sage

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