Meditations & Mind & Heart Interpretation through Brainwave Charts – Altair Shyam

Divine Mother by Nadya King


Meditations & Mind & Heart Interpretation through Brainwave Charts

Hello all great souls ❀️ I offer this for the purpose of learning, insight and wisdom as we share kindness and compassion in experiences, our meditations and our mind and heart interpretation through brainwave charts.

This short meditation is unguided with a rise in beta/gamma (green/gold lines) seen in most of my charts. There are no bad fit/good fit (BF/GF) or jaw (J) data markers on what seems to be a reasonably clean recording with most of the data falling within reasonable levels of standard deviation. There are four blinks on the CSV file, two in the beginning, one at the end and one somewhere between.

The practice is simple. Soft gentle absorption on the beautiful breath to begin. I strongly connect to Divine Mother in this practice. When I open my heart to Her love and compassion I allow the beautiful breath to expand up the spine into the heart and third eye. At this point a light begins to form like the diagram and in my deepest states a pure light filled aurora manifests around a pure opal blue astral tunnel within which there is a perfect 5 pointed star.

Altair star re post

This past week this has occurred twice when there is absolute stillness. The star gate can be penetrated as has been my experience on three occasions this past year. So it is not perfectly stable yet and generally requires a couple of hours of deep undisturbed practice which with my current family commitments is a rare occurrence. So this short meditation is just to capture the overall practice. When the light forms at the highest point of gamma (gold line) there is continuing absorption into stillness and the sound of OM manifests in the right ear which is around the point of delta (red line) increasing.

The OM is like a distant hum which grows into an ocean roar over a long meditation. Then the most beautiful space and Peace opens where theta (purple line) moves above delta (red line) towards the end. Over longer meditations this space becomes rock solid, immutable and seems to be evidenced by theta (purple line) rather than other brainwaves. At this point of amplitude of gamma (gold line) or any other brainwave there seems to be no observable interference.

Love, Light, Peace and blessings always πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™
Stephen Altair and Divine Mother
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