Spiritual Heart – N. N. Latysheva (“Secrets of the psyche & human brain”) translated by Michael Lotus

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Spiritual Heart

The Spiritual Heart of a developed person is an etheric Crystal framed by the petals of Wisdom.

The Crystal itself is a secret “Treasure”, which is a hologram of reaching a person’s consciousness at a higher spiritual Level.

With the “closed” Heart, the hologram will never come into action, and a person will not be able to enter the spiritual Path. The reason for the closure of the center is the fear of love and being loved, because of fear of loss and disappointment, pain and humiliation.

Fear is a state opposite to the state of Love, therefore it is necessary to strive for liberation from various fears. Any kind of fear, even veiled, takes a place in the space of the spiritual Heart, intended for love.

An open Heart, a desire to give love, not to take, makes a person magnanimous and gives him the ability to forgive. The Pearl of the Heart can sparkle with a magnificent Light and help to raise consciousness to the Spirit of the person who has learned to forgive and love, and has got rid of personal “attachments”.

Calmness and equilibrium can come only when the Crystal of the Heart and the Crystal of the Mind of the soul work in harmony as a whole. Then intuition turns into clarity of knowledge, and a person makes decisions according to the desire of the Spirit. This desire manifests itself as a sense of knowledge – the spiritual knowledge of the Heart.

People with undeveloped subtle bodies cannot hear their Heart. If a person develops spiritually, then an ascension program is built into his heart center, i.e. merging with the Spirit. Only after merging with spiritual energies can a person feel vibrations of the energy of love.

(Excerpt from the book by Latysheva N.N. “Secrets of the psyche and human brain”)
translated from Russian


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The Balance Between Surrender and Will – Amora Quan Yin

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The Balance Between Surrender and Will — a channeling from Goddess Antares

by Amorah Quan Yin

Often in your spiritual lives you have heard the words about surrendering on your path, surrendering to your divine self, surrendering to divine will . . .  And many of you have lived with the intention of following guidance, sometimes from our own higher self, sometimes from other beings, and sometimes you work very effortly to try to receive messages so that you can live according to divine plan. And yet to be totally clear about the nature of divine will one must be as an empty slate, one must be in that state of surrender that you have often called ‘no mind.’ For when you are in effort to hear the words, to interpret the meaning, the very nature of your effort creates an extra hardness in you, creates an extra amount of mental and even physical contraction, and in that state it is very difficult for divine flow to move through you because you are contracted in the effort.  And even though your intention is to surrender to divine will, you have those times missed the point, so to speak, because the very nature of surrender requires the letting go of agendas, requires their total release of effort, and being in a state of faith and trust that your inner knowing will come. And some people in the name of surrender to divine will become afraid to take action, because even though you feel strongly that something is to happen because you have not received some message from god as you might think because you have not heard the exact words come through or had some unmistakable sign, then you sit waiting for something outside of yourself to tell you what to do so you can be sure that you won’t make a mistake. And we think of this as blind surrender. It is the kind of surrender that negates your own mastery. Because, you see, when inspiration wells in your heart and you feel that pull to act that in itself is the passion of the divine self inspiring the will. But then you go into your self doubt and you become frightened that you will become willful that maybe there is some hidden agenda or that there is some undercurrent of hidden motivation and then you become entangled in processing to try to find out what your hidden motivation is. And down somewhere underneath of all of this is this beautiful spirit that you are who has been able to impulse you with the energy of inspiration and its saying I don’t get. The inspiration is here, now act.

Surrender to divine will is something that comes with the release of ego agendas, the release of the beliefs, the release of the judgments.

And the further you are along your path or the more surrendered you are in each moment, the more spontaneous will be the action of divine will. And yet some of you because there is still so much self doubt inside—its as if you have to have a lightning bolt strike you in order to act.

Now many of you have gone beyond this point and yet it is a good reminder because sometimes spiritual seekers are living in what we think of as a false piety that is truly a lack of acting on your own knowing. In what we call false piety the person seems very humble and very surrendered and says that they only want to do what spirit guides, but they have so many definitions, so many beliefs about what it would look like and feel like for spirit to guide that they don’t recognize it when the love and joy and the inspiration are flowing. You can trust that. You can trust that.

You have come far enough on your path and meditated enough now to know the difference in a motivation that is coming from addiction.

An addictive motivation will have an extra edge to it. It will have a certain calculated feeling. When you are acting from addiction, even if there is great passion in it, it is balanced with a certain contraction, especially in your heart and your second chakra. And the feeling nature behind what seems like passionate motivation in that moment will always be for the purpose of either impressing someone or getting something that you want. And it is not wrong to act on your life to create what you want but the activity that comes from addition, from the astral planes, from the ego, is always marked by a certain energy of contraction. And that is why in order to surrender to divine flow, in order to surrender to divine will, we ask you to become more and more aware with your breath, with your meditation—when the energy is flowing through you and when is blocked in certain areas inside by this contraction.

Now some of you have held a great deal of contraction because you have created so many judgments about aspects of yourself that you have perceived as wrong, that you contract trying to suppress those parts, and in the long run all you really do is give them more strength because the more contraction you create the more physical those very energies become that you are trying to avoid. And then when you do your meditations and you bring in the light and you bring in the rainbow flames or you bring in the violet ray, it cannot fully penetrate those areas because you are holding on so tightly, afraid to feel.

Your emotions are not your enemy. Your sexual activity is not your enemy, but it is the way in which you use those energies that makes the difference in whether it is astral or whether it deepens the connection to spirit.

The very nature of inspiration, of the passion of spirit, requires the raising of the frequency of the emotional body and the sexual energy to its higher plane. And it does not require repressing it, it does not require shutting it down and judging it and being afraid. What it requires is letting it flow and learning to raise those frequencies as they flow through the chakras free of contraction allowing them to move through their natural ascension process as they move through your chakras. And when that divine flow of energy is restored through your cellular structure and no part of yourself or your body or your chakra system has become your own enemy, then the divine will can begin to act spontaneously in your life. And the joy and the freedom that will come from that vs the trying so hard to do it right, trying so hard not to make a mistake, will liberate a great deal of your energy and then you can use it in a creative way for your higher purpose.

And this not mean allowing the emotions and the lower body energies to run amok, because indeed they are the greatest source of lower astral connection that you have and yet they are also the greatest fuel for the fire of spirit when they are allowed to move freely in a sacred way.

In the spirit of surrender to divine will, there must be a level trust in your own innocence.

There must be a level of trust in the purity of your own motivation. And there may be a time when you need to learn to sit and empty your mind and allow the guidance to come free of mental agendas and free of effort. And yet as you have learned to love every chakra, and every part of yourself, and every emotion and every feeling, and you learn to love it enough to raised it to its divine essential nature, then the process of surrender to divine will will be an ongoing state of living in divine flow. . . . . And in divine flow surrender and will live as divine complements to one another. The way of divine flow, the way of living in surrender to divine will, can only happen fully in grace and ease, in balance of being and doing, and truly learning to live in the space of divine presence every moment of your life.



Faint ~ Gothic Ice Cream @ DeviantArt

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YOUR LUMINOUS ENERGY BODY – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson


Artist ~ Eva Ruiz






Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss your luminous energy body.

You are a Soul inhabiting a beautiful, luminous body of energy. It shimmers and glistens as you go throughout your daily routine. It can be compared to a dance where every movement brings about a new expression of emotion and awareness. Your luminous body radiates the colors of awareness that you are experiencing at that moment. It is a flowing dance of ever-changing color and frequency.

In the Higher Realms, we watch you as you move from thought to thought, from emotion to emotion, and from activity to activity. Watching your beautiful dance is like a moving symphony of energy with varying color, Light, and frequency. We are able to view your beautiful Soul from this perspective as you go throughout life. We can see how each thought or emotion affects your luminous body, and we send you Love with each change.

As you are aware, the frequency of your energy body comprises your Energetic Signature, which is how you are known and recognized in the Higher Realms.

With this awareness, you may wish to consider your body from a higher perspective.

When you do this, it may appear as a glowing, luminous body which you can see through. It may have a translucent appearance that is filled with Light. You may become aware that it is flowing and changing rather than being fixed or solid.

When you continue this process of observation, you realize how your luminous body is affected by each thought or emotion. A sad or angry thought may cloud the energy, while a happy or loving one brings a brightness and allows a more translucent appearance. The degree of change varies with the intensity of the thought or emotion. The stronger the thought or emotion, the more pronounced the change will be.

The quality of the luminosity extends to all parts of your life.

When you are engaged in activities that you enjoy and are aligned with your spiritual mission, your energy body sparkles. All parts of your Being are congruent and are moving in the same direction.

This can be contrasted with times when you are doing things that don’t make your heart sing. You may feel out of sorts or out of balance in these instances. Your active energy is moving in one direction while your Higher Self is calling to you to go in a different one. The different parts of your Being are not aligned. This results in a cloudier appearance in your energy body.

When you return to an activity that you enjoy and which flows with your ascension path, your glowing luminosity returns.

The more you are able to have all parts of your thoughts, emotions, and activities aligned with your ascension path and spiritual mission, the more your energy body will sparkle and shine.

When you need to perform tasks that you do not enjoy, changing your perspective on the activity can help bring your energetic body back into alignment. If the activity will benefit those around you and is for highest good, viewing it from that perspective will help to realign your energetic body.

Asking that your thoughts, feelings, and activities be in accordance with highest good can realign each part of your energy body so that it glows with luminescence.

Asking for highest good also allows us in the Higher Realms to come and assist you as needed.

When you are moving throughout your day with the intention of highest good, all parts of your energy body are aligned, glowing, and luminous.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are viewing yourself as a Soul inhabiting a beautiful, luminous body of energy. We are here to assist you as we work together for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst,

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright © 2019 Linda M. Robinson, PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:  Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.



Artist ~ Eva Ruiz

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You Can Get Married Right Now – To Love Itself – Chameli Ardagh

female face art by Brenda Burke - gold

Artist ~ Brenda Burke


You Can Get Married Right Now – To Love Itself


The first gate to the deeper love is right here in your own heart. It opens through the longing to meet another without masks, to experience real intimacy without having to compromise who you are. Even if you are already in an intimate relationship, it is valuable to take time to connect with that place within you that longs just to relax all defenses and to experience unity with another. Ignored, it becomes a nagging feeling of restlessness and discontent. Honored, the longing to share real love simply and openly becomes the very fuel you need to rise to a new way of relating.

The deeper you can allow yourself to feel your longing, using your breath to stay present in the body, without creating stories or projecting your feeling onto an external image, the more you can open to a source of fulfillment that is not related to any outer event or relationship.

When you can simply feel the raw essence of your longing, you come closer to your own presence, which in some spiritual traditions is referred to as the beloved, the friend or simply love. We are not talking about the kind of love that comes and goes, the feeling of love, but the love that you are, that all things are made of. Often what happens when we make another person the object of our longing is that we lean too far out of ourselves, and we lose connection with our own presence. Your relationship now becomes an effort to supply what you think you are missing, it is based in a feeling of lack. It is in the source of your longing that you find your own fullness.

This is the only thing that can ever truly satisfy you. This fullness does not necessarily mean that you will always want to be alone; on the contrary, it can open the gates into a relationship of deep joy and satisfaction. Even when you rest in your own fullness, you will probably experience a pull toward relating. But this pull is different from the mere desire to get satisfaction from another.

You are aligning yourself with the evolutionary force that pushes you to live your full potential, to fully blossom into your exuberant human beauty, and to share it with another. Having walked through the gate of longing, we find ourselves face-to-face with the next gate. The key that will unlock this gate is the transformative power of commitment.

Conscious relationship starts with you. Many of us wait for the “right one” to come along, or if we already are in a relationship, we wait for that one day our partner will change. The sobering truth is that if we already live in compromise, we attract compromised relationships. If we live in integrity with ourselves, we will attract a partner whose life is aligned with his or her deepest values. We don’t have to wait until the perfect one comes along or until our partner changes before committing ourselves to the deeper love.

You can get married right now – to love itself.

To begin, allow yourself to feel just how important it is to you to let your life be a reflection of your deepest values. Yes, your life might be full of distraction, full of habits of protection and defense, but look deeper than all of this. If you were to die tomorrow, what would be essential to you right now?

When you stop and inquire like this, you get in touch with your commitments. There is no need to make anything up or to set lofty goals for the future. It is more a process of revealing, of rediscovering, what is already here. These are your deepest values, maybe often ignored, but still there; the naked reflection of your innocent heart.

Before marrying anyone, marry these values themselves.

To commit to live your life by these values is the initiation into conscious relating.

Chameli Ardagh



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Blending Heart and Mind To Perceive Higher Frequencies of Reality – Suzanne Lie

Magia of the Heart by A. Andrew Gonzalez


Sunday, October 27, 2019

Blending Heart and Mind To Perceive Higher Frequencies of Reality The Arcturians through Sue Lie

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Visualize what you want to see, then know that you can see it.  Also if you know what  you want to see, you can allow it to rest in your consciousness.

When you allow your desire to rest in your heart and mind, you will unconsciously, or consciously, use the “Power of your Intention” to fulfill your desired perception of the world outside of, and around you.

Then you can slowly, or quickly, merge your consciousness with the reality that you are experiencing deep within your SELF. This inner reality is a version of the innate you that you can, and sometimes do, listen to.

The, when you open your SELF enough to love yourself, it is easier for your higher frequency of SELF. When you focus on your own Higher SELF. you free your mind enough to take in the perceptions that resonate to the higher frequencies of reality.

A “frequency of reality” that is too high for your third dimensional self to believe is real, may be excused from your perceptions by thinking, “Oh, that is just my imagination!”

However, If you tune into your heart, you will feel the yearning to allow certain perceptions that have seemed to be “impossible,” to enter the thought of possibility.

When your heart and mind “team up” and decide to blend with your inner, Higher SELF, you will expand your ability to believe in your own higher dimensional perceptions. You may not call them “higher dimensional,” and perhaps you will call them “impossible.” 

It is by allowing the “impossible” to perhaps become “possible” that your thoughts and emotions can more easily flow into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of perception.

Yes, reality has many different frequencies of resonance in the same manner that the ocean and the sky have different frequencies of resonance. As you allow your self to look up into the sky, or into a body of water, you can feel that there are many different frequencies of reality that exists simultaneously.

However, it takes a confidence in your SELF—your Higher SELF—to believe that you, a mere human, can perceive the different frequencies of Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Again, we remind you that when you allow your perceptions to rest in your consciousness, your heart and mind can unite into a higher frequency of perception.

It is then that your consciousness will unconsciously, or consciously, guide you to fulfill your desired perception of the world outside, around, and within you to slowly, or quickly merge with the reality that you are experiencing within you !

This reality within you is a version of the innate “you” that can listen to when you open your Heart enough to love yourself and free your mind enough to take in that which resonates to the frequencies  that are too high for your third dimensional self to believe is “real.”

However, you can “fine tune” your consciousness enough that you can recognize the frequency that is still of a low enough resonance that your Heart can feel the yearning to allow certain perceptions to blend with your mind.

When your heart and mind “team up” and decide to blend that which you can perceive with your heart to also register with your mind, you will be more able to allow your self to see what you want to see . Then you will begin to realize that what you perceive in your reality is often a creation of your own personal choice.

Everyday that are parts of your reality that you choose to ignore.  Maybe it is a perceptions that  will lower your consciousness or hurt your increasingly sensitive mind.

Perhaps it is something that you are surprised to perceive and/or experience, but you are happy that you have followed a small inner voice inside of you that reminds you if you allow your heart, and all that you love, to merge with your mind.

The merging of your Heart and Mind, that more a more of you have grown to trust, greatly expands your innate perceptions through your heart, your mind, your eyes, your ears, and your instincts.

This merging of your own, innate higher perceptions will then merge into a tapestry of the many version of your thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Then, as your innate inner, but formally unused abilities, greatly expand into they will guide you to tap into your innate, but often forgotten, Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind also resonates to a slightly higher frequency than your heart. This higher frequency is called your “High Heart.” Your High Heart expands your awareness enough that you can remember to tap into, and sometimes use, the higher frequency potentials of your innate human self.

These higher frequency  potentials have been unused for so long that many of our grounded ones have forgotten their own innate higher dimensional versions of seeing, hearing, thinking, and remembering.

Hence, many of you are still just beginning to download your innate higher dimensional abilities into your third dimensional body, heart, brain and consciousness. We do encourage all of our Awakening ONES (those who are remembering their true Multidimensional SELF.

On the other hand, many of you are realizing that you are also a fourth, and even a fifth dimensional being, who is wearing the disguise of a third dimensional human.

Your “disguise” is important for this NOW in which there are still too many “sleeping ones” who may become frightened and angry about the “truth” that they are not ready to receive.

Therefore, we suggest that you keep your truth inside until you have the “Inner Knowing” that that person is ready to begin, or is already walking, their personal and planetary ascension path.

Soon, you will see that humanity is becoming ready to REMEMBER their true Multidimensional SELF. One’s Multidimensional SELF is much like a huge ladder that reaches from Gaia’s Earth and into the higher dimensional world of the fifth dimension and beyond.

The Third dimension is the “school” for the sleeping ones, the Fourth Dimension is “school for the awakening ones,” and the Fifth Dimension is for those who have REMEMBERED.

We remind our many awakening ones that there is NO right or wrong or best “time” to awaken. The process of awakening is beyond the limitations of  third dimensional time and space. Each of our volunteers to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension will KNOW when it is the NOW to begin the service for which they took this embodiment on Gaia.

Please remember that “the darkest night is just before dawn!” Therefore, do not wait for the dawn to come and use this NOW to remember all that you have forgotten in your many incarnations, but are NOW ready to awaken to these Interdimensional Messages.

There is no right or wrong way to receive these messages. In fact, there is only YOUR way, which you have used for many incarnations. It is also very helpful if you can remember your Starship, your other incarnations and/or the reason for your present incarnation.

However, we wish to remind you again that your fifth dimensional SELF, who will awaken you to your “reason for embodiment” resonates beyond the illusion of third/fourth dimensional  “time.”

Therefore, please remember to put aside special times and places in which you safe, comfortable, and empowered, so that you, too, can call forth your own Higher Dimensional Expression, or expressions of the third dimensional body that you are currently wearing. Within this NOW, which means “do not attend to or choose to follow any old fashioned doubts of your SELF or fears that yu have gained from others.

If these “others” wish to judge you, which usually occurs if that person is afraid of the truth and other novel ideas, it is likely that you are careful about who you share this higher information.

In fact, we recommend that you look at that person’s aura. Aura’s cannot lie. If one’s Aura is bright and filled with love and acceptance, it is likely that you were directed to that person as you have known him or her in your higher dimensional lives.

Yes, you have all had Higher Dimensional lives, or you would not have taken the time to read this message. You can also recognize some one from your other Higher Dimensional lives by the feelings of love and acceptance that naturally flow between you.

Also, the more you get to know your own Higher Dimensional Family, and expression of SELF, the more you will be able to see auras and hear thoughts and emotions. We urge you to NOT try to have these higher dimensional abilities, as they will come to you naturally when it is the NOW in which are fully ready.

Most important!! Remember that your higher dimensional guidance comes THROUGH YOU,  and not jus TO YOU.  When it is “Through You “there is no ego, as you are only an open channel for the LIGHT.

When you  allow yourself to BE an Open Channel of LIGHT, your will begin to remember more and more. We, your Galactic Family, look forward the expanding relationship that we know we will share with you all.

Blessings from your Galactic Family

As well as your own Multidimensional SELF.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 4:45 PM


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The Grand Experiment – Steve Beckow

Black and white hearts, handpainted stone by Alleluia Rock, Etsy


The Grand Experiment
October 26, 2019 by Steve Beckow

Pssst! The philosopher’s stone is in your heart

I mentioned earlier that, after the terrific scare of the first few days, when it was thought I had a resistant strain of superbug and I agreed mentally to rest (OK, OK, I got it!), the prognoses have been falling ever since.

Now instead of MRSA (resistant to antibiotics) I have MSSA (treatable by them).

And the infection instead of lasting for weeks, is nearly gone. Instead of six weeks of antibiotics, I’m now on two weeks and nearly finished.

So there’s a great deal of stage managing happening behind the scenes.

Not only that but Michael makes it easier for me in other ways. My wife and I were putting my bed together (I was out on a day pass) and we needed a board to finish the job off.

So I went downstairs to the locker room and, sure enough, there were two boards leaning up against the wall in the free area that perfectly fit. Thank you, Michael.

I have to reassure those who’ve asked that St. Paul’s is a world leader in heart medicine. I am in the best possible care at no cost to me, apart from what I pay in taxes.

Add to that that Michael said last reading that I was not going anywhere. There are no slip-ups in my future.

One thing I’m learning here – and I’m learning lots – is the power of music to heal, unify, and inspire.

I’ve watched so many flash mobs and it always seem to be the same. People who are rushing hither and yon stop, listen and laugh together. People from all countries join in those moments; all pretense and coldness are dropped.

Today I found myself listening to John Denver’s Heart to Heart and weeping.

Unlike years ago when I first heard him, I now know that what he describes is exactly the way it is:

Love is everywhere
Always safe, always true
And exactly where it comes from
Is where it’s going to

Your heart to mine
My heart to yours
Talk about opening windows
Talk about opening doors
My heart to yours
Your heart to mine
Love is a light that shines
From heart to heart


When one has felt the kind of love that he’s talking about and experienced it arising from one’s own heart and flowing out to the world, what were simply words before come alive.

One can feel it as it passes through us, up from the heart and out to the world.

Out to everyone in the world – young, old, male, female, white, black, and everywhere in between. It opens windows, opens doors.

I see now that love is a profligate, a total spendthrift. Love doesn’t hoard or ask for payment. It can flow like a tsunami or waft like a feather.

The higher-dimensional love that the galactics and celestials point to as the promised land is, just as Yogananda said, “all-beautiful, all-satisfying, all-thirst quenching, ever-new.” (1)

There’s nothing else on Earth one could point to and say the same of – except love’s other forms as joy, bliss, peace, etc.

Lying here, listening to music, I must look a sight. Some of my neighbors have been in a great deal of pain and I try to be respectful. But behind my drawn curtain, I’m blissfully tapping to the music. (My time will come, I’m sure.)

But the grand experiment will be whether drawing this love up from my heart makes all that easier. My operation is after Wednesday of next week, so we shall see.


(1) Paramahansa Yogananda, The Second Coming of Christ. Dallas: Amrita Foundation, 1979-86, 1, 17.



Black and white hearts, hand-painted stone by Alleluia Rock, Etsy

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Universal Mother Mary ~ The Journey of Soul – Linda Dillon

Mother Mary by Lily Moses - face

Mother Mary ~ Artist Lily Moses


Universal Mother Mary ~ The Journey of Soul

by Linda Dillon, October, 2019, counciloflove.com

The journey of exploration and the yearning for expression is not merely me/us/One/All wanting to have expressions. You are not merely just me having a human experience. Yes, that is part of it, a delightful part of it, but it is also you having your experience and you experiencing me. So it is very much reciprocal.

A fabulous channelled gem shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Universal Mother Mary: The Journey of Soul

Universal Mother Mary: Now, my beloved daughter, you have said, “Well, where do I fit in?” And you have not said this in the way of ego in the slightest. You have simply said, “Mother, show me the magnificence.”

I always find it delightfully curious when a human being – or any being for that matter – says, “Well, Mother, how many times have I lived?” And there is part of me that smiles because when have you not existed!


But I understand the question, because it is simply a query to learn more about the sacred self. Humans tend to be amazed when they learn that they have lived thousands and thousands of lives.

But think of it, my beloved daughter: I am infinite and eternal and, therefore, so are you!

And yes, you have as you have put it “individuated”. And there is a sometimes erroneous belief on the part of humans – I do not say this to shatter belief systems, although it will – that this “cycle of individuation”, shall we call it, is a massive circle as you travel out and around and back to me.

But there are those that have done this several times. Is it fewer rather than more? The answer is yes.

But the journey of exploration and the yearning for expression is not merely me/us/One/All wanting to have expressions. You are not merely just me having a human experience. Yes, that is part of it, a delightful part of it, but it is also you having your experience and you experiencing me. So it is very much reciprocal.

But let me go to what you have asked.

Billions of years ago – yes, sweet angel, this is your story – billions of years ago you have thought: “Well, what would it be like to express in a different form?”

Now think of this in very practical terms. Think of the woman on Earth, yourself, who decides to birth a child. Now you don’t claim that child as you, but it carries you, and it is you having an experience of you in a different form. That is not merely a biological tie; it is a soul tie.

So a long time ago you have, shall we say, exited hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, into angelic form with Belle’Anna [guardian angel] … let me be clear about this … and you have differentiated – individuated – but, for the very longest time, you have been in a union of one.

And then you have been like twins, exploring the birth of many universes hither and yon, long before you have ever even dreamt of coming to Gaia. In fact, at that point, Gaia was Archangel. And that exploration in that form went on for a very long time.

Then there came a part of you that said to Belle’Anna: “Well, I think I would like to travel further.” You have always been an explorer, dear heart! And as unique beings, you have, shall we say ‘fissioned’ into what you think of as yourself and as your twin because, until that point, you were in the unity of the one of you.

And so there was that sense, again, of ‘twinning’ as you would think of it. Think of it in this way: the delight of having a twin – and the challenge – and to be able to say, “Now we can cover twice as much ground.”

And there have been situations where you have gone one way and Plaed’or another because of choice, of decisions, that sense of exploration… and of purpose.

Now, it is not that your purposes are uniquely different [but] there is certainly differentiation. You are like identical twins, not fraternal twins, let me explain it that way. But very often when that split, that individuation takes place, there is also the need, the desire on both parts to go and stretch your wings, flex your muscles, and discover things for yourself.

The relationship of twin flames, of twin souls, is the most complex in many ways, particularly, obviously, when you are in form – which you both are at this time – even though you are occupying, shall we say, different dimensional realities, and that your pathways have certainly taken you down different roads in terms of experience.

But the thing that happens with twin flames is also that that drive, which you can think of as magnetic force, almost instinctual, to reunite is always present.

Now when there is the occupation in human form and in human relationship – or in other forms, but we are talking human – that friction for ascendency, or to convince one to a different perspective, can be very strong and very challenging because you are dealing with yourself.

No – let me be very clear. It is not a matter of one being light and one being shadow. These are equal parts of the same whole – but which in human form can be most certainly at times the most challenging and the most rewarding.

Now you and Plaed’or have gone on very different paths, and yet – think of the strands of DNA, spiritual DNA and literal DNA as well – the strands between you, even when they have [been] stretched over galaxies and thousands and thousands of years, have never been torn or shredded, but they have certainly been stretched.

But the drive is always towards reunion, because that is the pathway not only back to each other but also back to me. And in the twin flame relationship is the understanding not only of divinity, of individual divinity, but also of the love.

Now, as I say, you and Plaed’or are explorer-adventurers. There has been, if you want to say, a common – not overriding – but a very common pattern that very often a twin, one side of the flame as it were, will remain not just at home but out of form, and the reason is to give greater latitude and more support.

In these instances, the twin acts primarily as a guardian role, unique but still guardian. And they do that to assist their beloved in the journey and the challenge of the expectation and the mission that has been chosen. So that is a very common situation, particularly upon your planet, and has been this way, oh, for millions of years – and elsewhere as well, by the way.

But the most courageous and, shall we say, the most driven, the most determined, the most committed – not to their plan, but to their plan and my Plan – have incorporated and incarnated into various forms. And one of the most common, even though it is in fact very uncommon, is what is occurring now with your beloved being a Star Being.

Now, you, as you well know, pop back and forth, but you have had many, many, many travels, certainly as a Star Light. When you fully re-conjoin – which is actually [what is] going on now – it is not intended to be the end of the relationship.

The reunion is the time when you come together, yes, to complete what you have chosen to complete for you and for me. But then what you do, in that sacred knowing of divinity, is you are also deciding – not implementing, but deciding – what you will do next, because it is a united heart-soul decision.

So that in a nutshell, sweet one, is in fact a brief synopsis of your journey, and your journey with your beloved Plaed’or.

Do you understand?

Elle: I do. How beautiful, Mother, thank you so much! I have long wondered about how the parts of our individuation process fit together.

And where, might I ask, does the creation of the soul group come into the picture – the 12 souls within the soul group, and the 12 aspects of the soul?

UMM: Think of it in this way. When you emerge, it is seldom that you are emerging as singular – and again, that has simply been part not only of my design but of your choices, because free will isn’t something that is born when you become a human. Free will and choice have always been present.

So think of it in this way, the way that cells – I will use your biology – come together to differentiate, say, and become a kidney. So a bunch of cells tend to emerge from our essence as one and that becomes your soul group, soul family. So, seldom is it that you say, “I am going to go out and individuate and explore the universe and, by the way, I’m going to do it completely alone.” No! That is very rare.

So when you are popping out, when you are being birthed, usually you are being birthed with a group – and to make it even more complex, not just a group of 12, but within that 12 are 12. This is why the number of 144… or 144,000… is so popular.

It is one of the numbers, if you think of it as Creation simply being numerical, that I tend to work with. It is Divine Design. It is Patterning. You can think of it as numeric or you can think of it as geographic, but it is the patterning of my design.

It is how I like to work and it is how I like to play!


E: So this is before we take up the angelic stage and before the split?

UMM: Yes, it is the first burst, if you wish to think of it that way. It is the first burst of energy.

E: Aha! Yes, this makes perfect sense.

UMM: It is grand and it is beautiful because every spark, every drop of energy is literally divinely perfect. None that bursts forth as that first energy or, might I say, the last energy is anything but perfect.

Oh, there may be some misalignment somewhere way out in that circle, but the first and the last and everything in between is perfect – and it is perfect love. Regardless of how much denial creeps in, the essence is not tampered with. …

… to be continued in “Universal Mother Mary: Encountering Your Twin”

Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon
Shared via Golden Age of Gaia website


Gratitude to artist. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah   

October Newsletter & (Mini) Updates: Lisa Transcendence Brown

Raphsody On An Iris painting by Pamela McCabe


October Newsletter & (Mini) Updates:

Gateways of Possibilities
Transitions Out of Fixed/Linear Ways
Vibrational Alignment
Letting Your Pure Heart Lead the Way

Y/our Universal/Divine Heart Connection Opens up Access to your Divine Heart Intelligence and Portals of Possibilities that you’d otherwise not see/listen to/acknowledge/dismiss…
Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FUL Divine Light Family,

Energetic passageways open up all new possibilities, potentials and new realities to be discovered and explored….

The linearity of all was each’s limits before. The re-birth of humanity and a whole new existence comes with each “old” that dissolves, “dies” and falls away, with the dismantling of that which all perceived to be “reality”, in order to make way for all new…. and each’s access to all is DEEP INSIDE……..

The “old way” was to hold onto fixed mentalities and beliefs (as well as that which was constructed from these) and that which was perceived as “safe”, because of each’s control mechanisms that represented the belief that control was the way to live. With each new awareness, each sees and understands that control is a limit, even a prison, that stifles and stagnates the breath limitless possibilities, beautiful creativity and the ENERGY OF possibility and of dreams… With each presentation of a new possibility, at first there will be excitement and fear all wrapped up in one… yet as we all embrace the excitement fully, a new reality is birthed/born/seeded and then nurtured, raised, grown into an “adult” reality, one that evolved through love, care and kindness and an immense amount of energy to “raise” the project/reality/idea into fruition, in order to bear fruit and create a vibrational return (at some point/as is vibrationally/highest aligned)….

Birthing entire realities is a massive process. They take dedication, focus, patience and commitment to follow-through…. This is a part of how NEW EARTH REALITIES come to “be”, as your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY literally births these “new” (multi-dimensional) ideas, which in essence are already realities that exist. The passageway is your traveling to get there, all that you do to anchor the LIGHT CODES, activate them and then apply them to how you “do” your days/life…. this DIVINE GUIDING LIGHT AND CHILD are born out of your old you’s death/dissolution processes that limited you/held you in the limiting realities of before….

I keep hearing/seeing so many focused on “the future”, without the awareness of being focused on “that time” is separation within itself. Time is an illusion, a framework, a limit placed to create disruption in Divine Flow…. and a massive part of this entire transition over to NEW EARTH REALITIES is transcending the illusory separation of time. “Time” measurements (age/dates/comparisons/more) were held by our own linearity, in our bodies templates of 3D/4D. As each’s body achieves a 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency fully, “time” becomes ENERGY and the parameters are very different than before. You FEEL the speed of all as all slows down (even to a halt/zero point) or speeds up to the “speed of light” and moves faster, and a part of y/our Universal Body Template (5D Lightbody) is learning to move in UNISON, in Divine Harmony and Flow… which means learning to maneuver and function in all new ways, as well as learning “new equations”, like how much ENERGY IT TAKES to accomplish something, how much ENERGY you INVEST in “that”, how much ENERGY IT TAKES to maintain/sustain/support, as well as produce/accomplish that which is highest aligned and a part of your service roles/new life too….

Time becomes ENERGY and your Physical LightBody runs on LIGHT ENERGY… your own Soul’s Light, which is what fuels (and supports) your body and all of your realities too. There are different phases where you have people around and you don’t, because of the LIGHTBODY Phase you currently are in, which can change constantly (and will). You will become choosier in what you FEED YOUR BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE LIGHT ENERGY into, that which you create to experience, that which you allow in your own reality/world/field…. as if it is not supporting, inspiring and a part of the creative processes, it will drain your LIFE FORCE, your Light Force, your Creative Breath that births new realities forth…… and it will also correlate to what is perceived as “abundance” too.

Your Light is what fuels your Lightbody, this is the Light of your own Soul… It’s also activated by way of Photonic Light, which become the same thing after awhile. Your consciousness and your ability to create/maintain/sustain will be dependent on YOUR ENERGY and what you “do” with it…. as this also will be how you support your physical body and all of your physical realities too…. Your Precious Light is what activates EVERYTHING…. it’s what touches the hearts of all others, it’s what opens portals/doors, it’s what can affect every reality just through presence… without “trying” to “do” anything at all…. Your LIGHT is your Source Consciousness… the SOURCE of all CREATION and defines all of your experiences here….. Your deep sacred connection is what opens up all and what you “do” is then what activates new timelines/holographic geometrics and realities to come forth/arrive/unfold/materialize for you…..

Our REALities are not realities that we “think”. They are ones we FEEL/KNOW AND OBSERVE… so pay attention to when you say “I think” and shift this to “I feel” or “I realize” or “I see” or “the energy says” or something other than “I think” (3D)…. and see if your own perception/awareness changes/shifts to a different one…. Listen to your feelings, they are important. Learning to decipher them is KEY. Learning to honor your feelings and not judge, to FEEL them fully without getting caught in “stories” (these created realities and held them in place before)… is important as well.

Entire collectives are shifting to all new perceptions, awarenesses and understandings… Distortions screaming so each can “see” and work through the deep programming held within that allowed those realities to exist…. There are phases where everything has to be untangled/untwisted and then re-twisted into something completely new. This is how distorted all was in 3D consciousness… twisted into reality and accepted/believed and when this unwinding/untwisting process begins, it can be mind-blowing to say the least. This is important to open neural pathways and create Universal Corridors/connections in the brain and body and through photonic light activating to work through and open up all…..

4D was getting each’s heart open to FEEL…. (and it’s not pretty at first when those deep feelings that were ignored, suppressed and held deep within start to surface, yet it is a necessary and important part of the process of transitioning to a different phase where those no longer bind each to the realities of before…..

5D is FEELING and a deep inner-connection within. The transition out of duality/dualistic realities into a Holy Trinity and Unity Consciousness as a way of Living, yet we don’t stop there… we go so far beyond “just 5D”, because then the fun/work starts… as each is shown what’s possible and available, then it’s up to each to “get it done”… (Divine Masculine Energy within each one of us). This is where it gets a bit “tricky” at first, as you are a newborn innocent child, just birthed (raw) and anew, in an adults body, walking around “creating” realities out of thin air (Quantum) and learning everything from scratch, all over again, because the “rules” (Cosmic Laws) are different here…. You are an adult, responsible for your ENERGY, a child CREATOR and a Divine Feminine all rolled up into ONE. The LOVE OF A MOTHER SO PURE, with the rearing of your own innocent creative playful inner child, with the Mastery to observe and Master yourself. This merging/union makes it easier, as the “battle” inside goes… you are no longer in a “fight” (ego), as your higher self lives within your body and “from the future”, giving you the ability to create/call forth/bring forth that which has already occurred …. as well as “seeing” how all works on a Quantum/Energetic Level, instead of a linear one……

6D is where you start building all anew…. 4D was the “destruction/dismantling”, 5D is learning to BE, BEing fully connected again and awakening to everything anew, a REMEMBERED REALITY that comes forth from deep within you to live/experience here….

Now it’s every aspect of your life that you “work on”, if you will… clearing out old timelines/realities on a cellular level, yet focused on CREATION, sharing what others perceive as gifts, that are just your natural abilities that come forth through each unification process and activation of new/higher dimensional DNA Strands….

Realities are Quantum: Energy, Vibrational, Frequencies and then form… and because you are always integrating new Light Codes, Geometrics and applying new parameters to all, ever changing as well. One shift in vibrational frequency, the whole reality can shift, dissolve or explode into more awesomeness …. Because you are ever shifting, then that which you call forth is too. Others represent aspects of you, both old and new, as well as presenting opportunities as your Universe/Vibrational-Quantum Field responds to you…. Form is a representation of energy, which is a whole new ballgame within itself…. Even solidity is different….

The Earth, our beloved Gaia/Planet is multi-dimensional, housing a multitude of dimensions all within the same space. Because visibility, solidity and inner-dimensional experiences are vibrational, as each oscillates in and out of various vibrational frequencies, they are vibrating in and out of different dimensions, without leaving the current “location”, yet that’s only one version of how all occurs too. Technically, you vibrate out of the whole reality into a whole new one and the previous one ceases to exist, yet if you still hold those coordinates within you, then you can vibrate back in as long as you do. Same goes for other dimensions. The moment you complete the integration of all new codes, sequences and coordinates, then all new “realities” are “dialed”…. which is a small portion of how Stargates work…. as you can see, we could be here forever playing with the coolness of multi-dimensional “travel” and how if you occupy lets say the 9th Dimension, you’d never experience 3D in your actual reality, yet you can see it exists elsewhere, holographically, virtually and that there are entire collectives living in that frequency bandwidth… the same goes for 4D, 5D, 6D, 12D….. except 3D can’t see 5D or 12D…. as access to see all previous dimensions comes forth when each achieves the “next one” fully and clears the programming on a cellular level and with their entire body/field…..

Now, yes there can still be 3D/4D programs in the body that are “dormant” and each time we hit a “pocket” and Gaia releases massive 3D programming (emotions) from the grids, then each’s body will also experience this release, yet the awareness and how this plays out will be determined by how connected/conscious/aware each is. If you are aware that your physical EARTHLY COSMIC BODY is releasing a discordant frequency/energy/tone that was intentionally “triggered” by a comic blast of light so that you can vibrate higher, you’ll honor the process and allow it to surface/clear, without getting caught up in the story and be really excited that that finally is going, so that all new portals of possibilities can come forth as your heart unifies and opens even more!

p.s. This is an important vibrational alignment process and we’re always entering onto very important “next pivotal phase” and this whole linear year and ever since the 2012 Gateways opened we’ve been “working” towards this NOW….The 10/10 brought through immense new codes to be integrated, which took like a whole week, with every day so much occurring on a Quantum Level, and how this “plays out” in each one of our realities is relative to each’s current phase of Embodiment/DNA Evolution… Everyone experiencing their own unique journey differently, with all exactly perfect as it is….

Self-Mastery gives each the ability to come into full vibrational alignment and union inside, merging all into ONE and then holding this highest vibration in order to gain the capability to vibrationally align their own experience through Love … which is what each used to refer as “reality”, we’ve changed the words to “experience”, because everyone conscious can shift every experience with ease and through simplicity, without the “old” getting in the way. As each realizes that the old can only “play out” if one allows it, then we all just stop allowing it. It is that simple…. ♥

Zero Judgment ♦ Full Presence and Conscious Choice Applied – in order to create and return a different vibrational/energetic outcome. This is a part of how Quantum Equations work…. ♫

Shift, tune, align and then allow the “new” to come forth as you HOLD your highest everything fully and you allow the old to dissolve/fall away/merge into oneness within yourself….. ♫
Pure Simple Love is FUEL for your LightBody! Yes, we do live on LOVE, emit love and receive as LOVE too. It’s a beautiful ENERGY REALITY to experience… a magical one and is available to each totally ready to live this fully too…. There are no attachments… it’s freeing, uplifting, inspiring and REALITY… when we each all live it, be it and express it without needing anything at all. It’s a sharing of our own Light…. a blessing and gift. Pure Heart wide open means you are naturally emitting and transmitting this…. ♥

My Cosmic Heart and Soul to yours…


Raphsody On An Iris painting by Pamela McCabe

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Power of Perception to Birth New Earth – Suzanne Lie

Stars Shine Bright by Lila Violet @ Fine Art America


Friday, October 25, 2019

Power of Perception to Birth New Earth

What does the term “Power of Perception” mean?  Of course that term has many different meetings for many different people.  For starters, what does “power” mean?  Some may think of having “power over others” and some may think of  “Inner Power.”

“Inner Power” in this case is the power within your own SELF that you wish you could feel, you know you will feel some day, or better yet, the power within your own Multidimensional SELF that you have been awakening to more and more each day.

We, the Arcturians are perceiving that more and more member of humanity are beginning to realize that have a sense of “power within” if VERY different than having “power over.” “Power Over” is something that  the awakening, and awake, humans are understanding more and more.

A sense of “Inner Power” allows you to feel confident. Then, that confidence allows you to “in control” of your self and of your life. Of course, being in control of your self and your life are the same thing, as you will NOT feel power within if you do not believe that you have power over your life.

Then, there is the “power of perception,” which means that you are able to trust that which you perceive. That sentence may seem unusual for those who have a sense of inner power over the life that they are living. However, there are still many humans who have not yet found that inner power within themselves.

These ones have likely had a more difficult childhood and life, which has diminished their inner power. On the other hand, those who have had support and love in their life, are able to support and love themselves.

Yes, inner support of self, and love of self, is often difficult to maintain in a reality that is changing every day. We the Arcturians, see how Gaia is suffering from the selfish actions of the “lost humans.”  We Arcturians call them the “lost humans” because they have LOST THE MEMORY of their true Multidimensional SELF.

Yes, every human initiated their “experience of humanity” while they were still resonating to the fifth and beyond dimensions of reality. Within the fifth dimension and beyond, Unconditional Love is common.

If there is any friends, family, or even ones that you do not know, you have difficulty maintaining their fifth dimensional states of consciousness, you will ALL instantly give them Unconditional Love to assist them to return to their innate state of consciousness.

The one, or many, who are having a difficult time with maintaining their innate fifth dimensional resonance of SELF will instantly be taken to one of the many fifth dimensional healing chambers, where they can be unconditionally loved back into their innate SELF.

If one is having trouble remembering the feeling of Unconditional Love – which you all had while in your fifth dimension and beyond expression of SELF—we remind you that YOU are a Multidimensional Being.

Therefore, your consciousness is much like a stairway, and if you have fallen down the “stairs” to a lower level of consciousness, you will be instantly sent the Unconditional Love that is “normal” in the fifth dimension and beyond.

We, your family who are currently residing in the higher dimensions of reality, are always open to communicate with our friends and family who chose to take an incarnation on Earth to assist poor Gaia during Her time of great need.

Yes, we your Galactic Family who still resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, often serve as what you call, “Guardian Angels.”  Some of us are from the Angelic Kingdom, and some of us are from the higher dimensional frequencies of Gaia’s immense aura.

Initially, many of us chose to take an earth vessel so that we could better understand Gaia’s plight. Within our fifth dimensional resonance, there are no wars, no fighting, no fear, and no need to have “power over others.” We do not need that power, as we resonate to a frequency that does not have “separation” in the manner that occurs on Gaia’s third dimensional form.

We wish to remind you all that Gaia is a living being who is so powerful and filled with unconditional love that only an entire planet was big enough to hold Her mighty frequencies of light.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Gaia’s great light has caught the attention of the dark ones who still reside on Gaia’s planetary body. However, more and more of Gaia’s earthly humans are beginning to remember that there is a component of their inner self that seems to be calling then to remember.

Many of the humans are unable to feel Gaia’s call but, we the Arcturians, are happy to say that it appears that the “Dawn” in coming through the “Darkest Night” that has damaged Gaia’s planetary body in many ways.

We are happy to say that more of the human residents of Gaia are awakening to the need to Unconditionally  Love and Protection their planetary home of Earth. This Love and Protections comes primarily through the awakened humans, and the “leaders” may or may not be able feel Gaia’s call for assistance.

Therefore, we, the members of your Galactic Family, led by the Arcturians and Pleiadians, are answering Gaia’s SOS that She has sent out into Her planetary  inhabitants as well.

Humanity, is beginning, more and more, to realize that the trees, flowers, bodies of water, and even the air are filled with Gaia’s essence.  Therefore, more and more humans on Gaia are realizing that all life is alive. As they expand their consciousness to accept that all the earth, air, fire, water and all living beings on Gaia ARE actually the member of Gaia.

We, your Galactic Family, are very happy to know that it is becoming the NOW for more and more of human’s on Gaia’s Earth to begin to remember the Power of their Perceptions.  They, one by one, or in groups, are realizing that you are in the ongoing process of awakening to your own higher dimensional/fifth dimensional perspective of  your Earth Reality.

As long as humans limit their perspective of reality to that which only resonates to the third, and perhaps, their fourth dimensional perceptions, they will limited to the illusion of Gaia’s Earth being “ONLY  third dimensional!”

In fact, Gaia, who is the hearth and soul of Earth, is a multidimensional being who chose to become a third dimensional planet to assist that planet, now known as Earth, to ascend into the higher dimensions.

Gaia hopes to be able to  assist Her humans to be aware of the “Power of their Perspective.” She, Gaia, is aware that She is a living being, and is ready to share that truth with Her human population that have chosen to take an incarnation during this


Gaia is aware that many of these human’s have left their beloved homes in the fifth dimensional realities in order to assist Gaia’s Earth to overcome the “darkest night” that has created so much damage to Her planetary SELF.

We, the Arcturians, hear that Gaia herself wishes to speak. We all are privileged to hear what Gaia has to share:

Beloved beings of my planet Earth, I Gaia, thank those many, many of you humans who have remembered your own Higher Dimensional SELF (either consciously or unconsciously) so that you can understand that YOU are My Planetary Protectors. I Gaia, am, indeed, a living being, just as the humans are living beings.

I Gaia, am so very pleased that more and more of my human population are beginning to remember that they took this incarnation on my planetary body so that they could assist the humans to expand their  POWER OF PERCEPTION to include the frequencies of the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of my Planetary form.

I, Gaia, your Mother Earth, am here within your NOW to remind you that YOU are all Multidimensional Beings who can resonate to higher and higher frequencies of perception.

And, as YOU the higher dimensional member of humanity, will remember WHY you took this incarnation on my body and HOW you have chosen to assist me with my Planetary Ascension. There is much more to say about this process, but I, Gaia, will allow you to absorb what you have received enough so that your POWER OF PERCEPTION will eventually expand to encompass the fifth dimension and beyond.

When we see that the majority of humanity has expanded their consciousness enough to be able to accept the vision of our Star Ships, as well as your own fifth dimensional expressions of SELF, we WILL begin our Landing Earth.

Blessings to you all

Your Mother Gaia

Please do us the honor of joining us in this Live Webinar

Greetings from Sue Lie, Trixie Phelps, and The Arcturians,

Please see the above add for our next Webinar. If you have any questions, please contact me at

suelie@me.com  or Trixie at :  Trixie@SoulBalancing.World
What does Power of Perception mean?

Join us on:

Saturday, Nov 9, 2019

$150 per person

Please register as soon as you can as this group is limited to 25 people.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 4:02 PM



Artist ~ Keith Allen Kay @ Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala



The Heart of Lady Shasta & Home of the Telosians

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos shares his wisdom and knowledge for Ascension Mastery Training. The Telosians and Agartha Councils of Light realize the importance of bringing forth teachings and wisdom to assist humanity. Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden is an Integrative Channel who works exclusively with Lord Adama of Telos and the Agartha Council of Light.

Alunah, Alunah, Alunah

Blessings to each of you; I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos speaking to you from the Command Center within Telos connecting to each of you in this moment.

Let us all take some deep breaths with each other.

As we breathe within our Heart Centers to connect to the One Heart Essence, take this moment of allowing each of our hearts to blend with each other as we come into a state of receiving Divine Love.

It is very important for each of you to realize within yourself that you can think mentally about Divine Love, but until you fully take it within yourself through the feeling stages of your emotional body, then you are not truly accepting that Divinity of Love.

Then, what happens through this process is that you may go through a moment in which you are frustrated, anxious, or you feel fear in certain situations. It is very beautiful to realize that within a moment’s notice you can allow yourself to go into your breath and accept that Divinity of Love within your Heart Essence as it is a part of you. It is an integral component of your soul’s essence, it’s where you came from.

Although what occurs through this process of being upon the Earth Plane for lifetimes and lifetimes or other planetary existences, you forget.

We want to remind you not to forget; that the Veil of Forgetfulness has been lifted from humanity through the Spiritual Hierarchy. That is important for each of you to realize for yourself that you have the power to make the necessary changes within your consciousness and within your feeling levels. It must come first and foremost through the purity of your heart to feel that essence.

So as we take this breath together, I want you to visualize that each of us from Telos is giving you the One Heart as you are giving it back to us. We know that you do transmit love to us; it is important to realize that  you are not alone, you are not isolated, and you must have faith within your physical consciousness that you are able to arise out of the turmoil even if it is just for one moment in time to feel that compassion for yourself, to allow it to grow within you, to become more a part of your consciousness. The more often you are able to do this, the more it will become a habit. You won’t even think twice about it as you allow yourself to become more fully integrated within the Divinity of Love Within You.

It is the cornerstone of your soul’s essence, it is the cornerstone of what you bring to the Earth, it is the cornerstone of what you receive from the Earth.

It is important to not to allow those other elements to get in the way of the third dimensional society of what is in the media, what others are saying, what you may be thinking.

If you take this deep breath into the source of whom you are, what happens to you?

You start to relax; you start to embody it. You become more of what you desire to be than you ever have before. All of this is very important; it truly is your guide that is absolutely necessary for you to embody within the processes of all that you are becoming, Step-by-step if you allow yourself to bring forth the Divinity of Love, you will realize that it represents Compassion, Softness, and Emotional Vulnerability to flow within you like a beautiful river. It represents the Ebb and the Flow of the pure essence of Love.

As we extend it to you in these moments, I want you to take this moment right now and extend it to yourself. Extend it to the parts of you that are hurting; extend it unto physical issues, emotional issues, mental issues, and let that love go deeper than it ever has been previously. As we breathe together, I want you to feel the heartbeat of our Oneness coming into the One Sacred Heart.

The One Sacred Heart is not just us in Telos, it is representative of Divine Mother Father God of the Cosmic Source of Light, it is representative of the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimensional level, and all those dimensions in between that are part of that Unified Whole energy; it is part of the Great Central Suns (Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, Cosmic) of imparting their light unto the earth presently so that you as a human can fully accept these energies within your consciousness. This process has one goal – to let it grow deeper and deeper than you have ever held within you until your Etheric Self is Divine Love and allow your full body system to act accordingly. Because your Etheric Self is the memory status; it is your computer of everything that has occurred for you good, bad, and indifferent.

What we want to do is change all those indifferences into positive elements, affirmations, actualization’s, and the rest to be dissipated into wholeness as that is no longer your purpose to feel the depth of lower energies within the self but to grow deeper into the capacity of all that you are experiencing in every way.

Let us take one last breath together as we connect fully to the Divinity of Love.

It is pretty amazing what can happen in this process. If you can imagine that love coming to you as you are breathing it into your heart from each of us, opening up your emotional body than it has ever been before; it will allow you to grow to become the evolving soul that you are desiring to become. I will not say that memories will not come up; that you will not have to grieve, as you will.

In any process of transformation, the original form needs to be dissipated and transferred out of its present status. So if that transference represents compassion, instead of agression, that energy has to go somewhere. Within that process your psyche, your Three Minds, your consciousness is going to go through a process of having to grieve and let it no longer be part of who you are.


I Am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos

Speaking for the Agarthan Council of Light

Alunah, Alunah, Alunah

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The Lost Ones Returning Home – Suzanne Lie

Beautiful Flowing Flower Earth Mother Figure By Little Bunny Sunshine @ Fine Art America


Monday, October 21, 2019

The Lost Ones Returning Home The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Dear Arcturians,
There are many changes occurring in our world now. These changes are in many places in our world. Could you please help us, the ones of us who are wearing a third dimensional form on Gaia’s Earth, to understand what the meaning of all these changes may be?

Dear Grounded Ones,
You are, and represent, the grounded members of our Arcturian, Pleiadian, Antarian and other Inter-dimensional beings. We, the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF, wish to answer your many human questions about “What is happening on Gaia’s Earth?”

We, the higher dimensional, and multidimensional, expressions of your third dimensional, human embodiment, wish to remind YOU that you are NEVER alone within your own higher states of consciousness. When you (and we speak to all of you) decided to take a human form on Gaia’s planetary body, you knew that Mother Earth would be moving through a major shift in Her planetary frequency of reality.

Many of you have served in many embodiments to assist Gaia with the many challenges that third dimensional humans created on their dear Mother Earth. The main reason why the human created these challenges on their Mother Earth was because they forgot that Gaia was Mother Earth!

Instead, too many humans acted as if they (the human form they were wearing) was actually MORE important than their Mother Earth who is the Heart and Soul of ALL living beings in Gaia’s planet. These humans “lost their MEMORY OF SELF!” Therefore, they have been called “The Lost Ones” by the members of their fifth dimensional family.

Their fifth dimensional family usually remains safely on their Inter-dimensional Starship that had responded to Gaia’s call for assistance. The fifth dimensional “Family” of those who volunteered to wear a third dimensional body and be born on a third dimensional planet went through a great deal of training about “being a third dimensional being.”

This training was created in the hope that they (the new ones to inhabit and assist Gaia) would be able to remember their true fifth dimensional SELF-even after they had taken on a third dimensional, human body.

Of course, they all knew that they would “meet the unknown worlds,” as well as the great destruction that had occurred over the many millennia of Gaia being expressed as a third dimensional form. Of course, the Multidimensional Being of Gaia, who had chosen to take on a third dimensional planetary body, was as surprised as the fifth dimensional planetary beings that also chosen to take on a third dimensional form.

At first, things seemed to go well. Gaia was a beautiful, and very healthy, planet who was excited to get to know the many inhabitants that would populate Her planetary body. However, something went wrong, or maybe something did NOT go right, because the “humans” who were supposed to be the most evolved of all the Gaia’s beings, began to forget.

At first they forgot why they had taken a third dimensional form of a third dimensional human on a third dimensional planet. They forgot who they were because they forgot where they were and why they chose to take the limited form of a human being in a world filled with many other higher, more evolved and stronger, beings.

This fact that they were obviously weaker than many of the four legged beings that often seemed much larger and more ferocious than they were, made them experience an “emotion” they they later called “fear”. This fear made them feel something the they had never felt on their Homeward or in their Starships.

These human occupants who had only experienced the pure balance and unconditional love of the fifth dimension, were suddenly exposed to a much larger, stronger and frightening beings. For the first time that they could remember, they experienced the sensation of FEAR.

At first they experienced that fear in the aura of the trees, that they cut down to make homes, in the animals that they killed to eat, and during the times when the planet had major storms, which darkened the sky, flooded their water ways, destroyed their homes and damaged their land.

These new fifth dimensional beings to a third dimensional world, could not understand what they had done to create this damage their new homes that they thought was safe. They did not realize that the leaving of the safety of the reality they had always known was a frightening event. They did not realize exactly what “frighting” was, because they had never experienced “fear” on their fifth dimensional Starship or Homeward.

When they observed this interesting planet, which they named Earth, they did so from the safety of their Starship, or from the messages that were sent to those on their fifth dimensional homeward. These new beings, were very confusing to the Inter-dimensional Being who had not yet experienced any form of, what was eventually called, FEAR.

What was this element, emotion or energy wave, as they did not know what it really was, that could cause them to experience that which was eventually named “emotions.” Emotions were often the first different experience that they had when they landed on, or came close to, this new planet that they had titled as Earth,

They also saw that “Earth” had a moon, which seemed to make them even more “emotional” than the planet. However, these early beings to Earth did NOT have the names that are used in this message so those who read it will be able to understand what we are saying. However, they were beginning to realize that the beings who became the dominant beings on the Earth were filled with what they eventually called “emotion.”

The sensations of emotions was new to their fifth dimensional reality, but they did find that sometimes, emotions did something to their body which seemed to often lower their innate fifth dimension Self into a VERY low frequency, which they called the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension seemed to be a very mutable energy field which seemed to greatly affect different beings in different ways.

Sometimes these “emotions” made them happy and strong, but sometimes the “emotions” made they unhappy and weak. Of course, we can now use the terms of “emotions,” “happy or unhappy,” and “strong” or “weak.” At first, it was very difficult for these Galactics to understand all of these “opposite” thoughts, emotions and experiences.

However, they soon realized the benefit of “opposition of awareness” because it was such a new concept to them they easily became confused. Then, when they became confused, which was also a new sensation, they would more strongly feel their new “sensation of emotions.”

It was not until these beings landed their ships on the planet that was eventually named Earth, that they began to understand the benefits of “emotions.” Everything on this world seemed to be brighter, darker, higher, lower, and basically more extreme. As they continued to live on this planet, they began to realize the power of being different.

Many of the “humans–as they came to call themselves” had not come from a reality that had so many different types of weather, different habitants, and different feeling in different places. The ones to first inhabit Earth either greatly enjoyed these differences OR were great upset by these difference.

In fact, these first being to Gaia’s Earth set down that format of polarities, differentiations, separation and, eventually, they included to their innate fifth dimensional “unity with all life.”

However, the “unity with all life” was very difficult for the humans who wanted to have their “own” group that was better, smarter, faster etc, than the other groups. It was then that the loving and deeply centered Pleiadians came to Earth. And, it was not too soon. The humans had become far too combative and competitive.

They had learned how to “fight for what they needed,” but in all the fighting, they began to forget how to love all life. Therefore, their wisest leaders decided that the “immigrants to Earth,” would be sent to Venus before visiting Earth. Venus resonated to a higher frequency than Earth, so the highest dimensional humans often decided to remain on Venus.

And, after a long visit to Venus, the visitors to Earth could more easily remember, and be driven by, the fifth dimensional concept of Unconditional Love, which spread through most of the Venusian energy fields. In fact, more and more Earthling’s decided to go to Venus for the many Inter-dimensional meetings, beautiful entertainment, wonderful healing spas, and moving experiencing of fifth dimensional energy fields.

You are invited NOW to join them

Just ask with your heart and they will hear you

The Arcturians through Sue Lie
Posted by Suzanne Lie at 3:29 PM


Gratitude to artist. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

November Ascension Energies – Jamye Price

Yogini With Flowers @ Dakini as Art by Lasha Mutual Fine Art


November Ascension Energies – Separation and Unity

Video Player



As we move into the final quarter of 2019, the focus on Transcending Duality comes to the forefront. Here, we anchor the freedom (the over-arching energy of 2019 according to Areon) within that resides in that neutral point between two opposites.

October presented an opportunity to enhance our creativity with Life as we find the strength and compassion to expand into our true power—Love. Perhaps you felt the pull toward inner clarity of boundaries, outer clarity of focus and the need for independence and healthy interdependence.

October was a fast-paced energy, which ultimately Areon says will be the speed of it. When it feels like things are moving fast, it is ever more important to relax into the flow rather than trying to force it. As the spiraling speeds towards the center, relaxing into the flow helps you move through it better.


For November’s path of Transcending Duality, I was shown the energy of moving from Separation to Unity. Separation is how our physical senses create this experience. We are in separate bodies having separate perspectives. Yet, it’s only part of the story.

We are also connected, of course—from our DNA in family to the family of humanity to Earth family. In order to truly have Unity, it begins within. It is an empowered state of being within that creates interactions (connecting) from mutual respect rather than deception, greed and overpowering.

Separation is merely subtle information of self that distorts or disharmonizes the flow of information within, which can create an experience of confusion, fear or pain to name a few. It never truly disconnects, full/absolute separation does not occur. The work then is to reconnect the aspects of self that have “separated” because of fear and denial.

I was shown that separation has become an addiction, something that many are not in control of choices around because the denial of the unconscious is strong and the power of our subtle bridge is misunderstood. As we learn to work with the rules of the subtle realm, in addition to rules of the physical realm—where we are most practiced because of our physical senses.

As we lean into our natural multidimensionality, we begin to balance both the physical and non-physical (most directly our thoughts and emotions) into the full flow of creation, which is the engine of duality. However, when we utilize both we don’t polarize from one or the other, we neutralize into connection of both creating new form. Like the subatomic model.


November will ask us to look within and heal separation so that our unified field has its full power of flow. Your resonance, a subtle realm rule, will lead your experience into more creative Love. When the loving ones are empowered, the interactions will have a deep intent of Love. It is the natural evolution, all leads back to Love, the energy of connection.

As you look inward through November, and continue finding more unconditional Love within, you are (re)discovering your innate divinity and strengthening your sacred flow into this world. Rather than separating from empowerment, November, the month of 11.11, calls you to unify the self into your mastery.

As you observe separation, seek a thought or feeling (your subtle bridge) that creates connection within you. As you observe unity, seek a thought or feeling that amplifies connection within you. Take your power, which your inner realm focus. This propels the October energy of Creative Love into your experience.

Happy November & 11/11!



Gratitude to artist. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Anchor the Purest Life by Lord Buddha – Natalie Glasson

Jewels of Wisdom Buddha ~ Artist Christopher Beikmann @ Fine Art America


Anchor the Purest Life by Lord Buddha
Channeled through Natalie Glasson  – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Awakening hidden cells of truth, wisdom, and knowingness in connection to your relationship with the Creator is the purpose of my mission, Lord Buddha, within the Ascension process and program. As Planetary Logos, it is my purpose to alert you to the vibrations within you waiting to unfold and blossom. My wish is to realign you with yourself as a divine essence, this can only be drawn from within you and can only take place within you. It is important to realise you are the holy temple through which the Creator emerges. The links, connections and inspiration you access and experience within your being are the most essential, powerful and important aspect of your reality. You could imagine yourself as a cell rebuilding itself with a blueprint or plan to follow to create divine perfection. You don’t need to be rebuilt, you are already all that is the Creator, it is your awareness of this in the physical planes, the Earth, that needs to be activated or reformed.
You are a jewel already brilliant, realising the brilliance there is to unfold.

When you are unaware of your brilliance, you can often attract or create experiences or situations which are far from fulfilling, this is because you have yet to realise your inner brilliance. It is not something which can be achieved within the mind, it is an awakening and unfolding that takes place within, akin to a light bulb that gradually becomes brighter. To recognise your divine brilliance with your mind will only lead you to engage on a deeper level with the ego, resulting in false understandings and expressions. To engage truthfully with your inner divine brilliance there is a need to connect through your heart or higher heart chakra, or soul star chakra (above your head). In doing so, you will allow yourself to connect free from the influence of beliefs, emotional wounds and fears. Instead you will leave behind any influences from your experiences on the Earth and engage from a higher consciousness. This higher consciousness will result in a clearing within mind, body and emotions to view with ease and truth the essence of brilliance pulsating and vibrating within you.

It can often be that once you allow yourself to connect with your inner divine brilliance without engaging your mind, all that was created by you which hindered and blocked your full living on the Earth, dissolves. A peace and stillness are created within you which draws you deeper into your inner divine brilliance. You begin to recognise an inner guidance, an inner stillness and an inner vitality that seems to shine brightly into your surrounds with very little effort. It is the inner flow of delicious Creator qualities which becomes so hypnotic and empowering to follow. Thus, your inner divine brilliance emerges and more importantly you begin to recognise, sense, acknowledge and even understand your inner divine brilliance. It becomes a comforting, inspirational presence which you recognise as your truth.

When you begin to associate who you are and your presence on the Earth with the flowing inner divine brilliance of your being then you are anchoring life in its purest form and as its purest experiences, for yourself in your current embodiment. You become an anchor of life.

Life Is Not Always As You See It

With divine brilliance flowing from your being, your awareness unfolding to the presence of divine brilliance within you and recognition of yourself beyond ego as an expression of divine brilliance, so you anchor life at its purest. To offer an example of the insight I am sharing, imagine a jewel brilliantly shining and yet it is surrounded by dirt. The dirt represents the blockages, limitations and fears you may experience and may create from. The jewel is somewhat concealed by the dirt. If the dirt was to be cleansed creating a clear space for the jewel to exist within, its ability to be its truth would be empowered. If you allow yourself to engage within your inner divine brilliance you would allow your inner jewel to shine, the blockages and fears that cause upset and a lack of fulfilment in your life would dissolve with very little effort and you would experience the purity of life. Thus, anchoring the vibration of life of the highest frequency into your being and reality. You would begin to live your life as the Creator intended; fully!

It is important to realise that there are many levels of experiencing life and you determine within you how you experience life and what you experience. Another way of explaining is, there are numerous levels of conscious awareness of the Earth and life existing within you, and you can choose which level you wish to operate from.

If I asked you to describe life now, what would you say?

Can you recognise the different levels of conscious awareness of life you engage with from within your being?

Can you recognise that often the way you interpret life is from the awareness you are accessing within you?
You may view your life and even the lives of others from the same awareness which could be a mixture of lack, love, wonder, fear and distrust. Imagine you accessed an awareness within you of love, acceptance and honesty. This would imprint into how you see yourself, how you see the Earth and your life/reality. The energy you anchor and express from the Creator would be influenced and of a high frequency. You would continue to anchor a purer energy and experience of life which would continue to unfold and heighten. This means that the reality and life you recognise now is not all that there is or all it seems to be. Your physical reality would shift and transform immensely. Many speak of experiencing heaven on the Earth. This is precisely what I, Lord Buddha, am speaking of. It is through anchoring and accessing higher vibrations of life, recognising life as an energy, that you will view and experience what for you will be heaven on Earth.

Realign Within Before You Take Action Outside Of Yourself

My insight regarding the presence of your inner divine brilliance and how this can be accessed through your heart, higher heart or soul star chakra. The information that through your inner brilliance you access a new conscious awareness of yourself and life, therefore anchor a higher vibration of life and awareness of life. Thus, recognising your life anew, holds the purpose of encouraging you to realise that a realignment within you is required before action is taken within your reality. If you create action from the jewel within you that is smothered in dirty you will only create more of what you are already experiencing. If you allow yourself to align with your inner brilliance, thus allowing unneeded energies to flow away and a higher vibration of life to anchor, thus you will see, sense, acknowledge and create from a new space, creating and perceiving a new reality. It is important to realise here that the actions you create would be very different, born from the essence of life which is to live fully and completely as an anchor and expression of the Creator.

Steps to Take

•    Decide which chakra feels most appropriate to access your inner divine brilliance; heart, higher heart or soul star chakra.

•    Place your attention into the chakra by thinking of it or feeling into it.

•    Hold the intention of seeking your inner divine brilliance, allow yourself in your own time to feel, sense or acknowledge a connection with your inner divine brilliance.

•    Imagine, sense or acknowledge your inner divine radiance emanating into all aspects of your being.

•    Know the more you focus on the emanating and flow of your inner divine brilliance, the more blockages, limitations, fears, etc will dissipate. Thus, your entire being, reality and creations will be influenced and created from your inner divine brilliance.

•    Realise or hold the intention of anchoring the purest vibration of life. Take time to experience and embody. Know this will change the way you view yourself, life and creations. Begin to see, sense or imagine your reality from this space of the purest vibration of life anchored.

It is all for you to explore; you have the universe of the Creator within you. Become an anchor of life!

With the greatest respect and love,
Lord Buddha



Jewels of Wisdom Buddha ~ Artist Christopher Beikmann @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to artist. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Message in a Bottle from Room 22, Bed 4 – Steve Beckow

Angel of Music by Marsha Vernon Krygier


Message in a Bottle from Room 22, Bed 4

Suzi, whaddamIgonnado if I don’t write?

Listen to music videos?

I must be the only fellow on the Cardiac Unit, facing a triple bypass, who’s laughing and crying, listening to America’s Got Talent. Or laughing for any other reason, for that matter!

Young boy with cancer, bullied, takes up the violin. For those short of time, begin at 2:43

I see signs at every turn of this transition that I’m going through being managed.

Maybe I should give you the background. On my birthday my friend, who wishes to be unnamed, took me to the Keg and there, being treated to a perfectly-marvellous Sirloin Oscar (two bites), I vomited four times. I did not see this as a symptom of heart problems (1) although the unit here has told me it was.

The next day I’m in Victoria having a second birthday with my brother Paul and his wife Fran. By now I’ve gone through a series of episodes of shortness of breath, pain in my upper chest, constipation, an aching in my left arm, dizziness, and nausea.

I’m lying in bed thinking something may be seriously wrong (ya think?). I felt I had to cut short my visit, return to Vancouver, and check myself into St Pauls Hospital (2) on Thanksgiving.

Incredible range and voice control.

I have a complete workup in Emergency and they order an angiogram.

The angio shows I have 100%, 90%, 80% and 60% blockage in four arteries. I am headed for a triple, or maybe even a quadruple, bypass in, they say, two weeks.

Then things begin to escalate. I catch what they say is stapholococcus and I begin to make arrangements with Suzi to cover for me. Now they say it’ll take four weeks. (3)

The next day they call it MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus). An ultrasound shows “vegetation” on my heart. The wait time goes up to six weeks. So I really begin planning for a long rest.

Before I even started the blog, I’d written a living will in which I rejected open-heart surgery. I’d brought it to the hospital.

Heck, I’ve been outside my body. I know what the other side is like. I even wrote a book about it. (4) What have I to fear?

OMG. Courtney Hadwin went on to win the finals in 2018. She bursts … explodes … onto the music scene.

Quick call to Linda Dillon. Michael, through her, says, “Nope. You’re not leaving.”

OK, so I retrieve my living will and put that idea out of my mind. By then I’ve thoroughly settled into the idea that I need a rest.

Now, me having reached the pinnacle of concern, the hospital starts backtracking. Now they say they caught the bug soon enough that they won’t need six weeks.

Then they say I don’t have MRSA; I have MSSA (Methicillin-Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus). This is treatable by antibiotics.

Uhhh, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

I have chest pains, but only for less than a day. My left arm aches but, again, only for a short time. Conclusion? Someone is gently moving me towards the hospital.

I have high concern over having a superbug. So I agree to a good, long rest period. Then, after I’ve agreed to it, I hear that they caught the bug early.

And then, after that, I hear the strain I have is susceptible, not resistant, to antibiotics. (Just today they say I now have negative blood cultures. Say again?)

(The next news I’m waiting for is that my arteries are clear without the need for an operation!!!!)

So once I’ve cleared the decks and agreed to rest, the seriousness of the situation begins to decrease. Once I agreed to the urgency of the situation, the situation eased. Conclusion? Someone is guiding events and simply wants me to rest.

Then on the 17th I have a pre-scheduled reading with Michael and, among other things, he confirms my growing suspicions:

“There are … times, Beloved One, as you have witnessed in those around you, that we literally take you out, that we take you out of play to reimagine, rebuild, reintegrate, reincarnate… (No, not into a different life or a different form!) But into the resurrected self.” (5)

I have never, ever heard guitar played this way.

So this is his arrangement. And he tells me “directly”: “This is certainly not the era or the time or the timing for the departure of your sweet self.” (5)

Ooooookay. I’m now thoroughly behind the assignment, resigned to taking time off, wide open to what will follow, and surrendered to however it develops, much of which seems to be outside my control anyway. The high drama has produced results.

Fade to black….

Meanwhile I’m learning a great deal from the nurses and doctors here. Their kindness, maturity, and professionalism are all making an impact on me.

Never mind taking a picture with my iPhone. I’m snapping shots with my mind. This is how committed and well-developed people act. How this will help me after the Reval!

As a person used to living in a high degree of solitude, I couldn’t have asked for a better tutorial. I am sooooo grateful for this stay among such exemplary professionals.

So now I wait till perhaps sometime this week before I go home. Then a community nurse drops by and gives me an antibiotic IV once a day till Nov. 28, no matter when the operation is. (They don’t have to wait until the bug is completely gone before operating; just gone from my heart.) (7)

Thank you all for relieving me of a heavy load of email. Suzi does read some out to me and keep me apprized of the loving consolation you’ve been sending. She’s putting all your emails into one document soon and sending that along to me.

I’m not suffering. I’m experiencing more learning from this experience than anything I’ve been through in years so no need to feel sorry for me.

Thank you for your expressions of love. I love you all,



(1) Because I also have Schatsky’s ring, which is an occasional and unpredictable constriction of the throat while eating beef.

(2) Where I was born, by the way.

(3) Even more recently they found a leaky valve as well. That now necessitates more tests today …no, now it’s tomorrow … while they put probes down my throat and take another, clearer picture of my heart.

(4) New Maps of Heaven at http://goldengaiadb.com/index.php?title=New_Maps_of_Heaven

(5) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 17, 2019.

(6) Loc. cit.

(7) I definitely won’t be able to read or answer email or phone calls for probably a week after the operation.

And, finally, for your viewing entertainment, a moment a little girl will probably always remember:


Click onto Steve’s website link for original post


angels x 2 and harps by sulamith-wulfing

Artist ~ Sulamith Wulfing

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

New Solidarity Codes Received – Lisa Transcendence Brown

The Light of Mercy by Minjae Lee @ DeviantArt


New Solidarity Codes Received for Activation, Integration and Application/Incorporation by Each


As the foundation for 3D Levels of Consciousness Realities continue to collapse (for restructuring), the foundation for 5D+ becomes more and more solid the higher the dimensional timeline each embraces, holds, embodies and in-acts within their every now moment life.

Because the foundations for each reality are vastly different, based upon where all function(ed) from, 3D was built/constructed upon a foundation of Separation, where as 5D+ is built up/construction from a whole new foundation…. Unity/Purity/Love.

This is a complete reworking of every aspect of each’s life and a physical/alchemical process that occurs within the physical body simultaneously too.

Light Codes are activated on a Cosmic Level when it’s vibrationally “time” for each. Those “not preferring to wait” for “one day”, can consciously choose to activate these through various ways and means. These Light (Soul-Star) Codes change reality, which the human aspect doesn’t like/resists/avoids/fears, yet those actions only exacerbate the experience when it “has to occur” (Soul determined/not human ego). Soul determined realities follow a different equational path. “Time” and “how difficult” all is for the resistant/refusing/avoiding human ego aspect is irrelevant, because it doesn’t dictate reality, each’s Soul/Divine Blueprint does….

Inner Soul Union allows for each to choose a path that is Divinely/Higher/Highest aligned, based upon the consciousness each currently holds/occupies/functions from. Going unconscious “drops” each back into an old timeline/denser reality until that programming/conditioning is resolved/dissolved/dissipated/cleared on a cellular level…. “Temporary fixes” only yield “temporary timelines”, therefore when the vibration shifts, the reality will as well…. and one will find themselves back in a place/space to actually “deal” with what was avoided before…. When all of these excuses/negating behaviors are no longer acceptable according to the blueprint, a template rewriting process will ensue and the reality will appear to collapse, because it was never highest aligned to begin with…. it was ego aligned (3D).

Cosmic/Divine Alignment rewrites all realities constantly within each now. This continues to accelerate ever since Earth entered full-on Ascension timelines….

Fast forward to these new Solidarity Codes….. which are relative to how “solid” a reality is. Because all realities are holographic/energetic first, then all things created out of Unity, Love and Purity emanate out a pure frequency that creates solidarity for all contributing/participating/fulfilling their roles in accomplishing these realities (for all of HUMANITY) as love. The only way that these will not, is if the participants are not fully invested on a Soul Level (every level) and “fail” to come through. This is why it’s so important to build all new relationships as highest aligned vs. entering into any relationship the “old ways”, where each has not shown/proven their level of trust, integrity, care, respect, openness, willingness to fulfill and ability to support and receive without limiting conditions in the way still….. Distortions within relationships must be dealt with up front and all brought into full consciousness where each holds this fully themselves, without reliance on others to “do anything for them”, which was the old way as well. Full Sovereignty, full responsibility, full accountability are a part of NEW Earth REALities… for each’s energy and what they bring to the table, pulling their own weight and being a part of a NEW EARTH LIGHT FAMILY working/co-existing/living/creating through Unity and a cohesive field of unison, harmony and peace.

SOLIDARITY = the energy of the word feels beautiful doesn’t it? Breathe it through you and see how you can implement these new codes into your own reality/life/relationships/exchanges for the benefit of all as ONE too! ♥

With kindness, love, appreciation and respect,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Solidarity | Definition of Solidarity by Merriam-Webster
Solidarity is – unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards.

Solidarity – Wikipedia
​Solidarity is an awareness of shared interests, objectives, standards, and sympathies creating a psychological sense of unity of groups or classes. It refers to the ties in a society that bind people together as one.


The Light of Mercy by Minjae Lee @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah



art-oracle-of-self-by-jennifer-michelle-long-at-fine-art-america - face

Oracle of Self by Jennifer Michelle Long @ Fine Art America


Saturday, October 19, 2019


Your Galactic Family through Suzanne Lie

The Journey of remembering your Higher Dimensional SELF is one that will be occurring more and more as your “inner Pleiadian / Galactic SELF” reminds you that the Portals to the Fifth Dimension of reality are increasingly opening.

These portals serve to connect “Earth/Gaia” with Her own fifth dimensional Planetary SELF. However, only those who can calibrate their consciousness to the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency of resonance will be able to have any awareness of this higher frequency of reality.

The challenge for humanity is to remember that “The Portals to the Fifth Dimension” are starting to open NOW in a manner that is different then it ever was before. Therefore, those whose consciousness resonates to the higher fourth and beginning fifth dimensional frequencies of reality are perceiving a “feeling!”

What is this “feeling” or is it a “knowing,” or even a “remembering?” There is still NO shape, as the fifth dimensional energy fields can usually only be perceived by ones Highest States of Consciousness, such as deep meditation or prayer.

This experience of perceiving that which you usually cannot see or hear during your daily physical self, is slowly, or quickly, recurring because you have consciously, or unconsciously, focused on expanding the energy fields of your Heart, your Mind and what is often called, your “Heart/Mind.”

Your Heart/Mind, which is guided by the thoughts and emotions that are filling, and sometimes expanding, within your personal awareness and personal Aura. The expansion of your Heart, your Mind, and your energy field resonates beyond your human Energy Field.

In fact, this energy field is the initiation for your process of remembering your innate fifth-dimensional frequency of Light/SELF. When your Heart and Mind merges into the NOW of the ONE, you will be able to more deeply understand the higher dimensional energy fields that you are somehow feeling.

In fact, some times, you may only feel an “unique” energy field that you cannot quite perceive with your physical self. However, many of you also learning that if you deeply relax and totally focus your attention on your own Heart and Mind—working as ONE—you will eventually experience this new type of energy that you may, or may not, have experienced.

However, this Energy Field is NOT new. This energy field resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, you usually have been unaware of this sensation—feeling—knowing—even remembrance.  These moments of remembering “something” may feel to be far away, but they may simultaneously feel deep like they are deep within your heart Chakra.

We the, Arcturians, and many other members of your Galactic Family, are assisting you to  allow yourself to have the experience of tuning into your own higher dimensional state of consciousness. 

We wish to now remind you that this “Higher Dimensional” State of Consciousness is coming into your awareness within this this NOW because you, our grounded ones on Earth, can assist the other humans to awaken to their memory of their higher dimensional SELF.

This “Awakening to Gaia’s Higher Consciousness is occurring because it is the NOW for humanity to remember their own higher dimensional experiences, which often runs parallel with the experiences they are simultaneously occurring with many other awakening humans. In fact, these energy fields seem to expand your consciousness.

Sometimes, you can even feel these energy fields enough for your to “feel” and or “see” that which you feel that you are KNOWING. You are having this experience because your consciousness I expanding to embrace higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Your are now more easily able to expand your consciousness within this NOW is because is because your Multidimensional SELF (the YOU who resonates to many frequencies of reality), has opened the inner portals to your own higher frequencies of reality.

This Portal was actually opened by your own Higher SELF who will assist you to FIND and FOLLOW the Path that you will hear as an inner call, as well as the deep knowing that you always had, but FORGOT.

On the other hand, you can not perceive any of these fifth dimensional perceptions via your third dimensional brain. Fortunately, more and more grounded humans, as well as Gaia’s many other life forms, are beginning to be, or have always been, in alignment with Gaia’s energy fields.

When a human is in alignment with Gaia’s energy fields, they can send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire of Transmutation into Gaia’s Core Crystals. Unconditional Love is love that resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. “Violet Fire” and/or “Violet Light” resonates to the highest frequencies  of fifth dimension, and beyond.

As more and more humans merge with their own Higher SELF, their individual fifth dimensional consciousness will greatly assist the healing and transmutation of Gaia. Yes, Gaia wishes to transmute into Her fifth dimensional Planetary SELF, just as humans wish to transmute into their fifth dimensional SELF.

It is best if the humans also merge with dear Mother Gaia.  Most of Gaia’s life forms are already connected to Gaia via Her Water, Earth, Air, Spirit or Fire/sunlight. When humans were “natives” they still remembered that Earth was a Living Being, and the humans volunteered to assist and protect Gaia during Her “rebirth” into a higher frequency of reality.

The ancients understood the concept of “rebirth” into a higher frequency of reality,” but as humanity “grew up” many of them forgot to honor dear Gaia, as their Mother Planet. Worse yet, as the humans became more “civilized” they often forgot that Planet Gaia was a living being and not just a planetary orb on which humans could live, pillage, burn, bomb, flood, and fight over the possession of what they saw as “Their Land.”

In fact, too often it was only “their land” because they stole it from other humans, or stole it from Gaia by destroying the area. “Why were the humans like that?” you may ask. In fact, you could even ask, “Why are humans STILL like that?”

It is because they came to the body of dear Gaia to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension into the fifth dimension and beyond—but they got LOST!  They got lost in their own selfish “power over others,” they got lost in their greed, which led humanity to take too much away from Earth, and give too little back!

Worst of all, the Galactic Beings who chose to take a human form in order to best assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, got lost in searching for their “Personal Ascension!” Would it be fair to take too much away from a human friend or family member or, to demand too much of them, and try to rule over them?

Or, would the taking from others, and the giving too little back a sign that that human was becoming the “Lost Ones.” The Lost Ones even lost their ability to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF, their reason for taking an Earth Body, and most sadly, they lost the ability to have, give and/or receive Unconditional LOVE.

“Unconditional Love” is LOVE WITH OUT CONDITION. Unconditional Love is the key to ascension. However, this key will only open one’s Heart to love themselves, when they can open their heart to others as well. “Unconditional Love” does NOT have a scoreboard. Unconditional Love does not need their gift of love to be sent to then.

That is because “Unconditional Love” is UNCONDITIONAL!  In other words, it is NOT a trade, or a bargain. You do not need to Love, Control, or Follow a person in order to receive that Unconditional Love. In other words,  Unconditional Love is UNCONDITIONAL. One does not need to earn it, as it is already a component of their own fifth dimensional SELF.

They also realized that the more one Gave Away Unconditional Love, the more higher dimensional love they could accept from the higher dimensional energy fields that have ALWAYS circled Gaia, but was too often invisible to those who sought to find it.

Those who sought that Unconditional Love for themselves, often had too many conditions in their life to even understand Unconditional Love, much less be able to give Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is infectious in that it naturally travels from person to person. In fact, the core of the Unconditional love is within every one, but they usually do NOT know that. Ascended Masters found their core of Unconditional Love and freely shared and sent it to others. The had no reason to send this love because it was unconditional.

There are so few “unconditional things, persons and situations” that most humans expect that if they want something, they will need pay for it in some way. But those who have experienced someone loving them “unconditionally,” which is “no matter what, where, when or why.” That love is free to give and beloved to receive.

However, there are so VERY many conditions in your third dimensional reality that it is often difficult to recognize, and especially to  believe that one would give you love, just because they want to share their love with you. When this occurs, the consciousness of both the giver and the receiver expands.

By “expansion of consciousness” we Arcturians mean that one’s third and fourth dimensional self rules, regulations, challenges and obligations can be more easily transmuted into fifth dimensional consciousness, in which the opportunities for expansion of one’s consciousness can

Unconditional Love is love WITH OUT condition. That would be “Unconditional Love.” Unconditional Love is the key to ascension. However, this key will only open one’s Heart to love themselves, as well as to love others, Unconditionally. Unconditional love does NOT a have scoreboard.

 Unconditional Love does not need to be send back in the same amount or action that it was received. That is because “Unconditional Love” is UNCONDITIONAL!  In other words, it is NOT a trade or a bargain. You do not need to LOVE, Control, or Follow a person to have Unconditional Love, because it is UNCONDITIONAL.

The Long Journey to Find your SELF

The Journey into remembering your Higher SELF is one that will be occurring more and more as your “Pleiadian human disguise” reminds you that the Portals to the Fifth Dimensional frequency of reality are increasingly opening.

These portals will connect Gaia with Her own fifth dimensional Planetary SELF. However, only those beings who can calibrate their consciousness to the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency of resonance will be able to have any awareness of this higher frequency of reality.

The challenge for humanity is to remember that “The Portals to the Fifth Dimension” are starting to open NOW in a manner that is different then it ever was before. Therefore, those whose consciousness resonates to the higher fourth and beginning fifth dimensional consciousness are perceiving a “feeling!”

What is this “feeling” or is it a “knowing” or even a “remembering?” There is still NO shape, as the fifth dimensional energy fields can usually only be perceived by ones Highest States of Consciousness, such as deep meditation or prayer.

This experience of perceiving that which you usually cannot see or hear during your daily physical self, occurs when because you have consciously, or unconsciously, focused on expanding the energy field of your Heart, your Mind and what is often called, your “Heart/Mind,” which also expands the Aura of your Energy Field.

The expansion of your Heart/Mind/Energy Field is the beginning of the process of remembering your innate fifth-dimensional frequency of Light/SELF. When your Heart and Mind merge, you will more deeply understand the higher dimensional energy fields that you FEEL what you are KNOWING.

The reason for this consciousness expansion is because your Multidimensional SELF (the YOU who resonates to many frequencies of reality), has opened the inner portal to your higher frequencies of reality.

This Portal was actually opened by your own Higher SELF, who will assist you to FIND and FOLLOW the Path that you will hear as an inner call, and a deep knowing that you always had, but often FORGOT.  On the other hand, you can not perceive any of these fifth dimensional perceptions via your third dimensional brain.

Fortunately, more and more grounded humans, as well as Gaia’s many other life forms, are beginning to be, or have always been, in alignment with Gaia’s energy fields. When a human is in alignment with Gaia, they can send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire of Transmutation into Gaia’s Core Crystals.

As more and more humans merge with their own Higher SELF, the Unity Consciousness of those humans will greatly assist the healing and transmutation of Gaia. Yes, Gaia wishes to transmute into Her fifth dimensional Planetary SELF, just as humans wish to transmute into their fifth dimensional SELF.

We,  is best if they also merge with dear Mother Gaia.  Most of Gaia’s life forms are already connected to Gaia via Her Water, Earth, Air, Spirit or Fire/sunlight.

When humans were “natives” they still remembered that Earth was a Living Being, and the humans volunteered to assist and protect Gaia during her “rebirth” into a higher frequency of reality. The ancients understood the concept of “rebirth” into a higher frequency of reality,” but as humanity “grew up” many of them forgot to honor dear Gaia, as their Mother Planet.

Worse yet, as the humans became more “civilized” they often forgot that Planet Gaia was a living being and not just a planetary on which humans could live, pillage, burn, bomb, flood, and fight over the possession of what they saw as “Their Land.”

However, too often it was only “their land” because they stole it from other humans, or stole it from Gaia by destroying the area. “Why were the humans like that?” you may ask. In fact, you could even ask “why are humans STILL like that?”

It is because they came to the body of dear Gaia to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension into the fifth dimension and beyond—but they got LOST!  They got lost in their own selfish “power over others,” “their greed, which led humanity to take too much away from Earth, and give too little back!

Would it be fair to take too much away from a human friend or family member or, to demand too much of them, and try to rule over them The taking from others, and the giving too little back is a sign of a human “Lost One.”

A Lost One is one who has lost their ability to remember: their Higher Dimensional SELF, their reason for taking an Earth Body, and most sadly, lost the ability to have, give or receive Unconditional LOVE.

Unconditional Love is love WITH OUT condition. That would be “Unconditional Love.” Unconditional Love is the key to ascension. However, this key will only open one’s Heart to love themselves, as well as others, Unconditionally.

Unconditional love does NOT have scoreboard. Love does not need to send back in the same amount or action. That is because “Unconditional Love” is UNCONDITIONAL!  In other words, it is NOT a trade or a bargain. You do not need to LOVE, Control, or Follow a person to have Unconditional Love, because it is UNCONDITIONAL.

The Ascended Masters were able to hold, share and give away Unconditional LOVE, which showed humanity how to love UNCONDITIONALLY. What was often a surprise to the humans who followed the Masters and/or their works and contributions, saw that these Masters could give away everything, except for their ability to live within and share Unconditional Love for others.


Posted by Suzanne Lie at 6:47 PM


Gratitude to artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Time Bubbles – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Time Bubbles…

The Time-Gates were created to occupy a space which holds all possibility. As the Time Gates open this 11;11 and time flows equally in all directions, everything that you have held on to emotionally, physically and mentally is now given a declaration of release.  The opening of these Time-Gates herald a deep healing for all of humanity. The walls in your heart, in your life, in your thinking – have served you well. They have sequestered you, kept you looking at the same thoughts over and over again, never refreshing what you once dreamt.  always bringing the heavy arduous dark past into the very new now. Time was birthed to keep worlds dimensionally safe, until they were ready to expand in consciousness.  As the constructs of holographic universes and self-imposed invisible walls are freed one is able to move forward without time restraints. It is time to heal.  It is time to release the pain in your heart.  It is time to let go.  It is time to forgive.  It is time to love, deeper, and fuller, than you ever thought possible.  By moving your awareness into a malleable future, you will find that time will take you into a probable future. This is done by lifting up your thoughts and energies.

Time entrances and exits are inching their way towards all of the ancient and modern artifacts of Power.  When a time door is opened, it affects the molecular spin of the entire planet. It also affects the memory.  Even though you are moving as fast as you can in your mind and body, your actions will appear to be cartoon like. The molecular spin of life has slowed down to look at itself, Revealing where there are rips and tears in the time- flow.  Time as you know it is under construction. As the sands of time slide through the portals of all that is sacred, seen, and unseen, humanity’s hope is revealed as it is seen in a full spectrum of possibility.  As Time begins her journey back towards herself, her place of preference, she asks you to not give up on what lives in your heart. The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot die, that cannot be sown into another’s pocket.  The Universe has placed in you a time mark that asks to be viewed under the microscopic eye of your true heart.

The unknowable becomes seen in the Halls of Time. That which has been emptied, now becomes full.  There is nothing to let go of, you are simply free to explore all that you are. A realm shift awakens from a long slumber to escort you into the next cornerstone where time and space meet, embrace and finally become one again. The prophecy you seek to know bends the rules of physics. It is living and pliable awaiting your instructs. In your awakened state all livingness will respond to you, thus the need for future knowledge is short and to the point. In the hologram of earth when you see the future you change it! When you have a need, see it fulfilled, know that the universe shifts in accordance with your personal beliefs.



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Emissaries to Earth – Suzanne Lie

Monday, October 14, 2019

Emissaries to Earth–To Assist Gaia’s Planetary Ascension Process

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

Please assist me to write another message for my Blog.


We, the Arcturians, are always happy to assist any of our “emissaries to Earth.” In fact, there are more and more “emissaries to Earth” every day. The reason for this is that we, your Galactic Family” are sending more and more of our fifth dimensional Galactic Family down to Gaia to wear a third-dimensional earth vessel.

We, your Galactic Family, are not encumbered by a third dimensional frequency earth vessel. However, we have NOT deserted our dear friends and family who have chosen to make the huge sacrifice of wearing a third dimensional body while still being aware of their Multidimensional SELF.

While wearing our Multidimensional Frequency of SELF, we are able to remember the reason why we chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW. However, once we are “born” into a 3D human, we usually forget from whence we came.

Fortunately, we are able to share with all who get this message that more and more members of what you call “humans” are beginning to remember that their third dimensional vessel is only temporary, as it will eventually be expanded/accelerated back into your true, fifth dimensional expression of “being.”

Many of you who are beginning to, or always can, remember flashes, dreams, memories and even experiences of your innate higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

It is not that the ones who remember are more evolved, as every one of our brave volunteers to assist Gaia with Her very difficult “Planetary Ascension Process.” The process of the “now” in which each of you will fully be awakened was decided by your higher dimensional frequencies of SELF, who are often known as your Higher SELF.

Please remember that your “Higher SELF,” is the same being as your human self. The only difference is the frequency of vibration that you volunteered to assist before you took this incarnation.

Your present “time” encompasses both the “Darkest Night just before Dawn,” as well as the conscious, or often a semi-conscious, component of your Fifth Dimensional SELF.

Your fifth dimensional SELF is often called your Multidimensional SELF, as its innate frequency of resonance is in the “ascension process” of expanding your physical, mental, and emotional bodies beyond their former third dimensional limitations.

You can see from your media that more and more humans are talking about Starships they have seen, amazing “dreams” that they have had, as well as communications with beings that they cannot perceive with their third dimensional perceptions.

The main change that has been increasingly occurring is that more and more humans are looking forward to Starships landing, Higher Beings speaking with them, as well as memories of a seemingly “parallel reality” in which they are on their Starship or their higher dimensional Home worlds, such as Venus, the Pleiades, Antares, as well as other “higher dimensional worlds and/or realities.”

Of course, as Gaia’s human population is beginning to awaken to their true Multidimensional SELF, there are humans, often in leadership roles, who are desperately trying to keep humans away from these higher dimensional truths.

If these humans begin to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF, they will be too difficult to control with their usual lies and fear tactics. These old means of control are based on fear. But what is occurring, despite the dark ones many lies and frightening stories is that more and more humans are beginning to perceive, either in their sleep, meditation, or in daily life, that there is something else that is still “just beyond their daily perceptions” that is calling them.

At first this call may only occur while the awakening one is sleeping, but more and more, these “dreams” occur just before they wake up. Therefore, these “dreams” are being “remembered.”

In fact, more and more humans are beginning to realize that these “dreams” are actually real events that are happening in frequencies of reality that are just beyond the third dimensional world of separation, individuality, limitations and fears that too often occur in their waking life.

However, those who are beginning to awaken AND remember their own higher dimensional sensations, are remembering “something.”  At first, they may  not know what that “something” is, because it is beyond their “normal way of thinking and/or feeling.”

Yes, much of the higher dimensional communications that are occurring within this NOW are about remembering a reality, could it just be a dream, in which their “normal life” is on Starships and/or other planets that have gone through their own “Planetary Ascension Process.”

These brave humans who have the courage to allow themselves to think in a fifth dimensional manner, are beginning to remember the fifth dimensional reality from which they came.

They are also remembering that they chose to take an earth vessel on Gaia within this NOW in order to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension Process. Of course, the first challenge that the “volunteers to diminish their personal frequency for their innate fifth dimensional SELF to a third dimensional self, who will be born with the same resonance as Gaia.

However, the ones who have been able to remember their true SELF, will also remember that they promised to “awaken” as many humans as possible to the TRUTH of their real Multidimensional SELF. We, the Arcturians, are happy to share that more and more humans are awakening to higher and higher frequencies of consciousness.

In fact, whereas, once the human brain was thought of the “holder of memories,” it is now realized that the human brain has been taught over many incarnations to diminish its true abilities. The reason for this limitation was often a means of survival to the people.

Once humanity could honestly look at themselves, they were more able to honestly look at their reality. In fact, this “looking at reality through open eyes” has shown many humans the lies and manipulations that have become quite common in their third dimensional reality. However, as their consciousness expands more and more into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions, humanity began to remember.

At first, they had no idea what it was that they were trying to remember, but they DID remember that they needed to keep on “trying to remember.” As more and more humans tried to remember, it felt more and more safe to remember that which had formally been conceited, and worse yet, dangerous.

Humans had seen how those who remembered, may have been great leaders, but they too often had short lives in which the powers of darkness overtook the leaders’ power of Light. However, over generation after generation, more and more people began to speak their truth and allows to speak their truth as well!

“We CANNOT allow this “truth speaking” to continue!” cried the forces of darkness. We will find a leader, that looks like one who cares of Love and Light, but is actually one who only cares for money and power. The dark creators of these “leaders” were careful to make the “dark ones” special to the people.

“Let’s make the leader be rich!!,” the dark ones decided. “Then the common people will think that the dark one is smart because they have money, while so many of the people can hardly pay their bills and take care of their family.

“Yes,” thought the dark ones. “Those who suffer from a lack of money will want a rich leader who will teach them to be rich.”  Unfortunately, many “rich” people do NOT want to share their money unless they get something for it.

Fortunately, some the “rich leaders” are also rich in their hearts and open in their minds. These “rich leaders” know that being “rich” is NOT about money, as the most important thing of all “LOVE” cannot be bought.  Of course, each needs to learn that in their own way.

And, what they often learn—and or remember—is that LOVE has a much greater value than money. But, all those who work too hard or too many hours may not know that, as they have never experienced having “enough money.”

However, there are also those who are able to find, embrace and maintain relationships based on LOVE, know that Love cannot be bought. They have also learned that LOVE is more solid and permanent than “winning the lotto,” “getting a good job with lots of money,” or even inheriting money.

Yes, money can absolutely make one’s life easier, but not necessarily happier. In fact, money may not even make their life easier. The main thing that can make one’s life easier and happier is true LOVE. In fact, putting a blanket on the grass to have a picnic can be more filled with love than “getting that thing that you always wanted, but could not afford.”

Things are not based on LOVE. Love is VERY adaptable to the many different forms, people, actions, adventures and memories that can fill your heart with LOVE. This is especially if the Love is Unconditional. Unconditional Love is the gift that feels better and better the more you give it away!

Love is the gift that you give away for free. And, you can give love away for free because it comes from your HEART. Therefore, just as your heart keeps on beating, love can keep on loving.

Of course, sometimes one’s “Heart is Broken,” but if the “broken heart” can keep on giving LOVE to some one, some thing, and/or even them selves, the broken heart can heal quite quickly. Those who cannot release a broken heart have not yet  learned that you can ALWAYS choose to love your self.

Then, this love for your 3D self will allow you to heal enough to remember your own Higher SELF who always loves you, no matter what! You see, one’s Higher SELF, also known as your High Heart, is NOT limited to the difficult challenges of the third dimension.

Unconditional Love resonates to the frequency of the fifth dimension. Therefore, Unconditional Love can remember to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF who infinitely resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. And, YES, EVERYONE has a Higher SELF.

Everyone, even those that are judged as helpless or loveless, have a Higher Dimensional SELF. However, if one only looks down at the ground, and into their check book, or are concerned only for their own self, will not perceive the beautiful sky, the grand trees, the lovely flowers or even the face of a loved one.

However, these lost ones, have made a choice, and they have the ability to change that choice into one that is filled with unconditional love and service to others.  Then, the one who was once selfish and alone, can begin to give to others the love and camaraderie that they could not find while thinking only of themselves.

But, what if that one who was so lost in their own self was somehow able to give to others, rather than to worry about themselves? Would their giving to others assist them to love themselves in the way that they wish others to love them?

Would the “giving to others” what you thought they may need or desire allow them to understand how “giving travels in circles.”

You may give to one person and receive from a totally different person. And, as thanksgiving for what you received, you choose to give to others what you think they may need.

Would a circle of giving and receiving begin form within the body and atmosphere of dear Gaia? How many people would it take to make that “circle of giving?”

Would just one person be enough to create a “circle of giving?” It was enough for the Masters who were later known as “Ascended Masters”.  But does everyone need to be an “Ascended Master?”

Maybe, if we forget about being an Ascended Master and focus on assisting Gaia to be an Ascended Planet, ALL the members of Gaia could be “Ascended Masters??”

Then would Gaia become a fifth dimensional planet? Or, would Gaia have to be a fifth dimensional planet before She could ascend? How about humans? Do humans need to be fifth dimensional to ascend?

OR, is ascension far, far the concepts of  “good enough to be…” Most likely that is true.

But, we will know the answers to all these questions, when the questions do no have a meaning because we have evolved beyond questioning and expanded our consciousness into the NOW of the Knowing?

Sometimes, questions are just an exercise for one’s brain, a reminder that “What we think about, we often Bring about!”

If we think about LOVE, do we bring about LOVE?

Do we need to be able to accept that LOVE even if we don’t understand it?

Questions, Questions!  What if the asking of questions is actually more important than getting the answers to our question. AND, will be able to accept these answers –even if we get them from deep within our SELF?

What is deep with our human SELVES? Different people come to Earth with different challenges to learn from while in the “School of Planet Earth!”  How many times have we come to this “School,” and what have we learned during this visit?

What have YOU learned so far during your present visit to Gaia’s Earth?

You may wish to ponder that question and share it in the comments section.

Your can add your name or choose not to add your name.

After all, it is your questions and your answer,

that is your gift to others, as well as your gift to Gaia.

Blessings to you all

The answers to your questions are through your OWN HIGHER SELF!

Give that YOU a call!

Call that YOU every day for 7 days!

Take that challenge and see what happens

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:34 PM

Image via Suzanne Lie



1000-Arm Avalokiteshvara Tibetan Chenrezig Statue @ Maitripa College, Jokhang, Portland ~ Photo by Marc Sakamoto



Your spiritual energy is your ability to realize the truth of your own practice.

You cannot be placed in a frame of space and time.

You are not one but many, everywhere at all times.

When we look deeply at the clear blue sky, or the night sky full of stars, we see it is infinite in the ultimate dimension and realize we are the same.

When we look deeply enough into ourselves we realize the same one true nature, no birth, no death and that we can exist in a much greater capacity than the time and space we normally conceive ourselves as being bound by.

When we see beyond the limitations of time and space, beyond our own limitations of powerlessness, we see the enormous stores of love and kindness and spiritual energy we have to share with the world.

female face chakra - 8th chakra


Consider the following simple exercise in transcending time and space as you read this.

Kannon-Sama Goddess of Mercy

The brahmaloka or 8th chakra is a gateway, a portal, to this timeless presence that exists around 5 to 30cm above your crown. It is the center of spiritual compassion and selflessness.

Allow your perception to guide you there now. Trust the truth of your own practice to guide you to just the right place, for you, above the crown.

Gently focus your attention and awareness there for just a few seconds. Breathe gentle, sweet love and compassion into that space. Be still in that space.

Now return to reading this.

For just those few moments perhaps you were beyond your ‘self’.
Transcending the time and space you thought you were bound by, simply by accessing a space you may not have given one simple moment of awareness to at any other time in your day today.

Try drawing prana, life force energy, gently from the muladhara or base chakra at the base of your spine, gently, with deepest sweet love all the way up the centre of the spine, through the heart, through the brain, to the space above the crown. Hold it there with tender calm happiness and love and then let the energy release with the exhale all the way down the spine again to the base of the spine. Do you notice how your breath becomes ever so subtle as you focus within, leaving the cares of the everyday world behind.
Do you notice how sweetness comes alive in your spine and heart and brain?

This is another example of your ability to transcend time and space and become a center of light and love for this world.

Settle now in the base of the spine, the perineum, and breathe easefully and deeply.
Try breathing in for a few seconds, hold for a few seconds, breathe out for a few seconds.
Try breathing that way once more.
Be still in that space.

How do you feel?

Calm, at peace?

You are an enormous store of peace and love for this world.

You are the light of the world.

Love and blessings always

Altair and Mother

Gratitude & appreciation to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, 

Modern depiction of Amaterasu Sun Goddess @ Ancient Origins

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Pointing in That Direction – Steve Beckow

Lighthouse by Wilma Kleinhans


Pointed in That Direction

I’m struggling in the storm of my own polarity or dualism.

I do love some and hate others. I do want some to win and others to lose.

I don’t put a lot of energy into loving everyone – no, not politician X or businessman Y.

But at the same time I also know that love is universal by its very nature.

If an inner tsunami of love comes, it wipes out every negative thought and feeling in its path. Nothing negative survives in the face of its flow.

While love is very selective in the sense that it doesn’t disturb those who are closed to it, with those who are open to it and able to experience it, it flows universally.

I cannot make it flow to Mary and not to Bill. In that sense, it’s non-selective.

If we’re polar or dual, separative or arrogant, we cut off our awareness of the flow. That’s the price we pay.

The actual experience of this love, while not entirely a distant memory for me, is nothing  compared to what it was in 2015.  But for a person with a not-well-functioning short-term memory, that memory is indelibly etched on my mind.

I ask myself: Is it worth me losing all access to this love to harbor party positions, hate criminals, gossip, and scheme? Do I want to cut myself off from this love, compared with which there’s nothing else worth having? No, I don’t, plain and simple.

Living in that state permanently and fully – which we call Ascension – is what draws me on.

Whether or not I’m very accomplished at imitating love’s example by loving universally, my ship is pointed in that direction.



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

The Unending Journey ~ Soul Harmonization – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Sita – Daughter of The Earth oil painting @ Tom’s Gallery


The Unending Journey ~ Soul Harmonization

Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn

All Rights Reserved to Channel


Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. And we tell you, you are dearly beloved, one and all !

Dear Ones, as we have stated in numerous channels, because you all need to learn how to love and also to create responsibly, you plan & have total separate lifetime strings in Power ‘set-ups’ and unconditional Love ‘set-ups’ in which the focal study and experience can become so vastly different that they become extremely polarized.

Personalities within each evolve so differently in some cases that what may be termed a soul fragmentation or soul polarization seemingly occurs within the multidimensional holograms of your ‘lifetimes’. Some of you would be quite shocked at the extremities.

Many of you in your spiritual contexts would feel repulsed by the personality expressions you have experienced in learning power, and vice versa. Thus the ‘soul fracture….yet all must be harmonized and ‘retrieved’ and reconciled into soul harmony. The good in each must be chosen, and that which does not serve released.

This retrieval and harmony can and must occur . A process of this is taught in the Mer-Ka-Va phase, the second level of the Mer-Ka-Na Crystalline Light Body as well as the third.

Because as you reach the more complex stages of lifetimes then, you blend the two life streams, and this is among the most complex of puzzles, and one of the last pieces required for true Mastery.

And so as you retrieve the soul, and many of you are doing that NOW, you will blend the 2 chains of studies into the present experience. This presents a great challenge, for at times you will come to algorithmic ‘forks in the road’ along the pathway of enlightenment where you must choose between two directions.

A fork in the road appears that will seem to you to be right in either direction. The fork is between Power and Love, and both, dear ones, are necessary. So the decision is which takes precedent, and that lesson is among the most difficult you will encounter.

Love does not mean allowing someone else to step on your foot, and Power does not mean stepping on others feet who are ‘in the way’ when you are sure you are right.

The Double Edge of Leadership

For those who achieve influential authority in spiritual leadership, the decision process becomes so much more critical, for responsibility to enact the truth is required to keep what has been learned. Influence, Dear Ones, is the double edged sword of spiritual leadership and it must be tempered and ever wielded in wisdom.

All of you are sparks of Creator. All of you are family composed of Divine Mind. So remember as you move forward, to realize that love is a frequencial key that can never be forgotten. Yet there will be times when all humans do forget. And I speak to all of you herewith.

Walking your talk is imperative in spiritual leadership. Yet, as you move forward the pitfalls are more difficult to see, and there may be times when you are less patient with others of different mindset, of lesser advancement. And that in itself is a set-up of trial and growth.

We beseech you to not put yourself on a throne, and do not forsake those who abide in what may appear to you as the dimmer recesses of heart and mind. Do not so quickly condemn those that attempt to cast doubt on you or point fingers for the errors of others even when the accusers refuse to see the faults within themselves.

And while we recognize this is easier said than done, do not turn away from conflict so quickly and self righteously that your haste and knee jerk reaction blinds you to a greater truth. Take time to self review, and do so from a stance of dispassion. Does not one of your ‘Four Agreements tell you to “Never take anything personally?” There is indeed wisdom in this.

We will share another pearl of acumen, and take a moment to deeply consider this: Wisdom does not automatically occur thru the mere collation of knowledge, regardless of how vast. Rather it comes through the intense distillation of experience and self review in pure unbiased thought.
True wisdom can only occur in states of non emotional examination of your experience via your own inner third- person stance! And to do this you must filter out the untoward unconscious beliefs associated with experience in 3rd dimensional mind. Do you understand?

And Masters, we do indeed recognize the great challenge therein when the frolic of day to day stresses seem to require the full focus of your attention consciousness in 3d. It takes tremendous effort to stem the powerful tide of emotion and fear-survival impetus in duality, yet it must be done, and sooner or later you each will learn this! This is what is symbolized in the ‘slaying of the serpent’ in your religious allegory and metaphors. And it requires thinking in clear mind.

Indeed all of you will at certain points encounter this conceptual shift as a subjective experience of clear mind when you access the higher divine dimensions. It will enter as a pure unbiased thought and feel like a refreshing invigorating wave. It is a seventh dimensional vibrational matrix that each of you must recognize and then nurture. For it is the mechanism that removes you from the gilded cage of hidden ego-aggrandizement.

Part Two of the Channel

The Unending Journey of Integrity

And when you blend lifetimes of Power and Love all of you will have certain obstacles to clear, that you have not understood were blockages at all because in 3d lesson, they may have served you to get to a certain point of growth.

This will inevitably occur as you retrieve your life-streams of Power and Love into oneness. It will occur as a moment of clarity. It enters in a crystalline wave, a blue tsunami in a field of seeming superconductivity explored and experienced within Mer-Ka-Na. (As taught in the Metatronic Keys)

It is a helix of LOVE and Power in their pure frequencial nature. While these are non-polarized in the third dimensional sense, the intersection of these two cross ‘crysto-currents’ is where soul retrieval and unification begins in the Mer-Ka-Na .

This begins in the dimension of seven. You can only truly access the crystalline octaves of the 5th thru 7th dimensions when your auric field achieves 13-20-33 circuitry and your resulting frequency is capable of vibrating in the expansive and pure crystalline creativity of Mer-Ka-Na.

At the entry point of Mer-Ka-Na the duality and polarized frequencies that have for so long been a part of your experiences in the third dimension within the electric magnetic fields of the previous grid will yield to the great and greater expansibility of the unified crystalline field. You will merge the polarity aspects of male-female into unified integral wholeness as you enter Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na, and 3d duality will seem far less consequential in its natural declination in higher realms.

This achievement requires focus and effort in unification. As we have told you so many times, spiritual growth and spiritual leadership is a journey and not a destination. It requires constant self review and recalibration to maintain.

Individual discernment is ever the key, for one man’s truth may be another man’s folly. And the manner in which you harmonize multiple TRUTHS is a great test of spirituality.
The greatest Power is the Power of Love. Love yourself and love one another, for the unity of LOVE is a great and beautiful accomplishment for mankind in micro and macro. Masters know that we are ever with you and we ever honor you on this incredible journey.


Certain life- times are more strategically aligned for quantum leaps.You are in such an alignment in the present. Accordingly, the present experience for many of you is more poised for critical gain. The myriad frequencial resonances and embellished energies of the Ascension make this so.
Your sojourns upon the Earth are a marvelous opportunity to discover and to explore what is within and without you. You are on an exquisite odyssey of algorithm. The third dimension serves to assist you in moving higher, and thus works hand in hand with the algorithmic puzzle by facilitating and prompting the outward manifestation of inner spirit through frontal mind.

I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service…and we share with you these Truths.

And so it is…


Sita – Daughter of The Earth oil painting @ Tom’s Gallery

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah   

Dimensional Alchemist – Peggy Black & Team

Egypt female face lions statue

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family Oct 17, 2019
My Personal Message

We all seem to be experiencing some intense times. As the weather begins to change and winter is soon to arrive, the cosmic energies are certainly offering all of us the opportunity to clear any old limited patterns, old emotions and old stories that we continue to tell ourselves. We are being supported in transforming dense energy in our lives and affairs. I have certainly been experiencing that in my personal life, and witnessing that in the lives of my family as well the lives of those who have a private session with the ‘team.’

Along with this intense energy that can push us up against our limitation, we experience insights and miracles that allow us to remember that the universe is supporting us to expand into our most magnificent self. One of those miracles last month was to have the car accident with no injuries, and no fire from the leaking gas tank.

The other miracle that assured me I am being supported by the universe happened last week. I was in my health store speaking with the clerk about some health challenges. A couple of days later I received an email from an acquaintance. The email stated that she hoped it was not too bold, however she had overheard my conversation in the health store and that my Hathors (the ‘team’) had come to her several times, asking if she could do some energy work on me, to assist in my healing. Of course I accepted and the session was wonderful.

It is such an incredible reminder that even though we are going through difficult times, there is divine support being sent to us in many forms. I am so grateful for this support.

I will be attending the Tom Kenyon intensive event called “The Upper Rooms” next month in Seattle. I look forward to seeing some of you and sharing a hug and hello. Please come by my room, 1609. These events are always incredible, offering a needed renewal and recharge.

I am personally inviting you to consider having a session with the ‘team’ and allowing yourself to be supported by their gentle words of clarity to your questions and their loving energy. Please give me a call and we can arrange a time for you to have a personal session with the ‘team.’ They are generous with their support and guidance regarding your questions about your future.

I am so blessed to have the personal connection of those who have had sessions with the ‘team.’ Many have become close friends as we travel this life experience together. I am so grateful to be able to do this work and share the ‘team’ messages with you as well as their supportive guidance.

I love to receive your emails, and your kind words about this work. I deeply appreciate your incredible support with the bluesky donations. It is so important that we acknowledge that we are a powerful community of conscious beings truly supporting the upliftment of our planet. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all.

I offer you blessings of grace and delightful joy. Peggy

 Message from the ‘Team’

Dimensional Alchemist
Peggy Black and the ‘team’


We are here to remind you of your magnificence. When embodied in this third dimension of unconscious limitation it might be a bit difficult for you to own that magnificence. These reminders we offer you can trigger your remembrance of who you truly are.

This dimension is very demanding of your attention. You are also responsible for maintaining and caring for your physical body which can be demanding. There are many distractions in this hologame. These distractions keep your consciousness locked into this 3D illusion of space and time.

The goal of being embodied into this reality is to transform and elevate your consciousness while present in this limited reality, to wake up to the game and laugh at the sky.

The drama, the chaos, the negative and misqualified energies are a bit like sticky energy. This sticky energy keeps you engaged, activated and most of the time, unconsciously focused on this limited reality.

The only way energy in this hologame can be transformed is through the consciousness of an awakened being who is residing in this dimension. That is where and when your role comes in.

We often remind you that what you express, feel, or believe is created in matter in this 3D existence. When you are coming from limited beliefs, and patterns as well as negative emotions, that is what is reflected back to you. You are a divine magnificent creator who is here to shake off any limitation and remember how to use your creative power in the most transformative and productive manner possible.

You often speak that in the higher dimensions things will be different, more loving, kinder and more peaceful. You speak of the higher dimensions as a place. We are here to tell you that dimensions are not a place or location.

Dimensions are levels of consciousness. Each dimension vibrates at a different rate or frequency. Imagine that each dimension vibrates higher than the dimension below.

As an individual begins to transform their limited beliefs and live in a more loving, accepting and grateful manner, their consciousness rises. When this occurs they begin to experience a higher dimension; they have a clearer, wider perception of their reality and a greater level of knowing.

They will experience more openness and expansion, greater joy and light heartedness. These emotional states can assist them in again raising their consciousness to an even higher dimension. New skills and awarenesses are made available for the expression of greater personal power and for recognizing the more favorable time and energy in which to create an incredible reality, the reality of your deepest desire for a loving and life sustaining world.

Think of an example of a master, avatar, sage or wise being; become aware of how they lived their life in this 3D reality. They radiated a sense of peace, compassion, understanding and well being. Their teachings were about compassion, forgiveness and love. All of these emotions invite a shift in consciousness, therefore a shift in dimensions.

Many individuals shift into higher states of consciousness and receive a glimpse of another dimension. These momentary glimpses are often considered a paranormal experience. The ideal is to maintain these higher states of consciousness, therefore sustaining the higher dimension to where it becomes the normal.

It is important for those living in 3D to uplift the heavy, dense, negative emotional energy that is weighing you down. Anger, judgment, resentment, bitterness, any limitation in thought or emotion is energy to be transformed. Take action and use all the tools you have available to clear these dense patterns and emotions. If these emotions are stored in your energy field or body you will continue to be triggered by others who are expressing those energies.

Remember that emotions are contagious. If you have stored feelings of fear within and you pass someone on the street or at a social gathering who is feeling fearful, your stored fear will be activated. This is true of any emotion. However if you have consciously cleared old patterns of insecurity, lack, anger or fear, you will not be triggered.

Your job is to clear all negative misqualified emotions that have been repressed and suppressed since perhaps childhood. You are invited to clear these limited emotions with love and without judgment.

Expressing these emotions with sound is a very powerful process. Remember to set the space for this work. Find a place where you will not be disturbed, where you will be comfortable making vocal sounds.

State that “I am fully embodied, anchored to this planet. I am my Divine Self in physical form, always connected to Divine Source.” Now invite Divine Beings of Love and Light, named or unnamed to witness and support you as you transform this emotion (name the emotion). Watch the mind want to tell the story to justify the emotion. Disregard this story. Focus on the release. Now take a breath and make a sound that expresses that emotion of fear, anger, sadness, embarrassment, worry, stress or any limited emotion or belief. Sound until it feels complete. Now name the emotion you would like to put in place of the one you have just cleared – joy, forgiveness, peace of mind, trust, love. Invite or call in that emotion using sound.

We call this tool, this process, energetic and emotional alchemy. It is a tool of a powerful alchemist. You are here in embodiment in this 3D reality to transform the dense energies of misqualified emotions you have experienced. Each time you clear some negative emotion in this manner, not only do you clear it for yourself, you clear some aspect of the collective consciousness. Transforming and transmuting what is dense and negative assists the collective to wake up and become aware. You are that powerful dimensional alchemist.

Remember, when you are radiating emotions of love, joy, compassion, gratitude and appreciation you activate those vibrations in others. This is why humans enjoy seeing couples in love and bliss; they are triggered to feel those emotions and feelings themselves.

Remember it is all one energy, one collective field. So when you heal or transform any aspect, it affects the whole. This is the big work that is being done at this time by you and others who are aware.

So we celebrate you and honor you with our deepest gratitude for the conscious work you are doing. We are available to assist and support you upon your request. the ‘team’

©2019 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Fourth Wave – Steve Rother @ Espavo

Artist ~ Theresa Stites @ Fine Art America


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NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

~Fourth Wave~

Beacons of Light October 2019

Greetings Dear Ones,

We join you today with the greatest expectations of magic. You see dear ones, we are addressing the magical humans of planet Earth. Yes, magic indeed. You have brought it forward on the timeline in a very unique way. So today we ask all of you to take a deep breath. Feel it spreading through every part of your being and integrate it into every cell in your body.

You’ll feel your inner strength gaining to give you even more direction and purpose in your life over the next several weeks. So much is starting to take place right now. You see, dear ones, the energies of planet Earth are ready to shift. And you’re here exactly on time to be part of this huge evolutionary step. Breathe deeply and take in all the energy. Soon you will walk in harmony with your own spirit, having more of the spirit come through your physical body than ever before.

The Golden Ring of Light

The magic is awakening within each and every one of you, and it’s right on time. Know that your imprint on planet Earth has been very helpful. There are many more opportunities lining up for you to be in your passion. Your own evolution is now carrying with it a huge energy behind you, like a wake following a boat on a lake, for you are changing everything. Know that you are making a difference even though you rarely see it. We watch in amazement at the work you are doing right now. Take a breath, dear ones. Harmonize with others, for this simple action will form a Golden Ring of Light that many can tap into for inspiration and love. Re-member, time is an illusion. Simply set the intention to join forces with all the energies and spirits that have connected to this golden ring of light.

Fourth Wave Awakening

The magic has begun, it is a fourth awakening. Not all humans will feel it, or even choose to. Breathe deeply and anchor it, then when you feel it, express it. Speak the words that have been waiting to be spoken, take that step, or make that move. It isn’t only you that is connecting, it’s us as well. Many other spirits are connected to the ring and feeding energy into it along with us, for we have a grand reunion occurring on this side of the veil right now. We watch planet Earth and your grand game intently. Keep up the great work and know that we are in this together.

We join you this day with your game well in progress. You’re moving at an incredible pace, and there is considerable shifting on your planet. Yes, it’s causing difficulties and challenges, but we also see the next step. So, we ask all of you to be patient. Know that your thoughts and love are making a difference to a much greater degree than you understand. There’s a lot of ambient energy in the ethers right now, much of it is mismatched and difficult to ignore. That’s the reason you’re still seeing a lot of separation and self-serving actions prevalent everywhere on Earth. Yet even within the dense energy all around, the human heart always rises. You see, dear ones, you are spirits.

Within a field of duality, people tend to point to each other as the source of their problems. Please know that there is no one here on Earth right now that is simply taking up space. Every single person is needed, no matter what environment they’re in, regardless of their socioeconomic group, belief system, religion, location or whatever else it is that humans use to separate from one another. There is no separation of the spirit and you’re starting to see that. Interestingly enough, most of this separation happens in times of fear. Of course, there are many who would like to use that separation because it is one of the ways humans can typically be controlled.

The Search for Spirit

Underneath it all, dear ones, you are connected. Humans can have one belief system over here and another over there, which can totally be at odds with each other. But when you distance yourself, as the observer does, you’ll realize that you’re both actually seeing the same thing just from different perspectives. Stepping back further, you can see that you are both trying to accomplish the same thing. So by shifting that point of perception, even by a small amount, you start seeing the spirit within each other. The purpose is to pull back far enough so you can see that you’re both simply humans playing this wonderful little game. Yes, underneath it all you both have the same core beliefs.

Help Is on the Way

The next generation is just now establishing a foothold. They hold answers if they are given room and support, and technologies can also play an important part. Even with public mistrust about Artificial Intelligence, if it is asked the right questions it will have surprising and helpful answers. Money, in this case the oil industry, will attempt to misdirect this. However, the new battery technology is right around the corner and that will remove the last major stumbling block to electric vehicles.

Furthermore, help is and will be coming from beings in other dimensions. You’re not alone in the universe, you never were, although much of it cannot be identified with your scientific processes. Right at this moment, you’ll start seeing openings and opportunities for big advancements. Much of that can actually be attributed to by some of your neighbors.

We find that especially interesting, as there are several of these neighbors who were largely responsible for some of the difficult turns that planet Earth took. And now they’re jumping in saying, “How can we help? We are the ones that were here in the beginning. We’re the ones that can show you the way Ηome and we find it fascinating to watch.” How many Lightworkers does it take to change the world? Every single one of you, which is why you’re here and why today we simply want to share with you that you have help.

The observer himself has a very interesting perspective, by not being involved and yet having the ability to watch from afar. We hope to teach all of you that gift. Because when you lean back far enough to gain perspective, dear ones, you’re truly all the same. That is something to be celebrated and used, for such a unity is long overdue. Although it’s certainly been pushed to extremes, the human heart will always prevail. Humans can only live in a state of fear for so long and then they will change the game.


Living with a brighter spirit means that things line up easily as you adopt more of a syncretic lifestyle, and answers will pop up at the right time. You’re not alone, you never were, and now you’ll see quite a bit of help from the other side of the veil, from our realm which we call Home. That’s a strong connection for all. Every time you open your eyes, you try to experience something that will remind you of Home. When you listen to music, you try to equate it to music that you know from Home. And when time you see something beautiful that stirs your heart, it is calling forth memories from Home. Through the Golden Ring we are sending you very special and unique memories. Re-mind yourself of who you are, dare to see yourself and everything else from slightly different perspectives and watch as planet Earth starts to evolve.

Humanity is just now starting to make some big decisions about the next level of the game. This is absolutely perfect. And yes, we will say it: Wait until you see what’s coming, you will enjoy it! Play this wonderful game of pretending to be human. Know that you are here on purpose and on time. Treat each other with respect as you bump into each other. Nurture one another and hold those doors open at every opportunity. You are playing a new game, taking it to the next level. Play well together. We love you dearly.

Espavo. Thank you for taking your power.

The group


Artist ~ Theresa Stites @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah



female face - mystic_vision_dig1_by_ModAline ARTis Tree at DeviantArt - Seher Mohammad

Mystic Vision Dig1 by ModAline ARTis Tree ~ Seher Mohammad @ DeviantArt



If you have read Phillip Pullman’s Book of Dust you will know Lyra has a connection, like us all, to the elementary particles of consciousness, or dust. (The Force in George Lucas’ Star Wars world refers to the inner source of energy that powers all living things and manifests as intracellular life forms known as midichlorians.) Over time we have developed ways of communicating with dust; shamans do, yogis and monks do, the Dao Te Ching and I Ching does and we all do, as we discover our spiritual path.

The energy or prana (breath, energy of consciousness or life force) within these particles of consciousness powers the universe, and this same energy, consciousness and information flows through us and can be accessed in a number of ways.

Today I was doing the Maha Mudra and as the light and love in prana flowed through me and up the spine, I realized the Maha Mudra is like a bridge and many such actions we do in our daily lives, with love, are also a bridge to this God Particle or Universal Love Consciousness.

I had been doing a particular technique of chanting OM/AUM in each chakra in the sushumna or astral spine and at the ajna chakra penetrating the star in the spiritual eye and breathing in the Universal OM/AUM that ‘answers’.
At one point when focused on the brow/third eye/spiritual eye/ajna/chakra/kustastha/Christ Consciousness,
I was aware of the soul star chakra, above the crown, shining like a beautiful star, as if I was gazing up at the star that guided the Three Kings to Jesus in Bethlehem.

It occurred to me that the same soul star was also present as OM/AUM in each chakra and that I could access the same universal consciousness anywhere at any time.

The same applies to the Kriya practices. All the Pranayam, Kriyas, Omkar Kriyas and so on are designed to free the mind and heart to be still and silent and spacious and enter the space of OM/AUM and be the Light.

I witnessed this in last night’s meditation, and I hope you will feel what I mean from the description.

I am currently doing the preparation in a meditation including Maha Mudra, then Kriya Pranayama into the light, then Yoni Mudra into love and then stillness into peace in the perineum with a dual focus on the light in the Ajna chakra and the sound of OM/AUM, which to me sounds like an ocean roar, predominantly in my right ear.

Last night prior to going deep into stillness I did Omkar Kriya using the chant of Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (silently) in the chakras. This or OM/AUM in the chakras or the chant of Gayatri Mantra (also silent) in the chakras comes very easily and naturally to me as if I have done it many many times before. I gently raise the head for half the mantra and lower it for the other half.

Then I was deep and still and because of the focus in the perineum in the stillness I was suddenly aware, like gamma energy rising in the stillness, of a magnificent, absolutely magnificent ruby red light, although the color far transcended any red I have seen on earth, and that frequency of energy, like a searchlight shining, came from within the Muladhara or base chakra. There was a certain petal like quality to the layers of this resplendent energy. It was so beautiful and awe-inspiring that it left me with a similar feeling even now nearly 12 hours later of when the light extinguished the self when doing the Kalachakra Tantra with the Dalai Lama. I have seen the inside of the sushumna from the bottom up so I am aware my consciousness is progressing through different stages as it goes deeper with you all into the stillness.

Like you, the breathless, quiet, space opens us up to deep presence, however our consciousness wants that to manifest that, in Spirit.

FOOTNOTE : In the book of Dust one of the researchers into Dust is John R. Hassall.
Coincidentally my ancestors name was also John R. Hassall and he did his own research into ‘dust’ some hundreds of years ago when he died. He died of tuberculosis, and came back to life when he was in a coffin at his own funeral service, and when the coffin was un-nailed he declared he had seen the Light of Christ and would serve as a missionary in Tahiti. After Tahiti he made his way to what would become Sydney, Australia on the first ship and established the first church there. There is a street named after him, Hassall street, in Parramatta, Sydney.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother



I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:
Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

Third Eye Ajna Chakra @ Loner Wolf

Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

12D Source Code Atomic LightBody & Field: – Lisa Transcendence Brown

female lotus flowers water green face

12D Source Code Atomic LightBody & Field: Developing ALL NEW WAYS Relating to Support, Communication, Connection, Your Environment, Occupying Space & HOW Every Aspect of Your Life “Works”


I write when I accomplish/complete a phase/cycle/embodiment and can share the codes relative to this. This entire year (in addition to everything we do), has been dedicated to completing 12D Embodiment Templates in phases and stages (which is how all works for all). Yesterday was the next set of Codes for this 12D Level LightBody, with the first set becoming available on 1/1/19 (after 12D Embodiment completion phase, so the Lightbody/Field Building process can begin). Then every month, a barrage of new codes and template integrations/completion cycles, with many overlapping all at the same time and rolling right into the next set, then the next set. With every timeline clearing and new awareness applied, more becomes available for all. September brought through such huge template codes, it took until yesterday to complete. Because all codes are through Uniting/Unity, there have been more people in my reality this year as we all work together to accomplish tons in-service, in addition to our own mega-realities, with Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper roles always our first priority so that we can fulfill our highest roles/purposes for all of us here. I’ll be recapping throughout this entire sharing, to bring many “pieces and parts” together in order to expand all out in various directions, as well as deliver activations as most appropriate on a multi-dimensional level for all receiving/utilizing this…. ♥

Gotta love it. 1010 Divine Alignment Codes: (One Version) Binary Codes of Unification, Harmonization and Synchronization:
“0” = Zero Point
“1” = Oneness
Functioning from within these spaces fully, these two together Consciously Create…

P.S. I only use dimensional references to break things down for explaining/understanding for the vastness of this natural and organic Evolutionary Process all are a part of. It’s important not to go “linear”, and to utilize this (and all that I share) to expand into the vastness available to us all. Part of my role is to teach Quantum Logistics, Mechanics, Dynamics, Algorithms and Schematics, as they are important for “where all are going/what is occurring” on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum/Cosmic Level. Ego/separation plays in “higher/lower”, comparison, better/worse than, etc. We do not. Functioning from our purest/highest creates a NEW FOUNDATION FOR REALITY and holds this in place, so that all can live/accomplish/inJOY easier, simpler and through Divine Alignment as ONE. Here, we are all equal, because our wide open, caring, loving, respectful hearts UNITE. Only the ego aspect separates off from this and creates the games to play. Here we do not play these. It serves no purpose at all. Ego criticizes, rationalizes, attacks and rips each other apart. It separates and divides. Light is Energy that Unites through Love. 3D is in the process of massive continual collapse and implosion. 4D is where all figure this out, create deeper inner connections and start to choose/move back into higher states of Consciousness from within. 5D all are ONE, yet Mastery on every level begins and is a “learning” process as all re-build, re-align and re-create all new realities through Physical Body and Field Integration Processes. All have to “get out of their head” and shift to DEEP inside in order to REMEMBER, let go of the struggle and fight inside and start to EMBRACE all new ways that are simpler and highest aligned. 12D, in one way there’s no reason to share on this, because it can’t be linearly understood. It can only be experienced and embodied … yet I do, because if I didn’t, we would not know it is possible and an actualized part of our processes here. ♥

This is going to be a long one……. 🙂 as it takes many “words” to encapsulate “whole pictures” that are still a very minute/small part of a our massive processes and actual remembrance/experiences…. Other times, we need no words… as we prefer simple and just BEing fully….. inJOYing the pure bliss, magic, beauty and peace that’s available through our own Inner Divine Union/Connection/Existence here. ♥

p.p.s. I did my best to purchase photos for reflecting/creating visuals. I could not find exactly what I was looking for, so visualize as you read/activate and see if you can “see” on an atomic, body/field, molecular and cellular level how all correlates and is constructed/built…. ☼ If you do this with all that I write/share, you’ll be able to see beyond what was visible linearly before too. ♥

Visualization Using the Video Below:

Check out Lisa’s website for Video Link (End of post)


As your Cellular LightBody and Field activate and “build” Energetically, your LightBody cells start emitting photonic Light. See your every cell as this, occupying/increasing constantly inside your body, yet also see it as your entire QUANTUM FIELD THAT YOU PRODUCE, emit, build, hold… as you EMBODY higher Light Quotients of Ultra-High Frequency Photonic Light. Every cell, particle and part of your body has to be “re-worked” for this. So immense “down time” is required in order to accomplish this. Each phase, sleep & waking states are different, food is different, energy levels are different, as well as purposes, what’s in our lives and what we “have” is different too… EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE to each’s own Lightbody and how expanded/huge/vast your field is… Shifting from your head to your heart comes first, then higher mind consciousness opens up, then the spine becomes the center operating system as every cell Light’s up and communicates on a Quantum Level, which is a small part of “how” Quantum Jumping occurs….. See YOU inside this Atomic Field/Structure… this is what your SOURCE CREATIONAL FIELD WILL LOOK LIKE as you hold ZERO POINT SOURCE CREATION GENERATING from your every atomic cell and very core… ♥ (Click on the button for the video to play). ♥ ↓


LightBodies and Fields create and hold QUANTUM ENERGETIC CONSTRUCTS FOR REALITIES. Each one has a different purpose, vibrates/spins at different dimensional oscillatory rates, functions completely different than the others and are built/constructed as each holds/Embodies more Photonic Light. While every LightBody is a part of this ONE, Lightbodies/Merkabas/Stargate Systems are all constructed and built through immense organic integration processes that occur for us as we honor, support, surrender, respect and allow fully, while “doing” as we see/are shown/gain access to from deep within, with each integration and birthing process that occurs. An example is 3D LightBodies goes nuclear (anger), 4D does too in a different way (powerful emotions), 5D’s is Quantum Expansion that begins cellular nuclear/nucleus evolution on a subatomic molecular DNA/Genetic Level, that is different than the previous phases. Each D after (6D/7D/8D/9D/10D/11D) are different depths and Quantum abilities/access and densities, so how the physical “fits” into all changes with each LightBody/Field Completion process as well.

Because all is progressional and occurs over many many many linear years (DNA Evolution is not instant. Various Expansions of Consciousness are, yet the entire process takes years, as the expansion just begins new processes of template building that encompass every aspect of our entire lives.

While I’m not going into actual atomic codes in this writing (too in-depth to cover all), evolving from Carbon-Based atoms to Crystalline to Plasma with our whole physical body is a massive Atomic re-everything process. The codes that came through for my personal current process/phase/template completion, I share with you/all as a part of the “writing the manuals” that we all are doing as we actually experience/accomplish, to assist/support HUmanity with their own individual processes too.

NEW Completion Codes were to complete this phase of the 12D/144 Source Creator Codes: NEXT EXPANDED LEVEL OF ZERO POINT CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS TEMPLATE
This increases and expands our abilities and reach for Pure Creation and how all emanates from our own Consciousness/LightBody/Field “out” …. which then “tells” the Quantum Field “how” to deliver a return. (“When” is vibrational/Quantum/non-linear and occurs when the overall vibration has been achieved, as well as the “new timeline/reality/illusion/dream coordinates” lock in.

It’s important to understand that the higher we go/anchor in/embody, the more energetic all is, where all things are “done” through our Consciousness and we then “do” that which needs to be done each day through highest vibrational alignment for all. We begin this process in/from 5D and continue it through each Dimensional Embodiment/Return. Each dimension beyond 5D has a whole new set of templates that build upon the previous ones, with 5D being the FOUNDATIONAL ONE. ♥

Now, every dimension has a Zero Point Creation, it’s more how “simple” all is through Purity, as the vibrational return is not tainted with distortions and confusing signals of programming that disrupts the field’s “clarity”.

3D was Separatism and functioned very differently than 5D – 12D realities/templates do. 4D is a transitional phase “over” (back) to 5D, yet 5D is where everything begins…. a whole new chapter, a whole new “life”, a whole new way of BEing and living…. looking nothing like anything of the “old”. (I have another post to write that is a different breakdown of phases simplifying in a different way to support/assist with overviews for seeing from additional overview perspective that will assist many with shifting easier too).

One of the most challenging parts for the human aspect is rapidly accelerating “changes” and accepting all new ways that challenge their belief systems/structures and don’t fit into/adhere to the old ways (because they are not meant to)…. as well as how deep programming is when it comes to each working through their own inner/outer matrix held deep within. The ego doesn’t easily surrender, forgo the “power” it often takes to induce/create a surrendered state. We each have to choose to surrender our own ego, shifting to observation in order to actually see it, so that we can shift to function from beyond this place/space inside, so that we can dissolve the resistance inside in order to shift easier and resolve all through purity and love within ourselves. It’s as “easy” as we allow it to be… or as hard as we each make it on ourselves. The transition from 4D to 5D…. No, it’s not easy at times, it’s ugly, messy and beyond uncomfortable when we are going through the beginning phases of delving into our own abyss (which is a passageway as well)…. and for early phases, strong separation/programming/distortions/emotions take all “nuclear”, where we become combustible, implode/explode and then unify inside…. as deep emotions/hurt/hate are a part our own ego separation dissolving…. This too is a part of the “atomic” recalibrating, recoding, restructuring process to assist with clearing out heavy duty separation programming from deep within.

(October 1st the words were: Prepare for 3D to implode upon itself). Remember, 3D was realities built upon separation. This makes way for more new to come through for each/all. ♥)

11/11/11: A gateway began to open in preparation for the December 2012 Gates of Heaven and StarGate openings, synchronizations and vibrational/high frequency Soul/Cosmic alignments that began with the reconfiguration of that which all call “reality”…. It was a game-changer on every level, yet not in the way most “thought”. It took everyone deeper inside, yet in waves, stages and through deep inner and alchemical processes that are vibrational/non-linear. This non-linear process equates to Quantum, yet even this part is misunderstood until it’s actually experienced for the “how to’s” to come forth and all new values applied.

2012 presented a “NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE” rare opportUNITY; Individual and planetary Ascension and the DEEP EVOLUTION of our planet and HUMANKIND. Our Planet entered a Quantum State, opening up multiple dimensions of EXISTENCE, as each’s codes activate within their bodies on a cellular level, beginning a massive non-linear acceleration process “out of the old and into all new”, where every moment continues to accelerate this process as we move deeper through a photonic belt/passageway experience…

How our human aspect sees and how our higher aspect sees, how our Soul Sees, how we see as Pure Source Consciousness, these are different aspects and very different views…. that become available as our hearts open, our minds open, our energy relaxes and our pineal gland opens up, our crystals activate, our ability to see and understand shifts to a much different place/way…. where we OBSERVE and SEE all through our own EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS….

Our human aspect functioned linearly… which becomes more obsolete by the moment and is replaced with Quantum, a whole new geometric, a whole new metric/measuring system, a whole new dynamic, a whole new way, where everything is completely different than the ways of 3D/4D…..

As each’s LightBody continues to activate and bring each “online”, the old ways/systems stop working/won’t work… because they are aligned with 3D Consciousness/Programs/Operating Systems…. and all functioned from a place of Separation/Separatism/the Little Self that was separate and small. This means that EACH will have to DEVELOP all new ways of functioning, on EVERY LEVEL… physical body, physical reality and how they support (themselves/each other/entire realities)…. completely changes as well.

The human aspect is not used to sharing on every level, supporting on every level, uplifting on every level, inspiring on every level and being WIDE OPEN in every way. It’s natural was was not to take all into consideration and then make a decision for the greater whole and all as ONE… It didn’t know how to work together as LOVE, to play together freely and to UNITE instead of separating off….. This is what all will “learn” (remember), how to co-exist and live from a deep sacred SENSE of care, kindness, appreciation, gratitude, respect….


This is not gender specific, as that is human too. Each “body” will go through this process as our SOUL/Light is not specified by gender which served 3D realities and human experiences that all will come to transcend as Soul/OverSoul Embodiment occurs.

5D: We refer to as “NEW Earth”, because it’s a version of an Earthly/Heavenly Experience that is softer, kinder, more caring and where all is pure peace, magical, alive and emanates from our SOUL. Here we are reborn/rebirthed/rise from the ashes “anew”, wide-eyed full of wonder at a whole new reality that was always available and waiting for us to OPEN UP SO COMPLETELY that we could actualize it/actually experience it. As we INTEGRATE FULLY, we re-birth through CREATION, bringing all forth/calling all forth from deep within. We understand how all is to live/work together in a way that compliments, contributes and supports. It’s a REALITY/EXPERIENCE where all truly are heart-connected and treat each other and themselves with the respect, consideration and care. We stay here for a bit (the “time” varies from years to a month” depending on each’s own path and what’s occurred up to this point, as certain phases must be completed and then 6D opens up, which is where each’s Divine Masculine starts to come through and all new roles do too….

4D is where all remain as they “learn” to CHOOSE to LIVE THIS WAY… and undergo a massive process of BECOMING their SOUL from within their human body form… instead of a human like before…. It’s where Karmic Timelines start to play out/become visible, which creates anger/confusion and heightened emotions. Starting to contract down to Zero Point is uncomfortable, because there is no conscious understanding for “why” these beyond uncomfortable things are occurring. 3D Consciousness Realities represents constriction, “no way out”, hopelessness and the appearance that everything is collapsing, going haywire … because in one way it is. All is being “moved” to new realities that look nothing like those… Yet the passageway can be quite/beyond intense where mindsets are still closed/fixed/holding on and fighting the entire REVERSAL PROCESS that pushes each deeper inward to start to create/make important connections (correlates to neural pathways and the entire neural networking system of the body, organs, glands, heart, brain, memory, emotions and more).

4D is where realities are restructured (physical body/energetically/external physical) slowly and over much linear time…. it’s where awareness begins, yet full consciousness is still a “practice”, due to physical density and vibrational spin rates on an atomic level…. (within each’s cellular body).

5D is a word we use to describe density and Light Ratios…. 4D, 12D, 3D, 7D, 9D… these are just descriptives used to refer to different frequency bandwidths and Density/Light ratios that correlate to an external reality/experience as a vibrational response to varying levels of Consciousness, determined by expansion/embodiment processes that occur over much linear time, because of how linearity works relative to density on a carbon atom scale.

For each to truly understand (easier), it’s important to realize this is a complete alchemical process that occurs on every level and in every way and affects every aspect of all life…. It’s a non-linear process that doesn’t adhere to linear time as the human mind (3D/4D Linearity sees). Linearity is one of the very important process that is “broken down” along the way. I will expand a bit here to support/assist with greater understanding for those desiring/utilizing this.

BREAKING DOWN LINEARITY (and moving/shifting to Entire Geometric Vibrational Energetic Ones)

This applies to everything. From 3D to 12D… each “D” holds less linearity and the “higher” we go (and function from), the less linear, the more Quantum all is. Moving from 3D “fixed/external focused” realities to 5D fluid and energetic realities is a vast process within itself. This is why 4D “stasis” appears to take so long and why the “climb” from 5D to 12D does too….

The early phases/dimensions were linear. 2012 changed all of this. The Star-gates/Systems/Gateways all opened for a transition to a non-linear (Quantum) existence, yet the “codes” held in each’s DNA activate when/how they were encoded to do so, not when the human aspect “thinks”. These codes are activated vibrationally and through frequencies/tones and actual experiences that assist with the DENSITY CHANGING PROCESS…. The transition process was set forth for all PRIOR TO INCARNATION/TAKING PHYSICAL FORM… and occurs exactly as that “SOUL/SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS” determined….

The “rise” in consciousness is referred to as Awakening (from a deep state of amnesia/illusory dream) and into all new realities that come forth/are birthed from within and through each’s own CONSCIOUSNESS as each reconnects deep inside and holds this deep sacred connection so that the “physical” can restructure itself, so that electromagnetics can constantly be reconfigured and so that perceptions can completely change and each can RETURN to existences forgotten and not fully accessible/available while living beneath the veils of amnesia (which was all inside).

Ascension is a completely different part of the journey/process that shifts everyone to a whole new place. This takes each deeper inside to do the “deep inner work” and sift through the “mess”, sift through the deep heavy programming, sift through the confusion and distortions and AS THIS OCCURS, new CONNECTIONS ARE FORMED. While it may appear that one connects with the Divine, their Soul, Spirit, Source and every other word one uses to describe, this is only a very small part of what’s actually “going on”. Each time one CONNECTS, new pathways are created/forged. NEW NEURAL networks, pathways and systems are created/accessed to open up access to Universal and Cosmic Consciousness, forgo and IMMENSE RE-WRITING PROCESS on a molecular, cellular, genetic and atomic level…. The deeper we all go, the more Light is activate, which increases the amount of LIGHT FLOW within the physical body. This LIGHT is encoded, which means it recodes each’s body to all new parameters, schematics and a whole new operating system…. which COMPLETELY CHANGES HOW ALL FUNCTION ON EVERY LEVEL HERE.

This “process” is inevitable and beyond important for all. This LIGHT, is photonic light, the Light of Each’s Soul, Source Consciousness and so very much more. This Light changes form constantly and works to develop the crystals in each’s body, detoxing, de-calcifying, deconstructing linearity so that the body can work differently…. MUCH DIFFERENTLY and it cannot be “treated” or “fixed back” or controlled….

These processes must be RESPECTED, SUPPORTED and understood as beyond important for all. These processes were pre-determined and are occurring in conjunction with Universal/Cosmic/SOULar frequencies and activations to EVOLVE ALL LIFE FORMS ON THIS PLANET into a much HIGHER DIMENSIONAL/LIGHTER DENSITY EARTH that is multi-dimensional ALREADY…. currently with 12 Dimensions (Frequency Bandwidths) that correspond with different levels of DENSITY/LIGHT….

EVERY PERSON/THING ON THIS PLANET is involved in this massive process (project is our Galactic word). Every aspect of your body, your life is a part of “off of this” and constantly accelerates, yet not linearly…..

ACCELERATION IS QUANTUM and geometric and relative to LIGHT CODES AND COORDINATES held within each’s cellular/atomic bodies…. and every nano-second that a barrage of Cosmic Frequencies are activating and oscillating, these CODES are being “instructed” to activate and recode….. which CHANGES the COORDINATES for each’s REALITY…..

Plasma energies increase daily…. which make WORKING THROUGH/WITH full consciousness EASIER, because we can completely re-shape every reality with greater ease. Plasma makes all permeable, pliable and malleable, mold-able and re-shape-able, so that all can be re-created through higher/new/purer levels of consciousness. This is where all is re-woven, bends and contorts, untwisted, re-twisted (and more). This is also where the old can be obliterated, as well as re-constructed with great ease.

We can break down the old and recreate all new instantly, transmitting out ALL NEW CODES “telling” our extension as/through Quantum Field how to respond, creating a VIBRATIONAL RETURN to the CONSCIOUSNESS that we all hold (Embodiment). Plasma though is not “out there” … our bodies function on Plasma energies, which is Quantum, which means our whole body has to go through rigorous re-configurations in order to process the immensity and fluidity of this ENERGY that is our own Consciousness…. (Our spine and brain and bodies go to “mush” when this process increases, so we have to “learn” how to function completely differently, constantly, restructuring our whole life to honor Quantum Evolutionary Processes that dictate how we live/do all here…..

LINEARITY LINEAR TIME TEMPLATES held 3D metrics and constructs created to imprison/bind each to linear measurement realities, yet it was held in each’s template and dictated “life” before. As each reverse and increase their rotational spin rates to match new atomic levels, then linearity falls away and SPACE is what we “occupy” and move through, both within and “out there” too…. We expand our CONSCIOUSNESS across all dimensions naturally. Being able to maintain/sustain/hold this is a part of the stabilization and Embodiment processes that occur every day that each honors the process of INTEGRATING LIGHT FULLY and then creating all new ways of FUNCTIONING… which takes an immense amount of focus and energy at first, which the human aspect “doesn’t like”, resists and complains about, because “it’s so hard” and “is so much work”, when in essence it’s not, it’s just “new to the human aspect” and requires complete dedication to something that doesn’t fit into the linear boxes of “what’s normal” yet…. Yet this part is a part of the PROCESSING LIGHT with the physical body, which takes a lot of effort for awhile, as DENSITY is felt, can be heavy and heavy duty veils dissolve within each’s form…..

DROPPING INTO DENSITY… observing from Source Consciousness, then 12D down to 3D, “how far” we all “dropped” in consciousness to inhabit dense physical bodies (mentalities and ways), is massive and takes eons/years to reverse this process to RETURN TO LIGHT WITH PHYSICAL FORMS……

LINEAR TIME ceases to exist as one increases LIGHT QUOTIENTS (which takes each UP) ….. the higher the frequency oscillation, the faster the rotational spin, the slower all moves inside and therefore “out there”……. The slower we all go, the more we can observe/see, the more we can SYNCHRONIZE our bodies and fields to move through SPACE AND TIME non-linearly….. our “direction” is different….. as it’s no longer a past or future like linear was… it’s vibrational/energetic and relative to A WHOLE FIELD that we are deeply connected too, communicate/inner-act with and hold in place with our bodies… which is immense within itself. Our bodies/field BUILD huge and vast STRUCTURES, a beautiful architecture that constantly breathes/moves/communicates BACK. Linear time was held in our body templates. Increased Lightbody functions dissolve linearity naturally and organically, yet the human mind finds this challenging for awhile until acclimation has occurred.

THIS FIELD…. our Cohesive Field… the Unified Field of Pure Consciousness is OUR FIELD and everything in it takes on new meaning, purpose and “why” it’s there…. Some call it the toroidal field, some refer to this as the magnetosphere, others call it the electromagnetic field… (the words don’t matter, it’s the comprehension of “how” all is GENERATED FROM WITHIN US OUT and affect “real”ity as all perceive it to be. (There are other words. You combine them). ♥

THIS/OUR ELECTROMAGNETIC, TOROIDAL, PLASMA, UNIFIED, COHESIVE FIELD changes as we all embody more PHOTONIC LIGHT within our form and transmit this out to “create” reality, a vibrational RESPONSE to what we are BEing, Living, Holding and DOing…. Our Light Body is our Soul Body, our OverSoul Body, Our Energy Body, Our Universal/Cosmic Body and so very much more. WE GENERATE LIGHT from within us, as our cells become Quantum and an entire nuclear/quantum/photonic process occurs within our bodies every nano-second of every linear now/day.

THIS FIELD is held in place by our PHYSICAL LIGHTBODIES, which take every OUNCE OF ENERGY WE HAVE to build, construct and hold in PLACE, as these CONSTRUCT and and ALL NEW WAYS OF PROCESSING LIGHT DATA/PACKETS, PROCESSING LIGHT INTELLIGENCE through our FORMS is an immense process that requires every ounce of our BEing at first. It does get much easier, as we all acclimate and RESTRUCTURE OUR WHOLE LIFE to support a whole new way of functioning/existing…. and every “thing” in our reality/field is beyond important too, as all is ENERGETIC/VIBRATIONAL and has a FLOW…. so the FLOW OF ENERGY is beyond important, as it AFFECTS THE FIELD we occupy, which makes US RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING IN OUR FIELDS….

5D/NEW EARTH and UP…. these dimensions do not function like the previous linear ones…. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY …. and “form” is a materialization of “something”….. WE use “form” to show respect, to support, inspire and fulfill much higher purposes as a part of our Service (Love) for humanity….. Form is a way of communicating, making a difference, when ENERGY is not yet the UNDERSTOOD EXCHANGE yet……

As entire collectives are MOVED/transition to 5D+ ==== Everything will become about ENERGY, because ENERGY, vibrations and varying frequencies are how we function, see, communicate and exist…. and the form takes on new purpose, meaning and the roles it plays too.

5D – 12D is my reference point for this article, because it’s the dimensions we can currently occupy/experience with form thus far now…. all having very vastly different realities, yet all working in cohesion, in varying ways that contribute to a much bigger picture and serve all as Light here. There are many mis-perceptions until one can see and live from Pure Source Consciousness and then “apply”/implement “higher states of consciousness” to HOW ALL IS. I only use “higher” when explaining/separating out vibrational frequency bandwidths, therefore the words are used as reference points as well).


This is a Quantum Process where our Physical LightBodies become the CENTER of all. (This is where each becomes the center of their own Universe to become ONE and then expands from there).

In 3D/4D, the human body used emotions for fuel, used things and had dependency and attachment, which “supported” their physical bodies and realities. 5D this is different. Your body becomes self-sustaining and you detach those cords, detach from the old and re-anchor your entire body/BEing completely to a whole different dimension (therefore experience), with/using your CONSCIOUSNESS…. and each begins a whole new process of building/creating and living all new realities that are birthed/brought forth and expanded out from within. These go out “into the field” to “call forth” vibrational responses to conscious transmissions, if you will. By each HOLDING THEIR OWN FIELD IN PLACE AS LOVE.. reality gets “rewritten”…..

5-D to 12D is many things. They all live/exist beyond the limitations, conditioning and programming of 3D/4D, yet all “previous” dimensions become visible, yet disappear at the same time. The ENERGY that binded all to those constricting/constrained realities is released by each.

THE ENERGY that FUELED the human carbon-based bodies, with a different atomic code, were anger, blame, shame, guilt, the ability to manipulate/be manipulated, greed, selfishness, complacency, compliancy, separation/individualism, competition and “against”. These had a push/pull energy and sucked energy or imposed upon and “stepped out of each’s field” over into “others”, which the body’s energy does, whether the aspect is aware of this or not. There was no respect or care for each other that was PURE. This energy transmits out lack and separation, which then calls forth all that responds to this energy for an energetic exchange to occur. These realities supported distortions and imbalances within each’s/the field. 4D is where each becomes aware in order to start to consciously choose and shift all of this energy themselves.

THE ULTRA HIGH COSMIC FREQUENCY PHOTONICS/ENERGIES THAT FUEL AND HARMONIZE OUR PHYSICAL LIGHTBODIES are a barrage of different Light Frequencies, tonal cords, coordinates, information/technology and codes. They work through our immune and nervous systems constantly, re-tuning our whole entire body/being/field. Each “higher” frequency bandwidth is much more refined than the previous ones, purer, softer, yet very powerful…. which is why it takes awhile to understand. The human ego aspect is not in-tune on an energetic level and tries to understand with it’s head, which is the part that creates the disconnect to start with (yet it’s cellular, so the head is just where 3D/4D processes from). 4D is where each start to transition to where they process from (their heart). 5D lives fully from HIGHER HEART area, where all hearts are activated (there are several) and then the whole body becomes a huge multi-dimensional HEART GRID that lights up every cell as a VORTEX that then activates multi-dimensional vortexes to open up all new realities (inside and out). This start with the individual chakra system and then those spin so big and huge that they collapse/merge into one, opening the 8th chakra/energy vortex to then activate other multi-dimensional vortexes that become each’s internal Stargate(s) Systems that bring each through to much higher dimensional gateways and realities, as each’s consciousness expands and the whole body goes through the reconfiguration processes to clear linearity, rewrite using new geometrics correlating to different Stargates, which is where a whole new phase/processes on every level accelerates….

5D-12D+ Energies are soft, powerful, beautiful and reconnect all with all as ONE. WE function from a WE CONSCIOUSNESS where PURITY and LOVE, where Unity and Oneness are our Core. These are not words for us. They are a way of BEing, living and co-existing within a cohesive field that works in unison as LIGHT.

4D is just a reference word to describe processes occurring in this level of density/light. This is where all establish/open up to INNER CONNECTIONS and learn to TRUST in their own higher self/selves, Universe and Divine Guidance for MERGING INTO ONE OVER LINEAR TIME, as this is what is going to support you/each fully, which is a process of re-learning everything all over again and a whole new way of functioning, which is beyond different than “before”. Because all trust has been lost, because “faith” is weak/was gone, because the focus was on the external/physical/everything else, this is where focus moves inward and a new RELATIONSHIP IS FORMED…. It’s also where each’s Ascension process begins, where ego separation is exacerbated and where each delved deep into the perceived abyss/unknown in order to “come out on the other side”, that RAINBOW BRIDGE opening up access to NEW EARTH. (Two earths become visible from inside). This is where lucid dreaming, astral traveling and bi-locating and the “spirit realm” become a part of each’s experience for dissolving separation and accessing “other dimensions” from deep inside as well….. Each’s senses are enhance, gifts and abilities start to come forth, over-stimulation of the external becomes more pronounced as the LIGHTBODY ACTIVATES INSIDE MORE and what’s in each’s field can be heard/felt stronger …. moving each further into an “ENERGETIC REALITY” to start to transition out of a “physically focused one”.

NEW EARTH’S COHESIVE FIELDS are beautiful, more colorful, vibrant, electrical and alive. Everything is inner-active and communicates on a cellular level, with every sense enhanced. What humans refer to as gifts and abilities, super human, super natural or advanced, are just our normal way of living, existing, BEing and functioning here…. so perceptions are very different as well. Magic is “normal”, because we live from magical places inside, where Quantum is INSTANT, so the moment we achieve that vibration, the moment those geometrics/codes are fully integrated and LOCK IN, the moment NEW COORDINATES are transmitted out…. all new things “appear” (materialize into form) as a vibrational response to what we’ve been holding for a really long time….. Portals open up and Gateways do too… for all new “realities” to come through as our actual experiences here…..

WE LIVE AND WORK from within a COHESIVE FIELD (Unity Consciousness/Unified Field, which means we live, respect, take great care in how we show up and what we bring to the table (our wide open contributory/sharing hearts and ENERGY, as well as our physical too). It takes awhile to bring all into the Same Vibrational Frequency/Consciousness so we all can function independently and together as Light too. It takes total awareness and presence on all’s part and a great love for what we are creating/doing/being as LIGHT BEINGS here.

SHARING NEW EARTH REALITIES…. means we all can LIVE OUR DREAMS and share them with each other, support each other and celebrate, play, uplift, inspire, while taking care of ourselves and not compromising in any way. It means that all HEARTS ARE ON-DECK/ON-BOARD (and whole body/BEing is too). PLASMA ENERGY GIVES US THE CAPABILITY TO LIVE WITHIN A COHESIVE FIELD EASILY, when all are truly ready for this and understand the roles they are playing/fulfilling within the reality/partnership/relationship/family, without distortions like the old.

GREAT RESPECT is a necessity when occupying the same SPACE. Each has to be completely consciously aware of themselves, their energy, transmissions (humans project, we do not) and what they are bringing/contributing to THE FIELD…..

We are no longer on OLD Earth where imposing, giving our power away, relying on others or not being responsible for EVERY OUNCE OF OUR ENERGY is acceptable behavior like 3D was. 5D is each being accountable for their ENERGY, on every level…. so that when we come together, there is balance, respect, care and we can create, uplift, inspire and yes, on occasion work through any programming that presents individually too. We can do this together and break down/through easier, if all are open to this, yet it cannot dominate the whole reality, otherwise it’s a karmic timeline still. Starting to understand our ROLES and what we all agreed to fulfill/do is beyond important, yet it’s not linear…. it’s ENERGETIC and it’s relative to SOUL/OVERSOUL EMBODIMENT.

When you go inward, realize there are many/infinite dimensions inside that correlate to infinite dimensional experiences available to all who are fully embracing, honoring and truly ready to live this fully now. YOU can CHOOSE, as we all can/do…. WHICH VERSION OF EARTH you desire to experience…. At first there’s just one Earth, then there are 2, then there are 3, then there are 12… which then expands into infinite ones broken down into frequency bandwidths.

There are multiple versions and aspects of YOU and as you detach from all identities, you become all and nothing all at the same time, within the same space…. which then begins a whole new reconfiguration process within itself. The entire external reality and what it means to you will completely change. Priorities completely change as what matters is very different in each frequency bandwidth as well.

The entire FOUNDATION OF YOUR WHOLE REALITY will constantly shift and change. Our now existences, multi-dimensionality, is one where all is vibrationally reconstructed constantly and realigns constantly as well. If the vibration or energy changes (which it continually does), the whole reality shifts/changes and a whole new geometric construct occurs…. Your ability to HOLD ALL OF THESE ENERGETIC realities in place, (holographic ones that have already occurred), will take all of your focus/energy and your physical body is what supports/accomplishes all of this. The continual integration of LIGHT within your form to reconfigure your realities constantly is an IMMENSE PROCESS, which means you/we all have to cut out all that does not support, as your ENERGY BODY will deplete/shut down/short out if you are not completely aware and honoring this immense process that NEEDS TO OCCUR, so that your NEW REALITIES can reconfigure/materialize EASIER for you/all…………

The perceptions of “reality” completely constantly change. Where your human will try to rationalize and hold on to old ways/limits/constraints out of fear and separation, if you go DEEPER AND SIT IN THIS DEPTH, the DEPTH OF YOUR INNER CONNECTION, you will find peace and see what you could not see before. This then gives you the ability to consciously choose to END THE LOOP CYCLE of re-creating that for your own experience/in your own reality/world.

​For awhile, when transitioning out of 3D, you will be “going against” all you once knew, because it’s the opposite… which is a vibrational/rotational field spin reversal that must occur for your MERKABA to build (occurs on a cellular level and simultaneously with your field over much linear time, with each experience a part of a whole process for physical body ascension to occur). (See my 2013 writings page for years of my own experiences shared to support/assist collectives experiencing now/in different phases as we continue globally with acceleration processes. Use the toolbar down the right side of that page to scroll through a Living Library of timeless articles, as are all we write/share as support).

Many will start to realize the importance of ENERGETIC SUPPORT more and more as we go. How you support yourself, your realities, and each other becomes more important and very different than before. All of this correlates differently to each level of Lightbody. 5D/NEW Earth opens up working together, uniting, supporting, sharing and contributing to a GREATER WHOLE. Pre-5D, if you will (pre-ascension), where all function from is different and it’s more challenging, because of the lack of inner connection, and default ego separation responses/programming, therefore the connection with our planet/each other is distorted/non-existence/lacking as well. 5D each has reconnected Universally and with Gaia from inside and brings this deep inner connection forth for connecting with each other as LIGHT.

12D is a Pure HUmanitarian Template and ALL IS IN DIVINE FLOW, DIVINE ALIGNMENT, DIVINE TIMING and occurs exactly as each agreed to, transmits out and holds. Everything is cohesive, shared, supports and is completely PURE. WE REMEMBER OURSELVES/ALL/EACH OTHER FULLY and we unite as love to anchor, create, uplift, inspire and bring forth more for all.

There is a massive RE-DISTRIBUTION PROCESS UNDERWAY, that occurs on a multi-dimensional Quantum Level, which is multi-tiered, multi-faceted and includes every aspect of each’s whole life. It’s up to EACH to expand their heart consciousness so vastly that they can see and then to DO AS IS HIGHEST ALIGNED in their own reality. As each DOES THIS, this is how our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEM STRENGTHENS AND GROWS…. as WE are NEW EARTH and how we show up matters, how we co-exist matters, how we behave/respect/treat each other/all matters… and it dictates our own experiences here.

THE/OUR EARTH IS MULTI-DIMENSIONAL and it moves each further into SHARING AND UNITY, by way of each’s experience that “works” to resolve/dissolve separation programming each still holds onto as the way they live. Everything functions on a Quantum Level, a sub-atomic level, a cellular level, and an ENERGETIC LEVEL…. where the reality each experiences is a vibrational response to what all hold deep inside, so being aware of your own sub-consciousness requires SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and awareness of your entire vibrational/energetic field as well. ♥

The old ways are gone… make way for all NEW… as it’s not “new” (except to y/our human aspect), it’s already occurred and allows each one of us to materialize all into form using our highest/original states of Consciousness to “organize” matter into form (materialization process), which is just one of all of our natural abilities as Pure LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS here. ♥

p.s. After Physical Body Ascension, each’s Merkaba will ‘start changing it’s geometrics to add all new more intricate ones in with each substantial embodiment phase. These start a new rebuilding process as StarGate Systems, activating new atomic codes all along the way as well. This is an even more vast process that encompasses all dimensions beyond 5D. 5D is Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers increasing fulfillment of a vast amount of roles. Yes this is you/all of us, as it will be a priority for every one “coming through”. You will resonate with the word, yet the comprehension only occurs as you start to “see” and fulfill yours. WayShowers, Guardians, Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers hold great responsibility and every thing is SERVICE as it’s 24/7 and encompasses every aspect of our lives. Your physical body being the conduit/vessel and HOW YOU FULFILL, therefore our priorities completely change so that we can honor this part of our Service to HUmanity here. These bridgers serve as stabilizers and anchor points in a vast system that’s connected to the Stargates within our beLOVEd Gaia/Earth, Universally, Galactically, Cosmically from within our physical bodies and with our entire fields too. We open portals, bring through the new realities, codes, information and accomplish that which supports humanity on every level too. It takes all of our ENERGY to do this, in addition to everything else…. which is why uniting will be important, because the REALLY BIG REALITIES that make a bigger impact require all of us to work together and the codes we’ve been integrating all this year (and years prior) are UNITY CODES that are activated when we unite/come together to create/accomplish/support/contribute as a UNIT/TEAM/LIGHT FAMILY here. This requires distortions be dissolved and DNA Repair to be accomplished by each. This whole thing is about our DNA and GENETICS constantly being rewritten, activated and reconfigured, by infusing our galactic DNA, Angelic DNA, Christed DNA, God Source Codes and more into “one”. Plasma and photonic light distorts, amplifies, exacerbates and collapses all into ONE. The physical body goes through immense re-everything constantly to accomplish the vastness of this alchemical process that re-evolves humanity back and out of the “dark ages” of 3D. As more start to understand (and appreciate) the importance of these roles and supporting information that we share, all will gain/receive the support necessary to further assist humanity on greater scales together as LOVE here. Keep shining, sharing, uplifting, uniting, supporting… it’s important for us all as Love. ♥

Holding Light, Integrating Light, Processing Light, Generating Light, Building Your Light, Sharing Your Light, Living Your Light (therefore a beautiful visceral dream)…. this becomes our whole existence here. ♥

p.s. NEW Earth REALities offer the ability for dedicated contributors and participants to Co-Join and Criss-Cross Soul Aligned REALities in Harmony to “grow” and expand even more for all, through the Energetic and Crystalline Gridding System that’s already in place. ♫ It’s beyond beautiful and pure JOY to create and share in these pristine and magical experiences too! Plasma is a whole different system that offers more for all as well. ♦

With deep love, gratitude for you/your dedication/service and care too,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

I will share more as we go, on how each is walking through their own individual PHOTON BELT (passageways and vortexes) and how this correlates to each’s experience, distortions and Physical LightBody DNA Evolution as well. ​​​​
Note: I HIT PUBLISH BEFORE I WAS DONE. I WROTE FOR 3 DAYS… please excuse certain things, as I’m tired and done re-reading this to make sure it’s “perfect”. I’ll get someone else to do this and make updates once I do. 🙂 ♥


female face pastels

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

The Great and the Small in Yourself – Pamela Kribbe

Mary Magdalene via Eli Galla


The Great and the Small in Yourself

Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

Dear women and men, I am Mary Magdalene who speaks.

I come from a distant past, but I also come from the future. I am more than the woman who was on Earth. I am part of a greater field of energy that renews itself and is born again and again in every moment. I am alive and kicking! I am not tied to the time and form in which I was embodied so many centuries ago. I speak from an energy source that is inexhaustible and that surrounds you all, one that flows around you and wants to awaken you to life – it is the source of life itself. It is your birthright to know you are held safely by this source, and to be taken up into that flow of energy and creativity, of ease, well-being, and lightheartedness. That is who you really are! Everything else is an illusion; a temporary veil obscuring your consciousness.

Feel the energy field I represent. I am a part of it, just as are you. A vibrant, eternal energy field that renews itself and joyfully finds ever new ways to manifest itself; recognize yourself in it. You are free, you are independent of your earthly form, independent of time and space. You are an eternal being, although you tend to forget that in your everyday life here on Earth. You are prone to contract your consciousness, to limit yourself into believing in what you are told by people, believing in your upbringing, believing in the images you see around you in the culture in which you live. Very often these images constrict your consciousness, until you finally believe you are no more than this body, these cells, or your gender: female or male, or your job or role in society, or your role as a parent, man, or woman. Before you know it, your consciousness contracts and you forget where you come from and who you really are. For you to remember who you are is the basis for everything you wish to be and want in your life. That is the basis from which everything emerges. When you recall who you are, your life flows with ease and peace, from your natural strength, without effort.

You all are present here because you somehow feel, in one way or another, that you desire to channel. That you want to open to a stream of energy which wants to come through you; that you want to give a voice to it, and to be a channel for it. This feeling, this desire that you have, is essentially a kind of homesickness, a desire to go Home. By channeling this stream that belongs to you, you feel at home in yourself and on Earth. You are then resting in the core of your being and you connect with both the Heavens and the Earth. That is what channeling means at its core: to give shape to your soul energy, to that which transcends your earthly self, to that which is greater than the earthly human form and which is not contained in a body in a contracted state. It is what wants to come to you and to flow through you.

You have an earthly personality, shaped by the past and by what you have learned through the body that you have – your genetic predisposition – and then there is a stream that comes from Eternity, from your soul. That stream wants to dance with your earthly form. You could say it is a stream from the past, and is determined by the past, but which wants to make contact with the power of something greater – that which you could call the future. The future is not a set thing, it is an infinite multitude of possibilities, of potential. The word “future” stands for a great, spacious, potential possibility, and for freedom! And you want to make contact with that future as a human being who carries your legacy from the past within you, and this desire is the call of your soul. This is the interplay: on the one hand, between what is small and constricted in yourself, what has been contracted by the jump into the earthly sphere, and on the other hand, the openness to what is great; to that which is vast beyond understanding and is the Mysterious; to that which you truly are, independent of a form in time. This is the dance you can call channeling.

It is therefore inevitable that an encounter takes place between what is great and what is small. Your earthly personality, at some point, is called by the soul and is challenged to let go of the old, restrictive, and negative beliefs about itself. Only then can the channel open and allow the vast and magnificent energy of who you really are to flow through you. That is channeling, and this process grounds you to the Earth. It basically means that you let go of your old self and emerge from your cocoon like a butterfly. That is why when you say, “I would like to do channeling”, or “I want to strengthen the connection with my guides”, in fact, this is a call from your soul telling you, “I want to embody on Earth more of what I really am”. When you say this, you take a step into the unknown, because you can only open this channel if you are also willing to see what has been veiled. The step that is being asked of you is, are you willing to change and to surrender to a process you can not grasp?

I want to make that process of the meeting between the great self and the small self easier for you to perceive and to understand by way of an image of the energy centers which lie along the spine, which are also called chakras. You could envision your spine as a channel. At the top of your spine is your crown chakra, which is the energy center that opens to the cosmic, the universal, and from which you feel connected with the Whole and with your soul. Located at the bottom of your spine is your tailbone or base chakra. There, the energy is the most compacted, or “solid”, and there you are completely part of the Earth, the material and the physical.

Feel the difference, for a moment, between the energy of your crown, at the very top of your head, and of your tailbone, at the very bottom of your spine. You can sense how we are referring here to very different levels of being. To channel the energy of your deepest self through your body, this energy needs to go, as it were, down the steps of a ladder, from your top most chakra, the crown, to your bottom most chakra, the tailbone. You can see the literal image of a ladder descending along the spine, but I use that image in more of a symbolic way, because it is really about integrating your cosmic Self into your earthly self.

It is true that many of you can make contact easily from your “higher” chakras, or energy centers, with what I might call the cosmic, that dimension beyond the Earth which can manifest itself in the form of a loving teacher, or guide, or angels, or your own Higher Self. Feel in yourself, the energy centers that lie at the crown of your head and between both eyes (the third eye is located there), and also those in your throat and your heart. These are the chakras located in the upper part of your body. Try to just make contact with this upper area of your body. You do not have to do anything, simply observe it and sense a spaciousness from where you connect with what you channel. Look at yourself in a very calm and neutral way to see what happens in this upper area of your body when you make contact with a guide or teacher, or your Higher Self. See how the energy fills you: your heart, your throat, your head, and your crown. Just observe yourself from a certain distance and see how that contact occurs.

We now go down to the “lower” chakras. There are three energy centers located in the lower part of your body; one in the stomach, which is also called the solar plexus; one lower down in your abdomen, called the navel chakra; and then the lowest, the tailbone charka. Make contact with this area by descending consciously into it. You only have to be there, you need not do or change anything. Descend into your belly and then see if you can go even deeper, all the way down to your tailbone. Once you have made contact with this area, look at yourself while you are channeling, and have no doubt you are channeling. You all channel during moments of inspiration and confidence. Just imagine that you are now in such a moment.

You have seen how the energy flows in the higher chakras. Now look at how the energy flows in the lower chakras at the moment you connect with the greater Self that wants to come into you. Can that energy flow down completely into the lower chakras? Can it be received even by the tailbone chakra? That is the question I want to put to you today. There is a place in your body that is often the dividing line between the upper and lower chakras, and that place is located between the heart and solar plexus chakras. This is the meeting place between the higher source you want to embody and the lower, contracted, earthly self.

In the lower chakras are located the fears from the past, the discouragement, and the insecurity. See if you can observe that in yourself. Today, you all made contact with a source of energy in the temple you visited. There you met your guide or a part of your Higher Self. Call up once again this feeling you had, the contact you made there. That energy wants to belong to you, wants to come to you. See where that energy flow in your body is experiencing difficulty. Imagine, for a moment, that energy enters through your crown. Then it flows down through your third eye, your throat, and into your heart. Now, take a good look at how your solar plexus reacts to that energy. Is there a form of resistance, or protest, or fear at the dividing line between the upper and lower chakras? Next, look in your belly and see how the energy is received there. Are there certain feelings or ideas of “this may not “, or “this must not”, or “I can not”? Look also at your tailbone. Feel what might be there that blocks the receiving of this energy, and I ask you to observe the blocking with acceptance and caring, and not with judgment or criticism.

The essence of the channeling process is precisely this: that the old meets the new; the past meets the energy of the future. What is contracted meets the energy of freedom. That happens in you the moment you open up and want to be a channel for your deepest self, your greater Self. Know that something repressed in the past will always rebel in you and will come up in the form of a negative thought or emotion. Do not condemn this. Praise yourself for daring to take on this process! That is being courageous, and that is being great!

When you have found that blocked spot in yourself, go there with your attention. You can probably feel physically that place where you find it difficult to be open to your own greatness, that which is free and imperishable, and of the new and the future. Very gently surround that blocked part with a friendly, accepting energy, and simply send it an invitation. “Come with me”, you whisper softly, sweetly, and without demanding. Remember the energy you felt today in the meeting with your Higher Self or your guide. Allow that same energy to be with the part of you that is most blocked, and feel the warmth flow there. Everything is allowed there, including the fear, the anger, and the doubt. If you can continue being present, in love and in openness, then you open the channel more widely. The channel opens as wide as what is permitted by the part of you that is the most closed.

Have patience and gentleness for what blocks you; it is there for a reason and it is welcome. Deep inside you all, without exception, resides a sense of unworthiness you have inherited from the energy that has long prevailed on Earth; an energy of manipulative power and oppression, and you all struggle with that legacy. Somewhere in your lower chakras you meet the conviction: “I’m not worthy; I’m not good enough as I am “; “I’m not yet deserving, because I’ve no yet made everything perfect”; and this is where the key lies for you all.

Where you encounter that belief, you hit upon the main blockage that exists there. But the moment you find and experience it, you can let your light shine on it. And you do that with the opposite of that unworthy conviction. You confirm yourself, “I am worthy, I am good as I am, completely! I am beautiful and powerful!” Dare to compliment yourself! Dare to be proud of who you are and what you have already accomplished! And so the channel is opened with love – yes!

Thank you for your attention.

Mary Magdalene

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe



Mary Magdalene via Eli Galla

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

The Lost Memory of SELF – Suzanne Lie

Friday, October 11, 2019

The Lost Memory of SELF–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Dear  Arcturians,

Do you have a message for me today.

Dear Suzille,

Yes, we always have a message for those of you who pass on our information for others.

NO you do not need to add the above sentence, as we said it to you specifically.

There are many challenges within your third dimensional reality. An important reason for these many changes is that Gaia, the beloved planet on which the humans live, is going through many transitions.

Yes, planets, including your dear Gaia of Earth, are alive beings that have times when they are calm and stable and times when they are going through transitions. It is within your NOW, that Gaia is going through many changes, which are largely do to the humans who live upon Her planetary body.

Many humans think of dear Gaia, the alive being known as “Mother Earth,” is currently preparing, and also is now, going through many changes. It is within the NOW in which Gaia is changing that humanity changes, as well.

You see, dear human ones, Gaia is a living being in the same manner as you humans are living beings. However, far too many humans, especially certain humans in higher places, have forgotten that they took a human incarnation within this now to assist Gaia with Her changes.

Just as humans have times when they feel stable within the human body that they are wearing, Gaia has times when She feels stable within the planetary body that She is wearing.

If Gaia is in a stable NOW, the humans often feel that stability. Of course, many, if not most of the humans, are not aware that they are sensing Gaia’s stability, but they are often aware of their own stability.

Some humans, if not most humans, are grateful for this sense of stability, but only think of it as their “personal sense of stability,” and do not realize that that they are feeling stable because Gaia, a living being on which they live, is also feeling stable.

On the other hand, there are also humans who are aware that they, the humans who have chosen to take an earth vessel on Gaia during this time of transition, are aware that they are sensing the changing energy fields of the planet Gaia, on which they live.

Some humans feel strong enough in their higher/inner perceptions that they will share their information with others. But, most humans are afraid that others will mock them for thinking of dear Gaia as a living being, rather than a big, circular rock.

The humans who are not aware that Gaia is a living being in the same manner that they, the humans, are living beings. Therefore, those who do NOT perceive Gaia as a living being have no problem with harming Gaia’s land, dumping their human waste, which is huge, into the ocean, the earth, and to allow the tainted energies to move into Gaia’s sky and atmosphere.

We, the Arcturians, as well as all of your fifth dimensional Galactic Family, have made the huge sacrifice of taking a third dimensional earth vessel. To many humans on Earth, taking an incarnation on third dimensional Gaia does not seem like a “huge sacrifice.”

The reason that many, if not most, humans do think of choosing to take an incarnation on third dimensional Gaia is because they cannot remember their lives on the fourth, fifth and beyond dimensions, as well as on their Homeworld or Starship.

In fact, most humans do NOT remember their own higher dimensional life. The reason for this forgetfulness is that it would make it too difficult for many of them to remember their higher dimensional reality.

Therefore, they FORGET that frequency of their own Multidimensional SELF, and only remember their third dimensional childhood and forward. However, more and more humans are beginning to remember that there just may be something, somewhere and someone that feels VERY familiar.

However, there are only a few humans who are born with, or even find their adult human selves, in a situation in which they begin to dream about, remember, or even wish for, a different reality. This “different reality” is different from the daily strife and challenges of their third dimensional, physical reality.

Some, in fact more and more, humans are beginning to awakening a component of their third dimensional, physical SELF who remembers.  At first this “remembering” seems like a dream that they must have had, but have almost completely forgotten.

In fact, it may seem that all that is left of this “dream,” is a vague memory of some place or some thing, or maybe even some one, who is kinder, more loving, deeply centered and fully awakening.

“That can’t be any part of me!” they think, trying not to be conceited.

But what does conceited mean? The human thesaurus says it means: conceited, proud, smug, arrogant or even superior. Humans, who are actually Galactics who have chosen to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia in Her time of great need, must remember that “being conceited” is a bad thing on the third dimension.

It is very difficult for those who remember that they are NOT JUST humans, but also feel a higher frequency of their own SELF that resonates to a higher frequency of realty, must not tell anyone else who they really are, or they would be “conceited.”

Worse yet, if one were to reveal the inner fact that they have “remembered” about their higher dimensional origin, they would be considered to be “crazy.”  It was not the humans who started that rumor. Nor was it the Galactics that started that rumor.

It was those who wanted to have power OVER others that need to diminish that who are awakening to their true, Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, we, the members of your Galactic Family, have come into your NOW to remind you that YOU ARE CORRECT!

YES, YOU are Galactic Beings whose Home Worlds are in the fourth, fifth and beyond higher frequency of reality. You, yes YOU, have volunteered to take a third dimensional earth vessel so that you could assist Gaia, a seemingly third dimensional planetary being, to ascend into a fifth dimensional planet.

It is important for you to remember that those of you who are able to connect with your own fifth dimensional expression of SELF, have chosen to take a third dimensional earth vessel so that you could understand and assist the other humans who also believe that they are only third dimensional.

What most humans do NOT understand is that Gaia—Earth—is NOT just a third dimensional planet. Gaia, Earth, is also a multidimensional being, just like all of her inhabitants that have taken third dimensional forms on Gaia so that they can assist Gaia to return to Her true fifth dimensional and beyond Planetary SELF.

The problem is that humanity cannot believe what they do not understand. And, since many humans do not understand the concept of being a Multidimensional Being, they cannot understand the concept of ascension.

To a being who only believes that they are ONLY the third dimensional body that they are wearing, the concept of their being a Multidimensional Being seems impossible. However, these humans are thinking and perceiving ONLY from their third dimensional perceptions and third dimensional belief systems.

To be able to have multidimensional perception of your reality, one must be able to believe in and understand the concept of “multidimensional.” Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, who remember and embrace our innate Multidimensional  SELF, wish to assist you, to remember that YOU too are a multidimensional being.

However, once you had a few third dimensional incarnations on the third dimensional frequency of Gaia, you totally forgot your true Multidimensional SELF. You FORGOT your Starship that took you to Earth in order to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension. AND, you forgot your own Multidimensional SELF who piloted and/or rode in a fifth dimensional Starship.

Worse yet, spending so much “time” on third dimensional Earth, you forgot that time does not exist in the same manner in the fifth dimension and beyond. In the fifth dimension and beyond, time is only NOW. Therefore, you do not look forward to the future or regret your past, as there is only the NOW of what is often called on Earth as “no time.”

Therefore, many brave warriors who took a third dimensional vessel in order to assist third dimensional Gaia, have forgotten their innate sense of  “no time.” Therefore, they have forgotten that “time” creates a sense of “separation.”

It is for this reason that many of our brave warriors for the LIGHT who chose to take an Earth vessel, got lost in the “time” of the third dimension. Therefore, they forgot that they never needed to wait for anything to occur because there is no “waiting” within the fifth dimensional NOW.

In their innate fifth dimensional reality of the higher dimensional worlds, they instantly created their reality with their thoughts and emotions. The “thoughts” created the framework for whatever they were creating, and the “emotions” filled in the framework with the substance.

When all creation was formed while in a fifth dimensional reality, there was not “time” to wait for that creation to be decided on, studied, slowly created and/or finally completed.

Instead, the thought became a “thought-form,” which was then filled with “unconditional love,” which is the innate creative force of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Once the format of the “thought form” was filled with the creative powers of “unconditional love,” the creation was completed. However, the more “individual beings” who joined into “ONE unified being” the stronger, larger and more powerful was the creation.

We, the Arcturians, realize that it is difficult for our brave beings who volunteered to take an earth vessel to protect, and actually to rescue, our dear Planetary Friend, Gaia, to remember they too—in fact YOU TOO—are among the Ones who chose to take an incarnation on our beloved, planetary friend Gaia!

We, your Galactic Family, who still reside in the fifth dimensional worlds and fifth dimensional Starships, wish to honor ALL of our dear comrades and family members who have chosen to take an earth vessel within this importantNOW of Gaia’s transition into her fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Gaia wants all of her beloved human friends, many of them who are Galactic Friends, to accept the Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love that we send to you with our every thought.


Your Galactic Family

We miss you and hope that soon YOU too will remember how to communicate with us while you are still wearing your third dimensional earth vessel.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 1:47 PM

Image via Suzanne Lie


The Awakening ONES – Suzanne Lie

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Awakening ONES–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear  Arcturian,

Do you have a message for me today.

Dear One,

Yes, we always have a message for those of you who pass on our information to others.

We see that there are many challenges within your third dimensional reality. An important component for these many changes is that Gaia, the beloved planet on which the humans live, is going through many transitions.

Yes, planets, including your dear Gaia of Earth, are alive beings that have times when they are calm and stable and times when they are going through transitions. It is within your NOW, that Gaia is going through many changes, which are largely do to the humans who live upon Her planetary body.

Many humans think that dear Gaia, the alive being known as “Mother Earth,” is currently preparing, and also is nowgoing through, many changes. It is true that within this NOW of Gaia changing, that humanity is changing, as well.

You see, dear human ones, Gaia is a living being in the same manner as you humans are living beings. However, far too many humans, especially certain humans in higher places, have forgotten that they took a human incarnation within this now to assist Gaia with Her changes towards HER Planetary Ascension.

Just as humans have times when they feel stable within their human body, Gaia has times when She feels stable within the planetary body. If Gaia is in a stable NOW, the humans often feel that stability. Of course, many, if not most of the humans, are not aware that they are sensing Gaia’s stability, but they are often aware of their own stability.

Some humans, if not most humans, are grateful for this sense of stability, but only think of it as their “personal sense of stability” and do not realize that they are feeling stable because Gaia, a living being on which they live, is also feeling stable.

On the other hand, there are also humans who are aware that they, the humans who have chosen to take an earth vessel on Gaia during this time of transition, are also aware of sensing a changing energy fields of the planet Gaia on which they live.

Some humans feel strong enough in their higher/inner perceptions that they will share their information with others. But, many humans are afraid that others will mock them for thinking of dear Gaia as a living being, rather than a big, circular rock. This is because there are also humans who are not aware that Gaia is a living being in the same manner that they, the humans, are living beings.

Therefore, those who do NOT perceive Gaia as a living being have no problem with harming Gaia’s land, dumping their human waste, which is huge, into the ocean, the earth, and allowing the tainted energies to move into Gaia’s sky and atmosphere.

Many of we, the Arcturians, as well as all of  our/your fifth dimensional Galactic Family, have made the great sacrifice of taking a third dimensional earth vessel. In fact, there are many “fifth dimensional humans” on Earth who have volunteered to take an incarnation on third dimensional Gaia in order to assist Gaia during Her “time of great change.”

The reason why many fifth dimensional, and beyond, are taking third/fourth dimensional forms is because they want to assist Gaia during Her NOW of planetary transition into a higher frequency of resonance.

They are also coming to assist Gaia because many, if not most, humans do NOT think of themselves as choosing to take an incarnation on third dimensional Gaia. This thinking is because most humans cannot remember their lives on the fourth, fifth and beyond dimensions, as well as their lives on their fifth dimensional Homeworld or Starship.

In fact, most humans do NOT remember any of their own higher dimensional life. This forgetfulness is often because they worry that it would make their Earth life too difficult if they were to remember their higher dimensional reality.

Therefore, they FORGET the higher frequencies of their own Multidimensional SELF, and only remember their third dimensional childhood and forward. However, fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to remember that there just may something, somewhere and/or someone that feels VERY familiar, who seems to be of a higher frequency.

Simultaneously, they feel much like this someone, somewhere is very close to them. Some humans remember playing with this “imaginary being” when then were children. But, when they “grew up” they no longer believed in those childhood fantasies.

However, there is also humans who are born with, or may even find their adult selves in a situation in which they are beginning to dream about, remember, or even wish for, a different, higher, totally loving inner reality.

This different inner reality is different from the daily strife and challenges of their third dimensional, physical, outer reality. Fortunately, more and more, humans are beginning to be awakening to that a component of this higher dimensional, physical SELF who remembers.

At first, this “remembering” seems like a dream that they must have had, but it is almost completely forgotten. In fact, it may seem that all that is left of this “dream,” is a vague memory of some place or some thing, or maybe even some one, who is kinder, more loving, deeply centered and fully awakened.

“That can’t be any part of me!” they think, trying not to be conceited. But what does conceited mean? The human thesaurus says it means: proud, smug, arrogant or even acting superior.

However, the humans who are actually Galactics that have chosen to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia in Her Planetary time of great need, are quickly, or slowly, remembering that “being conceited” is just a third dimension term that does not seem to be a part of the other/higher reality that they are somehow remembering.

It often feels difficult for those who remember that they are NOT JUST humans, but when they feel this higher frequency of their own SELF, which seems to resonate to a higher frequency of realty, they begin to remember!!

However, many of these “remembering ones” must not tell anyone else who they think they really are, or they would be “conceited.” Worse yet, if one were to reveal the inner fact that they have “remembered” about their higher dimensional origin, they may even be consider to be “crazy.”

It was not the humans who started that rumor. It was those who wanted to have power OVER others who started that rumor. These “power over others” humans needed to diminish that who are awakening to their true, Multidimensional SELF.

It is for this reason that, we, the members of your Galactic Family, have come into your NOW to remind you that: YOU ARE CORRECT! YES, YOU are Galactic Beings whose Home Worlds are in the fourth, fifth and beyond, higher frequency of reality.

You, yes YOU, have volunteered to take a third dimensional earth vessel so that you could assist Gaia, a seemingly third dimensional planetary being, to ascend into Her innate fifth dimensional planetary form.

It is important for you, “The Awakening Ones,” to remember that those of you who are able to connect with your own fifth dimensional expression of SELF, have chosen/volunteered to take a third dimensional earth vessel so that you could understand and assist the other humans who also believe that they are only third dimensional.

What most humans do NOT understand is that Gaia—Earth—is NOT just a third dimensional planet. Gaia, Earth, is also a multidimensional being, just like all of her inhabitants that have taken seemingly third forms on Gaia so that they can assist Her to return to Her true fifth dimensional and beyond Planetary SELF.

The problem is that humanity cannot believe what they do not understand. And, since many humans do not understand the concept of being a Multidimensional Being, they cannot understand the concept of ascension.

To a being who always believes that they are ONLY the third dimensional body that they are wearing, the concept of their being a Multidimensional Being seems impossible. However, these humans are thinking and perceiving ONLY from their third dimensional perceptions and third dimensional belief systems.

To be able to have multidimensional perceptions of your reality, one must be able to believe in and understand the concept of “multidimensional.” Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, who remembers and embraces your innate Multidimensional  SELF, wish to assist you to remember that YOU, too, are a multidimensional being.

However, once you have lived a few third dimensional incarnations on the third dimensional frequency of Gaia, many of you totally forgot your true Multidimensional SELF.

You FORGOT your Starship that took you to Earth in order to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, AND, you forgot your own Multidimensional SELF who piloted and/or rode in a fifth dimensional Starship.

Worse yet, spending so much “time” on third dimensional Earth, you forgot that time does not exist in the same manner in the fifth dimension and beyond. In the fifth dimension and beyond, time is only NOW.

Therefore, you do not look forward to the future or regret your past, as there is only the NOW of what is often called on Earth “no time.”

Many brave warriors who took a third dimensional vessel in order to assist third dimensional Gaia, have forgotten their innate sense of “no time.” Therefore, they have forgotten that “time” creates a sense of “separation.”

It is for this reason that many of our brave warriors for the LIGHT who chose to take an earth vessel, got lost in the “time” of the third dimension. Then, they forgot that they never needed to wait for anything to occur because there is no “waiting” within the fifth dimensional NOW.

In their innate fifth dimensional reality of the higher dimensional worlds, they instantly created their reality with their thoughts and emotions. The “thoughts” created the framework for whatever they were creating, and the “emotions” filled in the framework with higher dimensional substance.

When all creation was formed as a fifth dimensional reality, there was not “time” to wait for that creation to be decided on, studied, slowly created and/or finally completed. Instead, the thought became a “thought-form,” which was then filled with “Unconditional Love,” which is the innate creative force of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Once the format of the “thought form” was filled with the creative powers of “Unconditional Love,” the creation was completed. Then, the more “individual beings” who joined into “ONE unified being” the stronger, larger and more powerful was the creation.

We, the Arcturians, realize that it is difficult for our brave beings who volunteered to take an earth vessel to protect, and actually to rescue, our dear Planetary Friend, Gaia, to remember they too—in fact YOU TOO—are among the Ones who chose to take an incarnation on our beloved, planetary friend, Gaia!

We, your Galactic Family, who still reside in the fifth dimensional worlds and fifth dimensional Starships, wish to honor ALL of our dear comrades and family members who have chosen to take an earth vessel within this important NOW of Gaia’s transition into her fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Gaia wants all of her beloved human friends, many of them who are Galactics, to accept the Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love that we send to you with our every thought. We miss you and hope that soon YOU too will remember how to communicate with us while you are still wearing your third dimensional earth vessel.

We lovingly ask that when you remember that higher/inter-dimensional communication, please, assist others to remember it as well.


Your Galactic Family

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Three Opposing Energies – Steve Beckow

Warrior Angels painting by Glenda Stevens - angels several male

Warrior Angels painting by Glenda Stevens


Three Opposing Energies

I have to tell you what a problem I’m having with three seemingly-opposing energies. Three apparently-antagonistic sides of myself.

Warrior Side

One side says “Stop!” to the Deep State and to international human-rights abusers who are apparently not part of the Deep State.  This voice comes from my gut, my will.

Hey, what’s hard about stopping? Stopping is the easiest thing in the world to do. I’m not asking people to jump through hoops. Just stop.

In saying “Stop!” I realize that those who are simply wanting to elevate, to use Suzi’s word, may find this note to be jarring. That becomes a factor that weighs on me.

Nevertheless there is a warrior side of me that needs to be acknowledged, who wants all human-rights abuses on the planet to stop. I’m even willing to put a date to it: by Jan. 1, 2020.

So there’s that side of me.

Service Side

The second is the side of my mission, what Hindus might call “dharma” (duty) or seva (service).

That duty is to be a neutral voice, an honest broker, a bridge between the galactics and terrestrials.  Allegiance to it comes from my adult consciousness state.

This side of me has been told, repeatedly, that even being a pipeline is a side event. The main event is Disclosure. (1)

It’s been told not to enter the lists, the fray, the battle. There are those for whom that’s in their soul contract; it isn’t in mine.

Consequently, this side draws back from what the first side wants – to join battle.

Heart Side

The third side is that of my heart, which just wants to love everybody.  This urge comes from my soul, deeply seated in the spiritual heart.

And then there’s a third side of me, assuming increasing importance, and that’s the side that experiences love and bliss.

Love and bliss are both universal and both flow; they cannot be channeled or contained.

So when I feel the love or bliss arise from my heart, all I want to do is open my arms and share it with everyone. This is love’s impact.

Especially all the people who were seriously abused as children and now are human-rights abusers themselves.

This side of me arises when I call up the love from my heart with my inbreath. As if I was smelling a wonderful flower. Or drawing in a really-deep breath.

I bring up a deep wave of love. And because it must flow, I send it out to the world on the outbreath.

Higher-dimensional love satisfies to the depths of one’s being. Harmful thoughts do not arise in it.

We had it right a long time ago: Make love; not war.

If we all drew love up from our hearts (make love) and sent it out to the world, there’d be no wars. (And we will, in the future. It’s called Ascension.)

This side of me is not an active side. Except if you call hugging active.

Back to me, the operator, the participant/observer.

How does one manage the three? Because I’m going to need to.

You have your mission as well and may find yourself in exactly the same position.

I’m simply resting with the paradoxes that arise from having three distinct sides to myself at this moment.

I’m allowing the cognitive dissonance (irritability) that goes with it to be there and inviting the paradigmatic breakthrough that should follow – my “Aha!” moment or realization. (2)

That breakthrough starts with awareness.


(1) Archangel Michael: Do not forget. You are a communicator first and foremost and, yes, there will be a flurry of activity in the establishment and a flurry of activity in the grounding.  But first and foremost, dear heart, you are a communicator on process, on truth.

You are a bridge to your star brothers and sisters. The money is just a side event. The main event has yet to occur. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 2, 2013.)

AAM: Do not become overly enmeshed in the money issues. Yes, it is good to be generous, sharing, philanthropic.

But your primary purpose, as you know, is to be the communicator, and particularly as things emerge to be the go-between, between not only us [celestials] but also the star brothers and sisters as well. Do not lose your primary focus. (Ibid., Aug. 27, 2013.)

(2) On the process of paradigmatic breakthrough, see:

“The Principles of Largescale Employment Projects – Part 2/2,”
February 23, 2016, at https://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/02/23/the-principles-of-largescale-employment-projects-part-22/

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Warrior Angels painting by Glenda Stevens

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Buddha black circles colour

Aloha beLOVEd Star-Light-Soul family,

We are on day 3 of PURE pure pure frequencies… Universal Cosmic love so pure…. flooding forth and RAYdiating out through our Divine Essence, presence and breath…

Allow yourself the brilliance, bliss, serenity, stillness and exquisiteness of experience….
Pure heart connection
Such a stimulation of every cell and senses
So pristine

Touching all as kindness, softness and caring
Through every energetic exchange….
Pure Beauty to be shared….
And experienced fully….

Open your whole BEING
Every aspect of you
Wide open

Whatever words you use to describe
It’s the feeling
The experience
Not the words……

(This is a short update for now, as I’ve been offline fulfilling a multitude of all that’s highest aligned in service for us all. Gatekeeper and Gridkeepers function and flow differently, Embodiers stabilize, hold and implement accordingly to that which is highest aligned for all… respecting from the purest place of Love and honoring this same way, fulfilling purposes/roles with our every act/exchange and in a multitude of ways)…

As soon as my own reality opens up space to be online/or post a bit, I’ll make a bit available.

The 1010 Divine Alignment Gateway POURED OPEN 3 days ago and continues to flood forth powerfully, strongly, beautifully….

From all of my hearts to yours…. keep anchoring and integrating the vastness of these magnificent harmonizing and unifying frequencies (and continuing to release/transform/dissolve/align all that presents within you/your reality/illusion/dream that’s not)….

Keep uniting, keep creating, keep uplifting, shifting, supporting, expanding, sharing and loving/respecting you/all as love…..

Bringing more NEW Earth Realities into fruition as you do.

Immense love and gifted blessings,

P.s. such pure gratitude and recognition to all embracing and living this, sharing this, holding this…. as its beyond important for humanity and your service is beyond appreciated and recognized and visible… keep shining, while honoring what you need, as building your Light, holding your Light, Sharing and supporting and connecting as Light won’t “look like” what anyone “thought”. You will see/know/understand…. which is all that matters. The rest is a bonus.




Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah