Returning To Our Innate Light Language – Suzanne Lie

Art by Suzanne Lie


Thursday, September 26, 2019

Returning To Our Innate Light Language–Through Suzanne Lie

The Core of Light Language is That

Pictures say WORDS and Words show PICTURES

There are pictures of reality all around us that are “saying” words, and words that are “creating” pictures in our hearts and minds. As these words and pictures join within our heart and mind, they offer us a deeper awareness of the world around us.

These pictures and words enter our awareness and intermingle with our conscious and unconscious, thoughts and emotions. In the same NOW, people around us are saying words to us that create pictures in our mind and feelings in our heart.

When we put the pictures and words together, we also join our hearts and our minds. It is this merging of heart and mind that assist us to join more deeply with others, with our inner self, and with our outer reality.

In fact, our communication began when we were babies. First, we could see pictures, and then we found the words for those pictures. We also discovered that the words that we heard, or said, often created pictures in our minds and feelings in our heart.

It was the joining of our thoughts/minds and our feelings/emotions  that allowed us to understand what the words meant. We also discovered that when we “saw pictures” of our outer world and “heard words,” from those around us, that we were not alone.

However, we did not yet understand that pictures created words and words created pictures. Then, as we began to matured even more, we were able to see how the pictures of life that we saw helped us to understand the words that we heard around us.

It was via the joining of the pictures and words that we expanded our daily communications with others and with our self.

As we return to our fifth dimensional SELF, we are learning, and remembering, that our fifth dimensional language is based on allowing the pictures that we feel in our heart and see in our mind to connect with the words and sounds that we hear and feel.

It is in this manner that we are beginning to experience how we can speak and hear Light Language through our higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

As we return to our fifth dimensional SELF, we are learning/remembering our “fifth dimensional/inter-dimensional language.”

This higher dimensional language is actually an “Interdimensional Language” because it resonates to the third through the fifth dimensional frequencies of communication.

Verbal language allows our thoughts, feelings, and visions to join  into pictures that that we perceive with our heart and words that we  hear in our minds. These inner, and outer, pictures and words allow us to see, hear, and connect the inner and outer words that fill our reality.

These pictures and words are perceived inside of us, outside of us and beyond us via the fifth dimensional Light Language enters our consciousness via our higher dimensional expressions of SELF. So, the question is:

How can I communicate with my own

Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF?

As I pondered that question, I decided to expand 
my perceptions toward a higher perspective.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:01 PM

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