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I love the flow of sound and light and vibration in OM.

Living from that inspired effortlessness and vibration is truly an ideal that should be in every group, school, political party and governing body on our planet to light it up.

Like you all I feel the power of OM and meditative awareness arising naturally throughout my day and night.

My dream last night is part of my meditation as when I went to sleep I was doing conscious connected OM breathing 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out so I had a dream that I was meditating on OM, and it was so clear and when I arose the OM vibration and beautiful breath continued as a baseline.

It is with me now as I write.

So even though I attempted to do a guided Light Love and Peace LLP meditation I was not particularly successful as the dream OM and the waking OM and the pre-sleep OM permeated the consciousness.

It feels so beautiful as my intention is simply to be in that presence from moment to moment.

As for the graph it shows the light and sound in the beginning without me really doing anything. Alpha Delta and theta pretty much follow each other while gamma drops.

I was breathing subtly and so watched as or there is a shifting of energy in love and compassion so gamma rises as does delta to a certain extent. As you know my focus is on the third eye ajna chakra and over these months of practice I have discovered gamma rises with less amplitude yet similar feeling to high in the light. Energy is there in the crown but not in the same way as if I shift awareness to the Bindu point in the crown. Visual light nimitta is incredibly strong. As you know at various times the golden halo, blue pearl and five pointed star appear. When I do the LLP the light is subtly different, like pure clear light.

It is very subtle and I am barely doing anything throughout. Following the beautiful breath.

In the heart section gamma stays and delta theta flatten while in the stillness section delta theta join and gamma drops. It is still, luminous and vibrant. OM is different at this point than in the beginning. The beginning delta theta OM is much more of a roar like wind or the ocean. In the end it is merged with stillness, resounding and embracing.

As I have discovered in my raw data graphs the stability is there and is reasonably low in terms of standard deviation I think given the type of practice in that it primarily has a third eye focus, with stillness and subtly breathing the beautiful breath.

Love Light and Peace

Stephen Altair


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