Before I Knew What Love Was – Part 2/3

Dreamwork ~ Artist Wen Hsu


Before I Knew What Love Was โ€“ Part 2/3

(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

Youโ€™d have to be blind not to see the difference between me then and me now.

The dividing line in my life was the heart opening of March 13, 2o15. After that, I knew what love is. (1)

That was the line in the sand. Life was never again the same.

What was it the Buddha said? Better to give up kingdoms in three dimensions than to give up the Buddha Nature โ€“ which is Love.

How many channeled messages point their fingers at love and say, โ€œThere it is. There it is.โ€ But we, from our more ordinary experience of love, do not get, do not experience, and do not realize what it is theyโ€™re pointing at.

If I were to find a metaphor, Iโ€™d say that life in the Third/Fourth Dimension is like swimming in water versus life on the dry land of the Fifth.

We have to work to get anywhere and the speeds we can attain โ€“ speed of thought, speed of emotional experience, pace of realizations if we ever reach them โ€“ are slowed by the density of the medium.

What follows is not a metaphor. This is a report from an out-of-body experience I had in 1977.ย  I mention it to provide a second view of the density which the physical body in the Third-Dimensional density impedes any refined experience.

I fully experienced re-entering my body after a lucid dream and went through the process of the spirit moving from โ€œinsideโ€ to โ€œoutside,โ€ so to speak.

Upon first arriving, I was not looking out through my eyes. But when consciousness shifted from being inside to being outside, I foundย  myself looking out through the bodyโ€™s eyes.

In the process I got to experience the spirit before it โ€œre-enteredโ€ the physical body and after.ย  I can testify that the spirit body metaphorically is softer than the down at the base of a feather.ย  The physical body, in contrast, is as dense as India rubber.

Very few of the feelings from my spirit body penetrated the dense medium that the physical body is.

So we have to realize that weโ€™re swimming in a dense medium. Itโ€™s density makes it very difficult to experience a highly-refined state such as real love.

(Concluded inย  Part 3, tomorrow.)


(1) See โ€œSubmerged in Love,โ€ March 14, 2015, atย

Archangel Michael: The heart opening is the blessing in which you became more clearly aware of your infinite, eternal Self.

Steve Beckow: It didnโ€™t happen in a blinding light or anything.

AAM: No, it did not. It happened in the quiet of the day and the night. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Apr. 24, 2015.)


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