Before I Knew What Love Was – Part 3/3 – Steve Beckow


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Before I Knew What Love Was – Part 3/3

(Concluded from Part 2, yesterday.)

I’m going to call this kind of love “higher-dimensional love” or “transformative love.” (1)

There’s no grounds to worry.  We’re all of us experiencing – or going to experience – this very same love and heart opening. (2)

No one will miss out. Ramakrishna used to say, some will eat in the morning, some at noon, and some in the evening, but all will be fed.  Never was that more true than for this generation.

In the morning are the explorers, the pathfinders, the first wave. At noon, are the gatekeepers, the shepherds, the second wave. And in the evening are the pillars, the old hands, the third wave.

You’ve all heard about the time of separation, the time of division.  Well, in my opinion, the heart opening will begin it.

There will be those who, in the face of the rising energies, simply reject love. The rest who accept and welcome love will be allowed to proceed unmolested.  Their paths will now diverge, as SaLuSa, Michael, and Adamu have been saying. (3)

This will all happen in consciousness but it’ll be reflected in setting. (4)

In my opinion, the depth of our love is what determines what Matthew calls our “evolvement.” It determines the depth of our experiencing generally, depth of wisdom, etc.

And under the Mother’s care, we’re all (who accept love) being brought along gradually to a state that allows us to experience that inner tsunami of love that rages just inside the door of the heart. (5)

Oh, how to get those doors open? That is the question.  But this generation has the security of knowing that the Mother has a Plan and that Plan is mass/physical Ascension.

It’ll be fun for me when the heart opening happens. I won’t be Robinson Crusoe any longer.  You think waiting for the Reval is hard. How about waiting for your buddies to show up on the other side of a planetary heart opening?

I can’t think of anything else that’s better than love, deeper, or more inspiring. It deepens and elevates, deepens and elevates, like a wave, always flowing, in and out.

When the door is opened and we all find ourselves swimming in real love, we’ll all of us say: “Oh, THIS is what they’re all talking about.” Yes, THIS is what they’re all talking about.

“Strain and see.” (7)


(1) Only the Third Dimension does not feel this kind of love. All higher dimensions do. Therefore I call it “higher-dimensional love.”

“Transformative” in the sense that it transforms all negativity whereas, with ordinary love, negativity usually drowns it out.  Nothing can drown out this higher-dimensional love.

(2) Most of us gradually; some of us sudden.

What’s the difference between a heart opening and a heart attack?

A heart opening is over in a few seconds, and is either a sharp explosion or a sharp implosion, localized in the spiritual heart, two digits to the right of the breastbone. At no time are you in danger.

A heart attack is extremely painful without let-up and is generalized in its effect on the individual. If you’re in continuous, generalized pain, please seek medical attention.

(3) SaLuSa: “If you can find balance and harmony in your life now, we would say that you are already living from a higher state of consciousness. Is it then no wonder that you feel different to many people around you, and find their ways no longer acceptable? It is a sign of the separation that is occurring at the present time, and it is a perfectly normal development.” (SaLuSa, May 31, 2010 at [My emphasis.]

SaLuSa: “Life on your present Earth is coming to an end and of necessity, because the cycle of duality has all but completed its course. Nothing stands still and all is in motion and change to take up a new position according to its vibration. Separation of the souls on Earth is therefore quite a natural occurrence, as the Law of Attraction is always in action.” (SaLuSa, Nov. 5, 2012.)

Michael: “We have talked about the time of division. Not abandonment, not rejection, but of saying to the collective, ‘There is a better way.’” (“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: You Have Chosen to Be the New Paradigm of Love, May 31, 2018,” June 7, 2018, at

Adamu: “Two timelines flow according to our choice to be self-responsible (SR) or other responsible (OR). …

“Besides these two timelines…the SR and the OR ones…consciousness arose that at least one additional timeline must be created, because there’s something very special happening on Earth right now.

“From the Matrix up, beings are awakening, but a very small number of them are awakening in a way that is “completely delightfully amazingly surprising. …

“Those that are awakening in this way would be wasted on the SR or OR path. For those on the accelerated path, this would be a plodding, slow journey.

“So, a transcendent new level of reality needed to be opened up for those.” (Suzi Maresca, “Notes on Adamu Speaks ~ Timelines… and the Dissolution of the illuminati!” August 13, 2019, at

(4) How consciousness affects setting is beyond my knowledge. Everyday reports from afterlife communicators simply regard the fact that consciousness determines setting as obvious. But I’m not sure if they could explain how it all happens either.  Matthew Ward might since he used to design afterlife world settings.

(5) By the doors of the heart, I mean the hridayam or heart aperture. Normally it’s closed. In a heart opening, it opens and we, as points of consciousness, find ourselves inside it and in a river of love. It sweeps all cares from our minds, fills up the room we’re in, and leaves us in an Ocean of Love, endless in all directions. Drowned in that state, we want nothing else but more love.

Even though I feel this love at times, at other times I don’t and am as ordinary and grumpy as many people. Don’t waste your time thinking I’m walking on water. As a friend used to say, you’re a developed writer, not necessarily a developed man.

(6) “You have come to the orchard to eat mangoes. Enjoy them. What is the use of your calculating how many mango-trees there are, how many millions of branches, how many billions of leaves?”  (Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Swami Nikhilananda, trans., The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 819.)

(7)  “Do you see yourself in this state? Then you have become vision itself.

“Be of good heart. Remaining here, you have ascended aloft. You need a guide no longer. Strain and see.” (Plotinus in Elmer O’Brien, ed., The Essential Plotinus. Representative Treatises from the Enneads. Toronto: New American Library, 1964, 43.)


Blue Mystic ~ Peter O’Neill Gallery

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please let me know, Shekinah

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