Contemporization of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School – Amora Quan Yin

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Hand of The Gods ~ Flourish by Eksafael @ DeviantArt


Contemporization of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School

by Amorah Quan Yin

In early 1987, while attending a month-long workshop, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light came to me at the end of a group process and led me on an out-of-body journey. During this journey I met four Pleiadian Archangels named Ra, Maat, Ptah, and AnRa.Šwho would change my life, and many others. I was given personal spiritual activations and information, and told these Archangels and their helpers would be working with me throughout the training, and beyond. Their purpose was to teach me movement and hands-on processes that would “enable humans to release neurological holding patterns that must be released in order to handle the upcoming frequency increases on Earth.” This languaging was new to me at the time, but I believed them. Although I did not tend to trust etheric beings, I trusted them at once. They were so loving and clear. Amazing lucid dreamtime with them followed. At night while asleep I worked with them, very consciously, to learn these neurological processes, laser healing technology, and instruction on what was upcoming in the way of spiritual evolution for individuals, and Earth, as a whole. Night after night we would meet and work together in dreamtime. Then I would awaken and write it all down. After the training, they slipped behind the veils to allow me time to integrate and heal. Occasionally they would pop in during healing sessions with clients to assist or give me new instructions.

In August 1993, while on a personal retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs, these beloved, ancient friends and guides returned and brought the Ka teachings. At that time I had never heard of Ka. Ra defined Ka as the “divine double of your physical body that creates an interface between you and your Higher Self. This enables you to finally embody your Higher Self fully and become a Christed Being.” Ra and Ascended Master Jesus Christ worked with me all evening, assisting me in remembering past lives as a temple dreamer in the Egyptian spiritual era. I had agreed with these Pleiadian Archangels, prior to my first physical incarnation, to be the one who would “dream these mystery school teachings into Earth through lucid dreaming and communication with higher-dimensional Light Beings.” Tears and Light encodings flowed simultaneously as I once again anchored this role. This was the step that led to the first Pleiadian Lightwork Intensive, the name given to the healing and teaching aspect of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School that I founded later that year.

A true mystery school is a spiritual system that can take an individual, wherever he/she is in present through all of the steps to enlightenment and ascension. The word mystery does not mean elitism or secrecy. It means that the higher learnings and initiations are not revealed until the individual is properly prepared. It also means that the final stages of every path are truly a mystery that only the seeker can discover for him/herself, once the initiatic preparations have been completed. In other words, the final stage of awakening on everyone’s path comes through self-discovery.

Let me take a moment to clarify one thing. There are numerous mystery school systems on Earth now and in the past. I just happen to be a dreamer/channel/anchor for this one. Each system has equal beauty. There are many avenues to awakening, enlightenment, and ascension. This is only one of those systems to which certain individuals are drawn, while others are drawn elsewhere. This is because the uniqueness and diversity of individuals and frequencies requires uniqueness and diversity in the spiritual systems that lead us all the way home to our true selves.

Dolphin Star Temple is a mystery school system designed to assist participants toward full-body enlightenment, Christ consciousness, and ascension. In doing so, the intention is to glorify and sanctify human third-dimensional reality, by bringing it into full alignment with Divine Truth and Divine Love through all dimensionsŠnot to run away from physical existence. The physical dimension is simply the place where spirits have an opportunity to experience life and its many circumstances, in a sequential manner through time and space. It is the place where higher-dimensional consciousnesses are grounded and experience one thing at a time. And it is the place in which all dimensions and aspects of consciousness can eventually meet and experience Oneness. Therefore, as a mystery school of ascension teachings, participants are encouraged to be life-affirming and to fully embody their Christed Selves. Life is a great gift to our Higher Selves, or Holy Spirits. When our identities return to Truth, we become who we really are, and are released from false identities and ego. Then we are free to exist in the Divine Flow of Oneness through all dimensions with God/Goddess/All That Is.

Our purpose is to assist in bringing about the second coming of Christ en masse: when a minimum of 144,000 humans come into their full, multidimensional alignment, maintaining their Pillars of Light all the time. When at least 144,000 humans have attained Christ Consciousness, an enlightenment wave will be experienced by all living beings on Earth. Everyone will have a brief experience of Divine Truth and enlightenment. Afterward, each human being will be enabled to make a conscious choice, based on that experience, about whether or not to continue in an illusionary, ego-based reality, or to choose a life based upon spiritual growth, Divine Love, and alignment with Divine Truth and the Divine Plan.

The Pleiadian and Sirian Emissaries of Light, in cooperation with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ray of the Ascended Christ, and the Galactic and Intergalactic Federations of Light, have brought about the Ka, Ba, and Merkabah teachings as they once existed in ancient Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt. These ancient mystery schools taught seekers in a specific sequential order. The sequence was/is designed to assure that any student/seeker has always been prepared with whatever teachings, healings, activations, self-help tools, and initiations are needed before moving to a next level. The sequential order is: to be given a) self-help tools for clearing karma and releasing ego-identity, b) meditation techniques, and c) teachings about impeccability; d) to awaken the Divine Ka and embody one’s Higher Self; e) to heal the Ba, or soul, and return it to its essential state of splendor, glory, innocence, love, and connection to Source; f) to heal the cellular structure and clear mutations; g) to clear DNA, or genetic mutations; h) to heal the male/female split and refine sexual energy with loving tantric practice; i) to anchor the Laoesh Shekinah, or Pillar of Light; j) to reconstruct and activate the Merkabah and diamond-lightbody, anchoring one through all dimensions in the sacred geometry of Light. All of this takes place within the City of Light Dolphin Star Temples which are activated and anchored for each intensive.

In ancient times, mystery schools existed in a more obvious and tangible form on Earth. At the height of Egyptian spirituality, for example, the entire culture was centered around the spiritual temples of the mystery school. A person from any walk of life might experience a spiritual awakening, recognize the importance of living in harmlessness and impeccability (to do what one knows is right in every situation), choose to awaken fully and become enlightened, and to align with his or her highest destiny. These types of inner experiences sometimes impulse spiritual seekers to join a mystery school: a system for healing, clearing, and moving through the initiatic path to enlightenment and ascension.

When the people of ancient Egypt experienced this impulse, they would go to the temples for an evaluation by the priests and priestesses. At times the priests and priestesses would give the prospective student assignments to complete before entering the initiatic path in the mystery school temple system. The prospective student was accepted into the mystery school only after he or she had completed assignments, and prepared him/herself by: 1) understanding the difference in ego-identification and identification with the Holy Spirit; 2) made a full commitment to impeccability; 3) learned that the circumstances of his/her life and relationships are teachers; 4) learned enough through meditation to hold safe boundaries; 5) recognized that life choices can no longer be based on emotional reactions such as fear, anger, and revenge.

At that point, the seeker would go before the priestesses of Sekhmet, the lion-headed Goddess. The Sekhmet channels and priestesses were the clairvoyants. Before an applicant was accepted into the temples for training and healing, he/she would stand before these clairvoyants who had highly developed gifts of sight. They knew how to look past the most well-constructed facade to what was beneath it. The Sekhmet priestesses only accepted individuals into the mystery school once they saw: a) that the individual was sincere and willing to be completely exposed on every level with nothing to hide, b) was humble and grateful when ego and karmic agendas were revealed. In other words, if a seeker did not welcome wholeheartedly the knowledge of what needed to be healed, and what habits and attitudes were in need of change, then the individual was not prepared to accept the responsibility of the initiatic path in a mature and safe manner.

Once the seeker had passed through the Sekhmet screening and preparations, he/she would enter the Hathor Temples. There the loving Priestesses of Divine Mother Hathor would begin the process of healing and renewing the emotional and etheric bodies, and the inner child. Until the seeker learned how to love and care for his/her inner child, the innocence and purity necessary for holding Light were not accessible. Hathor explained in a channeling, through me, that the Master Being is actually a balance of the magical child and the mature spiritual adult. When the child and mature adult live in harmony, cooperation, and trust great depths of self-love follow. Then and only then can the higher initiations be approached with any hope of truly divine outcome. This is because the innocence of the child is the balance to Divine Wisdom and knowledge. The purity of the child safely opens the door for Divine Power. The awe and wonder of the child supports the Divine Creativity and Humility of the mature adult. The Hathors used hands-on healing, sacred sound, and mother love to help restore this sacred balance.

The seeker was only sent for higher teachings from the priests and priestesses of Isis, Osiris, Horus, Maat, Ptah, and Thoth when the Hathor priestesses said he/she was ready. Then the Ka activations would begin, alternating with kundalini work, higher teachings and practices, and other individual processes. The Ka is the vehicle through which the individual’s Christ Self interfaces, and becomes one, with the personality and the body consciousness. Next, step-by-step, and initiation-by-initiation, the seeker would progress through the mystery school system, in a sequential order. These ancient temple then, and the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School now, follow this form of sacred protocol as a way of insuring the seeker the greatest hope of attaining the highest goal in integrity and Light. To prematurely learn a psychic skill or multidimensional alignment can lead to misuse of power, possession, and great pain.

A mystery school is a spiritual place and/or teaching, in which a human being can a) learn, b) experience healing and higher states of consciousness, and c) through right action and practice over time, attain to full-body, and all-chakra, enlightenment. After seven initiatic stages of enlightenment have been completed, the initiate moves into the next phase: becoming Christ-conscious. When this final phase has been attained to, and service on Earth completed, the Christ Self may simply choose to raise the frequency of his/her body and ascend, leaving no physical remains behind. The goal in the mystery school, therefore, is to transcend all illusions of limitation on the physical plane, to live in alignment with Divine Truth, and accomplish multidimensional alignment with one’s true self and with God/Goddess/All That Is in surrender to the Divine Flow of Love– in other words, to become the Christ Self.

The initiations along the way are such that the person will be presented with challenges and revelations relative to karma, and tendencies toward misidentification with illusion and ego. As a person meets those challenges and transcends there allurement, then the person moves to the next initiatic level.

Each initiatic level begins with a high experience during which the seeker is given a reference point in where he/she will be when that initiatic level is complete. After the person anchors that reference point, a clearing phase begins. The clearing phase includes life challenges, surfacing of old emotions, past-life karmic patterns and memories, and anything that needs to be recognized, healed, cleared, and transcended. When this is completed, the next level begins and proceeds in a similar manner, until all of the initiatic levels have been mastered.

Pleiadian Lightwork Dolphin Star Temple is one of several mystery school systems on the planet at this time. When you choose to become part of a mystery school system, that choice is intended to be made from a place of knowing inside that it is right for you. A mystery school system should not be chosen from a place of fear of missing out, giving power away to a teacher or system, or from guilt or shame. It should only be chosen from a place of knowing inside that this is what you are drawn to, that you are ready to do your inner work. The right system will evoke enthusiasm and an inner knowing that it is right for you. Whichever system you choose from that place is the best for youŠbut not necessarily for everyone. You must be ready to take responsibility for all actions in your lives, past, present, and future. It is your responsibility to come to any mystery school and its teacher/s with respect and honor of the gift that is being offeredŠbut not from the standpoint of giving any teacher a guru-like responsibility for your life. You come to become a master being, not to be a follower of someone else and make that person your master. And to be a true living Ascended Master, you must first master yourself.

The purpose for any true mystery school system is to facilitate your becoming the best you can be and living as a spiritually sovereign human Christed Self on Earth.


Hand of The Gods ~ Flourish by Eksafael @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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