The Blue Pearl – Photos & Texts (2) – Steven D Foster

The Blue Pearl ~ Symmetrical Photograph #9

Every day my conviction grew stronger:  The Blue Person “is truly my inner Self, whose light is spread throughout the entire universe.”  . . . The Blue One was my own Self, the One who lives within all, pervades the entire universe, and set it in motion, who is One without a second, nondual, and undifferentiated, and yet who is always at play, becoming many from one and one from many.  He is Shri Krishna, the eternal blue of Consciousness, the beloved life-breath . . . the Self.  Swami Muktananda ~ The Play of Consciousness

The Blue Pearl ~ Symmetrical Photograph #10

I came to see that just as a painter might paint many pictures on one canvas with just one color, one brush, and one concept, in the same way, there is One in this universe, despite all the different forms and colors that may be seen.   I came to see, in other words, that in all differences there is only one identity.  Swami Muktananda The Play of Consciousness

The Blue Pearl ~ Symmetrical Photograph #11

How beautiful it was! . . .  There was now just a mass of shining radiant light with no name and no form.  Then all the rays bursting forth from the blue light contracted and returned into the Blue Pearl.  The Blue Pearl was once again the size of a tiny seed.  Swami Muktananda The Play of Consciousness

The Blue Pearl ~ Symmetrical Photograph #12
Even now, when I meditate, as soon as I am absorbed in meditation, I see the mass of the blue rays of the Light of Consciousness and, within that, the Blue Pearl. . . . Now I really know that my Self pervades everywhere as the universe.  I am completely convinced that there is no such entity as the phenomenal world, that indeed there never was such an entity.  What we call the universe is nothing other than the conscious play of Chiti Shakti.  Swami Muktananda The Play of Consciousness
The Blue Pearl ~ Symmetrical Photograph #13              
Remember that there is a divine Person residing in the sahasrar* of everyone, and that divine Person is supremely effulgent.  I am saying this on the authority of my own personal experience.  That Person is supremely divine.  Sometimes, that being shines as a Blue Pearl in meditation and sometime He reveals himself as a human being. . .  After that vision you don’t have to ponder the Vedantic truth, “I am Brahman.”  The truth reveals its meaning to you by itself.  
The supreme truth dwells within everyone.  Tukaram Maharaj said truly (and I turn his words over in my mind again and again), “The Lord of the universe dwells within a house which is as tiny as a sesame seed.”  This is the highest doctrine, this is the highest philosophy.  The divine trinity, Brama, Vishnu, and Mahesha–in fact numerable gods and goddesses appears within the Blue Pearl and disappear.  Tukaram says that though the Pearl appears to be so tiny it contains all the three worlds in it.  Therefore, I keep asking you time and again to meditate on your own Self, and get a direct experience of Rama, the Lord, who dwells within you, as you.  You must first experience the Lord within you.  Don’t worry about the Lord outside.  The Lord who is supposed to dwell outside has manifested Himself in your heart.  Volume Five, Satsang with Baba : Questions and answers with Swami Muktananda
~ Epilogue ~

the words of

The Blue Pearl ~ Symmetrical Photograph ~ Epilogue #14 
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Meditate on the Guru in the form of the Blue Pearl.  It sits in the center of  
vibrating triangle in the thousand-petaled lotus of the sahasrara*.
You do not necessarily see only one Blue Pearl at a time; 
sometimes you see thousands and thousands 
of blue dots. The vision of the Blue Pearl 
is very intoxicating.  In fact, it has 
the ability to remove the deepest 
sorrows in your heart. . . 
You can almost feel 
what God feels.   
Gurumayi Chivilasananda 
Darshan magazine, #41- 42
The Blue Pearl ~ Symmetrical Photograph ~ Epilogue #15 
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*Sahasrara  the “Crown chakra”

The seat of the individual soul, hamsah, is the heart chakra.  The sahasrara, located in the crown of the head, is the seat of the Supreme Self.  It is here that we realize the oneness of the individual soul and the Supreme Soul.  This Supreme Hamsah is the all-powerful Great Light that devours the universe.  It is also the Guru Principle.  ~  In the sahasrara there is a triangle; in the very center of this triangle is the Blue Pearl.  This scintillating blue dot is . . .  the state of gathered-up power of Consciousness that is about to create the universe.  ~  The Blue Pearl “sprouts” into three pearls, or bindus, and the lines connecting them form the a-ka-tha triangle.  This triangle, composed of all the letters of the alphabet, is the source of all sound vibration; then these sounds or letters come down in sequence through the chakras.  The entire universe of vibrating sound is evolved from the Blue Pearl.

Swami Kripananda, a Siddha Yoga teacher, from her book: The Sacred Power


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