1000-Arm Avalokiteshvara Tibetan Chenrezig Statue @ Maitripa College, Jokhang, Portland ~ Photo by Marc Sakamoto



Your spiritual energy is your ability to realize the truth of your own practice.

You cannot be placed in a frame of space and time.

You are not one but many, everywhere at all times.

When we look deeply at the clear blue sky, or the night sky full of stars, we see it is infinite in the ultimate dimension and realize we are the same.

When we look deeply enough into ourselves we realize the same one true nature, no birth, no death and that we can exist in a much greater capacity than the time and space we normally conceive ourselves as being bound by.

When we see beyond the limitations of time and space, beyond our own limitations of powerlessness, we see the enormous stores of love and kindness and spiritual energy we have to share with the world.

female face chakra - 8th chakra


Consider the following simple exercise in transcending time and space as you read this.

Kannon-Sama Goddess of Mercy

The brahmaloka or 8th chakra is a gateway, a portal, to this timeless presence that exists around 5 to 30cm above your crown. It is the center of spiritual compassion and selflessness.

Allow your perception to guide you there now. Trust the truth of your own practice to guide you to just the right place, for you, above the crown.

Gently focus your attention and awareness there for just a few seconds. Breathe gentle, sweet love and compassion into that space. Be still in that space.

Now return to reading this.

For just those few moments perhaps you were beyond your โ€˜selfโ€™.
Transcending the time and space you thought you were bound by, simply by accessing a space you may not have given one simple moment of awareness to at any other time in your day today.

Try drawing prana, life force energy, gently from the muladhara or base chakra at the base of your spine, gently, with deepest sweet love all the way up the centre of the spine, through the heart, through the brain, to the space above the crown. Hold it there with tender calm happiness and love and then let the energy release with the exhale all the way down the spine again to the base of the spine. Do you notice how your breath becomes ever so subtle as you focus within, leaving the cares of the everyday world behind.
Do you notice how sweetness comes alive in your spine and heart and brain?

This is another example of your ability to transcend time and space and become a center of light and love for this world.

Settle now in the base of the spine, the perineum, and breathe easefully and deeply.
Try breathing in for a few seconds, hold for a few seconds, breathe out for a few seconds.
Try breathing that way once more.
Be still in that space.

How do you feel?

Calm, at peace?

You are an enormous store of peace and love for this world.

You are the light of the world.

Love and blessings always

Altair and Mother
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Modern depiction of Amaterasu Sun Goddess @ Ancient Origins

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Pointing in That Direction – Steve Beckow

Lighthouse by Wilma Kleinhans


Pointed in That Direction

Iโ€™m struggling in the storm of my own polarity or dualism.

Iย doย love some and hate others. Iย doย want some to win and others to lose.

Iย donโ€™tย put a lot of energy into loving everyone โ€“ no, not politician X or businessman Y.

But at the same time I also know that love is universal by its very nature.

If an inner tsunami of love comes, it wipes out every negative thought and feeling in its path. Nothing negative survives in the face of its flow.

While love is very selective in the sense that it doesnโ€™t disturb those who are closed to it, with those who are open to it and able to experience it, it flows universally.

I cannot make it flow to Mary and not to Bill. In that sense, itโ€™s non-selective.

If weโ€™re polar or dual, separative or arrogant, we cut off our awareness of the flow. Thatโ€™s the price we pay.

The actual experience of this love, while not entirely a distant memory for me, is nothingย  compared to what it was in 2015.ย  But for a person with a not-well-functioning short-term memory,ย thatย memory is indelibly etched on my mind.

I ask myself: Is it worth me losing all access to this love to harbor party positions, hate criminals, gossip, and scheme? Do I want to cut myself off from this love, compared with which thereโ€™s nothing else worth having? No, I donโ€™t, plain and simple.

Living in that state permanently and fully โ€“ which we call Ascension โ€“ is what draws me on.

Whether or not Iโ€™m very accomplished at imitating loveโ€™s example by loving universally, my ship is pointed in that direction.


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The Unending Journey ~ Soul Harmonization – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Sita – Daughter of The Earth oil painting @ Tom’s Gallery


The Unending Journey ~ Soul Harmonization

Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn

All Rights Reserved to Channel


Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. And we tell you, you are dearly beloved, one and all !

Dear Ones, as we have stated in numerous channels, because you all need to learn how to love and also to create responsibly, you plan & have total separate lifetime strings in Power ‘set-ups’ and unconditional Love ‘set-ups’ in which the focal study and experience can become so vastly different that they become extremely polarized.

Personalities within each evolve so differently in some cases that what may be termed a soul fragmentation or soul polarization seemingly occurs within the multidimensional holograms of your ‘lifetimes’. Some of you would be quite shocked at the extremities.

Many of you in your spiritual contexts would feel repulsed by the personality expressions you have experienced in learning power, and vice versa. Thus the ‘soul fracture….yet all must be harmonized and ‘retrieved’ and reconciled into soul harmony. The good in each must be chosen, and that which does not serve released.

This retrieval and harmony can and must occur . A process of this is taught in the Mer-Ka-Va phase, the second level of the Mer-Ka-Na Crystalline Light Body as well as the third.

Because as you reach the more complex stages of lifetimes then, you blend the two life streams, and this is among the most complex of puzzles, and one of the last pieces required for true Mastery.

And so as you retrieve the soul, and many of you are doing that NOW, you will blend the 2 chains of studies into the present experience. This presents a great challenge, for at times you will come to algorithmic ‘forks in the road’ along the pathway of enlightenment where you must choose between two directions.

A fork in the road appears that will seem to you to be right in either direction. The fork is between Power and Love, and both, dear ones, are necessary. So the decision is which takes precedent, and that lesson is among the most difficult you will encounter.

Love does not mean allowing someone else to step on your foot, and Power does not mean stepping on others feet who are ‘in the way’ when you are sure you are right.

The Double Edge of Leadership

For those who achieve influential authority in spiritual leadership, the decision process becomes so much more critical, for responsibility to enact the truth is required to keep what has been learned. Influence, Dear Ones, is the double edged sword of spiritual leadership and it must be tempered and ever wielded in wisdom.

All of you are sparks of Creator. All of you are family composed of Divine Mind. So remember as you move forward, to realize that love is a frequencial key that can never be forgotten. Yet there will be times when all humans do forget. And I speak to all of you herewith.

Walking your talk is imperative in spiritual leadership. Yet, as you move forward the pitfalls are more difficult to see, and there may be times when you are less patient with others of different mindset, of lesser advancement. And that in itself is a set-up of trial and growth.

We beseech you to not put yourself on a throne, and do not forsake those who abide in what may appear to you as the dimmer recesses of heart and mind. Do not so quickly condemn those that attempt to cast doubt on you or point fingers for the errors of others even when the accusers refuse to see the faults within themselves.

And while we recognize this is easier said than done, do not turn away from conflict so quickly and self righteously that your haste and knee jerk reaction blinds you to a greater truth. Take time to self review, and do so from a stance of dispassion. Does not one of your ‘Four Agreements tell you to “Never take anything personally?” There is indeed wisdom in this.

We will share another pearl of acumen, and take a moment to deeply consider this: Wisdom does not automatically occur thru the mere collation of knowledge, regardless of how vast. Rather it comes through the intense distillation of experience and self review in pure unbiased thought.
True wisdom can only occur in states of non emotional examination of your experience via your own inner third- person stance! And to do this you must filter out the untoward unconscious beliefs associated with experience in 3rd dimensional mind. Do you understand?

And Masters, we do indeed recognize the great challenge therein when the frolic of day to day stresses seem to require the full focus of your attention consciousness in 3d. It takes tremendous effort to stem the powerful tide of emotion and fear-survival impetus in duality, yet it must be done, and sooner or later you each will learn this! This is what is symbolized in the ‘slaying of the serpent’ in your religious allegory and metaphors. And it requires thinking in clear mind.

Indeed all of you will at certain points encounter this conceptual shift as a subjective experience of clear mind when you access the higher divine dimensions. It will enter as a pure unbiased thought and feel like a refreshing invigorating wave. It is a seventh dimensional vibrational matrix that each of you must recognize and then nurture. For it is the mechanism that removes you from the gilded cage of hidden ego-aggrandizement.

Part Two of the Channel

The Unending Journey of Integrity

And when you blend lifetimes of Power and Love all of you will have certain obstacles to clear, that you have not understood were blockages at all because in 3d lesson, they may have served you to get to a certain point of growth.

This will inevitably occur as you retrieve your life-streams of Power and Love into oneness. It will occur as a moment of clarity. It enters in a crystalline wave, a blue tsunami in a field of seeming superconductivity explored and experienced within Mer-Ka-Na. (As taught in the Metatronic Keys)

It is a helix of LOVE and Power in their pure frequencial nature. While these are non-polarized in the third dimensional sense, the intersection of these two cross ‘crysto-currents’ is where soul retrieval and unification begins in the Mer-Ka-Na .

This begins in the dimension of seven. You can only truly access the crystalline octaves of the 5th thru 7th dimensions when your auric field achieves 13-20-33 circuitry and your resulting frequency is capable of vibrating in the expansive and pure crystalline creativity of Mer-Ka-Na.

At the entry point of Mer-Ka-Na the duality and polarized frequencies that have for so long been a part of your experiences in the third dimension within the electric magnetic fields of the previous grid will yield to the great and greater expansibility of the unified crystalline field. You will merge the polarity aspects of male-female into unified integral wholeness as you enter Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na, and 3d duality will seem far less consequential in its natural declination in higher realms.

This achievement requires focus and effort in unification. As we have told you so many times, spiritual growth and spiritual leadership is a journey and not a destination. It requires constant self review and recalibration to maintain.

Individual discernment is ever the key, for one man’s truth may be another man’s folly. And the manner in which you harmonize multiple TRUTHS is a great test of spirituality.
The greatest Power is the Power of Love. Love yourself and love one another, for the unity of LOVE is a great and beautiful accomplishment for mankind in micro and macro. Masters know that we are ever with you and we ever honor you on this incredible journey.


Certain life- times are more strategically aligned for quantum leaps.You are in such an alignment in the present. Accordingly, the present experience for many of you is more poised for critical gain. The myriad frequencial resonances and embellished energies of the Ascension make this so.
Your sojourns upon the Earth are a marvelous opportunity to discover and to explore what is within and without you. You are on an exquisite odyssey of algorithm. The third dimension serves to assist you in moving higher, and thus works hand in hand with the algorithmic puzzle by facilitating and prompting the outward manifestation of inner spirit through frontal mind.

I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service…and we share with you these Truths.

And so it is…


Sita – Daughter of The Earth oil painting @ Tom’s Gallery

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