Pointing in That Direction – Steve Beckow

Lighthouse by Wilma Kleinhans


Pointed in That Direction

I’m struggling in the storm of my own polarity or dualism.

I do love some and hate others. I do want some to win and others to lose.

I don’t put a lot of energy into loving everyone – no, not politician X or businessman Y.

But at the same time I also know that love is universal by its very nature.

If an inner tsunami of love comes, it wipes out every negative thought and feeling in its path. Nothing negative survives in the face of its flow.

While love is very selective in the sense that it doesn’t disturb those who are closed to it, with those who are open to it and able to experience it, it flows universally.

I cannot make it flow to Mary and not to Bill. In that sense, it’s non-selective.

If we’re polar or dual, separative or arrogant, we cut off our awareness of the flow. That’s the price we pay.

The actual experience of this love, while not entirely a distant memory for me, is nothing  compared to what it was in 2015.  But for a person with a not-well-functioning short-term memory, that memory is indelibly etched on my mind.

I ask myself: Is it worth me losing all access to this love to harbor party positions, hate criminals, gossip, and scheme? Do I want to cut myself off from this love, compared with which there’s nothing else worth having? No, I don’t, plain and simple.

Living in that state permanently and fully – which we call Ascension – is what draws me on.

Whether or not I’m very accomplished at imitating love’s example by loving universally, my ship is pointed in that direction.



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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