1000-Arm Avalokiteshvara Tibetan Chenrezig Statue @ Maitripa College, Jokhang, Portland ~ Photo by Marc Sakamoto



Your spiritual energy is your ability to realize the truth of your own practice.

You cannot be placed in a frame of space and time.

You are not one but many, everywhere at all times.

When we look deeply at the clear blue sky, or the night sky full of stars, we see it is infinite in the ultimate dimension and realize we are the same.

When we look deeply enough into ourselves we realize the same one true nature, no birth, no death and that we can exist in a much greater capacity than the time and space we normally conceive ourselves as being bound by.

When we see beyond the limitations of time and space, beyond our own limitations of powerlessness, we see the enormous stores of love and kindness and spiritual energy we have to share with the world.

female face chakra - 8th chakra


Consider the following simple exercise in transcending time and space as you read this.

Kannon-Sama Goddess of Mercy

The brahmaloka or 8th chakra is a gateway, a portal, to this timeless presence that exists around 5 to 30cm above your crown. It is the center of spiritual compassion and selflessness.

Allow your perception to guide you there now. Trust the truth of your own practice to guide you to just the right place, for you, above the crown.

Gently focus your attention and awareness there for just a few seconds. Breathe gentle, sweet love and compassion into that space. Be still in that space.

Now return to reading this.

For just those few moments perhaps you were beyond your β€˜self’.
Transcending the time and space you thought you were bound by, simply by accessing a space you may not have given one simple moment of awareness to at any other time in your day today.

Try drawing prana, life force energy, gently from the muladhara or base chakra at the base of your spine, gently, with deepest sweet love all the way up the centre of the spine, through the heart, through the brain, to the space above the crown. Hold it there with tender calm happiness and love and then let the energy release with the exhale all the way down the spine again to the base of the spine. Do you notice how your breath becomes ever so subtle as you focus within, leaving the cares of the everyday world behind.
Do you notice how sweetness comes alive in your spine and heart and brain?

This is another example of your ability to transcend time and space and become a center of light and love for this world.

Settle now in the base of the spine, the perineum, and breathe easefully and deeply.
Try breathing in for a few seconds, hold for a few seconds, breathe out for a few seconds.
Try breathing that way once more.
Be still in that space.

How do you feel?

Calm, at peace?

You are an enormous store of peace and love for this world.

You are the light of the world.

Love and blessings always

Altair and Mother
Gratitude & appreciation to all artists. Any queries, please contact me,Β 

Modern depiction of Amaterasu Sun Goddess @ Ancient Origins

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