Blending Heart and Mind To Perceive Higher Frequencies of Reality – Suzanne Lie

Magia of the Heart by A. Andrew Gonzalez


Sunday, October 27, 2019

Blending Heart and Mind To Perceive Higher Frequencies of Reality The Arcturians through Sue Lie

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Visualize what you want to see, then know that you can see it.  Also if you know what  you want to see, you can allow it to rest in your consciousness.

When you allow your desire to rest in your heart and mind, you will unconsciously, or consciously, use the “Power of your Intention” to fulfill your desired perception of the world outside of, and around you.

Then you can slowly, or quickly, merge your consciousness with the reality that you are experiencing deep within your SELF. This inner reality is a version of the innate you that you can, and sometimes do, listen to.

The, when you open your SELF enough to love yourself, it is easier for your higher frequency of SELF. When you focus on your own Higher SELF. you free your mind enough to take in the perceptions that resonate to the higher frequencies of reality.

A “frequency of reality” that is too high for your third dimensional self to believe is real, may be excused from your perceptions by thinking, “Oh, that is just my imagination!”

However, If you tune into your heart, you will feel the yearning to allow certain perceptions that have seemed to be “impossible,” to enter the thought of possibility.

When your heart and mind “team up” and decide to blend with your inner, Higher SELF, you will expand your ability to believe in your own higher dimensional perceptions. You may not call them “higher dimensional,” and perhaps you will call them “impossible.” 

It is by allowing the “impossible” to perhaps become “possible” that your thoughts and emotions can more easily flow into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of perception.

Yes, reality has many different frequencies of resonance in the same manner that the ocean and the sky have different frequencies of resonance. As you allow your self to look up into the sky, or into a body of water, you can feel that there are many different frequencies of reality that exists simultaneously.

However, it takes a confidence in your SELF—your Higher SELF—to believe that you, a mere human, can perceive the different frequencies of Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Again, we remind you that when you allow your perceptions to rest in your consciousness, your heart and mind can unite into a higher frequency of perception.

It is then that your consciousness will unconsciously, or consciously, guide you to fulfill your desired perception of the world outside, around, and within you to slowly, or quickly merge with the reality that you are experiencing within you !

This reality within you is a version of the innate “you” that can listen to when you open your Heart enough to love yourself and free your mind enough to take in that which resonates to the frequencies  that are too high for your third dimensional self to believe is “real.”

However, you can “fine tune” your consciousness enough that you can recognize the frequency that is still of a low enough resonance that your Heart can feel the yearning to allow certain perceptions to blend with your mind.

When your heart and mind “team up” and decide to blend that which you can perceive with your heart to also register with your mind, you will be more able to allow your self to see what you want to see . Then you will begin to realize that what you perceive in your reality is often a creation of your own personal choice.

Everyday that are parts of your reality that you choose to ignore.  Maybe it is a perceptions that  will lower your consciousness or hurt your increasingly sensitive mind.

Perhaps it is something that you are surprised to perceive and/or experience, but you are happy that you have followed a small inner voice inside of you that reminds you if you allow your heart, and all that you love, to merge with your mind.

The merging of your Heart and Mind, that more a more of you have grown to trust, greatly expands your innate perceptions through your heart, your mind, your eyes, your ears, and your instincts.

This merging of your own, innate higher perceptions will then merge into a tapestry of the many version of your thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Then, as your innate inner, but formally unused abilities, greatly expand into they will guide you to tap into your innate, but often forgotten, Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind also resonates to a slightly higher frequency than your heart. This higher frequency is called your “High Heart.” Your High Heart expands your awareness enough that you can remember to tap into, and sometimes use, the higher frequency potentials of your innate human self.

These higher frequency  potentials have been unused for so long that many of our grounded ones have forgotten their own innate higher dimensional versions of seeing, hearing, thinking, and remembering.

Hence, many of you are still just beginning to download your innate higher dimensional abilities into your third dimensional body, heart, brain and consciousness. We do encourage all of our Awakening ONES (those who are remembering their true Multidimensional SELF.

On the other hand, many of you are realizing that you are also a fourth, and even a fifth dimensional being, who is wearing the disguise of a third dimensional human.

Your “disguise” is important for this NOW in which there are still too many “sleeping ones” who may become frightened and angry about the “truth” that they are not ready to receive.

Therefore, we suggest that you keep your truth inside until you have the “Inner Knowing” that that person is ready to begin, or is already walking, their personal and planetary ascension path.

Soon, you will see that humanity is becoming ready to REMEMBER their true Multidimensional SELF. One’s Multidimensional SELF is much like a huge ladder that reaches from Gaia’s Earth and into the higher dimensional world of the fifth dimension and beyond.

The Third dimension is the “school” for the sleeping ones, the Fourth Dimension is “school for the awakening ones,” and the Fifth Dimension is for those who have REMEMBERED.

We remind our many awakening ones that there is NO right or wrong or best “time” to awaken. The process of awakening is beyond the limitations of  third dimensional time and space. Each of our volunteers to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension will KNOW when it is the NOW to begin the service for which they took this embodiment on Gaia.

Please remember that “the darkest night is just before dawn!” Therefore, do not wait for the dawn to come and use this NOW to remember all that you have forgotten in your many incarnations, but are NOW ready to awaken to these Interdimensional Messages.

There is no right or wrong way to receive these messages. In fact, there is only YOUR way, which you have used for many incarnations. It is also very helpful if you can remember your Starship, your other incarnations and/or the reason for your present incarnation.

However, we wish to remind you again that your fifth dimensional SELF, who will awaken you to your “reason for embodiment” resonates beyond the illusion of third/fourth dimensional  “time.”

Therefore, please remember to put aside special times and places in which you safe, comfortable, and empowered, so that you, too, can call forth your own Higher Dimensional Expression, or expressions of the third dimensional body that you are currently wearing. Within this NOW, which means “do not attend to or choose to follow any old fashioned doubts of your SELF or fears that yu have gained from others.

If these “others” wish to judge you, which usually occurs if that person is afraid of the truth and other novel ideas, it is likely that you are careful about who you share this higher information.

In fact, we recommend that you look at that person’s aura. Aura’s cannot lie. If one’s Aura is bright and filled with love and acceptance, it is likely that you were directed to that person as you have known him or her in your higher dimensional lives.

Yes, you have all had Higher Dimensional lives, or you would not have taken the time to read this message. You can also recognize some one from your other Higher Dimensional lives by the feelings of love and acceptance that naturally flow between you.

Also, the more you get to know your own Higher Dimensional Family, and expression of SELF, the more you will be able to see auras and hear thoughts and emotions. We urge you to NOT try to have these higher dimensional abilities, as they will come to you naturally when it is the NOW in which are fully ready.

Most important!! Remember that your higher dimensional guidance comes THROUGH YOU,  and not jus TO YOU.  When it is “Through You “there is no ego, as you are only an open channel for the LIGHT.

When you  allow yourself to BE an Open Channel of LIGHT, your will begin to remember more and more. We, your Galactic Family, look forward the expanding relationship that we know we will share with you all.

Blessings from your Galactic Family

As well as your own Multidimensional SELF.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 4:45 PM


Gratitude to artist. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

4 thoughts on “Blending Heart and Mind To Perceive Higher Frequencies of Reality – Suzanne Lie

  1. Most Dearest S. Lie and Arcturian Brothers – Sisters.
    Many thanks for this present message/lesson.
    I would appreciate it if you could suggest any method to “remember my starship”.
    Please inform me as well if there is any “TEAM” close to where I live, that I can join.
    I live in Athens-Greece in the suberb of KALLITHEA.
    Much of Love
    Lefteris Baloglou


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you left baloglou 💫 I appreciate your comments. If I remember correctly, I have mentioned a couple of times that your best option would be to source out local organisations or groups near to you, which I hope will prove successful. Blessings …. 💝💖

      Liked by 1 person

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