YOUR LUMINOUS ENERGY BODY – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson


Artist ~ Eva Ruiz






Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss your luminous energy body.

You are a Soul inhabiting a beautiful, luminous body of energy. It shimmers and glistens as you go throughout your daily routine. It can be compared to a dance where every movement brings about a new expression of emotion and awareness. Your luminous body radiates the colors of awareness that you are experiencing at that moment. It is a flowing dance of ever-changing color and frequency.

In the Higher Realms, we watch you as you move from thought to thought, from emotion to emotion, and from activity to activity. Watching your beautiful dance is like a moving symphony of energy with varying color, Light, and frequency. We are able to view your beautiful Soul from this perspective as you go throughout life. We can see how each thought or emotion affects your luminous body, and we send you Love with each change.

As you are aware, the frequency of your energy body comprises your Energetic Signature, which is how you are known and recognized in the Higher Realms.

With this awareness, you may wish to consider your body from a higher perspective.

When you do this, it may appear as a glowing, luminous body which you can see through. It may have a translucent appearance that is filled with Light. You may become aware that it is flowing and changing rather than being fixed or solid.

When you continue this process of observation, you realize how your luminous body is affected by each thought or emotion. A sad or angry thought may cloud the energy, while a happy or loving one brings a brightness and allows a more translucent appearance. The degree of change varies with the intensity of the thought or emotion. The stronger the thought or emotion, the more pronounced the change will be.

The quality of the luminosity extends to all parts of your life.

When you are engaged in activities that you enjoy and are aligned with your spiritual mission, your energy body sparkles. All parts of your Being are congruent and are moving in the same direction.

This can be contrasted with times when you are doing things that don’t make your heart sing. You may feel out of sorts or out of balance in these instances. Your active energy is moving in one direction while your Higher Self is calling to you to go in a different one. The different parts of your Being are not aligned. This results in a cloudier appearance in your energy body.

When you return to an activity that you enjoy and which flows with your ascension path, your glowing luminosity returns.

The more you are able to have all parts of your thoughts, emotions, and activities aligned with your ascension path and spiritual mission, the more your energy body will sparkle and shine.

When you need to perform tasks that you do not enjoy, changing your perspective on the activity can help bring your energetic body back into alignment. If the activity will benefit those around you and is for highest good, viewing it from that perspective will help to realign your energetic body.

Asking that your thoughts, feelings, and activities be in accordance with highest good can realign each part of your energy body so that it glows with luminescence.

Asking for highest good also allows us in the Higher Realms to come and assist you as needed.

When you are moving throughout your day with the intention of highest good, all parts of your energy body are aligned, glowing, and luminous.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are viewing yourself as a Soul inhabiting a beautiful, luminous body of energy. We are here to assist you as we work together for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst,

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

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Artist ~ Eva Ruiz

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You Can Get Married Right Now – To Love Itself – Chameli Ardagh

female face art by Brenda Burke - gold

Artist ~ Brenda Burke


You Can Get Married Right Now – To Love Itself


The first gate to the deeper love is right here in your own heart. It opens through the longing to meet another without masks, to experience real intimacy without having to compromise who you are.Β Even if you are already in an intimate relationship, it is valuable to take time to connect with that place within you that longs just to relax all defenses and to experience unity with another. Ignored, it becomes a nagging feeling of restlessness and discontent. Honored, the longing to share real love simply and openly becomes the very fuel you need to rise to a new way of relating.

The deeper you can allow yourself to feel your longing, using your breath to stay present in the body, without creating stories or projecting your feeling onto an external image, the more you can open to a source of fulfillment that is not related to any outer event or relationship.

When you can simply feel the raw essence of your longing, you come closer to your own presence, which in some spiritual traditions is referred to as the beloved, the friend or simply love. We are not talking about the kind of love that comes and goes, the feeling of love, but the love that you are, that all things are made of. Often what happens when we make another person the object of our longing is that we lean too far out of ourselves, and we lose connection with our own presence. Your relationship now becomes an effort to supply what you think you are missing, it is based in a feeling of lack. It is in the source of your longing that you find your own fullness.

This is the only thing that can ever truly satisfy you. This fullness does not necessarily mean that you will always want to be alone; on the contrary, it can open the gates into a relationship of deep joy and satisfaction. Even when you rest in your own fullness, you will probably experience a pull toward relating. But this pull is different from the mere desire to get satisfaction from another.

You are aligning yourself with the evolutionary force that pushes you to live your full potential, to fully blossom into your exuberant human beauty, and to share it with another. Having walked through the gate of longing, we find ourselves face-to-face with the next gate. The key that will unlock this gate is the transformative power of commitment.

Conscious relationship starts with you. Many of us wait for the β€œright one” to come along, or if we already are in a relationship, we wait for that one day our partner will change. The sobering truth is that if we already live in compromise, we attract compromised relationships. If we live in integrity with ourselves, we will attract a partner whose life is aligned with his or her deepest values. We don’t have to wait until the perfect one comes along or until our partner changes before committing ourselves to the deeper love.

You can get married right now – to love itself.

To begin, allow yourself to feel just how important it is to you to let your life be a reflection of your deepest values. Yes, your life might be full of distraction, full of habits of protection and defense, but look deeper than all of this. If you were to die tomorrow, what would be essential to you right now?

When you stop and inquire like this, you get in touch with your commitments. There is no need to make anything up or to set lofty goals for the future. It is more a process of revealing, of rediscovering, what is already here. These are your deepest values, maybe often ignored, but still there; the naked reflection of your innocent heart.

Before marrying anyone, marry these values themselves.

To commit to live your life by these values is the initiation into conscious relating.

Chameli Ardagh


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