Spiritual Heart – N. N. Latysheva (“Secrets of the psyche & human brain”) translated by Michael Lotus

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Spiritual Heart

The Spiritual Heart of a developed person is an etheric Crystal framed by the petals of Wisdom.

The Crystal itself is a secret “Treasure”, which is a hologram of reaching a person’s consciousness at a higher spiritual Level.

With the “closed” Heart, the hologram will never come into action, and a person will not be able to enter the spiritual Path. The reason for the closure of the center is the fear of love and being loved, because of fear of loss and disappointment, pain and humiliation.

Fear is a state opposite to the state of Love, therefore it is necessary to strive for liberation from various fears. Any kind of fear, even veiled, takes a place in the space of the spiritual Heart, intended for love.

An open Heart, a desire to give love, not to take, makes a person magnanimous and gives him the ability to forgive. The Pearl of the Heart can sparkle with a magnificent Light and help to raise consciousness to the Spirit of the person who has learned to forgive and love, and has got rid of personal “attachments”.

Calmness and equilibrium can come only when the Crystal of the Heart and the Crystal of the Mind of the soul work in harmony as a whole. Then intuition turns into clarity of knowledge, and a person makes decisions according to the desire of the Spirit. This desire manifests itself as a sense of knowledge – the spiritual knowledge of the Heart.

People with undeveloped subtle bodies cannot hear their Heart. If a person develops spiritually, then an ascension program is built into his heart center, i.e. merging with the Spirit. Only after merging with spiritual energies can a person feel vibrations of the energy of love.

(Excerpt from the book by Latysheva N.N. “Secrets of the psyche and human brain”)
translated from Russian


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The Balance Between Surrender and Will – Amora Quan Yin

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The Balance Between Surrender and Will — a channeling from Goddess Antares

by Amorah Quan Yin

Often in your spiritual lives you have heard the words about surrendering on your path, surrendering to your divine self, surrendering to divine will . . .  And many of you have lived with the intention of following guidance, sometimes from our own higher self, sometimes from other beings, and sometimes you work very effortly to try to receive messages so that you can live according to divine plan. And yet to be totally clear about the nature of divine will one must be as an empty slate, one must be in that state of surrender that you have often called ‘no mind.’ For when you are in effort to hear the words, to interpret the meaning, the very nature of your effort creates an extra hardness in you, creates an extra amount of mental and even physical contraction, and in that state it is very difficult for divine flow to move through you because you are contracted in the effort.  And even though your intention is to surrender to divine will, you have those times missed the point, so to speak, because the very nature of surrender requires the letting go of agendas, requires their total release of effort, and being in a state of faith and trust that your inner knowing will come. And some people in the name of surrender to divine will become afraid to take action, because even though you feel strongly that something is to happen because you have not received some message from god as you might think because you have not heard the exact words come through or had some unmistakable sign, then you sit waiting for something outside of yourself to tell you what to do so you can be sure that you won’t make a mistake. And we think of this as blind surrender. It is the kind of surrender that negates your own mastery. Because, you see, when inspiration wells in your heart and you feel that pull to act that in itself is the passion of the divine self inspiring the will. But then you go into your self doubt and you become frightened that you will become willful that maybe there is some hidden agenda or that there is some undercurrent of hidden motivation and then you become entangled in processing to try to find out what your hidden motivation is. And down somewhere underneath of all of this is this beautiful spirit that you are who has been able to impulse you with the energy of inspiration and its saying I don’t get. The inspiration is here, now act.

Surrender to divine will is something that comes with the release of ego agendas, the release of the beliefs, the release of the judgments.

And the further you are along your path or the more surrendered you are in each moment, the more spontaneous will be the action of divine will. And yet some of you because there is still so much self doubt inside—its as if you have to have a lightning bolt strike you in order to act.

Now many of you have gone beyond this point and yet it is a good reminder because sometimes spiritual seekers are living in what we think of as a false piety that is truly a lack of acting on your own knowing. In what we call false piety the person seems very humble and very surrendered and says that they only want to do what spirit guides, but they have so many definitions, so many beliefs about what it would look like and feel like for spirit to guide that they don’t recognize it when the love and joy and the inspiration are flowing. You can trust that. You can trust that.

You have come far enough on your path and meditated enough now to know the difference in a motivation that is coming from addiction.

An addictive motivation will have an extra edge to it. It will have a certain calculated feeling. When you are acting from addiction, even if there is great passion in it, it is balanced with a certain contraction, especially in your heart and your second chakra. And the feeling nature behind what seems like passionate motivation in that moment will always be for the purpose of either impressing someone or getting something that you want. And it is not wrong to act on your life to create what you want but the activity that comes from addition, from the astral planes, from the ego, is always marked by a certain energy of contraction. And that is why in order to surrender to divine flow, in order to surrender to divine will, we ask you to become more and more aware with your breath, with your meditation—when the energy is flowing through you and when is blocked in certain areas inside by this contraction.

Now some of you have held a great deal of contraction because you have created so many judgments about aspects of yourself that you have perceived as wrong, that you contract trying to suppress those parts, and in the long run all you really do is give them more strength because the more contraction you create the more physical those very energies become that you are trying to avoid. And then when you do your meditations and you bring in the light and you bring in the rainbow flames or you bring in the violet ray, it cannot fully penetrate those areas because you are holding on so tightly, afraid to feel.

Your emotions are not your enemy. Your sexual activity is not your enemy, but it is the way in which you use those energies that makes the difference in whether it is astral or whether it deepens the connection to spirit.

The very nature of inspiration, of the passion of spirit, requires the raising of the frequency of the emotional body and the sexual energy to its higher plane. And it does not require repressing it, it does not require shutting it down and judging it and being afraid. What it requires is letting it flow and learning to raise those frequencies as they flow through the chakras free of contraction allowing them to move through their natural ascension process as they move through your chakras. And when that divine flow of energy is restored through your cellular structure and no part of yourself or your body or your chakra system has become your own enemy, then the divine will can begin to act spontaneously in your life. And the joy and the freedom that will come from that vs the trying so hard to do it right, trying so hard not to make a mistake, will liberate a great deal of your energy and then you can use it in a creative way for your higher purpose.

And this not mean allowing the emotions and the lower body energies to run amok, because indeed they are the greatest source of lower astral connection that you have and yet they are also the greatest fuel for the fire of spirit when they are allowed to move freely in a sacred way.

In the spirit of surrender to divine will, there must be a level trust in your own innocence.

There must be a level of trust in the purity of your own motivation. And there may be a time when you need to learn to sit and empty your mind and allow the guidance to come free of mental agendas and free of effort. And yet as you have learned to love every chakra, and every part of yourself, and every emotion and every feeling, and you learn to love it enough to raised it to its divine essential nature, then the process of surrender to divine will will be an ongoing state of living in divine flow. . . . . And in divine flow surrender and will live as divine complements to one another. The way of divine flow, the way of living in surrender to divine will, can only happen fully in grace and ease, in balance of being and doing, and truly learning to live in the space of divine presence every moment of your life.



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