Archangel Faith ~ Artist Lily Moses




Beloved masters, a wondrous time has come, a time for which we have long waited. Yes, you too have awaited the arrival of this blessed event even though you knew not what it was. The focus for many thousands of years has been on God as the Father, and you have sought to embody his dominant virtues and attributes: power, will, wisdom, truth and valor. Now it is time for the Goddess, your Mother God, to radiate the fullness of her love, compassion, creativity and wisdom throughout this Sub-Universe. Every Facet of Creation is being touched and affected by this awesome gift.

Just as surely as you came forth into the world from the cradling warmth of your mother’s womb, so did we all burst forth as Spirit from the womb of our Divine Mother God. From our Father God’s Divine Mind Essence came White Fire Seed Atoms of creation, which were radiated forth into the heart center/core – the Cosmic Womb – of our Mother God’s Being. Then through their unified desire, we were radiated forth into individualized consciousness — spiritual expressions of such great and complex variety, it is beyond comprehension.

We have explained to you, over these many past years, how the Rays of cosmic consciousness have changed colors as well as frequencies during each ROOT RACE AND SUB-ROOT RACE ERA –– how they have been increased or diminished in force depending on the new Divine Blueprint, what was needed at the time, or what was to be experienced and integrated within a certain era of humanity’s passage through the many Ages.

You also have heard of the Golden Ray, which represents and carries the radiance, virtues and attributes of our Father God, and of the Silver Ray, which radiates the reflective virtues of our Mother God. We tell you now, this Silver Ray is just a minuscule Facet of her awesome power and radiance. The new energy that is now pouring down upon the Earth and humanity has been called the Platinum Ray, the Diamond Ray, and the Crystalline Ray, but no matter what you call it, it cannot describe the magnificence of this miraculous gift that is being given to all Creation.

It is the memory of the perfect love of your Mother God, described by the ancients as the “Holy Spirit,” that you have yearned for and sought throughout these many ages, precious ones. A place within your heart center has ached; a place that could not be filled by anything or anyone in the physical expression. The time has come for that place to be filled to overflowing with her unconditional love, compassion, strength and purity. All you have to do is remove the insulation from around your heart/Soul chamber – your Sacred Heart – and allow her radiance to enter.

I hear the whispers in your minds, beloveds, “But am I worthy?” We tell each and every one of you, yes, you are worthy — no reservations, no exceptions. Yes, the Universal Laws are enforced here as with everything, laws which will determine through your vibrational frequencies how much of this energy you will be able to integrate. But without exception, it is available to all, and eventually, a White Fire Seed Atom of this rarified love potion will be ignited within every heart, and in every corner and Facet of Creation. It cannot be otherwise, for it has always been there; however, it became diminished in radiance each time you sank deeper into the density of the material planes of consciousness.

You see, it is time for reunification at all levels, from the highest to the lowest; therefore, the attributes, aspects and virtues of the Mother Creator will be the dominant force in this Sub-Universe until a balance between your Divine masculine and feminine Nature is once more attained. Your DNA is encoded with Divine love, compassion and creativity, as well as the strength, power and the will to create, which were passed on to all sentient Beings by our spiritual parents. This is a vital component in attaining Unity Consciousness once more.

We have focused on and tried to explain why so many of you are experiencing distress, discomfort and uncertainty, and yet, at other times a sense of great joy, wonder and expectation well up from within. Some are calling it the Light Workers’ syndrome, and this is an appropriate title. Here again, you cannot even begin to comprehend what is happening to you and your Earth, as well as this Sub-universe and the entire Universe. You are mutating as your DNA strands are unbundled and activated, and your brain is slowly being refined and upgraded. You are also reconnecting to your cosmic lineage as you move along the skeins of time, back to the time when you separated from your Fifth-Dimensional Sacred Triad, and began your journey into the density of the Fourth- / Third-dimensional realms of materiality.

Envision the column of Light that your spinal column has become, or is becoming, and see it move down into the crystalline core of the Earth. Then observe the expanded sensation you feel as it extends out of your crown chakra until it connects with your Fifth-Dimensional Sacred Triad. Now envision other smaller beams projecting out horizontally from your column of Light as they touch and merge with individual Souls in physical embodiment — your Soul / Star family here on Earth with you. These energy projections are not the same as those you extended to others, in the past, in the Third-Dimensional expression. Those projections were attachments which were intended to control, possess or siphon energy. The Rays of Light you are now projecting carry the virtues of unconditional love and unity.

Watch the Rays of energy you have projected, which are part of you and the radiance you are reclaiming, as they connect with your Soul family in the higher realms, as well as with the masters, angelic Beings, and those with whom you have a great affinity. Yes, see your beam of Light connecting and merging with my energy, and with that of the other beloved archangels, as well as those of every great Being you know and recognize, and even some you don’t remember. The time will come when you will be ready to merge, in full consciousness, into the heart center of our Father/Mother God within this Sub-Universe. This will occur in the far distant future, but we assure you, it will happen. For now allow yourselves to get used to the idea that you are becoming multidimensional Beings of Light.

You are projecting your essence, the unique Being you have become, into the realms of the higher inner Dimensions and out into the solar system and galaxy. You are following your own individual path homeward — journeying back through the past toward your glorious future.

Beloveds, when anyone speaks of a coming or predicted event in a negative way, why not give them another view point, another possibility or probable future? Ask them to help us manifest the highest outcome so that you may experience this transition into the Light with joy, ease and grace. It is a time of golden opportunities – do not miss out on the gifts that are being offered you. Know that I am with you as you expand into the Light and reclaim your rightful place as a beloved child of our Mother/Father God, I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article, I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Personal sharing with friends, or posting on websites and in publications is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my website address is included.




BELOVED DIVINE MOTHER, I ask you to join me in my Pyramid of Light, and to gift me with your blessed loving energy so that I may be filled with the glory and power of your Divine Essence. I seek to integrate and portray your gentleness and your strength of Spirit, and to express your sweet, pure love in my daily life to any and all I meet. Open the portals of my Sacred Heart so that your pure love may blaze forth through me now and forever more.

I CALL UPON THE BLESSED LADY MARY, ARCHANGEL OF THE FIFTH RAY, for whom I feel such great affinity, to guide and sustain me in my quest for truth and creative power. I claim all the gifts that have been imprinted on my Soul and within my brain structure, and I gratefully manifest them in their highest form for the blessing of all. I am continually inspired to give birth to things of great beauty to delight and encourage others to do the same. I draw upon the laws of Creation and dedicate my life in service to humanity.

I CALL UPON LADY AMETHYST, ARCHANGEL OF THE SEVENTH RAY, to be my inspiration. I claim the gift of the Violet Transmuting Flame, the Divine alchemical energy of transformation and transmutation. I will accept the challenge to be the full embodiment of the perfected masculine and feminine energy, showing all what it means to walk in power and strength while personifying love and compassion. I claim and pronounce my MASTERHOOD NOW!

I CALL UPON THE BEAUTIFUL LADY FAITH, ARCHANGEL OF THE FIRST RAY, to inspire me and lead me through the unknown territory onto the path that leads to enlightenment. I will go forth in full faith, trust and knowledge that I am being led by my God Self, and I will be a shining example for all to see. I will show others that with courage and faith the impossible becomes possible. By being willing to move out of my comfort zone, in order to release that which may seem safe and secure, when I am nudged to do so, I attain comfort and I am blessed with riches untold. I will show the weak of heart that we can step off the cliff and soar among the stars.

I CALL UPON LADY CONSTANCE, ARCHANGEL OF THE SECOND RAY OF JUSTICE AND TRUTH, to fill me with the desire to know and experience the hidden wisdom of the ages. As I gain true knowledge and wisdom, and manifest them in my life, may I become an example and disseminator of higher truth, sharing it with all seekers of the Light. I will give comfort to those who are discouraged and inspire those who feel defeated. I will be a courageous example for the faint of heart, and I will give loving succor to those who do not feel worthy of love. I will honor and listen to the nudgings of my Spirt, and I will walk the way of truth and love.

I CALL UPON LADY CHARITY, ARCHANGEL OF THE THIRD RAY. I, who have known ignorance, bigotry and injustice, will be a shining example of unconditional love and pure intention. I will always endeavor to understand and forgive, knowing that each person is on their own sacred journey, and they must learn their lessons in their own way and in their own time. I claim the purity of my Divine Self so that it will shine radiantly for all to see and share in its warmth. I will share my gifts of abundance, and I will be charitable in thoughts, action and deeds. I will personify the qualities of understanding, clear perception and Divine wisdom.

I CALL UPON THE COMPASSIONATE LADY HOPE, ARCHANGEL OF THE FOURTH RAY. I will portray hope and inspiration in my manner, speech and actions. I will give loving assistance where needed. I will gently inspire and encourage where there is despair; I will speak words of hope so all may hear. By my very presence, I will bring comfort, and I will leave in my wake an aura of peace and beauty.

I CALL UPON LADY GRACE, ARCHANGEL OF THE SIXTH RAY, to fill me and infuse me with her glorious radiance. Please, make me a beacon for all to see so that they will know whom I serve as I use the Light of Spirit to heal, comfort and inspire. I will bask in the glow of her radiance, and I will create such a brilliant aura of love that all whom I come in contact with will be blessed, so that the seeds of transformation may be planted, and come to fruition at the appropriate time. My Spirit rejoices as I spread wide my influence of Loving Light.

I CALL UPON THE BELOVED LADY MASTER KWAN YIN, to infuse me with the healing energy, love and compassion of her wondrous nature. Assist me to be a nurturer for all those who seek comfort, hope and inspiration. Allow me to be a Bearer of healing Light by which they attain wholeness in body, mind and Spirit. May all whom I meet and serve be infused with balance, peace and harmony.

I CALL UPON THE GODDESS OF LIBERTY, to liberate me from any limitation that is keeping me from fulfilling my highest destiny. I assume the mantel of an inspired cocreator under the guidance of my Divine Self, and I go forth in constant assurance of success. I know I am a teacher of the new, emerging wisdom and truth. May I never hesitate to speak my truth and share my wisdom as my Spirit leads me to do so. I accept the role of a gentle guide to all those who are led to me.

I CALL UPON THE LOVING GODDESSES OF THE DEVIC AND ELEMENTAL KINGDOMS, to shower their radiant loving energy down upon the Earth, calming all the elements of nature, and to join us in our efforts to heal our wounded Mother Earth. I petition them to work in unison with us once more to reclaim the beauty and perfection of the Earth. May we remember that we are stewards of the Earth, the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms which were put under our care. May we walk in peace and harmony, honoring all our Mother/Father God’s creations, from the lowest to the highest.


Dearest friends: As we move more fully into the AGE OF AQUARIUS and the new GALACTIC BLUEPRINT for the Earth and humanity, which is an era of expanded conscious awareness and Self-mastery, we are experiencing more tests, challenges and opportunities. If you have been faithfully following Archangel Michael’s teachings over the past few years, you are aware that new wisdom teachings are guiding us toward a dramatic new reality. The messages have become increasingly complex, and for most of us, we must study, ponder on, and even reread the messages several times before we begin to get a clear understanding of what is being relayed to us.

If you have read beloved Michael’s seventh book of wisdom teachings, THE MAGIC AND MAJESTY OF ASCENDING HUMANITY©, you are aware that he is now gradually relaying some of the advanced teachings from his latest book to the masses via the monthly messages. This book contains many “Pearls of Wisdom” from his other six books and the three study manuals that we have been blessed with—along with a clear definition of what our present “Round of Ascension” entails. The manual is arranged to progressively assist us in understanding the Seven Dimensions which make up our earthly reality, and the progression of Earth’s and humanity’s amazing Ascension process. Also included are a number of incredible illustrations, which greatly help us to understand the complex process we are currently experiencing.

Many will not be ready to study and integrate these teachings, and that is as it should be, for each of you are on your own path, progressing through each new level at your own pace. However, as the old Divine Blueprint is no longer in force, it behooves us to endeavor to understand how best to traverse these rapidly changing times. It will also be of vital importance to integrate at least the basics of the new Divine Blueprint for our Fifth-Dimensional reality. Each Sub-Dimension has it own specific laws and standards. Since we are in the process of accessing New Age Fifth-Dimensional awareness, our leap in Cosmic Consciousness will be much more dramatic and life-changing. Archangel Michael has gifted us with so much incredible information over the last twenty-five years, and it has been my great honor to be the “transmitter” of this information. I send you all my deepest love, gratitude and angel blessings, Ronna

Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Personal sharing with friends, or posting on websites and in publications is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my website address is included.


Archangel Faith ~ Artist Lily Moses

Gratitude to artist. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Saying goodbye: a path from mourning to love – Gerrit Gielen

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Saying goodbye: a path from mourning to love
by Gerrit Gielen

Death is not just a saying goodbye, and more than just grief.
Through death you also become more aware of the love for another
and the love of the other for you.
Love never dies, love is eternal

When my mother died in June 2019 at 94 years of age, I wrote these words for her memory card.

For several years before she died, she began to suffer from dementia, a process that paradoxically brought us closer together. She grew up in a severe, straight-laced Protestant environment, and she always carried that with her. It annoyed me, especially when I was a child. At a later age, she became increasingly milder and we grew closer to each other. Her dementia accelerated this process.

I remember walking with her as she told me how she was embarrassed that she no longer knew who was alive and who was not. For example, she often thought that her parents were still alive. I told her that this was understandable. I explained that her parents really still lived and waited for her. As she grew older, she became closer to them and began to feel their presence more. What she imagined was in fact true. Thanks to the dementia, she began to be open to those kinds of thoughts. She was able to let go of her old, rigid ideas during that final phase of life. The sweet, gentle woman she was in her essence began to emerge ever more.

I somewhat compare living and dying to the life of a caterpillar that undergoes the process of becoming a butterfly. Throughout life you are like a caterpillar, you crawl around and have no idea of the butterfly that you are in your essence. Then your world becomes smaller, old age enters, the caterpillar turns into a cocoon. Not nice if you believe that the cocoon is the end, but great if you know that in that cocoon the transformation to butterfly takes place. When you get old and you can sense the butterfly, you have a happy old age, but if you only feel the dying caterpillar then you are unhappy.

In my mother I felt the butterfly was born; there grew more and more love between us.

She died in the nursing home where she spent the last years of her life.

Shortly before her body was taken away, I was given a moment alone with her. I gave her a kiss, and said, “When we meet again there will be love between us.” Grief and Love went together. Everything is now well between us.

Much has been written about life after death. To name a few, Pamela Kribbe has once done a beautiful channeling: Death and Beyond. And also I, myself, wrote a piece about it: After Death.

In this article, I would like to talk about the survivors. How do we deal with the death of a loved one, with the sorrow, the empty hole left in our hearts that follows the death of a loved one?

Belief in a life after death generally does not really help. You will not feel less pain and emptiness than someone who is an atheist. You often see that faithful people develop a very cramped attitude toward their faith after the loss of their loved one. They are angry with God and forcefully suppress the doubt that arises. Or they suppress their sorrow; after all, their loved one is in heaven and happy, so they should be happy. And when they are not happy, they feel that is wrong.

Simply believing that the beloved lives on is not the solution. Neither is the atheist explanation that the other is gone forever, and that there is also a wound that never can, never will, heal.

The solution, in which I believe, is the way of the heart: the experience that love is a reality that transcends time and space. Truly feel, and let love in. Experience through that love that the other is still there.

The pain of death
We live in two worlds: the outer world and the inner. Almost everything we learn in school is about the world around us: that is where things happen; it is where you have to make it. As soon as a child is occupied with his inner world, it is called to their attention. Daydreaming is not allowed; he or she should listen to the lessons in class. This is how we get the message: the outer world is important, not the inner one.

How then do you cope with your feelings, with sadness, with anger? How do you relate to others? How do you make good use of your creativity?

We are taught to find our way in the world around us, but not in our inner world – no geography lessons about our inner world, no matter how extensive that world is.

We do not learn the value of the inner world, and thus of ourselves. In fact, many of us believe that this inner world is not even a part of that outer world – we are our brains. Thus, all the laws of the outer world also apply to the inner world; if something or someone disappears from the outer world, then it also vanishes from the inner world.

It is not difficult to see that this does not add up. As I write this; I listen to the beautiful Miserere of Allegri. It gives me a great sense of beauty; a beauty I will never be able to discover by studying someone’s brains. Someone who is born deaf will never be able to find out how to hear by studying the brains and ears of someone who can hear. Studying someone’s brain does not give any insight into the inner world of that person, and so the inner world is not explainable by observing the outer world. That inner world is the source of a lot of beauty; not only music, but also literature, painting, architecture, movies, games, etc. It all stems from the human spirit, and there is something else there: love.

We can endlessly study the world around us, the natural laws, the atoms, but we will not find love there. Love is something of the inner world. Love comes to fruition as we connect with the inner world of another from our own inner world: the all-transcending connection from heart to heart. That death is such a great drama in our lives largely stems from the fact that we neglect our inner world. Because we have come to think that the laws of time and space also apply to our inner world.

The pain that death causes stems from the belief that if a person disappears from our outer world, then he or she is completely gone. And along with that, the inner bond – the bond of love between two people – also falls away. The beloved not only disappears in our outer world, but a hole is also struck within us.

Coping with loss: the victory over death
How can we heal the terrible hole that is caused by the death of a loved one?

1) Give the hopeful a chance

If we are absolutely sure that death is the end, that everything in the past is lost forever, then along with this thought we block out every solution. The pain in us can never heal, the hole will never be filled. We then have built a dam between the hole inside us and the healing water that wants to flow in: the flow of love of the other who is still there.

Healing begins by giving the positive, the hopeful a chance. If we have to choose between the negative and the positive in our lives, and we do not know which is true, then it is always wise to choose the positive. After all, opting for the negative will certainly not bring us anything, but choosing the positive may bring us something beautiful.

In this case, what is the positive?
That at the deepest level, our inner world stands apart from time and space as we see it in the outer world. We experience time and space, but at the inner level we are not limited to that. Eternal life is not that you go on endlessly with the flow of time, but that the deepest, most essential part of you has never entered the stream of time.

Look in the mirror, see how your body changes, ages, yet feel there is something deep within you that does not change, that always remains the same. Hope arises if you give that feeling a chance – maybe it is true that your body ages but you don’t.

If you have looked in the mirror and give that feeling of timelessness a chance, consider this thought: we cannot die because death is something that takes place in time and we are independent of the time.
Hope is what you find when you no longer reason yourself away.
You are a miracle.
You find hope by simply refusing to reason away your deceased loved one.
Their consciousness has withdrawn from the flow of time and space in which you still exist. The love that flows from heart to heart is still there – if at least you are willing to receive it.

2) Give love a chance

The above thoughts are of course abstract, but give them a chance. Take the next exercise.

Imagine waking up in another world after your death; you feel lighter and filled with love. All worries, fears, and burdens are gone. You feel brighter, freer, and filled with love. You think of the people on Earth whom you left behind. You feel them, you see their worries, you see how fixated they sometimes are, and stuck in ideas and prejudices. You also see them struggling to free themselves from them.

No longer hindered by your own earthly worries and fears, you are suddenly filled with love and understanding for the people you left behind. You were a caterpillar; you have become a butterfly. All the fears in you have made room for love.

You try to send the huge love you feel inside to those who are left behind. Unfortunately, they are hardly open. They are stuck too much in their rigid ideas, their pain – and perhaps the sadness about your passing. They are convinced that you are no longer there, are no longer heard, and cannot be felt, and thus they are completely closed to your love. There is a transmitter, you, but the receivers have turned themselves off.

So, what do they have to do to open their hearts, to feel your great love for them?

3) Open Your heart

Now you are the ones that remain behind. And the deceased whom you mourn is transformed into a source of love – love for you. How can you open up to that love? How can you open your heart?

To start: open up to that possibility. If nothing happens, if you do not notice anything, you afterwards can still reject this possibility.

So, you are open to the possibility that the deceased is a source of love for you. But that love also needs a receiver that needs to be tuned in. That receiver is your heart.

Do the following: go to your heart, turn your mind off, and feel your heart. Imagine the deceased as a beautiful radiant Angel – very radiant, completely filled with love for you.

Then tell yourself: I am willing to receive that love. I feel that our love bond transcends death; the heart connection is eternal.

And then feel how love begins to flow.

Feel it in your heart – you are not alone.
Feel surrounded by sources of love.

Receive and give back.
Shift your focus from your outward reality – where death exists – to the inner reality where there is no death, only love.

Then think of your pain, your grief – all your earthly worries. Let the love flow gently there.

Believe in that love. There is no death.

Do you feel better now?

Finally: The reality of the heart
Many people honor two idols: space and time. These two idols classify everything into compartments, ensuring that everything is neatly divided.

Those two idols have a child: death. When space and time are omnipotent, everything is divided, and everything falls apart sooner or later – unity is an illusion. Death, the falling apart from an apparent unity, always wins. People that love intensely can disappear forever into an eternal night.

Scientifically, this so-called obvious fact has long ago become obsolete. Time and space are actually one thing: the time space continuum; that time-space is not above the unity of the universe, but is part of it. Questions such as how big and how old is the universe are therefore also meaningless: the universe is not something that exists in time and space.

Light stands separate from time and space. All the light of the universe, including that of past and future, is one in an eternal now.

If the universe is one, why would we be different?
Let us accept, that deep inside ourselves we stand separate from time and space. That which is called light in the outer world, is called Love in the inner world.

The reality of the heart is the truth of timeless love, and the source of that love, that is us. The reality of the heart also means we can choose to let be born, as an angel in us, everyone we said goodbye to when they went to the other realm.

Imagine this: every time someone dies, a piece is illuminated in us; every time someone dies, we feel more loved. Death is not the end of love, but the awakening of a timeless unconditional love. When we die, our fears and worries disappear, that small, unreal world we leave behind so that our true self can be born as a shining star of love.

Do not say goodbye, but embrace eternal love.

© Gerrit Gielen


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah