First Source – James Mahu @ WingMakers

Akasha ~ Artist Kimberly Webber


β€œThere is no supplication that stirs me. No prayer that invites me further into your world unless it is attended
with the feeling of unity and wholeness. There is no temple or sacred object that touches me. They do not,
nor have they ever brought you closer to my outstretched hand. My presence in your world is unalterable for
I am the sanctuary of both the cosmos and the one soul inside you.”


An Excerpt from First Source, Decoded from Chamber Twenty-three
James Mahuβ€”the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.

The Websites of James Mahu

the four websites beyond


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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