3 Tips to Shift Your Reality – Altair



Hi, I’m Altair from Love and Light.
I help you to awaken to a life of happiness, love and purpose.
Today I share 3 tips on how to shift your reality in this video.
#meditation #breathing #awakening


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Welcome to Love and Light
Love Meditation Video


Life after Awareness By Eckhart Tolle

3 thoughts on “3 Tips to Shift Your Reality – Altair

  1. I really enjoyed that first video a lot. I’ve been practicing the lack of time and seeing, visiting and experiencing my future self (even my past self) for a little while not. I’m getting much better at it, from just a thought, to bigger thoughts, to a feeling of happiness, to where I am today, I actually find myself smiling. I hope to soon be doing more than just smiling, but to be experiencing it. Thank you for sharing this, perfect timing (isn’t everything? 😊). Love & Light to you. ❀ Kimberly

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    • Thank you planetdreamdiaries, Kimberly, beautiful feedback.πŸ’› Your comments not only inspire me but I am sure will help others, as well. I love the β€œperfect timing”, wonderful. Love & Light returned always ….πŸ’—πŸ’—

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      • Thank you Shekinah, I am honored and humbled that my words/feeling/expression inspired you and if others are inspired I will be evermore honored and humbled. Yes, perfect timing is one of my favorites! It’s always perfect timing, but not always that we notice it. When noticed it always brings a big smile to my face and spirit. πŸ™‚ I receive your love & light and thank you for it. ❀

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