The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 1/5 – Steve Beckow

Jacob’s Ladder Jacob’s Dream ~ Artist Svitoza Nenyuk @ Fine Art America


The Ladder of Consciousness: From Intellectuality to Experience to Realization – Part 1/5

While events in other parts of the globe command our attention, I still feel the need to follow my own agenda of building a literature that will be helpful to lightworkers later on.

The subject of the ladder of consciousness is basic to my own spiritual practice. I think the subject is both universal and profitably known. I now delve into that subject.

“Dear ones, you intellectually understand, but must actually accept that you are so much more than you have been led to believe.” (1)

This comment in the Arcturian Group’s latest message nudged me to write a series on the difference in impact between intellectual, experiential, and realized knowledge, states of being which form a ladder of consciousness.

Intellectual Knowledge Lacks Motivating Power

I read somewhere – and cannot find the quote – that we make very little progress in any one lifetime in learning the lessons that karma brings us.

If that’s so, one of the reasons may be that mere intellectual knowledge lacks the power, the kick, the juice, or motivating power to move us to realize that changes are necessary and to make them.

We have to boost our knowledge from the merely intellectual to the experiential, which, in my opinion, is the first level strong enough to induce us to change and thence to the realizational, which makes change easier and more likely than otherwise.

We say we’re “moved to tears” or “won over” by a smile. We’re hardwired, I think, to respond to the way we feel. Therefore I assert that the experiential has more power to motivate, than the merely intellectual.

Intellectual knowledge is just a first step; Realization the last

The purpose of life is itself a realization: The realization of our Oneness with God. That is what all this pleasure and pain is building up to, as SaLuSa reminds us.

“Many souls are beginning to understand the purpose of life. It is the realization that you are more than your body, and that life is infinite and that you have your being in the energy that is God.” (2)

Our purpose lies in realizing that we are God. I am that I AM.

If life is about knowing ourselves as God, it’s not about just having intellectual knowledge of it but of having realized knowledge.

Many of our sources have either referred to this in passing or made it explicit. Let’s spend a moment listening to them make the case.

“Truth begins as intellectual knowledge, but can never manifest into expression until realized,” the Arcturian Group tell us. (3)

On another occasion, they inform us: “Some continue to understand ONEness as a mental concept or intellectual information, never allowing it to become their attained state of consciousness.” (4)

Elsewhere they add that “knowing a truth intellectually is only the first step toward attaining the consciousness of it.” (5) Realization, as they said, makes it their “attained state of consciousness.”

Tomorrow we’ll continue our look at the case they make.

(To be continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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Jacob’s Ladder Jacob’s Dream ~ Artist Svitoza Nenyuk @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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