YES, WE Keep Focusing on LOVE! – Steve Beckow

Wings of Love Painting by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Artmajeur


YES, We Keep Focusing on LOVE!

In 2014, Saul said something that was deeply true for me.

“Dwelling on the injustices that you have experienced, or that loved ones or other innocents have undergone, only provides energy to maintain the illusion.  Your aim is to dissolve it; and Love is doing that through you when you choose to be loving.

“Remember, there is only NOW!  Past and future are figments of the illusion that seem very real because you are very powerful beings and you built a very convincing illusion.

“Now is the time, the moment to allow it to dissolve.  To be momentarily humorous, try ‘Loving it to death’! Love will dissolve it and bring you all to awakening, your human destiny.

“YES, we keep on focusing on LOVE!  And you know why.  It is all that exists.  You are all caught up in It, embraced by It, enfolded within It – It is unavoidable; although It can be denied or ignored.  Now is the perfect moment to re-engage with It so that you can find your way lovingly Home.  You can delay as long as you choose; and to be unloving is to choose to delay.” (1)

I came across the passage in researching another subject.

And here I face a continuing dilemma.

I totally know what Saul is referring to but I despair of finding words for it.

The love he’s pointing at is not love as we know it. Yet what he’s pointing at remains a mystery until experienced. What to do?

I could say, “imagine you won a $50 million lottery. Feel the way you’d feel at that time.” And most of us have had the experience of exhilaration at winning something.

But the love that Saul is pointing at is beyond any winnings. It’s a realm apart from that. (2) It isn’t anything most of us have experienced in this lifetime (although I’d expect lightworkers to have experienced it the most).

It was certainly beyond my imagining. I was so impacted by it that you see me continuing to share about it as if it happened yesterday, (3) over and over again. What could induce such a strong desire to share?

He may be saying, love in whatever way you can until you experience higher-dimensional love. If that’s the case, that’d be fine.

I have no idea whether loving in that way would lead to it. But I’m open.

But for a deeper understanding of what he’s saying, we have to … well, I guess just accept that there is a love that washes away all sense or remembrance of injustice. There is a love that so nourishes and sustains us that our lives before and after it are discontinuous. It’s as if a mountain range suddenly extruded itself from the Earth, jutted up, and we find ourselves on top of it. Aha! This is what it’s like.

In fact, “on top of the world” must have been invented by someone who knew this transformative kind of love.

If I draw it up from my heart, where it resides, “love will dissolve” whatever troubles me. Ordinary love will not do this. Ordinary love is chased away by our troubles. “Your aim is to dissolve [them]; and Love is doing that through you.”

I keep returning to the matter because I can’t think of another that’s more important or redemptive.  It is just as our sources say:

“YES, we keep on focusing on LOVE!  And you know why.  It is all that exists.  You are all caught up in It, embraced by It, enfolded within It – It is unavoidable; although It can be denied or ignored.  Now is the perfect moment to re-engage with It so that you can find your way lovingly Home.”

I agree. On a higher dimension, we all of us exist in an Ocean of Love.


(1) “Saul via John Smallman: Let Go of Any Sense of Guilt or Shame,” November 19, 2014, at

(2) What I called a realm we call a dimension. Transformative love spans the higher-dimensional ladder from the Fifth to the Seventh. Here’s Michael on that:

Steve: The space that I call transformative love, what dimension is it?

Archangel Michael: It is the seventh dimension.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.)

I personally have no knowledge or insight into its dimensionality. I just know it’s a world away from us. And burn to get back there.

(3) I refer to the explosive heart opening I had on March 13, 2015, followed by being swept away in an inner Tsunami of Love and drowned in the Ocean of Love.

See “Submerged in Love,” March 14, 2015, at
, written a day after.

Steve, 2020: I don’t know why I didn’t record that it felt like an obstacle the size of a basketball was explosively ejected from my heart. Or that I was swept away by an inner Tsunami of Love and found myself in an Ocean of Love, because all happened.

I think I was too amazed at finding myself in this space and didn’t reflect on how it happened or on anything else but it. The only thing I really wanted to report on was it.


Wings of Love Painting by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Artmajeur

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Master Saint Germain – Manifestation – Why do things seemingly not manifest? Meline Lafont

lotus water

Water Lillies ~ Artist Yingxi Chu


Master Saint Germain ~ Manifestation ~Why do things seemingly not manifest?

Greetings, Saint Germain here.

Let us speak about manifestation.

So, how come that you are seemingly always awaiting things for you to come and to be manifested? Because you are expecting things to happen in the future rather than in the present. So you wait and you await, focusing on and occupying your minds with the thought that it will happen in your future now. So you bring your focus to this future present in such a way that you forget to see what is there in the now and what is already unfolding in this now.

All things always linger in the now moment and being in every now moment aligns you with the greater potential of all. It also allows for all to emerge and be in this potent momentum and present itself to you as your own creation vortex. But then, you simply allow yourself to experience the delay of it because you wait for it as if it is still to come while it is already here in the now. So you delay your own creation in that sense by focusing on your timelines as if it is only there in the future.

Are you seeing the creation pattern and behavior of your human self ?! The only reason for the delay of your creations is because of your belief it can be delayed in the first place and because of your habit of always be focusing upon your future present instead of the now present. You place yourself in the future now and so are you awaiting what has to come. Are you seeing how you are always placing things far away from you in a time distance which continues to stay “unreachable” so to say, for as long as you do this?! Aligning with the Now is allowing all of your creations to exist in this now. Aligning with your future is slowing down your creation to exist, just as awaiting something does for you. And you should always be and stay in this now, my friends, for only that shall bring you more of that manifestation skill. Then you will reap the fruits of this very tangibly.

You will have to understand timelines and how these function, how these were programmed into your minds and what you have made of them through your beliefs. Many different aspects to it, is it not?! Yet all are influencing the way you experience these timelines and since these are fluctuating more than what you are used to, it gives you the impression of a roller coaster shaking all timelines into the mixer. Well no remote control shall help you to find the right frequency for you. Only the lingering in the moment of Now blends with all of them and allows for you to have a taste of all of these timelines in the most balanced way possible.

It is through inner happiness, joy and love that you access all within as well as without you, or at least that which you experience as the without. So Bless you for BEing in the NOW and for continuously representing yourself as your SELF in every way of the momentum, through many ways of your infinite potential. You are so loved and Blessed that is beyond all things, represent that at all times and in all ways of your ALL Beingness. That will bring you your manifestations through a blink of an eye ~ an effortless creation not by forcing it nor creating it with intent but by BEing just that in that moment opening the door of potential through all Beingness. That is THE moment of existence within all where all lies, lives and moves. That is YOUR true moment of creation and manifestation through the heart.

Living and Being from the moment within the moment.

Now graduate yourself from this Heaven and see beyond your own eyes. Look into the heart, straight into that moment of all things. Bless you for that moment, for your heart and for your Being.

I AM Saint Germain
Channeled through Méline LafontUniversal created gift  2012-2020.  We co-create together and share with Love. All Rights to share, blog and use excerpts are permitted by Universal law provided the content is copied unaltered, is distributed freely, and the author + website is mentioned.  Méline Portia Lafont  

Water Lillies ~ Artist Yingxi Chu

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