Who’s Serving Whom? or, How Have I Been Blessed – Steve Beckow

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Essence art ~ Artist Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America


Who’s Serving Whom? or, How Have I Been Blessed

From time to time, it’s suggested that I’m following Archangel Michael’s advice unquestioningly.

There’s the implication of slavishness on my part or surrendering my discernment, my thinking, even my freedom.

I think both he and I would contest that description. I’ve never let go of the necessity to use my own discernment.

Slavishness implies a degree of robot-like behavior. Decisions have always remained mine in the last analysis. And I’ve always been at choice with and aware of that.

An example would be my request not to be required to write appeals. If I write appeals, sooner or later my writing becomes affected by it, if even in subtle ways. Michael has acceded to my request.

There may have been one or two decisions that he impressed upon me. There have been decisions going on in the background, such as my Higher Self’s agreement that I be kept in the hospital by incurring a (treatable) superbug. (1) It added two weeks onto the time I had to stay in a hospital bed. Which was its purpose – to have me rest.

The superbug decision falls under my invitation to him long ago to “manage” me. Because I refuse to remain idle for any great length of time, hospital stays seem periodically necessary. I don’t think I’m capable of vacationing.  I’m staying at the Hotel St. Paul’s.

There have been things he’s said I don’t agree with. I take what I like and leave the rest.

There are also matters on which he and Matthew Ward differ. I have to remain open to either interpretation being proven true because I surely don’t know.

Nevertheless his reasoning and compassion is as far above mine as a plane flying high overhead is to me.

Keep in mind that I’ve asked the Divine Mother, if I worshipped a false guru, would God still accept my service? And she replied that God would. (2)

So, no matter who it is I’m speaking to on the other end of the line, I’m serving Archangel Michael. That’s why I don’t ultimately fear serving him. Even if this contact turns out to be a facade, I’m still serving Michael.

Why would I not? Steve, I have a job here that might suit you. It’s to run a joint venture with an archangel – Michael, to be exact. The joint venture is an Internet blog, a mouthpiece among many mouthpieces for the Company of Heaven.

Are you interested?

Am I interested? Who would not be? Of course I’m interested.

And serving him? Yes. He’s satisfied my tests many times over.

Have you ever wondered how the heck the people running this blog keep going month after month?

The Company of Heaven want humans to begin being charitable and giving.  So, as I understand it, our team volunteered to be on the receiving end, down in the trenches. (3) After all the Company of Heaven is in possession of limitless wealth. It’s not like they couldn’t slip us a prosperity package.

But they want to awaken the generosity impulse in lightworkers and our team volunteered to be the spark in the generosity explosion.

However he, you and others do it, every month we’re able to pay the rent and put food on the table.

But, again, that’s just one of many ways in which he’s proven to me that this really is a co-creative partnership and aren’t I the luckiest man in the world?

So why would I not serve him?

I could go on. (4) What journalist would not welcome this collaboration?

And even if it ended tomorrow, how have I been blessed.  This has been better than any Hollywood dreamscape. I’ve never been so lovingly challenged in all my life. And I’ve never been so generously and warmly cared for and nurtured.

Who’s serving whom?


(1) Steve: Did you bring on that onset of MSSA to have me relax and just spend some time in the hospital?

Archangel Michael: Yes.

Steve: I thought you did! Oh boy. That is so funny!

AAM: There is a part of you, even when we suggested to you that timeout was required, that doesn’t know what that means.

Steve: Yes, that’s right. That’s why you called me “wildcard” to XXX, right?

AAM: Yes. And your Higher Self, your Universal Self has given permission for these overrides. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 26, 2019.)

No need to. I gave him permission long ago.

(2) Steve Beckow: I’m operating on the principle – and please correct me if I’m mistaken here – that I serve Archangel Michael, period.

If I were to go to another medium and she was not channeling Archangel Michael and I were to do what was being said, and it turns out to be a colossal error, I’m still serving Archangel Michael.

Am I correct in continuing to say to myself, “The source is not what they say they are but it doesn’t matter. I’m still serving Archangel Michael.”

Divine Mother: You have reached this place of clarity. Now, dearest heart, this is exactly what I am talking about in terms of your divine knowing. And nothing is swaying you from that balanced center of knowing.

So it does not matter whether somebody says they are channeling Hilarion or Mickey Mouse. You know that you are serving my beloved Michael and I would like to suggest to you, Sweet One, not to distract you, but you are also serving me.

Steve: I so much know that, Mother.

DM: You always have. And so, yes, how we have constructed this is that you are employed, you are in joint venture, you are in sacred partnership with Michael, with Me-Ki-Al, and that is the way that you have chosen and that he has chosen and that I have chosen for you to proceed.

Steve: Yes, Mother. Thank you for confirming that.

DM:  Let us give you further insight into this. So, if you were channeling with somebody and they said it was Hilarion, and in fact it was Hilarion, understand on our side the conjoining is so much stronger [with Michael] that Michael would simply funnel through Hilarion what needs to be said.

Steve: Interesting! (Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.)

(3)  Archangel Michael: Part of you (and this is not the sole explanation) has agreed to be in the trenches. (Ibid.,  Jan. 18, 2020.)

Steve: This poverty that we are having to endure just doesn’t seem necessary.

Divine Mother: You have agreed that you are on, can we say, the receiving end.

Steve: So our being [poor] is used as a means to get people to open up?

Divine Mother: To express gratitude, generosity, unity and to express what is valuable to them.

Steve: So that is what the spiritual meaning of this is. That we serve that purpose of igniting people’s generosity or inspiring it.

Divine Mother: That is correct. You are the catalysts.

Steve: That is what I needed to know. (Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 7, 2015.)

(4) Building Nova Earth. How could I do it without friends in high places?  Finding out how to rid the world of its conditions through collective meditations. Finding out what’s really going on behind the scenes. Confirming my suspicions.



Essence art ~ Artist Shadowlea Is @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


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