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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Our Natural State of Multidimensional Consciousness–Through Suzanne Lie

Step into your SELF to find the LIGHT

 The Galactics and  Suzanne Lie

The most difficult component of our Galactics ones taking an Earth Vessel is the “illusion of “being alone.”  On the Ship we are in constant contact with everyone all the time. On the Ship we are in constant contact with anyone and every on the Ship. We recognize each other by their aura and intermingle our auras to share our experiences and have conversations via our Heart Chakra.

The leaders are chosen by the expressions of their aura and the unconditional love of their aura. Every one one always remember to give service to others. In fact, these “others” includes our Star Ship.

The Ship holds the fifth dimensional blueprint for Earth and for all of you those, including you, who choose to visit the ship on a regular basis. The Ship holds the 5D Blueprint for Earth and all of you who visit the Ship on a regular bases to “merge with you own fifth dimensional SELF, as well as with the fifth dimensional Blueprint for Gaia.

It is this merging that allows you to carry at least some part of your fifth dimensional visit in some part of your memory.  Many of you will forget about this “merging” for many years, or even for many lifetimes on Earth before you “remember your true Fifth Dimensional SELF.

The return of your “Interdimensional memory” is because the Ship holds the 5D blueprint for Earth and all of you who visit the ship on a regular basis in order to “merge again” with you’re the collective fifth dimensional blueprint of reality.

When you return to your third dimensional earth vessel on third dimensional Earth, you will hold the memory of your 5D blueprint of SELF deep within your Heart and Mind. However, the fifth dimensional information can only be accessed while your consciousness is resonating to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Therefore, any instructions or experiences that you have on the fifth dimensional Ship will be stored in the area of your brain and consciousness that has the ability to return to your fifth dimensional awareness when you are back on the Ship.

Fortunately, there are sometimes experiences, dreams, and perceptions that suddenly remind you that there is something very important about your own self that you cannot quite remember—YET!

You see, there is a Third Dimensional Matrix that contain Gaia within the frequency of the third, and sometimes the fourth dimensions. It is the gradual, or sometimes swift, remembering of your fifth dimensional reality, that assists you to remember that there is much, much more to your self and your reality than you experience in your daily third dimensional reality.

It is for this reason that we have “Overview Schools” which those who have newly returned from Earth to assist them to remember their own higher dimensional expressions of SELF. It is within that NOW that you are able to remember BOTH your fifth dimensional reality on the Star Ship and your third/fourth dimensional human self on Gaia’s physical, third dimensional, planet.

Fortunately, both your human SELF, as well as Gaia’s Planetary SELF, work in unity to assist the humans to remember their many excursions into the fifth dimension.

It is through the combination of your Unity Consciousness with Gaia, you Unity Consciousness with your fourth and fifth dimensional selves that you meet on the ship, as well as your remembering your unity with your Star Ship, as well as your self on the Ship, that allows you to remain “awake” in a world based on denial.

Therefore, today, within this hour, within this NOW, we ask you to free yourself from the illusions of your third dimensional brain, and allow your thoughts and emotions to float up into your Higher Dimensional SELF who is ALWAYS  with you—whether or not you are aware of it.

Within the connection between your third/fourth self there is also a quite nudge from your fifth dimensional SELF. We ask you that today, within this hour, within this NOW, to release the third dimensional Matrix from your mind, from your brain, and from your daily thoughts and reflections!

Today within this hour, within this moment and within this NOW, free your mind to return to it’s natural state of you’re your innate Multidimensional Consciousness! Today, within this hour, within minute, within this NOW, free your mind to return to it’s natural state of your innate “Multidimensional SELF!”

In fact, within this NOW, relax your earthly desires, and remember your higher dimensional experiences so that you can return to your innate state of “Multidimensional Consciousness.”

Today, within this hour, within this minute, within the NOW, fully open your Mind to your “INTER-DIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS!” As you release the lower frequencies of your consciousness and embrace your Higher Dimensional Frequencies of SELF, You will feel the 3D Matrix begin to slip away to release your third dimensional thoughts, feelings and illusions.

At first there is a deep silence, this silence is within the chatter, the duties, the guilt, and the unwanted obligations. As the silence settles into your core, you can feel the great release “letting go” of that which is over!

Slowly you begin to feel the 3D Matrix dropping away from your many thoughts feelings and illusions. At first there is a deep silence, which is deep within this now SELF that you are revealing. We say revealing as it has always been “hidden” deep inside.

At first there is a deep silence, the silence within in the chatter, the duties, the guilt and the unwanted obligations fall from your awareness like leaves falling from a tree in the Fall. However, this “fall” is not a season. This “fall” has a reason but it is “YOUR reason!”

But, what is “YOUR reason” and why do you  wish to release that which is complete and embrace that which is new? First, you will ask your self, “What is complete and how do I release it? You ponder that question, as your answer lies deep within and high above.

“What is complete, and how do I release it?” your ponder these questions, as you know that the answer lies deep within and high above. “What parts of my behavior, emotions, thoughts, actives and relationships are ready to be released?

What parts of my behavior, emotions, activities, job, relationships are ready to be released? You ponder that questions and find that before you can receive your answer, you must look at what you do NOT want to lose.

Then you find that, first you must honor, morn and release that which is over, in order to find that which you do not which to release. First you must go through the grief of loss, accept that loss, and see what awaits to take it’s place.

You find that only after releasing that which is over can you find that which is new and you are ready to accept. You may find that you will need to go through leaving the old before you can claim the new.

The above process has many faces, such as a new job, a new home, new friends, as well as the loss of some of the old that you did NOT want to release. But what ever you release, your Core SELF is that which you will NOT leave!

You cannot leave your Core SELF because it is the ONE that you chose to BE before you took this important, transitional lifetime. This is not just  a “life time” of personal transitions. This is a lifetime of PLANETARY TRANSITION!

What will these personal and planetary transitions bring into your reality? You cannot answer that question while you are in the NOW!

While you are in the NOW you know. you remember, that within this hour, within this now, to some degree, all of us are feeling a sudden and/or slow releasing of the 3D Matrix from our mind and our thoughts.

This 3D Matrix is being replaced with the New Version of—of what?? We do not know what will replace that which is changing, ending, getting worse, and/or improving? But, we cannot leave our Core Self because we took tis important, transitional lifetime.

This NOW is not just a lifetime of personal transition. It is also a lifetime of Planetary Transition! What will these personal and planetary transitions bring into our reality? We cannot answer that question while we are in the NOW of living the question.

However, while we are in this NOW, there are more and more of us that are remember to remember that within this hour, within this minute, within this NOW, we are releasing the limitations of the 3D Matrix from our mind, from our thoughts, and from our daily life.

But, what if our mind was no longer limited to the third dimension?

What if we could free our minds of fear and strife so that we could return to our innate Multidimensional Consciousness?

What if we tried to make this transition and failed? Would we have the courage to love ourselves and to try again and again and as many times as it takes to remember that:

We are Multidimensional Beings who came to Gaia within this NOW to assist

Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension!

“But, what if we failed?” cry the thoughts of many. Would we have the courage and love of our self to try again and again and as many times as it takes to remember that”

WE are Multidimensional Beings who came to Gaia within this NOW

to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension!

If we look at the lifetimes of all the Ascended Masters who chose to take Earth Bodies in order to assist dear Gaia with Her planetary ascension, we can see that they had many, many challenges to face before they could fulfill their Mission.

In fact, many of these brave ones worked hard and died young, often under terrifying situations, so that they could assist Gaia and all Her many inhabitants to move through “The Darkest Night that is Just before Dawn!”

Within this hour, Within this Minute, Within this NOW,

We ARE releasing the 3D Matrix from our minds,

From our thoughts,

And from our fears!

What if within this hour, within this minute, and within this NOW, we could free our mind to return to it’s natural state of Multidimensional Consciousness?

What if we tried and failed? Would we have the courage to love our selves enough to try, try, again and again, and as many times as it takes to remember that:

I AM a Multidimensional Being

Who came to Gaia within this NOW

To assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension!

If we could remember this decree:

While we are driving to work

While we are changing the baby

While we are paying our bills

And while we are taking a “quick break”

If we can remember to say:

Today, within this hour

Within this minute

Within this NOW:

Today I AM releasing the limitations of the 3D Matrix

From my brain, from my thoughts, and from my mind!

Today, within this Hour

Within this MINUTE

Within this NOW

I am releasing the limitations of the 3D Matrix

From my brain

From my mind

From my thoughts

Today, within this Hour, within this minute, within this NOW

I am releasing the limitations of the 3D Matrix from my mind,

from my brain and from my Multidimensional Consciousness

to free my mind to return to it’s natural state of

Multidimensional Consciousness!

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Saturday, February 1, 2020

IT IS THE NOW TO BEGIN OUR TRANSMUTATION–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

It is the NOW to begin our Transmutation

There is a new energy coming into our awareness now.  Unfortunately, as the new message comes in the older messages seem to get louder and louder. Why is that? The answer is simple. The new message says:


What does “transmutation” mean and how is it different from “change?”

Change means that something is different. On the other hand, Transmutation means that something has moved into, or come from, a higher frequency of reality.  Of course Transmutation is not a new phenomena.  In fact, there has always been the transmutations.  However transmutation is different from change in that it only encompasses a change into a higher state of consciousness, behavior, and/or reality.

Yes, there are many forms of reality that all exist within the same NOW. However, these different realities occur on different frequencies of reality. It is quite easy to lower one’s consciousness into a lower frequency of reality. In fact, slipping into a lower frequency of reality is one of the greatest challenges of humanity.

However, the challenge is often difficult to realize that this “change” has occurred because so many humans are so busy just “getting by” that they have no “time” to even think about the details of their “state of consciousness”or even the effects of their actions.

This is an especially challenging NOW because the issues of third dimensional life are no longer limited to personal or even group issues. In fact, one of the greatest issues within your NOW are Planetary Issues!

Humans have had no idea that they could actually destroy the planet! Maybe they were not aware enough of their own power to change, improve, or damage the planet on which they lived.  In fact, most humans do not even consider the Planet on which they live to be an actual LIVING BEING!

The planet was not a concept in most people’s lives. They thought only of what they wanted to have, to do, to change, to accept and to push away. Humans were not aware that they have been “pushing away” the fact that they were GREATLY harming Gaia, the planet on which they lived. Too many humans though only about they wanted to do, to have, to know and to forget.

Therefore, the planet, dear Gaia, was ignored as a living being that needed the attention, care of, and deep love from the being that lived on Her.  We say, “Her” because Gaia is a living being.  Just as you humans think of your self as a “living being,” Gaia thinks of her self as a living being.

The difference is that the planet Earth, also known lovingly as Gaia, is the formate, the home, the reality known as “life on planet Earth.” Humans usually think of themselves as the most evolved beings on Gaia’s planet. However, Gaia thinks of humans as the least evolved beings on her Planetary Self because there are NO other beings that have done more damage to her planetary body than the humans.

Gaia is very confused by the behavior of Her humans. “Don’t the humans realize that if they do NOT take care of their planetary home that one day that”planetary home” will be uninhabitable by ANY lifeforms.  “Why, oh why, do the humans NOT realize that if they destroy my Planetary Lifeform, that they will NOT have a place in which they can live? ” Gaia ponders.”

However, the humans, at least the majority of humans, do NOT realize that Gaia is a living being. They think that Gaia is just a thing that they have paid for when they “bought their house” or “found their job.”

But what about their JOB of caring for and protecting the planet on which they live?  Do the humans think that they can continue again and again and again to harm Gaia in more ways that they would ever like to take responsibility for?

Yes, it is the “NOT taking responsibility for the health and welfare for their planetary home” that is the GREATEST mistake that humans are making within this NOW! Fortunately, there are also many humans who we, the Galactic, call the “awakened ones!” Dearest Gaia is SO VERY Happy that these humans have remembered that they are NOT just humans!

Why is it important for humans to remember that their humanity is the lowest frequency of their inter-dimensional SELF?  The answer to that question is, of course, because most humans can NOT remember their own higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

Why is that? We Galactics ask the humans. But these humans cannot hear us?

They cannot hear their own Higher Self and they cannot hear the Higher Self of the planet on which they live? Why is that?

We, the Arcturians, wish that you would listen to us, as well as all the other Higher Dimensional Beings who are NOW gathering around Gaia in order to assist Her with your Planetary Ascension!

Yes, Gaia will ascend, but right now it does not look like the majority of humans will be able to ascend with Her.  Yes, the plants, the animals, the waters, the skies, and all the Nature components of Gaia will be able to transmute back into their innate fifth dimensional expression.

However, the human population that will be able to experience the Bliss and Glory of Gaia’s fifth dimensional expression of SELF, is far less that the Gaia, Her SELF. Yes, some of the humans are beginning to awaken to the fact that if they do NOT assist Gaia who is calling them every day in every way to “PLEASE ASSIST MY PLANETARY BODY!!”

Fortunately, there are some humans who can hear that call and who are answering the call in the way in which their fifth dimensional SELF is telling them to. Unfortunately, only a small (too small) population of the humans are able to remember their own higher dimensions SELF who also resides in the fifth dimension and beyond.

How can we, your Galactic Family, get the attention of the many, many sleeping humans? We have sent Starships and the humans ignore them. We have sent dreams and the humans forget them. And, we have call you ALL to please remember that YOU chose to take an earth vessel within this now in order to assist Gaia through this VERY difficult time of humanity greed and selfishness.

You may think that we are too harsh on humans, but they do not respond to our Love and our Light. Of course, some humans do respond to our Love and Light and it to these humans that we send our greatest gift of “remembering their own higher dimensional SELF.”

We have noted that the humans that are awake to their own Higher Dimensional SELF, are also awake to the Higher Dimensional SELF of Planet Earth. Yes, Earth is a living being who has been greatly harmed by Her inhabitants. In fact, there has been so very much harm to Gaia from the humans that Gaia is not willing to wait for these lost ones to join her Planetary Self as she returned to Her own fifth dimensional Planetary Self.

Fortunately, there are humans who ARE  aware of their own fifth dimensional SELF, and who realize what a huge responsibility they have taken on to wear a third dimensional form during this NOW in which the third dimension is being greatly damaged by the humans who are still lost in their own lower third dimensional, selfish and greedy ways.

We, the fifth dimensional beings of Earth, such as we the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Antarians, and the Venusians, are working together to assist Gaia to transmute Her Planetary SELF back into Her innate fifth dimensions frequency of reality. There is only one way to experience this fifth dimensional reality, which is to resonate your consciousness to the frequency of the higher fourth, and fifth, dimensional frequencies of reality.

Reality is much like your ocean. It is huge, and it has many layers of SELF. Just as the Oceans have many frequencies in which different beings resonate to different frequencies in order to choose to live within the frequency that matches their own, human consciousness has many frequencies and many different realities that exist on the different frequencies.

The humans who chose to live a life of Unconditional Love and Higher Dimensional Light will be the first ones to experience the fifth dimensional realities that exist just beyond the limitations of their third dimensional perceptions.

As these humans begin to remember their own Higher Dimensional Self, they will receive instructions from the fifth dimension and beyond about the details of the Mission that they “chose” before they took their third dimensional earth vessel.

You, the dear ones who chose to leave your fifth dimensional reality in order to assist dear planet Gaia, are innately fifth dimensional beings, who will return to your true SELF when your “tour of duty on Earth” is complete.

We, your Galactic Family, are ALWAYS with you!! You are NEVER alone as WE are with you as you fulfill the Missions that you choose before taking this earth vessel. We, the members of your Galactic Family join with all the members of your Angelic Family to remind you all that WE are so very happy that you can remember!!

In closing, we wish to ask you to please pass on that which you have remembered. If you look at the Crown Chakra of other humans, you will be able to determine the humans who are ready to REMEMBER and the humans who are not–yet–ready to fully awaken to their own Higher Dimensional SELF.

We, your Galactic Family, know that each of you have a certain “It Is the NOW” that will come into your awareness whenever you are ready to hear that call and to respond to your Promise to Assist Gaia!

We thank all of you and send you ALL fifth dimensional Love and Light


The Arcturians, and ALL your Galactic Families!
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Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Your cells have been realigned for your creation element to become manifest within you once more – Christine Day

Holly_Sierra-Madre_Natura art - female face child

Artist ~ Holly Sierra


Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as ‘perfectly imperfect’. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.

Pleiadian Message February 2020

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Beloved ones we greet you,  The spaces within your earth plane now carry the links to multidimensional expressions of the sacred. Your Earth has become a container for you to open up into reconnection to that which you are within the higher realms.

You, your physical vehicle is a catalyst for your changing. Your cells have been realigned for your creation element to become manifest within you once more.

This is an aspect of the New Dawning prophecies that were anchored and set in motion, pre-destined for you on earth. This is the time for you to take another step consciously on your pathway. Open up your awareness within your heart and reclaim that which you are within the higher realms. The Doorway is open for you to achieve reconnection to the higher sacred level of Self.

The elementals of Earth play a strong role of holding the platform for you to springboard yourself off into these new realms of consciousness that are now linked from the higher realms to you.

Take moments to claim elements, levels of this reconnection through linking to your Heart space. This is your doorway Home, this is yours, claim the moment and realign to Home. Utilize the sacred tool of your Heart to reconnect yourself Home. Only you can create this natural shift within your perceptions to Truth.

We hold the space for you to honor yourself by moving your awareness beyond the veils, beyond the illusion now. Open within your Heart and Be!


the Pleiadians



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

The Elementals Speak – Suzanne Lie

elemental tree via suzanne lie

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Elementals Speak – through Suzanne Lie

Welcome, We the Elementals
Speak for Gaia
The Elementals Speak For Gaia

“Welcome, how do you do? We, the elementals, are members of the fourth and fifth dimension. We welcome you to our world. Come, we will show you around. As you journey up the various sub-planes of our Home, you may realize that our residents differ. Just as the residents of the deep ocean differ as the infusion of light into their world changes, so do we differ as there is more and more light and less and less darkness, or matter.

“Our lowest plane, the Lower Astral Plane, is our junkyard. This is where everyone from Earth has dumped his or her fear, anger, sorrow and pain. We try to work with it, but it is not ours to clear. The “Third Dimensionals” have created the mess in the Lower Astral Plane, and it is they who must clean it up.

We hope that you did not have too much trouble there. But if it is your first time living on third dimensional Earth, you probably did. Eventually, you will create your Path through the Lower Astral Plane, and in fact, all the way up to the Fifth Dimension.

“The key to visiting our Elemental Kingdom is that you release your fear. There is much fear in your third dimensional physical world which holds you captive in your land of illusion and work. What you call illusion, we call imagination or creativity. And, what you call work, we call service.

“We do not have any illusions here because we know that everything changes with our thoughts and feelings. If we think like an owl, we become an owl. If we feel beautiful, we may look like a flower and if we are feeling powerful, we may look like a unicorn.

“Yes, all of your “mythical” creatures are alive and very real here. If you wish to see one, then just think of it and it will be around the next bend, or it may suddenly appear. Our world is much like your dreams. In fact, this is where you come in your night body.

“A predictive or spiritual dream would be your night body’s visit to the higher planes of our world. On the other hand, a nightmare would be a trip to the Lower Astral Plane. We learned early on that if we allow fear to overtake our being, we too would be pulled into that dark place. Therefore, we focus on the many joyous events about us.

“Please follow our imagination, and we will show you a new flower that is about to give birth. Our flowers here may be a bit different than the flowers in your Kingdom, but some of them are the same. In fact, some of our most treasured flowers are known as weeds in your world.

“OH! Watch closely now, as a young bud is about to open! AH, is that not the most glorious sight? How wonderful! Our dear flower friend is sending a drop of its essence down into your earth. Perhaps you will see it when you return there.

“We do that a lot you know, send down portions of our essence to your world. In fact, if you look very closely, and with blurred vision, you may even see us elementals wavering in your atmosphere. We greatly love to be in gardens, streams and under huge trees. Allow me now to introduce you to some of my friends.”

“We are Sylphs. We may look like only one being to you, but we are all joined in consciousness and do not perceive ourselves as being individuals, as you humans do. Our essence rules the air element of your third dimensional world and body, and we fourth/fifth dimensional ones continually change our forms.

“We waver in the wind like feathers. We serve your world by clearing your air and atmosphere. We often have to express the negative thoughts of humanity in the form of hurricanes or cyclones. We do not wish to hurt any of you. We are only following our assignment, which is to assist humanity in seeing the power of their thoughts.

“Allow me to introduce you to some of our Fairies. They are also Sylphs because they serve in the air. They are the ones who assisted that beautiful flower in opening.”

“Hello human. We are Faeries. Some of us live in the Land of Faerie, but many of us also live here in the lower vibrations of the Astral Plane. It is here that we learn about being “changers”. A changer is one who assists the seasons in changing. We assist the old leaves to fall from the tree in the Fall and the new buds to open in the Spring.

“Thank you for visiting us. Will you remember to look for our kind when you see a lovely garden? Perhaps you will recognize us. We know that we will recognize you. Oh, I must return to my flowers. My Sylph friend here will continue to guide you. Bye, bye.”

“Thank you Faerie. I am Sylph again. I am sure that this human appreciates you as much as we Sylphs do. Oh, dear human, do you see that clear stream ahead? Let us go there, and we will introduce you to the Undine friends who represent the water element. See how busily they work to keep the stream moving.

“We Sylphs often serve with the undines to create rain. In this way, our gardens and forests can flourish. The undine’s essence also rules the water element in your third dimensional bodies. Just as thoughts are like air, emotions are like water. There is as much water on your third dimensional Earth, as there is here in our Astral Plane. Therefore, there is also much emotion here.

“Here the denser emotions, such as fear, anger, and sorrow, sink into the Lower Astral Plane. This allows us a boundary between the pain of darkness and the purity of light. On the other hand, in your world the pain and purity are intermingled and often difficult to identify.

“If you ask for our help, we Undines can assist you in differentiating your emotions. We Undines work directly with the physical body to assist you with uncomfortable feelings for pain and darkness and to remind you of the glorious feelings for light and love.

“Oh look, there are some gnomes who are carrying the damp soil from the streams over to the baby flowers. They care for our infant plants and animals in the same manner as you humans care for your human infants.

“The Gnomes serve as Earth Elementals. See over there, by that big crystal. If you look closely, you will see a gnome peaking up from under the earth to tend to it. And over to your right, there is an Elf who is caring for to a small faun.

“Can you now realize how we elementals work together to create our harmonious environment? Only humans who can focus on love can visit us here. With the added love of king visit from humans, we don’t have to out-picture your emotions in the form of storms and natural disasters, as we are too often called on to do on third dimensional Earth.

“Do you feel our wonderful sunny day? You can thank the Salamanders for that. They rule the Fire Elementals. Without the Fire Elementals, you would not receive the photons from the Sun, have fire to warm your homes and cook you meals, and your bodies would not have neuron synapses.

“We earth, water, and air elements deeply appreciate the salamander fire elementals as they carry Spirit to your world, into our very essence.

“Now we are approaching one of the Mystery Schools. The Ascended Masters, your ascended humans, each have a Mystery School on the etheric plane so that you can more easily access them in your expanded consciousness. Some of your more evolved humans can even bi-locate to these Mystery Schools and study directly with the Ascended Masters.

“The Ascended Masters have a higher octave of their schools on each of the sub-planes of our fourth dimensional world. OH, we have come to the boundary of our territory. St. Germain, the Ascended Master of the Seventh Ray will be your guide now.”



I St. Germain am joyous to find you here in the inner planes.”

I, the Ascended Master for the Seventh Ray, am your guide. Allow me to congratulate you on your ability to make this trek. I know that you have faced, and cleared, many of your personal demons in order to be be able to to allow you self this pleasure.

“We are still in the Astral Plane, which is the emotional sub-plane of the fourth dimension. It is here that many of the Angels serve the third and fourth dimensional humans on Earth. We Ascended Masters are very grateful for the ministrations that the Angels have given to humanity.

“Without their assistance, we doubt that not man humans would have been able to make our transcendence into the Light. It is also the selfless example of the Angelic Kingdom that has inspired us to forgo our further aspirations into the Light in order to serve in the Fourth Dimension and assist our brother and sister humans.

“I, St. Germain, work with the Angels to transmute the darkness of the Third Dimension into Light. Ascended Master Nanda works with the feeling of bliss that the Angelic Choirs radiate onto the many places of worship, whether they are a personal garden or bedroom, a high mountain peak or sacred grove, or a beautiful man-made cathedral.

“Ascended Master Hilarion often calls upon the Angelic Kingdom to bestow upon humanity the feeling of TRUTH to amplify healing and scientific discovery, and Ascended Master Lord Lanto calls upon the Angels to shed their Divine Illumination upon fortunate human recipients.

“Of course, Ascended Master Serapis Bey calls upon the Angels to assist with human ascension. Ascended Master Paul the Venetian works continuously with their love force. Also, Ascended Master El Morya works directly with the angelic leader, Archangel Michael, and his powerful Divine Complement, Lady Faith.

“But enough of my human talk, allow me to introduce you to this glowing angel who now stands before us.”

Hello, beloved human. I am joyous that you have journeyed into the Higher Planes where I serve. We Angels also have a group consciousness in that we are in constant inner communication with each other and with the ArchaiI of the Ray on which we serve.

“However, since we serve so intimately with humans, some of your individuality has rubbed off on us, so to speak. As you know, we absorb the essence of our environment. One of our biggest challenges is to enter your world with our absorbed love and compassion and not allow the fear, anger, and psychic pain of your world to taint our gift.

“We are grateful for the appreciation that many of you humans have been showing us. We truly appreciate when our likeness has been drawn by your artists, our music is received by your musicians and composers, our words are written by your writers and poets, and our movement is grounded by your dancers and athletes. We wish you to know that with every stroke of the brush or pen, with every note of music, and with every movement, we are beside you celebrating your expression of our gifts.

“We give our offerings freely and in Unconditional Love. We realize the many hardships you endure, especially the hardship of feeling separate from the Oneness. Some of us have chosen to take a physical life, but we seldom do it twice. Our hearts are best suited for Unity and Loving service to God-Goddess-All That Is.

“For that reason, we serve here in the Higher Planes to assist you in clearing your emotions so that you can better receive and ground our offerings. We greatly admire the courage you all display as you live and contribute in a world so filled with separation and limitations. Would you allow me to touch you heart in appreciation of your great accomplishments?

“Oh thank you, dear human! You may not realize it, but we angels find humans to be as beautiful and loving as you humans find us. We each serve the Source in our own way. Together we are striving now to raise our dear Gaia into her true fifth dimensional form. We are a good team, humans and Angels. Yes, indeed we are.

“Oh dear, here we are already at the threshold of the Mental Plane. I believe it was the blending of our auras that brought us here so quickly. Before you cross over to enter into your mental body, please take a moment to see and feel your astral-emotional body. It is a lovely oscillating, dynamic body, is it not?

“Within your astral body is the sum total of all the emotions and feelings that you have ever experienced in all of your third and fourth dimensional incarnations. When you merge with your Astral Body, it is good to call upon an angel, such as myself, to “touch” your heart so that we may heal your darkness and amplify your light. As you carry more and more light, your third dimensional aura will glow and your inner beauty and love will radiate to all those who come into your life.

“My, it is time for you to step over into the Mental Plane, but before you leave, would you like to change form? Perhaps you would like to be a wolf or a hawk or a snake. Would you like to burrow into the ground, run as fast as a wild stallion, or fly like a bird? Possibly you would like to be twelve feet tall or as small as the elves and faeries in this world. In fact, upon this threshold is the wonderful Land of Faerie. See. It is just through that waterfall. You may travel there whenever you wish.

“But now, I see a deva who has come to greet you. Yes, it is a water deva who has come to assist you in the final clearing of your emotions so that you may step into the Mental Plane. Be prepared dear human, the next land has much less form.”

“Welcome, human. We are Deva. We too have a group consciousness. Our consciousness is in unity with all the other Devas as well as all the elementals that serve with us to create form from thought. In our world, form and thought are one. When we are thinking about something it takes a form, but when it leaves our thoughts, it loses all form. That is the way of our Mental Plane.

“Here, thought is pure potential. It is our responsibility to receive Divine Will, which is each and every thought from Source, and to create a matrix for it here on the Mental Plane. Then we send that matrix to the Astral Plane to be filled with emotion—energy in motion. The Divine Will is then passed into the Etheric Plane where the elementals feed the infant Divine Idea with their etheric substance.

“At this point, the etheric body of a human who resonates to that idea will be able to carry it over into the third dimension. Your etheric body holds all the knowledge, pain and experience of all of your third dimensional lives. The Divine Ideas that will attract your etheric body are probably Ideas that you have worked on in many lives.

Once the etheric body magnetizes a Divine Idea, it can more easily be passed into the consciousness of your physical body. Oh, what joy and jubilation we all feel when the seed of the ONE blooms upon the Physical Plane!

“Some of the humans are able to visit us here in the Mental Plane so that they may become aware of their Divine Idea. This awareness is obtained by merging with your own mental body. In your mental body is stored all the thoughts and beliefs of all of your third and fourth dimensional lives.

It is easier to absorb your personal Divine Ideas because you have believed in and thought about them for many, many incarnations. These thoughts and ideals leave a residue within your mental body, which acts like a magnet to attract concepts of that frequency and matrix.

“Take a moment now to look at your mental body. Do you see your own ‘thought matrix’ through your translucent form? Oh, be careful. If you allow yourself to feel frustration that you are not ‘doing it right’ you will lower your vibration and terminate our visit. Allow me to touch you and it will be easier for you…

“There, I am sure you can see your mental body now for you are glowing like a thousand candles. Take a moment and send an image of this glowing form to your earth-bound brain. Then remember to remember that image when you return to your third dimensional world. This is the best way to ground your light body in your physical form.

“Allow me now to invite you to one of our devic meetings. It is there that we gather up the inspirational thoughts of humanity, match them with the Divine Ideas of the Source, and send them back to the earth plane. Perhaps you will find out more about your own Divine Ideas….

“Well, well, we are joyous that you joined us in our meeting. Was it not a glorious experience for you? You did so well there that you have gained the attention of one of our Elohim. We will take you now to their Temple. Just close your eyes and allow your particular Divine Ideas to grow in wisdom and illumination and you shall find yourself there…”

suzanne lie via cherished humans

Welcome cherished humans. 
We Elohim Speaking for Gaia 

You have performed admirably in your mental expansion. You have cleared old beliefs in limitation and separation and learned to keep your thinking positive. These accomplishments have calibrated your consciousness to the frequency of the higher planes.

“Allow my ESSENCE to enter your mind. Just close your eyes and accept my message. Only you shall hear it, and only you can manifest it in you physical world…

“Oh yes, dear human, our blending has accelerated your resonance into the Causal Plane. Enjoy your journey. I believe your own Christ Consciousness has come to greet you.”

“Beloved One, essence of my SELF, I am our Christ Consciousness. I need no form, as I AM pure consciousness. I AM the sum total of all the loving feelings, thoughts, and actions of all our lives. I AM our Star Body, which changes and wavers with every thought and feeling. One day I AM golden and the next I AM violet. Often

“I will alternate from one color to another with each message I receive from my higher or my lower selves. Can you feel me within you? Allow me to touch your heart so that you can more easily “feel” my consciousness within you…

“Wonderful! Now take that “feeling” of our Christ Consciousness and infuse it in every one of our lower bodies as you make your return trek, through the Fourth Dimension, into your physical body. In fact, allow me to touch your Third Eye and we shall do that together now…

“Beautiful! Yes, you are still here because you are EVERYWHERE. In fact, you and I are everywhere that I AM for we are One. You are my physical encasement, my manifestation of our Divine Idea of an individual, human life. I AM the LOVE that brings joy to our human Heart, the consciousness that brings ILLUMINATION to our human Mind, and the CONNECTION of our human essence with our Divine SOUL.

“You are me and I AM you, and I AM ALWAYS in constant connection with our

“I AM PRESENCE!” Our “I AM Presence” is at the threshold of the Fifth Dimension, in fact, it IS the threshold. Allow me to merge with you so that we may go together to that threshold…

“Thank you my beloved human; was it not glorious to be in Oneness again? We are here now, our “I AM Presence” is before us.”

“GREETINGS, my beloved physical expression. I AM ALL THAT I AM. I AM our SELF. I AM our Higher Human.

Take me Home with you into your physical world, and I will take you Home with me into the Fifth Dimensional Home!”

We, the Elementals are with you ALWAYS within the NOW

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