The Stairway – Suzanne Lie


The Stairway

I awake, or have I just fallen asleep, to find myself on a stairway. Above me the stairs get brighter and of a looser form. Below me the stairs become darker and more constricted to form.

I look at the stairs above me and feel a sparkle of love calling me to climb them. But when I try, I find that an inner pull urges me to turn and go down the stairs below me. I turn to look down the stairway and feel a fear that chills my heart.

β€œWhy would I want to go down there?” I say to myself.

β€œBecause you already have,” whispers a voice that seems to emanate from the sparkle of love above me.

β€œIf I have been to that place,” I ask, β€œwhy would I ever want to return?”

β€œYou do not need to return,” the voice breathes into my heart. β€œYou have never left.”

β€œNo, that is not possible. I feel myself only here, upon this step”

β€œBut you are on other steps as well. In fact, there is a β€œyou,” in fact, there are many of β€œyou” on every step. You see, each step is like a dimension, a plane of existence.”

β€œIf there are so many fragment of myself, why don’t I know about them?”

β€œDo you feel the pull from the steps beneath you?”

β€œYes, I do.”

β€œThat pull is coming from the portions of your self that are lost in the lower dimensions. They are lost because they believe they are alone. Because you have not freed them, you believe that you are alone.”.

β€œHow can I free them when I feel like I am lost myself?”

β€œOh my one, you are not lost. You have found your higher voice; you have found ME! Your β€œlost” fragments of self have sent you up this stairway, like a scout, to see if there was another way. Now you have found it. Go back now, and share your experience with them.”

β€œPlease don’t make me leave. I remember it down there now, and I want to stay here.”

β€œYou shall stay where you are, just as you will stay where you have been. You will not move, instead, you will expand.”


β€œYes, you see yourself now as a single point of awareness. Can you extend that awareness to imagine that you are standing on every step?”

I close my eyes and call upon my imagination. I have always had a vivid imagination. Oh yes, there they are. There is a person on every step. Each one has the same amount of light and density as the step that they are standing on. They all look very different, but there is something about them that feels the same, as well.

β€œYes,” the voice replies to my thoughts. β€œThey all are of one consciousness. Can you feel how you are I are the same?”

It seems difficult for me to imagine that I could be the same as this wise and loving voice, but I close my eyes and try to make the connection. At first all I can perceive are the many voices of doubt, ridicule, and fear calling from the stairs below me. But, gradually, I also feel the love and support sparkling from the stairs above me.

With this feeling, my consciousness and perception begins to expand more and more. I feel pulled like a rubber band being pulled so tight that it is ready to break. Tighter and tighter I feel the pull until I can barely stand the tension.

Then, with a sudden SNAP, I understand. I am the loving voice that has guided me. I am the pull of fear and doubt. I am each person upon each step. In fact, I am each step and the imagination that created them. I am ALL IN ALL.

β€œYes,” resonates the loving voice from every person, every step, and every dimension. β€œWE are a multidimensional being. It is OUR expansion from a singular consciousness to multidimensional consciousness that allows us to KNOW who we are.”

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