Getting In-Tune with YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Newsletter Update: Getting In-Tune with YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES

β™₯ Supporting Complete Heart Expansion…
♦ Heart and Mind Wide-Open…
β™« Multi-Dimensional/NEW Earth Experiences and Living…

Aloha Star-Light Family!

Your Soul-Light-Body Requires an entire Shift in Priorities, as well as how/what you support/engage/allow within your own reality/Field of Consciousness… (The Ego Aspect does not like this part, so it’s up to each to recognize and constantly choose to shift this/all from deeper within.)…
Living from a place of deep Sacred Connection, utter and complete appreciation, feeling so beyond blessed and in love with pure presence…. Living Heaven will be through SIMPLIFYING, as it’s the opposite of complicated and living from our heads.

A huge part of the process is disconnecting from the external and going deep inside to connect and working through anything not highest vibrationally aligned that we/each were still holding deep within. This disconnecting allows us to get really clear inside while also clearing our energy and our field and start to connect up to the Crystalline Grids of NEW Earth, with our Energy and Bodies…. in order to open up access to that which was not previously visible before.


Through Pure Presence and BEing, A NEW DREAM will become visible and new feelings will start to emerge….
Then comes the part of anchoring and integrating the codes fully and then applying them (our own higher guidance/knowledge/wisdom) to our own every day lives, creating all new realities that honor all on a Soul Level and shifting everything in our lives to a much higher “timeline”.

Cultivating, nurturing and holding this Sacred Divine Connection brings clarity, peace and an inner knowing that all is not only okay, it’s already done… and now in the “physical” we get up each day and we accomplish/”do” that which we see already exists…. Which is “how” all materializes into/through form and becoming a new physical realty/experience here….

As each take their power back and return to LOVE fully from within, literally “reality” gets soft, fuzzy and dreamy, surreal as we shift from one illusion/dream to the next.

Yes it’s “an illusion”, yet it’s y/our illusion, which means that all each has to do is completely shift where they function from…. and embrace that which is not yet tangible, yet IS A REALITY…. and the way to call it forth, is to LIVE IT FULLY, with our entire/whole BEing, so that your own Morphogenic Field can deliver a new vibrational REALITY match for/to you. (Note that early stages are “disillusionment phases”, so be patient and observe through your own expanded awareness/presence, so that you can shift to a whole different timeline/reality fully from within you).

So, go deeper inside to find your own inspiration and “utilize” outside to support this. Go inside to find you own inner drive to anchor much higher dimensional realities into/through your physical body, therefore your external reality/experience too.

Consciously Inner-acting with your own
Holographic and Morphogenic Field

Portals open from deep within your heart and on a cellular level too. Every time your heart fully expands… “outside” becomes a reflection back of this. Yes, we can capture portals and vortexes and walk through them too. Yes we travel passageways “to the other side” throughout each day, as well as in our sleep state too.

Looking at your external from/on a multi-dimensional and vibrational level, shows you what dimension your body occupies, so that you can shift this/all yourself. Tune into the vibration and use this information to LEARN and SEE, rather than “judge”… it’s a part of Mastery/Alchemy and learning to “tune” everything to a much higher state of consciousness from within yourself. By doing so, you/we each can BRING ALL into a much higher state of awareness and LOVE…

It’s not complicated, yet all does require full presence and ACTually truly CARING from that deep sacred connection of REMEMBRANCE as to why we are all here, what our roles are and the difference that living from our absolute highest states can affect.

Through the years I came to understand that LIVING THIS meant BEING THIS FULLY and shining, showing, sharing all that supported others in LIVING THIS FULLY TOO….

The FIRST STEP is opening our hearts all of the way
So that our human ego mind will dissolve/fall away
and a “new space” will open up INSIDE
Where a whole new EXPERIENCE OCCURS
from DEEP Within
and has nothing to do with the external anymore….

Every bit of it….
Yet in order to access ALL
WE must go (and stay) deep deep deep within…
as we move, as we breathe, as we function/exist
in every moment of every day….
So that the “external” can become a NEW VIBRATIONAL MATCH
from this Vibrational Now…


As all take the “blinders off” and truly start to LOOK at the external as a vibrational match, then everything changes… as each starts to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their own ENERGY and what they are transmitting out to RECEIVE as an ACTUAL EXPERIENCE ….

As each goes deeper and truly realizes that EVERY REALITY is the RESULT of what all ALLOW, then each stops allowing that which is no longer highest aligned. It is this simple….

As each starts to truly REALize and COMPREHEND that “reality” is not what all “thought” and that it’s subjective, perception and each’s MENTALITY and that only the human ego affixes to fixed linear mindsets/structures (3D) and these are what are being dismantled (each’s Merkaba) and re-worked with all new Geometrics/Equations relative to Star-Soul-Light Codes that each holds deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep within.


By fulfilling our highest Soul Purposes in service to all of humanity, we simultaneously are creating Heaven on Earth in our own reality and with all who are contributing/participating in our reality too….

This is your Morphogenic Experience (reality). “It” vibrationally listens to your transmissions, reads your frequencies (on a cellular and Energetic (Quantum Level) and DELIVERS a vibrational response/reality TO/FOR YOU….

Your POWER is through your own deep sacred inner-connection with “it” and living in Unison with this magnificent Unified Field of Living and Breathing Consciousness….

As you HOLD YOUR HIGHEST, YOUR MOST PURE AND EXPANDED STATE… you dictate and call forth that which is highest aligned, because you “don’t go back” to the old ways anymore….

You honor your Physical Light Body’s clearings, re-calibrations, re-tuning and re-coding processes and the electro-magnetic re-balancing of your own body/field, so that your whole body/being can complete the tuning/reconfiguration processes necessary to call forth a much higher dimensional/vibrational reality EASILY, because you are not getting in the way anymore….

This is where full mind/emotional/physical/energy body ego surrender comes in, as the massive re-calibration processes work to rewire, remap and reconfigure the whole physical body/energy/field to work at a much higher vibrational (oscillatory spin rate/cycle) than it was.

When these processes complete, then you will be able to get up and “do” differently and from a much different place/space than before, as well as utilize/focus your energy easier in order to accomplish that which is also highest aligned and in service to all as LIGHT. β™₯

All of these are service (as Light) oriented and support HUmanity/Gaia as a greater whole. They are by EACH HOLDING their own highest everything and constantly stepping up and into all new roles….

You won’t be able to apply the same parameters, measurements, values or “rules” that were “old earth” ways, as these are completely different/”new”. That which is highest aligned through full consciousness looks nothing like the old did… and nothing will work those ways anymore either, so you will have to shift and see from a completely different place/space to understand through your own Universal/Sacred Heart. β™₯

The “new” respects all of humanity and our planet. Plasma is “non-conforming”. We are Plasma Light BEings (in a form). NEW Earth is a plasma and crystalline reality, that becomes accessible to all as each’s DNA completely rewrites and each’s physical Lightbody completes each upgrade/reconfiguration phase.

At first, we focus on us, our vibration, our energy and getting ourselves to a point where we can hold, sustain, maintain and affect reality (Mastery) as LOVE. We utilize everything to support, so that we can in-turn support. We do not take one thing for-granted. We understand the importance of this…

At first, we start small and work our way up….


What environment energetically/physically/vibrationally supports you creating, anchoring and accomplishing your own service work/role fulfillment as Love?
What supports you CREATING, SHARING, INSPIRING, UPLIFTING and being the WAYShower, as well as a Contributing Partner in building/creating NEW EARTH REALITIES TOGETHER AS ONE?

As all realize that the space our bodies occupy determines our ability to be/do all…. then we start choosing different places/spaces and moving our bodies to those places/spaces that vibrationally support, shifting our priorities to constantly opening/expanding our own hearts, deepening our own connections, so that it’s “easy” to fulfill, create and show up as the Change-makers, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Guardians, Councils and Frequency Holders/Stabilizers and Anchor/Grid Points here…..

Your “office”, or wherever you create from, is wherever supports EXPANSION, beauty, connection, inspiration and expansion on a heart-energy level too…. It can be anywhere and it changes, based upon whatever phases we are currently in (as well as the service roles we fulfill).

Mine have been many through the years… a bench in nature, under trees, by the water or even in my bed where I’m comfy, in “Heaven” and able to support globally, while my LightBody re-configures/builds until the entire process is complete so that I can get up and slam out various many other realities in-service, while always honoring what the NOW moment/energy presents… Over the years, as I became the portal, then it became wherever I was, so I turned every room into a place to accomplish/create, as well as anywhere I go is an opportUNITY for awesome, magical and beautiful connections and exchanges and ways to make a difference as LOVE too.

Since WE are the Cosmic Portals/Gatekeepers/Gateways, then we bring all through us and emanate all out into the entire world (Quantum Field), as well as our communities and every exchange. Everything becomes an opportunity to bring/evolve/shift all into a much higher state of consciousness, so everything can be simple/easy for all…. (Our Plasma Light-Bodies give us the ability to do this with great ease).

So, continue to GET CREATIVE and figure out where inspires you and supports expansion, connection, ease, flow and accomplishing more as LOVE in a multitude of ways too! β™₯

It’s fun to explore, play and just BE and let all flow out of you as LOVE… β™₯



Everyone “learns” all new ways, in order to set-up, implement and establish all new foundations, infrastructures, systems and programs that support all new ways…

New Earth “looks” nothing like “old”…
Everyone has many roles to fulfill in order to accomplish this.
This is why we use the words “building a whole new world”.
We literally are all building it as we live it and unite to share, support, accomplish much bigger/important roles/realities together as LOVE here.

First our own individual realities is what we accomplish an entire revamping/overhaul process to bring all into much higher alignment than ever before…

For each person (Soul-Star-Light BEing) and phase, this all will be different, which is why it’s so important not to judge or get caught up in “others” realities… and focus on you/yours, what opens your heart through purity, beauty, kindness and simplicity and how you unite/come together with others who are already doing this too/as well. β™₯ “How and what” supports is different with each dimension/phase. Respect where you are, where all are and focus your energy on what’s highest aligned for you/all and honor this fully, so that the NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE CAN BE YOUR ENTIRE REALITY TOO! β™₯

Your/the human aspect loves “excuses”, so listen every time you make an excuse (tell a story) for “why” you can’t and start “doing” something that shifts this to “how you can”.

Every story you tell creates. Every word, every act… What you “tell yourself” matters, as it shapes your reality and the limits/constructs that you hold in place inside. As you shift to openness, possibilities, exploration, excitement and creation, these shift too. All of a “sudden” you have more energy and “find/see” more options/potentials because you are not shutting doors (portals) with your closed/rigid/fixed/limited/conditioned/programmed mentalities/beliefs anymore….

Your ENTIRE REALITY/EXPERIENCE is literally dependent on your own deep Sacred Connection/LightBody, Energy/Consciousness, what you HOLD FULLY FROM WITHIN (EMBODY) and “do” with all. β™₯
REMEMBER, we are all Star Family, Light Family and Soul Family in-body-form here. Each’s NEW Earth EXPERIENCE is relative to each’s ability to LIVE AS NEW EARTH LIGHT BEINGS… occupying a form that’s constantly re-configuring to hold even more LIGHT than before. These Cosmic Frequencies continue to increase to evolve the whole planet and all into much higher states than before. Returning to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS is why all are here. “HOW” that plays out is up to each’s Cosmic SOUL/Star Codes, current level of consciousness each functions from and unresolved unconscious (karmic) programming each still holds in separation as “reality” still. Full presence allows each the opportUNITY to observe/see and then consciously shift to a whole different place/space with their whole body/being from deep within. β™₯

NEW EARTH REALITIES: WE COME TOGETHER (UNITY)… which means we work, live, co-exist through purity, love, kindness, caring, deep sacred respect and we HOLD Unity from our own Core Presence and Divine Essence….

We don’t focus on Old Earth. We see it, we understand it and how all dismantles and is restructured according to Quantum Geometrics and Codes. Holding the new in place, creating our new, accomplishing entire realities takes our entire commitment and love for us all. As more transition over, there are more of us to unite, work together, create together and accomplish with greater ease too! β™₯ This is for ALL…. ♦ We are creating, building and contributing to NEW EARTH REALITIES with our presence, every act and breath…. β™«
Live Your Light β™₯ Live Your Love
Immense Love, Appreciation and Deep Sacred Respect,



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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