Filled with Gratitude – Steve Beckow

Gratitude painting by Nanne Nyander @ Fine Art America

ย ***

Filled with Gratitude

Iโ€™m grateful to the Divine Mother for allowing me to serve in the capacities assigned to me.

Iโ€™m grateful to Gaia for hosting us all so patiently and bounteously.

Iโ€™m grateful to Michael โ€“ and to his channel, Linda Dillon โ€“ for mentoring me.

Iโ€™m grateful to Suzi, Kathleen, Sitara, Karen, and Casey for producing this blog each day, mutually supporting each other to reach the Reval finish line, and having fun doing it.

Here we are on Love Day, Feb. 14, a day weโ€™ve set aside to look at gratitude. And I find Iโ€™m a babe in the woods on gratitude.

I thrash around looking for a self-serving explanation of why Iโ€™m so superficial. I canโ€™t find one.

When I look deeper I see that my situation with gratitude goes a long way back, to being a complainer as a young child. โ€œNo one listened to meโ€ so I used complaints to be heard.

A complainer pathologically takes an adversarial position. There ainโ€™t much room for gratitude there.

Let me get back to the place of innocence and purity that lives in the seat of the soul. From that place, Iโ€™m so filled with gratitude to all my friends. From this place I feel gratitude deeply.

Experiencing this state from this perspective reveals it to be another higher-dimensional space, like abundance, mastery, peace, and bliss.

Of course. Gratitude is a divine quality, a divine state. What did I expect? Why have I denied myself this pleasure, all these years?

Vasanas. Conditioning. Programming.

Gratitude is an immensely satisfying space.ย  Iโ€™m at peace feeling grateful. I notice a flow of love going out towards the person Iโ€™m grateful to. All spaces and states seem to lead back to love.

Gratitude is another road in to love.ย  Gratitude and love are their own rewards.

Iโ€™m grateful for all the kindnesses youโ€™ve extended to me. Iโ€™m grateful for all the kind words youโ€™ve written in.ย  Iโ€™m grateful to be alive today and participating with you in what weโ€™re commonly about โ€“ building a whole new world of prosperity, peace, and happiness.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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