Most Issues are not about Money – Steve Beckow


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Most Issues are not about Money

On May 6, 2016, Archangel Michael told me in a reading:

“Most issues, beloved, are not about money; they are about self-worth, taking responsibility, sharing responsibility, leadership, sharing leadership, knowing when to lead and went to follow, and stepping up in ways that are creative.

“What money is used for is so that a person, a group, an individual, an institution, an entire community, an entire planet can step forward without worry, without that fear which is so pervasive upon your planet, to create!

“So think of it as money as a creation tool. And if it is not creating, if it is simply being thrown down the drain or being maintained in a way that is not creative, then it is not doing its job.” (1)

I find that a profound help towards changing my thinking about money.

My family had a troubled history with money. It was used as a tool of control and left a very bad taste in my mouth. I swore I would not use it that way.

But he says that most issues are not about that. He goes on to describe the proper function of money: To allow us to “step forward without worry, without that fear which is so pervasive upon your planet, to create!”

And since the Company of Heaven have plans to release abundance that go well past just the Reval, (2) the creators are to be “an individual, an institution, an entire community, an entire planet.”

All of us occupy our days creating. You go into the office, another goes into the field, someone else into space and creates, creates, creates.

But, when we perceive that we’re without money, we do it from a place of fear. If we were abundant, we’d still have those days to live and create in. But I think we’d be far more creative, we could let our hearts and souls roam more, without the fear of want and lack. (3)

So, he asks us to think of “money as a creation tool.” It allows us the resources and the opportunity to create.

I’ve been working for the last couple of weeks on doing a book for myself on what my financial role requires. (4) There won’t be time to look things up after the Reval. I want it all in one place.

I’ve been working for years (since the matter was first raised in 2011) to “live into” that role. I went through stages where I was awkward with (imagined) wealth. At other points I was playing small. Now my creative process inside is fluid and unrestrained.

I can play with whole programs (like universal basic incomes or universal medicare) and work with them like chess pieces. I’m beginning to be able to think financially, in a number of directions.

When I was a child, I used to build dioramas. I had dioramas with dinosaurs and toy soldiers. And then I built my pièce de resistance – a model airport – in my bedroom.  The sense of building large environments was immensely attractive to me. (Perhaps I should have been an architect.)

I made large brushstrokes as a child model builder. I wasn’t worried about money.

And I’ve reached a point now in my living into my own financial role where my willingness and lack of worry allow me again to start making bold brush strokes. It’s been a journey for a person with the proclivities of a monk.

So I see the creativity that can be involved in working with the large sums of money we’ll be managing after the Reval.

But there’ll be a limbering up process – after we take our vacations. At first we may wonder how we’ll ever be able to work with money … well, I did. But now the fears are subsiding and the reality is beginning to register with me.

Building Nova Earth after the Reval can be such fun, so creative, so satisfying. (It’s up to us.) The Mother has been saying that if what we’re doing (after the Reval) isn’t bringing us joy, don’t do it.

“Does it bring joy to your heart? Does it ignite that wonderful smile in your tummy? Does it make your feet tap, wanting to get going? Does it feel like love? Does it feel that you could take this project, whatever it is, and show it to me in full confidence and pride that this is something that you are offering yourself, each other, and the multiverse, the omniverse.

“Now, if it does not give you that feeling, then set it aside. Go on to the next idea. Because the inspiration that you are being flooded with — and I mean each and every one of you – [means] you are not in a lull. You are overwhelmed with ideas. So go to the next one, and say, all right, is this the one that makes my heart sing? And it may be a multitude of steps.

“Do what feels like unbridled joy. That is how you create Nova Earth. That is how you say, as a human, as a creator race, this is how I work with the elementals, with the kingdoms, with the devas, with the planet, with my guides, with my star brothers and sisters, with the Company of Heaven.” (5)

What more reassurance do we need?

It’s already becoming so for me as I study more and more what Michael has said about how to participate in a world-embracing way after the flow of abundance starts.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2020.

(2) Archangel Michael: That is why we have also said (this is an aside), there will be several waves of abundance. (Ibid., March 10, 2017.)

Steve: Will [my prosperity package] be delivered by FedEx or will it show up as increased digits on my bank account?

AAM: It will be both, actually.

Steve: How is that possible?

AAM: Because it is more than one payment. (AAM, Sept. 2, 2016.)

(3) I know I can’t write when I don’t know how I’ll pay the rent. But at the same time I really have heard Michael enough times on the subject that I’ve given up worrying about money.

(4)  I’ve been working on this for years now, since the days of “Pre-NESARA funds” and the Bridge Fund, starting in 2011.

(5) “The Divine Mother Blesses Nova Earth Day, Feb. 14, 2013,” at


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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