The Divine Mother on Her Nature – Steve Beckow

Mother Mary by Lynne Hudson @ Fine Art America


The Divine Mother on Her Nature

As a warm-up to International Women’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to post a radio interview with the original of the Divine Feminine – the Divine Mother – from Spring 2012.

To a cross-cultural spiritual student like myself, this interview is one of the most valuable statements the Divine Mother has ever made that I’m aware of.

In it she discusses a wealth of fundamental topics: She acknowledges being Shakti, being One with the Father, being the Father, being movement to the Father’s stillness, being Maré, the Ocean of Love and other matters that one simply could not find readily discussed in many other places.

Through channel Linda Dillon, here is the only One in the universe, the Divine Mother, describing Reality and her Nature.

The post is long and may need to be read in parts.

“Transcript of the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel, May 7, 2012,” via Linda Dillon ~  

Divine Mother: I am the Mother — mother of all, giver of life, giver of love. It is my joy to be speaking with you. And I want to explain, for there are many thoughts and conceptions about who I am, about what I am.

There are many things that we will talk about and discuss this day. The most important is love. The most important is the transition that each of you, my beloved ones, goes through right now, as you receive love, a flow from my heart and from the heart of the Father, from One.

I am known by many names, and that is appropriate. And I am thought of in many forms — as Mary [Mother of Jesus], as Shakti, as Maré, which is very close because it is the [Latin] word for “ocean” in your world and language [the Ocean of Love]. It represents the movement and the giver of life, the creator of life, of love, of form, of substance, of essence. (3)

It is so that in many cultures and in many ways I am worshipped, I am adored, I am venerated. But, my beloved children, children that I have birthed from my being, from my essence — which is far beyond what you can imagine — I also wish to be thought of and felt as approached, approachable, present, ever present, available, accessible, and with you. (4)

There is no limitation, and there most certainly is no separation, throughout this universe and on your planet, that I may be with each one of you in the way that is appropriate in what you think of as your now, in the form and by the name that you call me. The key is, I will answer always. (5) …

Steve Beckow: Mother, you’re also known as the Word of God, Aum, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, the noise of many waters. Solomon called you Wisdom. Why is the knowledge of you “more precious than rubies”?

DM: Well, first of all, it is the way that human beings can express how they know me. But knowledge of me is more precious than anything, because I am your connection [to the Father]. When you are with me in the fullness of union, as full as you can know it while in form, then you are connected, and in, not only my creation, but my wisdom and my love. And in that is all. It is all you need to know or can know or will know. (6)It brings you beyond the human experience. (7) And, yes, I am also the voice crying in the wilderness. (8) But I want to address that, because it is not so much anymore, for many are heeding my voice. Many are heeding my pleas. Many are returning to the core of why you exist.

So, this expression, and the many expressions, are to emphasize the need — if such a thing exists, and I know it does — in each of your hearts. There are times when you feel the need, and [what I said] expresses what is first, what is always, what is primordial, what is primary in your journey. (9)

When you do not join with me, when you do not acknowledge me or turn to me, you are denying yourself, you are denying who you are and why you are. My gifts are beyond any human or Earthly measure. They are beyond any realm that you are experiencing within the human dimensionality. But that does not mean that you cannot come to know me and to join with me. No, it is not a contradiction, it is a request.

SB: How are you known, Mother?

DM: I am known as all. I am known as love. I am known as love, as dynamic action, as movement, as constant change, as fulfillment. Sometimes you tend to think of me as the Holy Spirit, but there is more to me than that, and there is a shade of the Father within there as well. But I am known by the movement within you and the movement within your Earth, within all things, within all universes.

I am a birther and a giver. I am the unchanging movement, and the constantly changing movement. I am the rhythm. I am the flow. I am Mother.

And on your planet that I have birthed, the pattern of Mother I have gifted you, that you are surrounded with the reminder of my presence, with the imprint of my presence and my wisdom, that you will know fulfillment. Yes, we have also imprinted free will.

So the actions of all mothers are not always of wisdom and love. But that does not change the knowing and the wisdom, within each of you, of what is intended to be. And when you return to that, when you stay within that, it will lift you to the bliss, to the One.

SB: Mother, you say you are movement, and that implies that the Father is stillness. But you are the Father as well as the Mother. Can you, if it’s at all possible, explain to our listeners what the difference is between your aspect as the Mother and your aspect as the Father?

DM: Yes, because, as I have said, I am All, I am One. And, if you will, as you will be speaking with the Father, (10) of course there will be more information. But also know, I am All. So, I give you human ways, not in a way of speaking down — quite the contrary — but in ways that you may understand. When I am Father, there is a stillness, complete.

This is something that the human race is simply learning now. It is the union and conjoining of stillness with movement, and how that is the balance of everything. When I am in the Father, I do not require that movement, for that is not the way that I have created the Father.  (11) So, they are the two halves of the whole. Many who listen to this will be a little confused, and yet, my children, there is no need for confusion.

Let me explain further. In many traditions, I am considered the Mother of All; in some traditions, the Mother of God, Source, One. Now, what does this mean? It means exactly what it says: I am the beginning and I am the completion, the end. (12) Each of you — and I have strongly encouraged you not only to discover but to find the masculine aspect of yourself, and the feminine, the stillness and the movement — you cannot have creation of any kind without both.

Creation comes from movement, and it is movement into form, into energy, into substance, into essence — however you conceive of that. But do not negate the role of the Father, of the masculine, because in that is the stillness of what you think of as the moment of creation. So it is the combination.

You say, “Mother, how can you do both?” It is who I am. And you, each one of you, are embedded with these qualities directly from my being, from my heart. I give you human ways rather than just sheer energy, which I also transmit to you now, but not only to embrace me, but to understand, because you are in your process also of fulfillment. It is part of your progression. It is already created.

I invite you to stay in the Now but also suggest to you and tell you, it is already done.

Does this answer your question, child?

SB: Well, I have to ask you one further question, Mother, to make sure that I understand completely what you just said. And I regret that I have to use a little bit of jargon, but I’ll explain to my readers later.

When you use the word “the Father,” are you referring to the conditioned Brahman? And if you are, could you tell us about your aspect as the transcendental Absolute?

DM: Many who listen do not understand this or these terms.

SB: Yes, I realize that.

DM: And part of my desire is to make very clear, that people do understand. So, ensure, beloved, that you do make these terms very clear for your readers and listeners.

SB: I will. But if you would just confirm for me now that you are speaking about the conditioned Brahman rather than the Transcendental Absolute, I can do the rest.

DM: Yes, that is exactly what I am speaking of.


(1) Which I experienced in connection with my heart opening of March 13, 2015.

(2) Sri Ramakrishna had a vision of Shakti untying the dying mortal’s remaining knots and Shiva giving the soul the mantra of liberation:

“I saw a tall white person with tawny matted hair walking with solemn steps to each pyre in the [Benares] burning ghat, raising carefully each jiva [soul] and imparting into his ear the mantra of supreme Brahman; while, sitting on the pyre on the other side of the body was the all-powerful universal Mother, Mahakali [Mahashakti], untying all knots of the bondage of karma, sending him to the indivisible sphere by opening with Her own hands the door to liberation. Thus did Siva grant the soul that which ordinarily results only from the practice of yoga and tapas [austerities] for many lives. (Swami Yogeshananda, The Visions of Sri Ramakrishna. Madras: Sri Ramakrishna Math, 1980, 64.)

(3) I can vouch for that.

(4) When has the invitation to relate to her ever been made so plainly and universally? One used to have to do rigorous austerities for what is freely available to us today.

(5) God shows up in the form the devotee worships. The Mother has just confirmed this fundamental truth as well.

(6) If there were no differentiation between the Mother and the Father, there would be no Mother or Father; there would be only the One.  But given that the Mother has also been created by the Father, she acknowledges: “knowledge of me is more precious than anything, because I am your connection [to the Father].”

She then gives a roadmap to union with her and beyond her the Father, whom she hands us off to: “You are connected, and in, not only my creation, but my wisdom and my love. And in that is all.” In that is the doorway in to the Father, Stillness.

For me, hearing these things from her was like a greedy person coming upon a steamer trunk full of gold and jewels. Every confirmation she makes here is added on to what we already have to derive a confirmed, cross-cultural view of Mother/Father God, the Self, and enlightenment.

(7) To the Transcendental; i.e., beyond the twelve dimensions.

(8) “The voice in the wilderness”:  An instrument of the Mother is Aum, the Word of God, the creative universal vibration that creates, preserves, and transforms worlds (often referred to as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva or rajas, sattwa, and thamas).  The Bible refers to her as Amen, the voice in the wilderness, the noise of many waters, and the Holy Spirit (spiritus = breath). The Holy Spirit, or Shakti, is apparently a part of the Mother, not her totality.

(9) She identifies the primordial need that we have to unite with God. Other sages call this the longing for liberation. It does not stop until we merge again with God. See “The Longing for Liberation,” August 20, 2010, at

She has also identified herself as the last stop before the Father. She’s discussed her nature. She’s confirmed a lot of what sages have said about her. This provides us with a foundation of knowledge upon which to build a cross-cultural spirituality.

(10) The InLight Radio team had earlier discussed speaking with the Universal Mother for Mother’s Day and the Holy Father (what I called the conditioned Brahman) for Father’s Day. But for reasons lost to me, the latter interview did not happen.

(11) The Father is uncreated and created the Mother. But insofar as the Father enters into the dream-world, the Mother  creates the form the Father takes. In form she is the only Creator.  Outside of form, he turns out to be the Source of creation.

The Mother says “creation comes from movement.”  Creation in the world of form does come from movement; when something doesn’t move at any level, it dissolves back into the Formless or Transcendental Absolute.

But I must say my curiosity was piqued by her comment: “That is not the way that I have created the Father.”  The Father outside Creation she did not create, but the Father inside creation, called the Personal God or the conditioned Brahman, she did “create” – or clothe with form. And she acknowledges it at the last in this interview when she speaks of the Father as the conditioned Brahman.

Brahman = God. The unconditioned Brahman is the One, Source, the Transcendental Absolute. The conditioned Brahman is God operating inside the dreamworld of the Mother – the Divine Masculine aspect, heart of stillness but with form given to it by the Mother.  In New Age terms we often call this the “God of this universe.”  The god Vishnu could also be thought of as the conditioned Brahman.  As an avatar, Krishna called himself Brahman in form; i.e., the conditioned Brahman. The term is therefore used to refer to a number of levels of Reality. The Brahman in all of them is Stillness.

(12) The Mother and the Father are not different. They are one. Therefore it is as true for the Mother to say I am the beginning, the middle and the end as it is for the Father.  When It moves, God is the Mother; when It’s still, God is the Father. That’s the chief difference between the two, as she makes plain here. But on her movement all of creation depends. Without it everything disappears.

(13) “The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” July 12, 2014, at

For more on the Divine Mother, see “On the Nature of the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit,” May 12, 2019, at

For more on cross-cultural spirituality, also called the perennial philosophy and ancient wisdom, see An Integrated, Direct and Unitive Spirituality R1 at


Mother Mary by Lynne Hudson @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Link below via Golden Age of Gaia’s website archives


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