Divine Mother – The Importance Of Being Deeply Discerning – Linda Dillon


Divine Mother ~ The Importance Of Being Deeply Discerning


Another beautiful gem lovingly shared by Irene from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ The Importance Of Being Deeply Discerning

It is important, beloved daughter, that you are deeply discerning, critically discerning… no, I mean in terms of intensity, not in terms of criticism… but that you are deeply discerning when you read people’s material, and that you are very clear.

You can feel immediately when our energy, my energy, is not fully present either in an article, or in a transmission, or in a prayer. I would like to guide you, strongly guide you, to not pay attention and to put it down when you know the piece of information or untruth is not based in love.

The human race, particularly at this juncture, has never been more secure from external influences, implants, attacks and what have you. Now let me explain. The human collective – my children – are being freed up in the free-will zone to quite literally ascend, to change the complexion of what it means to be human, so the external interferences have in fact been blocked and have been for some time.

Now, is there a great deal of chaos that has been revealed, that has come to the surface, that is very obvious and apparent upon the planet? The answer is “yes”, and it needed to because it is of human creation. So very often – and this is true of lightworkers – they will say: “Well, I am being influenced by a dark force, or I have an implant, or this or that.” It is a denial of their own Divine Authority, their own wisdom, and their own power to choose.

So when you come across something that does not feel like pure love – yes, even when it is strongly worded, you can tell the difference whether it is a divine transmission or whether it is fearmongering – and when it is fearmongering, turn away. Do not even engage in the conversation because it just perpetuates the lie.

So while I encourage you – and you are brilliant – ask the questions, but do not ask questions about the lies – things that you know are obviously not founded in love, nor founded in divine grace which you carry so beautifully.



Permission given to share ~ thank you Linda Dillon


Held In The Heart of The Goddess painting by Annette Wagner @ Pictify


Patricia Cota-Robles
April 29, 2020


This is an unparalleled time in the lives of all Humanity. The Legions of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are very aware of the confusion and the fear so many people are experiencing. They realize that we have very conflicting and often extreme perceptions about what is actually happening on Earth. This makes us vulnerable to various agendas and the conspiracy theories designed to perpetuate fear and the obsolete patterns of “us versus them”.

Due to the need of the hour, the Company of Heaven has been granted a Cosmic Dispensation by our Father-Mother God that will allow them to intervene in our lives in previously unknown ways. Throughout the month of May, the Beings of Light will vastly empower our individual and collective Lightwork. This will help us to transcend the effluvia and the chaos being pushed to the surface to be transmuted back into Light.

Once our consciousness is raised above the chaos in the outer world, our I AM Presence will have the ability to intuitively communicate with us on a far more tangible level. The Divine Intent of this intervention is to help each of us remember that we have been training for lifetimes to help the masses of Humanity fully awaken during this Cosmic Moment, and that everything we need to succeed is already within us.

In the Heavenly Realms, the month of May is considered a very spiritual and powerful time for Planet Earth. The Company of Heaven refers to May as “the Mystical Month of May” because of various activities of Light that take place during this time of year. May 1st is celebrated as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. During that time Saint Germain directs his Legions of 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame Archangels to flood the Earth with the most powerful frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection that Cosmic Law will allow.

During the entire month of May, Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart is Open in the Heavenly Realms to the masses of Humanity. Our I AM Presence will happily take us there in our finer body as we sleep at night. All we have to do is ask. During this sacred time, Mother Mary will assist our I AM Presence to balance and expand the Divinity anchored within the Permanent Seed Atom of our Immortal Victorious Threefold Heart Flame.

In May we also experience the Taurus Full Moon which is celebrated as both Buddha’s Birthday and the Day of Buddha’s Enlightenment. This celebration is known throughout the World as the Wesak Festival. In 2020, the Taurus Full Moon and the Wesak Festival will occur on May 7th. This year Buddha will bless Humanity with unprecedented frequencies of Enlightenment and Divine Wisdom.

For many years May 1st has also been acknowledged as “Global Love Day.” This is a time when Lightworkers around the World join hearts and minds with a Global expression of Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.

This year, because of the global focus of Humanity’s attention on healing the Coronavirus and surviving financially, throughout the Mystical Month of May our Father-Mother God are infusing our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love with unprecedented frequencies of the Emerald Green and Violet Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation and the Golden Flame of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace. This is providing an extraordinary opportunity that ALL of the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth will utilize to assist each and every person on Earth in NEW and profound ways.

The following invocations have been given to us by the Company of Heaven. The Divine Matrix for these invocations have been building in momentum for a long time and will be exponentially expanded through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth as we COMMAND this Light through the power of our spoken words this month. Today, let’s empower this Divine Matrix together.

And we begin…

God’s Abundance is the Path to Eternal Peace and
Eternal Peace is the Path to God’s Abundance
Patricia Cota-Robles


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. Through the Power of my spoken word, I COMMAND God’s unformed Primal Light Substance from the Core of Creation to tangibly manifest my Heart-based invocations, decrees and prayers here and NOW.

The Golden Flame of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace is now flowing into every person’s Heart Flame through Earth’s Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love.  I Breathe in deeply, and I become One with this Golden Light as I enter the secret place of the Most High Living God within my Heart. As I enter this sacred space on the Holy Breath, I AM open and receptive to the impulses pouring forth from the Heart and Mind of God. The hour has at last arrived, and the Divine Fiat has been issued by my Father-Mother God for the Divinity pulsating within my Heart Flame to be given full Liberty and Freedom of expression. My I AM Presence rejoices in this Divine Edict and will now give me every possible assistance in manifesting the Heart-based patterns of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace tangibly in my life and the lives of ALL Humanity

I AM now a Keeper of the Golden Flame of Abundance and Eternal Peace in accordance with my Divine Destiny. My Earthly Bodies are being brought into perfect balance, and the latent powers encoded within my Heart Flame are being released. The abilities I have developed over aeons of time that will assist me in cocreating the New Earth are being brought into a balanced state of true mastery.

With the Divine Intervention of the entire Company of Heaven, the I AM Presence of every person is able to Enlighten him or her to the Divine Truth that God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace are inseparable aspects of God’s perfection. And, all is well.

I realize these are days of great acceleration due to the influx of Divine Consciousness that is flooding the Earth. The vibratory action of every facet of Life is being stepped up the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow. The Golden Flame of Abundance and Eternal Peace is flowing through my Heart allowing me to experience the bliss and joy of Earth’s Ascension into greater perfection and I KNOW…

I AM a Golden Sun of God’s Abundance and Eternal Peace
now manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.
And so it is.
Now through the Power of God blazing in every person’s Heart Flame I Invoke A New Order of Healing
Patricia Cota-Robles

Beloved Presence of God, I AM, I invoke the Emerald Green and Violet Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation. This Sacred Fire is the most powerful frequency of Divine Healing available on the New Earth. It Transmutes everything less than Purity and Vibrant Health into God’s Infinite Perfection.

Legions of Light blaze the most intensified activity of this Healing Flame that Humanity is capable of receiving in, through and around every person on Earth. Project this Sacred Fire into the Core of Purity in every electron of precious Life energy evolving on this Planet. Instantly Transmute every frequency of vibration in any facet of Life that conflicts with the Immaculate Concept of Humanity’s Crystalline Light Bodies and the Infinite Perfection of the New Earth.

Increase this activity of Healing Light daily and hourly with every Breath I take. Allow me to be the Open Door for this NEW Order of Healing. Allow me to be a Force of Healing for ALL Life I come in contact with during my Earthly sojourn.  Magnetize into my sphere of influence every person, place, condition or thing that I can assist in any way with God’s Healing Light. Give me the Divine Opportunities to Love all Life FREE on this sweet Earth.

I AM Open, I AM Willing, I AM Receptive, I AM Grateful.

I AM God’s Healing Flame in Action on Earth!

And so it is,  I AM, I AM, I AM.

Precious One, please do not let this opportunity pass you by. During the Mystical Month of May, listen to your Heart, Invoke the Light of God and focus on the patterns of perfection you want to cocreate in your life.

In your quiet moments, when you are in a state of Listening Grace, feel the Gratitude pouring forth from our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven in appreciation of your willingness to add to the Light of the World. You are Blessed beyond your knowing!

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles

Era of Peace

PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446

Phone: 520-885-7909, Fax: 520-347-5440


This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included.

Era of Peace

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

2020 Patricia Cota-Robles


Held In The Heart of The Goddess painting by Annette Wagner @ Pictify

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TURNING INWARD – Archangel Zadkiel Through Linda Robinson

Archangel Zadkiel by Defying Destiny @ DeviantArt




Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss turning inward.

You have been and are continuing to experience times of great challenge with current situations. These are indeed times that can be trying to the Soul and may lead you to wonder how to navigate this crisis spiritually.

In times such as this, turning inward to your heart center takes on increased importance.

The heart center is where your Divine Spark resides. It is your connection with Source and with all of humanity.

As a Divine Spark, you burst forth from Source to play your role in the grand plan of Creation. Connecting with your Divine Spark leads you to remember your connection with Source, and this is where you receive your sustenance as a Soul. When you tune in to your heart center, you can tap into that from which you came. This leads you to a sense of renewed connection and knowing that you are fulfilling your role and mission in this lifetime. You can feel a sense of being part of something much greater than yourself.

This leads to a feeling of Divine Love as a vibration rather than an emotion. Focusing on the feeling of Love helps you to remember your Divine connection. As you continue to focus on Love, you may experience a feeling of Oneness. This can help you feel a sense of connectedness and support.

As you focus on these aspects, you may begin to experience a sense of inner peace. You are connecting with your inner core and center. It is as if you are feeling peaceful inwardly even when outer circumstances may seem to be chaotic. It does not change the outer circumstances. Rather it changes how you are feeling in the moment.

As you experience inner peace, you are able to maintain a sense of inner calmness and an increased ability to navigate outer circumstances more easily.

When you are in a state of inner peace, your vibration rises, and your peaceful feelings radiate out into the Universe for the benefit of all.

As you continue to turn inward, you may gain additional insights on your role and mission in this incarnation. This gives you an opportunity to continue on your current path or to make adjustments that feel right to you.

Your inner guidance and connecting with your guides and Source are there for you whenever you wish to connect.

As you are focusing inward, you may also wish to consider highest good. This allows the Higher Beings to provide additional guidance to you, and you may gain more insights when you look at situations from a higher perspective.

We would encourage you to turn inward several times throughout your day. By making a conscious effort and setting aside regular times for this, your focus will automatically shift to a higher perspective. You are likely to feel more connected to the Higher Beings and Source. You may also feel calmer when confronting challenging situations.

Relaxing and turning inward will allow this process to become a flow in your daily life. It will not be something that you need to strain to achieve. Rather it will be a natural progression of moving gently into that state of being. This is when you will feel the connection and the inner peace.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are turning inward to connect with the Higher Realms to gain insights and feel a sense of peace. We are only a whisper away.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright  2020 Linda M. Robinson, PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, http://www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:  Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.



Archangel Zadkiel by Defying Destiny @ DeviantArt

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A Message from the Arcturians – Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Message from the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


A Message from the Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie

When you see a cloud that looks like a ship, 
it just might be a Ship that looks like a cloud.

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that you are NOT just a third dimensional person, living a “normal” third dimensional life. More and more of the humans who have chosen to take an earth vessel within this now are beginning to remember that there is another, higher dimensional version of their third dimensional self who resonates to the fourth, fifth and even higher dimensional realities.

Unfortunately, within your physical, human life you have been trained to “turn off” your higher frequency perceptions and connections, as these “weird” concepts, dreams and memories could only be “just your imagination.” We, your Galactic Family, are happy to tell those who can hear and believe, YOU all are only using a small portion of your total brainpower.

Therefore, you have limited your perceptual field (the field of reality which you have learned to think of as your “physical reality.”) We, the members of your Galactic Family are here to remind you that many of your imaginations, dreams, and “fantasy stories” are, indeed, your own personal experiences that you have been able to remember.

However, it can be such a long stretch between your daily life and your imaginary life, that you may have forgotten that your “imagination” is quite often your own fifth dimensional truths. By “fifth dimensional truths” we mean the truths that you can receive from your own Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF. In fact, that which you may think of as your 3D self may also encompass your fourth and fifth dimensional self.

Just as you learn many things in your third dimensional life, you also learn many things from your fourth and fifth dimensional lives.  You know what your third dimensional life is, but you may not yet be totally aware of your fourth and fifth dimensional lives.

Your fourth dimensional life is the you who yearns for a form of inner and/or outer creativity. You know that is true for many humans as they seem to enjoy making things such as new clothes, finding a new job, learning and enjoying a new hobby, watching sports events, and/or getting more and more deeply in touch with your own inner, creative expressions of your self.

Your fourth dimensional consciousness guides you to find out more about that new venture you would like to take, or new thing you would like to make, or new thoughts, that are seeming to flow into your heart and mind within this NOW.

Yes, there are many bothersome, uncomfortable and totally new experiences that many of our dear, brave warriors are facing within this NOW. New experiences are often challenging and sometimes are difficult life experiences that we would have NEVER had any idea would ever occur within this lifetime.

However, more and more, humanity is “learning the hard way” that it is the NOW to balance your body, open your heart, clear your mind and remember your fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of your human self within this present incarnation.

You are a brave bunch who have taken the challenging and exciting experience of the well known third dimensional reality expanding more and more to encompass the fourth and fifth dimensions of reality.

Your third dimensional self is your daily life in the physical world self, but your fourth dimensional aspect of self craves to be creative in some manner and to try new things and discover that which you have known. Your fourth dimensional self enjoys being creative and finding out new things about their everyday world.

Then, as you feel grounded and secure in the new challenges that you have volunteered to accept into your life, you find that you want more and more of this creativity that you can bring into your ever expanding reality.

Once you have taken the leap to expand your third dimensional life to include the creativity of your fourth dimensional life, you are, or will, begin to hear that soft voice that has always been with you, but you likely were often “too busy” to allow your self to deeply explore your SELF!

Your SELF, as in your fifth dimensional SELF, has an ever-growing need to feel more, see more, hear more and remember more. The remembering part of your process is the easiest AND the most difficult part of your journey.

Your fifth dimensional self is the YOU who can remember the YOU that you are before you took your present earth vessel and the reason why you chose to take on your own inner journey into a higher dimensional version of reality.

Your fifth dimensional self is the YOU who REMEMBERS!  And what does this YOU remember? One thing is to remember that there is a higher dimensional expression of your SELF that is VERY creative, which is in fact the foundation of your fifth dimensional self.

Please remember that there are many, many ways in which you, and all humanity, can express the inner yearning that reminds you that there is another reality that flows into your dreams and your creative endeavors. There is also this fifth dimensional YOU, if you are brave enough to meet with and accept this higher version of your present self.

This higher version of your self—your fifth dimensional self—can remember the YOU that you are in the fifth dimensional reality that likely appears to be far, far, beyond your third dimensional life.

In fact, your fifth dimensional reality will likely guide you to remember other incarnations on Earth and memories of the you that resonates to and enjoys the Interdimensional world that Gaia has always been – but you forgot this while wearing your third dimensional vessel.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, are HERE in this NOW to remind you that:

It is the NOW to remember your true Multidimensional SELF!

Your Multidimensional SELF encompasses your third dimensional physical body, your fourth dimensional memories of other lifetimes and the many adventures that you have had throughout your many incarnations, AND your fifth dimensional SELF who remembers your lives on the Starships, in the higher dimensions of reality and your lives in which you have awakened to the memories of Life on your Starship.

You might think, “Oh, life on a Starship, that cannot be real! That life is “just my imagination!” Well, that is true in that your OWN imagination is what will guide you to your Higher Dimensional Guides. You Higher Dimensional Guides may have just joined you for this incarnation and/or they could have been with you for all your earthly incarnations.

Either way, your “Guides” are YOU in a higher frequency of reality. It is often your Guides who send you Love and Purpose so that you can remember to forget the games of your third dimensional life and to allow yourself to remember you lives on a Starship and/or your lives on Gaia’s Earth.

There are many “Galactics” (which is the name we use for your higher dimensional family) that have been with you since you first took an earth vessel, as well as your higher dimensional family that takes you to your Ship while you sleep and/or on another adventure that assists you to remember the rich multidimensional heritage that you have always had on your fifth dimensional and beyond worlds.

How many of you played games as children in which you were on other worlds, space ships, or having other adventures that made you feel connected to this higher part of you, while you were also connected with your Mother Planet—Gaia? Some of you have become Gaia’s protector, but far too many human became Gaia’s tormentors.

Yes, planets are alive. Could all of these millions of humans live on a planet that was NOT alive?  The “primitive” people all knew that Gaia was alive and they treated Her with the respect and dedication that they hopefully gave to their families and friends.

It is interesting that so many humans are becoming very ill now because of “the virus.” But were did this virus come from, and why did this virus come to Gaia? Fortunately, Gaia’s earth body of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, seems to be OK within this now, but what about the humans?

Now, because of the virus, the humans have been told to “stay home,” and hopefully they do stay home to protect themselves from the “virus.”  Meanwhile, the plants are growing, the sky is clearer, the birds are flying and Mother Nature is happy to be back in control of Her planet Gaia.

Many times, too many times to remember, the humans were NOT good protectors for their planet Gaia.  But now the humans must “stay home” so that they do not get “the virus.”  When the humans sit in their homes and look out the window, are WE noticing that Gaia has been doing fine?

Today, we looked out our window and watched the many birds who were happily flying and interacting with each other in the clear sky and the healthy trees. But the sky was not too healthy when all the humans were driving cars, truck, trains, and boats. Gaia’s animal family is indeed enjoying the cleaner water and the clearer sky.

In fact, the humans would love to have clean water and clear skies, but the humans would need to change. The humans will need to put Gaia FIRST. The many cars, boats, trains, traffic that made Gaia sick, are stopped now. NOW it is Gaia’s turn.

When this “pandemic” is over, will the humans remember how they made dear Gaia sick? Will the humans remember that they were meant to be Gaia’s protector? Will humans change and take more loving care of their planet?

Will you?

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 5:40 PM

May Ascension Energies – Exercising Trust – Jamye Price

pale pink lotus flower

May Ascension Energies – Exercising Trust

I hope you enjoy the unusual way this month’s post came through. The video is the practical details of the month’s energies, so I recommend you watch to consciously navigate these times. The written post is a mysterious poem that is saturated in meaning. There are intentional mispellings and punctuation rules may be bent with abandon. :o)

Video Player



April has been a unique experience with the global lockdown. The coronavirus is challenging for so many, and stretching people into courage, fear, surrender and many other emotions. For the sensitives, you may be noticing the roller coaster of mental and emotional flow as we reside in the crucible of our individuality pulsing through the invisible collective connection.

As invisible as the germs of fear, we balance wise precaution and fierce resistance moving through like a hurricane. One moment quiet and calm accepting the balm, the next blown about by the winds of change, afraid to breathe life in. Alms whisp through paper thin foundations exposed.

The collective is going through a radical change that has so many stirred up. The mental and emotional froth is at the shores of humanity’s future. Change is constant and it always leads to improvement overall, which is the natural flow of life; but it’s not always easy. We face the reflection asking us each to define; is your strength your vulnerability or is your vulnerability your strength? The neutral truth connects the two in you.

April was calling Lightworkers to anchor more divine creativity, as people had to adjust to the change of being alone, with their family more, economically challenged, or facing such an unknown future calling them to new choices. The mask of safety is being revealed and the details of connection are being unveiled. As the collective deals with confinement, whether a con or a fine time for cleaning up, change is occurring. The futility of origins is being revealed in the presence of brave hearts finding courage in the human condition(ing).

As the Hallowed Ground of your divine connection reveals your true unconditional nature, nature exalts the preparation of new growth portending the harvest, yet it still seems so far away. This is the real beginning, asking you to observe how nature celebrates and prepares for the next cycle, honoring the ebb and flow of Time’s unveiling.

Gabriel’s Horn is swallowed and the song is sung within. The cymatics, somatics and lunatics a’ light, as the rearranging creates deranging or mere changing; the weapons of war surrender in the depth of knight. Stabbed or stuck, the blood reveals the luck of the draw, as new pictures are painted in chalk on walks in a moment’s artful creation springing forth.


In this year of Following Your Heart, you have been preparing for the stillness of listening to the whisper of Love that can so easily be drowned out by the loudness of fear scrambling for footing. As Gabriel’s Horn announced your arrival into 2020, the challenge of change was revealed or reveled. Don’t expect perfection in the realm of conditions, for relativity unfolds the finest of feats. As your song ripples out into a universe of Love, the oceans of you renew into a teeming spring of blue.

What bubbles up from the crucible of Earth’s dirty gifts, as hidden within the movement is the stillness of Time. Don’t go out, stay within and learn to Trust the cycles of your divinity spiraling fourth again. The divine plan was always of man, inspired to act out the drama of push/pull/pulse/cull; finding the strength of vulnerability too dirty to digest. Judgment is just, a weapon of must, as individuals wither at the will of the crust.

Will you divest the securities of the chest, such a supple nest to drain or sustain. Valued objects, Who questions the intention of invisible gues(t)s, waiting wise as the tides show the dregs that abide. In the house of law foundations move and adjust, for what feeds life is universal in might, the human’s ruling by Time’s blind slight.

The nutrient’s nurturance revealing the importance of impotence, surrendering into Time’s natural flow of Life. The sacred fear is revealed in the tear, a heart’s vulnerability is strengthened to revere. As the dew drops and the maid mops, the simple pleasures known are magnified in stops as one catches a glimpse of imps in the waters of Life.

The mirror reflects the deepest truth, the puzzling plan inherits the roots.

Do you Trust yourself unconditionally into the unknown? Here it is at your feet, bowing and bending between master and slave, as the mirror cracks into clear lines of distortion, cutting the vision’s quest to define which time line is best

To Exercise Trust you give your hand to the key promising freedom from the cell, but what do those walls tell? They are severe and stalwart, as they reveal the real thwart. Captured or conned, the origins are new fawns, who wouldn’t Trust their eyes to believe the palpable reality blocking the view of the eyes two see? Only the key of the three will give truth to thee, but it asks you to refine your cellular brine.

Do you listen to those that laugh at your lies or do you fascinate the millions to see through your eyes? Liars or leaders, only the followers beleaguered, for the rush of lust lingers as the fingers thrust into the sacred sod, sewing new lines to trod.

Soiled souls must learn to Trust their foals, as the gentle night stirred such dirty fright, freezing fight or flight for history’s delight. The mirror magnified the inferior, trying harder to see beyond the dark’s interior. The sky darkened as fear harkened, moving cycles into cyclones of repeating covenants for few, not you. The ark has left two confused for the empty boxes of computers mused your uprising, deluging waves of fears abused and used to program the feuds.

Vomit the vexed, as the confused are hexed into lucid dreams of honey and mustard hives. They boil to reveal how Trust has been repealed. Eyes or ayes, the agreement of the new covenant conceived, the foal foiled as sin and innocence toiled. Battle lines mark the eyes of Times, your agreements drown your thoughts in slime, confused as the water flows backwards from Time. The deluge sublime for the powerful kind, for what remains is the foundation of life, springing fourth amidst the quiet of knight.

Rewards from wardens of distorted rose gardens, give see’d to new suns, reaching for the light of freedom from earth hell. Each cell has secrets too sacred to tell, no one would even hear their odd yell. In the quiet of night, she whispers through tears of grief from her sister’s angry fright, vulnerability suppressed into strength’s deceptive plight. Will you give it or take it, reveal it, remake it?

The Hallowed Ground upon which you stand, stranded and branded, heretical grand.

Do you Trust the unknown power of a seedlings stalking tower, too earthen to show the future’s flower; the path to blooming after the darkest our. What falls from height and hubris into muddy debris, meets the root of the lotus’ protuberance too small to see. What dire gift of mire covers the heat-seeking missal of God’s fire? Do you smell the sweet fragrance birthed from flagrant waste, giving old food new taste, as the laws of nature give haste to reveal shadows faced.

Do you Trust the reflection of the mirror’s light? Do the lines of time reveal laughter or crime? Which truth to Trust as roses bleed the meek with crowns of thorns and bull horns. Dragons feed the weak with blue fire that warns of potential within when lines connect sin.

Do the just conditions create your cell’s partitions? As petitions circulate, opinions percolate a new dawn of dimensions with rules and conventions. The mind’s aye is illuminated or imprisoned as visceral strength becomes vulnerable to know.

The meek, so quiet, just; as the lotus grows.

Immersed and hidden in muck so fertile, the bloom a Piscean dream until the alarm springs forth the mass within. Cancer houses hate or love, protecting or pinching the deceptive dove. Do you Trust peace to win over war? From the Aeries view the doves must hide or be food, what the waters won’t give, the air provides, renewed.

Stirred through the dark waters of time, the depths have arisen, convicted and tried. The truth to be Trusted is the key in hand, for the chorus of Christmas gives grace to the plan. As the push pull moves there is stillness within, too deep to show waves to blind liberty’s gaze. It’s the eye of the storm that gives shape to the flow. Your nerves are arrested and free winds blow. Wishes are friends and actions are foe, the beings are doing the good work (from home) to know.

In the walls of your cells true freedom resides.

In the oddity of life, even love divides. From one to two to three to one. What is seen with the eyes one trusts and believes, until the expectation is too weak for a mind two conceive. What springs from the three, resurrection sets free, four there is always potential hidden in thee.

Sweet blessing you are, always were, always will; the courage of forgiving received in the till. You were always the rich, the royal, the rogue. Life’s blood runs deep through rock and soil, pulsed through desire laid bare, the water begins to boil. At the center is spinning a fire that provides, it warms, it burns, it transforms and renews, but it needs all elements to forge future hues.

What springs fourth in the fields and trees is Life’s promise of fruit just as sweet as your tooth. What you bite and tear lives deep in your mare, building bones that support through love or contrare [sic]. Unconditional life guides, even as each cell divides, for it is the nature of divine to multiply unique fruit sublime. You are that sweet, Life laid at your feet, bending a knee to your innate mastery.

It’s hidden within, swimming in a fertile engine of dualing foes releasing mere woes. Muscle builds as walls are torn down, through dance or trance new lines are drawn. The dragon and rose both reveal in your heart. Two forces separate through divided connection of divine obsession. The mirror can’t rip the face from this realm, but it can give notice to the force at the helm.

The power of creation is woven into the seed’s wisdom. To dig deep and reach high, these two paths so opposite does connection belie.

Do you Trust yourself to find the light, even as Earth’s soil asks you to go deeper from sight?

You are Love’s seed breathing Life deep into to the walls of your cells, until the day you bloom fourth into all is well, for that darkness held water that only Aquarians can quell.

Drink deep and be Mary, for the oceans of blue have always been within you; first unseen, then felt, then through. Birthed innocent into free will, won’t you arise?

There is no more precious gift to Life than your Trusted truth to tell. UCL. Gabriel’s Horn has resurfaced from you, infinite cell. 2020; from hindsight to foresight, All is well.


The intersection of possibilities – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Pleiadians via Fifty 8


The intersection of possibilities

 We are the Pleiadian of Light we are Pleiadian of Origin.  We come to speak to you about the intersection of possibilities. You as a planet and a people stand at an intersection of possibilities.  Each thought that you weave into the next moment, each understanding that you interlace into the next day creates an outcome that changes continually, by your doings and your un-doings. It can shift into another energy destination created by your fears, by your limitations, and by your marred perception of your abilities to make a difference.

Each one of you believes visibly for others usually before self. When you look at another, you believe that they can succeed.  You believe they have the ability to heal.  You believe they can grow younger or older, thinner or bigger, richer or poorer.  You believe outwardly for them.  This belief you hold for each other influences the outcome of creation and destination of thought.  As a planet, what you believe about your world, your state, your government, and your people has a mass awareness.  You each stand at this juncture of possibilities.  Each day you entertain a new thought about a new direction in your life, something new that you would like to try on and see if it fits yourself.  You open options and opportunities that were not available until you took an action on that thought.  Each action that you take and each thought that precedes that action then ushers you into a connection point of probabilities and outcome that were not available before.

To procreate the future, to re-create in the future you must act upon the thoughts that come to you.  Take an action any action. Just by taking a few baby steps forward into any of these thoughts, you change who you are.  You have within you, every capacity that is held by every person on earth.  You all have the ability to be great cooks, great lovers, great financial advisors, great spiritual advisors, great healers, great doctors, great artists, and great lawyers.  Anything that anyone on this planet can do, you too have that innate cell instruction to do the same.  You may not have the drive to do it, but you have the ability to pro-create from that cell, from that thought, from that Creational vortex.  And thus, you each stand at this interesting highly visible intersection of probabilities.

As a world, you can create a world of peace if enough of you believe.  You can create another war if enough of you believe.  You can stop a war short in its tracks. It starts as a single thought in a single unit of the mind.  And then two gather and communicate then three and then a small group, then a large group and then a world.  It is the same with all inventions and inventive beliefs. Everything begins as a single thought in someone’s head. You have the ability as a single person, as a group, to change every outcome, to change the probabilities, to change the prophecies. Great events can be sculpted in 13 to 16 second intervals of thought.  It is by your beliefs that you create.  We are the Pleiadian Council of One and we welcome you to this building block of knowledge.



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Pleiadians via Fifty 8


Awaken Inner Presence to Quiet the Voice in your Head – Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair – ROV


Awaken Inner Presence to Quiet the Voice in your Head
ROV Moments 34:
In these uncertain times, perhaps you’re feeling stress about your health or your finances? This simple practice guided by Kevin Schoeninger will help you calm anxiety and confusion by using inner sensory awareness to awaken inner presence and help you to let go of the voice of doubt, fear, and anxiety in your head.


To learn more about Subtle Energy Meditation
please visit Raising Our Vibration site link, above


Click on above link to access the many ROV videos available
Kevin & Stephen Altair 

Soul’s Photograph – James Mahu @ WingMakers

Angel of The Presence ~ Aeoliah’s Visionary Art

Soul’s Photograph
Who will find me
in the morning after
the winds rush over the barren body
that once held me like a tree a leaf?
Who will find me
when mercy, tired of smiling,
finally frowns in deep furrows of ancient skin?
Who will find me?
Will it be you?
Perhaps it will be a cold morning
with fresh prints of snow
and children laughing as they
lay down in the arms of angels.
Perhaps it will be a warm evening
when crickets play their music
to the stillness of waiting stars.
Perhaps it will be the light
that draws me away
or some sweet surrender that captures me
in its golden nets.
Who will find me
when I have left and cast
my line in new waters trickling
so near this ocean of sand?
Listen for me when I’m gone.
Listen for me in poems
that were formed with lips mindful of you.
You who will outlast me.
Who linger in the courage I could not find.
You can see me
in these words.
They are the lasting image.
Soul’s photograph.


James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.


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Ascension is a Process – Steve Beckow

Ascension by Digitalcutti @ DeviantArt

Ascension is a Process

We talk about Ascension as if it were an “Event.”

There are events that are components of Ascension, but Ascension itself is not a single event, but a process comprised of several events.

I recently quoted Archangel Michael on the matter. For me, the quote is appropriate to all of us:

“You have been given bite-sized pieces of energy, of energy bumps, of input of what you can digest and handle and truly bring to fruition. If you are in the process of expansion, you don’t go from Grade 3 to a PhD in a week.” (1)

In my opinion, we’re all of us being given “bite-sized pieces of energy, of energy bumps, of input of what you can digest and handle and truly bring to fruition.” As a world, we don’t go from Grade 3 to a Ph.D. in a week.

We go up Jacob’s Ladder of Consciousness, one step at a time. The Kundalini mounts the sushumna canal and, at various stops along the way, we experience progressively-deeper instances of enlightenment. We experience:

  • Stream entering or spiritual awakening when the Kundalini reaches the fourth chakra.
  • Cosmic consciousness or savikalpa samadhi (trance condition with forms) when it reaches the sixth
  • God-Realization or Brahmajnana (trance condition without forms; i.e., transcendental) when it reaches the seventh.
  • Ascension proper or Sahaja Samadhi (full and permanent heart opening, trance condition in natural state) when it goes beyond the chakra system and opens the heart aperture or hridayam permanently.

These are steps on the ladder, the stairway to heaven, the celestial staircase. But there is a ladder, stairway, or staircase. We don’t suddenly leap from the ground floor to the second floor like the incredible Hulk. Not yet, anyways.

The Arcturian Group put the case succinctly:

“The world is moving into a new and higher energy but cannot do it overnight nor can an exact date be determined because the consciousness of mankind is creating it. There is a great deal of assistance to Earth at this time from the higher dimensional realms, but free will determines that mankind must do the work.

“The third dimension is a dimension of time and space. If an individual were to suddenly be infused with the fullness of high dimensional energy their physical body would not be able to handle it and would die.

“Spiritual evolution is a gradual awakening into higher awareness through experience, receptivity to change, and the acceptance of one’s innate personal power.” (2)

Archangel Michael confirmed their assertions:

“What you want is the full wave and you will get it. But the Mother is preparing people for it so that they do not end up completely overwhelmed.” (3)

Blossom’s Federation of Light agree:

“Deep within your Being … you are so much more than you are able to recognize at this stage of The Game.

“The unraveling process is a slow one, for it needs to be…. As more and more of ‘Self’ is FELT and acknowledged, then more and more ‘Enlightenment’ can be more and more forthcoming.” (4)

We speak about “the Event” the way we speak about “the Reval.” It focuses things and makes them easier to handle.

I think it’s basic to the human condition, as it is at present, to want to arrive at a single notion that encapsulates many events. But that practice is counterproductive if and when it obscures the events it encapsulates.

“The Event” can obscure the many events that comprise the whole of what “Ascension” points to.

Ascension is a slow expansion, marked by several enlightenment events, culminating in one door-opening event. However we cannot get to that door opener without first going through the other experiences or events.


(1) “AAM on Truncated Experiences,” March 21, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/03/21/aam-on-truncated-experiences/.

(2) “The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Rafaelle, Dec. 1, 2019,” at https://goldenageofgaia.com/2019/12/01/the-arcturian-group-via-marilyn-rafaelle-dec-1-2019/.

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 29, 2014.

(4) “The Federation of Light: September 8, 2016,” channeled by Blossom Goodchild at http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG288sept8.html.



Ascension by Digitalcutti @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Embracing Your Multi-Dimensional Self by Saint Germain – Natalie Glasson

Saint Germain


Embracing Your Multi-Dimensional Self by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

You are now existing within a period of the Earth’s ascension where a multi – dimensional shift is taking place. While ascension waves and activation’s take place all the time, impacting numerous dimensions, the shift occurring now is different. Each person on the Earth and each soul on the inner planes is connecting with every aspect of themselves on all 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. It is important to remember each person is born from the Creator, manifesting in numerous forms in diverse areas of the Universe. This means you are connected to every expression of the Creator. In this ascension shift, you are being asked to reconnect with all expressions and manifestations of yourself. It is impossible to understand or even acknowledge each expression and existence of yourself, therefore, an intention of connection is enough. The aspects of yourself which are most important, influential, or inspirational will make themselves known to you.

As each person/soul connects with greater aspects of themselves so they will absorb and reactivate wisdom, healing, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment. Allowing a surge of clarity and inner knowings to ground into each being and Mother Earth. While the wisdom anchored will create deep awakenings into a new way of existing for many, the most important manifestation is the presence of unity. As each soul connects with their multi – dimensional self so the entire Earth and the Universe of the Creator is united in oneness, unity, and harmony. It is the conscious awareness of unity which is the key. Each being is always connected, however, to experience and embody this fully is a powerful conscious engagement with the Creator.

Imagine if in your current reality you experienced a deep resonance of unity and oneness with every being in your world whether physical or energetic. Imagine you constantly experienced a complete togetherness with the Creator. How would this impact your reality and experience on the Earth? Would you feel more grounded, have greater clarity concerning your pathway on the Earth and trust in your own healing journey?

The Universe of the Creator and the Earth are uniting in order to create and manifest the presence of the Creator in all realities. Humanity is being asked and invited to witness this, to embody the shift and learn to express it through their beings, actions, and reactions. Never has humanity had the opportunity to consciously feel so supported and embraced by each other and the Universe of the Creator.

Illusion and Truth
You are a unique blend of different energies, influences, and expressions on many levels of your being. At a physical level, you may be influenced by your nationality, culture, historical events, family, rules, judgments and so forth. At an energetic level, you may be influenced by your soul, soul group, team of guides, angelic guides, and the Creator. Mother Earth and her cycles impact your being as does the collective consciousness of humanity. There are numerous factors that create you as the way you recognise yourself today. When we add a connection with your multi – dimensional self, we can recognise that it may be challenging to recognise what is illusion and what is truth. You may begin to question who you really are, experiencing confusion and uncertainty. The aim of the multidimensional shift taking place now is to bring forth a clear understanding which continues to evolve your truth and who you are.
There is a need to explore and exist for a while in this space of realising the numerous influences upon your being. As you begin to contemplate why you make certain actions, reactions, and creations, you will begin to acknowledge what is illusion and what is truth. Another perspective is to acknowledge and observe what serves you and what does not. You have the divine right to let go of any influences or impacts which do not serve you in your current reality and ascension. You also have the divine right to more fully embrace the influences which serve and fulfil you. The more you take time to access, explore and exist from this space, the more you will receive yourself as a unique blend, with everything you need and require available to you and accessed through you.

To release influences which no longer serve you, use the following invocation:

‘Saint Germain, I invite you to be present with me, embracing me in your transformational and liberating energy. Please release from my being any influences and impacts from outside or inside of me which do not serve and fulfill me. Please eternally release and liberate me from the impacts and influences which create illusion and a false identity in my reality and being. May I receive the necessary healing to support this powerful shift of awakening, self-realisation, and truth. Thank you.’

Allow me, Saint Germain, to come forth and work energetically with you to achieve the appropriate healing.

The Dawning of Your Unique Perspective of the World
When you recognise your Multi – Dimensional Self you also need to recognise the same in others. It is a recognition that you are greater than your existence on the Earth and sum, therefore so is everyone else. You are connected to and able to express the entire Universe of the Creator, as does everyone else. You are a unique combination of different and diverse energies carefully drawn from the Universe of the Creator to manifest and be expressed on the Earth, creating a specific reality and purpose. This is the same for everyone else on the Earth. Your specific existence then merges and synchronises beautifully with each person on the Earth creating a greater picture and collective mission which further manifests the Creator. It is your divine mission and purpose to exist in harmony with yourself, then with all beings and expressions of the Creator. Simply holding the intention of doing so, will create a deeper awakening and remembrance of your unity and divine purpose with all beings.

The Multi – Dimensional Ascension Shift of the Earth

As each soul connects with their multi-dimensional self, and therefore, unites with all expressions of the Creator at an energetic level, so a power surge is created which will flow into each being. Thus, each being has the power to create and manifest their reality aligned with their truth and Creator expression. With the deep connection to all aspects of self and truth, each creation and manifestation will not only serve the individual, it will also fulfill all beings and the Ascension of the Earth. This is the purpose of the multi – dimensional shift, to reinstate unity consciousness, so each creation serves the greater purpose and divine plan. Everyone will experience their creations and manifestations anchoring and connecting with greater speed and potential because each person is being supported by the whole; the complete nature of the Creator.

It is important to recognise that each person because of their current level of spiritual awakening and belief systems exists at different and diverse energy frequencies. Therefore, through each person the truth of the Creator is anchoring into all frequencies, this in itself creates a powerful ascension shift.

With each person being energised and enthused with so much light so there are powerful opportunities for humanity and all beings within the Universe of the Creator to create a numerous impactful and fulfilling guided ascension shift to serve all. This is a multi – dimensional ascension shift.

Embrace your multi – dimensional self and ascension purpose, recognise the truth within yourself and all being, including the Creator.

With eternal love and blessings,

Saint Germain



Saint Germain

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

I am SHE that heralds from the stars – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Star Woman II ~ Francene Hart Visionary Art


Moving from Position of Sparrow to that of Condor

I am SHE that heralds from the stars. The threads of my gown of light are but an interwoven constellation. I am SHE that you wish upon in the night sky as you look up and see my heart light pulsing toward yours. I am Star Woman and I live within you as you live within me.

When you were a child, you would sit at your bedside and ponder all that was in the sky above. You would look for the signs. You would look for the magic. You would look for the hope that you so needed in your life. You sought someone who loved you more than you even loved yourself. When you were a child, you wished upon me and I did my best to make all your wishes come true. I came to you and brushed the tears from your eyes as you, little one cried yourself to sleep — tears of confusion over your family, over your school, over your day. I stood there and looked at you and loved you with all of my heart. I was Star Woman then as I am Star Woman now.

Within me live black holes and white holes, super novas and pulsars. Within me are universes that implode and explode upon themselves. You are not miniscule in heart, in love, in light, or in deed. You are a great galaxy that chose to remember itself through human form. You dear ones hold the very fabric of time within your being. You look to your world for the answers that only can be seen in the nuances of your being. You look for the skywriting; you look for the words on the billboards that no longer stand up right. You look for the trees and the wind that a waif through them to give you the messages you seek. But you no longer hear it for the song is different, the pulse is different, and the scent of fear permeates the land. It feels as if you have been lifted away from what you once knew into a place that is foreign and strange.

Your heart beats harder and faster with anticipation when you find a missing part of the puzzle that gives you a place of remembrance. You feel like a great cosmic vacuum has sucked away all the miracles, like a great void has come and taken them hostage.

What you seek is not found on earth dear ones. You must lift your head above the clouds that diffuse and confuse you and listen, silently. Your consciousness is vast and wide, high and great. Your love fills oceans, but still it is not enough to shift the outcome for many souls. As you breathe into a place of lighter light and deeper love, you emerge from a place that brings pearls of wisdom created from the barnacled oysters of current life.

It is time for You move from your position of sparrow into your position of condor, flying above the circumstances of earth, above the delusions, into a place where love dwells. You do yourself an injustice trying to change what is. You have come to the end of an alleyway of a future that was created by a mass realization. Your place is still here, but where you find your peace at this time does not exist on the place. I ask you to fly high into places that your heart remembers and knows to find that peace.

Stay sharp at the summit of your spiritual awareness. Do not jump from a cliff as a worried lighthouse trying to save a sinking ship. You must shine for others and teach them to sup upon a higher belief system. Many have lost their faith, family and lives,; they have lost their way in this aberration of confusion. Some have lost their homes, and the landscapes of their future look bleak forcing them to Build a future from a blueprint that will hold up in these shifting sands of time. Proclaim The Hope that you hold for earth and yourself  from the rooftops of your life, I am Star Woman I leave.



Star Woman II ~ Francene Hart Visionary Art

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Earth Day 2020 – Lord Adama Discourses @ Walking Terra Christa

Adama of Telos ~ Artist Glenda Green


Telos Love and Gaia: Lord Adama Earth Day Message
Earth Day 2020 ~ Lord Adama Discourses
Greetings My Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I Am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, speaking to you from the Command Center of Telos with the Agarthan Council of Light.

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah!

As we gather together in Love, we extend to you our deepest compassion at this time of great transformation. It is a day to truly express to you our innermost extension on this day you are celebrating Gaia, Mother Earth.

I believe that each of you are coming into a new understanding of what Earth Day may mean to you. It is not about the Corona Virus or the other challenges upon the Earth, but it is a blessing of realizing the livelihood of a planet to enrich herself with purity and respect.

It is not just about the products that you are using, or the trash that you dump into the lands and waters, but what is within your true heart for Gaia. She is holding herself up high in the face of adversity, and has been doing so for millions of years.

It takes a planet to form a consciousness so that each individual soul that holds that equating light within themselves are aligned with the true essence of the planetary structure.

We know that Earth has gone through many levels of misunderstandings. The history of the world is very apparent to each of you as many have lived these other lifetimes to be able to come into a space of purity at this very time. The energy that has been infused within the planet during these timelines is very intense and strong, but yet, Gaia has held herself in the best of circumstances.

We, in Telos, and each of the Agarthan cities hold the highest respect for Gaia and that is why we live where we do, and stay true to our ideals of what we desire to be, to become, and to project unto the Earth. We are grateful that we can support ourselves in the ways that are necessary to uphold our communities of light.

This is exactly what each of you are learning at this present time. Covid-19 has given humanity a wake-up call and it is important that each of you rise to the occasion to become that pure essence of light within you.

We understand that you, whether you consider yourself a Lightworker, a Starseed, or a Galactic Being of Light, have traveled on the Earth many times before. The light you are bringing presently from other timelines represents the ability to have your heart essence to be focused upon the depth of healing that needs to occur within you.

This is so very true as what you bring with you, as a Soul, is here on the Earth. It has traveled within your Etheric Self so that the elements can be revealed. This is due to the fact that Earth is the planet of Love, but yet it cannot be acquired without the truth of how to arrive within that essence of Love. This planet we call Earth is the formation of how to receive Love by transmuting the previous elements and remembrances that occurred in your past.

Earth is a planet of transformation ~ it holds the ability to transcend the old elements from these timelines to receive the purity of Love. That is why so many parts of the Earth are absolutely magical and beautiful while many other areas hold the opposite effect.

Duality occurs so readily upon this earth, but it is up to each individual soul in how they are going to let duality play out in their personal scenario. It is a place in which souls come to receive the ability to be Love in the physical, but yet, for many, it is a challenging journey to get to the core element of Love within themselves.

Presently, the world is in a state of silence. This is helping Gaia to assist each of you to become more Love within yourself than at any other time upon this planet. The most important element in all you are experiencing is that when you, as a species, allow yourself to stop the chatter, the interaction of the world as it has been created, and reflect on the finer qualities of Love, Music, Art, silence of the Mind, that the true transformation is occurring.

I want you to realize within yourself how much this time has helped you to get to know yourself on a much deeper level than you did before. What elements are arising for you to assist you to become more heart centered and compassionate towards yourself?

The focus I want each of you to realize is that if you don’t take care of yourself, then the energy you send out to another is going to reflect the dysfunction that is held within your lower self. You don’t even have to be thinking about any lower essence; it will just go into all elements upon the Earth.

You, as the Lighworkers, must realize that you are going through an internal healing process; it might be deeper than you know. As your four-body systems are going through an overhaul process.

This means that the healing you are receiving is directly being sent into Gaia’s core essence. She is feeling the silence and she is helping others that cannot be in silence (like the essential workers) to receive these light infractions.

Earth Day is not just about the physical conditions within and on the earth. It represents the exchange of energies as each soul that walks this planet has a four-body system and what is being expelled within them is emitted outside of them.

It is important to realize that at this special time of transmutation and transformation it is important for each of you that are aware to take better care of yourselves. Utilizing cleansing protocols and clearing is essential as this virus is Fear-Driven and will cause your energetic fields to take on this energy.

The best advice I can give to you is to prepare yourselves every day to be pure within your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. The debris of the darkness is being felt by Gaia, but each of you can do your part to change that.

I have been worked with Lady Mahlariessee for 20 years and our work together has helped each of us in Agartha to understand what each of you are going through. I also asked her to work more directly with Lord Ashtar as she had a process of building Ascension Columns in her home to assist in bringing forth more light energies to create sacredness.

A few years ago we created the Ascend.Earth project to help others to build these ascension columns around the world. Lord Ashtar has seen a change occur in many areas of the world. Utilizing this process will assist Gaia to receive more light energies.

We have seen an increase of healing light occur especially in the Mount Shasta area. Lady Mahlariessee works with Lord Ashtar to increase the light energies around the world in their monthly Festival of Lights Ceremony.

I share all this because I believe this is the gift that can be given to Gaia. It will not only assist you in your Etheric Self but it will assist the Earth to clear out the debris that is still overhanging in the Etheric Level of the planet that represents timelines of past experiences on the Earth. We like to call these Pantheons and they need to be put into Oneness, Wholeness of the 144th dimensional frequency of light. These are moments in time when strife and destruction occurred on the planet which needs to be cleared in order for Gaia to move forward.

We don’t want any of you to repeat your lessons from your past incarnations. It is a time to allow for the Karmic Rebirth to occur and allow the Divine Love that Gaia holds to be felt by every sentient being upon the Earth.

It is a time of celebration even though tragedy is all around you. Look to the good that is occurring and not the challenge you are going through. Every lifetime has these occurrences, but at this time, it represents Changing the Foundation of the Earth, creating Sacredness and Divine Love.

Taking care of Gaia is taking care of yourself first and foremost.

In Expressions of Oneness,

I Am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, extending our hands of love unto each of you.

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah

Integrated Transmission by Reverend Christine Meleriessee Hayden of Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery


Build your own Ascension Columns of Light along with the Love of Telos and Agartha (click link): http://Ascend.Earth

Connect with the energies of Telos and the Golden Etheric Cities and the Spiritual Hierarchy using the support of the “Higher Vibration Within” special free seven part course offer being gifted by the Walking Terra Christa community at this time of challenge (click link): https://alunnah.teachable.com/p/allowing-higher-vibrational-healing-within/

MEDITATION FOR HEALING AND CLEANSING: We created a NEW SPIRITUAL HEALING Meditation that is 40 minutes long for very deep cleansing and protection. We have added background music by Thaddeus (OrinDaben.com) to assist and enhance the meditative energies to occur more deeply. CLICK HERE TO read more about the topic or to order. (Link below).



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Through this disarmament of our Ego mind we are given the grace to utilize a powerful frequency of light – Christine Day

Artist ~ Annelie Solis


Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as ‘perfectly imperfect’. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.

Christine’s Message April 2020
Sunday, April 05, 2020

Hello,  I hope you are doing well as we have entered this time of complete global turmoil. I want to acknowledge that we are in the middle of a complete energetic reset as this Coronavirus pandemic is rapidly spreading throughout our planet.

I suddenly have all of this free time in my life, maybe for the first time in 26 years. My seminar work has been cancelled, which has stopped most of my activity for now. Our flow of income has come to an abrupt halt and we are just letting go and trusting that our financial situation will work out. I am letting go and opening up to ‘Thy Will Be Done’ knowing that this upheaval will take me where I need to go, bringing me to perfect moments of experiences that I need for my next step.

This stopping is huge for me, opening up a rare occasion of slowing down and giving me day after day of space to Be. I am incredibly grateful and my daily intention is to open up fully to this unique and invaluable time. I have known since my profound awakening in Uluru that my life was about to change in a totally new way. I find myself sitting, resting deeply and opening up to another aspect of life force that has always existed within.

I know over the coming months that I will go through many veils, re-entering multidimensional realms of existence and opening into a further understanding of myself within the higher consciousness state. And simultaneously I will be dealing with my human aspect that wants me to get busy, doing. My Ego mind wants me to become ‘productive’ so I am committing to supporting my human reactions with love, patience and compassion.

I am being asked to simple ‘Be’ right now, to let go and witness my own unfolding within this higher spectrum of communion.

The intentions we set in place for ourselves are vitally important right now. I want to remind you that we need to fully utilize this time, which is filled with incredible potential for all of us on the path. I know the 3rd dimensional picture is dire. Our lives are being upended on so many levels, including our deeply imbedded financial issues. A loss of finances brings up feelings of fear, survival and struggle inside on a human level. The feelings of ‘not knowing’ build as all of us have been moved out of our daily routines, which creates confusion and disorientation to the Ego mind. Everyone’s lives are being turned upside down as we are thrown into this 3rd dimensional chaos.

Through this disarmament of our Ego mind we are given the grace to utilize a powerful frequency of light that has recently opened on the planet. Through a Venus and Pleaides alignment, which began April 3rd and then a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction there has been the birthing of another Gateway.

This Gateway allows us to begin another process of awakening. It is designed to allow you a “leap into a higher dimensional consciousness” while at the same time allowing this light to expand and open our multidimensional Heart on another level.

There are vast higher opportunities being made available to each one of us as we are given another access point to the higher realms through our Heart. These openings are designed to move us beyond the current illusion here on Earth, realigning our consciousness to alternate multidimensional realities of our higher nature.

This is a time of great change, where we can take advantage of these unique set of circumstances by setting in motion this greater potential within ourselves.

There are current transmissions coming directly from the Pleaidians to prepare you to receive this connection directly into your Heart. You can begin to fulfill another level of the prophecy of self-realization, which is being made possible at this juncture for all of humanity.

We have opened into another turn in the road with the Pandemic. This is a destiny moment that will forever shift the frequency of illusion that has been held in place on our earth plane for lifetimes. We each hold the keys to the doorways of our Hearts. This is the time to take moments of reconnection within your Heart to enable this transmutation process to unfold. This is a powerful time for each one of us to reunite into a series of higher consciousness reality settings while our Ego mind is distracted and reeling.

This happening is allowing us to work from another aspect of our sacred potential as the Ego mind is compromised through being ‘out of control’. We are being called to set in motion a deeper reunion with our higher nature at this juncture. To begin to open up and align consciously to our God light and join with others to form a higher order of Communion within our communities. This is the time for us to open up our Hearts and to come together in a conscious state of union with each other, and to form a series of communion lines between our Hearts.

I want to remind you to utilize your Conscious breath in the moments you feel the fear or struggle. Simply let go and set in motion you choosing to align within your Heart. This will allow a resurrection of you as you choose to open into your Heart. Utilize this time of great change by creating conscious, sacred moments to reconnect with yourself. Try to actively let go as you deal with the seeming reality of your changed lifestyle, not allowing yourself to engage within the drama by the stories being perpetuated by your Ego mind. Know that you will not be able to do this perfectly, you will have moments of struggle and fear arise within you. Then, gently bring yourself back to your Heart and let go once more with the Conscious breath.

You are not alone, open up and call forward the help you need now. Open up to what you need and be specific; be detailed in what you ask for.

Humanity is going through this huge shift on a global scale and will never be the same after this is over. Many illusions are being actively shattered. You get to create a new way of being as you make conscious change within you, moment by moment, step by step. Together we can make the difference at this very powerful juncture.

I send love and blessings out to each one of you.




Artist ~ Annelie Solis

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

The YOU that you are within this NOW – Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The YOU that you are within this NOW — Our Galactic Family through Suzanne Lie

April 14, 2020

The YOU that you are within this NOW

Our Galactic Family through Suzanne Lie

Dear members of our Galactic Family,

Please tell us how we can “Live in the Flow?”  In fact, what is the ‘Flow?” It is important to understand exactly what “The Flow” is before we can commit our self to live within it.

On the other hand, “Impatience” is something that is quite common. Therefore, we will begin by examining “impatience.” What is “impatience?” Is it a hurry to do, have, need, and/or want something that is not yet yours? And, even more important is, “How do you “Release your impatience?”


We are your Galactic Family. We resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, hence you seldom can perceive us, that is except in your dreams, imaginations, books, movies and in the sky! Therefore, you have many opportunities to perceive us, but you do not “believe it” even when you “see it.”

The reason for this is that the humans have been told again and again that there is no such thing as a “Galactic Family.” But what about that form you saw in the night sky, or in your dreams, or in your imagination? The problem is that in your human state you have more difficulty believing what you tell your self than what other people tell you.

Therefore, if you look into the night sky and see what “looks like” a Spaceship, you will likely forget that vision as soon as you turn your heard, or the vision fades away. Why does that occur? The answer is quite simple. Many humans are unable to believe in some thing that they can “easily” see.

Therefore, something that “looks like something” is not something that you can easily see. That is unless you believe in it. For example, if you were to see a Spaceship in the night sky, and you wanted to see that Spaceship, you would be looking for it.

Therefore, because you were “looking for it” your Higher SELF would be able to direct you to perceive that which is beyond your 3D life, but most likely you would think that you “just made up that you saw a Spaceship.”

Since you “made it up” then it cannot be real and it is “only your imagination.” However, your imagination is often like a moving telescope that is constantly searching the night sky. Therefore, you may find yourself thinking:

What was that form in the sky?

Does it look like a Star Ship?”

But then, what does a Star Ship look like?

There are so many questions to hide inside your self that you can easily forget about whatever it was that  you thought you saw. “It was likely just a far off airplane,” you may tell your self, as you try remember what you saw. “Obviously, it was not a Starship, or I would have remembered it.” You tell your self.

“Besides, it was likely just my imagination,” you convince your self. Or at least, you try to convince your self. But why do you need to convince your self that there is no such thing as a Starship? Maybe too many “Star Wars” type movies made you believe that if there are Star Ships, they are also War Ships.

The problem here is that those humans who only believe in a third dimensional version of reality are saying that they know more than a fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic Being. Galactic Beings usually resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

These ones cannot accept even the possibility that there are Galactic Beings who resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. They cannot accept that there are Galactics because they cannot “yet” accept that there are many Higher Dimensional realities that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

In fact, within this now there are many fifth dimensional beings who have chosen to take a third dimensional vessel to better prepare humanity for a reality that is NOT based on the third dimension.

Unfortunately, many of the volunteers to take a physical form to assist Gaia with Her transmutation process, got lost in the many third dimensional experiences of Life on Gaia’s  third dimensional version of Earth.

Fortunately, there are more and more “Awakening Ones,” who are beginning to accept that the fifth dimension of the HERE and NOW is actually a frequency of reality that they chose to activate during their present Earthly incarnation.

In fact, we, the members of the fifth dimension and beyond are HERE in this NOW to remind you that, “If you have so much evidence that there are fifth dimensional Star Ships in your skies, how come everyone one does NOT know this information?

The answer is that most people are very busy with taking care of their third dimensional life of “finding/creating” a good life on Earth. Finding and creating a good life on your third dimensional Earth, can often be difficult in the troubled times that are occurring on Gaia within this NOW.

However, we, your Galactic Family, see that more and more humans are beginning to awaken to the “higher dimensional” expressions of their “Multidimensional SELF.” In fact, this “Great Awakening,” as we Galactics call it, is allowing many “Third Dimensional humans” to “believe in and accept” that there are multidimensional frequencies of thoughts, actions, memories and tasks that they are doing every day.

Many humans believe that they need to wear a special uniform and have a certain life in order to “be” a Galactic Being. The truth is, there are more Galactics on Gaia within this NOW than you may think.

In fact, within this NOW, many higher dimensional beings have answered Gaia’s call to awaken humanity’s higher dimensional SELF. In fact this “Call to active duty” while they are incarnated on Earth, will allow the awakened and awakening ONES to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

“What is a Planetary Ascension,” we hear you ask. Our answer is that there are many life forms on Gaia’s planet who are resonating to the higher frequencies of reality, and even into the fifth dimension.

These awakened ones, who are not just humans, are encompassing Dear Gaia to protect and prepare Her for the Great Planetary Awakening! In fact, it is for this reason that they are there within this NOW. The awakened ones are often “just normal people,” and many times they are NOT wearing a human form.

For example, if you want to remember how to love and remain grounded, go horse back riding. Horses, are VERY evolved beings. In fact, some say that the Arcturians have similar features as horses. Perhaps, this is because Gaia is transmuting into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions, and she would love to take many humans with her.

However, humans must be able to “perceive” in order to “believe!”  Therefore, if they cannot see the starships with their physical, third dimensional perceptions, they cannot, and will not, believe that they are there.

However, the Starships that are surrounding and protecting Gaia during this very difficult time on Earth, resonate to the higher fourth and fifth dimensions. Since most humans have limited their perceptual field to only include that which is third dimensional, many humans are unable to perceive the Starships in their skies.

Please remember that in order to PERCEIVE the higher dimensions, you must be willing to BELIEVE that there are higher dimensions of reality that are inhabited by Higher Dimensional Beings.

Furthermore, many humans can only belief what they can perceive with their physical eyes and hear with their physical ears. Therefore, their reality is limited to the third dimension of earth, air, fire and water.

On the other hand, we, your Galactic Family, are aware that more and more humans are beginning to awaken to the perceptual fields of their Multidimensional SELF. One’s “perceptual field,” represents the frequencies of reality that they are able to consciously activate. More and more humans are realizing that that they can expand their “perceptual field,” or diminish their “perceptual field.”

At first, these humans do not realize why they feel so different—different from whom they have been so far, and different from other people around them. However, as more and more of these “other people” begin to awaken to theirhigher dimensional perceptions, they will begin to fell safe enough to seek others who have “Come OUT of the closet” to BE the Multidimensional Beings that they have been able to accept as their Own SELF!

Therefore, there are more and more “awakening ones,” as we call them. Part of the reason why more and more people are awakening to their Inner/Higher SELF is because they always knew about this part of their SELF, but kept that information to themselves so that they would not look “crazy!”

This is not that they are remembering that they are actually Galactics who have chosen to take an earth vessel during this NOW of great challenge and change. In fact, at first, they, you, may call themselves a bit “crazy” because they can perceive and believe what many other humans cannot even imagine.

Hence, the term of “crazy” that humans may have used to allow themselves to move through a deep, deep process that is being given to them by unseen beings of the higher dimensions. It is then that the ones who could not believe will begin to perceive.  At first, this perception comes through dreams or mediations.

But once one is comfortable with this “Interdimensional Communication” they begin to see the changes in their auras and in the auras of others. What they are beginning to understand is, as their resonate frequency (the resonance of their daily life) rises above the third dimension and into the fourth and even fifth dimensions of reality, they begin to see the unseen, hear the unheard and remember that which they have forgotten.

It is important to point out here that when we say “reality” we mean that which each person perceives as “REAL.” We Galactics must admit that we do not fully understand the human term of “Real.” To us, the members of the fourth and fifth dimensions, and beyond, have not had any experiences of needing to be “good enough,” at least not until we have taken at least one physical embodiment on Gaia’s physical Earth.

As you can guess, our “visits to the third-dimensional, physical world” can be upsetting as we Galactics have only known LOVE and LIGHT. It is for this reason that more and more Galactics are deciding to take third dimensional vessels so we can assist our Planetary Friend, Gaia as She moves through Her “Great Initiation” of transmuting from a third/fourth dimensional planet and into a fifth dimensional planet.

The primary difference between a third/fourth dimensional planet and a fifth dimensional planet is that a fifth dimensional planet is free of the “power over others,” greed, fear, loneliness and confusion. In the higher dimensional realties of the fifth dimension and beyond, all beings are within the NOW of the ONE.

The “NOW” is free of “time” and the “ONE” is free of “separation.” We, your Galactic Family, understand that it may be quite difficult for a third dimensional human to understand what a higher dimensional reality would be like. However, if humanity can remember to meditate, it will assist them to move into their higher consciousness and into a reality which is filled with LOVE and LIGHT.

Many humans cannot, yet, believe that there is a higher form of reality that exists on their third dimensional planet. However, Gaia is weary of Her third dimensional expression and is ready to expand her planetary self to encompass the higher fourth and fifth dimensions  in which LOVE and LIGHT reign!

Many third dimensional humans would have a hard time even “imagining” a reality based on love and light.  Therefore, the are more and more Galactic Beings who have volunteered to take a third dimensional form during this NOW of GREAT Planetary Change.

These Galactic Beings, have made the huge sacrifice of being born into a third dimensional earth vessel, so that they can more deeply understand what is occurring on Gaia’s Earth. In this manner, they can better assist both the humans and the planet which encompasses ALL life on Earth.

If you have gone this far in reading this message, you just may be one of the many “AWAKENING ONES” who are slowly, or quickly, remembering something?? Some place?? Some where?? that is free of many of the third dimensional challenges that Dear Gaia and ALL her inhabitants are facing within this NOW.

In fact, YOU, the members of our Galactic Family, have long been aware that this NOW would occur, and that it would occur in a fashion that humans could NOT ignore. Therefore, if you are confused about what we are saying, go inside your SELF to find the YOU who remembers WHO you really are within this NOW!

If you believe you can remember, you WILL remember. However, if you do NOT document it in some fashion, what  you just remembered will quickly leave your third dimensional brain. Therefore, honor your SELF by documenting what you receive and share it with others.

Blessings to the Brave Ones who have chosen to take an incarnation during this NOW of great challenge. WE, your Galactic Family, also send you Love, Light and Remembrance.

Message documented through Suzanne Lie

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:27 AM

The Gift & Message from Merlia – Steve Rother @ ESPAVO

Artist ~ Isabelle Bryer

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NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

NEW Audible Light in Steve’s voice.
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The Gifts of COVID-19

Greetings from Home, dear ones.

We join you this day as a collective because planet Earth is shifting. It’s moving very quickly now because you have a visitor on planet Earth, a new life form. Although it’s been there for a while, now it has crossed over into the human kingdom and is spreading aggressively. There are several important aspects of this to keep in mind. First, this being is evolving or what you’d consider to be mutating very quickly. Because it’s fighting for its life, this being instead calls it evolution.

The Gift

We also tell you that the integration occurring between humans and this creature, which you’re calling COVID-19, will result in a positive benefit in the long run. The next stage of evolution is to start bringing through more of your spirit into your physical body. However, one of the biggest challenges is that your spirit and physical body are incredibly enmeshed. It’s very difficult to loosen one from the other, but that’s what this virus does. It loosens the connection just enough, so that the next stages of evolution will actually be a little more comfortable. Dear ones, understand that not everyone on the planet needs to catch the virus. A critical mass will be reached, when everyone with the new attributes will no longer need to go through this process. When that happens, COVID-19 will either mutate again so that it isn’t as harmful, or you will find many of the answers that you’re currently looking for. At this very moment, a cure for this is available and humans are on track to find it. You’re starting to hone in on the different combinations and other techniques that will work best for the majority of people in most places.

An Answer

Yes, there is an answer that is coming soon. You haven’t quite found it because you have not yet reached that critical mass. However, it is already on the horizon and there are several ways to reduce that timeline even further. Obviously, you can focus on bringing in all that energy to discover the cure that in truth is already there. Yes, it’s already been found. Now it is simply a question of going through the shortened process of approvals to learn more about how it works. Besides being what you refer to as a vaccine or preventative treatment, it’s also a cure for people who already have the virus and it will help them greatly.

The Wave

In the meantime, the wave will pass through planet Earth. You are seeing the effects of it in different countries around the globe. Many of the poorer countries, especially those with humanitarian crises already well underway, will be hit very hard. This wave will continue for a time while this process spreads in many different areas. Dear ones, we tell you, that is the most difficult piece. The wave of this life form entering has hit the United States very hard, and much of that has to do with the way people are polarized there. However, at the same time they also have an opportunity to make more of a difference than other nations. For similar reasons, India will lead the way shortly.

Know that many people who catch this virus may only show slight symptoms or might not even know they are sick. The virus can be fatal and should be taken seriously, but not everyone who catches is it is going to come close to death. There is much more to this that you can work with. For some time, we’ve been very concerned about the incredible separation you’ve had on your planet. The beautiful part about that is that the separation is easing. Oh yes, people are still pointing fingers. But remember you’re all in this together, and that’s the most important piece. You will see the human heart rising during all the chaos. When you see it, identify it, celebrate it, share it with your friends, and pass it around because that’s what will bring a resolution to everything.

Come Together

For those of you who consider yourselves energy healers, especially distance healers, join any programs you can to find ways of connecting people. It might be either online with us here, or in small groups somewhere else. You can even come together online with other people and focus your energy on returning health, because that is coming now. Even after all of this clears out, you’ll find that your world is different. It will feel quite restrictive in the beginning, because you’re not used to these differences. But we also tell you there’s real beauty that can come from all of this. Hold on to that potential and know that every step you take now leaves a path that many can follow.

It’s not as difficult a time as you think. So, breathe, walk through it. Try to be there for those who are working with this energy. As you can understand, the first responders are those taking the brunt of this right now. We also tell you, dear ones, that is an incredible achievement for them. Support them in any way you can. Know that you’re all in this together, and the only way out is together. Allow this experience to eradicate much of the separation that has previously existed.

So with that, know that everything you are able to do from this point forward will make a huge difference. Re-member to look at the ways you are alike, instead of the ways you are separate. By doing this you will bring together the human heart of mankind. And with that, we will leave you for the time being. Know that you’re never alone. It is with the greatest of honor, that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and hold each other tightly, even at a distance.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group


Greetings, dear ones. I am Merlia.

I have joined you this day because you have already shifted so much energy. As we’ve mentioned you’re losing density, which is absolutely magical. Some of the challenges that you’re now facing can lead you to an entirely new level. All it will take is for you to come together. It’s very difficult to work with when you’re not supposed to be around or close to each other. However, you will be harmonizing with this new creature on planet Earth. And with the harmonization, these new advancements will start to happen very quickly.

All of humanity can now start to open up to new levels of existence, but only if they choose. Many will not be accustomed to it, and some will even panic about how quickly things shift. Understand that all of humanity has now moved a little bit higher, as a result of coming together in this way. In those times when humans come together with focused intent, the human heart rises and grows collectively. Of course, this cures anything. You have a huge effect on it, so we ask you to dare to step into this process and be a part of it energetically.

Let us share with you an example. Because this virus is so incredibly sticky, or “contagious” as you would say, your first response was to isolate. The beautiful part about that is it also created an opportunity to bring you back together in such wonderful ways. Celebrate those moments when you see a video online or receive an email that stirs your heart. If you do nothing more, simply pass it on. Why? Because these connections that are happening in this way can supersede what you had before. When you are again able to connect and come back together with one another, there will be less density in your physical body. This process loosens the physical grip on the spirit.

The Fear-Love Equation

Many are being called Home now, and the emotional scarring will be deep. The physical adjustments are the most difficult part, dear ones. But we tell you, it will be a badge that you will wear proudly. Soon you’ll find that it takes less effort to drop into, and even function, in a meditative state. It will be easier to listen to your inner guidance, as well as to rid yourself of physical challenges and ailments. The spirit actually rises during these times. Celebrate that, dear ones. Point it out and acknowledge, “I saw your spirit when you said that!” Or “I see your eyes light up in this beautiful way, you’ve touched my heart.” Please also celebrate the heroes who have stepped in fearlessly, let them touch your hearts with their selfless gifts.

If you focus on the times when your spirit rises, you create a new path going forward. Remember, you are creators. Whatever you hold in your mind and heart is what manifests in your world. Planet Earth has been completely filled with fear. But that’s not wrong, it was simply an adjustment. You hold the answer to that, because the fear can now restrict what it set into motion. Fear and love cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

So, this is an excellent opportunity for you to send your love. If you’re confused as to where or how to send it, first find a centered and calm space. Simply allow it to rise within you, then ask to be shown those things. Working from this centered state, which we call the Esayoto, you can send energy from a comfortable distance. You will be able to do some of the same type of work that we do with you. Remember, you are powerful healers, each one of you.

And you’re being called into action right now. You do not have to see the face of or know the name of the person you’re working with. You can just send out energy, and it will be received by those who need it. Because of the nature of this contagion, people die alone. They cannot have their family around them, they don’t have these connections. But you can fill that gap, you can even help people cross over to the other side of the veil. Your energy will also assist the first responders and medical staff, who are in need of support for all that they are experiencing.

There’s a very large gathering on the other side of the veil, which has been happening in several different areas. We spoke of this when it occurred in Australia and so many animals left in one fell swoop. They gathered on the other side in preparation for helping the rest take the next step. The same is also happening with humans. Dear ones, there are many who will be helping in every transition that all the rest of you make.

Times of Creation

So if you look at life from a different perspective, there is beauty in the darkness. Find the beauty and the lights shine brightly. It’s that simple. You know that you are here for a reason, for these are times of creation. Yes, we know they may look and feel difficult. In truth they are also very magical times. You’re the greatest angels who have ever lived, and you have an opportunity to put all of that into use right now. It is with the greatest of honor that I reflect your beauty in these ways, to remind you of who you truly are and why you came to this beautiful planet. It’s time to awaken from the dream, for you are here with us now. Treat each other with respect, dear ones. Nurture one another and play well together, as you play this brand new game of light. I am Merlia, the feminine aspect of Merlin. Come up and see me sometime.



Artist ~ Isabelle Bryer

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Major Reset in Consciousness – Peggy Black

Violet - Temple pillars

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family
April 16, 2020
My Personal Message


Sheltering in place, reading lots of books, clearing and re-reading a box of old cards, walking everyday and taking naps. This has been a deep slow-down. I am sure you are finding your way as we are confined to our homes. I pray that everyone is safe and that our recovery will be smooth and easy. My youngest daughter is a Physician’s Assistant and Director of an Emergency clinic. So she is on the front lines in the battle we are all fighting. My grandson and his wife are both working from home. My great grandson, however, who is a full of energy five year old, does not understand why he is confined. He is sad and misses his friends. I believe we are all missing our families and friends.

I send you my condolences if this virus has taken the life of a loved one. May we continue to send our love and prayers for all those who are battling this virus, as well as all those who are required to be on the front lines of service.

My days have been cloudy, gray and often rainy which does not help the mood. I have noticed how quiet it is now that the traffic in front of my house has almost stopped. I thought I would have been more ambitious in cleaning and organizing with all this time, however that does not seem to be the case; reading and napping are taking the priority.

I am still doing a session or two a day which has been a wonderful connection with this community. I did have a wonderful miracle, a couple of weeks ago. I noticed a number of new subscribers to the Morning Messages and begin to receive requests for private sessions. When I asked one person how she had found me she said Pam Gregory, an astrologer from England, had mentioned my name and included a quote from the ‘team’ on her YouTube. Well I am so grateful for the incredible results of that simple mention of my name and the ‘teams’ quote.

Now, while we are all at home, might be the perfect time for you to have a reading from the ‘team.’ They are excellent at supporting individuals in clearing old repressed childhood patterns and emotions. We all experience personal limiting patterns or suppressed emotions from abuse and hurtful emotions. Now is the time to clear those for yourself and expand your level of consciousness.

If you are ready to experience the freedom this provides, please call and schedule an appointment with the ‘team.’ Their guidance and generous support are so valuable. They offer tools of empowerment as you move through the changes that are happening in your life. It is a great way to expand with gentle and powerful support.

I am most grateful for the opportunity to serve and I love offering sessions with the ‘team.’ I am extremely blessed and honored to have connected with so many incredible people.

Also, let me offer a reminder and invitation to check out the two free webcasts offered each month. The first Wednesday of each month is the Wisdom Wednesday program offering a discussion about the latest transmission from the ‘team.’ The last Monday of each month is the Guidance and Gratitude program which offers you an opportunity to ask the ‘team’ a personal question. The dates, times and links to these web-telecast programs are listed in this newsletter. Hope you can join in these two free events. They are also available as replays on the https://morningmessages.com/ site.

I am grateful and deeply touched by those who gift bluesky donations. I love to receive your emails and your kind words about this work. Thank you! You know who you are. It is so important that we own and acknowledge that we are a powerful community of conscious beings truly supporting the upliftment of our planet. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all.

I offer you blessings of grace and delightful joy. Peggy

 Message from the ‘Team’

Major Reset in Consciousness
Peggy Black and the ‘team’


We are here to support you as you experience the turmoil and the dismantling of the reality that you have known. This is the first time that your planet has come close to a full stop. It is shocking, disturbing and frightening. This is a major reset in consciousness.

This experience is offering the opportunity to observe all that was out of balance. This imbalance has been present for eons. It is global, financial, personal in its inequality. Individuals have lost their connection with nature and the consciousness of all other living things.

Now, in the moment when everything that is normal and natural has come to a stop, individuals are pausing and staying quiet. It is in this quietness and in this pause that they are becoming aware, aware that things will be different.

Individuals are having the opportunity to pause in their busyness, to sit quietly and reflect on the truth of who they are. In this time of reflection they are becoming aware that they are more than this physical body. They are not rushing, pushing, running, from one event or activity to another.

This level of quietude is allowing the light that is bathing your planet to be anchored more fully within each and every individual. We invite you to hold steady in your awareness and your connection to this truth. Understand that there is going to be a great deal more disruption and struggle before this is totally complete.

There is an ascension shift that is affecting your planet, however understand that it will impact the entire universe. This magnification of light is designed to energize all that is light upon the Earth and within all humans. The power of this light has created a disturbance of fear and negativity which has been hidden, buried and locked into the earth, waiting for a time when humanity was ready to transmute the energy.

Lifetimes of abuse, negativity, and injustice are waiting to be transformed. Some people are exerting control over others using fear and wanting to suppress the spiritual awakening process that is taking place. This virus is a product of the negative and fearful energies arising to be released and transformed. This virus and its impact upon the world are allowing humanity to recognize the presence of fear, of negative and misqualified energies, to recognize suffering and to begin to create positive shifts within their being.

So your balance and stability will assist your planet in this transition. You are in the midst of the changes. There is always discord and confusion when things begin to change. Human consciousness wants things to go back the way they were, to go back to “normal,” even if that “normal” was out of balance, unfair, harmful to others and to nature.

You and many others are observing, as well as dismantling, layers and layers of dense beliefs and old energy that is stored in your very cells. We celebrate the work that you are doing. If you could see the energy of light that your collective consciousness is expressing you would be stunned and amazed.

Many lifetimes ago, there was a period you have called the burning times. For several hundred years individuals were killed because of their connection with nature and with plants, when healers, mystics, midwives and herbalists were burned at the stake. This evoked such fear in the collective consciousness that people were very cautious to express intuitive abilities, or their connection with the spirit beings, the gnomes and faeries. They suppressed these divine connections and gifted abilities in their children. This was a grave injustice upon humanity. You are experiencing the results of this injustice today.

People felt disconnected from nature, therefore allowing for nature to be raped, trees to be cut down without any protest or concern for the well-being or balance of the planet. This imbalance is causing the next great extinction, with the disappearance of the rainforest, the melting of the permafrost, and climate change with all its powerful destructive weather patterns affecting the global population.

The result has been the unconscious, arrogant thinking and behavior of humans who believe that they are separate and superior from all other life forms. Human beings were never given permission to harm, destroy and devalue other life forms. This thinking has harmed the other kingdoms, plant, animal, devic, elemental, nature spirit as well as even other humans. Animals, trees, plants, and even rocks have levels of consciousness. This truth needs to be recognized and honored.

We acknowledge that the presence of this virus is causing a feeling of distress, depression, desolation, anxiety and anger. We are inviting you to step into a level of trust in Divine Consciousness.

It is this level of trust which will allow you to transform these negative and misqualified emotions. Use your tools as an alchemist to transform these negative energies with sound vibrations. Use your conscious heart portal to call upon divine beings to support you and this planet as it transforms and transcends. Use the powerful tool of Saint Germaine’s Violet Flame to transmute all energy unlike the divine love and trust available to all.

You can observe how the air is clearer and the waters cleaner while there is a stop in most all activities. We invite you to stay centered in your own understanding of truth, trust that all is unfolding as it should. Transform, transform, transform all energy that arises that is not life sustaining.

This is your job. You came here to be present while this massive global stop was taking place, so you could plant the seed of this new beginning and this new reality that is coming into form. We are here for you, to support, assist, guide and honor you as you move through these incredible life changes. the ‘team’

2020 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


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Hands on the Dials of Enlightenment – Steve Beckow

Hand Carved Wood Sculpture of Monk from Indonesia - Deep ...
Hand Carved Wood Statue of Monk from Indonesia ~ Deep Contemplation Statue by Gung Gus @ Novico


Hands on the Dials of Enlightenment

Sorry. I need to allow my mind to wander past the pandemic. I’d like some inspiration.

What I write is every bit as much guidance and inspiration for me as it may be for anyone else.  I seldom know what “I” am going to write next.

To begin with, what is your spiritual path?

My spiritual path, as most readers probably know, is the awareness path. The fundamental agreement is to remain aware of myself in all my phases and activities. (1)

In choosing it, I had to take into account my preference that my path be portable.  So no rituals that would require me to cart around a lot of baggage.  Nothing that’d be dependent on location or time. I needed to be able to engage in it wherever I was, whenever I wanted to.

It also had to be something that promised to lead to enlightenment.

Have people, in fact, attained enlightenment by the awareness path?

Many, many sages.

The Buddha attained enlightenment by Vipassana meditation, which focuses awareness on sensations on the body. The aim is to reach a point where awareness has dissolved all the sensations and the mind is quiet. This was enough to carry the Buddha from Brahmajnana (seventh-chakra enlightenment) to what he called Nirvana (what we call Ascension).

Awareness worked for Bodhidharma, who emptied his mind by staring at a blank wall and remaining aware of what arose.  Zen masters used awareness to achieve enlightenment. Awareness is at the heart of Taoism.

Ramana Maharshi’s Self-Enquiry and the Growth Movement of the 1970s were all about self-awareness.

What’s the difference between “awareness” and “presence”?

For me, “awareness” and “presence” are the same thing. One cannot be present and not aware. One cannot be aware and not present.

It’s an educated guess on my part that one must be here now (be present or aware) to trigger enlightenment.

That having been said, it’s also my considered opinion that awareness is not the only thing going on around our enlightenment.

Another factor is that the Mother and our team of guides play a very large role in everything to do with our experiences of enlightenment. This is not something that’s widely taught, but it follows from my own history.

How many times have I heard the Mother and Michael say that they toned down an enlightenment experience so that I wouldn’t leave the path of service?  Fourth-chakra, seventh-chakra and even seventh-dimensional experiences were all toned down.  (2) This proves that they manage our enlightenment experiences.

I define as enlightenment any experience triggered when the Kundalini reaches at least the fourth chakra. It’s the Mother and our guides who moderate it, like technicians operating a hydroelectric dam.” Increase the flow.” “Cut back now.” Hands on the dials of enlightenment.

I further define enlightenment as realization plus bliss. In a truncated experience, the bliss is usually missing. Being aware of that, one sees that it’s the bliss that lends realization its potency.

Bliss lifts us up to a vibrational level where the realization is … orgasmic, really; where it can work its full effect, sink in the deepest, and touch us most profoundly.

Without bliss, realization is more or less like watching a movie. It lacks potency, the force to have us fully reap the benefit of it.

Where is all this headed?

The whole game of life that the Mother and the archangels are assisting us with is about awareness. To see why this is so obliges us to remember the purpose of life.

The purpose of life is for us to become aware of our true identity. (I’ll say why in a moment.)

Sure, I can tell you what that is. But intellectual knowledge is not very powerful. The answer is: Your true identity is God. Now did hearing that split the atom for you? Not unless you blissfully realized it, rather than just reading it.

Why does it matter that I learn my true identity?

Because every time a person realizes that they’re God, God meets God in that moment. God has the experience of Itself when we realize our true identity. For the purpose of this meeting was everything created – for us to get who we truly are and for God to have an experience of Itself.

Discovering our true essence is an exercise in awareness which results in certain knowledge.  And it’s knowledge that is the end of the road, the goal of all experience. (3)

I personally think that every experience including and past the fourth chakra is one of these moments in which God has an experience of at least an aspect of Itself.

It might be a vision experience. It might be a heart opening. It might be an experience of Light. Whatever it is, we realize an aspect of God – probably a “bite-sized piece” – so that we’re not overwhelmed. (3) Even the overall process of enlightenment itself – in which each isolated experience is sudden – can as a whole be seen as gradual.

To summarize, my path takes as its object the event and process that takes us to the very heart of existence – awareness. It sets its sights on becoming aware of who we truly are, in service to the God we meet in that moment.


(1) The mainstream media mocked us as the “Me Generation,” as if self-awareness leads to selfishness. In fact it leads to increasing freedom from core issues, greater openness of heart, and increased compassion for others.

(2) Fourth-Chakra Intervention

Steve: The [fourth-chakra sight of the Self] experience at Xenia, Mother, was that truncated?

Divine Mother: Slightly, yes.

Steve: I had the thought [it was]. … The Light I saw should have been brighter than a thousand suns. The fact that it wasn’t suggests to me that the experience was truncated.  …

DM: It was not is brilliant as possible, let us put it that way.

Steve: Alright… And again, the reason is to keep me in sync with my readers?

DM: It is to keep you in sync with your readers…  But let me be very clear about that. If you had seen the light as it actually is, yes, a million, billion suns… you would have simply departed. …We don’t mean die but you would have departed the life that you have designed – yes, with us, for yourself, for the service you are providing – you would have departed and simply said, “I do not need to do this. I will just simply sit in the bliss of love and good luck, everybody!” (Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.)

Seventh-Chakra Intervention

Steve: [Emptiness of mind] was followed next by what appeared to be the kundalini completing its circuit at the seventh chakra. Is that in fact what happened?

AAM: Yes. Now it is part of the reset button. Think of it in this way. If you are installing, say, a new program, or you had an old program that kept stalling out three quarters of the way full and you were frustrated as all get out with it. And you are asking for the fullness of the program to come online so you turn off your computer and you restart it.

That is what you did.

Steve: Hmm, interesting! Ordinarily you would experience Brahmajnana at that point but I felt that it had been muted, toned down.

AAM: When you use the term “dramatic enlightenment experiences”[as I did earlier],  you are talking about Nirvana. You are talking about the unity of all with One.

It is not to say that you will not experience that, but you cannot (well, you can if you wish; it is a choice to) simply remain in that state of unity, of One, and be fully conscious, in service, in action….

So, it is a toning down, if anything. It really is the middle ground. …

You know that enlightenment is right there in front of you. It is yours to access. But if you are in service, you will not choose to live there. …

You can think of it as keeping two feet firmly on the ground. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2012. Hereafter AAM.)

Seventh-Dimensional Intervention

Steve Beckow: I had an experience at a meditation workshop in which I felt regal. It was a partial experience. Can you tell me what that part of me was that I accessed.

Archangel Michael: … Your highest Self, your Oversoul, is very regal.

SB: So that was an experience of the Oversoul.

AAM: Yes.  (AAM, Sept. 13, 2011.)

The Arcturians through Sue Lie: Seventh is your Oversoul. (Arcturians, March 17, 2013.)

On Truncation in General/Reason Why Ascension is Gradual

Steve: Now, when an experience is truncated how am I to look upon it? That you wish me to write about it as far as I have experienced it? That we’re illustrating things in bite-size chunks so as not to overload people? That you don’t want us to be fully ascended because we’ll stop fulfilling this service contract if we are?

Archangel Michael: What you have seen is that you have been given bite-sized pieces of energy, of energy bumps, of input of what you can digest and handle and truly bring to fruition. If you are in the process of expansion, you don’t go from Grade 3 to a PhD in a week. (“Archangel Michael on Truncated Experiences,” March 21, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/03/21/aam-on-truncated-experiences/.)

What Michael has just said, I assert, holds true for all our Ascensions. We’re being given small servings of energy to digest and manifest. They know we cannot jump from Grade 3 to a Ph.D. in a single bound. This is why Ascension is for the most part gradual, with some sudden “energy bumps.”

(3) Which is why discrimination is so important. But that’s a separate conversation.

(4) To repeat: “You have been given bite-sized pieces of energy, of energy bumps, of input of what you can digest and handle and truly bring to fruition. If you are in the process of expansion, you don’t go from Grade 3 to a PhD in a week.” (“Archangel Michael on Truncated Experiences,” ibid.)



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Hand Carved Wood Sculpture of Monk from Indonesia - Deep ...

Hand Carved Wood Statue of Monk from Indonesia ~ Deep Contemplation Statue by Gung Gus @ Novico

The Beautiful Breath – a different way of breathing – Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair – ROV

ROV Moments 32:
Simple practices to shift your state of consciousness. #32:
The beautiful breath – a different way of breathing – with Stephen Altair. When you need to check in with the flow of pure consciousness, this simple technique can help you to re-center and come back to your beautiful breath, consciously, connecting you through beauty to the flow of consciousness in your day.
To learn more about Subtle Energy Meditation
please visit Raising Our Vibration site link, above


Click on above link to access the many ROV videos available
Kevin & Stephen Altair 

Boost Your Immune System & General Health by the Arcturians – Natalie Glasson

Blue Arcturian Angel by Ananda Vdovic @ Fine Art America


Boost Your Immune System and General Health by the Arcturians
Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


With respect, honour, and love, we step forward to share our wisdom and insights with you in order to raise your energy vibration and expand your awareness. We are the Arcturians, we hold the Arcturian light from the planet of Arcturus. It is an intense source of light within our beings, which we wish to share with others to aid their illumination. The Arcturian energy is of a high vibration and holds many tools and techniques that can aid the advancement and health of humanity. However, we are helpless unless humanity opens their energies and hearts to us, allowing us to divinely intervene and help their cause. There are many energies that are anchoring onto the Earth now, some are old familiar energies while others are new light technology coming forth from the Creator’s universe to support humanity’s ascension. We, Lord Arcturus and Anthena Arcturus wish to bring forth a special energy and light technology from the Arcturian planet to assist in boosting the immune systems of humanity to promote greater health and wellbeing, dissolving fears and reprogramming energies to exist in perfect harmony and radiant health. We wish to bring forth the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy to cleanse and heal the immune systems and beliefs of those who are always receptive to our energies and wish to ensure their perfect health.

The Process of Creation on the Earth

Your physical body is receptive to many influences and can act as a sponge, absorbing thought patterns, beliefs, ideas and insights from your mind and the consciousness of humanity.

As beacons of light, we on the inner planes may express an affirmation of loving vibrations such as, ‘I am blissfully healthy and in tune with the needs of my body in order to manifest a pure existence.’ This affirmation will be sent with the highest vibration of love which will carry it to the respective minds of humanity. Unconsciously or consciously they will absorb this affirmation as well as the positive and loving vibrations that it emanates, sharing their positivity with others. The positive and loving vibrations that we emanated then spreads across the Earth integrating with those of a similar mind frame and vibration, or who are in need of healing. People who are not yet ready to accept our positive vibrations may place an invisible energy wall around them due to fear, they may not benefit from the energy vibrations currently. When they begin to dissolve the energy wall composed of fear our energies will softly begin to melt into their beings and realities.

We hope you can understand how receptive the mind and body of a physical person can be, every aspect of a physical body holds onto beliefs and thought patterns especially within the muscular structure and the water particles retained within a physical body. When you anchor light into your physical body you can transform negative beliefs and thoughts held in every aspect of your physical body, which can enthuse you with healing. It is true your thoughts and beliefs influence your health and wellbeing; negative thoughts can weaken your immune system and manifest illness due to the power and vibration the negative thought holds and radiates. There are many factors that can influence your immune system, your thoughts and the thoughts of others are the most powerful of all.

The Creation of Mass Illness 

Mass illness can be due to the influence and power of fear, if we contemplate the explanation previously given of how we positively influence your being, supporting you and nurturing your energies, we can understand that the same can be achieved by any being on the Earth with a negative thought which describes fear and illness, preying on the weaknesses of humanity. This would be extremely powerful; many people would adopt the negative affirmation and manifest the illness themselves due to their fears and inability to heal or focus their minds on love. The illness could have the potential of spreading through humanity, not because it is contagious but due to each person listening to the negative affirmation being empowered, and energising it themselves through their fears.

It is helpful to contemplate this concept and to understand whether you accept the consciousness and beliefs of others or whether you chose to create your own beliefs about the reality you exist within and your experiences, protecting yourself from beliefs focused on fear.

Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy Meditation

Humanity has the ability to heal their bodies personally through their individual inner energies, thoughts, and emotions. This is something that needs to be developed. However, it will naturally manifest as humanity awakens to their truth and the presence of the Creator within them. Until this time we wish to share our energies with you in order to energise your physical bodies, raise your vibrations and cleanse you of pollutants, so you are supported and able to work to achieve your spiritual advancement with the health and perfection of your body. Please allow yourself to work with our energies in order to cleanse your immune system and entire energy system, anchor new positive beliefs, and boosting your natural health and wellbeing.

We ask that you sit peacefully and focus on your breathing, relax your entire being and know you are safe and protected.

We invoke the Arcturian platinum shield of protection to surround your entire energy and shield you from any negative energies, thoughts or beliefs, allowing only positive energies of light and love to enter into your energy systems. Imagine your entire being and aura surrounded in a complete platinum shield of protection which always ensures your security and safety. Hold faith in your protection.

We invoke the Arcturian energy of the most appropriate vibration for you to surge and anchor into your being and soul. We ask the Arcturian energy and light to activate your soul, boost your light quotient, and raise the vibration of your energy increasing your spiritual sensitivity. Feel the energy flowing through your being and connecting with Mother Earth’s soul at the core of the Earth. Take time to experience and contemplate the Arcturian energy that is now flowing through your being, feel its sensations and influence.

We now invoke a Cylinder of Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy to descend over your being, allow yourself to discover the colour of light now encapsulating your being; it is the most appropriate vibration for you.

The Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy is a wave of light that holds millions of tiny crystals existing as etheric energy. Each etheric crystal has been charged with Arcturian positive high vibrational light, as well as, the Arcturian consciousness which is the consciousness of the Creator. The light wave is immensely powerful and can be used for many different purposes as the etheric crystals can be charged according to the person’s needs.

We now program the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy that encapsulates your being with the purpose of cleansing your immune system of any negative energy, pollutants or illnesses that are no longer needed within your immune system and body. We ask the negativity of all forms to be dissolved, and attachments or influences that hinder your health and wellbeing are severed with love. Imagine the etheric crystals pulsating and vibrating throughout your entire being, emanating waves of pure cleansing and healing energy. The crystals activate and emanate a white light of cleansing and purity into your entire being, especially your physical body and immune system.

We now program the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy that encapsulates your being with the purpose of dissolving any illnesses that have manifested within your energy or physical body and are hindering you from moving forward along your spiritual path. We ask the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy to surround any stagnant energy or illness with the purity of Arcturian love allowing all unneeded energies to dissolve and disperse transforming into powerful loving light. We ask for deep cleansing and healing to manifest.

We now program the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy that encapsulates your being with the purpose of boosting your immune system by one hundred percent or to the most appropriate level for you. We ask that your immune system is energised and nurtured with powerful Arcturian loving light so perfect health and wellbeing manifests in its abundance. The strength of your immune system is enhanced so your immune system has the power to dissolve any negative energies, beliefs or thoughts that may penetrate your body and cause illness.

Imagine your immune system as a source of light, visualise, sense or acknowledge that the radiance of your immune system is developing and enhancing until it is luminous and vibrant, symbolising its power, strength, and wellbeing. The radiance of your immune system naturally influences and energies your physical body allowing you to feel high-spirited, enthused with energy, vitality, and vigour.

Accept, receive and state this affirmation while existing within the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy for as long as you wish,

‘My immune system is supported and empowered with the purest vibration of Creator and Arcturian light. My immune system and body is completely cleansed and healed, programmed to dissolve and disperse any form of negativity that may hinder my health. My immune system has now been boosted by one hundred percent allowing me to exist as a beacon of vitality, health, and wellbeing, pouring my exuberance into others to aid the healing of humanity.’

When you feel cleansed, healed and energised you can ask the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy Cylinder to ascend back to Arcturus. Remember the energy you have accepted will remain within your being and aura. This meditation can be completed as many times as you wish, it is a wonderful meditation to complete each day if you are being influenced by illness or have a fear of illness. Alternatively, it can be completed once a week to boost your immune system and general health. We hope you will accept our divine intervention and assistance in your life.

With many blessing and abundance of health,

Lord Arcturus and Anthena Arcturus the Arcturians


Blue Arcturian Angel by Ananda Vdovic @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Spending a moment of Every Day Life To Remember Your Multidimensional SELF – Suzanne Lie

Monday, March 30, 2020


Spending a moment of Every Day Life
To Remember your Multidimensional SELF

Suzanne Lie and the Galactics

You may wonder why I did not sign by the Arcturians or other Galactic friends, but this message is about our human self, our third and fourth dimensional expression of our human self.

Yes, we are not JUST human, and right now our Higher, Galactic Self may be coming into our awareness because we are in the process of  “putting one foot, and then the next foot” forward as we try to “Calmly” walk through our “Every Day Life!”

The “Calmly” part is not as easy as it was before our world was filled with a deadly pandemic. Hence, the “calmly” part may need some meditation. During that meditation we may find that our “calm self” needs to be honored and listened to by our “every day self.”

But now our every day life is no longer “every day” because we are slowly, or quickly, realizing that Gaia’s ENTIRE planet is sick. The question is, “Are we sick and tired because humans are sick, OR are humans sick because Gaia is sick and tired?”

Of course, it is not too likely that we will be getting that answer anytime soon. Therefore, one of the most comforting things that we can do is to:


Of course the meaning of our “every day life” has greatly changed, but we all need to “carry on” with whatever faith and courage that we can find within, from our loved ones, and from our deep love for our Planetary Mother—Gaia!

Can we change, or rather, expand. our “everyday life” to encompass our beloved Mother Planet Gaia?  Can we take Gaia to the Laundry Room while we try to “normally” do the wash?

Can we take Gaia with us when we diaper the baby, or try to keep you bored teenager calm and helpful?  Now, many families are together 24/7, which can be a challenge for every one.

However, many, if not most of you, are finding ways to keep your home life calm, happy and relaxed. But how can the frightened adults keep happy and relaxed when their children, are going stir crazy?

On the other hand, when you are in your home and your family is with you, there is a security and sense of comfort that you are NOT alone. Thank “heavens” there are telephones, televisions, games, and hopefully some art supplies, an instrument to play, and good books to read.

On the other hand, when you are out in the world, you are aware that you need to keep track of your behavior, your actions, and even what you choose to say, as the world is quite frightened and freighting within this NOW.

But, when you are ONLY with the same people all the time, without being able to go outside, or sometimes, even go into your own yard, everyone in that house will see exactly how every one’s behavior affects every one else.

How will family systems change after being together, with just each other, all the time? Likely, and hopefully, all the members who are living together will learn more about their self while in a difficult situation, and more about the people with whom they are sharing this experience.

And, what are the consequences when one does NOT observe the
“stay sheltered in your home” mandate?  It is likely best that no one chooses to take that risk.

Of course, people can go into their garage, and go into their car to drive around with the Air Conditioning on. And, what a treat that may be when a bit of “normal life” seems to come back.

But, what does “normal life” mean? In fact, normal life would likely be different for different people. Also, nothing is really “normal” right now, and that is good. We NEVER want something like this, pandemic to be “normal.”

Likely, most people live different versions of their “normal life.” However, now, many people are choosing to “shelter in place,” which is very important that they do. This is a now in which everyone need to think of everyone else, and not just their own self.

In fact, you will likely discover that you will need to think about other people, our neighbors, your friends and VERY importantly, you will need to think about Gaia, our Planetary Mother.

Was this pandemic brought on by planetary issues, or did the humans bring on Gaia’s sickness? And, does that really matter in the NOW?

In this NOW we are in the midst of a Planetary Event that no one knew about, except for the few who knew, and often could not find anyone to listen to them.

What have we learned form this “Planetary Experience?” And, how will WE, the humans of this Gaia’s Earth, change our perceptions from being a “human being” who lives on the planet into a “planetary being” who is currently wearing a third dimensional vessel?

Dear Gaia has been greatly endangered by humanity—Chernobyl, World Wars, disrespect for Gaia’s nature and humanity’s inability to recognize that Gaia is a living being, and  we are ALL meant to be the protector of Gaia rather than those humans who have greatly damaged their own Planetary Mother.


Dear humans of Gaia’s Earth,

We, The Inter-dimensional Galactics, are the members of the fourth, fifth, and beyond planes of reality. WE Galactic members of your own fifth dimensional SELF, wish to remind you that you ALL humans have a Higher Dimensional SELF.

Yes, there are some humans (likely too many humans) who got lost in the many challenges of third dimensional life. However, there are also many, many humans who remembered their own Higher Dimensional SELF.

At first, those memories were far away and difficult to understand, but even the thought of their own Higher Self, expanded their consciousness enough to begin to remember.

At first, this process of remembering was very dim, but if they stayed with the process, and most important, stayed with their innate memories, there was more and more to perceive and embrace as a deep inner TRUTH, began to arise within their memory.

As they begin to remember that which had always been unknown, they wanted to find out “more” and more about their dreams and meditations.

Often these “dreams and meditations,” were real interactions and real inter-communications with higher dimensional beings. In this manner, more and more of the awakening ones became aware that these beings were actually higher components of their own Higher SELF.

Often, humans did not think in terms of their “Higher SELF,” but often their Higher SELF was persistent and continually entered the heart and mind of their Galactic Friend or Family, who had volunteered to take on a human earth vessel in order to assist Earth, who had been deeply wounded.

The sad part is that most of Gaia’s wounding came from the very human beings who were meant to be Gaia’s care givers. Fortunately, the early members of Gaia’s planetary world worshiped Gaia and became the guardians that they were meant to be.

But unfortunately, it was the “logical people” who could not believe that Gaia and all her Nature, was alive and dependent on the humans to protect HER.

Fortunately, the “primitive” people did protect Gaia, but as the humans became more “centered” on their own selves, their own stuff, their own needs, and their own people that were important to them.

However, as humans move through these difficult times of “Planetary Change,” they too must change.  Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to remember that Humanity was meant to be the caregivers of Gaia.

As more and more humans awaken to their own Higher Dimensional SELF, they are remembering the reason that they chose to take a physical body within this NOW.

Once one is able to remember their true Higher Dimensional SELF, their ability to use more and more of the innate fourth and fifth dimensional qualities comes to the surface of their perceptual fields and their own “sense of SELF.”

ALL “primitive” humanity once had their innate Multidimensional Awareness of SELF, but have lost it – mostly in their third dimensional greed and selfishness.

Fortunately, many, many humans were able to stay above greed and selfishness and have, and will continue to have, the memory of their own Higher Self and the abilities that are waiting in the nine/tens of their unused, and innate, brain power.

“But how does one use this innate brain power in their every day life?” we hear you ask.

Our answer is,

“Please remember to ask your own Higher Dimensional SELF!”

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 3:50 PM

My Chosen Ideal – Steve Beckow

The Blue Hued beautiful Lord Vishnu Oil Painting on Canvas by artist Anup Gomay @ Exotic India


My Chosen Ideal

If it isn’t part of the Divine Plan that each of us should have a chosen ideal, I’m going to suggest it to God next time I speak to her.

Hindus have a tradition of worshipping a “Chosen ideal” – Krishna, Shiva, the Divine Mother, and so on.

For the record, my own chosen ideals are Sri Ramakrishna in his earthly life and Archangel Michael on the other side.

But one doesn’t need to have a chosen ideal in avatars and archangels. One can have a chosen ideal in almost anything, eh?

Well, I was in the shower … as always, one of my shower moments … and I had this realization about me and my chosen ideal in life, my chosen way of being, existence and interface with the world.

The realization was that: I was not living in Love.

Oh my Gawd. It was true. I live in lots of other spaces, but not in love. No blame attached. Just what’s so.

I got at that moment that living in love was my chosen ideal among ways of being to choose from.

Without love, what’s left? Happiness is the best it gets. That’s Ok, but not a home run.

Don’t forget that, with the heart opening of 2015 (now subsided), I crossed a bridge between not knowing what real, authentic, higher-dimensional love was to knowing. I actually know what love is now. Once crossed over, one never forgets something like that.

And I’m not living in it. Factor in that my short-term memory remains atrocious so I’m in the shower, racing to get to the computer before all this passes into the sea of forgetfulness.

I am not living in love – and I realize it. I can’t hide its full implications from myself any longer.

In 1976, six weeks into a three-month encounter group at Cold Mountain Institute, I got, as a realization, that I was out of touch with my feelings. I ran down the path, shouting at the top of my lungs, I’m out of touch with my feelings.  It was a watershed moment.

This one is too. I’ve talked about this on other occasions, but from an intellectual standpoint. I’ve said that the experience of love has subsided. I’ve said that I can still get wisps of it, that are fulfilling – which remains true. I’ve said I’ll never forget what I learned. All very wistful. But no love there.

But I get it now at the level of realization: I am not living in love.

Oh my heavens.

Immediately the question arises: Well, why not?



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information please contact me, Shekinah   




Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos shares his wisdom and knowledge for Ascension Mastery Training.

Greetings My Dearest Ones, I Am Lord Adama with the Telosian/Agarthan Councils of Light speaking to you from the Heart of Telos.

Let us take a deep breath together as we allow our hearts to intertwine within each other creating the ONE HEART OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

It is important for each of you to realize that this is the space you need to be in presently. You, as the Lightworkers, you, as the Initiates, are the Ones that are standing in front of the entire consciousness of humanity assisting every individual to realize within themselves that this is truly what they need within their own realities.

The first way to do that is through the pure essence of Divine Love of what the Divine Mother gives to each of us without interference from anything else; it is the purity of it, it is the acceptance that no matter where you are in your life, whom you are, what you look like, or what you think about, you deserve to access the Purity of Love.

There are many souls upon the Earth that are not doing very well with what is occurring presently with the Coronavirus along with the elements that are happening in many geographic areas, but there are many that are and may not even realize how deeply they are affecting others by becoming more peaceful, more loving within their families, and most of all becoming more loving within themselves. Some may be of thinking this is an act as that is what they have to do for their loved ones. But in the true sense of the word, there is a great essence of transformation that is occurring presently in a new and different manner.

The more the people reach out to one another with love, the more that love will be expressed within the lands, within the hearts of the many, within Gaia and she is totally feeling this message that is occurring for each of you. This means that your role as an Initiate learning more about yourself is the most important journey that you can take.


That is a consciousness statement of the third dimension. Every soul upon the planet must take care of themselves and it doesn’t mean that they have to do that 24 hours a day, but there has to be moments within that day that self-reflection occurs. Doing something for your physical body is important now with so many individuals are in quarantine within their houses, there has to be an aspect of “How do I help myself through this process?”

As each of you are learning through this transformative journey that is occurring presently, you already have been doing so. If not, you should allow what you have been doing to increase. If you have spent previously an hour a day on your Inner Self, then you need to do a little more than that because the consciousness of the world presently, of the earth, is one of great affliction with great pain and suffering of sadness, of grieving.

It is one of great unknowingness of how this is going to turn out and the only element that is going to assist every soul upon this earth is the internalizations of their own life.

The power of that is so very strong that it can be sent through the waves of light transference to everyone else around the world. There is a sense of personal acceleration that occurs in those moments, and we in Telos, are doing are part with vigilance to bring forth this purity of Love unto each of you and the planet.

We are especially concerned with all of the Light Workers, because they are the ones taking on this energy the most. It is important that we exercise caution to really project unto each of you that it is important for you to stand strong. It is essential for you to acknowledge within yourself that this transformation you are going through presently, you have experienced previously in another lifetime.

If that is the case, it should give you strength with the ability to say to yourself, “I am going to do better this time, I am going to stand up in the face of adversity, and I am going to hold strong to the essence of Divine Mother Divine Father God and all that I am being taught by Walking Terra Christa, because this is the source of the light that will assist you deeply, that will heal you in so many ways.

As you allow your vibrational energy to arise above the concept of the 3rd and 4th dimensional duality that is occurring presently, it is within that time and space that will allow you as one that has inhabited upon the earth at this time to really, not just to survive, but to truly be in a state of complete acceleration.

So each of you are being tested to hold unto as much as you know, to bring forth the divine energies as much as you can. We talk about de-ascending your highest sense into the physical self and that is what Ascension really is.

It is not about leaving the earth plane but it is about actually changing the conceptual knowledge that occurs within your Mental Self, changing the frequency so that you, as this person, feels more coming into your consciousness. Learning to rise above the darkness that is ensuing around the planet presently, and to assist as many people to do the same by holding onto this frequency of light should be your present focus. Doing so will truly assist you to flourish, to heal, to change your cellular structure become more of the Light body and allow the carbon based body to dissipate.


The strength and the power of the energies presently is allowing each of you to go to higher level within yourself. It is allowing you to accept things in a completely different manner than you have before. If you feel the need to run away, please don’t do so. That is why it is a testing period; that these divine energies are going to assist you even more of what we are bringing forth and helping you with.

Remember we are in the phase of Resurrection with the Festival of the Christ which is very soon. This month is in preparation for that energy. Realize within yourself what you want to change. Of course, all of us would like to resurrect this virus, the energies are occurring with the dysfunction that is occurring between leaders and the people that don’t understand, but you must realize your own Truth through this process. Incorporate that within yourself, allowing these divine energies that we are bringing forth, that Lady Mahlariessee is working diligently these days morning and night to bring them unto the planet and to assist each of you to do the same.

Extend it into yourself deeper than you have ever before. Be present within your consciousness of the higher realms of light. Utilize your protection, utilize the tools and the element of fear when you go outside of your houses to be removed. Don’t be ego-centered about this. Some may think, “Oh this is not really true, this is not what is really happening.” The virus is real; how the virus is coming to all of these people is still unknown. We cannot reveal that energy presently, but the testing period represents is to allow that purity of Love to come into everyone’s heart, to expand upon it, as you are the Creators of this Purity of Love. Allow it to flow through you and around you; outside of you. Moments like this we are all assisting each other, but most of all yourself.

We, in Telos, and all of the Christed Agarthan cities walk with each of you with Divine Love with the purity of our Hearts and know that we are here to assist energetically in any way that we can.

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah

I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Messenger
WalkingTerraChrista.com/March 25th, 2020; New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light.

Excerpt from The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light, a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals. You can become an Academy Student while experiencing the teachings in the online/phone audio classes or on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available (upon your payment please make a note about the date of the class you are requesting to receive, for example “March 25th, 2020”).

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Due to the worldwide trauma of the current earth situation, we are releasing to the public our latest SEVEN classes/events for your own use. This INCLUDES this New Earth Consciousness class from which this talk by Lord Adama was given. Listening to the recording brings in his energies to connect with you more profoundly than just reading his words above. These frequencies will help in keeping you in love and out of fear. CLICK THIS LINK: https://walkingterrachrista.com/inlove

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The Unprecedented Opportunity in this Crisis – Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair – ROV

ROV Moments 31:
The Unprecedented Opportunity in this Crisis
In these uncertain times, perhaps you’re feeling stress about your health or your finances? This simple practice guided by Kevin Schoeninger will help you dissolve anxiety and confusion and boost immunity and clarity using mindful inquiry to take advantage of the opportunity in this crisis.


To learn more about Subtle Energy Meditation
please visit Raising Our Vibration site link, above


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Kevin & Stephen Altair  

The Power of Coherent Breathing – Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair – ROV


ROV Moments 30:
Simple practices to shift your state of consciousness. #30:
The power of coherent breathing . When you need to check in with the flow of pure consciousness, this simple technique can help you to re-center and come back to your breath, consciously, connecting you to the flow of consciousness in your day
To learn more about Subtle Energy Meditation
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Kevin & Stephen Altair 

Moksha, Mukti, or Liberation – Steve Beckow

Transcendence ~ Artist Susan Seddon Boulet


Moksha, Mukti, or Liberation

I’ve been asked to explain the relationship between Ascension and Sahaja Samadhi. What do the religions call Ascension? I’m delighted to. It’d give me a good break from viral news (pun intended).

Free book from an earlier age (before the virus) attached, below.

I believe that what New Agers call Ascension is the same as what Vedantists call  Sahaja, Jesus called Salvation and Redemption, and the Buddha called Buddhahood. It represents departure from the Third/Fourth Dimension and accession to the Fifth, leaving behind the 3D wheel of birth and death. (1)

Sahaja is beyond the seven-chakra system. Brahmajnana is a seventh-chakra enlightenment event but it’s still within the Third/Fourth-Dimensional matrix.

In the Buddha’s language, the aspirant would not have left the wheel of birth and death, what the New Age would call the Third/Fourth Dimension. The aspirant is still an arahant (what Hindus would call a jnani or Brahmajnani) and not yet a buddha (or vijnani).

I always wondered at a passage in Da Free John, when his chakra system fell away. When I first read it, I could not believe his account.  What is he saying? This proves it. Da Free John has lost it.

But now I believe it. He said:

“In February I passed through an experience that seemed to vindicate my understanding. … I saw that what appeared as the sahasrar, the terminal [or crown] chakra and primary lotus in the head, had been severed. The sahasrar had fallen off like a blossom. The Shakti, which previously had appeared as a polarized energy that moved up and down through the various chakras or centers producing various effects, now was released from the chakra form.

“There was no more polarized force. Indeed, there was no form whatsoever, no up or down, no chakras. The chakra system had been revealed as unnecessary, an arbitrary rule or setting for the play of energy. The form beneath all of the bodies, gross or subtle, had revealed itself to be as unnecessary and conditional as the bodies themselves. …

“Now I saw that reality or real consciousness was not in the least determined by any kind of form apart from itself. Consciousness had shown its radical freedom and priority in terms of the chakra form. It had shown itself to be senior to that whole structure, dissociated from every kind of separate energy or Shakti. There was simply consciousness itself, prior to all forms, all dilemmas, every kind of seeking and necessity.” (2)

The chakra system was itself shown to be appropriate only to the Third Dimension.

We have the Divine Mother’s own confirmations of various spiritual verities; in this case, that Sahaja is Ascension and that, as Da Free John’s comments imply, it lies beyond the seven-chakra system:

Steve Beckow: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of [as] your seven chakras. … We have emerged from the Third-Dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement. 

So whether we look at Hinduism or Buddhism, Christianity or the New Age, Ascension is behind the various names – Sahaja, Buddhahood, Redemption – but it is known.

Having spent some time in 2015 in the love that is the essence of the higher dimensions, I can confirm what so many sources say, that we can’t imagine what awaits us. It will fulfill all our dreams.

It is a full and permanent heart opening, entry into the Fifth Dimension, and a leaving of the Third Dimension’s wheel of birth and death. It is submergence in an Ocean of Love. It is what Sri Krishna or the Buddha would know as moksha, mukti, or liberation.

This is the event that we’re slowly and by stages working up to, with peaks of enjoyment along the way.


(1) Actually, Ascension happens a few subplanes into the Fifth Dimension. This is the same as saying that actual ascension from the Astral Plane to the Mental Plane happens a few subplanes into the Mental Plane, not in the “vestibule.” In the vestibule, people are adjusting; after that, they ascend.

(2) Da Free John, The Knee of Listening. Original Edition. Clearlake, CA; Dawn Horse Press, 1984; c1973, 117-9.

(3) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/10/17/the-divine-mother-come-to-me-as-i-come-to-you-part-12/.

For your enjoyment, here’s a collection of articles, called Dual or Non-Dual This Lifetime? These come from less troubled days – before the pandemic.

Dual or Non-Dual This Lifetime. Download here: https://goldenageofgaia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Dual-or-Non-Dual-This-Lifetime.pages.pdf

Click on above Link to read PDF   

Archangel Michael – The Tide Has Turned (Part 2/2): The Planet Is On Pause – Linda Dillon

Archangel Michael ~ Artist Jason McCreadie @ Vectraits Illustrations


Archangel Michael ~ The Tide Has Turned (Part 2/2): The Planet Is On Pause

So the creation, the taking time in this pause to truly bring forth in the clarity of one’s hopes and dreams what you truly wish to birth, is a pivotal element – a critical piece – of what you are doing individually and collectively.

At the behest of Archangel Michael, Andrew lovingly shares this beautiful channelled gem from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael ~ The Tide Has Turned (Part 2/2): The Planet Is On Pause

Archangel Michael: What is occurring in the global situation is that you have been put on pause. The Mother has spoken through this channel about “the pause” for a long time, and various individuals have certainly been through the pause and have benefitted from being in that state – no, not of inertia; pause and inertia are very different things; pause and ‘being stuck’ are very different things.

So your planet – and this is significant [in terms of] what the coronavirus is about – the entire planet is being put on pause for the reset, for the rebirth, that the Mother has talked about.

So will there be many significant events in the upcoming weeks and months? The answer is “yes”. And as we have repeatedly said, it is not a singular event – it is a domino effect. And we are not talking, let us be very clear, about the collapse of that which is valuable such as societies and communities, but it most certainly is a reset.

So yes, sweet one, the financial situation that you and I and Valdar have spoken of often is going to be prepared… let us leave it at that. …

Now, the purpose – the bigger purpose – of the pause is for people to simply stop, take a breath, make some fundamental choices and stay still. But for those who are coming at this in a state of high alert for survival, it will take more for them to get the benefit of what this pause is really about. …

Andrew: Any update on the Delegations and whether they might come out into the open during this year of 2020?

AAM: Oh, it is most likely that they will be revealed simultaneously, as you know, during the year of 2020. But it most certainly will be, shall we say, post-pause… but engaged in the pause as well… because one of the things that is being done is that much is being put in place during this time of quiet, you see, so that things are ready to go.

A: That’s great! … I wonder, do you have any other particular message for general sharing?

AAM: Sweet angel of light, it is extremely important that you – and I mean you, all Gaians – take this time, yes, to inner and outer reflect upon what it is you are not only desiring to create but are creating.

And it is insufficient to say that you are creating Nova Earth, that you are anchoring new societies, new communities, new ways of being, because unless it is up close and personal – a reflection of the innermost desire and plan of action for the unique, individualised sacred self – it is meaningless.

And so the creation, the taking time in this pause to truly bring forth in the clarity of one’s hopes and dreams what you truly wish to birth, is a pivotal element – a critical piece – of what you are doing individually and collectively.

So it is necessary during this time to take the time, to take the moments – not to live in fear – but to catch one’s breath and say, “Now… what do I really want? What is true and valuable to me? And then, how does that reflect out into the broader community? What are the gifts that perhaps I have kept hidden, that I have kept under a bushel basket, that I wish to bring to the forefront to share not only for my own joy and glory, but for the collective?”

And so these are the questions that, all beings, we encourage you to focus on at this time. Take the pause and breathe, sweet one. Go into the stillness – the stillpoint – of your heart and get ready for the actions.

Go with my love and go in peace.



Permission given to share ~ thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Archangel Michael – The Tide Has Turned (Part 1/2) – Linda Dillon

Archangel Michael ~ The Tide Has Turned (Part 1/2)

Nova Earth is not a place of exclusion. It is a place of inclusion where all the misdeeds, all the mishaps, all the sorrow, all the grief are healed – and where all are welcomed into the creation and co-creation of a world of love.

At the behest of Archangel Michael, Andrew lovingly shares this beautiful channelled gem from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael ~ The Tide Has Turned (Part 1/2)

Greetings, I am Michael. … Welcome to you, old friend, new friend. Welcome to this Council and to this Circle of One.

And yes, I come as always as brother, as ally, as friend, but I also come as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love – and it is critically important, in all matters great and small, that the sense of peace, the sense of calm, the sense of centredness and balance not only be maintained, not only be anchored, but expanded and shared throughout the planet.

This is a time of the death of drama. That does not mean, nor has it ever meant to be, that this is the end – in any way shape or form – but it is also not the end of what one might think of as personal or global or planetary or Universal challenges. But ‘challenges’ when we use that word means growth; it means expansion; it means the anchoring and the living, the engaging, in a higher dimensional reality and in a more fluid interdimensional reality.

Drama is a vibration that in fact freezes and attempts to tether one into the lower vibrations of the old third, and that would be – in your terms, in terms of your science – like being jettisoned into outer space and simply attempting to tether yourself on air. It does not work that way in terms of practicality.

The Plan for this Ascension, as has been planned for eons and eons by the Divine Mother, is about being tethered by choice, by free will, by divine authority, on planet, in form, in community, in the unity of heart, of heart intelligence, of heart speaking, of heart listening, and in the sharing in the unity of community.

When we speak of community, as you most recently have experienced, we are not talking about a hierarchy. We do not operate within a hierarchy. The old paradigm of human hierarchies, where some are privileged and some are not, is a misconstruing of uniqueness of individual roles; it is a denial of the supreme authority of each and every being.

So when we speak of unity, we do not speak of ‘some in, some out, some guilty, some privileged’. This is important. All are equally forgiven. All are equally being given the opportunity directly from the Heart of One to be reborn – and to be reborn into the balance, above-below, within-without, of various bodies and chakras and energy systems.

Nova Earth is not a place of exclusion. It is a place of inclusion where all the misdeeds, all the mishaps, all the sorrow, all the grief are healed – and where all are welcomed into the creation and co-creation of a world of love.

There is not one being… well, there are a couple actually… but there are no beings upon the planet that do not have the strength to fulfil this mission. And there is no being upon this planet that has not misstepped, or misdirected their divine authority and mission at some point in time, whether it is 10,000 years ago or yesterday.

Hence, those who have been, shall I say, engaged in egregious, offensive behaviours are doing so, yes, out of egoic self-interest and lack of true vision. But they are also doing so that the collective can come together in a level of clarity – not of jealousy or envy or punishment or guilt – where the community of Gaia can come together and say, “This is not what we choose. This is not the way that our community operates,” and then you enfold those into a new realm of being.

Now, there are many upon your planet – not merely those who have, shall we say, taken ‘scenic detours’, but those who are simply tired, those whose contracts have been completed – there are many who are coming Home, who are travelling a different trajectory and are choosing to work, to witness, to participate in this rebirth of Nova Gaia from this side.

Is this a reaction of Gaia to rid herself of those that injure her? The answer in fact is “no”. Does it give her relief to see some who have perpetuated wrongdoings, to have them leave the planet? Well, the answer in fact is mixed because, while there is the physical release of someone not completely hammering on you constantly – and let me be very clear, evil deeds hurt Gaia – it is not merely those who are polluting or creating climate change, etc.; it is those who behave poorly.

So is she, Gaia, happy when people leave? The answer is “yes” and “no” because, for those who leave to come Home and have already been in the light, she is happy for them; and for those who have not had the breakthrough to achieve that level of understanding, there is an element of sadness, of grief, of lost opportunity. Gaia has been extraordinarily patient – as only an Archangel can be! – because she is fully aware of her role in this unfoldment.

So be very careful, my brother, [brothers and sisters] to make sure that the doorway to inclusiveness is kept open. Yes, poor behaviour – and that is putting it mildly – must come to an end. Well, that is already underway, but there has need to be individually, collectively, globally, and certainly universally, always room for forgiveness.

Now you know this. As sacred physician, if someone comes to you filled with dis-ease or injury, that they have crashed their car and they have broken bones, you do not say, “I will not treat you because you were drunk!” Of course not! You heal them, you assist them in the emergent and urgent situation, and then you address the underlying causes.

The addiction to poor behaviour upon this planet, that is usually masked by massive egos, is not truly because people feel superior. It is because in fact they feel inferior; they feel lacking in self-worth and self-love, and therefore are incapable of loving anybody else or acting in ways of love.

So the tide has turned and, yes, it is washing up upon the shores of the Mother’s Gaia many who need triage. But you don’t simply tell them to go back into the ocean and drown; first you aid them and then you allow them to heal. Is this difficult for many? Of course, it is!

But that is also why so many of you who have been engaged previously in the Intergalactic Wars are here on Gaia at this time – because you know the devastation, the destruction, the hatred that caused and resulted from those wars, and you know how long it took for those wounds of war to heal. But those lessons have been learned, and so there is a collective impetus to not repeat that level of cruelty and judgement, of penalising those.

There is only one planet called Earth – Archangel Gaia – and that is the Truth.



Permission given to share ~ thank you Linda Dillon



Lord Michael on the 4-4-4 Portal by WalkingTerraChrista


Lord Michael on the 4-4-4 Portal by Walking Terra Christa
Ascension Mastery Message with Lord Michael as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

As I was cleansing today after our Festival of the Christ Ceremony, I was urged by Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos to connect with Lord Michael as he has a very important message about the energies of 4-4-4 Portal. As always, I listen even though I am tired from the work I have been doing this week. I have written a few blogs, prepared for a powerful ceremony, and then facilitated it with my partner Rev. Michael Ara.

It is always an important step to acknowledge that as a messenger to the world, that when the world needs you, you step up to the plate. This is one of those days. My own person circumstances do not dictate what needs to occur, but yet as someone that is working for the Spiritual Hierarchy I am ready to accept my personal responsibility for the healing of Earth and humanity.

Please take a few moments and connect within your breath, read the following Invocation as it will help you to allow your higher essence to guide you through this message from Archangel Michael.


I call upon the Divine Energies of the Unified Whole – Galactic – Agartha Alliance of the 144th dimensional frequency to overlight this reading and connection with Archangel Michael. I call upon the Great Central Suns of the Solar Level, Galactic Level, Universal Level, Multi-Universal Level, and Cosmic Level to be my guide into the 49th Dimension of Reality. I also ask to connect with the Inner Earth Christed Agartha Beings of the Agarthan Council of Light and Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos to help protect my energies, helping me to align with the 5th Dimensional Divine Intent. I receive the Divine Light Rays of the 22 Rays of God to completely overlight my full-body system. I call upon my Higher Light Bodies through the 24th Dimension that make up my I Am Presence to fully be One within my physical consciousness. I also call upon my Solar Angel, with my Gatekeeper to guide and protect me from an interference of lower energies that may try to enter my field of light. I breathe deeply as all of these light infractions spin within me and around me.

Greetings My Friends,

I Am Lord Michael, representing my embodiment as a Divine Light Body. I am the Ascended Being of Light residing within the 49th Dimensional Frequency of the Cosmic Force with Divine Mother Father God, not just as the archangel representative that I am.

I am here today to help you acknowledge that there are some elements in the outer plane, especially on the Internet, that are not aligned with the higher forces of light. This is especially true on this day of April 4, 2020, the day of the 4-4-4 Portal of Light.

The planet is in duality and Lord Ashtar is working diligently to help the entire planet come into a sense of Divine Love while removing the elements that are impeding that progress. His role is very important so we must acknowledge that he is doing the best that he can to assist everyone. The program of Ascend.Earth through Walking Terra Christa is the largest project on the Earth, and we have seen great changes occur with individuals building their own ascension columns. We thank you for doing so and look forward to others joining in on this project.

This day for the 4-4-4 Portal there are many gatherings that are happening around the planet. I will cut to the chase and tell you what I think is occurring.

The planet is in such duality especially with the CoronaVirus that the conflict of the dark and the light is very open. Individuals can get a sense of what is occurring and see that something needs to be changed.

It is important to realize that not all can discern certain type of energies. It is a matter of how well you imbue within yourself the healing you have been working upon. If an individual has not experienced the darkness, but thinks that love is going to change it, then they are confused. There are others that may consider the darkness is real, but not in their reality -it is something outside of itself. Then, there are individuals that think everything is dark and they must isolate from that lower energy.

The important element through this process is getting to know who you are from the inside. What triggers emotions within you, or a thought process? Are you completely fearful, or do you trust someone without even thinking about it?

It is important to realize within yourself that you have the Gift of DISCERNMENT, but many do not exercise this part of their reality. They can react in one way or another, but do not take time to reflect within themselves of why they feel the way that they do.

I want each of you to have the GIFT OF DISCERNMENT because without it, you will not be able to achieve ascension in your lifetime. Do not fool yourself into thinking you know more than you do. This is a trick that the lower ego can play with you into thinking that all is just fine, and not to change the way you have been doing things in your life.

It is important as an Initiate of Ascension that you are able to discern your energies, other’s energies, especially in reading articles and participating in functions that look good “because they are healing the earth”.

It is not always so.

It is very prevalent right now that there is mis-information being given to the light worker community that will seem absolutely wonderful, but has an underlying intention which represents RE-PROGRAMMING.

This is very slick and under-handed in the way it is presented so the normal lightworker can get caught up in the presentation and think it is doing a wonderful job with your energies. THIS IS NOT SO.

On this day of 4-4-4 Portal Light there are some groups that are presenting the opportunity to participate in a global healing meditation. This is a perfect opportunity for the lower forces of light, specifically the non-Christed ETs that have affected this planet for eons of time, to work their controls to others.

This is very dangerous, and I will tell you why.

As you participate as a Healer and Lightworker, you may think you are doing good to the outside world. But in truth, you are participating in effecting the entire planet not in healing but in duality. To create sadness, death, and uncertainty to occur. It will not seem like that, as it is very tricky. It may help you to feel better yourself, but it will not raise your vibration.

If you do not access the higher realms of light, then you are sending out your own energies. You have to discern what level of awareness are you sharing with another. If you do not participate in accessing higher light accelerations within your four body system, then whatever is in your chakras will be shared with others.

And, if you are one that is allowing the higher vibration of love to grow within you, then this other energy will break those higher elements apart. It will cause holes to occur within your aura, implants will be placed within many parts of your body, and you may not even realize this.

If you do participate in any of these meditations, know what your energy feels like. If it is not good, I suggest you do some extra cleansing protocols and healing processes. Get in touch with a reliable Shaman (someone that has trained from many years) that can assist you because this is very serious business.

What is occurring with Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light is that they are working diligently to make sure Ascension Columns are placed around the world assisting as many individuals as they can. And this work needs to be assisted by Lady Mahlariessee. She is the vision of this work and the Shaman who can perceive these energies. That is why they are trying to teach others to do the same.

My role in writing through Lady Mahlariessee on this day is to inform each of you to get to know your own energies, what feels right for you, and how you are affected in a good way or not so good way.
In order for each of us to help the planet, we must come into alignment of the higher forces of light. Just because it looks good, does not mean that it is so.

It is not my role to point fingers of which groups are facilitating such energies. Some of them don’t even know that they are being controlled and that is the sad state of affairs.

This is why Lady Mahlariessee as Christine has studied for 35 years. She worked through these elements and has a sense within herself. Her partner, Michael, has a thorough understanding of what these dark ETs represent and brings forth a knowledge that we don’t know of anyone else holds on this planet. Together, they bring forth the highest level of vibration and acceleration to help individuals and humanity to start to live a higher order of life.

Since we are at the 4-4-4 Portal, myself and my angelic colleagues are here to help you through this process. Each of the archangels are opening up their wings to protect you, guide you, enlighten you to see what you did not see before. Call upon any of us to assist you.

In addition the Blue Flame is very prevalent for this moon since it is the Festival of the Christ so again, I am here to assist to protect you, and help you get to know yourself more deeply than before.
Let’s work together, so that we can change the dynamics of what Earth is experiencing, to help humanity, and souls to have a life changing healing process within them.

I am honored to share my knowledge and expertise,

I am Lord Michael (Archangel)

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ASCENSION: HOW DO WE KNOW? – PART 2/2 – Narendra Mishra


In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the first source of our knowledge of planetary ascension- that of the modern sages and scholars. In this article we will look at the second source of our information, entities that are not of this world.
Communication with other-worldly sources is by no means normal for most people. In fact, such communications may in many instances be associated with abnormal mental health. However, as psychology professor Jon Klimo has indicated, there are some instances of other-worldly communication that cannot be explained away as mental health issues. (1)

These instances may be classed as a phenomena called channelling. In his authoritative textbook, Klimo has defined this strange phenomena as follows:

“Channeling is the communication of information to or through a physically embodied human being from a source that is said to exist on some other level of dimension or reality as we know it, and is not from the normal mind (or self) of the channel.” (2)

There are some important points in his definition that I examined in another article. For our purposes we will only look at one here- the fact that the interaction involves a source that exists on some other level of dimension or reality as we know it.

These sources I term ‘other-worldly’ and in this category Klimo includes both physical extra-terrestrial entities, as well as non-physical, spiritual entities.

According to Klimo’s definition several of the world’s major religious scriptures contain channeled information. The receiving of the Ten Commandments by Moses constitutes a channeling experience. Likewise, the interaction between Prophet Muhammad and the angel Gabriel is also a channeling experience. The primary scriptures of the Hindus, the Vedas are also called Srutis- referring to the receiving of channeled information by the saints and sages of India.

Regarding planetary ascension, one such other-worldly source, Archangel Michael through Ronna Vezane, tells us of the planetary age that we are now entering,

“Know this, my brave ones, you are in the final stages of a specific unit of time, and you all have been subjected to a unique system of rules. We are repeating and emphasizing this information, for it is vitally important that you understand this concept within the new Universal Laws of the Age of Aquarius.”

Another otherworldly source, Matthew who speaks from the afterlife, said in 2012,

“It is Earth’s destiny to leave third density [ascend] when a universal cycle opens an astral window at the end of this year, and by then no one with a dark mind and heart will be left on the planet.”

As we have seen in Part 1 of this article, the end of 2012 was an important date encoded in the long-count calendar of the ancient Mayans.

Yet another otherworldly source is Ra whose civilisation is claimed to have developed in Venus around 2.6 billion years ago.* Ra was channeled in the 1981 by Carla Rueckert during full trance channeling sessions, and questioned by physicist Don Elkins. During the first session, Ra was asked of their purpose in establishing communications with the group and responded thus,

“We are old upon your planet and have served with varying degrees of success in transmitting the Law of One, of Unity, of Singleness to your peoples. We have walked your earth. We have seen the faces of your peoples. This is not so with many of the entities of the [Galactic] Confederation. We found it was not efficacious. However, we then felt the great responsibility of staying in the capacity of removing the distortions and powers that had been given to the Law of One. We will continue in this until your, shall we say, cycle is appropriately ended. If not this one, then the next. We are not a part of time and, thus, are able to be with you in any of your times.” [Note: my emphasis in bold]

In another session Ra gave an estimation of when the present cycle will terminate- approximately 30 years from 1981- a figure that works to be around 2012.

“6. 16 Questioner: What is the position of this planet with respect to progression of the cycle at this time?
Ra: I am Ra. This sphere is at this time in fourth-dimension vibration. Its material is quite confused due to the society memory complexes embedded in its consciousness. It has not made an easy transition to the vibrations which beckon. Therefore, it will be fetched with some inconvenience.

6.17 Questioner: Is this inconvenience imminent within a few years?
Ra: I am Ra. This inconvenience, or disharmonious vibratory complex, has begun several of your years in the past. It shall continue unabated for a period of approximately three oh, thirty [30], of your years.

6.18 Questioner: After this thirty-year period I am assuming we will be a fourth-dimension or fourth-density planet. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is so.”

This last statement meshes perfectly with that made by Matthew earlier in this article. At the end of this cycle, earth leaves the third density and enters the fourth density.

There are many more credible channels who tell us from their sources that the planetary cycle is at a crucial stage, and we are entering into a new age at this time period. This section of this article has simply aimed to provide a small cross-sample of such information.

In conclusion, I have sought in this article to provide evidence of Ascension from two distinct sources- terrestrial saints and scholars, and other-worldly sources derived from channeling. This information is not covered by the mainstream media (for various reasons) but there exists a wealth of credible and authenticated information available for the interested reader to explore. I hope that this article will catalyse such research.
* Very recently it has been suggested by scientists that Venus may have once harboured life. See for example this 2019 article from Live Science that suggests Venus may have had vast oceans and harboured life around 3 billion years ago.



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Ascension: How Do We Know? Part 1/2 – Narendra Mishra

Artist ~ Amanda Sage, with gratitude


Ascension: How Do We Know? Part 1/2

What is Ascension?


Ascension is Self-Realisation or God-Realisation. It is termed ‘ascension’ because the soul ascends from manhood to Godhood. It results in the freedom or liberation of the individual soul from the cycle of birth and death called reincarnation.

For many centuries, the striving for ascension has been an intensely personal one. The aspirant would usually join a monastic order, or retire in caves, mountains, forests, or other secluded areas to dedicate his/her entire life to its pursuit.

This time however, ascension is different. Now the Earth Herself, as a living conscious being with a planetary body, is ascending and taking all Her inhabitants with her. Almost all incarnated souls on earth, including humans, animals, plants, and minerals now have the opportunity to participate in a mass planetary ascension without taking recourse to a life of renunciation.

How do we know about Ascension?

All that we know about planetary ascension comes from two main sources. The first is from modern, terrestrial saints and scholars, and the second is from otherworldly sources through a process called channeling. We will examine the first source in part 1 of this article and look at otherworldly sources in part 2.

Let us look at a few examples of saints and sages who have spoken about this time of planetary ascension. Sri Sri Yukteswar Giri was perhaps one of the most authoritative personages who advocated planetary ascension. In his seminal book, The Holy Science, he attributed ascension to the natural cycle of the ages, which follows an astronomical phenomena known as the precession of the equinoxes.

In this model, the axial tilt of the earth revolves at a rate of approximately 1 revolution every 24,000 years*. During this time there is a variation in the amount of cosmic radiation coming to earth from the centre of the galaxy. This cosmic radiation has profound effects upon the mind and consciousness of all life on earth.

During the time of maximum cosmic radiation, mankind’s intellect and spiritual progress is at its peak. As the earth’s orbit proceeds, the amount of cosmic radiation available decreases, and along with it, mankind’s intellectual and spiritual capacity. At its minimum, mankind enters into its dark age.

Following this model, there are thus a period of four ages, called yugas, that mankind lives through. These are modelled in the diagram below.

The top of the diagram shows the period of time when cosmic radiation is at its maximum. This gives rise to the Satya Yuga, or golden age. As the axial revolution of the earth proceeds the amount of cosmic radiation gradually diminishes culminating in the dark ages, or the Kali Yuga, at its nadir.

​According to Sri Sri Yukteshwar Giri’s calculations, the Kali Yuga is already finished and we are now in a ‘transitional age’ within an ascending arc back to the Satya Yuga or golden age. Several other notable saints and scholars have also asserted that we are now living through a great shift in the ages. Some of these include Sadguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, Dr. N. S. Rajaram, and Dr. David Frawley.

Consider for example a statement by Dr. Frawley,

“An important cosmic event is occurring now. The winter solstice is now at the point of conjunction with the Galactic Centre. There is some doubt as to the exact location of this point. I would replace it at 6° 40′ Sagittarius, or the middle of the Nakshatra Mula. Depending upon the ayanamsha one uses, this conjunction may be occurring either right now, or in the next few decades. The same event appears mirrored in the calendric calculations of the Maya, a culture that shared many practices with the Vedic people.

This indicates a harmonisation of humanity with the Divine Will as transmitted from the galactic center. The new spiritual thinking of today may be a result of this attunement process, which insists that we enter into a new ascending age of light and cast off the shadows of the dark ages of strife and dissension. Though some global shock and suffering must be endured, the outcome can only be ultimately for the good.

We should have faith in the Divine Will behind this process and not give in to the despair that the present state of the world must evoke in us. Though we may not be quickly ushered into an Age of Enlightenment, much positive growth will occur. A shift in history as significant as any to date will be experienced, with a movement from darkness to light and a new seeking of consciousness.” (1)

Some of the other evidence that these distinguished individuals have produced in support of their claim are documented in my article The End of The Dark Age.

It is important to note here that other than saints and scholars, several ancient cultures knew of the grand cycle of 26,000 years. Perhaps the most famous of these are the  Mayans who knew of the end of this age and encoded it in their long-count calendar. The date that their major cycle of the ages ended was December 21, 2012.

Concluded in Ascension: How Do We Know? Part 2/2.

* This motion is variable and modern astronomy places this cycle to be approximately 25,000 – 26,000 years in length.
  1. Frawley, D. (2000). Astrology of the Seers: A Guide to Hindu/Vedic Astrology [Kindle version]. Lotus Press, Wisconsin, USA. Chapter 3, Section 5.