Soul’s Photograph – James Mahu @ WingMakers

Angel of The Presence ~ Aeoliah’s Visionary Art

Soul’s Photograph
Who will find me
in the morning after
the winds rush over the barren body
that once held me like a tree a leaf?
Who will find me
when mercy, tired of smiling,
finally frowns in deep furrows of ancient skin?
Who will find me?
Will it be you?
Perhaps it will be a cold morning
with fresh prints of snow
and children laughing as they
lay down in the arms of angels.
Perhaps it will be a warm evening
when crickets play their music
to the stillness of waiting stars.
Perhaps it will be the light
that draws me away
or some sweet surrender that captures me
in its golden nets.
Who will find me
when I have left and cast
my line in new waters trickling
so near this ocean of sand?
Listen for me when I’m gone.
Listen for me in poems
that were formed with lips mindful of you.
You who will outlast me.
Who linger in the courage I could not find.
You can see me
in these words.
They are the lasting image.
Soul’s photograph.


James Mahuβ€”the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.


Gratitude to artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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