Divine Mother – The Importance Of Being Deeply Discerning – Linda Dillon


Divine Mother ~ The Importance Of Being Deeply Discerning


Another beautiful gem lovingly shared by Irene from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ The Importance Of Being Deeply Discerning

It is important, beloved daughter, that you are deeply discerning, critically discerningโ€ฆ no, I mean in terms of intensity, not in terms of criticismโ€ฆ but that you are deeply discerning when you read peopleโ€™s material, and that you are very clear.

You can feel immediately when our energy, my energy, is not fully present either in an article, or in a transmission, or in a prayer. I would like to guide you, strongly guide you, to not pay attention and to put it down when you know the piece of information or untruth is not based in love.

The human race, particularly at this juncture, has never been more secure from external influences, implants, attacks and what have you. Now let me explain. The human collective โ€“ย my childrenย โ€“ are being freed up in the free-will zone to quite literally ascend, to change the complexion of what it means to be human, so the external interferences have in fact been blocked and have been for some time.

Now, is there a great deal of chaos that has been revealed, that has come to the surface, that is very obvious and apparent upon the planet? The answer is โ€œyesโ€, and it needed to because it is of human creation. So very often โ€“ and this is true of lightworkers โ€“ they will say: โ€œWell, I am being influenced by a dark force, or I have an implant, or this or that.โ€ It is a denial of their own Divine Authority, their own wisdom, and their own power to choose.

So when you come across something that does not feel like pure love โ€“ yes, even when it is strongly worded, you can tell the difference whether it is a divine transmission or whether it is fearmongering โ€“ and when it is fearmongering, turn away. Do not even engage in the conversation because it just perpetuates the lie.

So while I encourage you โ€“ and you are brilliant โ€“ ask the questions, but do not ask questions about the lies โ€“ things that you know are obviously not founded in love, nor founded in divine grace which you carry so beautifully.



Permission given to share ~ thank you Linda Dillon

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