This is What We’re After – Steve Beckow

The Third Eye Sudakshina Bhattacharya by SuWaniArts @ Pixels

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This is What We’re After

As if watching a world in chaos and battling with Youtube censorship were not enough…

…love chooses this time to show up.

The second helping of love that I wanted to have? I now have.

Writing about it as it happens does moderate the experience somewhat, but my job is to write about it. Too much of the experience and I stop writing about it.

Love arose from nothing – naturally. One minute it was not there and the next moment it was. I remember becoming aware of a wisp of it and then I was entirely in it. (1)

Years ago love showed up like an onrushing inner tsunami. Now it shows up like an old friend, putting its arm around my shoulders and nestling in.

All fear drains away from me, all strain, all worry.

In the presence of this higher form of love, I feel totally safe, totally protected.

No, not my body. In the space of this love, I’m not worried about my body. The real me, the spirit within the body.

The mental/emotional state of that spirit is what I might worry about, if worry was possible in this sea of love. Which it isn’t.


Viewing things from this vantage point has all the doings of the world, all the cabal-created chaos fade from view. Whether pandemic or worse, love erases the memory of the pain and grief of it – but not the wonderful memories.

Years ago we’d have called being in this space of love, escapism. We’d be accused of having our head in the sand.

But we know, now, that one person or many people holding a vibration of this kind  for the entire planet can make a radical difference – in the collective consciousness (thoughts) and the collective psyche (feelings).

Rather than escapism, this is involvement with the planet and its inhabitants on a much more meaningful and intimate level than physical action might produce. I think.


It’s so hard to consider loving people who are so callous towards human life as we’ve seen recently. But seeing matters from this loving space has me solve that dilemma as well.

It isn’t that I need to love “these people.” It’s that I need to love.

This higher form of love is by its very nature universal. It flows and it flows in all directions. Love cannot be other than universal and still be love.

If I try to keep it away from someone, it disappears. I have to allow it to flow up from my heart, through me, and out to the world. Indiscriminately.

“I thy God am a jealous God.” God = Love. If we have any thoughts that are counter to love, love leaves. No forwarding address. No letter of regret.

So, no, I don’t have to include Ralph in my love over there. Thinking that way doesn’t match the way things are set up.

Yes, I do have to allow love to flow to whomever it will, Ralph, Mary, and the kid who stole my wallet.

The reward for me for allowing love to flow through me to everyone else, indiscriminately, is that I get to experience that love as it flows through me.

This space of love that I’m in at the moment is the solution to all our problems and dilemmas. THIS is what we’re after.

If God is Love, then we’ve found the treasure buried in the field. That treasure is the One; i.e., the deepest, transcendent Love. The field is the heart.


(1) That has happened before. I once saw Bliss as if it was a person across a crowded room and, immediately upon recognizing it as bliss, it filled me up. On another occasion, I saw a peaceful face pass by me as I rode a train out of the station. The minute I saw it, I recognized it as Peace and peace filled me up. Make simple inner eye contact with a divine state, or even just feel it, and it’ll fill you up immediately.

I’ve also on occasion ridden wisps of love or bliss like a surfboard into the higher state.


The Third Eye Sudakshina Bhattacharya by SuWaniArts @ Pixels

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

YOU, THE WAYSHOWERS, ARE THE HOPE OF THE FUTURE – Archangel Michael Through Ronna Herman

Song of My Heart and Soul by Meldra Driscoll @ Fine Art America


 *   *   *

Beloved masters, it is imperative that you understand the critical nature of the dramatic, accelerated and swiftly changing times you are now experiencing. You are in the final stages of a specific unit of time, and you all have been subject to a unique system of rules. Total free will was deemed to be a great gift; however, it became a great burden as humanity sank into the broad spectrum of duality, which has resulted in great pain and suffering.

There was a non-interference clause written in the rules, and the specified time for this particular phase of Creation had to be played out before our Father/Mother God could declare:

“It is enough! It is time to intercede! There will be a Divine Dispensation for those who are striving to attain Self-mastery, and the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Angelic Kingdom are authorized to give assistance in whatever way is appropriate within the framework of Cosmic Law.”

The Law of Grace exists as the higher frequencies of Karmic Law, and it will, henceforth, apply to the emerging group of World Servers as well as the aspirants and disciples on the path of ascension.

As this particular era comes to a close, there will be a new system of rules and laws which will apply to all emerging Spiritual-Human Beings. A new expanded cycle of Creation is in progress, and all of you who are striving to attain a unified state consciousness will be designated as cocreators of the future. As a Ray of God Light, your Divine Mission is to expand the borders of God-consciousness. Your goal is to become a master of manifestation, drawing forth the Essence of Creation, activating it within your Sacred Heart, and via specific thoughts from within your Sacred Mind, molding the God Substance into an endless variety of forms. Thus, you become a true extension of our Father/Mother God.

You, the wayshowers, are the hope of the future. You are laying the foundation for a new social order. It is vitally important that you walk the middle path. A Self-master does not take sides, neither for nor against the conflicts that are presently raging around the world. Your personal power is most effective when you stay centered within your Sacred Heart and you are guided by the wisdom of your Sacred Mind. Your stance should always be that of good will, and your platform should be for the greatest good of all.

As you actively seek en-Lighten-ment and strive to return to balance and harmony within, it is important that you become aware of certain karmic limitations which your Soul has accepted as a learning experience in this lifetime. There are specific limitations and conditions that cannot be changed, and the lesson is to accept them gracefully and to strive for excellence within the framework of the boundaries that have been imposed upon you – not as a punishment but as an opportunity to balance discordant energy and thought patterns. However, we wish to emphasize, this lifetime is unique for every Soul on Earth, and no matter what circumstances you were born into, there is an opportunity for greatness and a reservoir of knowledge and talents needed to attain Self-mastery. You were designed to be a master of manifestation, a cocreator with God-given abilities.

The first step is realizing that you have programmed within your DNA Genius Potential and a broad spectrum of talents and abilities. You chose, before you incarnated, a set of circumstances with specific abilities which are more readily available than others. However, even though the full range of your gifts and talents is held in reserve, you have the ability to bring them to the fore so that you may begin to actualize, integrate and use them.

You must have access to the higher Dimensional levels of the brain in order to make contact with your Soul-Self and the Beings of the higher realms. Your brain is composed of multiple levels of consciousness. The lower brain and the three lower chakras are the realm of humanity’s animal-human consciousness. It is mostly instinctive, drawing much of its information from the collective consciousness of the astral plane as well as from the Earth’s consciousness. Survival and the ego desire body are in control of the masses’ thoughts and desires, and thus form the prevalent picture of reality. The focus is on the external, material world and on service to Self.

As your consciousness moves into the mid-level brain activity, you begin the process of becoming a Spiritual-human Being, and your feeling nature will gradually move upward to incorporate the heart and the throat chakra. A gradual awakening process begins as your Soul nudges you onto the path of awareness, and the journey of Ascension begins. An aspirant on the path must traverse the astral plane and gain control of the emotional and astral body – the lower nature (the three lower chakra centers) – which will open the pathway to the refined frequencies of cosmic truth via your Higher Self, guides, teachers and angelic helpers. Harmlessness in thought, word and deed with focused observation abilities are important traits of a Self-master. You must clear the mind of distorted, negative, defeating thoughts before you can become a transmitter of Light into the darkness and distortion of the lower Dimensions.

It is important that you understand: as your frequency patterns or Soul Song become more refined, your attitudes and comprehension will attune to higher and higher levels of consciousness. Your Etheric Body will gradually change as well, and it will begin to respond to the higher frequency energies. Service to Self gradually evolves into a desire to fulfill your Divine Mission and to undertake group service.

As an en-Lighten-ed Being, you begin to build a bridge of consciousness back into the higher realms of this Sub-universe. This pathway was called the Antakarana in ancient, esoteric teachings, and is sometimes known as the Rainbow Bridge currently.

In order to return to Self-mastery, you must learn to use the three aspects of your mental nature: the brain, the mind and the Soul. You must also clear the negative distortions of the subconscious mind, and attune the conscious mind to your Soul-Self, so that the wisdom of your Soul and Higher Self can begin to flow throughout your four lower-bodily systems.

Remember, every atom and all your physical Being have consciousness; they must be en-Lighten-ed and attuned to the higher frequency patterns of Ascension. You are made of Divine Essence. You are a Spark – a Fragment – of the Supreme Creator. You have latent powers that must be acknowledged and developed. There is a great need for humanity to refresh its Spiritual memory and to develop the powers of a Master of Light.

The Antakarana is composed of many sub-tributaries or streams of Light, which will ultimately strengthen and magnify the connections between the many Facets of Self and your OverSoul Higher Self, and ultimately your Sacred Triad that awaits you in the lowest sub-level of the Fifth Dimension. These streams of Light have consciousness, and they contain the intelligence of your multiple levels of Self which reside in the higher Realms. As we have told you, your subconscious mind is becoming conscious, and your conscious mind is opening up to the wisdom of your Superconscious mind, which contains the mysteries of this Sub-universe.

You, the aspirants on the Path, are becoming proficient at building and using multiple Pyramids of Light and Power in the Fifth Dimension as you slowly but surely become acclimated to a lower Fifth-Dimensional environment. Many of you have opened the pathways to the Cities of Light so that you may gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of Light. You are also preparing yourselves to interact on a regular basis with the many Facets of your Higher Self and the great Beings of Light.

It is time for the next step in the Ascension process to begin, and many of the advanced aspirants on the Path are already becoming proficient and engrossed in the procedures. At this time, there is no question that those who are in any way advanced in spiritual consciousness are having their awakening and evolution process hastened as never before in the history of the Earth. This step is imperative so that more and more of you may act as transmitters and interpreters of Universal Law and Cosmic Truth.

The call for reunification is beginning for many of you, whereby your refined Soul Song is reaching various members of your OverSoul-Higher Self. As you refine your vibrational patterns and your Energetic Signature reaches a certain level of harmony, your Soul Song will begin to reverberate out into and through the Fourth, into the Fifth, and for some of you, possibly even into the Sixth Dimension. As a result, via Streams of Light, you will begin to connect with the auric fields of some of the Soul Fragments of your Higher Self.

Slowly, these blessed Facets of your Self are becoming aware of you, and gradually, they will begin the process of exchanging Memory Seed Atoms of higher consciousness with you. Those whose resonance is lower than yours will fall into line within the appropriate Dimensional level below you, while those who are on the Path ahead of you will slowly move closer within the column of Light above you. You will also be moving laterally, as well as higher, into the refined realms as all of the Fragments of your Higher OverSoul Self gradually begin the process of moving closer and closer to your central column of Divine Light.

For some of you this information will be confusing; however, many of you are experiencing this process in varying degrees during your nightly sojourns or in meditation. Therefore, we wish to give you a basic understanding of what is taking place at the various levels of the Ascension process. We will discuss this further and in more depth in the near future.

As you study and delve into the mysteries of Cosmic Truth, you will begin to build a reservoir of knowledge which you can draw upon when needed. Also, as you gain further access to your Sacred Mind, it will seem as if you have tapped into a Cosmic source of information. However, in the beginning, it will be your own ancient, extensive past that has been made available to you. You will become increasingly sensitive to ideas, concepts and complex information, and you will gain the ability to tap into this rich storehouse of information at will.

As you evolve and become skillful at sharing your wisdom with others, you will become increasingly sensitive to the subtle messages, concepts and ideas from your guides, teachers, angelic helpers and the en-Lighten-ed Beings from the higher realms. When you have turned the information you have garnered into wisdom, and you have become a living example of each new, advanced level of consciousness, you will then be qualified to teach the concepts to others. You must experience that which you teach and become a shining example, which is the most effective way to get the attention of others.

Remember, my brave ones, in every era and major cycle, Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Truth are made available to those with open minds and loving hearts. Submission to the Will of our Father/Mother God means adherence to the Universal Laws as they are revealed to you. A Self-master always strives to make the highest choices, has a burning desire to serve others, and is always responsible for their own actions. We see the Light expanding and gaining strength in many places around the world.

We also see your radiance and influence growing, and you are making a positive impact on more lives than ever before. You must remain heart-centered and Soul-focused as the chaos and fear grow and spread throughout the planet. We have now joined forces and we are and ever will be invincible, for we are fulfilling a Divine mandate from our Father/Mother God. Eternal love, protection and blessings are yours, now and forever more. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Personal sharing with friends, or posting on websites and in publications is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my website address is included.


Song of My Heart and Soul by Meldra Driscoll @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

June Ascension Energies – Balancing Opposites – Jamye Price

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June Ascension Energies – Balancing Opposites

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The month of May, Exercising Trust, brought us deep. It felt like exercise in patience and personal choice as we waded through external noise and internal readjustment. With such extremes, we are tasked to maintain our balance in such rapid and consistent change.

This is normal during this powerful time of polarization, as divinity divides into a new clarity of creation. The choice of multiplying Love or fear.

May was definitely beneficial exercise as the creative force continued forward, even when the world pauses. As we navigate the new potentials preparing within, we are learning to Trust the unknown better, and consciously utilize focus beyond the immediate external.

It takes courage to balance engagement with the external realm and nurturing the sacred chamber within. This brings us to the June energies.


I was shown the June energies as Balancing Opposites. Of course, it is an equinox month, but this goes beyond just a connection to that timing. It speaks to a larger timing that continues to spiral into the zero point of pure potential.

This is a layered process that is constantly occurring to varying degrees, but June brings us to a potent creative flow. Do you Trust yourself and Life to navigate your creation? Life Trusts you.

Gabriel’s Horn began this year with a clarion call to the finite to meet the infinite within. This paradox of opposites asks you to embrace the pulse of life from inner to outer, for both are a reflection perception.

Gabriels Horn by Suzanne Siroka

Gabriels Horn by Suzanne Siroka

We’ve been tested through challenging externals to maintain the clarity of connection and freedom within. June feels softer than these previous months, but don’t expect things to slow down too much in the external.


The grand opportunity of this month is balancing the opposites in your experience into a new connection, a new expansion that Follows Your Heart to greater Love. June feels like a turning point, beckoning you to focus your powerful Love within and without and saturate your life with sacred solution.

June’s eclipses feel like the loud, slow tick of the clock as you are so still that the clicks tune you into a rhythm of knowing that Time’s infinite movement keeps moving past Each. Finite. Second. And while this moment is quiet and loud, all is well and constantly changing.

Improvement is the natural flow of Life, but that is a perception reflection. What possibilities do you perceive in the unknown future?

Paramount in June is the neutrality to sustain focus through the ups and downs of the pulse of life. The back and forth of the ins and outs are the engine of duality. Your neutrality is the ignition of change, the catalyst of new creation. The paradox in such chaotic change.

When you ignite your neutrality, the peace that passes all understanding saturates a situation with the plasma of exciting potential. The connections of possibilities become closer to creation as the clock ticks the finite time.


The opposites of tension/contraction and release/expansion dance the ins and outs of new direction. Like a wave of flow, you are spiraling into the (k)new, the unknown, the unconscious realization of potential birthing forth.

As you relax into the moment, you are balancing into the pure potential, embracing the tension of expansion. It’s the zero point of two opposites becoming a new one. You are the one in the oneness of diverse duality, your lens magnifying an aspect of creation revelation.

June will call you to see connection in the separation of self that has limited your previous power. This is the Ascension, a powerful turning point for humanity—the connection of self with your divine birthright of creativity. Relax into the flow as we spiral toward the natural changes of life improving.

It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Change begins in the invisible to be held and nurtured in the space of you. It becomes visible as a potential from time to time, as you read the clues of life portending potential. As you saturate yourself with the positive potentials of Love, that cup runneth over into the waves you create in your world. Exciting.

Triple Eclipse Gateway of 2020 – Sandra Walter

Guardian of The Gateway ~ Artist Lily Moses


Triple Eclipse Gateway of 2020
 May 28, 2020
Blessings Beloveds ~

The Triple Eclipse passage of June-July is very esoteric in feeling and purpose. It may feel like we are traversing a Stargate; because we are. This is the predicted passage which includes dynamic cosmic frequencies, quantum stargates (connecting the ancient with the future), and Divine dispensations from the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light in service to the organic Ascension. The 2-hour webinar replay on this passage is available HERE.

This is a major cosmic event of 2020, in a year filled with dramatic shifts and amplifications of the Ascension.

Embodiment, which began in 2018, takes on a brand new level during this passage. This is why so many have experienced the full-body Solar flash Christed activations since December. We anchor these higher experiences into the collective, as preparation for stronger frequencies and brand new experiences.

Embodiment is defined as a complete reunification with our Multidimensional Christed Self, followed by becoming a Pure Conduit of Source. This Divine state of Heaven is a constant state of BEingness in the heart, physicality and energy fields.

Our goal of Embodying our Christed Self, the Trinitized BEingness, allows for the undistorted Pure Presence of God in these realms. The activation of the Golden Race. As Gaia shared, Embodiment changes everything. When we hold that vibration through the physical, it accelerates the energies Gaia is able to receive and transmit.

The Triple Eclipse Passage

These eclipses work in tandem with the January 13 Stargate opening, and the eclipses in November-December. This is our mid-point for 2020, and a powerful passage for Embodiment. It sets us on highest timelines for the major energetic events later in the year. The first half of this year prepared us for this passage; physicalization of the etheric.

Friday, June 5:
Lunar Eclipse at 12:24 pm Pacific Daylight Time
(Full Moon at 12:12pm PDT)

Focus: Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light activation. This is a Galactic-level DNA activation, initiating the physicalization of the alliances of Light like never before. Expect strong benevolent visitation through this whole passage.

Ancient star families – our higher aspects – are involved. You may remember your pre-incarnational cosmic oaths as this Embodiment occurs. Embrace the Great Law of God’s Love, Infinite Light and Ascension in this Now.

Saturday, June 20:
Solstice peak at 2:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse at 11:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time
(New Moon at 11:40PM PDT)
(Visible in Africa, India, China regions)

This is a major Galactic Convergence, bringing an alignment with the Galactic Ecliptic, and a Superwave of Crystalline Light. Ancient Stargates and celestial pathways are opened for benevolent Divine Intervention, right through the Embodiers.

It is a very esoteric event, utilizing brand new stargate flows. This is the consciousness-shifting, dimensional-shifting flows which we will be using to overwrite and override inorganic distortions.

It feels like a major energetic event is happening already, and our experiences and expansion sensations reveal a more refined state of Divine consciousness is anchoring right now.

While a stronger division of timelines is expected, please note that the goal is to have very few lower timelines running by the end of this year. Ultimately, the distorted realms will have very few participating in them when they collapse completely. However Divine Will and free choice rule the personal and collective experience.

This Solar-Stargate activation includes Gaia’s crystalline core and grids taking on the next level of her star-like qualities. Magnetic shifts are already in progress to adjust her fields accordingly.

Our Solar cosmic Christed heart centers are purified, Divinitized. The Diamond-Solar aspects of our DNA are strengthened. Rebundling and reconnecting feels very stargate-like, and you might see gateways in your visions throughout this passage.

Solar flaring activity, which returned in May, allows the stronger delivery of this new light, bringing brand new experiences for willing hearts in service to the Ascension. Crystalline full-body Solar Flash experiences are expected to increase. Get outside and connect with the SUN often.

Saturday, July 4:
Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse at 9:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time
(Full Moon at 9:44 PM PDT)

There are Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood Ascension codes anchored in the United States ancient crystal beds. Deep beneath the major crystal vein which runs down the center of North America are Master Crystals encoded for our Ascension. They beam Revelation, Resurrection and Freedom codes for all willing hearts, and hold the records of Lemurian, Atlantean and Celestial trajectories for the Ascension. America holds a significant role in the Ascension because of these Master Crystals and the Gateways anchored throughout the USA.

This eclipse has deep esoteric influence, reigniting the Christed trajectories set in place eons ago. After two very powerful June eclipse activations of our ancient star lineage within our DNA and hearts, this final eclipse unlocks our Sovereign choice to Ascend, right through the Living Library of Gaia and our Divine DNA.

The next layer of Freedom codes are released through crystal beds. This happens one year after the initial release in 2019. It is an all-hearts-on-deck moment, regardless of your physical location. Connect to America before this event. Call these codes forth throughout this eclipse passage: Freedom, Resurrection, Revelation, Ascension. These assist our Divine right to transcend limitation, and maintain a consistent state of Freedom/Bliss regardless of external circumstances.

Solar activity is heightened, Crystalline DNA activations⁠⁠ plentiful. The natural side-effect of strong passages like this is more chaotic behavior in the external. It is our task to hold the higher light and embody the higher consciousness. Choose and create your experience wisely.

PREPARATION is Key: We are already in the Gate

Own your Ascension journey and take full responsibility for your Creation. Amplification brings revelation, and timeline experiences are a personal choice as well as a collective operation. Pay attention to the moment by moment choice points.

– Global circumstances have disrupted routine. Practice New Earth flow and Presence.
– Meditation, meditation, meditation. What you meditate on you receive. Join us for the Global SUNday Unity Meditations each week, especially during this passage. Invite all willing hearts to participate; there are powerful activations to share through this field.
– Fast: A day or three of water-only fasting can reset your DNA and allow the body to recalibrate. We have strong energies coming in each day now. As always, use your discernment and investigate proper procedure if this is new to you.
– Become the Presence, making highest choices moment to moment
– Live like a Master : You get to define what that is
– Movement to integrate the light and get the meridians flowing. Pooling energies cause dis-ease. Earthing, yoga, walking in nature, dance,etc.
– Get good sleep. Let the body and brain reset.
– Hydration: Magnetic shifts and Solar activity cause dehydration. Water (plasma) is an interstellar delivery system for light codes. Drink plenty of water. Get into natural bodies of water when available.
– FEEL and visualize the brightest outcome for all. So many are swayed into negative otucome reinforcement. Watch your words, thoughts and feelings. Emotions create a chemical response which changes your DNA, which changes your experience. As Yeshua said, pray as if it is done. Feel your future and practice New Earth Now.
– Use your Crystalline DNA decrees: Free ebook HERE
– SUNgaze (safely) or be outside to get those morning and evening codes.
– Open your Heart: Diamond-Solar heart activations are amplified during this passage. Use your Mastery skills to open up in the moment, anytime. Gratitude, Love, Appreciation, Divine Neutrality, Forgiveness and Clemency serve us well and keep us on the higher timelines.

There are more preparation, clarity, eclipse details and unified light codes in the webinar replay HERE.

This is a strong passage to re-activate our Creator State and sovereign dominion over our realities. As always, we utilize the energies rather than waiting for them to change us.

Throughout this process we have chosen to create something new. The revelation of higher realms and a new BEingness is becoming quite clear as the old systems dismantle. This is our Galactic Legacy coming to fruition.

Love is an active feeling state, and a choice. By consciously migrating our thoughts, words, actions, DNA, energy fields, feelings and creations to the higher vibration of Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Light, we allow the Pure Presence of Source to self-correct these realms. We assist Gaia in revealing New Earth as a palpable reality for all concerned, right here, right Now.

This is an exciting eclipse passage! Our personal journeys can be intense as Embodiment launches us into the unknown. Breathe and balance. Check in on how you feel in the heart often. Be open and grateful for the New Light. This all has wonderful higher purpose; use it wisely.

We unify during these events over the next five weeks with consistent highest intent, service and collective meditations. let us show HUmanity what is possible with #Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


Guardian of The Gateway ~ Artist Lily Moses

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

ATTUNING TO THE HIGHEST VIBRATIONS – Archangel Zadkiel Through Linda Robinson

Sahasrara Crown Chakra by Gloria Gypsy




Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss attuning to the highest vibrations.

Your planet is continuing to experience many changing energetic patterns. This can be very disruptive to the energy field with the uncertainty that is occurring.

It is during times such as these that we encourage you to focus on attuning to the highest vibrations. Not only can this provide comfort to you, it can also assist you in continuing to rise to higher vibrational levels.

When you attune to the highest vibrations, you are incorporating this higher energy into your own energetic field. This is how you rise gently and naturally to higher and higher dimensional levels.

Keeping your energy field clear aids greatly in this process. It allows you to maintain your current frequency and opens the way for you to assimilate more higher dimensional energy.

When you allow lower vibrational energy to remain in your energy field and consciousness, this is an impediment that must be transmuted and cleared to allow the higher incoming energy to be assimilated.

You can maintain a clear energy field by focusing on positive things. Some examples are thinking positive thoughts, reading uplifting material, listening to soothing music, and communicating with others who maintain a positive vibration.

When you encounter situations of a lower vibration, simply view them as a detached observer. By doing this, you are not allowing them to enter your energy field. You can observe them without becoming entangled energetically in them.

Regular maintenance of your energy field can assist in keeping your vibration high.

Scanning your energy field regularly is very useful. If you find anything that is vibrationally less than what you want it to be, you can use the Violet Flame to transmute the lower vibration.

Monitoring your thoughts and emotions can help to keep your vibration clear and positive. If you detect a thought or emotion that is less than positive, you can change to a positive one and then transmute the old energy with the Violet Flame.

You have been practicing these techniques for some time now. We continue to emphasize them because as you rise to higher levels, situations occur where you need to continue to use them. You are practicing them at a higher vibrational level.

The way you progress is by applying spiritual practices at higher and higher levels. Each new rise in vibrational frequency brings the opportunity to apply these principles in a higher, more refined way. Situations may be presented for you to apply these teachings in order to develop an even more refined sense of discernment.

As you progress to higher frequencies, many situations may not have a clear-cut delineation of absolute right or wrong. There may be many shades in between. This allows you to increase your ability of spiritual discernment.

Asking to see things for highest good can help in this process. This allows the Higher Beings to come and assist you.

As you look at each decision and review it, you may wish to tune in to your heart center to see if it resonates with your highest spiritual principles and aspirations.

By conducting a regular review, you are more likely to develop an automatic sense of knowing when something does not resonate with you and does not align at a higher frequency.

A companion part of this process is to allocate time to focus on your spiritual ideals. They may include things such as Love, compassion, kindness, truth, and highest good. When you are clear about your higher principles, you can recognize more easily when something you encounter is not aligned energetically at a higher vibrational level.

Remaining in the present moment allows you to have increased clarity about whether something is a high vibrational fit for you.

In this way, keeping your vibration at a high frequency is an ongoing process. Rather than being jerky in a start-and-stop way, it is a smooth ongoing process, and you rise to higher and higher vibrational levels. Then you are able to attune to the highest vibrations.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are attuning to the highest vibrations. We applaud your diligent work for highest good.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst,

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright  2020 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:


Sahasrara Crown Chakra by Gloria Gypsy

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


That Known, All is Known – Steve Beckow

Holy Spirit Dove Painting via Pinterest


That Known, All is Known

In this time of reflection, I notice that I know only a very few things for sure.

I know the purpose of life is enlightenment. The vision in 1987 etched that indelibly into my mind. (1)

I know the intellectual answer to the puzzle of who I am. The intellectual answer is that I am God, as are we all. (2)

There’s only One God, without a second; if we existed separate from God, there would be a second.

Everything that is and is not is God. Therefore we must also be God. Bodies, Light, all of it is a creation; all of it is God agreeing to play hide and seek in costume for the fun of it.

Notice how knowing that intellectually doesn’t take us very far.

What number of things known are we up to? Two?

I know what love is and I’m awed by it. I sit here awaiting my second helping, (3) prepared to wait as long as it takes. Please, please, mister, can I have seconds?

That’s three and I’m slowing down.

That’s all I know for certain.

The rest is all hearsay and speculation. Of what use is any of that?

What is it we’re looking for?

I can only answer that for myself: Love, bliss, joy.

The extent to which I experience those states seems related to knowing, to realizing just one thing: The true identity of my One and Only Self.

That known, all is known.

However, as a pillar, it isn’t mine to live in these states until after all have ascended. (4) But I invite others to live in them.

There’s only One. All else is ultimately illusion, including our seemingly-separate Self.  St Paul described the last minute of individuation before the Self (which he called the Son) merged again with God.

“Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power [ego].

“… And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.” (5)

All of life is about realizing this Unity. But that too remains hearsay…. And how valuable is that?


(1)  On that, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” August 13, 2011, at

(2) Also known from the 1987 vision.

(3) The first helping cane March 13, 2015, when my heart opened. See “Submerged in Love,” March 14, 2015, at

(4)  Archangel Michael: Your role is about completion … as a pillar and as one that does not simply go through the process, but will see it through, no matter what. And we are fully aware of the challenges. Have there been many variables and many things that have interrupted and interfered and changed a particular motion? Yes. But [you are] one who would see it through. That is why you are here. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 8, 2015. Hereafter AAM.)

Archangel Michael: If you were completely involved in your full awakening, you in very great likelihood would not be forming a platform with me.  You would be off somewhere in an ashram meditating. … Ground yourself.  Be human and love the experience of being in form.  (AAM, May 6, 2013.)

AAM: You know that enlightenment is right there in front of you. It is yours to access. But if you are in service, you will not choose to live there. (AAM, Feb. 14, 2012.)

AAM: Visit; don’t stay. (AAM, May 6, 2013.)

(5) St. Paul in I Corinthians 15:24 and 28.


Holy Spirit Dove Painting via Pinterest

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

This is the Great Awakening – Peggy Black

Moon Goddess by aruarian-dancer @ DeviantArt

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This is the Great Awakening

May 27, 2020

Dear Morning Messages Community,

Rarely do I send two newsletters out to our community in a month, however I felt this information was important and worth sharing.

We know that we can be influenced by the movement of the celestials, personally as well as globally. This information came to my attention and I wanted to share it with you. Perhaps it will give us more insight into what we are all experiencing at this time. I usually follow my friend Pam Gregory for my astrology news and updates however this is a gathering from several other sources.

We are all feeling the intensity of our planet being shut down. Everything that we call normal has come to a stop. Our lives have shifted and we are witnessing the incredible shifts and changes taking place around the world. I hope this information gives us a different perspective and the awareness of just how profound these celestial events are to life on this planet.

Credit to Nick Hilton: The last time Pluto transited Capricorn as it is now was the American Revolution. Last time Uranus transited Taurus as it is now was the end of the Great Depression. Last time Neptune transited Pisces as it is now was the abolition of slavery.

This is the great awakening.

Now according to Celia Fenn, as we enter into June and July we will experience a series of three Eclipses, two Lunar Eclipses and a Solar Eclipse, that will occur just before and congruent with the June Solstice. We can expect that there will be powerful shifts in the Earth’s new Crystalline matrix as well as in our own Crystalline Light body.

Friday June 5th will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This will be an exciting alignment because Sagittarius is on the Galactic Center in terms of the zodiac, and we can expect powerful Light Code transmitted via the Galactic Center. This is the New Energy of the incoming Golden Age, and we can expect a powerful experience.

Sunday June 21 will be a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This Eclipse takes place a day after the Solstice on the 20th of June. The planet will still be very strongly in the Solstice energy and a powerful transmission of Divine Feminine will be received.

The second Lunar Eclipse will be on the 5th of July and it will be in Capricorn. We can expect fireworks, not just because this is the day after the 4th of July in the USA, but because Capricorn is still powerfully influencing the transformation on the Earth. At this time Pluto and Jupiter will conjunct at 23 degrees of Capricorn. Thank you Celia Fenn, along with Anastasia Hayes Piper and Pam Thiel. They are offering three webinars, “The Three Eclipses Activations with the Global Circle of Crystal Skulls. For more information contact Anastasia” target=”_blank”>

Here is some added information about eclipses I found on the web:

An eclipse is a high-octane lunation that helps illuminate our path, but just as these cosmic events can be visually striking, eclipses can also be a bit dramatic. Astrologically speaking, they speed up time: They open new doors by slamming others shut, so we often find abrupt and sudden shifts occurring during eclipses. Though the shifts can be jarring, they can help us by speeding up the inevitable.

Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, help us realize the external implications of these shifts. It is often during a lunar eclipse that we become aware of the influence of others. As the moon emits a mystifying umber tone, it allows us to see people under a different light. This shift in perspective is critical, even though you may not always like what you see. During lunar eclipses, we are encouraged to let go of whatever is no longer serving the soul. This is the time to release, purge, and say goodbye. Remember, cosmic warriors, endings are hard, but everything is cyclical: A culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning.

Remember in the latest transmission from the ‘team’ they said, “This is a cosmic awakening. You have the support of the galactic families, the celestials and all divine beings and masters. What is happening on your planet has the attention and support of the entire universe. Earth is ascending into a higher dimension and taking you with her. Celebrate.”

I send you my blessings as we continue to anchor this new energy and the awesome new reality. Peggy and the ‘team’

2020 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available


Moon Goddess by aruarian-dancer @ DeviantArt

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Divine Mother – The Truth of Sacred Union and Partnership – Linda Dillon


I say “be teacher, be love, be partner, be parent, be friend, be ally” because this is what the human design was about.
Divine Mother ~ The Truth of Sacred Union and Partnership

Hairol: I have this stereotype thinking that one cannot be a teacher and be in a relationship at the same time. I don’t know why I have this…

Divine Mother: You are incorrect!

H: I know I am!

DM: If you had an entrenched belief system that this was the truth, I would not speak to you this way. And that is also why, sweet one, I have said to you that this is not the same paradigm as when so many who have sought enlightenment went into the monastery, because that is based – and it was wholly based – in wanting to proceed, but it is a belief system of lack and limitation.

It is a belief system that you cannot engage not only in friendships, in relationships, in collegial activities, but in sacred partnership and still be a teacher. That is a very limited point of view. And sweet one, you have come with and on my behalf not only to dispel these myths but to change them, to eradicate them.

Now, does the mental/emotional/spiritual level of balance, of maturity, of groundedness and elevation required to maintain what you think of as being your teaching role and to be in sacred union, does it require this theme that we are talking about this day of balance? It most certainly does! Because so often what happens is that rather than expanding – and this is what I am asking you to do – rather than expanding what you know is possible, what you know you are capable of, what happens is there is a shrinking, a myopic shrinking, of attention and focus.

Too often in the history of human affairs, what is termed as partnership could just as easily be termed as obsession, because what happens is there is a limited belief system that all the attention must go into one’s partner, one’s family. And very often that obsession is based historically and this has been a great downfall; it is based on the addiction and the participation in drama, so that a human being becomes so engaged in the drama of a relationship that the expansiveness – the fact that it adds, not subtracts – gets lost.

When there is – and yes, we talk about sex – when there is true engagement, not simply physical release… when there is heart, mind, body, soul engagement with another… then there is a common ground, a meeting point, where the energies are merged and the result of that is expansion, not contraction. This is something that humans are re-learning.

When I create – let us be very clear about this – when I create… and I am actually quite good at this! [chuckling]… I expand into what you would think of as the New; I do not contract. And in this… think of you and I, beloved… in that union, the expansion I have is you conjoining me and me conjoining you, so I am within you – and it does not shrink you; it expands you.

So when you are thinking of sacred union, partnership – and I do not simply mean romances or casual affairs; I mean the truth of sacred union – then what you are doing is you are replicating your union with me, and then it is replicated and replicated and replicated, expanded, expanded, expanded – and it is joy-full! It does not become an obsession with control or drama or orgasm or anything else, because what you have done is you are engaging the totality of your being.

Too often, what has happened with these humans is they have segmented themselves, and it is a very curious thing. They have segmented themselves: “Well, this is what I do in relationship, and this is what I do as parent, and this is what I do as professional, and this is what I do as teacher.”

There is no separation; it is the grandest illusion. And my beloved one, I want you, I ask you – you have asked me – to blow that illusion out of the water!

Is it done casually? No. Will you have some trials, some false starts, to begin to experiment? Yes! Because what you are doing is clarifying for your sacred self what this really means. So, do I guide you and say, “be teacher, be pure, be solitary”? No! I say, “be teacher, be love, be partner, be parent, be friend, be ally” because this is what the human design was about.

It was for my angels to have a physical place to play. And I did not say to them “go to planet and just experience one thing’. I gave everything to them, to you, including free will. And you say to me: “But Mother, what if I make a mistake?”

And what I say to thee is: “What if you don’t? What if you don’t make mistakes? What if you come to learn to see and to embrace in a truly sacred manner, whether it is soul partner or friend or simply the stranger in the street? What if you come to see them as me?” This is what I dream for you – not to struggle, beloved, about whether you are sacred, to struggle with “whether I should be in relationship”.

I have deep, profound knowing of thee, obviously, but what you do not feel and what I want you to know is: as much trust that you have in me, I have in you. I revere you. I honour you. I am not going to allow you to slide into oblivion. No, I do not override your free will, but if I see you slipping off the cliff, do you not think that I reach out and catch you?  Of course, I do!  I always have and I always will.


Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin discuss the Divine Quality of Beauty – Linda Dillon

Mary Magdalene by Jason McCreadie @ Fine Art America

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Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin discuss the Divine Quality of Beauty

Today, together, we expand our understanding of Beauty, our holding of Beauty, and of our ability to accept and cherish ourselves as vessels of Beauty…In Beauty there is strength, there is power, there is nobility, there is sensitivity and the ability to rise above, but it is also the ability to transmute, to cleanse…Beauty is eternal and you notice that in nature, in the oldest, most majestic trees, the mountains, the rivers, the beauty of the Mother. There are also seasons of Beauty and I want you to think of yourself in this way: What season are you in?

Hello and welcome everyone to Heavenly Blessing. Hello, welcome, thanks for joining us with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, Suzanne Maresca, and myself, GD. It’s a pleasure to be with you. This is the adventure of working with the internet and phones and when things work they work great and when they don’t, well it just adds to the adventure. So this week we continue our series on the Divine Qualities with Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin is going to join us and we’re going to discuss the quality of Beauty and we invite you to call in with your questions and comments. (And give us a call at 323-784-9697 and we encourage your participation, press #1 so Suzanne knows to bring you on.) – (NOTE = No longer live radio).   

Welcome Linda and Suzanne, great to have you back.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning.

Linda Dillon: Oh, it’s great to be back Graham, yeah it’s wonderful to be here a nice sunny day in Florida, although a little brisk.

GD: Well, come on, there’s nothing that compares to the snow that’s falling right now in the mountains of Vermont but it’s all good wherever we are, right? How are you both doing today?

LD: How are you doing Suzy?

SM: I’m great, the sun is shining, the sky’s blue, there’s no more snow on the ground and hopefully it will just stay that way for the rest of my life. (Laughter)

LD: You know, I lived most of my life up north, of course, and I always took my holiday in February because even though it was the shortest month of the year, it always felt so long, like ‘when would spring come?’ So, we’re through it and it’s March.

GD: And spring is on its way and we have daylight savings time changing here on the east coast soon, actually throughout much of the US and the days are brighter and longer and the two of you on the east coast as well have sun. I don’t quite have it up here so send some up this way, okay?

SM: Okay, sure.

LD: Will do.

GD: Lots of good stuff in the air and lots to be grateful for and thankful for. Linda, how would you like to start today? We have a couple of guests who would like to talk about our topic.

LD: Well, it was so funny, as you both know, last week when we were talking with St. Theresa about Purity and then we chatted after the show about this weeks show and even prior to the show Mary Magdalene had been very clear that she was the one that wanted to come forward and speak about Beauty. And of course, I love Mary Magdalene as I know many of our listeners do, but it was, I guess it was about mid-week where Quan Yin started to make her presence known and Quan Yin has always introduced herself to me in this way, you know there’s always consistence in terms of how the guides or the Masters talk to us; she always says to me “There is nothing more beautiful than the goddess riding the dragon.” So I think she has some opinions about beauty and strength, so what I thought we’d do is do a little meditation.

The colors of Beauty are magenta and silver and then we could move in and I think Quan Yin has a few words of welcome that she wants to share with the listeners and then we can move on to Mary Magdalene. But it’s interesting you know because it’s this blending of east and west and of course both of these wonderful beings who carry the energy of the Divine Feminine are very emphatic when they’re talking about Beauty that it’s not just the state of being beautiful, it really is the ability to be in beauty in all realms, all physicalities, emotional, spiritual, but also to create beauty and to see beauty and to find beauty in everything.

So I know when I was meditating this morning it was both of them and they were saying “Beauty can never be about competition; you don’t see the flowers competing to see who’s the most beautiful, they both just stand there and allow you to gaze at their beauty.” So, kind of interesting. So, shall we begin then with a meditation?

GD: Sounds great.

LD: Okay. So everybody relax, it’s Tuesday morning, and take a nice deep breath in through your nose, down into your heart, letting go of the day, letting go of everything that needs to be done this week, letting go of your to-do list, sinking into your chair, your sofa, or your bed, your car seat, and just allowing yourself this time, not only for the Ascended Ones, but for you. And breathe out, and breathe out all the debris, all the mental and emotional and spiritual trash that we pick up or that we carry inadvertently. Just let it go, no analyzing, never any judgment, just letting go of any burdens that you may have assumed over the last week.

The colors of Beauty and for you to be in that perfect state of Beauty, are magenta, which is that perfect balance of red and blue, and silver. And that’s an unusual combination. So let’s start by opening our crowns and feel that lotus blossom on your head, that soft spot of the baby’s head, wide open, opening to your beautiful Central Channel. And silver is also the ray of Archangel Uriel, it’s the ray of clarity and the ability to see in darkest places.

So I want you to picture, visualize, perceive, however you do this, and don’t judge it, see coming down from the heart of One this beautiful, pure, bright, shiny, silver ray like the flash of a blade of an ice skate coming down through the Central Sun, through your upper chakras, through the lavender and lilac, into your violet crown, filling your head with this beautiful crystal silver like an icicle when the sun hits it and it’s dripping. And breathe silver and feel that ray fill your head, activate your pituitary your pineal, your hypothalamus and your third eye and your fourth eye because it’s important that we not only feel Beauty but we also see and recognize it in all things including ourselves.

Now bring it down into your throat and clear your throat so that it again is that beautiful icicle crystal, shining, silver glint, so that your center for change, your whole esophagus, your whole windpipe is open and ready to embrace change, to embrace Ascension and to embrace your own Beauty.

Down into your heart and see that Silver Flame dancing with your Tri-Flame, expanding and evening it out and bring it into your solar plexus, your halion and your sacral. Bring it into your orange and see the silver and orange dancing together, these sparks of silver flying everywhere. Down through your pubic, to your root, down to Mother Gaia and take the silver from the oceans, from those droplets of water, the silver, the flash of skin on a tuna or a bass, the silver of the whales, the dolphins, and of the Council fire of Gaia, and bring that up into your heart as well.

Now staying in your heart, go to your third eye, the middle of your forehead and touch it, touch it with your finger and do a circular movement while you breathe magenta, very gently. And feel the aperture of that chakra, of that camera lens, opening wider and wider and taste the magenta, that taste of port or red wine, of rich grapes, and breathe the smell of the vineyard and rich plum. And through your nose and through your breath bring that magenta into your heart as well and feel the growth of the compassion, the anchoring of that balance, and open your heart to receive. Beauty, like all the Divine Qualities, like the 13 Blessings and Virtues, are infinite and eternal and they can expand infinitely. So today, together, we expand our understanding of Beauty, our holding of Beauty, and of our ability to accept and cherish ourselves as vessels of Beauty.

Quan Yin: Greetings: I AM Quan Yin.

GD: Welcome.

QY: And welcome to you, dear sire. I AM Goddess of Compassion but as I say to this channel so often “Is there anything more beautiful than this goddess riding the dragon?” Well I invite you this day to ride the dragon with me. It is not an imaginary creature, it is the creature of power and fire, of movement, and might I even say destiny. But the reason that I speak so often to this channel and now through the blessings of this media, to each of you, in Beauty there is strength, there is power, there is nobility, there is sensitivity and the ability to rise above, because you know the dragon flies. But it is also the ability to transmute, to cleanse. Too often in every society and in every race Beauty has been seen in a very narrow way and it certainly does not embody the Divine Quality of Beauty. Beauty is not simply what sits on your face or your skin or upon the rack of your body, beauty is everything and everywhere. And I say to you there is nothing more beautiful than my dragon, for it is strong and brave, courageous and willing to go forth. And in order to do that you must have the strength of balance, of harmony within and without. It is not simply an outer commodity to be traded and in fact in so many ways, particularly with the situation of the feminine, the woman, that beauty has, in fact, resulted in lack of power. Well you say “Oh no, sweet Goddess, Mother, it is not so, for are they not given great favor?” But they are given favor, not for their core but simply how they choose to present in a time and place that is not of reality. And what it does so often is it disempowers and it disempowers not only the individual but the collective. All, the most ordinary, to what you would call deformed, to the most lovely, all carry the essence of beauty and that sense of what is truly beautiful. It is time to resurrect it and it is time, with dragon breath, to eradicate the false illusions of Beauty.

Beauty is in everything you behold on your planet, this wondrous Gaia. And it is a failure of some to see that. And I am not simply speaking of the majestic peaks and gracious valleys, the mighty rivers, I speak of buildings, I speak of old men …..under old garbage cans trying to stay warm. I speak of children who believe they are young men flashing their knives. You see, they have forgotten that they are the holders of Beauty and that they contribute to the beauty of the planet and to the collective. So, who reminds them other than I and the Magdalena? Who reminds these ones who embrace what they believe is the ugliness of their soul, their desperation? Who reminds them that they are of the Beauty?

Now, I am not suggesting to you that those who are in pain and suffering and committing heinous acts are in harmony; they are not. But until they are reminded that they are a mirror of God’s creation, that there is only one Source and it is perfection, then they continue in their way of illusion. Each of you are my envoys and my mirror and it is up to you, my beloved ones, to show them the Beauty of their being, to remind them of their inner, their outer, their within and their without Beauty and their strength, their strength to claim Beauty, to create Beauty, and to be Beauty. This I leave you with as I step aside for the Magdalena.

GD: Quan Yin, I have a question.

QY: Yes.

GD: Could you please speak to, well, you spoke of Beauty incorporating strength and nobility, bravery, courage and you spoke to the importance to have harmony within and without, can you speak to those who are listening who are men and may not have considered Beauty to be part of their thought process when they think of what it means to be masculine?

QY: Oh, there is nothing more beautiful than the masculine, they are as equally beautiful as the mountains of Switzerland, the Nile and the woman, the Divine Feminine and there has been…it is ironic, I’m glad you request this because there is a disconnect here between beauty and power and a misunderstanding that beauty is not power and visa-versa because the Divine Masculine thinks of action and movement when, in fact, if you look at the way the universe is structured the Divine Masculine is still, quiet, infinite and is held in adoration. Well, why is that adoration there? It is because of the Beauty. Most men like to think of themselves as strong, as good looking, as handsome and they do not always look within because Beauty is also sensitive. You cannot be a bestower, a creator, or a holder of Beauty and not be aware of beauty all around you. And what that implies is that you are sensitive. And whether it is a magnificent river or a skyscraper or the cheek of a child, you have need to have let bravado go and to truly be in the truth of who you are. There have been times in various cultures, think of Greece and Rome when it was the male form that was considered the essence of beauty and strength and nobility. So, it is not an either/or, it is both. So it is more important because of the ignoring of the Beauty for the masculine to now embrace the Beauty, not externally but also internally, to see the Beauty of your eyes, of your thoughts, of your skin, of your hair, of your nails, of your work. It is all around you and if you need higher perspective, come with me, I invite you upon my dragon, I will show you. And there has never been a male that I have invited to ride my dragon who has refused.

GD: Thank you for speaking to that.

QY: Go in Beauty my dear friends. I step aside.

GD: Thank you. Farewell.

QY: Farewell.

Mary Magdalene: I AM the Magdalena.

GD: Welcome.

MM: Welcome. I AM Mary, I AM Mare’. Welcome to you my brothers and sisters of the journey and yes, the journey has been long but when you put aside the ups and downs, the minutia, has it not been beautiful? When I have walked the world I was known as a great beauty in the physical sense, and there were times when that troubled me and caused me difficulty and I wondered why I had chosen, actually, to incarnate in such a way because from very early on I was in training and on a spiritual path and a path that men and women might call a path of Beauty, but that I call a path of service. There were many who liked to criticize me and who thought that I had seduced Yeshua, my beloved husband, with my outer beauty. That simply was never the truth just as it was not truth of many of the stories that were told, many quite insulting. It did not matter.

When we first encountered one another and dear Graham this speaks to your question of the goddess about masculine Beauty. When Yeshua and I first encountered one another we instantaneously recognized the Beauty within, the Beauty of our soul and the Beauty of our eternal connection and the soul agreement that we had formulated for that life. And we endeavored together to create Beauty in everything we did, the most precious being the creation of family, the creation of children. But it was like a reminder or a subtle joke between the two of us when we would venture out, when we would be in public because one of the roles, you may not know this, but one of my roles was always as the creator or the holder, the bringer of much of ritual, of the creation of ceremony.

Now as you know, much of the work we did was on the fly and we would look at each other and we would say “Well, where is the Beauty?” and then we would gaze into the eyes and hearts of those gathered and we would see the Beauty, we would see the harmony, and even if there are those who had come to be nay-sayers, to be harassment elements, very often the entrainment of the crowd would change them and bring them to that place of harmony and Beauty. For frankly it was very difficult to be in the presence of Yeshua and not to feel that sense of Beauty and of balance of all realms.

I was always a channel and so when we engaged and embraced each other it was as natural as breathing that we communicated telepathically, even when he was many miles away, and it was in this way that the bond was maintained and is maintained to this very day. What you are here for, on this magnificent, beautiful planet Gaia, is to experience a life of Beauty. It is so simple is it not, so straightforward? But if you do not see and embrace the Beauty in every moment, not just now and then, then it is not a beautiful life and therefore it is not a life of joy, it is not a life that makes your heart sing. And even in what you think of as the most hard and horrendous moments, yes such as the death of a loved one, the Beauty of your love continues, it does not dissipate it does not disappear. And then you may see it in the clouds, or in the waving grass of wheat fields, or in the sand or the stones of Galilee, but always return to your inner Beauty. You have been birthed directly from the heart of the Mother and you carry her essence and her Beauty in every way, even more than you can even imagine.

So, if you say “I am not Beautiful”, then you are denying your Divine essence and that is not truth and it certainly is not acceptance and it certainly is not allowance and unity and it freezes you in a false belief system. Do not do that. Now my beloved friends, where do you wish to begin today?

GD: One of the things I resonate with, among many when you’re talking about Beauty, is the connection that you had and have, the sacred partnership you have with Yeshua and the beauty that comes to me is the beauty in relationships generally where the connection with others is very solid, that the connection is open hearted, is vulnerable, is sacred in all forms and I’m thinking about all relationships. Can you speak to, and certainly every time you talk about your relationship with Yeshua I want to hear more and I’m sure our listeners do too, but can you speak more about what we can envision and anticipate with relationships generally, what they look like, what they feel like, the quality of relationships with Nova Earth, please?

MM: I would be happy to. Now you know that you have anchored fully and completely into the 5th dimension and into the realm with Gaia where relationships tend to take on new meaning. Because they are not dragged down, impeded, hindered, by the old illusions and this is one of the things that our beloved Quan Yin was speaking of is that so often in the past, in the old 3rd, equality was often not present in relationship; there were elements of control or lust or greed or denial.

It matters not, that is very close to ancient history now. What is happening with you, my beloved friends, is freedom. That is what people objected to so strenuously between Yeshua and I, is that we claimed absolutely our freedom to engage in true love, in sacred union and partnership. And what that is is the ability to step forward and to allow someone to truly see you, to see your Beauty, to see what you think, and I use the word ‘think’, as your shadow self, what you judge as your shortcomings which may be, in fact, some of the sweetest aspects that you carry; that is why there is no room for judgment. But in union it is not just the ability to lay yourself vulnerable and allow someone to see who you are, it is also the ability to see because you can say “Well I am in a sacred union, I have opened myself” but if you have opened yourself but have not done the balancing part of it and looked at who you are truly conjoining, yes conjoining with, and if you are not having that ongoing, wondrous conversation, as Yeshua and I did about the creation of Beauty, the creation of family, the creation of love, the creation of community, use these words interchangeably.

Now there have been many new paradigms of family that have emerged over the last fifty years and that was important because it began to break those paradigms of power and control. But what I say to thee, in a Nova relationship there is not the hesitation, not in a true relationship, that ‘I will be with you until it is no longer convenient or until I feel like I’m not growing’. If you stop growing, dear heart, it is your own decision and your own issue, not your partners and that is important to recognize. Now I am talking about genuine, sacred union, not simply what is in existence in many situations. It is the commitment; it is the heart, soul, mind, body commitment that we go forward in this union as one. So there is no breaking and you both stand equally strong, equally resilient, equally powerful because each of you brings to the relationship your own sacred attributes, your own qualities, your own history of magic.

So sacred unions are not undertaken or released casually; they are a bond, they are a bond of light between two hearts and souls that last forever. And that is why so often and I am not saying your sacred union person is your twin, sometimes it may be, but that is unusual, but when you have been in truly sacred union, that is why you incarnate with that person in various forms again and again and again and why they are so familiar and why you say “How do you do, I trust you, I cherish you, I want to be with you.” It is the physical embodiment of Beauty. It is precious beyond measure.

GD: I really appreciate you speaking to that…you were about to say something else, go ahead.

MM: And you also have that with your children. Go forward.

GD: That level of the quality that you speak of and I really like how you spoke of a bond of light between two hearts and souls that lasts forever and you are of course speaking to sacred union, sacred partnership, our children, and as I think about the higher dimension, the new paradigm where the theme is love and peace, I’m also thinking about the quality of relationships that extend further than that, so our family, immediate and extended, friends, neighbors, communities, provinces, countries, the global unit, the multiverse, and the quality of relationships where all relationships can be viewed as a bond of light between hearts and souls. Am I, am I thinking accurately in that, am I envisioning that correctly? Because in the higher dimension, if there is peace and love, that quality, that experience can be felt with the gas attendant, with the store clerk, with the neighbor, with country leaders across the world. Is that not right?

MM: Always it was intended this way. Always. So you are absolutely correct. Do you not sometimes go to the gas store and you end up chatting and truly liking and connecting with the attendant or cashier? And that is a heart connection, it is the acknowledgment heart to heart, person to person, personality to personality that ‘I acknowledge you, I see you, I honor you’. It is not based on an old fashion paradigm power structure, it is based on seeing and embracing. Similarly there are times, and they will be increasingly so, where you will meet the leaders of countries, of nations. You do not bow down, you do not stand in awe, yes you chat, you embrace. First comes the acknowledgement, then comes the ability to have conversation that is meaningful. It is not the other way around and that is where the human beings so often make the mistake.

GD: So that is what we have to look forward to, the quality of relationships generally throughout the multiverse?

MM: Yes.

GD: May I ask a clarifying question? You mentioned that we are moving into the higher dimensions with Gaia. I think you said we are in the 5th dimension with Gaia, are you saying that we are fully anchored in the 5th dimension right now with Gaia?

MM: Your hands may be free floating, sweet one, but your feet are firmly planted in the 5th.

GD: So Gaia and her inhabitants are anchored in the 5th?

MM: That is correct.

GD: And to what extent are humans still connected to the old 3rd?

MM: You are still doing some clean-up, you are still letting go of your false grids, the old illusions. Think of it as if you have magnetized boots on and you are magnetized to and standing with Gaia in the 5th as if you are in some kind of space shuttle and you are reaching, sometimes upside down into the 3rd, but more and more you are not, you are upright and you are clearly in the 5th.

GD: Gotcha. Thanks for speaking to that. I’d like to bring on Gordon from the UK. Thanks for waiting Gordon, welcome to the show.

Gordon: Yeah, hello there.

GD: Hello, what’s your question or comment?

Gordon: Okay I’ve been keeping up to date on the website for a few minutes each morning, Golden Age of Gaia website, and I read something recently with Archangel Michael, I think it was, informing us that Disclosure is soon and I’ve been prepared very recently, very rapidly over sudden awakening which was always meant to happen after reading about the Age of Aquarius twenty-five years ago trying persuade my friends that I really believed in this and they ought to look more closely. Nobody got on board and I fell asleep again and then I met somebody just in time as it would happen, three or four weeks before the 21st and they re-awoke me and explained what it was, very spiritual lady and we’re now very close as individuals, as friends and an awful lot has happened to me since then. I’ve been cleansed, I think you may call it that, I call it cleansed, very intensely over four or five occasions, twice, once in front of somebody and once almost in front of somebody, I had to run away because I felt what was going to happen to me was going to be a bit scary, so I had to go and hide in a cubicle and went through all sort of vibrationary experiences that were very physical. And now I’ve started speaking to people and I’ve made a spectacle of myself, fallen out with my family over it over Christmas, got back in tune with my family, that was always meant to happen, I needed to reassert my self in the family structure for the next stage, I believe that’s what happened. And so I’m waiting for the next episode in terms of how I’m going to be used. I believe I’m a light bearer and I always have ——- subliminally and now it’s all coming to the fore and this reading I that had of Archangel Michael, I think it was, telling us that Disclosure is coming soon sat with me comfortably. That’s when I and people like me will be prepared to start communicating with something to back it up with, if you like, something in the media, so confused people to be able to connect with what I’ve already been saying for it to link up and start to make sense to them because at the moment it feel like it’s going to be an impossible task to get all my friends and family on this level of this complete change in their existence, their being, the reason for their living, the fact that they can love, that love is free, that it’s the meaning, it’s the reason that we’re all here, it just seems like a huge task, one that I cannot shum (?). I suppose I’m looking for a sign and my question is “Is Disclosure that time when I can really feel confident going forward in speaking to as many people as I possibly can?”

GD: Great question.

MM: Let us speak of this. Now I do not present myself as an agent of Disclosure, let me be very clear of that. But what I also speak of…Beauty, whether it is beauty in the humans, beauty in your star brothers and sisters, beauty in the atmosphere, beauty in the earth, love, these are always eternal topics of conversation that are not dependent. And we have had this conversation on CeeCeeCee, Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiadians, Sirius, and our Earth. It is not determined by Disclosure or by anything other than the willingness to truly embrace love. As your vibrations are raising they are becoming of such a nature that the presence of your star brothers and sisters is simply fact.

So it is already well under way. But what you are doing, my beloved friend, in speaking the truth of Beauty and love, you are raising the vibration for those who are still stuck in the old 3rd, in the ‘show me’ paradigm and you are saying “Yes, you will have your signs but in the meantime let us speak and practice and be the embodiment of freedom, because that is what is real and that is what is meaningful.” When Yeshua and I walked the earth we used our feet, sometimes a donkey, but mostly we walked so that the pace would connect us with Gaia and those who wanted to speak with us. The pace of Beauty is the pace of love; it allows for that connection to happen. If anything, it is not about speeding spaceships, it is about slowing down. Your societies are moving so rapidly that you are not creating the time and space for Beauty and freedom. Your priorities of what is important is askew. So trust your heart and speak the truth, you will have your signs but it is not a matter of waiting for the signs. I hope this is clear.

Gordon: Thank you very much. I preconceived a fairly similar answer so I am pleased to have received your response along those lines. I have no choices but to continue and I’ll just have to carry on as best as I feel I can…

MM: Dear heart, you are doing magnificently. Do not doubt yourself.

Gordon: Thank you very much.

GD: Gordon, I would just add for me it’s been so key to stay in the peace and the calm and it’s certainly a practice of patience, isn’t it? And holding the vision for what you want for your life and for the world but patience, fortitude, prudence, those things that we’ve been discussing on the show here I think are key attributes during this time and Disclosure will come and the unfoldment of everything that we’ve been envisioning and talking about, it’s happening now and it will happen more and more. Such a great question, thank you very much for your call today.

Gordon. Thank you very much and you’ve really helped me with your website, it’s been truly revolutionary for me and I’m very grateful so thank you.

GD: Outstanding, terrific, okay please call in again. Suzanne, how about I bring you on? You have a question.

SM: Hi, umm Mary, thank you for speaking to us in this way and welcome. I actually have a comment and then a question. So my comment is kind of a question, I guess, but if we see beauty outside of us is it not a reflection of what’s inside of us as in would we even be able to perceive beauty around us if it didn’t, if it wasn’t already inside of us?

MM: You absolutely are correct. It is an outer reflection of your inner reality; it is the law, the Universal Law of Within and Without, Above and Below.

SM: Beautiful, okay so this other one is kind of a spontaneous one because I just had a caller in the switchboard and he didn’t even know what channeling was or he was pretending actually, I need to find out how to see the beauty in this person because he was attacking us for even believing in channeling and channeled messages and how could we do such a thing? And he was recording our conversation without my permission and it threw me off a little bit and I would just like some guidance on how to see the beauty in this particular kind of person.

MM: And this is exactly what I am speaking of when I tell you that sometimes you are upside down reaching back into the 3rd. This is a person that has lost their sense of their own inner Beauty, their own sense of harmony. Because if you are in harmony within yourself just like you cannot see Beauty outside of yourself if it is not within, if you are not in harmony then you do not see the harmony outside. So this is a person in a very discordant energy. But sweet angel, the fact that this one is reaching out to a light show and particularly to one like me, who he probably thinks of as harlot and sinner, see the humor in it and see the lost child.

SM: Yes, yes, there seemed to be anger behind it and he was…he told me he was recording it for his own show on BlogTalkRadio and his own listeners without permission, so he’s attacking us for not being Christians and his actions are not very Christian. So…

MM: They are not of love but what you have to do, yes very rarely will I say ‘have to’, send him love, send him the beauty so that he begins to acknowledge his beauty within. So often there were those who believed I had the ear of Yeshua…(Laughter from Mary)…that I would unduly influence him and that I would mislead him somehow. Well is it not the same today with this caller believing somehow that I am misleading Jesus? How could I ever do that? This one is the Light of the World. It is not my desire or place. So, you have to think he is thinking that he has to be told what to believe, how to behave, where Beauty lies. But it lies everywhere and when you are clear on your own freedom and harmony and Beauty, then you reflect it back. And you are not afraid of someone dimming your light or stealing your light. All you want to do is share it. So let us bless him.

SM: Yes, bless you Matthew. Okay, if I can ask a question please about something that Graham had brought up before about relationships and our intimate relationships and our love relationships with a significant other. So in terms of their being one other person that we are in relationship with in a closer way than that we are with everyone, as in like we’re in love with everyone but there’s one other person that we know always has our back…I’m not sure how to make that distinction…

MM: And that is a good thing because you are in the unified field of existence. Where you are headed, what the plan is, can you imagine when you feel that every single person, let alone star brother or sister, bear, tiger, elephant, every person on the planet has your back? But within that, because you are still within a physical reality, albeit it it is expanded much further than you can think of right now, there is still one that holds that special thought, that place, that you cook, you clean, you laugh, you play, simply in ways that are such of a heart link and light that it is a choice. This is the person that I choose to create with but it is also expanded to family, to friends, to circle. But the sacred union is when the sun goes down and you are lying deep within the night that there is one that you choose, and it is a choice always, to match the rhythm of your breath, your heart beats, and the merger of your field because this is a representation of your twin flame.

SM: And that makes me wonder if I haven’t had evidence in my life that that’s possible for me so I’m wondering if I have to wait for the shift to, our full shift not just have our feet anchored but have our whole selves be in 5th and higher dimensions. I feel like I personally won’t be in relationship until that shift happens. I don’t even think it’s possible for me.

MM: And that is because you have made that choice. So where you have said, let us say that you are very much…you are like Quan Yin and you are riding the dragon. Now this is beautiful because what you are doing is you are breaking the paradigms, you are setting new paradigms and you have said “I will wait for this because there are other issues and areas where I wish to focus my attention that are more important to me right now.” There are no rights and wrongs, that is polarity/duality. It is not a requirement, it is not a pass/fail that you need to be in sacred union but what we say is as this shift increasingly takes place it is a choice that has never been as clear or as full. Now I am not suggesting, because I have experienced it long ago and still today, that there are not those on earth who have had this wondrous gift, but many have not.

SM: Um, well I’m so happy to hear that. I was hoping that there wasn’t something wrong with me that I wasn’t experiencing that with anyone and of course you are exactly right that my focus is elsewhere at this time…

MM: Dear heart, your Beauty shines brightly within and without. You are simply riding the dragon with your sword and shield. You are very much a crusader, you always have been.

SM: Thank you so much. Well I’d better go get to the switchboard because there are other callers here so thank you so much Mary, I love you with all my heart.

MM: And I love you dear heart. Farewell.

GD: Mary, we know that what we focus on grows and I wanted to just draw out the importance of seeing the Beauty here and now and as we focus on the Beauty and see the Beauty and acknowledge the Beauty in everything and everyone right here and right now, that just keeps building and building and that’s the active, co-creative process of anchoring in this new world. Is that right?

MM: That is absolutely correct. You cannot say ”Oh when I arrive in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, then I will see the Beauty.” No. It is seeing it today, it is seeing it in your home, your family, in your community, in everything.

GD: Yes indeed and that just continues to grow and grow. It like the love, when we feel the love and focus on the love and let the love build, it just keeps growing and growing.

MM: That is correct.

GD: And I think it’s also helpful to have a sense of what we can envision for the world. We’ve talked about relationships today, we’ve talked about some of the physical attributes of Gaia but can you, as we start to wrap up today’s show, and I would like to try and bring on some callers, although we only have a few minutes left, can you paint a picture for us what the new earth looks like? I mean that’s a big question but what is it do you think that we need to hear today around that? That we can get excited about?

MM: You see, so often and it is highlighted by our dear friend from England, when we speak of Nova Earth, what we speak of so often are the Divine Qualities, the Blessings and Virtues. They are not racy, they are not glamorous, they are eternal and infinite and so exciting you cannot believe it.. But sometimes there is a situation where the cart is definitely going in front of the horse. Nova Earth is a place of peace, first and foremost, and that does not simply mean no more war, it means the allocation of resources to what you value, it means the allocation of energies to what is dear, it is the choice of what to create in terms of Purity, in terms of Grace, in terms of fairness and equality. It is all of these things. It is a society worldwide that is based on justice and fairness so that none are hungry, none are left disempowered.

Are there many things that attract attentions such as abundance and star technology and back and forthing with your star brothers and sisters and healing ships and information beyond what you can imagine? Yes. But the foundation is peace within, love within. Just as we have said to you time and time again, the ticket to Ascension is love. It was not a passport or a ticket to an amusement park, it was not money or fame or glory, it is love. And when you have love there is peace within your heart no matter what is happening externally. That is what harmony truly is. It is the ability to see Beauty in everything even in what some may say is horrid and awful and tragic. And out of that comes lasting, eternal peace where people do not kill and maim, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, hurt each other. The rest follows. The Cities of Light follow and come because they are places of peace, of creation, of music, of portals for your star brothers and sisters, of healing, of art, of culture, of communication. But all of this is fallout from a change of heart, from shifting out of the ego and the old paradigms that have plagued Gaia, to the reality of love so that that is the most important.

And you say “But what will happen if people simply say ‘it is beautiful and it is love’, they may be slaughtered?” And what we are saying is the power of love is stronger than swords and bombs. It will wield because love is in alignment with will and when you bring those two together then you are truly creating a new world. So before you think of destruction, think of feeding everybody, think of sheltering everybody, look to what we paid attention to. It wasn’t conquering Rome; Rome took care of itself and you saw what happened. What we cared about was taking care of people regardless of race or religion so that they were knowing fully and completely how much they were loved and valued, that they were cherished, whether it was the emperor or simply the shepherd.

GD: That, everything you say, everything you share is Beauty. Wonderful, thank you so much for speaking to that. I’d like to bring on another caller and if we have time one more caller. We have some callers that have come onto the show late. So folks, I’ll do my best to bring you on, let’s try to be as concise as we can. Jeff from the UK welcome, what’s your question or comment today?

Jeff: Hello, yes. I’ve recently been diagnosed as bi-polar but I’m now fairly stable. I still have negative thoughts about people and my situation, I wondered if Mary could show me or give me some insight into the pathway to Beauty so that I may think in a more lighted vein. Would she be able to help?

MM: I would be delighted to help, my sweet angel, and also know that as you transcend the old reality, this dis-ease will go. But what I ask of thee, you are highly, you particularly, are highly cued, shall we say, by the visual. So surround yourself and go out of your way to find the Beauty every day. So whether it is pictures of nature, of incredible art, if it is wandering through a museum, staring at a beautiful portrait or person and then this is what I ask of thee: stare at yourself in the mirror and see the bright angel, the Beauty that you are, that you have always been. Practice love and Beauty. So give yourself, today I will rearrange my thoughts, consciously, three times. So when the negative thought enters, call me and say “Show me the Beauty” and I will help you and that will grow and shift and anchor. That is how I will assist thee.

Jeff: Thank you.

GD: Wonderful question Jeff.

Jeff: Thank you very much. That is very, very relevant, thank you so much. Beautiful.

GD: Terrific. Thanks for joining us. We only have a few minutes left and I apologize to those of you that wanted to come on and also share comments and questions. Please do call again; we are needing to wrap up the show.

Mary, this has been delightful. With the few minutes we have left, what else would you like to say as we wrap up our discussion about, at least for now, about Beauty?

MM: Beauty is eternal and you notice that in nature, at the oldest, most majestic trees, the mountains, the rivers, the beauty of the Mother, of your Mother and mine is eternal. But also know, and I speak to all of you, there are also season of beauty and I want you to think of yourself in this way. What season are you in? No, it is not a matter of the equinox or the moon, where are you, my beloved ones? Are you in the springtime? So many of you who are ascending are. See the Beauty of your rebirth just like the buds pushing through the earth, that gentle green demanding to be reborn.

Perhaps you are in the cycle of the winter and you think my beauty has gone; age has taken my beauty. There is no such thing you know; it is eternal. So see the beauty of the barren tree, see the beauty of the snow, of the gray water, cold against the rocks, of the winter sky and embrace that Beauty of who you are and where you are each and every day. Do not hesitate and celebrate your Beauty, embrace your Beauty and in so doing you will embrace the Beauty of Gaia and of each other. Go in peace. Farewell.

GD: Thank you, dear Mary, thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon


Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

The Expansion of 13th Octave LaHoChi – Linda Dillon



The Expansion of 13th Octave LaHoChi


Lao Tzu talks about Lao’s Chi and balance and the continuing evolutionary nature of LaHoChi. “It is time for this planet’s collective, this sacred gathering of humans receive the frequencies of the transformation, the increased frequencies of this ancient Pleiadian gift, to complete not only the healing of self and humanity, but the upliftment.”

Greetings, I am Lao Tzu, Master and teacher of balance and bringer of Lao’s Chi. Yes, I surprised this channel, for seldom do I speak, for part of keeping balance is also knowing when to stay still and to keep quiet and knowing that in that silence that you are also holding the energy for many. For so often there is enough mind chatter that goes on within you that you do not need to hear yet another voice. But nevertheless I step forward in love this day my ancient friends.

When I have brought forth what you think of as LaHoChi, Lao’s Chi, I did so because I saw much suffering of my people. It was not a matter of wealth of rich or poor – there were simply so many that would suffer from different maladies, and they would not know why, and they would not know how to cure it. They would work with the ancient ways, with the smoke and with the herbs, with the roots, with the physicians who did not know very much. And so I would walk from village to village and, yes, sometimes within the palace. I would teach balance, and I would teach how to hold and to run the chi to be in balance because chi cannot ever be stagnant.

We have brought this forward again and again and again and do so again now because the energy of One is evolutionary as are you, my friends, and it is growing the same way that you are. It is in a process of ever-expansion in the creative form of the universe, for what is chi except the expression of Love? – the expression of the essence of All.

Once again I look among your people of your planet and there is need yet again to move amongst the people, and to teach them once again in various ways this essence of balance and how to allow this chi to move in and through you. It is not to be hoarded. It is to be shared and shared generously. For when you try and stop the flow, you simply create disease, illness, and you sit alone in despair. That is simply a waste of a lifetime, and it is certainly not the fulfillment of your dream.

Previously, we who have assisted in this transmission of this energy have modulated it in ways that you as vessels were ready to be the transmitters, so that you would not feel that you were overloaded or overburdened or simply could not contain it. That time has come to an end. And that is why we gather you here again. Yes, we are all here. The room is full. So I wish you to know of my presence as teacher, as father, as Master and friend. I wish you to let all of your old conceptions – all of these opinions that you have gathered throughout many lifetimes – I ask you to let them go, for many of them are  erroneous. It is time for this planet’s collective, this sacred gathering of humans receive the frequencies of the transformation, the increased frequencies of this ancient Pleiadian gift, to complete not only the healing of self and humanity, but the upliftment.

I ask for you to be the empty vessel today as we re-establish this balance within and around you, within and around all of you, and between you as well. Come home to the heart of One, and know that the heart of One is also within you. It always has been. It is not a matter of seeking. It is not a matter of searching. It is a not a matter of even asking. It is a matter of allowing and surrendering to what is already within you. It is a matter of choosing to show up. Open to the flow, and I will assist as I always have. And, we will walk together, and we will sit together, and we will heal together. Farewell.



Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
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Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter: Thank You for Your Service as Light – Lisa Transcendence Brown

god-goddess-stone-wall-panel-at-the-house-of-artusa-london-part-face-female face

God-Goddess Stone Wall Panel @ The House of Artusa, London


Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter: Thank You for Your Service as Light


Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

I was observing what is important to say to you right now… and saw to thank each one of you and everyone for Living your Highest as Light, for Showing the Way (Wayshowers), for HOLDing immense unlocked NEW EARTH Codes and Templates within your own body-field-form (Embodiment) and maintaining openness, love, kindness, generosity, compassion and care, while standing in immense inner-strength/power to “Lead the Way” and BEing relentless in your focus and dedication to LIVE a Unified Existence (Oneness), while assisting with various transitional phases that present along the way.

Thank you for UNITING as vibrationally and energetically appropriate/aligned… for working, creating, coexisting through Divine Sacred Union and NEW EARTH Partnerships too….

Thank you for LIVING ONENESS and for REMEMBERING all as Love, REMEMBERING why we are all here and for applying “NEW” to everything you live, breathe, speak and do…. opening up huge portals and passageways of infinite possibilities and potentials for all to embrace and actualize too!

Thank you for REMEMBERING that all is THROUGH Unity, and that division and duality are just so all can see, clear immense distortions and to assist with the deep inner work through immense (previously) “invisible” programming, conditioning, illusions of separation and self-imposed limitations through believing fears, distorted/linear perceptions and fixed beliefs/matrix programs that separate all from this.

Thank you for Shining Light on all that was perceived as “dark” and for dissolving (Transcending) the separation you once held, hid from and didn’t want to see… and for busting through those strong defense/protection mechanisms that were your binding to 3D realities too.

Thank you for being the EXAMPLE, for Living your Pure Divine Essence and for diminishing the veils of separation within you that were previously present while still functioning and living from an amnesia (forgotten) state.

Thank you for CHOOSING LIGHT as your only way….

Thank you for being the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL … as delving into the depths and transversing through the ever-winding rabbit hole (vortex) is a massive process that inner-twines, weaves, takes infinite turns and presents distortions after distortions until each “gets the hang” of multi-dimensional realities and realizes there are entirely all new realities available when each is truly ready for this….

Thank you for encouraging all to do the deep inner work and to shine and share their own light fully too!

There are no words great enough … ♥

Thank you for your ability to RESPECT where everyone is and understand how all works….. to empower each around you through your presence and unwavering dedication and commitment to HOLDING NEW EARTH REALities in place…

Thank you for your willingness to LIGHT THE WAY and honor each’s own decision to walk through/come through when it’s their time to unite as LOVE and explore/discover/create/build NEW EARTH REALITIES together too….

Thank you for your realizations that each must also do the deep deep deep inner work themselves and that each must come into their own realizations from inside, while working through immense separation and duality programming held within the carbon-based physical body still… (this too is activating codes, with every emotional release emanating from an old mentality/belief).

It’s beautiful how with every opportUNITY that presents, you SHOW UP AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT through your own PURITY and Love…. naturally inspiring all around you to also CREATE ALL NEW REALITIES by embracing their own inner-guidance/knowing too, because you see how capable they are when supported, uplifted and inspired to do this like we all do and that feeling of simplicity and pride they have when they accomplish this themselves…

It’s beyond beautiful to SEE you all uniting, sharing, working together, supporting and having a blast, living your PURE JOY and PEACE while LIGHTING PATHS and Opening Gateways/Vortexes for all to walk through too…..

Passageways are important, as they are how each comes out on the “other side”…. as each exercises their own free-will (Conscious Choice) as to which version of Earth to Invest in, Experience and Live, by what each consciously contributes to, supports, aligns with, creates and allows….

It’s so beautiful to see so many stop saying programmed statements like “I/they don’t have a choice” through realizing that EVERYONE HAS INFINITE CHOICES, and that each’s hearts and minds just have to be completely open, ready and willing to utilize them, instead of hanging onto the “old ways” as safe…

So, today and every day, I hold you in pure love, gratitude and appreciation in my Heart-Soul for every one of you HOLDING THE FOUNDATION and Platforms for NEW Earth REALities in place and working to establish NEW SYSTEMS that replace the old ones that were operating from within a corrupted timeline…

Yes, it takes us all…. As all created old earth… allowed old earth, unconsciously supported Old Earth and participated in BEing OLD Earth until that HUGE GAME CHANGING MOMENT where NEW EARTH awoke/was birthed/became visible from within…. and EVERYTHING INSIDE SHIFTED/CHANGED….. and each of our own LIGHT emerged so softly, beautifully, peacefully and profoundly through simplicity and purity too.

For all LIVING FROM NEW EARTH fully from deep within, creating all aligned on a Soul/Cosmic Level …. my “hat is off to you” for being COURAGEOUS in no longer conforming to “the old norm” of the fear-based, constricting, limiting, imprisoning ways of fixed/linear/suppression mentalities/beliefs… and for BUSTING OUT and FORGING A PATH THROUGH and for HOLDING NEW EARTH CORE VALUES IN PLACE… no matter what, because you see/understand/realize how important all is…. for every one of us.

I look forward to all uniting more, as entire collectives break through/out and join us to CREATE/BUILD/ACCOMPLISH NEW Earth REALities for everyone to inJOY fully too! ☼

Keep initiating and reconnecting through our ♦ Crystalline Gridding Systems ♦ and ♫ Plasma Networks ♫ too!

Thank you for bringing more PURE LOVE through you for our planet, humanity and all ready to live NEW EARTH FULLY too! ♥

In utter and complete gratitude for you, your service, your sharing and your immense contributions too!
With the Utmost Respect, Love, Appreciation and and Reverence for all,


God-Goddess Stone Wall Panel @ The House of Artusa, London

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


Journey Back to your Fifth Dimensional SELF – Suzanne Lie

Journey Back to your Fifth Dimensional SELF

May 21, 2020

Journey Back To Your Fifth Dimensional SELF

Our Galactic Family Through Suzanne Lie

When you are listening, and following your INNER, and HIGHER, dimensional messages, there are more and more a part of you that will be increasingly receiving information  from your Higher SELF who resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.

When you listen to, and follow, these higher dimensional messages, you will be faced with the challenge that YOU are actually able to communicate with your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

At first these “inter-dimensional communications” can be challenging, but as you quickly, or slowly, realize that you are engaging in a “New Beginning” of connecting with the higher dimensional expressions of your own, ever-expanding Multidimensional SELF. Then it is much easier for you to adapt to a higher frequency of reality.

This fifth dimensional reality is ever-expanding, and is more easily perceived when you allow yourself to flow within the ever-expanding fifth dimensional energy fields that are only perceivable via your own Multidimensional SELF.

It is within these higher energy fields of your Multidimensional SELF that you can discover and/or remember that there is a new body, a body made of light, that your consciousness will wear as you continue your adventure into the higher frequencies of reality.

As your consciousness continues to transmute, which means “moving into your Higher Dimensional SELF, you will begin to hear from and join with the “feeling of” your higher dimensional realities. These higher dimensional realities will eventually awaken you to your Multidimensional SELF. Your Multidimensional SELF is able to live in different frequencies of reality within the NOW of the ONE.

Your Home Planet is likely the planet that you volunteered to leave in order to assist dear Gaia with the acceleration of Her Planetary Transmutation into a higher frequency of reality. What can be confusing is that you will likely remain in your third dimensional form.

“Why are you wearing your third dimensional form when you are able to communicate with fifth dimensional and beyond beings? The answer to this question is that you Love Gaia and want to assist Her as she goes through Her process of “Planetary Transmutation.”

Please remember that “transmutation” means moving into a higher frequency of reality. This higher frequency reality of your fifth dimensional and beyond SELF is within your third dimensional human form and waiting to be freed into the Light of the ONE.

Therefore, it may be helpful for your “transition into Light” if you go deeply into your third dimensional SELF, as well as your third dimensional LIFE and your third dimensional MEMORIES.

Then, as you remember, and even document, who you feel you have been and how you are “feeling” in your “NEW YOU,” it will assist you to slowly, or quickly, transmute your third dimensional YOU and into your NEW fifth dimensional  YOU.

The main thing that makes your NEW YOU different is that this YOU remembers your reality on your Starship, and/or in your Higher Dimensional Worlds. Most important, this New YOU is able to share your process of transmutation with others who are joining you on the “Journey Back to SELF.”

As you share your own inner experiences with others, you will know, and remember, that you have volunteered to participate in this process of personal and planetary transmutation into a higher frequency of reality.

We, your Galactic Family, will assist you to answer the below questions of:

What is deeply changing in your 3D life?

How is that change transmuting you into your innate fifth dimensional SELF?

Your “new life” is the life you have always wanted since you were a child, or perhaps for many lifetimes. However, you may have forgotten the “Inner Voice” that has been reminding you to remember that YOU CAN have a fifth dimensional life, as YOU ARE a fifth dimensional being.

In fact, one of the greatest challenges within your awakening SELF is to “remember to remember” that YOU consciously volunteered to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension before you took this Earth body!

Fortunately, as more and more Galactics, are wearing Human forms, more “human Galactics” are beginning to remember their true fifth dimensional SELF, they are also remembering the reason why they took this human form during a time that would be challenging for their third dimensional self.

Yes, life on third dimensional Gaia can be quite challenging. Therefore, the Galactics who have volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her transmutation into Her true fifth dimensional Planet, are remembering to rememberthe courage that it takes to believe that their inter-dimensional journey has taken many, many incarnation to fulfill.  And, they are not done yet!

However, within this NOW, humanity’s fifth dimension perspective of their higher memories will become more and more a component of their daily life. Fortunately, this New YOU has begun, and is living the journey into the NOW in which you will find and connect with your true Multidimensional SELF!

This connection between your third dimensional self and their Multidimensional SELF assists you in:

*Clearing the darkness, which is usually clearing old traumas.

*Finding the life in which that “darkness/fear” began.

*Healing that LIFE, at the SOURCE of the problem and blessing it free!

What was your “Source Life”? Your “Source Life” means the life in which you first experienced the challenges that may be returning “Within this NOW.” This “return to that NOW” is because your Multidimensional SELF remembers that you have the ability to remembered to BE the YOU that you were when you knew that you remembered how to look into your Multidimensional Aura.

Your Multidimensional Aura is the Aura that emanates from your Multidimensional SELF. As you deeply remember your Source Life, you will deeply bond with the YOU who never forgot!

This bonding between the YOU that you are now and the YOU of your Higher SELF greatly assists you to remember why you came to Gaia during this NOW. You will also remember where on Gaia’s body you first volunteered to assist with Gaia’s Planetary Ascension.

That memory of that Clearing of the darkness with Unconditional Love and Violet Fire

Clears “the one who transmutes”—which is YOU—so that you could better clear Gaia.

There is so much to remember and so much to do, but NOW you may find yourself at a resting place, a place where you can rest inside your own Multidimensional SELF. Then you can ask more questions of your own inner guidance such as:

“Did you volunteer to stay with third dimensional Gaia as long as I could assist Her?”

Did I volunteer to return to my Star Ship to act as a liaison?

Or, did you volunteer to do both?

As you move into this NOW of remembering and knowing, you can more easily discover that you have created a New Path. It is a Path Home that you could never remember before this NOW.

Your Mission to be dedicated to Gaia, and dedicated to your SELF are the same because

Your Fifth Dimensional SELF is ONE with Gaia. Therefore, if you are feeling, remembering, that you are ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with you.

How will this feeling change your life?

You are ALL being called to step into your leadership roles to help prepare your self, as well as others, to transmute Gaia’s planet, Gaia’s reality and Your own human SELF back into your innate Multidimensional SELF . 

Can yu remember that Higher Dimensional YOU while in your daily 3D life?

“PLEASE, PLEASE REMEMBER!” You hear Gaia whisper into your heart.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 2:58 PM

Divine Mother – The Beauty and Truth of Who You Are – Linda Dillon


So how I guide thee is not to shy away from being human, and also not to shy away from being divine! It is not, it cannot be, an either/or; that is a basic denial of the truth of your being. It is the embracing of All.

This gorgeous gem is lovingly shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ The Beauty and Truth of Who You Are

Greetings, I am Mother, known by many, known by many names, known by many labels. I am Mother of One and Mother of All, Mother of Omni and Mother of One and Mother, sweet son, beloved one, of you.

You are coming to understand that I am of you, as you are of me, and that these silly attempts by human beings to make such divisions are meaningless. And it is not that they do so from any sense of malintent, but rather lack of comprehension and lack of understanding of their own importance, for they think in some ways very often that separation equals uniqueness. And to some extent that is true, but in so many ways uniqueness comes from similarity, from compatibility, from union and reunion, for what is old and ancient is new and revived.

That does not mean that I do not create what humans can think of as new energies, but we will set that aside for now because I come this day, not only as Mother but as your Mother, to embrace you, to encourage you, to incorporate you, to remind you of the beauty and truth of who you are – and, sweet angel, of the beauty and truth of what you are capable of, not only in what you have promised me, for that is a given, but in what you have promised yourself and what you have come to Earth to do at this time of fulfilment… not simply unfoldment, but fulfilment.

And you have come of course to do my bidding but also, beautiful son, to do your bidding, to have this experience, yes, of breakthrough, individually and most certainly collectively, but to know the glory – no, not in human definition – to know the glorious upliftment of fulfilment, of victory. And yes, victory is the word I use because so often during your day, during your weeks, during your years, I want you to not only think of but to feel, and to consider, and to celebrate your victories.

When the time had come for you to return to Earth again in this lifetime, during this momentous fulfilment, there was much playful, joyful discussion about what this particular incarnation would look and feel and taste like.

And you and we, in concert with your circle, have chosen, designed, this magnificent form in all its shining, lustrous brilliance – with the human foibles and proclivities so that you would understand the human race… which in many ways is a foreign race to you… but also that the human race would understand you, because it is mutuality; it is the sense of unity, it is the sense of togetherness, quite literally, that is important in this redefinition of the experience of [being] ‘human’.

And so you have been integrated and that, sweet one, includes human… yes, you are very star, angelic… and the personality – I want you to understand how I delineate between personality and ego – your delightful personality, yes, combined and shared with what you think of as ego, but your ego is not out of control; your ego it is not overbearing. But this human being, my Hairol, you have need to inhabit the realm of human potential, because that is how the humans will come not only to understand you but also what you come on my behalf to share, to teach, to bring along.

And if you are distant, if you are separate – that illusion – then they will not hear you with their hearts, their minds, their souls, their bodies… and, beloved son, you will not have the experience that you and I and all of us have agreed to.

So it is not either/or; that is old human, do-all thinking, which has led to the downfall of this collective human race. Yes, ego has been the achilles heel, but never has it been my intent… or your intent, by the way… to not include a sweetness of personality and a desire for personal, human life.

What you are embodying, not only on my behalf but on your behalf, is balance. If there is one thing, if you wish to summarize how things had gone awry with this collective, it would be the loss of balance. And so we re-establish this, we bring this to the forefront, and that means, beloved son, that you embody this balance.

Now, let me be very clear with you. That does not mean that you fall into or investigate the lower vibrations of what humans have done… and do, by the way. But I am not encouraging you to lead the life of a monk and to go into the caves or the monastery. You see, even that pathway – as appropriate as it has been for some, at some junctures in what you think of as time – that pathway is based on an assumption, a human assumption, that the human is not capable of balance unless removed from the main flow of life.

As I said, that pathway has served its purpose, but the intent – my Plan – is not for those on-planet and far beyond to live half-lives; it is to be spirit in form, enjoying the magnificence and the purity of Creation, mine, and yours.

So how I guide thee – and we will get into this, sweet son – is not to shy away from being human, and also not to shy away from being divine! It is not, it cannot be, an either/or; that is a basic denial of the truth of your being. It is the embracing of All. …

Let us also be clear. What is really going to happen is you are being positioned, as you well know – and yes, what we want you to do is to have the experience of what you think of as the human engagement.

Now, having said that, you know that you have had many, many other lifetimes, yes, on-planet, but most certainly off-planet as well. And you also know that the time is at hand when many of your Star Family come in very clear, [chuckling] shall we say ‘official’ Delegations to begin to braid, weave the humans, this planet, this collective into the broader fabric of a galactic and intergalactic family and species.

So the reason I am saying this is to give you the broader perspective because, with the integration – and it will not be immediate; it will be like feeding a baby chick into the human race – the more advanced understandings, the more expansive, scientific understandings of other races, what you think of as science, be it physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. is going to shift.

So what you are doing, even as we are having this very important conversation, is you are also keeping your eyes not only on the horizon but far beyond the horizon!

So do you understand what I am saying?

Hairol: What do you mean by “far beyond the horizon”?

DM: Far beyond what humans currently can imagine!

H: Oh, okay, in terms of technology…

DM: Science, technology… yes.



Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  


Artist ~ Keith Allen Kay @ Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala



Patricia Cota-Robles

May 22, 2020

During this Memorial Day weekend, millions of people will be grieving their Loved Ones and the precious souls who have recently died from Covid-19 virus. When someone we Love leaves our life unexpectedly, it feels like there is a huge gaping hole in our heart that will be impossible to fill. I would like to share with all of you something that is very comforting to me and I hope it will be comforting to you as well.

I was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. During that time, I counseled several people who had experienced profound “near death experiences” or NDEs. The information these people shared with me inspired me to research this phenomenon. For many years I studied everything I could get my hand on about NDEs. I learned that there are tens of thousands of people who have actually documented their NDE.

Many of these people were in hospitals where doctors and nurses confirmed that according to our scientific measurements they were determined to be clinically dead. The monitors on their heart and brain had flat-lined and there was no heartbeat, no respiration and no brain wave activity. Most of the NDE experiences were relatively short, usually ten or fifteen minutes long. But for the person having the NDE experience it seemed much, much longer. A few of the people were gone for 30 minutes and some for as long as 45 minutes or an hour, but that was very rare. All of these people returned with no sign of brain damage or any of the other things you would expect from someone whose brain had been deprived of oxygen for a long period of time.

The amazing thing about these NDEs is that the vast majority of the people experience almost the exact same thing. This was true regardless of their particular walk of life. Confirmed atheists who expected that death is the end of life had the same experience as devoutly religious people. A person’s educational or socioeconomic level did not seem to matter, nor did the gender, age, race, nationality, culture or life-style with which a person was associated matter. Most people who went through a near death experience felt that their reason for returning was to let those of us remaining on Earth know what we and our Loved Ones will experience when we go through the process we refer to as “death.” They believe the Divine Intent of these experiences is to help us eliminate the terrible fear we usually have about death and the devastating loss we feel when our Loved Ones cross over to the other side.

The most comforting information that all of the people reported after their NDE is that when they left their physical body they did not even lose consciousness. Suddenly, they were just aware of standing outside of their body. They saw their body lying on the bed or the floor or wherever they happened to be. After a moment of confusion, they became aware that their senses were greatly heightened. They could hear people talking around them and they could even hear people talking in other rooms. Soon they realized, they were not only hearing people’s spoken words, they were hearing their thoughts as well. They knew then that they were actually able to telepathically hear what people were thinking.

After the initial shock of dying which lasted just a moment, they all described seeing an exquisitely beautiful and Loving Light. They felt compelled to move toward the Light and as they did they passed through a heavy energy that many of them described as “a dark tunnel.” This was just the heavy, chaotic energy that surrounds the Planet from all of the negative things occurring on Earth.

Once they entered the Light, they were greeted in a joyous celebration by their Loved Ones who had crossed over before them. They said that regardless of what condition their Loved One’s bodies were in at the time of their passing in this Higher Dimension they were all vibrantly healthy, extremely happy and in their prime.

If the person experiencing the NDE had an affinity for a particular religion, they often drew to themselves the luminous Presence of the Being of Light associated with that religion. For example, many people experienced the Presence of Jesus or Buddha or one of the other Beings of Light associated with the various world religions.

The most profound thing people who have experienced a NDE want us to know is that the Heavenly Realm where our Loved Ones go is not off in some far distant place. It is just a Higher Dimension that surrounds us. This Dimension is vibrating with a frequency of Light that transcends the heavy negativity on the physical plane, but the people in this Higher Dimension are totally aware of their Loved Ones on Earth and what is happening here.

All we have to do is think about our Loved Ones who have crossed over to the other side and we instantly get their attention. They respond to us on the return current of energy. They are able to instantly support us with their Light and Love in any way they can. Unfortunately, most people who are still abiding in the physical plane do not believe that their Loved One who has crossed over can hear them. Consequently, they block the awareness of their Loved One’s communication and their tangible Presence.

Some of the people who have experienced NDEs said that in moments when their Loved Ones on Earth were in their deepest expression of grief, they were actually sitting with them holding them in their arms, but their Loved Ones did not comprehend that was even possible so they did not sense their Presence.

In order to become aware of our Loved Ones once they have crossed over to the other side, we do not have to become psychic or go through a monumental transformation to communicate with them. In Truth, the block within our consciousness that makes us oblivious to them will be removed with just a slight adjustment in our awareness.

All we have to do is accept the possibility that we can still communicate with them through our thoughts even though they are in a Higher Dimension. If we will just say to our self, “What if it is true? What if I can communicate telepathically with my Loved One on the other side?” And then, we simply make the decision to accept this communication as a possibility. We can easily do so by saying, “I AM going to accept this as a real possibility. I AM going to talk to my Loved One and I AM going to open my heart and mind knowing that he or she is responding to me now.” Then pay attention. You may not hear specific words right away, but you will begin to intuitively sense your Loved One’s Presence and you will begin to see outer-world signs that they are letting you know they are with you in various ways.

On this very special Memorial Day, when millions of people are sending their Love and Compassion to YOU and your Loved Ones, KNOW that your Loved Ones on the other side are with you. They are flooding you with their Love, and they are expressing their deep Gratitude for having you in their Life.

One of the hardest things about someone leaving as unexpectedly as so many people have during the Covid-19 pandemic is that we feel there are things we wanted to say to them, but now we think it is too late. The wonderful thing we are learning from people who have been through NDEs is that belief is absolutely NOT TRUE. So during this powerful weekend, just take a moment and from the deepest recesses of your heart say to your Loved One anything you want to say to them now that you did not have a chance to say before they made their transition into the Light.

I would like to share with you the words to a beautiful song by Garth Brooks that reminds us how important it is for us to tell our Loved Ones how much we Love them.

by Garth Brooks

Sometimes late at night
I lie awake and watch her sleeping
She’s lost in peaceful dreams
So I turn out the lights and lay there in the dark
And the thought crosses my mind
If I never wake up in the morning
Would she ever doubt the way I feel
About her in my heart


If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she’s my only one
And if my time on Earth were through
And she must face this world without me
Is the Love I gave her in the past
Gonna to be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes

‘Cause I’ve lost Loved Ones in my life
Who never knew how much I loved them
Now I live with the regret
That my true feelings for them never were revealed
So I made a promise to myself
To say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there’s no second chance to tell her how I feel

Repeat Chorus

So tell that someone that you Love
Just what you’re thinking of
If tomorrow never comes


God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

Era of Peace
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Phone: 520-885-7909, Fax: 520-347-5440

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included.

Era of Peace
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
2020 Patricia Cota-Robles


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The Necessity for Ascension to be a Gradual Affair – Steve Beckow

Samadhi Painting Opening to Light by Christina Gage @ Fine Art America


The Necessity for Ascension to be a Gradual Affair

I’d like a change of pace and  topic.

Out of the pandemic, many of us have been on lockdown and that’s given us plenty of time for reflection.

At the same time the energies are being steadily ratcheted up and sometimes it’s causing old issues to rise to the surface, like squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

Pandemic, energies, cabal takedown….  I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve been battling fatigue day after day.

I’m also in a reflective state of mind during lockdown. So, focusing on the rising energies,  I asked myself: What does it say that I should be so fatigued by a simple rise in energy?

What it says to me is that, if I’m bowled over by this amount of energy, can you imagine how I’d be blown apart if I jumped from here to Ascension itself, by which I mean Sahaja Samadhi, (1) in one go?

My body probably could not withstand the shock.

Look at how we (OK, I) complain about slight Ascension symptoms like fatigue. Imagine how we’d be complaining if we doubled the pace at which we’re ascending. Tripled the pace.

The hospitals would be flooded with people having what they regard as serious symptoms. The cabal and the mainstream media would be calling it “Ascension Sickness.”

We need the pace to be bearable, not only for us but for the billions on the planet who have no idea what might be happening.

Archangel Michael allows us one exception to going from here to Ascension in one go: “Visit; don’t stay,” he tells us. (2) He explained to me, as I’ve mentioned a few times, that I would not want to remain in service if I ascended.

To be sure, there are sudden events, seeded into our gradual timeframe. In my most mature opinion? They happen when the Mother and the archangels judge that we’re ready for them, consistent with our life’s plan.  They cement our progress.

They include heart openings (fourth chakra), third-eye openings (sixth chakra), and Shiva and Shakti’s reunion or Brahmajnana (seventh chakra).

And then comes the one event that can justifiably be called “the Event” – a full and permanent opening of the heart in Sahaja Samadhi, beyond the seven-chakra system.

If you need a marker, then I suggest this be it. By the time we have it, our hearts will have been tenderized to withstand and enjoy the explosive experience of love and bliss that awaits us.

That’s all. I just needed to talk about something other than the chaos occurring as Earth undergoes a change in planetary management.


(1) Sahaja Samadhi is a stage of enlightenment marked by a full and permanent heart opening. Sahaja means “natural.”

Because it results in a transition from Third/Fourth Dimensionality in which people live, die, and are reborn, it is called liberation from the wheel of birth and death.

Buddhists call it nirvana; Christians call it heaven. Buddhists call the stage of enlightenment it is Buddhahood; Christians salvation and redemption; Hindus, mukti, moksha, or liberation.

(2) Steve: Can you help me make sense of returning to my interdimensionality while not becoming a guru figure?

Archangel Michael:   It is very simple: Visit [the higher realms]; don’t stay.   (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2013.)


Samadhi Painting Opening to Light by Christina Gage @ Fine Art America

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May’s Reality Shifting Quantum/Consciousness Codes Thus Far – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Alice in Wonderland via Pinterest

Alice in Wonderland via Pinterest


May’s Reality Shifting Quantum/Consciousness Codes Thus Far: Down the Rabbit Hole, Justice, Reverberation, Ancestral Clearings and more …


Aloha LOVE family,

We have a LOT of POWERFUL Codes that have enumerated our cellular bodies/fields/planet this month…. continually increasing and changing the frequency/geometrics of all.

It’s important to realize that there are Cosmic Frequencies running all day every day that dictate/change everything… and that which each experiences/sees is relative to a massive vibrational alignment process, a massive restructuring process, a massive re-everything process and all that occurs is a part of this.

The sacred and powerful LIGHT CODES that have activated on a Quantum Level “work” to bring all into/restore balance, “right the wrongs” (playing in duality for this part to explain) and clear immense karmic/unconscious programming that was hidden deep within each.

I have a few new writings to post/share, yet the codes have to be broken down and decoded/transcribed into geometrics that provide the dynamic/spectrum of each. These are not “simple codes” (they are, yet not how we have to explain them), as Quantum Photonic Light Codes are a multitude of many frequencies and immense information in data-streams that have to be broken down and then put into a constructed sharing for each to be able to easily and fully utilize, activate to, integrate and then apply to “life” for shifting/encompassing/living with greater ease.

While all of these codes are so completely flooding through 24/7, there are specific ones that affect individually in certain ways and collectively in other ways… and depending on where each currently functions from, the “how” is different for each.

For now, I’ll share these few and expand upon them more in another writing/live event/sharing for all. ♥

  • May 1st began “What goes around comes around” energies… increasing the “return” of what all hold and consciously/unconsciously transmit out….
  • May 11th: Crimes against Humanity — this one we’ve all “known”, yet when the actual code comes through, this means it’s activated to start to filter through densities in actual realities in all new ways. This one is not only as each would “think”… yet, yes… this one is exactly as it says.
  • May 11th: Justice Codes: This one was like WOW. The absolute strongest and most powerful I’ve observed/heard/seen/felt thus far. Instead of a few minutes, it pummeled through for over a 1/2 and hour. This one means for all to “get just inside” and is an extension of the “Crimes against humanity” codes that came through earlier in the day….
  • All of May: Ancestral clearings that are inner-twined through each in various ways. These will correlate to every reality where there is hurt and wounds still not “healed” (unresolved within).
  • May 8th: “Down the Rabbit Hole” we all go…. for all to be brought fully into the Light. Yes, the next phase of this has just now begun….

Now…. many things may “appear” to get worse before they get better. There’s a lot coming that needs to be reconciled and cleared within each. Still too many not wanting to hear/see/listen and place blame “outside” and see the battle, yet are unable to see the full picture, which is a part of the greater whole …. while others stepping up huge to fulfill higher service roles more…. bringing peace, balance and holding the new in place as all are ready to transition over to unite/join together and work together as Love.

We have every polarity occurring, as photonic Light “distorts on purpose”, so all can see….so those buried feelings, suppressed emotions, old stories and de-valuing, dis-empowering beliefs and externally focused misplaced trust and blind loyalty can dissipate and clear.

I’ve been observing (for years) masses unaware that they perceive “the Light” as a threat. This program gets “twisted” and reflects back the opposing polarity. I’m finishing an article to assist with dismantling this program for those who desire to consciously shift this…. I’ll work to post it within the next day or so as well.

This is a HUGE TIME for all. Many move into their “throat chakra/vortex” of speaking out, standing up and no longer playing out those submissive roles of hiding their power and light like before. Unity in numbers as the WE grows, as Light grows and as Light SHOWS what all didn’t want to admit/see before…. as well as infinite new options/possibilities through heart expansion and the application of Light. ☼

While not all is as all perceives and everything is multi-dimensional and often opposites, the one way for all to understand is to go deep within and reconnect with their own Divine Guidance and Sacred Knowing and learn to listen to and honor this fully, in order to bring all into alignment consciously and through the Purity of Love here.

Many now starting to realize the magnitude of all… deep hurt, betrayal and earth-shattering realizations shake many to their core, in order to awaken and shift to a whole new timeline/reality from deep within. There is always so much more than each can see, so it’s important to see all as new awareness for empowerment and not to get fixed to anything that creates the “loop cycle” again….

LIGHT IS WHERE EACH’S HOPE IS… and it’s also where all answers/solutions are. So tune in, open up and listen to your own Universal/Cosmic Heart and Higher mind intelligence and then ACT from this place/space and hold yourself/your energy in an expanded state until your entire reality is fully vibrationally aligned……

I love you and hang in there if you find yourself challenged. To understand separation is important, as the “how” changes as we do. This is the time of different choices, diving deep into the immense inner work necessary to facilitate an entire reality shift and also shifting your allegiances, as what each vibrationally align with, becomes reality/experiences here.
Everything is relative to dimensions/different densities and frequency bandwidths and the application of unlocked codes….

With love and the utmost respect,
Lisa ☼

p.s. I have a really long article on the “ugly part of awakening” that may assist with transitions as well. This is a part of the breakdown/breakthrough processes/phases that many are in right now. I’ll work to get all out in a flow that supports these next collective shifts entering into these phases now… ♥


Alice in Wonderland via Pinterest

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Fresh Perspectives – Jamye Price

Set Your Heart Free ~ Artist Christina Dehoff


Fresh Perspectives

Video Player

Feeling Free is a perspective. It is within you. That is confusing sometimes as you look out into your world and feel confined. Blessed Being, this is a catalyst for you, your empowerment, your choice. All of this, within.

As you feel Free with your internal flow, you have available to you, Fresh Perspectives. Not what has been done before, not what created your present experience, but a Fresh Perspective. From this platform of hope, trust, faith and yes, even perhaps some degree of doubt; you are open to new potential and able to begin a new creation.

With your internal focus, you begin to form matter on the subtle planes. It coagulates and calls to form—though still unseen—new ideas and emotions that are the silent vehicles upon which your emanations flowFreedom. You need not say a word, you need not emanate it from a mountain top.

It is boundless and silently flowing from you.

This is why your internal world is your Freedom. It speaks broadly, though not loudly. It travels through walls, through hearts and minds. It travels through the invisible portals of the chakras and speaks to energy.

The particle is first a wave as it summons friend and community to particulate into form. You can’t see it yet, but with your Fresh Perspective of hope, dreams and new solution; you are connecting dots (particles).

Forward your mind reaches as it feeds the seed of new Life. Your powerful perspective is the road less traveled becoming the in-form-ation superhighway. The high road becomes the middle road as Life is elevated through you and expands into a new balance (mid-point, center point, focal point) of Love.

As we sit to Blast Fresh Perspectives, we are allowing our minds to wander into new territories of Light, informing the field of response with our waves of Love. We are remembering the power of the Creators that we are, as the connection of Life becomes visible in our Love. We are holding our vision of improvement and allowing Life to respond, for it is the nature of Life to progress.

We are renewing our commitment to the Love of humanity’s Ascension, for it is the evolution of connection that we are perceiving into form. We are remembering our state of grace that connects all roads through the path of heart, as Love calls us to new ground. Blast on!


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heralding-in-gods-blessings-lynne-hudson at Fine Art America

Heralding In God’s Blessings ~ Lynne Hudson @ Fine Art America



by Patricia Cota-Robles

May 20, 2020


We are all currently experiencing an unprecedented facet of Earth’s Ascension process. Everyone is wondering how the challenges people are going through as a result of the Covid-19 virus will end and when we will get back to normal. The Truth is that this facet of the Divine Plan is being cocreated through the Free Will choices that people are making day by day. These choices are determining how this global pandemic will evolve and what life will be like after it is over.

This means that not even the Company of Heaven knows exactly how this phase of Humanity’s Ascension process will be brought to fruition. The one thing our Father-Mother God have assured us is that NOTHING is going back to what we used to think of as normal. The obsolete paradigms based on greed, corruption and the abuse of power are being exposed and dismantled. No matter how hard the old guard and the abusers struggle to hold on to the status quo they will ultimately fail.

There is an awakening taking place within the consciousness of the masses of Humanity. People everywhere are beginning to remember who they are and why they are here. They are realizing that they are Sons and Daughters of God and that ALL our Father-Mother God have is Humanity’s Divine Birthright.

Every day the individual and collective Free Will choices people are making are determining how long this process will take, and whether we will bring this facet of the Divine Plan to fruition “the easy way or the hard way.” But either way, the Company of Heaven wants us to know that Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her are moving forward in the Light and THERE IS NO TURNING BACK.

So, what does it mean when we are told that we can do this “the easy way or the hard way”? Well, that is the difficult part. This experience is unfolding in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Plan and no two people have the exact same Divine Plan. Only our I AM Presence knows what the “easy way” of handling this pandemic is for us personally or what choices would result in manifesting the “hard way” for us.

Fortunately, as people awaken they are able to hear what has been called “the still small voice” of their I AM Presence far more clearly. This allows them to intuitively know what their Divine Plan is in this situation. This occurs when they enter the Divinity of their Heart Flame and take the time to ask and then to listen.

During this critically important time, we can greatly accelerated this open heart and mind intuitive communication with our I AM Presence by invoking God’s Will. No matter what our individual Divine Plan is it will ALWAYS be in alignment with God’s Will which is the perpetual motivation of every person’s I AM Presence.

Today the Company of Heaven will lead us through a powerful invocation during which we will COMMAND through our I AM Presence and the power of the spoken word, God’s Will for each of us individually, and ALL of Humanity collectively.

If you have the Heart Call to participate in this vitally important opportunity please go within to the Divinity of your Heart Flame and Breathe in and out deeply as we proceed.


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. Through the Power of my spoken word, I COMMAND the unformed Primal Light Substance from within the very Heart of my Father-Mother God which is the Core of Creation to tangibly manifest my Heart-based invocations, decrees and prayers in the world of form here and NOW.

Beloved Presence of God I AM within me, I gratefully acknowledge in my mind and accept in my feelings the living reality of your mantel of electronic Light substance enfolding me in a blazing aura of ever-expanding Light and protection.

Centered within my Heart Flame, I feel the pulsation of my own Divinity radiating through my Awakening consciousness. I now know that I AM the physical manifestation of my I AM Presence through which flows at all times the virtues, qualities and blessings from my Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven. These Gifts from On High flow to me and through me to enhance the lives of ALL Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

With loving conviction I decree:

The Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious!

I live this day in God’s Light.

God is in control wherever I AM.

The Harmony of my true Being is my ultimate protection.

I do now invoke the added assistance of God’s Divine Will to keep this Activity of Light sustained around me and my world, so that only the Will of God may manifest in all of my activities, in all places and at all times.

I now invoke my Father-Mother God, the Mighty Elohim, the Archangels and  the Ascended and Cosmic Beings associated with God’s Will on this precious Planet. Blessed Ones, come forth now.

Blaze, blaze, blaze the most intensified activity of God’s Sapphire Blue Flame of Divine Will and Power that the Earth and Humanity are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment. Project this Sacred Fire which is pulsating with the full Divine Momentum of God’s Will in, through and around every person, place, condition and thing on Earth.

Blaze this Cosmic Flame of God’s Will through me and every person on

Earth. Clear away any destructive activity of our own Free Will which might rush in to impede our conscious desire to do God’s Will in manifesting the Heart-based patterns for the New Earth.

Help us to become and remain obedient to the Laws of Divine Love and to BE God in Action at all times!

Father-Mother God, Consecrate my Life Force to BE the Open Door for God’s Will and God’s Transfiguring Divine Love, NOW and FOREVER!

I AM the Cosmic Blue Lightning of God’s Will now DISSOLVING all opposition to the acceptance and manifestation of God’s Will as a way of Life and service for every person evolving on Earth, NOW and FOREVER!

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of God’s Will. I AM the Acceptance. I AM the Restoration and I AM the Divine Manifestation of God’s Will as a way of Life and service for every person evolving on Earth, NOW and FOREVER!

















Dear One, every day go within and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you the Will of God as you make your Free Will choices and progress through your own unique Life experiences.

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles

Era of Peace

PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446

Phone: 520-885-7909, Fax: 520-347-5440

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included.

Era of Peace

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

2020 Patricia Cota-Robles


Heralding In God’s Blessings ~ Lynne Hudson @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah 

I am the Grace and Light of Quan Yin – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Guan Yin by Minjae Lee @ Redbubble


I am the Grace and Light of Quan Yin

I am the Grace and Light of Quan Yin. I come on this day to escort you into your holiness as you begin to fully emerge yourself in the 30 day dispensations of this past 2020 Wesak. You are my blessings and I come to help you remember the sacred agreement that you have made with your human body, with your mind, and with your holy spirit, For the trinity of you is so very Divine and blessed. You house the universe and all of its multifaceted levels. You stretch yourself to walk upon the path of enlightenment, a path which is often strewn with earthly perils and bodily pains. You are such a blessing to me because you try to fly against the wind when all others run in the opposite direction to safety. In your mind and heart you wear the winged feet of the Gods. You dear ones are a blessing to me because you continue to pray as I pray, against all odds. 

This past Wesak gave to you entrance into the Void, A Place where all outcomes live. You were born with the gift of seeing through dimensions, you can see into your future, into the past and even into another’s heart and body. Look through these spectacles that give to you the ‘god lens of your soul’. The concave and the convex patterning show you the different highways and byways of choice that chase you like a swarm hungry midges.
Look at your human form as a ‘great universe’. The ‘god-lens’ will give you perceptions, abilities, and clarity of seeing beyond inborn understanding. You have pleaded for truth, for clarity, for love, and to see the future, and now that creation has landed in your field of dreams. 

As you merge with the summer dimensional time waves starting June 21, 2020 you will escape like water that has been held in a jar too long and seeks the healing embrace of the ocean. You too are seeking, you too are becoming fluid in nature and future, as you allow yourself to be poured into new arrangements, geometry’s and divine drawings. Stretching yourself beyond what you have ever known yourself to be. 

For the last several months humanity has constricted themselves as they have been instructed to isolate, Locked in the library of the past seeing only a dim future out a dirty window. People have been afraid to stretch their wings, to believe in the future.
This is a time for all of humankind to dispense with the retrenchments, to dispense with the fear, to dispense with the anger at anyone or anything. 
 Even though most people would finger point, to hate and blame others for their predicament the hate is turned inward and becomes toxic and contagious. Many spew and spit infectious angry words at each other like a virtual venomous snake. The pathway to the higher heart is narrow of proportion this is not a trip you can pack for. Know child all will be provided in the higher residences of light. These recent energies have ushered you into dark chasms and crevices of fear and doubt. You as a child of light are not allowed the pleasure of doubting. Dispense with what keeps you less than. Dispense with what keeps you from loving another. Stop using excuses to keep yourself immobilized in the safety of the present. These summer dispensations come as scrubbing bubbles that gather all that has toughened and become harmful. Grace will be assured and insured as you walk through the rest of the cleansing summer with a supreme knowing of peace. I am Quan Yin and you are my blessings.
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

White Noise – Steve Rother @ Espavo

Shakti ~ Artist Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America

May 2020
Beacons of Light

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NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

NEW Audible Light in Steve’s voice.
Listen while you read click on the speaker. Return to this page when the player opens and starts playing.

~White Noise~

Greetings, dear ones,

Humans are moving so incredibly fast now. Know that we see what’s taking place and understand the fear. Breathe, dear ones. There’s another part of this process that you’re starting to see, full of hope and excitement. We will share that with you this day and clarify the energy around the process that is taking place. You see, the Earth herself has much more of a hand in all this than you may have understood. Even in the midst of chaos and fear, you will start to see a huge rising of the human heart. This energy of love has spread and is starting to pervade the planet. All of you are now getting ready to go through an entirely different stage of this process.

Waves of Grief

Humans are starting to see waves of grief; it is simply that you are grieving the way things used to be. And even though you’ll be working hard to try and return to exactly those same places, the world has changed. It’s no longer the same, it’s already shifted and now there’s a new rhythm on planet Earth. Know that with these new rhythms also come new opportunities to spread light in a variety of different ways. The rhythms bring opportunities to see yourself and your place in the universe, which is beautiful. Remember, all it takes from time to time is one little act of kindness for the human heart to rise and see it in others. The heart is activated much the same way a smile is automatically spreads, as it is passed on from one person to another.

The Key

Small acts of kindness exemplify the collective human heart. When the human heart rises in this way and you come together in love, not fear, then the magic takes place in so many ways. You’re starting to see that in a variety of different places, such as applauding the first responders and all those taking care of others. That didn’t happen even a short time ago, but now you’re seeing new openings taking place. People are just trying to be kind. That is the rising of the collective human heart, which can ultimately bring everyone back together in a different way. It is the return of a harmony that you haven’t had on Earth in a very long time.

We ask that you resist pointing fingers or politicizing the problem at this point, which can only cause challenges grounding the new light. You’ll have plenty of time to decide about those things down the road when things are clearer. The most important part right now is to know that you’re all in this together, and the only way out is together.

Many things are starting to come to your awareness, as the planet has changed and shifted. You’re in position to take advantage of that, much more than you even understand. It’s a new time, a new energy and a new rhythm. The light from Home can be seen much more easily right now.

And we also tell you, dear ones, in a fairly short time you will experience this collective of grief. There are several stages in that process you go through, both as an individual and as a collective. Several stages of the grief process are simply about taking back your power, and one of the first is about being angry. Why? Because anger can actually help you return into your power. It is the way that humans have dealt with grief on planet Earth, because they know very little about the process. Well, you’ll soon see a collective wave of grief hit planet Earth and what you do with it is up to you. First, don’t take anything too seriously. These are only momentary reactions, so you’ll see the anger play out. People feel as if their power has been taken away to some extent. They will act out to regain their power, to again feel a sense of confidence and the place in the world that they once held.

Although you’ll see that taking place in different ways, we hope you hold onto the truth that you simply showed up. Many of you came in with the specific intent of being here on this planet, at this very moment. So, when people started to awaken in the energies of the new realm, you would be there to actively aid in the process. It’s happening more often and much easier than you might think. The new connections are starting, and in many ways it’s a beautiful time to be on planet Earth. Your place has been reserved. Your seat has your name on it and has been there for a very long time. We are so happy that you answered the call and jumped into position, when you’re needed now on Earth more than you could possibly know. You’ll recognize those openings and possibilities, as you see your own reflection in a new way. It is the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect and nurture one another at every opportunity, as you play this new game in this new realm.

Espavo. Thank you for taking your power!


Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time.

This day, I bring you an overview of what is taking place on a larger scale. First, know that many aspects of planet Earth are doing rather well. You’ve had a reset of energy that changed your entire way of living for a short time to eradicate this pandemic. However, there are some very interesting things that you should be aware of.

First, if you look at what is happening from the Earth’s perspective, it’s a total reset and clearing. The Earth has been able to reset her vibrations, which has happened at a very important time for her.

Second, the energy has shifted during the time of your stillness. When you start to come back into what you call reality and begin creating again, it will be a new realm. Everything will be anew. Yes, many people will try and reclaim their same lives, returning to their old work. Although it may temporarily have the appearance of working, for the most part everyone will make rather drastic changes over the next several years to adapt to what has just happened.

Humanity will not be dealing with this virus for that long, although the virus will be arriving in waves. The second wave that typically would hit around autumn, would be about three times the size of the first wave. However, this is actively being worked on and we do not expect it to be that difficult.

White Noise

The magic is starting to return to Earth and it’s long overdue, dear ones. It’s bringing together connections of humanity, the human heart, and the spirits from Home. If you also look at it from the Earth’s perspective, external vibration ceased quite suddenly. The planet has been under major stress for hundreds of years, then suddenly it’s released. On Earth, you have an agency of the American government called the U.S. Geological Service. One of the things they do is measure the vibration of planet Earth. By doing this, they can chart different patterns related to weather, as well as seismic and volcanic activity. We are not just talking about the Schumann resonance, but about actual vibratory patterns of the planet. It is interesting because they can see layers of movement and can even interpret what the lines mean. Down at the bottom is this entire area that was simply called white noise. Because it was static, it was an accepted anomaly. Then, suddenly people stopped driving their cars and leaving their homes. When they stopped doing those things, guess what happened to that bottom layer of white noise? It went away. For the first time, now they even know how to measure the level of harmony, or should we say disharmony, of the collective vibration of humanity. It’s a different measurement than before and many are not even aware it’s actually a measurement of that at this point. Still, we find it quite fascinating.

Earth Reset

So many of these things are finally starting to be uncovered. The predictions that we’ve made about your societies and your economies are all starting to come true. The Earth is making her voice heard, is she not? Things are now taking a different tone. She has also reset her rhythm during the beautiful moments of silence, which has allowed her to shift onto a new path. Planet Earth moves very slowly in comparison to humans, who move rather quickly. Even with the many changes, most humans are going right back to the same things that they were doing before. So, now the idea is to find what you need to do. Watch for the changes and be prepared to move into this new world.

Many of you have gone through these different levels and found it necessary to protect yourself, because of the incredible empathy that you carry. Remember, dear ones, that same empathic ability allows you to tap into other people’s energies. You can even feel the white noise that the U. S. Geological Service has measured. One moment you feel it, then suddenly you don’t. What would it be like if you went back into your job and society and everything remained calm, completely in harmony? That possibility lies ahead for all of you, dear ones, re-member the silence.

You’re learning incredible things during this time. Not only are you figuring out how to make home your work, crossing those boundaries to communicate in different ways, but you’re also learning how to be by yourself. You are discovering the essence of you, by getting rid of all that white noise. Trust that you will emerge from all this fairly quickly, even though it won’t be the same. Everything is changing and shifting. As each one of you will go back into it, you’ll have opportunities to find that better match for who you are energetically and in everything that you do. There will be more support for your spirit, pretending to be a human. Dear ones, the days in front of you offer all kinds of opportunities that you’ve never had before. The Earth is actually providing them for you, as she resets her rhythm.

The New Realm

In a sense, you’ve had this time to slow down and reset your own energies. You have the opportunity to clear your own white noise, if you will. These are the days of clarity, for as you transition back you are creating an entirely new realm. You’re walking into a different situation, which is why we have brought you the Esayoto to start experiencing what life can be like in a higher vibrational body. You’re moving very quickly and it’s quite magical! We watch in amazement at the incredible energies that you are all moving. Please stay out of fear, whenever possible, know that this is a beautiful game that you’re playing. When we get you Home, we will show you that game and the path you left behind. We’ll also show you how life is different, because of the way you graced planet Earth and touched so many beings with your beauty.

Know that you’re never alone. You have beings all around you in every moment, you are filled with light and love. Pass it on to everyone that you can and hold it deep within your being. Know that for this moment the white noise is rebuilding. It’s time now to start re-asserting and bringing a new rhythm to planet Earth. It is with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every possibility, it’s a new realm. Play well together,


I am the Keeper of Time and you are loved.


Shakti ~ Artist Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Light offered by Humanity – Peggy Black

Being Light painting by Rebecca Ra @ artpal.


Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family May 18, 2020
 My Personal Message

Still sheltered in place, it has been eight weeks. My routine is simple. Coffee as I read the newspaper and do my news homework; I do some conscious energy work as well, and offer a private session. Then I have breakfast and play a game of rummy with my housemate. I spend some time on the computer answering emails, making phone calls and such. Time for lunch, perhaps another game of cards and I finally crawl into my loft to read and take a sweet nap. When I get up, I work on the computer for a few hours, take a walk, fix dinner and watch some television. Simple and easy. I am certainly missing my family and friends however I do feel lucky that my life is so smooth.I feel very blessed to be healthy, to have a home to shelter in that is surrounded by nature and the ease of serving my beloved Morning Messages community. My family is also healthy and most are still working from home. I stay in a state of gratitude and continue to envision a better reality.

May we continue to send our love and prayers for all those who are battling this virus, as well as all those who are required to be on the front lines of service. Prayers to those who have lost a loved one, may they find comfort.

I have been honored and blessed to receive requests for sessions from England, Ireland, Australia, Africa, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Mexico, Canada, as well as around the USA. I am still doing a session or two a day which has been a wonderful connection with this community. It is made easy since people can use an internet connection for the session, no costly phone calls.

Now, while we are all at home, might be the perfect time for you to have a reading from the ‘team.’ They are excellent at supporting individuals in clearing old repressed childhood patterns and emotions. We all experience personal limiting patterns or suppressed emotions from abuse and hurtful emotions. Now is the time to clear those for yourself and expand your level of consciousness.

If you are ready to experience the freedom this provides, please call and schedule an appointment with the ‘team.’ Their guidance and generous support are so valuable. They offer tools of empowerment as you move through the changes that are happening in your life. It is a great way to expand with gentle and powerful support.

I am most grateful for the opportunity to serve and I love offering sessions with the ‘team.’ I am extremely blessed and honored to have connected with so many incredible people.

I am grateful and deeply touched by those who gift bluesky donations. I love to receive your emails and your kind words about this work. Thank you! You know who you are. It is so important that we own and acknowledge that we are a powerful community of conscious beings truly supporting the upliftment of our planet. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all.

I offer you blessings of grace and delightful joy. Peggy 

Message from the ‘Team’
Light Offered by Humanity
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here, reaching out to you as you navigate these interesting times. What you are experiencing as a collective is the opportunity to honor yourself and one another. The idea of most of life’s activities coming to a halt has stretched each person.It is in that stretching that your new awareness is being brought forth. The familiar routines that each one has called normal have been totally disrupted. This has revealed your strengths and your weaknesses, both as individuals and as the collective. There is a dismantling of all that you hold as normal.

There is a pressure building in the collective consciousness that is cracking everyone open to awaken to a new reality. This is a dark night for the soul of humanity. Since nothing is the same, nothing is solid, dependable or stable. A huge cleansing is taking place and this process is causing many to feel unbalanced, fearful, lost, depressed, confused and angry.

There are those who are riding this wave of energy, surfing this energy so to speak, aware that there is more to be revealed. There are those like yourself who have been asking for changes to come to this reality, those who are aware of the other higher dimensions and realities. Many realize that this is an extreme metamorphosis for the collective.

Realize that distorted beliefs and the limitations of the old paradigms are dissolving. This action is causing much confusion, dismay, and anger. Leaders are sharing many untruths, frightening everyone because they do not know how to deal with what is occurring at this time.

Having all your social activities stopped has removed any distraction you might have used to avoid looking at any personal and emotional issues. What a wonderful situation you have been offered – to be with yourself and your loved ones coming into the space of awareness.

Many are consciously moving into the next dimension. You are becoming aware of what is important and valued. Experiencing more time alone or isolated has triggered many old issues and patterns, which you can now consciously release.

We are observing the increase of light offered by humanity at this time. You are doing the work.  People are reaching out to comfort one another in simple and amazing ways. Hearts are being opened and the level of love is flowing. Staying in a heart centered place is the safest and most powerful place you can be.

It is this coherent vibration that is welcoming the energy of the higher dimension. Individuals are sensing this shift. It is subtle and yet when recognized and felt it is profound. Many people are resolving to bring new answers to the old world problems. Many people are waking up to their true multidimensional self.

They are watching this matrix begin to crumble. Many will wonder when the madness and confusion will end. They are becoming aware of how out of balance their lives and the collective have become. They are beginning to understand that they are truly creators and are stepping into their power to create a reality that is life sustaining.

There is an awareness of the oneness of all. The internet has offered this connection for some time, however now it is more obvious just how it serves as a link. You as divine beings are meant to communicate telepathically. This is an ability that is coming forth to many out of this personal isolation. There are other high quality abilities and gifts that many of you are experiencing.

You are seeing movement out of the corners of your eyes; you are sensing that you are not alone, that there is a presence near you. Many are actually seeing energy waves and vibrations in a new way. Many are having vivid dreams of walking or being active in other dimensions.

The collective has silently been screaming about the abuse of other humans and of nature. The collective has been silently praying for a new template to manifest for humanity, a template or matrix that is honoring of all life, a template or pattern in which there is a bond between humans, the elements and the elementals.

This evolution of consciousness has been requested by all sentient beings.  The global pause, this stop of activities, has given humanity the opportunity to allow a healing of the distortions, the lies that have been told since the beginning of time, especially that you are powerless. You are not powerless, you are powerful behind measure. You have been living in an energy field of unconscious limitation. However we celebrate that you are waking up and stepping out of that unconsciousness into a field of all possibilities.

Hold that truth close to your heart and begin to act from your place of personal power. Spend time envisioning a new reality. Use your imagination and imprint the energy field with a reality that enlivens others to thrive. Encourage others to understand their personal power to create a new reality.  Guide others to honor themselves and others.  Stay in the vibrations of an open loving heart, this will empower your visions.

Be aware of those who offer fear, scarcity, doom and gloom. Remember when the collective feels powerless they are easy to manipulate. You are powerful beyond measure. Own this truth and stay in your open heart with joy and gratitude. These are the emotions and the vibrations that allow you to move through these difficult and challenging changes.

This is a cosmic awakening. You have the support of the galactic families, the celestials and all divine beings and masters. What is happening on your planet has the attention and support of the entire universe. Earth is ascending into a higher dimension and taking you with her. Celebrate.

We are here to support and assist you as you ride these waves of great change and transformation. We acknowledge your courage and willingness to be here at this time to anchor this new reality that is coming forth. the ‘team’

2020 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available


Being Light painting by Rebecca Ra @ artpal.

Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah 

Grener of Ashira of Neptune – The Awakening is Happening Rather Quickly – Linda Dillon


Grener of Ashira of Neptune ~ The Awakening is Happening Rather Quickly
Welcome me home as we meet and conjoin upon this beautiful planet that is being restored even as we speak. She is a beauty!
A wonderfully encouraging channelled gem shared from a personal reading with Linda Dillon.
Grener of Ashira of Neptune ~ The Awakening is Happening Rather Quickly


Grener: Greetings, I am Grener. I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune and welcome, beloved daughter of halion. … Sweet angel of light, you have beckoned me forth, but let me also say how pleased I am to show up and to be beckoned!

D: Then it is a win-win for both! [Laughing]

G: That is correct. And yes, you are in the pause, you are in the transition, you are in the time of resurrection when you rise from the ashes, the ashes of the destruction of humanity – and no, we do not mean people dying; we mean the destruction of ‘the old’ that does not serve and has not served for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

So the change that is in the air and in the soil and in the water are the changes, sweet one, that we have assisted in creating, that you have assisted in creating, and that set the stage for the re-emergence not only of Gaia but of this collective we call humans, regardless of where they’re from. They are on planet so they are Gaian, for, as you well know, we do not distinguish between nations other than to be aware of the cultural or historic differentiations.

Your time of service as beacon and as transmitter in this golden state comes to an end, and all of your heartfelt pleas to all of us have been heard and heeded. You have opened your heart and you have even opened your hearth, your home, to those that are disenfranchised and somewhat confused and lost, and you have mentored and very subtly taught many who have passed through these doors – or who have even just walked by!

So do not think, sweet one, that this time has been lost because from our perspective – yes, we know your perspective – but from our perspective, your presence and, yes, your willingness has been extraordinarily fruitful.

This place of California – in many ways, [Archangel] Gabrielle’s, for it is truly golden – the difficulty has been for so many that they have not realised they were golden. Oh, they have puffed up in many a different display of egos… yes, there are those that genuinely seek… but it is a very difficult place to truly, profoundly, seek.

Oh, there are numerous gurus, and, as you well know, the time of gurus has come and gone; that is ancient history. And as we, including you, beloved, as we meet and join those upon this planet, upon Gaia, we do so not as gurus, not as teachers, but as companions, as envoys, and yes, as part of Delegations.

We come to share not only our technology, not only our science – which compared to some of the Earth understandings is what we would call ‘relatively advanced’ – but we come simply with those in our backpack, in our school bag, but we do not put ourselves – ever – above any species or any race of planets or planetary beings that we have ever encountered in our various travels.

This issue of ascendency, of hierarchies, is being decimated, destroyed, eliminated and there is an equalisation, a very necessary equalisation, that is taking place particularly around and with the humans. Too often on Earth, there has been a deep sense of lack of self-worth, a deep-rooted sense of self-insufficiency, and how that has manifested has most often been in the need, the egoic need, to be over somebody, to make yourself better than somebody. That is a very difficult position not only to put yourself in but to maintain.

It has always been confusing to us why you would not simply want to stand next to somebody, heart-to-heart, eye-to-eye, regardless of height, and you have known this. And, in some ways, part of your contract, your endurance, has been putting yourself in places of insufficiency – and I do not mean ‘value’ because that would be absurd – but you have known physical/financial lack and so you know this habit of these humans to act with rather grandiose self-puffery. This comes to an end.

And let me be very clear because I am speaking, yes, as head of the Intergalactic Council, but I am also speaking to you very personally…

Now I would love in many ways to simply say, “I am welcoming you home,” and in your semi-conscious, unconscious self, you know that you are often with us on board ship or elsewhere, but I am not saying to you that it is time for you to leave. I am saying, “Welcome me home as we meet and conjoin upon this beautiful planet that is being restored even as we speak. She is a beauty!”

D: Yes, she is.

G: You know that we have not travelled so far and for so long, held the space, if it was not worth it. And there have been times, sweet daughter, when you have truly wondered: “Is it worth it?” So now comes the time of the bounty – yes, of the payoff, for endurance does have a payoff!

You will be moved. “Yes,” you say, “well, I can’t be moved during this lockdown,” and that is correct. But as you know, we are very forward-thinking, and what you also know is that you can be picked up and moved quite literally overnight, or in a very short period of time. You are of the water so we do not ask you to go to a place that is not close by the water because this is what feeds your mermaid soul. And so often, when you have been upon the Earth, you have always said, “Well, let me take my mer-self form,” or “let me be a dolphin.”

So we are fully aware of the challenges that this physical reality has served you, but you are emerging – and you are not emerging as your current self; you are emerging as your true chosen self, as we have always seen you. …

We came here not only to this galaxy but particularly to attend to Gaia during the transition, which for us has been over several hundred years, but we came because this is the Planet of Love of such diversity that everybody would be welcomed. Instead, what happened was nobody was welcomed! But that is changing, and it is changing with such rapidity that people will never again remember what it used to be like. …

What is this ‘solar flash’ spoken of?

D: I know a lot of this is false or exaggerated, but we constantly have comets hitting the Earth, etc. and this thing about Niburu has come back. That one just seems funny to me and I have to laugh when I hear people saying it is going to hit the Earth. And what is this ‘solar flash’ thing?

G: First of all, you are not about to relive Niburu. As you well know, we have… no, we would not interfere with the free will of Gaia, but the free will of Gaia is also not for massive destruction from a comet or anything else… so that is redirected. So that is a ‘fear conspiracy’, let us put it that way.

And the ‘solar flash’ is the same thing. What people are not realising, and what we have realised for a very long time… think of a solar flash as the moment of ignition within your being… when all of a sudden it is like a supernova within your consciousness and the flash simply brings a clarity of understanding, not simply a vision, but of consciousness. So it is not an external event. It is an internal event. …

It is a numbers game!

D: Well, how long approximately… I hope it’s soon… is it going to take before the ruling 1% is moved out?

G: How do you mean?

D: The people that really hold all the money and keep humanity captive…

G: Humanity is held captive because they believe they can be. So what we do is talk in terms of the awakening of the collective, rather than the restrictions of those that have to learn better. It is a numbers game! And so we are working with the huge percentage of people that are simply learning to say “No!” … yes, that is important … but also learning to say “Yes!” – to truly claim not only their heritage and their right, but who they are.

You and I have watched through various revolutions when the masses have risen up and said, “No more!” Now, we are not talking about a bloody revolution; there has certainly been too much of that upon Gaia and, as you well know, that continues to this day in various war-torn and oppressive regimes.

So we are saying that this awakening is actually underway already, so allow it to come forth. Yes, it is important. You are working on your receiving, but you are not engaging so much with the collective until you are re-situated. You are being the observer of this awakening and allowing the awakening, certainly the expansion of your own being, back to the truth of who you really are as well.

But it is happening rather quickly. Yes, there will be times of unrest, of unease, and you are in one of them right now. Many people are very worried about what the future holds, but it also allows for redefinition of what the future really holds. So we are saying a couple of months maximum.


Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah 

One Day – James Mahu @ WingMakers

175 Best Birds of paradise images | Birds, Beautiful birds, Paradise
Bird of Paradise


One day,
out of this fleshy cocoon
I will rise like a golden bird of silent wing
graceful as the smoke of a fallen flame.
I will dream no more of places
Hidden–secreted away in heaven’s cleft
where the foot leaves no print.


One day,
I will walk in gardens holding hands
with my creation and creator.
We will touch one another
like lovers torn by death
to say goodbye.
We will lay in one another’s arms
until we awaken as one
invisible to the other.


One day,
I will isolate the part of me
that is always present.
I will dance with it
like moonlight on water.
I will hold it to myself in a longful embrace
that beats perfection
in the hymn of the Songkeeper.


One day,
when I curl away inside myself
I will dream of you
this flesh-covered-bone of animal.
I will yearn to know your life again.
I will reach out to you
as you now reach out to me.
Such magic!
Glory to covet the unknown!
That which is
is always reaching for the self
that cheats appearances.
Who dreams itself awake and asleep.
Who knows both sides of the canvas
are painted, awaiting the other
to meld anew.

One Day

James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.


Gratitude to artists & photographers. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

The Recovery Phase = Building Nova Earth – Steve Beckow

Pachamama Earth Mother ~ Soul Bird Art by Roberta Orpwood


The Recovery Phase = Building Nova Earth

In a reading I had with him on May 13, 2020, Archangel Michael asked me to turn my attention back again to Ascension matters.

Here are my marching orders:

“As I have said many times you’re not to engage in politics, sweet one. …

“Again, sweet one, you’re becoming engaged in political intrigue which is distracting you from the true process of Ascension. …

“It is important during this shift, during this time of new beginnings, yes, with the sweeping away of the old that you focus on the future, which is exactly what you are doing, and what I have guided you to do. …

“Remember that our undertaking is the tracking of spiritual evolution to a higher realm of consciousness and that is the focus that we must always return to. ” (1)

It was a good wakeup call. And I’ve given him permission to wake me up. Let me therefore return to my original mission – to offer a detailed vision of the future.

The main events have been blocked out. The Alliance is using the pandemic to launch clean-up operations against the cabal worldwide.

The cabal is fighting back with force in various places on, above, and below ground and on the Internet with censorship, false narratives, and diversionary tactics (paid trolls).

Ulterior motives in the pandemic’s creation – because it was created; it’s a bioweapon – are being revealed. Mandatory vaccines may be the next diversionary tactic.

There are those in the lightworker movement who are tasked with playing a role in these events.

At Michael’s request, I personally (and this does not apply to the other editors) am now leaving those events to blogs like Stillness in the Storm, Collective Evolution, Gateway Pundit, and Signs of the Times and concentrating on building the future and tracking our spiritual evolution.


For me, the Ascension matter of most urgency is recovery from the Pandemic and for me that recovery equates to  building Nova Earth.

Are we not at what we might conceive of as the darkest hour for many people? Is this not an important moment in time?

We face a struggle to rebuild. How many businesses will bounce back? How effective will the government be in getting money to the people without it being siphoned off by the cabal? When will we tackle the thorny issue of the redistribution of wealth on the planet?

Could there be a more urgent moment when a vision of where to go was needed?

I can’t think of one.

“Focus on the future, which is exactly what you are doing, and what I have guided you to do.”


Let me switch now to a vision of the future. How are we to build Nova Earth in the midst of the old Earth? And, Michael, you better help me with this one.

I continue the discussion I began in “Completing the Past and Working Together as a World.” (2) Later I’ll combine the two. Or three. Or however many discussions we’re having in bits and pieces.


1. The Recovery Phase = Building Nova Earth

There has never been a more opportune time for laying the foundation, infrastructure, and superstructure for Nova Earth than right now.

With countless millions of employees laid off and probably hundreds of thousands of businesses in danger of going under, we need an immediate rescue plan (for me, that would be the Six Point Plan) (3) and we need a long-term plan for planetary recovery that carries on after.

2. We need hard data

We need to know what the true situation of people is around the world and we need ways of keeping track of changes to them – through media uncontaminated by the cabal. We need to be able to transfer, store and display documents and films online safely and securely. And money.

We need search engines and the full range of social media that allow for free speech, short of hate and criminal speech.

3. We need to form citizen commissions similar to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

These citizen commissions or tribunals would begin a public process of truth and reconciliation in their field and award compensation if warranted.

When the parties have been reconciled, then the opportunity arises to discuss building new structures and processes for Nova Earth.

We’ll probably need a new system of governance, a new legal system, a new educational system, medicine, finance, on and on it goes.

The World Parliament of Religions is an example of an existing structure that might be interested in discussing building a new world in their area: the area of religion.

I’d suggest a baseline commitment be gotten from everyone concerned that all systems arrived at be built on love, from love, and through love. Nothing else will last.

4. We need to arrive at a citizen plan for building a new world

Then we need people to draw the suggestions of all commissions together and begin devising a plan for world recovery and reconstitution.

In the meantime, I’m not waiting for all of this to happen. I’m enrolled in building Nova Earth now and thus am beginning the discussion.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 13, 2020.

(2) “Completing the Past and Working Together as a World,” 

(3) The Six Point Plan

One, universal basic income covering all normal living expenses for every person living in that country, lesser for young children (under twelve). Everyone has their basic expenses in life covered and can choose to work on top of that.

Two, universal medicare. Public health of excellent standards available to all people living in that country, without distinction. Free medicare, pharmacare, and dental care.

Three, universal accessibility to all levels of gender-equal education for all people living in that country.

Fourth, universal elder care, child care, and single-mother care.

Fifth, the elimination of personal debt.

Sixth, the elimination of the national debt. (“The Big Change – Part 1,” May 8, 2020, at


Pachamama Earth Mother ~ Soul Bird Art by Roberta Orpwood

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Ascension through Integration by Lord Krishna – Natalie Glasson

Lord Krishna ~ Artist El-i-or @ DeviantArt

Ascension through Integration by Lord Krishna
Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I honour the divine within you,

I am Krishna, I am Krishna, I am Krishna.

I am a manifestation of the Creator. I embody the Creator in my heart, soul, and actions.

I am the sun that shines so brightly onto your face. I am the sky, the wind, and the stars. I am the water, the land and soil. I am the Earth in all its bounty and beauty. I am the love, peace and harmony that exists on the Earth and in the Creator’s spiritual world. I am your soul in manifestation on the Earth. I am your movements when you dance, the noises of joy when you laugh and the ecstasy of your jubilations. I am your kind thoughts, your loving actions, and your devotion to the Creator in its purity. I am one with you, we exist as a whole. Nothing can separate our union for we are united in the name, soul, and light of the Creator.

My dear sweet children of the Light, I am integrated and united with every aspect of the Creator’s kingdom, this is not because I am an ascended master but because I am my truth, in complete existence. You are united and integrated with every aspect of the Creator’s soul and the universe, you are simply unable to comprehend this yet but a time will come when you will experience the love of every other aspect of the Creator’s soul pour into your being and you will be in bliss.

The Influence of the Physical Body

Existing within your human body is almost like living within a cage; you are unable to escape while consciously awake. You can feel a connecting with others and to integrate your energy with the Creator’s soul, but there is an aspect of your being that is separated from the Creator due to your physical body. This is not a hindrance; it is a precious and valuable experience that allows you to focus on the divine contained within your physical body, discovering, analysis and honouring your inner energy until it is such a major influence in your life.

The physical world may seem so dominant now for you, as separation between people is encouraged, fear of illness is widespread, and the fragility of the physical body promoted. Each person is being drawn into a viewpoint of themselves and their reality which is an illusion. This of course is an invitation you do not have to accept and can instead dive into the truth of your being and the world surrounding you. To indulge in illusion is to waste valuable ascension and discovery time.

There is a need to discover a balance between the physical reality and your inner divine reality. This is where integration becomes the key. Integrating the sacred vibrations of your inner soul with the physical reality unfolding for you and all on the Earth now will create a clear vision and pathway for you to embody. Allowing you to remain balanced in mind, body and being, while living in illusion with the perspective of truth and clarity.

The greatest illusion is separation.

The greatest truths can be discovered through the process of integration.

My dear children value every moment of your time within a physical body, integrate your divine soul and sacred energies into your physical body and reality as this is your true purpose on the Earth. You must love yourself to eliminate these boundaries. As you open to the energy of your soul and embody love the restrictions of your physical body and reality will disperse. This does not mean that your body will disappear but that it will rise in energy vibration, allowing you to exist with greater integration and vastness in a physical body. When you connect with your inner divine energies you are able to reach out and share your love and light with those around you, increasing your expansive energy and unity of your light with other aspects of the Creator’s light. With this progression, you will gradually learn to become integrated with every aspect of the Creator’s soul, becoming the Creator and the beauty of the mighty soul of the Creator on the Earth, and throughout the universe.

‘I invite the divinity of my being to connect with all aspects of your being, physical body and reality now. I expand my divine energies into my entire being and into the world around me. I share my love and light openly and generously with those around me. The expansion of my light magnifies and amplifies manifesting unity with all aspects of the Creator’s light. With this progression I can see, sense, and acknowledge my natural integration with every aspect of the Creator’s soul. I acknowledge and explore myself now as the beauty of the Creator incarnate on the Earth. It is through integration I ascend, recognising the truth of the Creator within my being and the world around me. Thank you and so it is. ‘

Integration is to ascend and to become enlightened. When you expand your soul and integrate it with the aspects of the Creator’s soul you become sensitive and aware of everything that occurs on the Earth and the inner planes. Your awareness and sensitivity expand to across the Earth because you are integrated with all. You can assist and guide many from the spiritual planes because you are an aspect of every soul incarnation on the Earth and in existence on the spiritual planes. This, my dear children, is the way that we can be by your side every day guiding you forth. We are ascended masters, divine light beings of the Creator and an aspect of your soul. When you invoke our guidance and advice, we can assist you with ease. The process and practice of integration is one that brings forth major ascension shifts and awakening. Integration is essential now on the Earth as it will not only open your inner divine world to you, your spiritual skills, abilities and enlightenment will be revealed. Integration with the Creator and your soul, expanding these energies into your reality and the world will enable you to strengthen your energies, balance your being, awakening your inner enlightenment, become aware of the truth within and around you, as well as, grounding you into a new way of being.

Integration is to accept the presence of divinity within your being and to emanate it into your being and world. Evaluating your connection and oneness with all souls, therefore becoming the truth of the Creator incarnate upon the Earth.

Time and your physical body are your only restrictions on the Earth, but they aid you in discovering the sacred jewel and golden droplet of enlightenment you are. Once this is understood then you can accept yourself as a vast and expansive energy of the Creator that is integrated with every living soul not just on the Earth but in spirit form as well.

This comprehension allows you to realise there is an aspect of your soul within every person that you meet and greet. You are one with the Earth and the universe. You are the Creator in manifestation on the Earth, and let it be. This comprehension is now grounding fully into the Earth, allow it to awaken and become active within your own being.

I share with you the bounty of love that stems from my soul. I honour the divine within you; I respect and love you unconditionally. May you now honour the divine within your soul and love yourself unconditionally.

Allow the waves of Krishna’s energy to immerse your being.

I am Krishna


Lord Krishna ~ Artist El-i-or @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Belle’Anna – Embracing Sacred Partnership with Gaia and the Elements – Linda Dillon

Female Floral Portrait by Chinese Painter Wendy Ng


Belle’Anna ~ Embracing Sacred Partnership with Gaia and the Elements

Greetings, I am Belle’Anna, guardian and friend, sister, brother, ally, mother, father… there is not one role I would not embrace to be with you, beloved of my heart, sister of my soul.

It is right, as in the sense of Divine Plan rightness, that you are in your joy and you are not distracted for, as you had said to the channel, you have been ‘in lockdown’ for a very long time! [Laughing]

You have chosen – for this phase of your life, because you know this will change – but you have chosen for this phase, yes, to heal, to clear, but also to be in the clarity of your soul, of the collective soul, and to truly embrace our relationship – and you have taken the time to truly know not just we who are immediately serving you, but to know your soul family, your soul group – to know what is truly important, and what deserves to be cherished and nurtured and brought along because it cherishes and nurtures you.

And you have acknowledged, beloved, that there are times when a flower or a plant, the sand or the ocean, the sun or the sky nurtures you and you give it equal weight; you give it the weight, the value, that it deserves. And it is important to realise that when you are engaged with a plant, the ocean or the sky, the sand, a tree, or mist on your face, you are engaged with the elements which are fully engaged with you as well, particularly in nature. You think: “This is giving me so much!”

You have a deep repository not only of the joy but of the awe and the respect, the honouring of the offering, shall we say, of Gaia. But also what you need to fully comprehend is that when the air comes to you, when the breeze or the sunshine comes to you, and you say, “Thank you – thank you for this gift!” take a moment and feel the air and the sand and the sunshine and the breeze and the water saying, “Thank you!” back because it is a form of sacred partnership; it is a form of conjoining. You understand this.

So often, humans have forgotten this. They take the gifts of these partnerships… even if they think of it, which they usually don’t… they don’t think of it in terms of partnership. They do not think of it in terms of energy literally conjoining and being offered in sweetness and in love.

This is one of the most significant shifts that has, and is, and will be occurring.

People are having the opportunity to see all over your globe how giving Gaia a break has in fact allowed the recovery of so much – and it is giving them the chance in their own hearts to assess what they value.

So often, when the Mother has said, “Determine what you value; determine what you wish to bring forward,” the process that humans are engaging in is primarily: “Well, I like this and that; I like my work; I like my friends; I like my house; I like having more leisure time; I value family.”

But they are not yet to the point – and that is why this pause continues – where they are saying, “Oh, I like having fresh air; I like feeling the sun on my face or the mist caressing my hair,” for these are partnerships as well.

So is it a progression? Yes, it is – and the Mother is most certainly organising and talking about this.

But why am I bringing it up? Because sometimes you do not hear the air saying, “Thank you, sweet Elle!”

E: Oh, that’s beautiful, beloved, thank you


Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah 


The Seven Mighty Archangels and their Divine Complements – The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia 

Archangel & Faith ~ Artist Pamela McCabe @ Fine Art America


The Seven Mighty Archangels and their Divine Complements:


1st Ray Archangel Michael and Faith
2nd Ray Archangel Jophiel and Christine
3rd Ray Archangel Chamuel and Charity
4th Ray Archangel Gabriel and Hope
5th Ray Archangel Raphael and Mary (Mother of Jesus)
6th Ray Archangel Uriel and Aurora
7th Ray Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst


These Mighty Archangels are the rulers of the twelve thrones of the Angelic Kingdom, which represent a different aspect of the Holy Spirit in the Cosmos. They are the ministering servants of God’s Creation.

Last but not least, I want to mention our Beloved Mother Earth. She truly is our Mother who has supported our evolutionary pathway for millions of years. She is known by many as Mother Gaia, a name used mainly by surface dwellers at this time. This is not inaccurate, but nevertheless, on the Inner Planes, she has been known for millions of years as Beloved Virgo. Her Divine complement is Pelleur. She is a living and conscious being of great attainment and of exceptional Love and Patience. She has received much abuse from mankind and very little gratitude. Let us honor and acknowledge Her today!

All the hierarchies mentioned above also work closely and in total collaboration with the Inner Earth hierarchies, which are involved in assisting the Ascension of the planet and humanity. Who is in charge and how they function is not well known to surface dwellers. Let me mention a few.

The Agartha Network hierarchy is responsible for the inner earth governments of the various civilizations and Cities of Light.

She is considered by the spiritual hierarchy of this planet and Universe and beyond as One who is held in the highest respect and admiration for her courage and persistence. She has suffered on Her Body more wars, abuse and trauma than any being ever has. And still, she has chosen to hold back her own ascension in order to take with her as many of her children as possible. She has loved unconditionally all beings of her many kingdoms. She has provided a planet of unlimited beauty and perfection. It is we humans who have trashed her body and created ugliness here. It is our discordant thoughts and actions that are creating the harsh weather patterns we have to endure. When we return to living by the concepts of true Love and Brotherhood, we will have, once again, as in the times of old, perfect moderate weather all year round.

Through this writing, I have tried to answer questions often asked by many seekers. This chain of hierarchy goes all the way to the highest dimensions of the Godhead. It is much more vast than we know, and its gets rather more complicated as one goes along. We have this information only because the ascended masters have chosen to reveal this much to us. This information is a great blessing. We can use these names to call upon the beings of these hierarchies in our prayers and meditations for assistance and guidance, which they are always very willing to offer.

The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia


Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission.

Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.

With thanks to Mehroo Fitter


Archangel & Faith ~ Artist Pamela McCabe @ Fine Art America 

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

Taking a Stand: We Will Make It Across the Finish Line Together – Steve Beckow

The Book of Life – a colourful metal art sculpture by David Kracov that depicts a book dissolving into butterflies


Taking a Stand: We Will Make It Across the Finish Line Together

I feel like taking stock and even reminiscing, in these relaxed times of lockdown. I’d just like to let things flow for a change, not knowing where we’ll get to. Just sharing….

It’s interesting following, and sometimes covering, what’s happening in the external world right now. It’s challenging … for me.

While I build databases with quotes from celestial and galactic sources and do so from the printed word, our news sources today are very often video and always terrestrial.

I’m never going to be able to report on it in the way I can with printed channeled messages.

I reminisce….

I’ve had a lifelong – and more than a lifelong – love affair with the written word. I had a past life associated with the Gutenberg printing press.  I don’t want to get into puffery, but I’ve had a long association with writing and publishing. I even love the feel of books.

Reporting on largely medical matters in a climate of crisis from video sources is not really my forté. If I do it, I do it as an interested and “intelligent user,” not somehow as an “expert,” which I’m not.

What I’d far rather report on is the gathering momentum among people to unite and say “no” to the New World Order.  Not to criminalize the NWO as human souls but to draw a line around their criminal activities.

We faced the pandemic together and now we face the recovery together. And recover we must. In my opinion, we’d be unwise to forget the lesson of history, that jobless recoveries from recessions were used as a means of shedding workers made obsolete by automation in the 1980s and avoiding fiscal obligation in the matter. Let’s not do it again.

UBIs, universal medicare, universal accessibility, etc., financed with sequestered Illuminati wealth. We have the answer. (1) We now need the collective political will to do it.


When the pandemonium gets too much for me, my response, as we discussed earlier, (2) is to get bigger. To rise above it and take a bird’s-eye view.

In that earlier article, I gave a process using imagination to get me into a synoptic frame of mind. I got bigger than the Earth.

Another alternative would be to look for commonalities, universals.

I start to identify them. A need for money, food, shelter, medical care.

To see the commonalities, I have to draw back from the particulars of the situation. It moves me to see things from a more contextual, higher perspective than I did before.

And, as I do so, I settle into the role of observer again. And the pandemonium settles down.


All of this is my search for the solid and balanced part of myself in the midst of chaos.

And, as I do so, I see that I’m only being lazy.

The real strength lies in my will.

I know that.

The only reason I don’t resort to my will is that I’m enjoying myself. Or anticipating better times. I’m plugged in to seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, which I know to be Third-Dimensional.

I stop resisting the exercise of my will. I do what I’ve been taught to do: Take a stand.

What is my stand here?

My stand is that we will, as one united human society, navigate through the rough seas ahead and arrive on the distant shore in the greatest possible safety – and arrive together. (3) We’re in this together. We’re pulling together. Q says it best: “Where we go one, we go all.” Exactly.

Not only are we going to make it across the finish line together, but that there will be a finish to it all (war, trafficking, corruption, etc.) is also my stand.


(1) See “The Big Change – Part 1,” 

(2) See “The Big Change – Part 2,” , at

(3) In answer to a reader’s question, mine is a stand that our efforts will be aimed at as many people making it across the finish line as possible.

Some will choose not to go because their service contracts are complete and they’d prefer to ascend from the other side. We wouldn’t interfere there.

Others will not achieve the necessary vibrational level to survive in higher dimensions. They’d be precluded for natural, vibrational reasons. Those whom we can help, we’ll help. Those that we can’t will not ascend at this time.

But among those who qualify and want to ascend from this realm, my stand is that we will do whatever it takes to make it across the finish line together. We won’t allow the cabal’s efforts to succeed in sabotaging Ascension or our recovery from Covid-19 and any toxic vaccine.

The Book of Life – a colourful metal art sculpture by David Kracov that depicts a book dissolving into butterflies

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Heavenly NEW Earth Consciousness & Focus – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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May’s Light Letter:
Heavenly NEW Earth Consciousness & Focus is “How”…

♦ Taking Responsibility for yourself, your energy and what you create/allow…
♦ Applying Unlocked NEW EARTH CODES
♦ Re-Designing your whole life vibrationally aligned with these

Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

I transmit out love to accompany you through your every moment of consciously creating more new, anchoring the codes for NEW EARTH fully and living beautiful dream realities too! ♥

Moments of deep observation, commUNION and reflection are our norm… observing the ENERGY of all and seeing from Infinite Dimensions/Levels of Consciousness… so vastly that every moment is vibrationally re-coded and re-aligned just through Pure Presence, BEing and Pure Sacred Connection held deep deep deep within….

I can speak to the unraveling, the immense distortions and craziness that is occurring in 3D/4D frequency bandwidths or I can speak to the beauty, magnificence and pure JOY available to all fully living 5D-12D from deep deep deep within… and how HOLDING OUR HIGHEST STATES IS WHAT SHIFTS ALL to a whole new reality, tons of them, and what’s actually available, what’s truly possible and what’s just waiting for all to embrace, grab ahold of and bring forth as their whole new reality here too.

There are always options, there are always choices and there are always alternatives…. and how easily we see, how easily we shift, how easily we Tune our Consciousness (and Crystals that make up our Crystalline LightBodies) is determined by how open our hearts/minds/energy/whole body/being is….. Plasma gives each the ability to re-shape/re-form entire realities, as well as play in a field of cohesion and experience some “trippy stuff” for awhile, until our Plasma LightBody is completely online, forgo accelerating more LightBody phases as we return to 12D with our whole body/being.

Do you SPEND your moments creating all new realities to experience as your whole life here? Do you INVEST all of you and all that you have/are/do into ALL NEW that looks nothing like the old use to? DO you truly CARE to UNITE and work together and share? Or are you still holding on to “the old ways of living/doing things” because of what you were told/learned (programmed) to believe? (It’s important to Resolve all victim mentalities here… as all of this was individually Soul-determined prior to each’s incarnation)…

Do you awaken every day, excited and ready to rock out awesomeness or do you spend all of your “time” (energy) focused on what’s going on “out there”? There are ways to “see”, without it “dictating” y/our reality or getting “caught up in any of it”. Through heart/mind/consciousness expansion we are able to see from multiple perspectives and various levels of everything. These expanded perceptions/awarenesses/understandings are utilized in teaching/re-educating/guiding/assisting and shifting all to much higher timelines/realities at-will.

Do you govern yourself fully and hold deep sacred respect for all? Do you observe yourself and all in your own reality and REALIZE that you are the one that makes a difference? The expanded realization that you are the one that CREATED THAT WHOLE REALITY/EXPERIENCE by the programming your cellular body holds, what you listened to, participated in, supported, believed, allowed and actually did or didn’t do are a part of how you/we all come into y/our power here. These realizations are flooding forth for many right now and increasing for more as we go.

Do you bring forth programming, separation, duality, fears and lack or do you shift to a completely different place/space inside and UNITE ALL THROUGH LOVE? Are you still playing out the old distorted illusions because of ignited stories fueled by heightened/suppressed emotions or are you LIVING YOUR MOST MAGNIFICENT REALITY fully….. by BEING LIGHT in form… fully and encouraging all to be/do/live this fully too?

Where your focus is, what you “do”, what you allow, what you spend your time/energy on… this is what “manifests” (materializes) in your reality as an “experience/form”….

First, akashes and karmic timelines must fully be cleared. We do this by doing the OPPOSITE of what the ego aspect wants…. This activates each’s Merkaba to start to construct/build over much linear time for physical body ascension to occur. Through consciously dissolving our own inner-separation, a unification of “all bodies” occurs….


NEW EARTH IS A REALITY/EXPERIENCE that each are able to LIVE fully… as each INTENTIONALLY/CONSCIOUSLY HOLDS NEW EARTH TEMPLATES and CODES IN PLACE…. with their whole body/being/presence — ACTS & ACTIONS….

NEW EARTH is vibrant, more colorful and starts out so “sur-REAL”…. soft, fuzzy and dreamy and SO VERY PURE…. occurring as each lets completely go of the old everything and CONSCIOUSLY ALLOWS their whole body/being to raise it’s whole overall vibration fully… where each’s heart is fully connected, where each’s mind has completely relaxed and whole body surrendered to PURE PRESENCE and PEACE… where each’s body is truly happy and SO FULL OF LOVE that it naturally bursts out, naturally RAYdiates and emanates out…. from every cell. ♥

Nature speaks energetically, birds sing symphonies, butterflies and dragonflies flitter about. Conversations and exchanges are kind, loving, soft and pure…. and “realities” are CREATED through full consciousness, sharing, uniting and working together to support, uplift and inspire all…. ourselves, each other and all of humanity… AS ALL ARE ONE AND THE SAME….

It starts at “home” (inside)… in your whole life and “how you live” energetically and physically too. How you behave, treat yourselves/each other and where you function from matters…. as this is what creates the FLOW OF ENERGY and the DIRECTION OF CODES…. that “tells” the Quantum Field/Unified Field how to respond to/for you…. especially when we get into full Embodiment and organically transmitting LIGHT CODES out that are COORDINATES for multi-dimensional realities/experiences….

When you breathe, you transmit. When you BE you transmit. When you speak, you transmit, when you sit, when you think, when you inner-act, when you create, when you “do” anything… you transmit the COORDINATES OUT FOR THE DIMENSION you OCCUPY and EXPERIENCE as a vibrational RESULT of this….

Your EVERY nano-second/moment you are transmitting, receiving and generating CODES…. Quantum Geometric Equational Codes that constantly take new form, constantly re-shape, constantly inner-acting with a Multi-Dimensional Quantum Energy Field and COMMUNICATES on an ENERGETIC LEVEL …. where through your own full consciousness you are able to ENERGETICALLY DIRECT…

As you experience these MASSIVE PLANETARY, COLLECTIVE AND INDIVIDUAL SHIFTS from Old Earth to NEW, from the old corrupted Databases/Codes/Foundations/Programs/Systems/Platforms/Databanks to completely “new” ones…. you are “leaving” separation, leaving duality, leaving lack, leaving survival mode, leaving fear-based beliefs/realities to TRANSITION OVER to a whole new REALITY that’s FREE, PURE and A NEW DREAM…. built on a FOUNDATION of PURE LOVE, UNIVERSAL/COSMIC TRUTHS/WAYS/CODES….

We are exactly where is important for shifting the whole planet to Living FROM a much higher State of Consciousness than before. One where each holds themselves accountable AS a Soul-Star-LIGHT BEing and sees what they didn’t want to before. First, each has to open up to ACCEPT what they didn’t want to admit, see or “deal with”, because it was “uncomfortable” or “made them choose/do” something different… yet this is NECESSARY to assist each in stopping unconscious acceptance of “any of that” as an ACTual “reality” and start to unite with those who Serve Humanity as a greater whole…. and CREATE/ACCOMPLISH TOGETHER that which comes forth through INNER-VISION (NEW Earth Visionaries), PURE HEART and by APPLYING NEW EARTH CODES to how we all live our lives here……

Until each ACTUALLY SEE what was actually going on, what was “hidden” and deeply veiled…. and admit that which didn’t care about or support humanity, our planet and all…. each won’t open up to listen with their heart, open up to re-learning all a-new and fully embrace all new different realities instead…..

WE NEED ALL TO SEE, we need all to truly “get it” and also dedicate themselves, their gifts/skills/abilities, their own reSOURCEs and time/love/energy to NEW EARTH fully too. This is “how” we do this…. together…. and so while “ALL COMING INTO LIGHT” is not “pretty”, it is an important part of the Awakening Process…. because without this part, no one would “choose” to “leave” the old ways of unconsciousness, separation, duality and “give my power away to that which is outside of me”…. in order to UNITE/CREATE/BUILD all new realities (NEW EARTH) through Divine Harmony, cohesiveness, love, purity, kindness, caring, support and sharing….

As long as “the old ways” are believed to be “protection/safe”, then humanity is unable to shift. So, each will be presented with SEEing that’s not true (it never was… just an illusion of this). Each will constantly be presented with CHOICES and the energy each holds/transmits out will “tell” the external what to “do”.

This immense process is one of re-learning everything all over again, deeeeeeeeep de-programming, deeeeeeeeep cellular purification/cleanses of heavy duty (hidden/invisible) purging (at first) and FILLING THAT SPACE INSIDE with PURE LIGHT.

This is a DNA “battle/war” to “control” Consciousness… yet Pure Consciousness can’t be controlled. This is, and has always been, the HOLY GRAIL… and the “Keys” to all are held deep within each one of us here. ♥ It’s also a culmination of all timelines/existences rolled up into “this one here”. Each will REMEMBER and MERGE (through the clearing of immense inner-distortions) their Galactic, Atlantean, LeMUrian, Sacred and Divine Aspects, as each realizes that “all of those” are not “another time” like once thought.

This is where your LightBody repairs your own degraded/damaged/destroyed DNA, which was a part of the role played by 3D everything. You/We/Each just have to learn to re-prioritize all to fully support and honor this…. as it does mean “y/our whole life” here. Literally and on every level….

As each’s LIGHTBODY is “allowed” to come fully online INSIDE….. This IS THE PURE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL LITERALLY “taking over your body” (not an entity or anything to “fear”), while your bio-electrical system is activated to awaken your body’s consciousness so that Electrical Photonic Light can work through body density and fill your every cell to create a sacred gridwork/networking system INSIDE that communicates and transmits out multi-dimensional codes with your every breath…. and where YOU are someone completely different than “before”….

This is the dissolving of the separation of “time”, the linearity/density/fixed mentalities of ego separation programming…

This is the re-merging of all into/as ONE inside….. so that “outside” can become this too….

This is where the “battle” inside finally goes (as it was all of your aspects/versions fighting your higher/future/purest Source SELF through games of separation)…. forgo “the battle out there” will go too and you won’t be “fighting” anyone/anything anymore, as you shift to 5D where there are no battles… Instead there is Unity, Love and Pure Consciousness that dictates all and THIS is where NEW EARTH emanates from…… and you just have to HOLD THIS FULLY… as your whole NEW reality here….

Every moment CAN BE PEACE, CAN BE HEAVEN…. when this is where you LIVE from INSIDE…. for when you breathe, you breathe love. When you breathe, you breathe light. When you breathe, you breathe peace and this is what emanates out to BEcome your Unified Quantum Field Experience….

Yes, you will always be clearing old programming, yet it’s no “big deal” after awhile, as it’s just a cellular thing that doesn’t inhibit or infringe on “how” you ACTually LIVE here…..

EVERY TIME we get a MASSIVE BLAST OF PHOTONIC LIGHT (which is 24/7), your whole body/being/reality is going to be reworked/realigned to all new “codes”……

This is a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Existence… where nothing is fixed and everything shifts constantly….. yet it takes a while to relearn how to function in all new ways…. and an immense amount of openness, readiness, patience, presence and CONSCIOUSNESS… to do this with great ease and grace. Yet, the JOY, the beauty, the magnificence is what all “receive” as an ACTual experience….. and this can be shared/transmitted/united through our vibratory fields…. where CREATING is so much fun, so awesome and simple….. because CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS is where we all live/function from…. where everything is OUR CREATION…. so we take GREAT CARE in everything…. because it is “this important” and it “does affect” everyone and everything and every reality on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Level….

SO LIVE YOUR LIGHT…. Live your JOY…. Live Your Purity and LOVE fully… and observe the distortions…. all of them…. as this gives you the POWER to see, dissolve and shift, tune and re-align all yourself!

InJOY listening to the Cosmic Frequencies encoded and constantly re-tuning all…. InJOY the Softness, the Silence, the Purity, the Simplicity and Peace… (available to all from deep within), so that when you “move” your body/field, that this energy/vibration” is what you bring forth, share and emanate out.

Joy, magic and immense beauty and abundance are a natural by-product of this…. ♫

I love you and what’s coming next will be even more mind-blowing for those still awakening …. while exciting realities prepare to come forth for all fully embracing ALL NEW…. as 12D dictates this planet now… the rest is the dismantling, unraveling, restructuring and re-setting/re-balancing processes and bringing ALL INTO THE LIGHT FULLY so that ALL IS VISIBLE… to allow for greater shifts to occur.

Are you Living Out Victim Mentalities or Holding an Empowering ENERGY….? Do you continually convince yourself that you don’t have a choice or do you truly open up to SEE and EMBRACE all that’s available and possible when your heart/mind are open fully and you live from Sacred Trust and Divine Union inside? This makes a difference in what your actual experiences will be going forth. ♥

Yes, there will be great division…. as the “Split between Old Earth and New” occurs for/within each… yet this will eventually dissolve too…. AS all becomes ONE AGAIN…. as all is re-birthed from within and each LIVES NEW EARTH fully…. and as Pure Love here. ☼

Unity Consciousness Prevails… as the old is no longer (on a Quantum Level) and only plays out where this is still held within by each).

Get ready… as we’ve only just begun…. there’s SO VERY MUCH MORE still to come! We are shifting an entire planet… one by one… group by group…. collective by collective… until everything is transitioned through 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmanity Codes and the application/implementation of various/infinite Source Codes too.

12D NEW EARTH TEMPLATES continue to accelerate and rework everything…. continue to replace the old… continue to dismantle/dissolve and bring NEW BALANCE in ways not understood/visible/perceived before…. These codes are within each one of us and are constantly being activated through the barrage/floods of Light Codes and Photonic Light/Plasma Energies increasing/accelerating 24/7 every day.

Ultra-High Frequency Photonics sing Cosmic Harmonics constantly and it’s the most beautiful song ever felt/experienced/heard… ♫♫♫ Everyday is Massive Stargates/Gateways opening/re-synchronizing/re-aligning, one after the other and another and another…. so massively that constantly integrating, stabilizing and shifting is a natural state too…. ♫

Your NEW EARTH REALITIES will take all of you, all of your energy and everything you have/are/do… just like old earth did… yet these realities are built on Purity, Unity, Love, Freedom Codes and your own HUMANITY…. and all get to IN-JOY these fully and with the utmost simplicity, care, respect and ease too! ♥
Immense Love, Respect and Reverence for all,


Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah



Mermaid Mother & Child painting by Shijun Munns @ Fine Art America



Dear people, I am the voice of the Earth, and I bid you welcome.

I carry you, and in love and surrender I flow through you. I live within the cells of your body. You express yourself through me, but I also find expression through you. I enjoy being with you and to experience life on Earth through your human consciousness. I would like you to dare to surrender to me; to dare to give yourself over to your body, your feelings, and the flow of life that is there within you. That is my wish.

Feel the power of my love for you. You are my child, for I bear you as a mother. I want you to experience and accept me as a supporting energy in your life, but to not do that through your head and the thinking processes that you have been taught. In its essence, my energy does not work in a determining and directive manner, but flows with a rhythm that is natural and spontaneous. Whenever your soul connects with me from a letting go into life, we then dance and experience life together. You then connect your soul’s energy, your cosmic heart, with my earthly energy in a connection that flows from above to below, in full surrender to the great forces of life, both cosmic and earthly, and without the intervention of the head with its mental processes.

This is the new human who will appear on Earth, the human being who recognizes and experiences both their earthly and cosmic roots, and feels as one with that experience. What is to happen now in the world is for people to connect with both their cosmic origin and their earthly life by way of the body that bears them.

Take a moment to regard the human body as a gateway for cosmic energy to flow into the Earth. This week you all have been in different caves (in southern France). These are physical gateways for cosmic energy to enter into the Earth, as is your body such a gateway. Your body is composed of the powerful and fundamental energies of the Earth elements, which have as their basis: solidity, stability, and peace; yet at the same time your body contains an energy gateway, an opening for the inspirational rays of light to flow from the Cosmic Sun into the Earth.

Your body needs to be anchored on and in the Earth; to be entirely rooted here. And your body also needs nurturing, not only physical food: bread and water, but ethereal food as well: the feeling of being one with nature by connecting with trees, plants, and animals; feeling the sun on your skin, floating on refreshing water, breathing fresh air, and feeling the heat of a fire. All these elements – my elements of water, fire, air, and earth – are just as much spiritual energies as are those of the teachers, masters, and angels whom you revere. My spiritual energies are here among us, and through the earthly elements I provide, you can unite with them.

These earthly-spiritual energies are everywhere on Earth. See around you the flowers that grow in the field, and the plants and herbs that provide you with what you need as human beings. Embrace these energies of the Earth and feel my power – this is your Home! And whenever you are able to feel earthly and rooted, and you dare to nourish yourself with everything you need, physically and energetically, then the gateway opens for the light of your soul. That gateway forms a connection with this earthly world, and allows this world to flourish by infusing it with cosmic light.

Feel for a moment what is needed in your own life in order to achieve this interplay in the best way possible. Start by feeling through your body that earthly foundation in yourself. Feel your body to be anchored in me. Here in this setting (southern France), where nature is wild and free and has been cultivated and modified as little as possible, you can experience more easily the pure flow of the energy of Earth. Your body recognizes and responds to this energy and you do not have to do anything mental to make that happen. Simply lie on the grass and admire nature and the energy comes to you spontaneously.

Feel the Earth energy flowing into your feet, and how your body regains a more full and solid feeling. Feel the peace and tranquility of the rocks beneath you, with their ages-old covering of soil. This earthly energy is there and it bears you because you are part of nature, just as are the animals, the plants, and the stones, the water, and the air. Just as are they, so also are you an important part and component of nature. Embrace and accept the reality and beauty of this fact.

This fact also means that when you return to your home from this visit and you are back in your everyday life, you will remember to feel what it is like to be connected with the Earth, and with the calm that you need. Take seriously the rhythm that comes from your body and do not to let yourself be diverted by the many demands that come at you from human society. They do not bring you to where you have to be; they lead you away from your essence. Take some rest, and relax by feeling the elements of the Earth. Cherish these earthly elements and nurture yourself with them. Only then can the gateway open for your soul-light to truly manifest in your daily life.

Make a connection now with the light of your soul. You have felt what it is like to be rooted and connected with me, the Earth, and you have felt what it is like to receive in your own body the spiritual forces of the earthly elements. Now imagine what cosmic force, what soul-light wants to enter into you. Visualize it descending from Heaven, from the sky above you. Feel your own sun-light, the strength of your soul, and receive that in your heart. Feel it shine in your heart! And see how the Earth energy receives and responds to that light within you. How delicious it is to experience this radiance!

The earthly and the cosmic are energies that respond to and need each other – they are not opposing energies. The Earth energy in your body becomes revitalized and filled with joy and is inspired by the cosmic light that you are, and this union of energies takes earthly form through you. The cosmic light wants nothing more than to be here, and to flow out through the cells of your body, so as to help the Earth be fruitful and give birth to the new.

You are so welcome here – I need your light! Physically, as the Earth, I cannot live without the light from the Sun, and energetically, I also need your cosmic light. And that can only flow into me when you allow yourself to be received by me; when you trust me and feel at home here. See how both energies are now joined in you: your cosmic star-light joined with your body, the earthly anchor. Let them embrace each other and let them together flow through your body.

Here then is the mating and union of both the male and female energies; the energies of both giving and receiving; the Sun and the Earth. Allow these mated and unified energies to flow over and through you in ever widening circles; not only in your body, but throughout your entire energetic field, your aura. Allow these energies to renew you and to remind you of who you truly are: a playful being of light; a living being present here temporarily to interact joyfully with my energy on Earth. Experience again the intimate union of both the Earth energy and the cosmic light that you are. Welcome and incorporate that feeling of intimacy, and take it with you as you return to your homes.

Now, for a moment, look at your everyday life from the perspective of that feeling of the intimate union of energies. Just feel intuitively, and without thinking about it, that you are there in your home. See if you can find one part of your life there that you would change so you are more in balance with your true nature. What can you do for yourself, physically or emotionally, through which you would feel more nurtured and experience more tranquility, relaxation, and inspiration? Then promise yourself to give this to yourself. Make more space in your life to nurture yourself in both earthly and heavenly ways.

Finally, I would like to ask you to feel the great forces that welcome you in this life. From beneath your feet, receive the nurturing powers of the Mother, the Earth, and from above, the loving arms of the Father who protects and cherishes you. Feel this totality of forces from above you and below you, and allow that union to happen. Just let go of the excess thinking and doing; know that you are carried by greater forces that love you, that want the best for you. Relinquish control to them and allow yourself to be swept along by a great energy wave.

A new world awaits you, and because you surrender to that energy flow, you become one of those who prepare and give shape to the new world. It is happeningthere is so much that is evolving now on Earth. The biggest step for you is to dare to surrender to the forces of both Earth and Heaven. I love you; feel my hand in yours – you are never alone.

© Pamela Kribbe
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


Mermaid Mother & Child painting by Shijun Munns @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah