Belle’Anna – Embracing Sacred Partnership with Gaia and the Elements – Linda Dillon

Female Floral Portrait by Chinese Painter Wendy Ng


Belle’Anna ~ Embracing Sacred Partnership with Gaia and the Elements

Greetings, I am Belle’Anna, guardian and friend, sister, brother, ally, mother, father… there is not one role I would not embrace to be with you, beloved of my heart, sister of my soul.

It is right, as in the sense of Divine Plan rightness, that you are in your joy and you are not distracted for, as you had said to the channel, you have been ‘in lockdown’ for a very long time! [Laughing]

You have chosen – for this phase of your life, because you know this will change – but you have chosen for this phase, yes, to heal, to clear, but also to be in the clarity of your soul, of the collective soul, and to truly embrace our relationship – and you have taken the time to truly know not just we who are immediately serving you, but to know your soul family, your soul group – to know what is truly important, and what deserves to be cherished and nurtured and brought along because it cherishes and nurtures you.

And you have acknowledged, beloved, that there are times when a flower or a plant, the sand or the ocean, the sun or the sky nurtures you and you give it equal weight; you give it the weight, the value, that it deserves. And it is important to realise that when you are engaged with a plant, the ocean or the sky, the sand, a tree, or mist on your face, you are engaged with the elements which are fully engaged with you as well, particularly in nature. You think: “This is giving me so much!”

You have a deep repository not only of the joy but of the awe and the respect, the honouring of the offering, shall we say, of Gaia. But also what you need to fully comprehend is that when the air comes to you, when the breeze or the sunshine comes to you, and you say, “Thank you – thank you for this gift!” take a moment and feel the air and the sand and the sunshine and the breeze and the water saying, “Thank you!” back because it is a form of sacred partnership; it is a form of conjoining. You understand this.

So often, humans have forgotten this. They take the gifts of these partnerships… even if they think of it, which they usually don’t… they don’t think of it in terms of partnership. They do not think of it in terms of energy literally conjoining and being offered in sweetness and in love.

This is one of the most significant shifts that has, and is, and will be occurring.

People are having the opportunity to see all over your globe how giving Gaia a break has in fact allowed the recovery of so much – and it is giving them the chance in their own hearts to assess what they value.

So often, when the Mother has said, “Determine what you value; determine what you wish to bring forward,” the process that humans are engaging in is primarily: “Well, I like this and that; I like my work; I like my friends; I like my house; I like having more leisure time; I value family.”

But they are not yet to the point – and that is why this pause continues – where they are saying, “Oh, I like having fresh air; I like feeling the sun on my face or the mist caressing my hair,” for these are partnerships as well.

So is it a progression? Yes, it is – and the Mother is most certainly organising and talking about this.

But why am I bringing it up? Because sometimes you do not hear the air saying, “Thank you, sweet Elle!”

E: Oh, that’s beautiful, beloved, thank you


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The Seven Mighty Archangels and their Divine Complements – The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia 

Archangel & Faith ~ Artist Pamela McCabe @ Fine Art America


The Seven Mighty Archangels and their Divine Complements:


1st Ray Archangel Michael and Faith
2nd Ray Archangel Jophiel and Christine
3rd Ray Archangel Chamuel and Charity
4th Ray Archangel Gabriel and Hope
5th Ray Archangel Raphael and Mary (Mother of Jesus)
6th Ray Archangel Uriel and Aurora
7th Ray Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst


These Mighty Archangels are the rulers of the twelve thrones of the Angelic Kingdom, which represent a different aspect of the Holy Spirit in the Cosmos. They are the ministering servants of God’s Creation.

Last but not least, I want to mention our Beloved Mother Earth. She truly is our Mother who has supported our evolutionary pathway for millions of years. She is known by many as Mother Gaia, a name used mainly by surface dwellers at this time. This is not inaccurate, but nevertheless, on the Inner Planes, she has been known for millions of years as Beloved Virgo. Her Divine complement is Pelleur. She is a living and conscious being of great attainment and of exceptional Love and Patience. She has received much abuse from mankind and very little gratitude. Let us honor and acknowledge Her today!

All the hierarchies mentioned above also work closely and in total collaboration with the Inner Earth hierarchies, which are involved in assisting the Ascension of the planet and humanity. Who is in charge and how they function is not well known to surface dwellers. Let me mention a few.

The Agartha Network hierarchy is responsible for the inner earth governments of the various civilizations and Cities of Light.

She is considered by the spiritual hierarchy of this planet and Universe and beyond as One who is held in the highest respect and admiration for her courage and persistence. She has suffered on Her Body more wars, abuse and trauma than any being ever has. And still, she has chosen to hold back her own ascension in order to take with her as many of her children as possible. She has loved unconditionally all beings of her many kingdoms. She has provided a planet of unlimited beauty and perfection. It is we humans who have trashed her body and created ugliness here. It is our discordant thoughts and actions that are creating the harsh weather patterns we have to endure. When we return to living by the concepts of true Love and Brotherhood, we will have, once again, as in the times of old, perfect moderate weather all year round.

Through this writing, I have tried to answer questions often asked by many seekers. This chain of hierarchy goes all the way to the highest dimensions of the Godhead. It is much more vast than we know, and its gets rather more complicated as one goes along. We have this information only because the ascended masters have chosen to reveal this much to us. This information is a great blessing. We can use these names to call upon the beings of these hierarchies in our prayers and meditations for assistance and guidance, which they are always very willing to offer.

The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia


Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission.

Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.

With thanks to Mehroo Fitter


Archangel & Faith ~ Artist Pamela McCabe @ Fine Art America 

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