The Recovery Phase = Building Nova Earth – Steve Beckow

Pachamama Earth Mother ~ Soul Bird Art by Roberta Orpwood


The Recovery Phase = Building Nova Earth

In a reading I had with him on May 13, 2020, Archangel Michael asked me to turn my attention back again to Ascension matters.

Here are my marching orders:

“As I have said many times you’re not to engage in politics, sweet one. …

“Again, sweet one, you’re becoming engaged in political intrigue which is distracting you from the true process of Ascension. …

“It is important during this shift, during this time of new beginnings, yes, with the sweeping away of the old that you focus on the future, which is exactly what you are doing, and what I have guided you to do. …

“Remember that our undertaking is the tracking of spiritual evolution to a higher realm of consciousness and that is the focus that we must always return to. ” (1)

It was a good wakeup call. And I’ve given him permission to wake me up. Let me therefore return to my original mission – to offer a detailed vision of the future.

The main events have been blocked out. The Alliance is using the pandemic to launch clean-up operations against the cabal worldwide.

The cabal is fighting back with force in various places on, above, and below ground and on the Internet with censorship, false narratives, and diversionary tactics (paid trolls).

Ulterior motives in the pandemic’s creation – because it was created; it’s a bioweapon – are being revealed. Mandatory vaccines may be the next diversionary tactic.

There are those in the lightworker movement who are tasked with playing a role in these events.

At Michael’s request, I personally (and this does not apply to the other editors) am now leaving those events to blogs like Stillness in the Storm, Collective Evolution, Gateway Pundit, and Signs of the Times and concentrating on building the future and tracking our spiritual evolution.


For me, the Ascension matter of most urgency is recovery from the Pandemic and for me that recovery equates to  building Nova Earth.

Are we not at what we might conceive of as the darkest hour for many people? Is this not an important moment in time?

We face a struggle to rebuild. How many businesses will bounce back? How effective will the government be in getting money to the people without it being siphoned off by the cabal? When will we tackle the thorny issue of the redistribution of wealth on the planet?

Could there be a more urgent moment when a vision of where to go was needed?

I can’t think of one.

“Focus on the future, which is exactly what you are doing, and what I have guided you to do.”


Let me switch now to a vision of the future. How are we to build Nova Earth in the midst of the old Earth? And, Michael, you better help me with this one.

I continue the discussion I began in “Completing the Past and Working Together as a World.” (2) Later I’ll combine the two. Or three. Or however many discussions we’re having in bits and pieces.


1. The Recovery Phase = Building Nova Earth

There has never been a more opportune time for laying the foundation, infrastructure, and superstructure for Nova Earth than right now.

With countless millions of employees laid off and probably hundreds of thousands of businesses in danger of going under, we need an immediate rescue plan (for me, that would be the Six Point Plan) (3) and we need a long-term plan for planetary recovery that carries on after.

2. We need hard data

We need to know what the true situation of people is around the world and we need ways of keeping track of changes to them – through media uncontaminated by the cabal. We need to be able to transfer, store and display documents and films online safely and securely. And money.

We need search engines and the full range of social media that allow for free speech, short of hate and criminal speech.

3. We need to form citizen commissions similar to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

These citizen commissions or tribunals would begin a public process of truth and reconciliation in their field and award compensation if warranted.

When the parties have been reconciled, then the opportunity arises to discuss building new structures and processes for Nova Earth.

We’ll probably need a new system of governance, a new legal system, a new educational system, medicine, finance, on and on it goes.

The World Parliament of Religions is an example of an existing structure that might be interested in discussing building a new world in their area: the area of religion.

I’d suggest a baseline commitment be gotten from everyone concerned that all systems arrived at be built on love, from love, and through love. Nothing else will last.

4. We need to arrive at a citizen plan for building a new world

Then we need people to draw the suggestions of all commissions together and begin devising a plan for world recovery and reconstitution.

In the meantime, I’m not waiting for all of this to happen. I’m enrolled in building Nova Earth now and thus am beginning the discussion.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 13, 2020.

(2) “Completing the Past and Working Together as a World,” 

(3) The Six Point Plan

One, universal basic income covering all normal living expenses for every person living in that country, lesser for young children (under twelve). Everyone has their basic expenses in life covered and can choose to work on top of that.

Two, universal medicare. Public health of excellent standards available to all people living in that country, without distinction. Free medicare, pharmacare, and dental care.

Three, universal accessibility to all levels of gender-equal education for all people living in that country.

Fourth, universal elder care, child care, and single-mother care.

Fifth, the elimination of personal debt.

Sixth, the elimination of the national debt. (“The Big Change – Part 1,” May 8, 2020, at


Pachamama Earth Mother ~ Soul Bird Art by Roberta Orpwood

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

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