The Necessity for Ascension to be a Gradual Affair – Steve Beckow

Samadhi Painting Opening to Light by Christina Gage @ Fine Art America


The Necessity for Ascension to be a Gradual Affair

I’d like a change of pace and  topic.

Out of the pandemic, many of us have been on lockdown and that’s given us plenty of time for reflection.

At the same time the energies are being steadily ratcheted up and sometimes it’s causing old issues to rise to the surface, like squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

Pandemic, energies, cabal takedown….  I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve been battling fatigue day after day.

I’m also in a reflective state of mind during lockdown. So, focusing on the rising energies,  I asked myself: What does it say that I should be so fatigued by a simple rise in energy?

What it says to me is that, if I’m bowled over by this amount of energy, can you imagine how I’d be blown apart if I jumped from here to Ascension itself, by which I mean Sahaja Samadhi, (1) in one go?

My body probably could not withstand the shock.

Look at how we (OK, I) complain about slight Ascension symptoms like fatigue. Imagine how we’d be complaining if we doubled the pace at which we’re ascending. Tripled the pace.

The hospitals would be flooded with people having what they regard as serious symptoms. The cabal and the mainstream media would be calling it “Ascension Sickness.”

We need the pace to be bearable, not only for us but for the billions on the planet who have no idea what might be happening.

Archangel Michael allows us one exception to going from here to Ascension in one go: “Visit; don’t stay,” he tells us. (2) He explained to me, as I’ve mentioned a few times, that I would not want to remain in service if I ascended.

To be sure, there are sudden events, seeded into our gradual timeframe. In my most mature opinion? They happen when the Mother and the archangels judge that we’re ready for them, consistent with our life’s plan.  They cement our progress.

They include heart openings (fourth chakra), third-eye openings (sixth chakra), and Shiva and Shakti’s reunion or Brahmajnana (seventh chakra).

And then comes the one event that can justifiably be called “the Event” – a full and permanent opening of the heart in Sahaja Samadhi, beyond the seven-chakra system.

If you need a marker, then I suggest this be it. By the time we have it, our hearts will have been tenderized to withstand and enjoy the explosive experience of love and bliss that awaits us.

That’s all. I just needed to talk about something other than the chaos occurring as Earth undergoes a change in planetary management.


(1) Sahaja Samadhi is a stage of enlightenment marked by a full and permanent heart opening. Sahaja means “natural.”

Because it results in a transition from Third/Fourth Dimensionality in which people live, die, and are reborn, it is called liberation from the wheel of birth and death.

Buddhists call it nirvana; Christians call it heaven. Buddhists call the stage of enlightenment it is Buddhahood; Christians salvation and redemption; Hindus, mukti, moksha, or liberation.

(2) Steve: Can you help me make sense of returning to my interdimensionality while not becoming a guru figure?

Archangel Michael:   It is very simple: Visit [the higher realms]; don’t stay.   (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2013.)


Samadhi Painting Opening to Light by Christina Gage @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

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