This is What We’re After – Steve Beckow

The Third Eye Sudakshina Bhattacharya by SuWaniArts @ Pixels

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This is What We’re After

As if watching a world in chaos and battling with Youtube censorship were not enough…

…love chooses this time to show up.

The second helping of love that I wanted to have? I now have.

Writing about it as it happens does moderate the experience somewhat, but my job is to write about it. Too much of the experience and I stop writing about it.

Love arose from nothing – naturally. One minute it was not there and the next moment it was. I remember becoming aware of a wisp of it and then I was entirely in it. (1)

Years ago love showed up like an onrushing inner tsunami. Now it shows up like an old friend, putting its arm around my shoulders and nestling in.

All fear drains away from me, all strain, all worry.

In the presence of this higher form of love, I feel totally safe, totally protected.

No, not my body. In the space of this love, I’m not worried about my body. The real me, the spirit within the body.

The mental/emotional state of that spirit is what I might worry about, if worry was possible in this sea of love. Which it isn’t.


Viewing things from this vantage point has all the doings of the world, all the cabal-created chaos fade from view. Whether pandemic or worse, love erases the memory of the pain and grief of it – but not the wonderful memories.

Years ago we’d have called being in this space of love, escapism. We’d be accused of having our head in the sand.

But we know, now, that one person or many people holding a vibration of this kind  for the entire planet can make a radical difference – in the collective consciousness (thoughts) and the collective psyche (feelings).

Rather than escapism, this is involvement with the planet and its inhabitants on a much more meaningful and intimate level than physical action might produce. I think.


It’s so hard to consider loving people who are so callous towards human life as we’ve seen recently. But seeing matters from this loving space has me solve that dilemma as well.

It isn’t that I need to love “these people.” It’s that I need to love.

This higher form of love is by its very nature universal. It flows and it flows in all directions. Love cannot be other than universal and still be love.

If I try to keep it away from someone, it disappears. I have to allow it to flow up from my heart, through me, and out to the world. Indiscriminately.

“I thy God am a jealous God.” God = Love. If we have any thoughts that are counter to love, love leaves. No forwarding address. No letter of regret.

So, no, I don’t have to include Ralph in my love over there. Thinking that way doesn’t match the way things are set up.

Yes, I do have to allow love to flow to whomever it will, Ralph, Mary, and the kid who stole my wallet.

The reward for me for allowing love to flow through me to everyone else, indiscriminately, is that I get to experience that love as it flows through me.

This space of love that I’m in at the moment is the solution to all our problems and dilemmas. THIS is what we’re after.

If God is Love, then we’ve found the treasure buried in the field. That treasure is the One; i.e., the deepest, transcendent Love. The field is the heart.


(1) That has happened before. I once saw Bliss as if it was a person across a crowded room and, immediately upon recognizing it as bliss, it filled me up. On another occasion, I saw a peaceful face pass by me as I rode a train out of the station. The minute I saw it, I recognized it as Peace and peace filled me up. Make simple inner eye contact with a divine state, or even just feel it, and it’ll fill you up immediately.

I’ve also on occasion ridden wisps of love or bliss like a surfboard into the higher state.


The Third Eye Sudakshina Bhattacharya by SuWaniArts @ Pixels

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

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