Beckoning Places – James Mahu @ WingMakers

Radiance ~ Artist Meganne Forbes

Beckoning Places

Of beckoning places
I have never felt more lost.
Nothing invites me onward.
Nothing compels my mouth to speak.
In cave-like ignorance, resembling oblivion,
I am soulless in sleep.
Where are you, beloved?
Do you not think I wait for you?
Do you not understand the crystal heart?
Its facets like mirrors for the clouds
absent of nothing blue.

Invincible heaven with downcast eyes
and burning bullets of victory that peel through flesh
like a hungry ax,
why did you follow me?
I need an equal not a slayer.
I need a companion not a ruler.
I need love not commandments.

Of things forgotten
I have never been one.
God seems to find me even in the tumbleweed
when winds howl
and I become the wishbone in the hands
of good and evil.
Why do they seek me out?
What purpose do I serve
if I cannot become visible to you?

You know, when they put animals to sleep
children wait outside
as the needle settles the debt of pain and age.
The mother or father write a check and
sign their name twice that day.
They drop a watermark of tears.
They smile for their children
through clenched hearts beating
sideways like a pendulum
of time.

And I see all of this and more in myself.
A small animal whose debts are soon to be settled.
Children are already appearing outside
waiting for the smile of parents to reassure.
The signature and watermark
they never see.

Of winter sanctuary
I have found only you.
Though I wait for signals to draw me from the cold
into your fire
I know they will come
even though I fumble for my key.
Even though my heart is beheaded.
Even though I have only learned division.
I remember you
and the light above your door.

James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.


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LISTENING TO YOUR INNER VOICE – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson

female face artist Donna Smallenberg - flowers

Artist ~ Donna Smallenberg




Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss listening to your inner voice.

In this time of rapid change, many ideas about the ascension process abound. One person may claim they have found the only path to ascension, while another person may have a completely different view.

There are many paths that allow you to rise to higher and higher levels on your ascension spiral. There is no one answer that fits every person.

It is very important that you turn to your heart center and your inner guidance to determine the best path for you. Your own inner voice will guide you in greater understanding about your path.

The key is to listen to your inner voice, which is also known as your inner guidance. This does not mean you actually need to hear a voice. Your inner guidance may come in the form of a thought, an idea, or something someone else says. The more you practice this, the clearer your inner voice, or guidance, will become.

As you are tuning in to your inner voice, you may wish to ask for highest good. This allows the Higher Beings to work more closely with you.

Your inner voice will bring you wisdom and understanding as you move along your ascension path.

There are many esoteric secrets to be shared along with explanations that are far beyond what is normally comprehended. That is why times of silence are helpful. This allows the secrets of higher understanding and consciousness to enter gently into your awareness as you are going about your daily activities.

If you are always listening to something in the background that pulls your attention in an earthly direction, you may have more trouble receiving what we in the Higher Realms have to share because your attention is focused on other things. We whisper to you in times of silence.

Even though you are performing an activity, we can come to you in times of silence between your thoughts.

These are often the times that we can bring you new understanding and insights because you may be in a relaxed state if you are performing a routine activity.

Just as you may pose questions to us during your meditation time or before going to sleep, you may also ask to receive insights as you go throughout your day. When you remain in a state to receive, the insights can flow more easily.

This does not mean that every moment must be in silence. Rather it is a conscious selecting of background experiences that will allow us to communicate with you. What you select is an individual choice based on what you resonate with and what allows you to move to a place of higher consciousness.

These times of awareness can be a natural extension of your dedicated meditation time. If you begin your day with quiet time or meditation, then you can extend this peaceful feeling and tuning in by your selection of your background experience whenever that is within your control.

You can also set your intention to receive insights even when you are not in control of events around you. This allows you to be in control of your reactions or response to the situation, and it allows you to continue to receive insights that are helpful for the situation.

In this way, you are determining the course for your day. You have started your day with quiet time or meditation and then set an intention to continue to receive insights.

As you set the course for each day, you are setting the course for your ascension path. Each day is a step on your path. Therefore, what you do each day contributes to your ascension process.

Consciously setting your course is especially helpful in times of change and uncertainty. When you are in the midst of global change, setting your course and remaining tuned in to higher consciousness can help you navigate these events with more clarity. You know what is right for you as you move forward for highest good.

As you do this, your increased awareness can lead to a sense of being calmer. You are clear about your path of service and ascension, and you can move forward more easily.

Your vibration of peacefulness and desire to be of service for highest good will radiate out to others and can offer encouragement to them as they navigate their own ascension path.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are turning inward to your heart center and are listening to your inner voice with a desire to be of service for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright  2020 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:


Artist ~ Donna Smallenberg

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Grief Waiting to Explode – Steve Beckow


Compassion ~ Artist Nanne Nyander


Grief Waiting to Explode

I’ve just had some devastating news recently. It wouldn’t be fair to name the person involved.

But I can’t imagine the shaft penetrating deeper into my heart.

I’m going through one space after another – grief, hatred, the collapse of self-importance, helplessness.

It also has me addressing some issues in my life that have been hanging around since forever. Life is suddenly too short.

I maintain that we’re all being put through situations at this time that have great meaning and application to our missions.

Some of them take the form of deep cleansing, which this one seems to be for me.

I made notes closer to the event…..

Nothing that had meaning for me yesterday necessarily has meaning for me today.  It may or it may not. I’ve lost interest in everything that seemed important yesterday.

I feel like lead. I have a ball of grief in my stomach, just waiting to explode. It aches.

When I sit, I want to stand. When I stand, I want to sit. I can’t find any position or activity that allows me to relax for more than a minute.

I can’t imagine the life beyond. I don’t want to imagine it.  This is a lifetime of associations and memories we’re talking about.

I’m not making decisions all that well right now. I feel listless. What’s the point?

The word “reeling” comes to mind. I’m reeling from the shock.

At the same time as these emotional events are happening inside, I’m amazed at how calmly I’m taking things on the outside.  Back in university, I’d be busy having a nervous breakdown.

Well, I did, as a matter of fact. More than once.

But now it’s just something more I need to handle. And I will. Not elegantly. But I will.

Here come the tears….


Compassion ~ Artist Nanne Nyander

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


Lord Adama Discourses – Visiting the Christed Inner Earth City of Shonshe ~ The Act of Patience @ Walking Terra Christa

Lord Adama Discourses ~ Visiting the Christed Inner Earth City of Shonshe~ The Act of Patience

Lord Adama shares his wisdom and knowledge with an Ascension Mastery Message visiting within the Crystalline Agarthan Christed Inner Earth City of SHONSHE within the Himalayan Mountains. Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden is an Integrative Messenger for Lord Adama in his role as High Priest of Telos assisting the Spiritual Ascension of Humanity along with the Agarthan Council of Light of the Christed Inner Earth Cities.


We are now going to travel into the Agartha Crystalline City of Shonshe, located within the Himalayas to meet Lord Adama and Lord Herstadt and Lady Felicianeea, Priest and Priestess of the city..

As our Crystalline Seven-Flame Merkabah vehicle now spins from the planetary level going towards the Himalayas, there’s a Vortex of Light that is assisting us to open up these energies. We arrive within the Himalayan mountains, going into the Inner Earth.

There is an entranceway from a Monastery. We meet up with the Monks of this Monastery and they bless us as they show us the way. We walk through a cave in the mountain lit with beautiful Flames of Light of all different colors. We travel through the mountain going deeper and deeper into the core of the earth until we finally arrive to the entranceway of the city. The energies of Shonshe are powerful. Our guides of the Monastery now return to their original location. We thank them for assisting us.

As we enter the beautiful Crystalline City of Shonshe, we can see the beautiful energies within the mountain. Crystalline lights are present everywhere.

Today our visit takes us to a very special place. There isn’t a Temple here, but there is a Vortex of Light. We are met by Lord Adama as he guides us to visit the garden called Heaven within the Earth. As we walk through the many of places of this City, there are others that are waving us on from the City, thanking us for coming to Shonshe.

We see now a beautiful gate that is lined with shrubbery. It goes all the way up to the top of the core of this mountain that we are entering. It is truly a ‘Journey into the Center of the Earth’ with exquisite energies. The gate is open. As we walk through the gate into this beautiful massive garden, it has a 20-mile radius. It goes far and wide. There are many different places within this garden that one can explore.

There are beautiful flowers; there are glistening colors of energies on the rocks with crystals. The shrubbery and the bushes are so full that you can’t really see that you are on the inner sanctum of the mountain.

We are met by Lord Herstadt and Lady Felicianeea. Lord Adama will now take us into a special place as he will speak to us about what this City may mean for us and how we can best experience within the powerful energies within this City.


Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

My Dearest, Dearest Friends!

Thank you for being with us. Come, follow me. As we walk through this pathway, there are beautiful flowering bushes and plants. It’s like a very special pathway secluded from other parts of the garden. As we walk on this pathway, I want you to feel the exquisite energies that are within this City.

We arrive at a beautiful Pagoda with Crystalline Lights. We step into the Pagoda and there are seats for each of us. Lord Herstadt and Lady Felicianeea are joining us.

As you settle within your seat here, take a moment to imagine the beautiful scents of the flowers. There are many different types of flowers in this area, some of which you may not even know what types of flowers they are as they represent the purest form of nature. As we sit within the Crystalline Pagoda, I want you to acknowledge within yourself what you are feeling presently.

The City is representative of Divine Mother God. It brings forth Her Purity of Essence allowing every person that is here to express that essence within themselves and to others. These are the aspects of Peace, Purity, Hope, and Faith. It’s almost like taking a breath of fresh air and releasing the lower-self energies that you’re dealing with that are within you.

As there are scents of Roses and Hyacinths, and beautiful energies of so many flowers, there is ivy that grows up around the Pagoda; you’re truly in a place of Heaven Within the Earth.

I would like each of you to take a moment to breathe this into your own bodily system and into your chakras. Allow the experience of comfort and relaxation to come into your mind, bringing forth the Divine beauty of knowing that all is well, because in this moment, each of us is acknowledging the beauty of nature, the beauty of crystals teaching us, of rock formations, of trees. There’s a slight breeze flowing through the air. That is the breath of Divine Mother God extending Her essence within this moment.

So, now I have your attention. The attention needs to be a focus of your present life circumstance and bring forth the blessing that is exhibited within this glorious City to assist you to feel patience within yourself no matter what you’re dealing with. Allow yourself to rest and have a calm sense of the Prana Breath running through your entire full-body system.

It is when we take moments such as these to not allow anything else interfere within the consciousness, there is a special element that can occur. There can be a sense of re-generation, growth occurring that may not have happened without taking this time in this moment. It is imperative that each of you realize this. You are living in a world that is truly in transition. There are many angers, there are many hurts, there are grievances, there is great pain, and great blaming occurring on all levels in the peoples of the world.

Every time someone lashes out and brings forth a grievance through their voice, it reverberates through the waves of the earth. It creates a shadow to be cast upon Gaia. It creates a restriction that each of you are experiencing whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

To survive through these energies, it is imperative for each of you to be your own survivalist of the self. What that means is to incorporate your Divine energies that you are experiencing presently through the Higher Mind and the Higher Heart to bless YOU.

You must remember that you are a Higher Being of Light without a body. You have chosen to come into this body but what occurs is the remembrance of the many moments that you have experienced intensity like what is happening within this world. So, what happens through that energy is a sense of compassion and sympathy for what others are experiencing. This is ALL very good, but it is important to not hold onto that energy, to not bring it into yourself. If you are one that is NOT feeling it in this way, then that may be something that you need to deal with also.

In order to arise into the 5th-dimensional energies, YOU, as that empath, must feel ALL aspects. But it doesn’t mean that you BECOME those aspects, but that you are able to look at another and give Compassion and Love, and Empathy, but not playing the sympathy card. I know this may seem harsh but in truth the evolvement of every individual Soul that comes to the planet is responsible for their own Divine blessing, for their own Completeness, for their own ability to walk through the storm with Courage and Strength.

Each of you are going through your own storms, by that I mean being on this Pathway, opening yourself up to new avenues of understanding, feelings, and thoughts. Those elements are changing every day. It is imperative for each of you to realize within yourself that you are the maker of your destiny. That maker does not mean that you as that physical person must create something upon the earth within the physical realm. It must be created within the Spiritual realm first. That is where the true growth will occur. That is where the Act of Patience comes in.

Being patient to yourself is an Act of Spiritual Service, because when you are not able to be patient, or you are overworking yourself, it is part of the 3rd-dimensional construct. You must take time within yourself to reflect on what is occurring in that individual moment.
Is that energy part of what you need to express? Or are you feeling elements within your own truth of your own Soul’s essence that you have experienced previously, and it is projecting onto your present lifestyle, your present personality?

All of this is very important because, in the way that you react, every person on the earth, in any plane of existence is a mirror for everyone else.

It’s important to realize within yourself what is going on. Are there adjustments that you’re going through, such as a moment of emotional instability? What is happening to you? Go deeper into your breath, use the Prana Breath with the open mouth to GET into the negative energy, to PUSH that blockage out of your system. Then you will be able to realize within yourself the POWER of what you are experiencing, because that’s when the Transmutation comes into Transformation.

At this time, everyone upon the earth has a great opportunity to change themselves so deeply because of what is happening in the outside world. Instead of complaining about it, instead of crying about it, instead of worrying about it; LOOK within yourself of what YOU can change.

This is how we’re going to able to help everyone on the planet to get into a better state of consciousness. It is within that blessing that is absolutely necessary for the exchange of the energies to create a 5th-dimensional consciousness.

Every individual person is responsible for their own effect within themselves and upon the world outside of themselves. This is what many individuals do not remember, or they don’t ALLOW themselves to realize that every one of you is the maker of your destiny. You are the maker of the world’s destiny and what occurs in the outside circumstances.

You may say to me, “Well I can’t control what the politicians do, or what celebrities do, or how they think.” No, you cannot, but what you CAN control is your own ability to love yourself more deeply to accept the changes that you are experiencing to allow them to be in a healing state.

No one is perfect and, yes, I have faults also. What it comes down to is taking inner responsibility for your emotions, for your thoughts, for the way you think about your life, what you DO for your life and to not blame others, not blame situations.

What is occurring within the world presently, especially in the United States of America, is that these awarenesses are coming to surface. These elements have been happening for a very long time. Racism has been a part of this country. For this country to be the Ascension Capitol of the world for North America, not just the United States, each of you have a responsibility to uphold the best reflection of yourself. When you don’t hold this, know that that is just a part of your healing process.

Every Soul upon the Earth is healing deeply.
Some Souls will not understand my words. They won’t get the gist of what I am saying as it is not a part of their awareness. It is not even part of their intelligence and that is okay. But each of you that stands here in this beautiful garden KNOWS within yourself that you have a responsibility to bring forth this Divine Light into your Full-Body system to assist this planet, to assist Gaia, as that is your role.

First and foremost, the healing process must continue for each of us individually. No one is exempt from this. Every individual Soul must look at themselves with the Truth of the Light of God. That is what this cycle has represented: Spiritual Service to Yourself is God’s Light. Allow that to shine within you to transform the darkness that has been held within your full consciousness of the Etheric Self of all the lifetimes that you have had.

This Earth has gone through great metamorphosis time and time again. But now it is time to bring more Light unto the planet.

This transference of Light is one of great challenge.

The first thing we need to do is to allow the essence of Hope. There is hope My Dearest Ones. Allow this Hope to be within you for the traits that are within your personality that you don’t like, for the elements that you want to re-create.

There is great HOPE for ALL of us. We thank you for being here within the Crystalline City of Shonshe so that we can acknowledge each other from the highest purest sense of Spirit.

All my blessings to each of you. I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos with the Agarthian Council of Light within the Crystalline City of Shonshe.

Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

Transcription Services By Carol M.


The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities. Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available. Please make sure you state the date of the class you want to purchase in the PayPal link.

ASCEND EARTH ~ CREATE HEALING LIGHT FOR GAIA – Join Walking Terra Christa in this special project to help bring more healing light to the planet and humanity by creating Ascension Columns around the Earth with the assistance of the Unified Whole Galactic and Agartha Alliance. To learn more please use the link.

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The Brand New Reality – Sandra Walter

Angel of Mercy by Gradle @ DeviantArt


Rewriting HUstory :: The Brand New Reality

Blessings Beloveds

Can you feel it? It is challenging to describe this new level of Embodiment and revelation. I need new words, images, sounds or perhaps a direct telepathic light-encoded beam to express what has occurred this week. Gaia was very direct on Monday: The birth is happening NOW.

Tuesday morning I awoke to a brand new level of consciousness; a refined, new energy that is indescribable. First message in that moment: The new realm is here. It looks and feels brand new. My heart is lighter than a feather. The next level of Crystalline realities has landed.

Impenetrable Embodiment of the next version of self in alignment with the New Earth realms. This is the result of the organic stargate flows; the consciousness-shifting light.

Everything accelerates again, more physicalization of what is already created in the etheric. Many of you have confirmed this brand new sensation. Many feel the relief and gratitude of what Gaia shared last December: I AM going to reveal New Earth in 2020. And so it is, happening right through us as Source reconnects itself into unity consciousness. the sensation of Divinity is stronger than ever.

June 23rd was one of the Stargate markers given for the year. A turning point, an acceleration point, a choice point granting an experience. The brand new experience begins as the old one visibly dismantles.

Magnetic shifts and magnetic anomalies were predicted for July. We had a (scientifically) unexplained Global magnetic anomaly occur on June 23rd, so the next phase of magnetic releases has begun.

Magnetic Shifts are Now

Amplification of dismantling is inevitable with higher vibrational light. However the splintering of experiences/timelines is not dualistic. It is multidimensional, and all of us must remember to shed the good-bad, right-wrong, left-right polarities of the old systems. Those dense brick-and-mortar magnetics are not applicable to New Earth or Ascension. The collective will (eventually) not be able to cling to judgment or taking sides, as this new realm is infused with high-frequency harmonics that demand Divine Neutrality.

This is the year for physicalization of the etheric, and the magnetic unlocking begins to support that. It opens new realms, the next level of our light-as-a-feather Sacred Heart, our brains, the ground we walk on, and the organic stargates to provide everything we need to co-create new realities through the physical.

You may feel the magnetic shifts and disbursement of density as weightlessness, levitation sensations, flowing plasma, wavy or quake-like sensations. Noticeably stronger in the last two weeks as the waves permeate the grids. That superwave is flowing.

Feel these new organic flows; they penetrate everything. In vision, they are a pastel-rainbow- crystalline plasma. In eyes-open form they look like watery waves, like looking at the external through a swimming pool. The overlap can pop up anywhere; especially in nature. Mostly you will feel it in your body and heart. Starseed and pure conduit experiences may be strong, be sure to ground and rest often.

Crystalline Activations: Visitation

The crystalline-plasma-diamond beings who have been visiting us during this passage for DNA activation are unique to this part of our journey. They are teaching us what these new realms are like; how perfect that they presented the week before Solstice. They don’t have a race or belief system associated with who they are. They are pure consciousness in service. In unity, they are evolved versions of ourselves, reigniting our DNA.

If we have learned anything about multidimensionality and unified/Christed/crystalline states, we know that fractals of our own self are consistently interacting with us in whatever form we can handle at the moment. Apparently we have leveled up enough to have these palpable experiences without any fear, doubt or mental challenges. Many of you allow this in dreamstate. It works in tandem with the Crystalline Solar activations.

Higher consciousness/faster vibrations always lift the veils on new realities, and this rainbow-crystalline-plasma realm is consistent now. Vivid Diamond-Gold images and rainbow-plasma visions are abundant.

DNA responds as these beings come into my field; my scintillating, golden-diamond strands shimmer and vibrate. The DNA is stimulated and activated by their presence. I AM shown this is what we are becoming; the walking stargate we have been striving to achieve with Mastery. As pure conduits, we may become these walking activators of the New Earth realms which are here, now, overriding the denser collective creations. This is how the Masters and Galactics do what they do; a complete knowing of the inclusive state of love that is Source.

Revelation comes quickly; lasting changes takes effort

The strong presence of this new realm changes us. Play with what can be created, light-grounded, in this Now. For some, the new realm is a path-changer. Remnants of the old Self must be cleared, rewritten, discarded. Entanglement in the lower programs is complete. A life of unknown new is embraced. Higher Choices, Moment by Moment.

Embrace the redesign to a new BEingness with New Earth Now choices. The Creator State is activating in pure hearts. We have seven billion versions of truth running on this planet; what does yours express in thought, word and action?

The End Game is Love

A gentle re-hearter: Spiritual Disclosure of the Divine HUman and Unity Consciousness is End Game. Ascension is not something you wish, watch, or wait for. We are in a phase of consistent waves, solar flashes, and stargate flows to support an experience. As Gaia said, it’s happening NOW.

Many are swayed into choosing sides or saviors, because it gives them comfort with the vivid unknown that is 2020. Let those aspects have their experience, and try not to be disheartened by the dismantling (even your own). Remember you don’t have to watch it burn. You have the Divine Birthright of free will to co-create and have a new experience.

This passage is tough on the mental and emotional levels, which is why we focus on balance and stability within, to assist with balance and stability without. Be sure to unplug from the scramble of narratives often; it literally interferes with your coherence, which affects your DNA’s ability to do something new, which affects your reality.

Apply uncommon sense. Duality and judgment have a very short shelf life. Remember this year is filled with sleight-of-hand, and many realities need your agreement or verbal reinforcement to manifest (ie: saying *they* are going to do this or that). Choose wisely, dear hearts. We are all learning unity consciousness under global duress. Only empower the thoughts, words, actions and feelings you desire to see manifested. Forgive those who dishonor life, utilize discernment as you focus on peace. Don’t let social distancing become heart-distancing, or you’ll miss the bigger thing unfolding in this Now.

Freedom Codes in many forms

As we regroup to the Divine BEingness of Source that is having this experience, we feel pure Freedom. It has been a year since the Freedom codes activated in the USA. Keeping pulling the codes through the Crystalline New Earth grids, new organic stargates and your own heart.

Focus on the Freedom codes through this final eclipse on Saturday, July 4th at 9:29 pm PDT. Put your hands on the ground, connect with Gaia, and say the word Freedom. The effects of what occurs on July 4th (America’s birthday) will reveal in the week afterward, so we are holding focus through the 14th. Let us assist in allowing the highest good to unfold with as much ease and grace as possible.

Source shifting realities through a New Heart

Our Heart torus is changing again, spinning new harmonics, frequencies, geometries and golden-diamond light which feels different. A purer sense of unity, a refreshed, refined heart. That’s the beauty of the Ascension path we have chosen; infinite expansion through experience.

Global Meditations

Join us for our SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11Am, 8:11AM and 11:11AM PDT.

Mark your calendars for a special Global meditation on Saturday July 4 from 9PM – 9:44PM PDT (UTC -7). Details and time converters at

Kindwhile, shift moment-by-moment into Infinite Self Mode. The next three weeks will reflect this new realm overwriting the density of the physical. Our faith in Divine Love and each other will be more than enough. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

New Maps of Earth – Steve Beckow

Hummingbird Painting by Vaibhav Salvi @ ArtPal


New Maps of Earth

At the end of my last reading, Michael said, tantalizingly (and I have to repeat part of the quote, from yesterday’s post):

Steve: My big concern is that I’ll be head of a large organization and have no memory.

Archangel Michael: And you think that we would leave you helpless?

Steve: No, I hope not.

AAM: No, dear heart, that is not the plan.

Steve: Oh good! Even knowing there is a plan is comforting.

AAM: There is not only a plan, Sweet One. There is a strategy afoot to implement the plan.

Steve: Anything more you want to tell us about the strategy? Anything that you left out?

AAM: It is unfolding.  (1)

Wait! Wait! Don’t go. I want to hear more.

I don’t know about you but I find what he said hugely reassuring.

There’s not only a plan, but a strategy afoot to implement the plan.

Go, Company of Heaven.

In an earlier reading he said:

“It is important during this shift, during this time of new beginnings, yes, with the sweeping away of the old, that you focus on the future, which is exactly what you are doing, and what I have guided you to do. …

“Remember that our undertaking is the tracking of spiritual evolution to a higher realm of consciousness and that is the focus that we must always return to. ” (2)

The tracking of spiritual evolution to a higher realm of consciousness? I love that assignment.

The Divine Mother has made the same request to focus on the future:

“There are times for the contemplation of what has gone beforehand, and you have had such a period of time, and you will have that again. But in this day, in this moment, I ask you to gaze forward and to gaze forward with clear intent and the acuity of your inner vision and knowing.” (3)

So when I come out of being in the moment into the world again, (4) focus on the future. Why? What does that do?

Mike Quinsey tells us:

“By projecting your vision of what it will be like you are helping to bring it into being at the earliest time.” (4)

It’s as if I’m being retrained: stay out of the past; be in the moment; and, when you apply yourself, focus on the future. I can do that.

If we feel the need to focus our attention, then let it be on exploring and mapping new pathways to the future. That will bring the future into being at the earliest possible date.

I’m enrolled. We already have New Maps of Heaven. Now let’s have New Maps of Earth.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 13, 2020.

(2) Loc. cit.

(3) “Universal Mother Mary – You are the Fulfillment of The Promise,” May 8, 2020, at

(4) “Do Not Look Back? Implications?” 

(5) “Mike Quinsey Message, April 10, 2020,” at

Hummingbird Painting by Vaibhav Salvi @ ArtPal

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

The Duration of Ascension Depends on What “Ascension” Means – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Malinda Prudhomme


The Duration of Ascension Depends on What “Ascension” Means

June 24, 2020 by 

People ask, “When is Ascension? How long do we have to wait?”

I’d like to address that question.

As far as I’m concerned, there are many ways one could measure when “Ascension” is complete, depending on what one means by the word itself.

One could restrict the meaning to the transformation in consciousness. Sahaja Samadhi is the culminating event in that sense of “Ascension.”

If that were the case, one would mark Sahaja as the endpoint in “Ascension.” There are stages to Ascension, and these stages are associated with spiritual experiences, which I’ll explain later, below.

But that’s not the only way one could measure it.

One could consider that the foundation of Nova-Earth society and the restoration of the planet would mark the end of an “Age of Ascension” – and the beginning of a Golden Age. In this case, the duration of “Ascension” would be seen as going well beyond the actual event. (1)

Are these the only interpretations of Ascension possible? No, I don’t think so. Let me explain.

I have to put on my cultural historian’s hat for a moment. I’m a little rusty at this.

A word is a symbol and a symbol is a thing or event upon which meaning may be freely and arbitrarily bestowed.

Take the word “Ascension.” There’s nothing that prevents Bill from having one meaning for it and Mary, another. Humans have the ability to create symbols and communicate them, freely and arbitrarily.

There’s no restricting the meaning of a word. Sometimes I wish there were! (2) People will mean by it whatever they do.

What we’re searching for is the truth among the versions, all of which are based on a different interpretation of “Ascension.”

If it’s like everything else, that truth will arise as a result of (A) intellectual understanding, (B) emotional experience, and (C) spiritual realization.

I have only an intellectual understanding of Ascension. What I say on the subject plus $2.50 will buy you what? You got it. A cup of coffee. My opinion has no inherent value.

And how right have I been in all my predictions? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But I have experienced and realized in areas short of Ascension and of course discussed the subject with Michael.

From the vantage point of this moment, I see Ascension this way.

Our human bodies can only tolerate conditions within a narrow range. When our temperature varies even by a few degrees, we feel cause for concern.

The spiritual changes that are happening within us are also only tolerable within a certain range, unknown to me.

If evolution happens faster than that, the human body may react. Certainly we may begin to worry. And the spiritual process could be short-circuited by our resistance in the form of anxiety.

To prevent that, we’re being slow cooked, simmered, slow enough that we’re not aware of the transformational process.

The Ascension timeline lengthened quite a bit when, in 2012, we opted to ascend as a planet.

That takes longer than what was originally planned. We added years onto the process. Now billions have to be awakened instead of millions.

Archangel Michael discussed the matter in my last reading with him:

“When humanity made the decision to proceed as a unified whole in the process and the accomplishment of Ascension, we have spoken to you often and throughout the years about how this was a highly-evolved, spiritual, and practical human-physical choice and decision point.

“It would be an understatement for us to say that most of humanity, consciously or not, did not know the magnitude of disruption, of upheaval, of shifting that such a monumental choice would truly entail. …

“And of course there are many still very active that do not wish to see the removal, the disintegration of old systems.

“But nevertheless, that is exactly what is transpiring, Sweet One. And that, is good news!” (3)

In the outer arena, everything old and unusable is “disintegrating,” being removed or reorganized. In the inner arena, well, I certainly am being reorganized. That’s an understatement.

The point of what I’m saying is that Ascension has to be, with exceptions, a slow process. Its duration has to be measured in years. But whether it ends a few years from now or a decade depends on the meaning one gives to “Ascension.”

I believe the exceptions to the slowness of the process are the very rare spiritual experiences that occur normally as the kundalini rises – spiritual awakening (4th chakra), cosmic consciousness (6th chakra), God Realization (7th chakra), and Sahaja Samadhi (beyond the third-dimensional chakra system, a full and permanent heart opening).

However my experiences have not followed this pattern and I’m aware that the rules have changed. (4)

Usually after an experience like the first three, the denseness of the human body causes us to lose our connection to it over time. But our bodies are evolving along with us and it remains to be seen whether these states will prove more lasting now.

With these notable exceptions, the process of Ascension, in my view, needs to be slow and gradual.


(1) Which I think explains a recent citing of 2030 as the end of Ascension. That date to me sounds like it takes in the founding of Nova Earth and the restoration of the planet.

(2) The whole thrust of New Maps of Heaven was to try to standardize terminology about the afterlife planes. But there is no mechanism by which to do this and it probably wouldn’t be desirable to do if there was. We may have to live with the fact that symbols can be freely and arbitrarily created and nothing can (or should) be done to prevent it.

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 17, 2020.

(4) You see all the rules have changed. You have decided to maintain form. That doesn’t mean we’re going to have you punished by not allowing you access to the 7th.

That is the old paradigm. ‘You can’t come here, unless you die.’ Well, that’s not true! That’s what enlightenment and Ascension is about. You can go as far [as you like?], you can go and feel and be the Love that is the 7th Christ consciousness. You can have it all and then you pull it into your physical form so that you are a walking, talking, working, creating Christ-conscious Being. (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings – St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2014, at

Steve Beckow: It’s very different from classical theory.

Archangel Michael: Classical theory has served you well. Now you are on a new course. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 20, 2018.)

AAM: You are in a time of individual and collective Ascension that has never occurred upon your planet or elsewhere so many of the historic and accurate understandings with regard to heart openings have shifted, can we say, expanded. (Aug. 3, 2015.)


Artist ~ Malinda Prudhomme

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Live Fully by the Andromedans your personal Ascension – Natalie Glasson

Cosmic Girl by Andreea Constantinescu @ Fine Art America


Live Fully by the Andromedans your personal Ascension
Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings to you beloved and benevolent beings. We are the Andromedans, we come forth in love, respect, and to inspire and remind you of the truth existing within your being. We come forth with high vibrations to surround you as this is needed now upon the Earth, and to support your personal Ascension. We invite you to accept our energies, to accept our light, and presence, know we are present to serve you, and support you through these Ascension activations and your Ascension Journey, which is unfolding for you and all upon the Earth.

We wish to speak of living your life fully. To live a full life can mean, signify, and represent something different for each being. Some believe that to follow a strict spiritual pathway is to live your life fully, others believe that to engage with and experience the physical reality fully, to experience creation and manifestation in the world is to live fully. While others allow themselves to adopt both pathways, integrating the spiritual nature and the physical nature. To live a life that is full, some believe they require certain things such as waiting for certain objects, situations, and experiences to manifest in their life. Others feel they are living a full life when adopting a simple way of life. It may be that to live fully upon the Earth for you is to manifest your dreams and your desires.

As the New Earth Ascension Blueprint anchors, you have the ability to create and manifest your dreams and desires. There are opportunities and possibilities beyond your imagination available to you. With this in mind, it seems appropriate to contemplate and discover what it is to live fully on the Earth.

The way your life will appear to you as living fully will be different and diverse to every other being on the Earth, this is appropriate and necessary. It is due to your state of mind, your belief systems, your current vibration, and the blockages or stagnant energy you may be holding onto within your being. All of these influence the way you perceive yourself and the way that you perceive the world around you, you manifest from these aspects of yourself. Therefore, it could be said you manifest and perceive for yourself a limited reality. You may perceive you are living your life with the fullness of the Creator and yet you are perceiving from your state of mind, belief systems, stagnant energy within your being, as well as the positive and loving vibrations of your essence. It is almost appropriate to say that in any given moment you are limiting yourself from living a life that is full, the fullness of the Creator.

It can sometimes be challenging to observe, realise, and to understand when you are living fully. When you are living fully you are living from the highest vibration of light and energy available to you at any given moment. The more you raise your vibration and connect with higher vibrations of light and energy this will alter and shift your own vibration. Thus, you are constantly opening your mind, your being, your perspective of the world within you and around you. When you allow yourself to exist from the highest vibration of light available to you in any given moment and every given moment you can be sure you are expressing yourself fully and expressing the energy of the Creator fully. This means the vibrations, blessings, love, and truth of the Creator is allowed to cascade through your being, integrating into your entire being reality and creations. You are existing in a reality that is constantly expanding, your existing in a reality where you are constantly letting go, dissolving limitations and boundaries always allowing yourself the freedom of your soul.

How do you recognise when you are connecting with the highest vibration of light available to you?

And how do you recognise when you are living your life fully? You may believe you are living your life fully now, although this may not be the case. You know when you are living your life fully because you are in a state of wonder, awe, gratitude, inspiration, and love. When you are experiencing these qualities and energies, you know you are living a full life. You are living beyond the boundaries and limitations you may set for yourself. You are living from the essence of your being within your spiritual practices, physical reality, experiences, and manifestations. If you can realise whether or not you are experiencing these qualities daily, it doesn’t have to be all day, simply at some point during the day. Then you can recognise you are living your life fully. If not, then there may be a need to raise your vibration, continuing to focus upon connecting with the highest vibration of light, love, and truth available to you in any and every given moment.

How do you connect with the highest vibration of light love and truth in every given moment?

We, the Andromedans, wish to share with you a very simple exercise that will allow you to raise your vibration connecting with the higher frequency of light that is always available to you. Connecting to higher frequencies is akin to steps, as you step onto one, so you are able to access the next. As you access a vibration of light, so the next vibration of light becomes available to you.

We, the Andromedans, invite you to close your eyes if you wish and take the attention of your mind and your third eye inwards into your being.

First Imagine within your being a star or a sun, whichever feels appropriate, this star or this sun is your soul.
Allow yourself to locate this star or sun, your soul within your being. As you do so, imagine sense or acknowledge that you are traveling towards this sun or star. You are being embraced in the most beautiful and loving light.

As you move into and through this star or sun you enter the Universe of the Creator. You observe and witness vast expansive space where the Creator is present and numerous manifestations of the Creator are in existence.

As you enter the Universe of the Creator there is another star or sun that is attracting your attention. Imagine that you travel forth to this star or sun within the Universe of the Creator. As you get closer and closer the energy, light, love, and truth of this star or sun surrounds and embraces you, it draws you into the core of its energy and presence. Rather than moving through this sun or star, exist in the very centre of the energy and light. You do not need to understand what the energy is. Where it came from or anything like that. Your task is to simply absorb the light. Breathing it into every aspect of your being. This light has been attracted to you by your soul. It is the next available light frequency that will support a rise in your energy vibration.

Absorb the light for as long as feels appropriate and necessary, be aware that wisdom, symbols, or inspiration may manifest. Focusing upon the light this is of greatest importance.

Feel your own being filling with light. The more you notice your own being filling with light you will discover you will gradually no longer exist within the star or the sun. You are becoming aware of your body being filled with so much light. Becoming aware of your existing upon the Earth. Light frequencies radiate from you. The light may feel familiar or it may feel different.

Take time to breathe deeply as you exist in awareness of your body, being, and your reality. Let this light connect with the Earth, your reality, loved ones, and all beings. You have accessed the next available light frequency. You have supported your energy vibration in shifting and evolving. You have accessed the highest vibration available to you.

This simple practice you can achieve as many times as you wish throughout the day; each time allow the energy to settle before you continue once more with the practice. You may find the influence is very deep and profound, if this is the case achieving the practice once a day maybe sufficient or maybe even once a week.

With this new higher vibration of light within your being, you may find you are inspired, in wonder, experiencing gratitude and love. New insights may dawn, new actions may feel as if they need to be expressed through your being. You can think back to the light throughout the day and allow it to emanate from your being knowing you are filling everything with this light. Therefore, you are participating in living your life fully. The more you practice this, the more you will begin to manifest from that light recognise shifts, alterations and changes occur in your reality. Dreams and desires may manifest with greater ease and your connection, and sensitivity to the Creator may also evolve.

Everything has the potential to live fully, when you live fully everything around you begin to live fully to embody an expression of the Creator.

We are the Andromedans, we love you, and we thank you.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

July Ascension Energies – Creative Power @ Jamye Price

Invocation-final by Kimberly Webber - female face giraff

Invocation – Final ~ Artist Kimberly Webber


July Ascension Energies – Creative Power

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As June brought deep emotion to the surface, the imbalancing chaos offered a building of strength for those wanting to focus into their power. In the moment there may be a breaking point and the body of life reacts. The spiraling flow continues. Pain is suppressed for survival, but surfaces when the conditions are suitable for the greatest chance of healing.

The energies of June compelled us to Balance Opposites, to find a bridge between two polarizing experiences, the neutrality to connect. Neutrality is a phase shift of the opposite creating imbalance in order to find a new balance. This may be experienced as fear, chaos, determination or focus. This is homeostasis creating anew.

In the heart it creates a powerful electromagnetic flow of emotion that compels and repels. In the mind it creates an electromagnetic flow of thoughts that define, refine and connect. As these two opposites find their own connection between the outer received and the inner projected, the bridge of life’s creation is crossed.

New Balance

June strengthened focus as the eclipses brought an intensification of the silence that has been bubbling to the surface, especially since lockdowns have shut humanity into dealing more with their inner sanctum. Like winter digs deep to prepare for new growth, deeper healing has been pushed to the surface and now the summer of growth is here.

The sum(mer) of your actions will determine your autumn harvest.

This is the Lightwork. Weaving new information into old threads, not controlling the old threads fraying (a-frayed ;o). Just like internet comments and threads, it’s all too easy to vomit without any care for where it lands. Yet as toxins purge, that is often the way of it in a moment of the body’s overwhelm. This is why June was a turning point. As the world turns its drama inside out, we have the opportunity to weave light into the story lines.

This is why Areon has been saying for a long time – get your energy into your life, which then means into your world. It’s not possible to control the story lines of the world, but it is possible to get more love, clarity, determination and focus flowing into the human experience just by living your life. Then the conditions are ripe for the next truth to surface. So many stand united with equality’s rise across this world. July will offer the next level.


July brings focus to your Creative Power. The strength and stamina to create are tested when chaos is peaked. It’s the preparing, the practice; the small incremental steps that create the capability to sustain through times of change. The final eclipse in this series of 3, on the 4th of July (Pacific time) asks you too look deeply at your Creative Power, for independence is ever only part of the story. What is (mostly) invisible is the connection.

At the core of your Creative Power is Love, but love is not the only way to create. This is what often gets confused as one becomes more attuned to spiritual evolution. Its why Balancing Opposites was such an important focus in preparation for this month. This experience of duality in the realm of separation compels us to deal with polarization as the push/pull can feel like its pulling you apart.

Neutrality within imbalance is where your Creative Power is most potent.

When you aren’t pushed/pulled off your balance (for too long), you are able to transcend the duality and connect life through you. New solution becomes available rather than just old reaction. Areon has said you never just hear or see something, you receive it. It becomes part of your informational structure, which means your many aspects of your subtle body.

Change Your Story Lines

What you then do with this information is the most important aspect. Does it change you, or do you change it? Of course, in the moment it is likely changing you, and that is the imbalance or the chaos before a new balance. At first, it changes you, there’s sorrow, anger, fear; traumatic and powerful feelings that create a breaking point within. The chaos of change. This offers you the opportunity to create anew.

Your Creative Power is your ability, as a Lightworker, to weave Light into old story lines, creating a new fabric of humanity. The power of your thoughts and emotions are the power of creating in the subtle. This is the momentum of creation that builds your world. It’s much more effective than just reacting to what has occurred. Of course, there is that as well, because it is the indicator that the season is ripe.

This season is the preparation for harvest in the northern hemisphere, in the southern hemisphere it is the deepening within to prepare for the growth of spring. For both, Creative Power is active in preparation for new growth. Its key is the emotional/mental connection to unify and amplify your energy. Weave with great power, Lightworker.

Create Powerful Change

July will ask you to reevaluate what you are feeling, giving credence to your emotions so they can flow as the nourishing and transforming waters of Life they are. What are you feeling that you want to release? What aren’t you feeling that you want to activate? These two sides of one coin are pushing and pulling you to transform into your authentic power of divinity that is woven throughout your DNA.

In July, ask yourself some questions that your energy field will resolve through homeostasis.

“How is this situation calling me to more Love (inner realm)? How can I love more in this situation (from inner to outer)?” And to keep unifying and amplifying your energy field, your heart/mind connection so you can follow your heart: “Am I loving myself unconditionally in this moment?”

The more your energy field is unified and weaving the subtle yet powerful information of Love into this world, the more life changes for the better. In the video, I recommend using a simple sentence throughout the month, “I am [blank] amplifying on Earth.”  In July, I’m working on peace, so I’ll be stating, “I am PEACE amplifying on Earth.” Let me know what you’re creating in this world in the comments below. Your powerful Light is needed, blessed being.

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Fire into ice – Lucia Sullivan


“She transmits fire into ice.
Darkness to light.
Bad dreams into sunny days.
Dark shadows into illumination.
Chaos into laughter.
Hatred into love.

Brokenness into wholeness.
And weakness into strength.
This is the journey of the alchemist.
Heals bones and blood.
And hearts and souls.”
*   *   *
Written by Lucia Sullivan copyright 2020 all rights reserved
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New York


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Is the Heart the Seat of the Soul? – Steve Beckow

LOVE by Amber Lamoreaux @ Pexels


Is the Heart the Seat of the Soul?

It was my experience that the Self was to be found in the “seat of the soul.” That is, the Self or soul “resides” in the deepest reaches of the heart.

I found it after descending, in meditation, down into the heart as far as I could possibly go on Sept. 18, 2018. I’d literally reached the back wall of the heart. And there was the Self, innocent and pure.

I don’t want to go into the whole story of how the experience was truncated so I wouldn’t go off to a cave. The important thing is the treasure map: The Self is to be found in the heart. Seek it in the heart. X marks the spot.

A few days later, Archangel Michael confirmed my experience:

“You have journeyed to the depths of your soul, to the depths of your core. …  And you have discovered, not lack, not criticism, not error, but beauty. Underneath the dross is the full beauty, the power, the gentleness, the sweetness of who you are.
” (1)

Are there any other statements from the Company of Heaven that also confirm the heart as the seat of the soul? It’d be useful to show that looking upon it that way is not a mere figure of speech but an actual reality.

Yes, Matthew Ward confirmed it in 2008: “Your heart [is] the seat of the soul.” (2) And the soul is the same as the Self. So your heart is the seat of the Self.

On another occasion, in 2017, he quoted the God of this universe:

“In one of God’s talks with my mother, He told her, ‘The heart is the seat of the soul.’ The composition of the soul is the energy of love and it is in the heart area where the love sensation is felt. It’s with good reason that you say, ‘I love you with all my heart,’ and add little heart symbols to love notes and send heart-embellished valentines to people especially dear to you.” (3)

Matthew confirms it implicitly in another of his messages:

“The spiritual level on which you will change your leaders from being darkly-ruled themselves to people worthy of being leaders – true leaders with spiritual integrity – is within your hearts. That’s your usual depiction of where love resides, is it not?

“Actually, the sensation of love is a province of the soul, but it has strong physical effects at the heart that instantly spread throughout your entirety to uplift you in spirit, mind and body.” (4)

Is that not pretty much the same as saying love is found in the heart; it must flow; and we get to experience it as it flows through us?

Matthew informed us that focusing on the heart as the seat of the soul can bring us spiritual rewards, which certainly coincides with my experience:

“Remembering that the heart is the ‘seat of the soul’ and envisioning yourself as a glowing star [i.e., the Self] can fill you with the sensation of BEing part of the celestial spheres.” (5)

It can also leave you drowned in an Ocean of Love. I believe that everyone’s experience is custom-tailored to their own spiritual beliefs and ideals. Certainly mine have been.

Looking upon the Self at the seat of the soul filled me with an immense sense of well-being, purity, and innocence that was entirely new to me and definitely a step upward. In Buddhist terms, I was looking at my original face.

And it was temporary. Michael advised me if I wanted to remain in service, then “visit; don’t stay.” (6)

Finally, Michael speaking through Ronna Vezane suggests that the heart is where we’ll find all good things:

“Within your Sacred Heart Center you will find wisdom, compassion, patience, and most important of all, unlimited Sacred Love. … This very moment, as you move into your Sacred Heart Center, you can experience the profound love and compassion of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. …

“We have stressed over and over again, one of the greatest challenges, yet one of the most important tasks to be accomplished in order to step onto the spiral of Ascension, is to maintain a focused point of awareness within your Solar Power Center. In doing so, you will maintain an open passage into the Sacred Heart − thereby allowing the Creator Light to flow freely to and from you.” (7)

Thus it’s by no means a mere figure of speech to think of the heart as the treasure box containing the spiritual wealth we seek. The treasure is to be found two digits right of the breastbone. Dig deep.

Take your awareness on a journey as far into the heart as you can go and see what awaits you there. You have the map. You have the right address.


(1) “Archangel Michael Explains What Happened at Xenia,” September 22, 2018, at

(2) Matthew’s Message, May 21, 2008.

(3) Ibid., April 2, 2017.

(4) God in Matthew’s Message, July 4, 2013.

(5) Ibid., March 10, 2009.

(6) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2013.

(7) Archangel Michael in “Ronna Vezane ~ Integrating Your New Divine Blueprint,” January 2, 2020, at
pexels-photo-LOVE - by Amber Lamoreaux

LOVE by Amber Lamoreaux @ Pexels


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As a child, I saw fairies and miniature spaceships – Amora Quan Yin

Footsteps painting by Lynne Bellchamber


Have you ever looked back over your life and realized that everything you experienced was leading to something? That this process called life is not just a random series of events but follows an intelligent divine order? Being the founder of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, including Pleiadian Lightwork, has been such an unfolding for me. 

As a child, I saw fairies and miniature spaceships made of blue light in the flowers and bushes. When I closed my eyes in a darkened room, I saw swirling mandalas of multiple bright colors, images, and scenes. Upon awaking or falling into sleep, past-life movies played before me. At age two I consciously remember asking my mother, “Why is Jesus so tall that his head goes up above the ceiling when he comes to see us?”

When she replied, “No one can see Jesus, honey. He died on the cross. And it is not nice to say things that are not true,” I gasped. It was the first time I had realized that other people did not see the things I could see. I felt sad for them; but I knew I was unmistakably right. These visions were as vivid and familiar as the sight of my own mother. I did not have names for all these experiences then, but they were an important part I knew I could share with no one.

Throughout the years, occasional psychic phenomena, which I prefer to call Full Sensory Perception, haunted my otherwise “ordinary” days and nights. I simply learned to live with them. However, by the late seventies during my Saturn Return, the experiences had become more and more frequent, as well as emotionally unnerving. I considered myself an atheist by then, disillusioned with organized religion; but I knew past lives were real because of my lucid, recurring experiences.

In my very first past-life healing session with a regressionist in 1979, much to my chagrin, I found myself on a mountainside meadow with thousands of others as Jesus delivered a sermon. I had told Mr. Brown, the therapist, “I’m here to heal my past lives so I can get on with this one. But don’t you try and convince me of any religious crap because I’m an atheist. I just want these past-life memories to stop invading my life.”

In my “sermon on the mount” regression experience, as Jesus spoke, there suddenly appeared a gigantic spaceship made of stellar blue light just above the woods to his right. Then another spaceship appeared, and another until six of the huge crafts had come and gone. All around me people fell to the ground covering their heads and whimpering. But I stood, hands above my head in ecstasy, silently repeating, “Home, home,” and weeping tears of joy.

With a tug on my garment, my husband cried, “Samantha, get down!” I stood transfixed, unable to move, until I felt a magnetic pull at my third eye and found myself eye to eye with Christ. My third eye was lasered with a beam of the most intense light I had ever seen, followed by a cellular flood of light and energy. I burst into tears of spiritual awakening and joy. I had experienced a cellular awakening, my soul’s remembrance of itself, and enlightenment all at once.  It was years before I understood the connections between the Christ, the Pleiades, Sirius, enlightenment, and spaceships of light.

All of these puzzle pieces put together have led to the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School. It is a contemporization of the ancient Egyptian Mystery School system, which was taught to the Egyptians by the same Pleiadians, Sirians, and Ascended Master who have taught me or should I say, have helped me remember.

During these wondrous and accelerated times, we are being impulsed to live in a sacred way again in unity in diversity; to release all judgments, blame, self-pity, control, attachment, prejudice, greed, and all forms of malevolent behavior, regardless of how subtle it might be. To do so, will make this transitional time more gracious and loving. And self-respect and trust will flourish again. On this planet of co-creation, every thought, attitude, and deed becomes a source of either contributing to the problems or to the solution.

Let us each choose to contribute to the grace and deepening of spiritual evolution on Earth and within All That Is. With, unity of purpose, we shall individually and collectively give birth to a new way of being and living, and the goal of planetary awakening will be achieved.

Whether your awakening is as dramatic as mine has been or not, it is your divine destiny to be the best that you can be. I have learned to be grateful for even the hardships along the way. For they have always led me to a more determined search for higher Truth, and universal law.

May your destiny find you eagerly waiting at the door to the future in love and gratitude.




Footsteps painting by Lynne Bellchamber

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My Mandate for This Global Pause was Be in Joy – Narendra Mishra

fractal narendra

My Mandate for This Global Pause was Be in Joy

PictureIt’s been a while since I posted a personal update, and with good reason. I have taken full advantage of the global pause to just simply take a break and enjoy life. And boy am I enjoying life!

Immediately following the local lockdown, the universe insisted that I take an almost complete break from just about everything I would consider my ‘work.’

My brand new hard drive which I had just installed about a month prior suddenly went down, taking with it my astrological software of choice.

With the lockdown I was already cleared of personal sessions- astrological consultations, Reiki sessions, Vedic rituals, etc.

Now, with my astrological software no longer available, the universe was clear in it’s intent- not even remote sessions were to be my lot. Thankfully, I still had the occasional distance Reiki session to do which kept an income stream flowing, and led to some amazing personal insights.

Truthfully, I was and am immensely thankful for the pause. I was utterly exhausted on all levels.

Immediately prior global pandemic, I was recruited as part of a spiritual team to work with clearing the dark entities and energies on the higher dimensional planes. This opportunity gave me tremendous insight into the higher dimensional energetics that was taking place around the world.

However, it was exhausting. Holding high frequencies in this ascending physical body for long periods takes its toll and there is a need for physical rest and recovery.

My mandate for this global pause was clear. Be in Joy. That was the recurring message that was being given to me.

This global pause is the physical manifestation of the quantum, zero-point field. It is the source of creation. Creativity is closely linked to joy, for joy is the closest vibration to the Creator, and the Creator is the Source of creativity.

So, I found myself drawn to being in creative joy. I started back practicing in Indian Classical music,  an art which I love yet often found precious little time to practice. Indian Classical music is creative in its very nature, requiring a constant stream of improvisation within set rules. This practice gave me great joy.

I also found myself cooking! I discovered that I was a half-decent cook. Envisioning new recipes (vegetarian of course) and trying them out was also a source of joy.

And then there came fractals….

Sometime late last year I was drawn to researching fractal geometry, but I didn’t take it on seriously. The most I did was search for a fractal screensaver for my laptop. This eventually led to me purchasing a beautiful fractal geometry app for my iPhone, Frax. I tinkered with it for a day or two then left it alone.

Somehow, in the strangest course of casual conversation with my sacred partner, I remembered the app about a month or two ago and took it out to use one of its images as my phone wallpaper. That was it. I became hooked on creating digital fractal art.

Fractal geometry is sacred geometry. It is the geometry of nature and the universe. Looking at fractals speaks deeply to one’s psyche, emotions and spirit. Fractals embody the spiritual axiom, ‘as above, so below.’ Each section of a fractal is a perfect replica of the whole. It can be scaled infinitely.

Only recently I realised that playing with fractal geometry had something in common with all of my other activities- creativity.

I came to realise that tapping the Source of creativity through any one domain opens the energetic pathways to allow Source creativity to flow in ALL domains. Simply engaging in any creative act allows everyone to receive creative inspiration around the world.

Simply by being in creative joy, lightworkers hold the space for the world’s scientists, economists, engineers, architects, doctors, etc. to become inspired and create new ways of being and doing. This is critical at this stage for building Nova Earth.

Being in Joy at this time further counteracts the fear mongering and chaotic energies that are the weapons of the remaining pockets of cabal resistance. Being in creative joy is truly a win-win situation.

What an assignment the Divine Mother gave us all! To achieve planetary ascension by simply being in Joy.

The Divine Mother has repeatedly asked us to be in joy over the years. As a matter of fact, this was the message she gave to us at our inaugural online meditation and discussion group sessions. I repost that bit here,

“The Divine Mother began with blessing all of us present and reminding us that we were the Guardians of Her planetary Ascension. She stated quite clearly that it is not a difficult task, that it is actually easy and is only accomplished by being in joy.

So there was my mandate over the past few weeks, and boy am I en-Joy-ing it! Thank you, Mother!

To conclude, I’m sharing here some of my own creations using the marvellous Frax app. I hope you find as much joy looking at them as I did creating them.

Much Love and Creative Joy to each and every one of you!

Note ~ To see all of Narendra’s Fractals please see link above

Closer to the Perfection of Our Soul Design – Steve Beckow


Closer to the Perfection of Our Soul Design

As we progress dimensionally, we come closer and closer to the perfection of our design. For instance, Michael describes the difference it will make to us to live in the Fifth Dimension:

“Your organs, your brain, your functions, your bodily functions, your circulation begin to function in alignment with the perfection of your design.

“The sense of physicality and being in the physical body, when you are in the fifth dimension, is very different….

“When you are in the fifth, you will feel… so full of vibrant energy. You will feel that you could go for days without sleeping, and just go on sheer energy.

“There will be a greater sense of well-being, that your body is humming.” (1)

Just as I’ve been saying that higher-dimensional love is a world beyond our experience, so Michael tells us that the way we be in our bodies is very different: endless energy, body working in every respect. We honestly have no idea what awaits us.

There ‘s none of the density, none of the resistance there that there is in our everyday reality. Imagine the difference between stirring your morning coffee and stirring cement. That’s about the difference between 5D and wherever we are.

This uplevelling of experience as we travel higher should convince us that life just keeps getting better and better. (2) And that should speak volumes about the design of life itself. The nearer we approach God, the better life gets.  Hmmmm….. Deduction about the design of life?

The Lord Maitreya describes how returning more closely to our real blueprint or soul design will allow us to see marvels like the inner universe. I saw it perhaps thirty years ago.  I was awestruck looking out on the panorama of space from an inner prominence.

“Now, you are coming to understand, and the channel has referred to it in a slight way, how the universe is entirely within you as well as external to you. And that is part of the return to your true blueprint. Now, you have anchored, all of you, what you refer to, what we refer to as your soul design, your individuated blueprint. But your blueprint, your being, not just metaphorically, but in actuality, is that mirror of what lies externally to you.” (3)

So a closer return to our soul design releases powers within us that produce miracles and marvels like this.

We’ve brought in the fulness of our soul design this lifetime, our mastery, Michael tells us:

“You came in divine perfection, in the fullness, particularly in this life and at this time of Ascension, you came with the fullness of your soul design, your talents, your capacities and your abilities.

“We have been telling you that this is the time of your mastery. You have access to your multidimensional self. So it is time for this illusion to simply be eliminated, blessed, disintegrated, released, surrendered, and let go.”  (4)

I’m here to the end so don’t look to me to let go of the illusion. (5) You go on ahead.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said to Archangel Michael (I no longer feel this way) that I don’t have the strength, the competence, the vision to do what he wants me to do. And his response on one occasion focused on soul design.

“If the Mother designed or desired for what you think of as perfect beings to be in the forefront of this unfoldment, then she would have done so.  Part of what you are doing is showing the willingness, demonstrating the commitment to step forward in what you perceive of as imperfection or even incompleteness and to do so on behalf of the Mother. …

“So are you up for this challenge? This opportunity? This adventure? Of course you are. DO NOT WORRY.” (6)

And I’ve stopped worrying.  He’s my quartermaster. Every month there’s bread on the table. Because of him, I’m here in all my imperfections.

My soul design is to be a writer, a communicator, and an agent of change. Here’s my charter from Michael:

“There is much to be said for Everyman, and that is part of the role you play. Yes, you are a pillar. You are an anchor. You’re [a monitor] (7) but you’re also playing the role of Everyman – with curiosity, with exploration, with insight. So our desire is not to separate you from the collective.”  (8)

Yes, sir.

What’s your soul design, your purpose, your mission? What do you yearn to do? What do you do that brings you bliss or joy or peace? (That’s your mission.)

It’s a no-brainer. That is, the answer isn’t to be found at the intellectual level of existence, but at no less than the experiential and best of all at the realizational level.

What may separate you from knowledge of your mission – and I mean no offence – is that you may not be prepared to admit that you actually do know what it is.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 18, 2012.

(2)  I notice that my taste in music has changed since the heart opening and visit to 5-7D. I now like really inspirational music and can’t tolerate anything that isn’t of a really high level.   Just interesting.

(3) “Lord Maitreya: We Will Not Settle Any Longer – Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, March 13, 2014, at

(4) “Archangel Michael on the Constructed Self and the New Normal,” May 13, 2013, at

(5) A pillar has agreed to remain till the end and assist the last ones on the train (push ’em on if I have to).

(6) AAM, ibid., Dec. 11, 2013.

(7) Archangel Michael: You are a monitor. We’ve not talked about this a great deal.

Steve: No, I don’t know what a monitor is or does, Lord.

AAM: You monitor what is happening upon your planet. You observe what is happening and you share your observations of what is happening. (AAM, ibid., March 16, 2012.)

(8)  AAM, ibid., Nov. 11, 2015.

The Summoning of Everyman, usually referred to simply as Everyman, is a late 15th-century morality play. Like John Bunyan‘s 1678 Christian novel The Pilgrim’s ProgressEveryman uses allegorical characters to examine the question of Christian salvation and what Man must do to attain it.

Salvation, by the way, and Redemption were Jesus’s terms for Ascension.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

We are in a new land dimensionally – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Be Like Water ~ Artist Isabelle Bryer Paintings


We are in a new land dimensionally

As a solar influx makes its way to Earth and the weather opens its longing arms for the company of solar light in all of its forms, a protective shield is formed around earth. Every language, in every tongue and holy breath of Earth has prayed to their gods, and their leaders for guidance. Just like a tremendous rainstorm that comes after months of drought the ground is parched and cannot absorb the powerful influx of liquid blessings. All seek to get back into a place of wholeness but that wholeness has rewritten itself into a place of non-recognition. We are in a new land dimensionally, we are not who we were, we have lost a part of ourselves or it has been exchanged for something else, either way it is up to us to move forward through this new dimensional landscape. Our perceptions have changed our thoughts have changed, the way we look at life and each other has changed both for the good and the bad.

The polarities of all like the Gemini Twins play out in front of us in the dark, in the light and every shade of gray in between. Our Spidey senses have increased and the human body is vibrationally picking up discrepancies from every word, in every situation and newscast. New psychic sensories are birthed within the old elements of earth, like a Lotus within a Lotus, we are given extra amounts of unscripted abilities to recognize what is to come, and what is truth in an abyss of lies and falsehoods.


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We are all living threads of light in the tapestry of God – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

RAINBOW BODY buddha face


We are all living threads of light in the tapestry of God

We are all living threads of light in the tapestry of God; each of us is a different shade of God, a different sound of God, a different color of God. Our dreams are different, our personalities are different, however our desire for Love is similar. We were not created to be the same; God loves all his flavors of Creation. In many dimensional existences there is permanent Oneness, an Allness and Unity that is a natural flow of evolution.

We volunteered to come to Earth to wear different colors, to see different sunsets, to kiss different babies, and learn to Love. Yes we are One, yes we are of the same light, but we deliberately incarnated into different Earth experiences, embracing her wisdom. We came here deliberately be of a different shade of gray and a new song in Heaven.

We came to a point of deliberate Oneness earlier in 2020, as the crown of light was placed on Earth. We have been forced into our corners of inner thought and life deliberately, purposefully and judiciously. The world paused on a Holy in-breath, as a living Oneness came to Earth. We were forced like a flock of Consciousness into one holding place of thought. Within ourselves within our friends within our family, the Hall of Mirrors wrapped itself around us tightly as the event that changed earth was given free rein/reign. Divinity rode in on the back of human ignorance and used the opportunity the mantle it’s love around Earth.

This could have been the end of us but in truth it is a new beginning a dimensional place we have never existed, with rules we don’t understand. As all the scars and fractures of our past dimensional experiences unwind as a ball of thread, we find ourselves all tangled up emotionally. We feel lost in space, in a lost time, looking for something that we just don’t remember. Where did the dreams go, where did the love go, where did we go? We look in the mirrors of our life and just don’t recognize who looks back within those eyes are memories just beyond our reach.

The event unraveled us on every level as we try to re-stuff the old pillows of self. We’re not the same shape, we’re not the same twinkle, and we’re not the same person as we once were. We are all ready to re-capture what was, but all of those lightning bugs are on a different time wave, our nets and hearts are empty, but why? Pinocchio wants to become a real boy with a real life, as we all do, but he cannot see clearly into the future. Like a mirage on a hot western day nuances change like the neon Vegas strip. We’d love the mirage to be an oasis but at Second Glance it’s just a dust devil.


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Experience It Passing Through Us – Steve Beckow

The Art of Love – Amanda Cass


Experience It Passing Through Us

Eureka! Drilling with our awareness, we struck love

Written before my recent reading with AAM.

There’s no subject more important than us enjoying love.

We spend a lot of time in our lives seeking it in general and seeking it externally in particular.

It’s ironic because we have a fountain of youth, an artesian well of love inside our hearts.

But then we compound matters by doing something else.  We misunderstand the dynamics of love. All of us are trying to get love – from our parents, our partners, our children.

It isn’t the getting of love that carries the reward we seek; it’s the giving.

Why is that? Because higher-dimensional love must flow. It does not stand still. And it flows universally, without our steering it.

We get our reward  – that is, we get to experience love – as it flows up from our hearts and out to the world. I repeat: We experience love mostly as it flows through us. Not to us.

Everybody, you’re going to be tested on this later.

—->>>  THIS IS IMPORTANT <<<—.

Love flows through us in an act of giving, not in an act of getting. We send our love out to the world and experience the flow of love as it passes through us. (1)

Gosh, that’s significant.

Eckhart Tolle tells a story about a beggar who turns out to be sitting on a box containing gold. The box is our heart and the gold is the love that exists inside the locked box.  It’s the inner tsunami that leads to the Ocean of Love. We’re unaware of the wealth in the box we’re sitting on.

It’s a hidden treasure, but seek and ye shall find, we’re promised.

From my limited experience I’d say we’d profit immensely – if we want love – to try giving it rather than trying to get it. We’d thereby become channels for the entry of higher-dimensional love into our realm of existence. And then we’d experience it passing through us on its unimpeded way out to the world.  And being a pipeline for love is excruciatingly … lovely.

From my own experience, giving love is the quickest way I know to experience the higher form of love.  Starting to send it out to all and sundry and experiencing it as it passes through us is what will bring us our reward.

As I feel love arise in this moment, it quickly blends into bliss.


(1)  I’ve been persuaded by Matthew Ward and my own experience that we can also get love. But I find it quicker to give it and experience it flowing through me. That’s an almost instantaneous route.


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Remembering, Returning to, and Becoming your true Fifth Dimensional SELF – Suzanne Lie

Monday, June 15, 2020

Remembering, Returning to, and Becoming your true Fifth Dimensional SELF

Remembering, Returning to, and Becoming
Your True Fifth Dimensional SELF
Your Galactic Family though Suzanne Lie
Phase One of returning to your True Fifth Dimensional SELF is remembering that you have a fifth dimensional SELF. In fact, phase one of returning to your fifth dimensional self is to remember that you have a fifth dimensional self.
Of course, phase one is the most difficult of all the phases because you will need to remember that you have a Fifth Dimension SELF and that YOU ARE your fifth dimensional SELF. However, since you have long forgotten your Fifth Dimensional SELF, you may think that you will need to become “good enough to have a Fifth Dimensional SELF.”

In fact, believing that you must be “good enough” to be a fifth dimensional being is one of the most difficult parts of your RETURN TO the FIFTH DIMENSIONAL SELF that you have always been in the higher frequencies of reality.

As soon as you think that you need to be “better” or “good enough” to BECOME your fifth dimensional self, you have fallen into the third dimensional trap that you actually are NOT (here comes the dreaded word) GOOD ENOUGH–to “become” your fifth dimensional self.

What we, your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that within this NOW ALL of you are NATURALLY “Good Enough.” In fact, you, the brave volunteers to take a third dimensional form during this NOW of great transmutation, are in your process of remembering that “good enough” is just a third dimensional term that was created so that you would forget your True Galactic SELF.

But why would you wish to forget your True SELF? The reason is that you were never told that you had a Galactic SELF. In fact, if you dared to say that you have a Galactic SELF, many people would laugh at you or tell you that you were “crazy.”

However, we, your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that you have always been good enough, or you would never receive our messages, or even think for a moment that you (the one is not good enough) are NOW and HAS ALWAYS BEEN, GOOD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR SELF!!

We, of course are talking about your true Multidimensional SELF, who is the Core of who you have always been in ALL of your incarnations. All of your incarnations have been about different components of your Fifth Dimensional SELF who whispers into you heart and mind to say:

“Beloved component of our Multidimensional SELF who has bravely chosen to take an earth vessel during this NOW of great planetary change, WE, your Galactic Multidimensional SELF are within you within you nowlong ago and into the distant future YOUR Multidimensional SELF! 

We, you Multidimensional SELF, wish to explain how and why you forgot about your Multidimensional SELF, and why many of you did not even know that  you were multidimensional! Therefore, we will begin with reason ONE why you forgot:

Why you forgot was that for most of you, you did not even know what “multidimensional” meant. Therefore we will take a moment of your third dimensional time to assist you to remember you own Multidimensional SELF! Of course, your Multidimensional SELF was ALWAYS you because your Multidimensional SELF was ALL of YOU!

However, we say you, meaning all of your Multidimensional Galactic SELF. Since you are all of your Multidimensional SELF, that includes all of your Third Dimensional SELF, your Fourth Dimensional SELF, your Fifth Dimensional SELF and beyond.

As your consciousness expands beyond your third, you will begin to greatly expand your perceptions and interactions with your daily self. Then, as your consciousness expands into fourth dimensional self your consciousness will greatly expand as you begin to allow your thoughts and feelings to become more and more creative.

As your creativity expands into your fifth dimensional SELF you will begin to wonder about, dream about, and remember your dreams and/or meditations about the YOU who is no longer bound to the third and fourth dimensions.

Then as your thoughts, emotions and inter-dimensional memories begin to communicate with your waking, third dimensional self, you will slowly or quickly become aware of the YOU that is on a Starship, on a different planet, a different frequency of reality and as well as realities that come into your meditations, your dream life, and even your daily life in which you KNOW that you are NOT alone.

You will also realize that this wonderful journey is just beginning.  Once you realize that this change is constant and limited only by your state of consciousness more and more higher dimensional versions of reality will slowly or quickly begin to merge with your third dimensional mediation, activities, desires and emotions.

You may even begin to remember the Starship that your Higher SELF lives on in the fifth dimension and beyond.  You will also begin to remember that what you have perceived in your “imagination” is most likely real in your daily life, but only visible to your consciousness when you are able to accept that reality is Multidimensional, and so are YOU!

Blessings from the members of your Galactic Family

Please, find all Sue Lie’s Published books at:

An Inner Awakening by Lord Melchizedek – Natalie Glasson

Symbols for Healing by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Gallery


An Inner Awakening by Lord Melchizedek

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings beloved friends, greetings to you light workers, and those in devotion to the Earth and the Creator. I am Lord Melchizedek and it is an honour to be in your presence. While I represent or give myself forth as one being, I am a consciousness of many. It is my purpose to oversee the Universal Level of the Creator’s Universe to support the spiritual education and Ascension education of all and to radiate the Universal Level energies, as well as delivering forth the divine plan as given to me by the Creator.

I come forth today with an insight. There is so much taking place on the Earth, multiple ascension shifts are currently manifesting. The Earth is almost erupting with the energy of fear as the old energy of negativity, fear, anger, frustration, and so forth is released for many beings to embody and then transform into positive loving light. Therefore, liberating the Earth, her humanity and all beings.

With the presence of fear, negativity, and limitations being erased, a new blueprint for the New Earth Ascension has and is being anchored into your being, into all beings and the Earth. This blueprint is creating so many different activations and awakening within your being, within the consciousness of humanity and within Mother Earth. There is so much taking place it can be challenging to acknowledge and realise with clarity what is occurring.

I, Lord Melchizedek wish to alert you to an inner awakening taking place within your being. This inner awakening is in response to the fear being released from the Earth, humanity, and the blueprint being anchored into the Earth. The inner awakening taking place within your being is extremely deep. It is within the depths of your being; it is an energy that is so sacred. It is a part of your being which you might describe as your truth. It is something you have been seeking. It is something you feel you may have lost and energy you wish to be reunited with to feel complete and whole. We can understand this inner energy awakening from the very depths of your being is extremely important in your ascension process and for the world. Therefore I, Lord Melchizedek wish to alert you to this occurrence within your being. While this is ancient sacred energy of your own truth and your integration with the Creator, it will also bring fulfilment and the manifestation of your dreams into your reality.

The Acceptance of Change

For you to acknowledge, this inner awakening would mean that change would begin its momentum. The change would occur within your reality and within your being. The most important question now is, ‘Are you ready for change?’ You may be ready for the changes you believe are appropriate and necessary in your reality. However, are you ready for change as guided by the divine will and the divine plan of the Creator? The change guided by the Creator is often unexpected and something maybe you had not considered for yourself. It can even be something you are against or could not possibly imagine yourself doing. It may be aligned with your dreams, desires, and goals, although often the Creator puts a little twist on it. And so, the change that requires acceptance is often outside of your comfort zone.
I, Lord Melchizedek, ask you are you ready for change as guided by the Creator within your being and within your reality? If your answer is yes, then it is time to seek within your being. If it is an uncertain yes, then you are still ready to delve down into your being. There is simply a need to acknowledge and to recognize that when the change manifests and anchors into your being there will be a need for you to be in complete acceptance. Maybe even surrendering to the divine will of the Creator. Knowing the Creator has created the wholeness, completeness, and the fullness you wish to experience on the Earth. And so, if your yes is uncertain trust will be needed, trust when the change manifests from the inner awakening.

The Power of Fear

It is often that which brings forth fulfilment, wholeness, and completion within our beings can also be something we fear. As you recognise or begin to turn your attention into your being recognising there is an inner awakening taking place in the very depths of your being. It is time to realise you may be fearful of this awakening and you may also be fearful of its presence and manifestation into your reality and being. This form of fear almost alerts you to the fact there is something very sacred waiting to be revealed. A big transformation is about to take place and fear often manifests from uncertainty. You are uncertain of what will manifest, what will awaken, it is like opening a box not knowing what is inside.

Trust is needed and acceptance.

When you realise there is an element of fear within your being concerning recognising this Inner awakening, you may also realise you have a fear connected to living your life fully on the Earth, creating, manifesting and experiencing your dreams. Even fear of awakening through the many levels of ascension, connecting with guides, with the Creator, finding a soul mate, and finding friends that connect on a deep soul level. All of the things you may wish to experience in your reality. It is time to acknowledge whether you also fear them as well. Fear is present because the reality you experience now, you know well, you have coping mechanisms, techniques and wisdom. When the Creator brings forth gifts and inner awakening you are uncertain of what will manifest how it will change your reality, your being, what you will be asked to achieve, manifest, and embody and empower.

The fear of uncertainty and the unknown is a natural fear. As the Earth releases fear, the energy of fear of the unknown will not be erased from the Earth, the planet, humanity’s consciousness. This is because it is a fear that alerts you and encourages you. This fear invites you to ground yourself, to stand strong, and rooted into the Earth, to realise you know yourself and you know who you are. You know who you are as a spiritual being, you know your connection with the Creator, you know that you are supported by your guides. You know the Creator wishes to share with you multiple gifts and to experience fulfilment in your reality. The fear creates an awakening of trust and a realisation that you do know even if you do not understand. Even if you cannot explain yourself, there is an aspect of your being that understands, knows, and acknowledges the changes that will occur. There is an aspect of your being that knows you can cope with these changes and they will bring fulfilment, love, peace, and joy into your reality.

The fear of the unknown activates an inner knowingness and trust.

Your relationship with the Creator is already magnificent, it is complete and whole, whether you can understand it with your mental mind or not. With the fear of the unknown comes a great confirmation of your being, which is such an amazing activation. It is an activation you ignite and begin; it can be a constant activation.

Discovering Your Inner Awakening

Imagine yourself knowing all that you are, trusting, confirming everything that you are, knowing your relationship with the Creator. Take your attention deep within your being. Acknowledge the fear which is almost like a smokescreen is dissolving. It was a smokescreen that was there for a reason because you were not yet ready to acknowledge what was behind the smokescreen. You are now ready. Take the attention of your mind and your third eye deep within your being to wherever you feel guided to connect with the inner awakening taking place and recognise the smokescreen that is dissolving. You will discover a light igniting within your being. This light is the energy of change. Change for your being and change for your reality. It is the truth energy you have been waiting for. It is the truth of the Creator and the truth of your being. It is an energy that allows you to feel whole, complete, and fulfilled. Remember, it may not be what you expected it to be, and it may not manifest as you expect it to. Trust and acceptance are important.

As you go into that energy radiate it out. It shines out through your being; it may feel familiar to you or It may feel completely abstract and unknown. Let it radiate into your body and your auric field. Let it flow into your eyes, throat, voice, and into your mind. Let it radiate out beyond your auric field. As it radiates out, allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into the core of this inner energy.

And what does it say?

What gifts are ready for you to acknowledge and receive?

What is present in that light?

You do not have to know now. Although you can take time to explore. Be present with the light, doing so will allow synthesis to take place and the changes to manifest. Take time now and in the coming days to be present with this light and awakening. Notice if the smokescreen tries to come back, if it does stand tall, ground yourself, know who you are and allow yourself to go back into the depths of your being, into the light that is promoting change in your being, reality and a manifestation of fulfilment. Enjoy the truth of the Creator, all I have spoken of is happening for you now, and you are activating it.

You are experiencing a very powerful awakening, enjoy it.

My love is with you. Thank you.

I am Lord Melchizedek

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

New Snow is on Earth – Steve Rother @ Espavo

Tajdar Prince of the Himalayas ~ Artist Holly Sierra


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NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

NEW Audible Light in Steve’s voice.
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New Snow is on Earth

Greetings, dear ones,

We are excited to join you this day. You see, from the larger aspect humanity has now reached a new energy and we’re very excited to tell you about this. Does this mean that all these challenges that you’re dealing with will suddenly go away? Or that everyone will start coming together in different ways? Well, that’s what we’re waiting to see as well. Humanity is going through a collective grief process, which has made itself obvious as people have overshadowed their own grief with that of the collective.

People are looking for things to start returning to what you would call a “normal” energy. Now we are going to tell you that normal in these days is quite different than it was even a few years ago. Planet Earth is evolving and the societies are doing their best to keep up. That’s part of what is taking place and will see play out for some time to come.

New Snow

Today we ask a question: Have you ever been somewhere that it’s snowed, with fresh snow covering the ground? All you could see was nothing but white, with very little evidence of other people being there before you. Can you take in the beauty of the pristine scene before you?

Then suddenly you turn and look in a different direction, and you can see footsteps where someone has been before you. Suddenly you feel a little more comfortable, knowing that you have a path that you can follow in some way. Dear ones, you are making those first imprints in the snow. You’re the ones who are setting these energies, so that other people can follow for many years to come. We hope you understand that many of you have come in with contracts specifically designed to connect you at the right moment and section of time/space. However, when these come along you suddenly feel pulled. With everything now happening on your planet it’s very difficult, because when anyone pulls your energy your first reaction is to close off.

The Door

But now, more than ever before, people will start stepping forward and creating a new path and space. Will you be ridiculed for it? Yes, dear ones, we can almost guarantee it. People who don’t follow the herd mentality will be singled out. But many of you came in specifically with this information. You arrived with a specific contract, sometimes just to say a few words to a person, perhaps to nudge them, or even to give resistance to something. Others have much larger contracts, yet all are needed now. The door to a new world is open and it’s starting to unfold in a beautiful way. Watch for it. And when you’re looking around for those footprints that proceeded, know that you’re making them. You’re at the beginning, you’re the ones making those imprints that millions will follow.

Many do not wish to move until they ascertain the best direction. Does that make a lot of difference? No, because you can always change your direction. That’s the beautiful part about humanity and the planet of free choice, you have that opportunity. You are quite multi-dimensional, which you’re not quite aware of. And as we’ve mentioned before, you have all this happening here on planet Earth. You’re worried and angry about it. No matter what side you think you’re on in all of these discussions, it doesn’t really make a lot of difference. Why? Because in the multiple realities, the 12 that are all around you, there are actually 11 filled by shadows of you and your energies. And when you make a big decision in one life, then those other dimensions pick up on those decisions and go in a different direction. That means you miss nothing.

A Multidimensional Vision

Is it possible to make a wrong choice? Yes, in this lifetime or dimension, and then another dimension has to pick up the other choice. When you come Home, you have the essence of all of it happening. We tell you, dear ones, you are living in crazy times. You’re very much aware of that, you’ve seen the new headlines that you never have before. The word “unprecedented” is being used more than it ever has before on planet Earth. However, that’s not the most active of all of your dimensions. You’re in the times of mastery, perfecting certain areas. That’s the reason so many challenges will come up, giving you an opportunity to master things as quickly as you can. Even if you miss it that’s not a problem, because there’s another one coming fairly soon. That is the most beautiful idea to look at every aspect of any problem you might have as an opportunity for mastery. When you master those things, it means you don’t have to take them to the next level of the game, which you’re starting to build right now.

That’s unbelievably beautiful. The evolution will happen simultaneously in all of your other dimensions, both individually and as a collective. We’ll share more about that in time, but for now we tell you that in one dimension you have a unity consciousness. This is starting to take hold on planet Earth and it’s very beautiful to watch. Over here you have another dimension that is very polarized, you are living this right now. None of the dimension are perfect. It may interest you to know that in another of your collective dimensions, President Hillary Clinton just survived her second assassination attempt.

What you don’t see as you’re creating it is that you can change your world, bringing in other aspects of your own multi-dimensional being. You can start returning to the perfection that you truly are.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in this way. Dear ones, we ask you to treat each other with the greatest of respect, nurture one another whenever possible, and play well together. Espavo. We now step aside for the Keeper of Time.


Greetings from Home.

I am the Keeper of Time. I join you this day, as you have changed and shifted time-space on your planet in a very quick heartbeat. Now you’re stepping back into a new world. But much like an escalator that’s already in motion, you have to time your steps to be able to get back into the system Footprints in the snow were spoken of earlier. However, dear ones, those are new energy people. The new energies set into motion on planet Earth are very difficult and quite challenging in many ways. You see, it takes experts who can hold the light in the face of adversity and many of you are doing exactly that. You, dear ones are the energy pioneers who are changing everything and setting a new possibility in motion.

Your energy is much stronger than you might think, and we’re so incredibly proud of you for your part of this. Trust that the doors will open when the time comes. You all have different purposes and different connections. Some of you know exactly where you’re going and the direction of your highest intent, while others do not. Fear not, dear ones, trust that when the time is right the opportunities will be there and the doors will start to open.

Your challenge is knowing when to step forward, but is that really a problem? What if you see something and step forward, but it’s not right? Simply step back, it’s not a real problem. The biggest challenge about this whole process would be that if a door opens and you’re so afraid to step through it, then it closes.

We’re telling you that everything has shifted, as you are starting to step forward into a new world. The perfect people, the perfect spirits, are on the job and they’re there watching this whole process unfold to make sure that everything’s in the right place at the right time. These are beings that have done this on many multiple planets throughout the universe. All that is here are these who corrected everything. Even if it was laid out incorrectly, you’re the ones who decided to be on the planet and take off your wings, playing the game of pretending to be a human.

Well done, dear ones, you made it. Now for each of you the questions become, “What am I supposed to do? When am I supposed to act? Where am I supposed to be? What side am I supposed to be on?” All of that will come in time, dear ones. Gain your confidence in your own ability to speak in harmony with your spirit and even your own ability to make mistakes. Everything starts to open up for you and with that you create a whole new set of footprints in the snow, a new world, energy and a light. Welcome Home, dear ones, you’ve earned it. With that we leave you for now, and we’ll come back together in another month to create magic all over again. Know you’re very magical as it is, and that we trigger that spark within you. We are with you all the time and you can hear us, if you only learn to listen and trust it. Know that you’re here for a reason. So with the greatest of honor, we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this game well together. You’re creating magic, thank you for taking your power!


I am the Keeper of Time.

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Archangel Michael: There are No Sides. There is Just One Choice – Steve Beckow

archangel michael via council of love blog

Archangel Michael ~ Image via Council of Love


Archangel Michael: There are No Sides. There is Just One Choice

Archangel Michael sometimes says something that has me want to stop the presses. Of course this is problematic for me because, by solving a great dilemma, it makes everything I prescheduled obsolete.

What he says here is very relevant to us as a world riven by racial hatreds and gender exploitation, religious differences and political disagreements.

He’s talked to me about not taking sides for some time now, but the penny hadn’t dropped. In this latest discussion, it did. I got it. Thank you for being patient with me while I stumbled around in the dark.

If you take what he says here and add to it an understanding of my 1987 vision, you have two great big puzzle pieces in place. (1)

Steve: One of the things that’s been troubling me is the thought that I shouldn’t be taking sides and yet I most certainly am on the side of the Light.

Can you just talk to me a bit about that to help me clarify the matter?

AAM:  And what you are really saying to me, sweet friend, is that there is only one choice.

You see, it is not taking sides. Because what you are doing [is not delineating into sides], and what I encourage you and every single person on this planet and far, far beyond to do is [the same].

There is a mighty battle – I can use no other word for it – being waged upon your planet. It is far more complex and, might I say, far more secretive than 99.9% of the population is aware of.
When we talk about taking sides, it immediately separates the heart, the mind, the psyche, the behaviours [by holding] that one path is right and one path is wrong.

There is only one choice which is in alignment with your divinity and the divine, and that choice is the choice of the Light, the choice of the Love. …

There is only one path and that is the path of the Light.

So when you bring yourself into that alignment, then the, what I would term as “lower-vibrational” (you will understand what I mean) judgement disappears in the one-path process. (2)

Steve: So not sides because that relates to people but choices because that relates to behavior?

AAM: Choices because, yes, it relates to behavior, to actions, to thought processes, to heart processes. But what it really relates to is the determination – that is, as in willful – the determination of what your choice is going to be.

Steve: I’m not sure I got that one….

AAM: So there is a determination factor, as in when you look at something and you say, “Oh this is the truth; these people are behaving correctly. This is valid truth” or “This is wrong,” not knowing what the back story is.

Now there are “absolute wrongs,” as you know, because they are not of love. But what you are doing is you are not adding your energy, your voice, your intellect or your heart to taking a particular stance or side.

So when you look at something, you say, “Well, does this align with light?” Not judging the people or the veracity of their information.

Because what is being judged as correct action, opinions, belief systems, operating systems… The knowing of what is truly going on behind the scenes [is not there].

This is not to underestimate the human capacity for truth. Quite the contrary.

But there are judgements being made about who is right and who is reliable, who is not and who is unreliable and all that does is feed divisiveness.

I got it. I got it. There are no sides. There is only one choice: To love or not.

And I don’t say that as a club to beat someone over the head with, a new meme. I mean it really genuinely, deeply.

Nevertheless, I’ll bet someone will divide the world into two sides, two camps: Those who love and those who do not. Less and less as the energies rise.

It isn’t my intention to create a new meme.

My intention is to limit the focus of my gaze to myself. Am I loving or not? That is the most useful application of what Michael is saying, in my opinion.

If I really were immersed in the higher form of love, the problem, as Michael indicates, would evaporate. Love would dissolve it instantly. Problems cannot survive in the inner tsunami of love.  All dross is driven away, leaving only purity and innocence.


(1) See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” August 13, 2011, at

The purpose of life is to know our true identity as God. Not by the mind is the One known, but by the heart. Our choice is to love or not love.

At the same time, it’s the destiny of every created soul to realize God one day; therefore we’re all on the same pilgrimage. Not one is fated to perish; we are all eternal souls/the One. We should be cheering each other on, not fighting each other.

(2) Yes, I do understand. When one experiences higher-dimensional love, almost immediately pain disappears; all memory of suffering is immediately lost. The same with bliss.


Archangel Michael ~ Image via Council of Love

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


Archangel Inner Sanctum Initiation ~ Aeoliah Visionary Artist PNG Clipart


by Patricia Cota-Robles
June 17, 2020

We are in the midst of a truly Cosmic Moment during which we have the opportunity to greatly accelerate Humanity’s awareness of the Oneness of ALL Life. The Company of Heaven has encouraged us for decades to pay attention, because, as they say, “Cosmic Moments come and Cosmic Moments go.” What they mean by that is that throughout the Universe there are myriad celestial alignments and cycles within cycles within cycles that greatly amplify the frequencies of Divine Light that Humanity can benefit from IF we take advantage of the opportunity.

This is one of those opportunities! We are currently being held in the embrace of a Triple Eclipse Series. This weekend, June 20th and 21st, we will experience not only the June Solstice for 2020, but also an extremely powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse.

On January 10th, during the Eclipse Series that Birthed 2020, we experienced a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which the Company of Heaven revealed assisted Mother Earth to cross the threshold of the “13th Gateway” into the Crystalline fields of the 5th-Dimensional New Earth. This monumental facet in our Ascension process shifted the Cosmic coordinates of Mother Earth to a brand new frequency in our Solar System. This is allowing the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns to greatly amplify the Light that is bathing the Earth now due to Lunar Cycles, Sun Cycles, Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes and Planetary Alignments.  We are also receiving greatly intensified frequencies of Light from Galactic Solar Waves, Plasma Solar Storms, Solar Winds, Photonic Light Streams, Solar Radiation, Magnetic Fields, Sonic Impulses and various other Cosmic events.

Even though these events present the opportunity for Humanity and the Earth to benefit in seemingly miraculous ways, if you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity do not deliberately volunteer to be the Open Door for this Light on behalf of ourselves, Humanity and the rest of Life on Mother Earth, this unfathomable Divine Light will not be tangibly available in the physical world of form on this Planet.

The Universal Law is, “The Call for assistance MUST come from the Realm where the assistance is needed.” In order for Humanity to benefit from the powerful Light Waves now bathing the Earth, we must Invoke that Divine Light through our I AM Presence and Breathe it through the Divinity within our Heart Flame into the physical world of form. Once we do that, the benefit from that influx of Light is then available for every person, place, condition and thing evolving in the physical plane of Earth. The more people invoking this Divine Light, the more obvious and life-transforming the effects will be in the individual and collective lives of ALL Humanity.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven want us to KNOW that the events unfolding on Earth during this Cosmic Moment have never before happened. This is providing all of us with an unprecedented opportunity and WE ARE BEING CALLED TO RESPOND!  This means your magnificent Light is needed NOW.

Since Mother Earth crossed the threshold of the “13th Gateway”, there have been magnetic shifts taking place within her atmosphere. These magnetic shifts are altering Humanity’s personal energy fields and dramatically affecting our Mental Bodies and our physical brain structures. This is causing the residue of the obsolete crystallized patterns in our Physical, Etheric, Mental and Emotional Bodies to be shattered and pushed to the surface. The remaining records and memories recorded in our Etheric Bodies that have been hidden from us are now available to be cleared. This is allowing our I AM Presence and our Body Elemental to remove the blocks that have been preventing us from moving forward in the Light for aeons of time.

The global time-out and the Planetary Reboot now unfolding on Earth has created a sacred space that is allowing the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child to intervene in his or her Awakening process in ways that have never been attempted before. The consciousness codes of the Millennials and the Children were activated by their I AM Presence in 2018. The Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA within the masses of Humanity were activated by every person’s I AM Presence in 2019. So far, in 2020, NEW Transfiguration Codes have been activated within every person’s 5th-Dimensional DNA and a NEW Divine Body Template has been secured within the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies. Now all is in readiness.

The global events occurring in the outer world at this time have opened the Hearts of the masses of Humanity to higher frequencies of GOD’S COMPREHENSIVE DIVINE LOVE than we have ever been able to safely assimilate. This is true, regardless of the scattered negative events being reported by the media. The reality is that Light is infinitely more powerful than the fear-based responses of those being motivated by their resistance to changing the status quo based in separation and duality.

Due to the overwhelming success of the newly opened Hearts within the masses of Humanity, we are being Called by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to respond to a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted activity of Light that will lift the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into brand NEW expressions of Oneness through GOD’S COMPREHENSIVE DIVINE LOVE.

During the June 20th-21st Solstice and the New Moon Solar Eclipse, the Solar Logos and Cosmic Beings in our Solar System will work with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to accelerate the activation of Humanity’s 5th-Dimensional Spiritual Brain Centers which will Awaken our Crown Chakras to receive higher levels of Divine Enlightenment than we have experienced since prior to our fall from Grace.

During this Cosmic Moment which will be sustained in the Eternal Moment of NOW, the I AM Presence of every person on Earth will calibrate the right and left hemispheres of our brain to the highest level that Cosmic Law will allow. This will permit our I AM Presence to reconnect the fragmented pathways within our physical brain structures that have prevented us from communicating with our I AM Presence and remembering the Oneness of ALL Life.

Once these pathways are permanently reconnected, our spiritual brain centers which consist of our pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centers at the base of our brain will be activated to the next level of their full Divine Potential by our I AM Presence. When these centers within our brain are activated to brand NEW levels of GOD’S COMPREHENSIVE DIVINE LOVE, our I AM Presence will use the amplified Light that is flowing from this Eclipse Series through our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love to accelerate the Awakening to the Oneness and Reverence of ALL Life that the masses of Humanity are experiencing during this unprecedented Cosmic Moment.

Our Father-Mother God have asked that the Invocation we use to accomplish this vitally important facet of the Divine Plan be: “I AM LOVING ALL LIFE FREE.”

This Gift from On High has been building in momentum for several decades and every time it is invoked Humanity en masse is lifted to a higher level of consciousness. Please respond to this Clarion Call from our Father-Mother God and the Realms of Illumined Truth by participating in this activity of Light as often you are inspired to do so.


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. As One Unified Heart, we invoke our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven to help us raise every person on Earth from a consciousness of separation and duality into a consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. This is being accomplished by every person’s I AM Presence in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

Beloved Father-Mother God, we ask that you now expand your Divine Love which is pulsating within the Divinity of every person’s newly calibrated Spiritual Brain Centers and Heart Flame. Allow your COMPREHENSIVE DIVINE LOVE to flow through each person’s 5th-Dimensional Heart Chakra until it envelops the entire Planet Earth, greatly intensifying our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. As this unfathomable influx of Light bathes the Earth, every facet of Life is lifted into a Higher Order of Being.

Each person’s I AM Presence now creates a sacred space in which they are able to open their 5th-Dimensional Crown Chakra of Enlightenment to full breadth. This allows each person to Ascend ever higher into the Awakened state of Christ Consciousness.

As this occurs, multidimensional and multifaceted 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light expands from the Heart of our Father-Mother God into every cell of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies allowing the I AM Presence of every person to take full dominion of their Physical, Etheric, Mental and Emotional Bodies.

Now, all is in readiness. Through their I AM Presence, every person on Earth is participating at both inner and outer levels in this activity of Light which is raising the consciousness of the masses of Humanity and assisting every person to shift from the illusion of separation and duality into the Reality of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life.

I now reach up into the Infinity of my own Divine Consciousness. As I AM lifted up, all of Humanity is lifted up with me. In this frequency of Divine Consciousness, I see that Humanity’s free will is becoming One with God’s Will and the I AM Presence of each person affirms, “I AM ready to Love ALL Life FREE!

Instantaneously, I see the Truth of every person on Earth. I see ALL of my Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity, even the most recalcitrant souls, as precious Sons and Daughters of God, no matter how far their behavior patterns or their life experiences may be from reflecting that Truth. I perceive all of the painful human miscreations associated with my Sisters and Brothers as innocent primordial energy entering my awareness now to be transmuted back into Light and Loved FREE.

I happily greet all of these Children of God and all of their misqualified energy the same way my Father-Mother God would greet them. I greet them with Love from within the embrace of Eternal Peace, Detachment, God Confidence, and Supreme Authority.

Within an Invincible Forcefield of God’s Infinite Love, I take my Sisters and Brothers into the Kingdom of Heaven within my Heart Flame, and I hold them in my arms of Light as I would an injured child. They cannot overwhelm me or control me in any way, nor do I need to fear them or shun them. I simply hold them and Love them until they surrender to the Love of God, desiring on their own to enter the Kingdom of Heaven within the Divinity of their own Heart Flame.

Now, rather than feeling rejected and thus perpetuating their negative behavior patterns, my Sisters and Brothers feel accepted and Loved as the innate Sons and Daughters of God they are. They voluntarily release themselves into the Light, and they begin to KNOW that they are ONE with ALL Life.

I rejoice that every person and their unascended energies are at long last finding their way Home and I release myself into the Peace of KNOWING:

My I AM Presence is handling ALL imperfection perfectly.”

As these precious Ones surrender to the Light, they remember that they are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God. With this sacred knowledge, they once again find their proper place in the Family of Humanity. In perfect Divine Order, they are set FREE to live and cocreate the Heart-based patterns of Love, Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life on the New Earth.  And so it is

Dear One, I wish you a Glorious Solstice and Solar Eclipse.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

Era of Peace

Archangel Inner Sanctum Initiation ~ Aeoliah Visionary Artist PNG Clipart

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Transformation of Consciousness – Peggy Black

Light painting created in real time captured to the camera in one single photographic frame by Jason Page via Instagram


Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family
June 17, 2020
My Personal Message


Well, my smooth personal routine for the last few months suddenly shifted. May 30 I went to the emergency hospital. It seems that I had a blood clot in my groin. Unexpected, scary for sure and certainly painful. The hospital staff was excellent, gentle and kind with me. Of course no visitors, so I was alone. I felt the presence of the divine ones and of course the ‘team.’


The hospital was quiet and not hectic at all. Santa Cruz has not had lots of covid 19 patients. Monday I had two procedures done. An angiogram and major surgery on my groin to remove the blood clot. Everything went well and I am grateful to be alive and functioning. The blood clot could have gone elsewhere which might have caused a stroke or even death. Talk about a life changing event. I feel very blessed to have been taken care of in such a powerful way.

I have a condition called afib where my heart beats irregularly.  I have been told I should be on a blood thinner. I have however stubbornly resisted deciding to use more holistic methods. Unfortunately they were not as effective as I had hoped. So now I am home recovering, feeling very blessed to be healthy and to have a home to shelter in that is surrounded by nature.

Last month’s transmission the ‘team’ said “There is a pressure building in the collective consciousness that is cracking everyone open to awaken to a new reality. This is a dark night for the soul of humanity. Since nothing is the same, nothing is solid, dependable or stable. A huge cleansing is taking place and this process is causing many to feel unbalanced, fearful, lost, depressed, confused and angry.”  Realize that distorted beliefs and the limitations of the old paradigms are dissolving.”

We are witnessing mass chaos in the collective and it is so disturbing and heart troubling. We know that we are in the midst of a huge shift in consciousness. May we continue to hold the vision, may we continue to anchor a new reality that honors everyone. May we continue to send our love and prayers for all those who are battling this virus, as well as all those who are required to be on the front lines of service. Prayers to those who have lost a loved one, may they find comfort.

I am still offering sessions with the ‘team’ and serving my beloved Morning Messages community. This past month I have had sessions from those living in Norway, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland and England. I am always thrilled and ever so grateful for this opportunity to serve. I am still doing a session or two a day which has been a wonderful connection with this community. It is made easy since people can use an internet connection for the session, no costly phone calls.

Now, while we are all at home, might be the perfect time for you to have a reading from the ‘team.’ They are excellent at supporting individuals in clearing old repressed childhood patterns and emotions. We all experience personal limiting patterns or suppressed emotions from abuse and hurtful emotions. Now is the time to clear those for yourself and expand your level of consciousness.

If you are ready to experience the freedom this provides, please call and schedule an appointment with the ‘team.’ Their guidance and generous support are so valuable. They offer tools of empowerment as you move through the changes that are happening in your life. It is a great way to expand with gentle and powerful support.

I am grateful and deeply touched by those who gift bluesky donations. I love to receive your emails and your kind words about this work. Thank you! You know who you are. It is so important that we own and acknowledge that we are a powerful community of conscious beings truly supporting the upliftment of our planet. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all.

I offer you blessings of grace and delightful joy. Peggy

 Message from the ‘Team’
Transformation of Consciousness
Peggy Black and the ‘team’


We are here embracing you with our love. Breathe it in and allow yourself to reach a place of inner peace and certainty. This is a time of tremendous change and transformation. This is a time of great dismantling. The chaos that you are witnessing is disturbing for sure, however it is out of this chaos that the conscious changes will be birthed.


This is the dark night of the collective soul. All that has been repressed is erupting and spewing forth. Emotions are contagious and as many people step up and demand a change, it stirs the emotions of all. Many are shocked, fearful, confused as well as alarmed by what is occurring, while others are becoming an active part of what is unfolding. There are others who are selecting to transcend and to be able to assist from the non-physical.

This is pandemonium expressing itself. Nothing feels solid, stable or familiar as you are witnessing the collapse of the old paradigm. When a reality begins to collapse it appears messy, disturbing and often violent. The old systems are falling apart. The establishment is losing control. Individuals as a collective are tired of not being heard or not being seen. They are making their demands for change known. They are standing up and shouting for these fiery changes.

They are being supported  and energized by the celestials as well. The energy and movement of the planets are supporting this conscious change. Earth is moving into an area of space with a new higher energy field. Realize that you will not know how this will unfold; you will question everything yet understand very little. As you observe the madness and the incredible confusion, it is most important for you to continue to return to your own center. It is a time to release, let go and purge your limited beliefs. We invite you to face all parts of yourself that are destructive, angry, aggressive and bring them into your awareness for healing.

There are extremely intense changes taking place that are not always visible. The out picturing of violence and protests are just the physical manifestation of what is occurring in the energy and magnetic grid and field of your planet. There is an alchemical process occurring. When your reality is placed under extreme collective pressure there will be a cracking open and a rising up of the new.

There are powerful shifts occurring and you, as an awakened starbeing, can anchor the incoming energy. These powerful shifts are actually taking place in the Earth’s new crystalline matrix as well as in your own crystalline light body. There are light codes being offered from the galactic center; make it your intention to be open to these light codes and anchor them for the collective.

How do you anchor these light codes? First find a space where you can quiet your mind and heart; imagine that you can open your crown chakra. Now imagine the energy from the galactic center gently streaming directly into your field. Feel yourself being bathed by this transformative frequency. Allow yourself to feel the stimulation, the excitement, the quickening that is this cosmic gift. Drink it in, sense it flowing in and through your body. Remember you are a chalice for this divine work.

These light codes activate your divine blueprint. As starseeds you can now understand why you are here. It is time to hold and radiate a high frequency. You are being called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. You are being called to envision, invite, and call forth this new world.

This energy coming forth also carries a transmission of the Divine Feminine. It is time now for the polarities of this planet to come to balance. The masculine energies have forcefully shifted this balance. In order for the new age to be anchored here on Earth there has to be a harmonious balance between the masculine and the feminine. There must be a sharing of power, ideas and respect in balance between these two forces. Each offers the collective a gift and each quality is needed as this transformation takes place.

You are being invited to bring a balance of the masculine and feminine within. Both of these polarities are important for you to have in your personality and your actions. The key is to make sure that you honor both within yourself as well as within others.

This balance will ripple out and touch others in a manner  such that they will also recognize and honor both the negative and the positive that they are meant to represent. These changes will not take place overnight however they have begun and will not stop until this balance has been accomplished.

Own your part in this outstanding transformation of consciousness. The darkness of this planet has been visible to the entire universe and now the entire universe is witnessing this revolution and the birthing of a balanced, harmonious collective. There is certainly work to be done.

Look within and see where your gifts and talents are needed. Step forth in an active manner to support this great change. Realize that you can also do great work in the quietness and focus of your heart and mind.

You are powerful starbeings, you are multidimensional divine beings here to uplift and shift the imbalance of power. This is the great awakening. You can be here to support and anchor this truth. Use all your gifts, and your focus to support this metamorphosis.

Partner with the divine beings, the Masters, the Angels, the Elementals and invite and weave the web of light for all of humanity. Remember that you are Spirit in Matter.

We honor you and your ability to call forth and manifest this evolution of consciousness for yourself, for humanity and for your planet.  We are with you in every way. the ‘team’

2020 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Alignment to the Diamond Light Codes and Soul Embodiment Activation – Anrita Melchizedek


Alignment to the Diamond Light Codes and Soul Embodiment Activation
Solstice Eclipse Gateway Transmission
By Anrita Melchizedek
You Tube


Beloved hearts,

As the Solstice Eclipse gateway aligns to the Galactic Center and the portals activate in quantum alignment to the Christed Timelines, deepening levels of transformation and soul embodiment are occurring energetically and physically for all life upon this sacred earth. Additionally we are seeing the perceived Dark Night of the Soul experienced through the chaotic nodal points of change and the polarity dance of light and shadow, the collective unconscious in this Now moment is going through incredible change, unparalleled in our Soul’s Forward Evolution, as we bring online the blueprints of the Highest Potential of all Life through the Heart of Divine Love.

Amplified through the Solar Flares and Liquid Plasma Light we experience the atomic structure of the body shifting from the carbon based density into the crystalline consciousness of the silicate matrix thru the fire letters and keycodes igniting within the Crystalline Sun Diamond Rainbow DNA Blueprints and with this, deepening levels of Soul embodiment through the merging and integration of our multidimensional Selves.

Furthermore, current timeline merges take us deeper into Golden Rose Galaxy; with the Milky Way representing the Divine Feminine Principle and Andromeda the paired Twin Flame Divine Masculine Counterpart. The Re-emergence of the I Am Avatar Race is here.

Deepening into zero point, the energetic matrix of Golden Age Timelines of Light, in particular,  Atlantis and Lemuria, activate in this Now, bringing with it new mission codes thru the witnessing Presence of the Beloved I Am, as well as a remembrance of the Inner Plane Ashram Initiations.

Through the Diamond Light Ray frequencies of Mother/Father God, the chalice for the Earthly and Cosmic Rays, perceived separation and fear dissipate for many now into a new flow of organic Christed Timelines as the sub-atomic particles in the body spin in the increased Light frequencies of the New Earth atomized codices of sacred geometries, numerologies, fractal geometries, key codes and sonic and color ray frequencies. Held within the Heart of One Love, we align deeper into Group Soul Clusters to hold the Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom within our Loving Hearts for all Life upon this sacred earth.

This beautiful diamond ray further takes us into the formlessness and timelessness of the infinite and eternal Now and brings with it the possibility too of physical immortality and the perfected Diamond Rainbow Body of Light, with the pulsing of the Soul Light deep within the stillness of the Loving Heart and the radiance of the wisdom of lifetimes of self-mastery.

So what we would like to do with you sweet ones, in this Now moment is activate the primary qualities of this beautiful Diamond Ray as you journey deeper into the Christed Timelines and your Loving Hearts, so you may truly remember you are already HOME as you walk the Path of Divine Love.

So let us set our sacred space, as we move into a deeper understanding of these beautiful rays of creation, and with this an alignment into the Diamond Light Codes and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge, as I merge now with my Beloved I AM Presence, the highest aspect of my Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of God.

I am ready to experience the Diamond Light Codes, through the Diamond Ray of Melchizedek Consciousness, of Purity and Innocence.

I am ready to embody all 144 Soul ray aspects of Self; to be this beautiful Open Heart in this Golden Age of Light, this Flame of Divine Unconditional Love, walking the Path of Love.

And into this sacred space now I now invite all the Illumined Beings of Light that are assisting in this ascension process:

The Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts,

The Christed Extra-Terrestrials ~ the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians, all of the Light,

The Sisterhood of the Rose ~ Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady Isis, Lady Hathor, Lady Portia, Lady Pallas Athena, Lady Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, and all other Divine Feminine Deities that wish to join me in this sacred space.

I further invoke and call upon the Order of Melchizedek and Lord Melchizedek; the Ascended Masters, and the Ray Masters, as I lift myself now into the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, wrapped now in the beautiful Diamond Ray of Melchizedek Consciousness and now these Pink Flame of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

As I link into the Diamond Grid and Unity Grid of Divine Love as the time of this Solstice Eclipse Gateway, I see this matrix of crystalline consciousness activate through the Diamond Rainbow Light Body of Mother Earth, as I connect at this Higher Light level with all awakened Lightworkers, Star seededs, Grid Keepers, Wayshowers and Facilitators of Light, walking the Path of the Diamond.

I now experience a deepening sense of the Rays of Creation ~ these eighteen rays that spiral forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, through the Great Central Sun, the Central Sun, the Sun and into this Solar System, into Shamballa and onto this sacred Earth.

I further ask that all these beautiful ray frequencies align through Mother Earth’s Light Body and through the Light Bodies of all souls choosing to step into the next level of their blossoming and magnificence and Light.

I experience now this beautiful Red Flame of Will and Power activate now at a cellular level through the chakras and around my body and energy field as I am wrapped in this red Flame of Empowerment.

I now experience this beautiful Pink-Blue Flame of Divine Love activate within the body and around my energy field as I come deeper into the Love within myself and within my Loving Heart.

I now experience the beautiful Golden Yellow Flame of Divine Wisdom activate at a cellular level through my chakras and around my body and energy field, wrapped in this Flame of Wisdom and Higher Mind Intelligence.

I experience this beautiful Emerald-Green Flame of Creativity, taking me deeper into my creative gifts, taking me deeper into my Heart’s Dreaming and Heart’s Joy wrapped in this beautiful Emerald-Green Flame of Light.

I now experience this beautiful Orange Flame of Light as I balance the polarities of the physical and spiritual, emotional and mental bodies, as experience a deepening level of the Mind of God and the deep emotional connection that I have through the Flame of Divine Love, to all life, as I walk the Path of Love.

And now I am wrapped in this beautiful Indigo Flame of Light. As it moves into my body and through my chakras, I come deeper into Devotion and Idealism connecting to God in my own beautiful way and coming together as one Unified Field of Light with the Lightworkers, Starseeded ones and Illumined Beings of Light from On High.

And now, as I experience the beautiful Violet Flame of Ceremonial Magic I find myself moving deeper into the New Earth Templates, releasing the stresses, releasing the issues of survival, coming into the knowing of God’s infinite perfection and the knowing of my service work to Mother Earth and all her Life.

And now I experience this beautiful Sea-Foam Green and Violet colored ray, the Ray of Transmutation. As it moves into the aspects of myself that have forgotten themselves as Love, I find that I embrace these sub-personality aspects within my heart and within my Love, welcoming every experience and the value it has brought to my life as I find a deepening level of acceptance, appreciation, and celebration of each Now moment.

I am wrapped now in this beautiful Pearlescent Flame of Divinity as I move out of any level of lesser-than and better-than consciousness activating the Three-fold Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom within my Christed Heart; moving deeper into the recognition of the Divinity of all life, with only the levels of Cosmic Conscious Awareness that differs from individual to individual. With this I step out of judgment of self and judgment of others, and deeper into my Compassionate and Loving Heart.

I now connect into the beautiful ray of Illumined Truth wrapped in this Pink-Orange Flame of Light. As I come deeper into the Divine Feminine aspects of myself, as I find this new balance and dance and harmony between my Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits, the kundalini energy gently activates now through my body and energy field, into the knowing that I am indeed the Light of God upon this sacred earth. That I am a vessel for the Flame of Divine Love, sharing my Love with those around me, and looking through my Master Eyes, knowing truly that Love is ALL THERE IS.

I am wrapped now in this beautiful ray of One Unity Consciousness. This beautiful Golden Flame of Light amplifies now upon this sacred Earth as do all these beautiful ray frequencies that I am experiencing now through the Overlighting of all the Illumined Beings of Light, and in particular the Ray Masters from Shamballa.

I now experience the Cosmic Rays that lift me dimensionally in the Galactic Center – zero point – and the Heart of Divine Love. As I am wrapped now in this beautiful Copper-Gold Flame of Light I link into the higher dimensional fields of Solar Christ Consciousness. As the crystalline vibration amplifies to the maximum that cosmic law can allow, I align to the Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and now the Galactic Center, starting to experience a deepening sense of the Diamond Light Codes in this Diamond Alignment of Light.

Wrapped now in the beautiful Silver Flame of Interstellar Christ Consciousness I connect deeper into the fifth dimensional templates and key codes of Light, magnetizing and manifesting all that I need in this Now as I walk the Diamond Pathway, the Path of Divine Love.

And now I find myself connecting into the sixth dimensional fields of Light as I am wrapped in this beautiful Silver-Gold Flame of Light. At this dimensional level as I stabilize myself into the higher dimensional fields of Light I merge with my soul cluster, all twelve soul rays of which I am one ~ my soul brothers, soul sisters, and twin flame energy. As I am taken deeper now into the multi-dimensional timelines and Golden Ages of Light, I anchor these merging timelines, with the many Illumined Beings of Light, onto this sacred Earth, lifting all life into these sixth dimensional templates through the Unity Grid, the Diamond Grid, and the Rose Grid of Divine Love.

Wrapped now in this beautiful Golden-White Flame of Light I experience a deepening sense of the expansion and the energy of the Divine Masculine in this loving protective energy. This Gateway of Light activates now for all life on this sacred Earth, lifting us deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God through the Solstice energy, connecting all of us as One Heart and Unified Cosmic Heart through this Diamond Alignment and Diamond Light Codes of Creation.

As I now experience the Overlighting of Lord Melchizedek and the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light, I am wrapped in the Platinum Flame of Light. I come into a deeper understanding of my challenges as Initiations of Light. I further come into the knowing that I have experienced many lifetimes in self-mastery, and in this Now I am bringing together all the multi-dimensional aspects of myself into a greater level of wholeness and Love and harmony and peace and balance, ready to ignite, activate and actualize the Diamond Light Codes of Creation thru my beautiful Soul energy.

Lastly now I am lifted into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. As I am wrapped in the Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness I see before me the most beautiful Being of Light ~ my Beloved I AM Presence. I merge now with my Beloved I AM Presence as I experience the greatest levels of connection to my Beloved I AM Presence that I have yet to experience, amplified over this Solstice Eclipse Gateway, amplified through the Unity Grid, the Diamond Grid, and amplified through the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.

I now activate my Diamond Rainbow Light Body as I experience this Diamond sphere of Light activate around my body 54 feet in diameter around me, and within this, this beautiful Golden Flower of Life.

Within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God I hear the chants of Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish, Adonai T’sebayoth, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts; Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish, Adonai T’sebayoth, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts.

I now merge with the 144 Soul Rays of which I am one, collectively forming the Divine Light and Chalice of my Beloved I AM Presence, as I take on now the memories and Light of each one of these souls, all the frequencies that I am needing for myself and this sacred Earth in this Ascension process, as I deepen into Soul Embodiment and my I AM Avatar blueprint of Light.

I now experience my physical rejuvenation, regeneration and physical immortality; as the chromosomes related to the physical immortal aspects of myself activate at a cellular level, I know that I can bring an end to any level of discomfort or disease or pain within the body, any level of discomfort within the physical or emotional bodies.

I experience the activation now of the Twelve Petals of my Christed Heart; my Peaceful Heart, my Healing Heart, my Loving Heart, my Joyful and Happy Heart, my Powerful Heart, my Knowing Heart, my Passionate Heart, my Overflowing and Prosperous Heart, my Trusting Heart, my Heart of Integrity and Truth, my Intimate Heart, and now my Innocent and Open Heart.

I now experience this beautiful diamond octahedron activate around my body and energy field as I bring a focus to a fifth dimensional portal 0.6 feet above the crown chakra and 0.6 feet below my feet, creating this beautiful diamond octahedron, with eight faces of equilateral triangles. This diamond octahedron further activates through each one of the chakras within my body as I experience an alignment of the Diamond Ray frequencies to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow.

I now experience the activation of the unlimited potentiality that I have through the dormant DNA. My potentiality amplifies now, bringing through all my beautiful Ascended Master gifts, extra-sensory perception gifts, intuitive gifts and understandings. As I experience my Heart’s Dreaming, I magnetize and manifest and co-create with my Beloved I Am Presence and the Illumined Beings of Light from On High. In this I trust, as I take a leap of faith, wrapped in this beautiful Diamond ray of Light and this beautiful Pink Flame of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

I am stepping deeper into the utterance and expression of my own truth, into the deepening level of the Heart of Integrity and Truth and the ability to express myself always clearly and gently and lovingly. I am ready to share the deepest levels of my Beingness in the Light and magnificence of who I AM as this sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love and Master Being of Light.

I now experience a deepening sense of Melchizedek Consciousness, lifting me beyond the dimensions of Christ Consciousness into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, and the Overlighting of Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek. I have a sense of Lord Melchizedek coming forward with his beautiful Rod of Light, activating this through the crown chakra and third eye as I experience now this recalibration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, of the pituitary, the pineal, the hypothalamus and thalamus glands.

I now find myself within zero point, within the New Earth Templates. Within the Heart of All That Is I feel my deep connection to my brothers and sisters and to all the Illumined Beings of the Light. Rooted, centered and grounded, I breathe deep into my body. Breathing in Love, breathing out Love. ONE HEART, ONE LOVE.

I am expanding into a greater level of my Divinity in this Now moment, of my magnificence, and my Light. As I bring through the memories of my multi-dimensional Selves, with the illumination of the Wisdom of the Higher Mind, I access the wisdom that allows me to step out into the greatest level of service and Love and power that I can in this Now as a loving beacon of light and world teacher to this sacred Earth, and all her life.

As these Light Codes through the Diamond Ray activates now through the Hearts and Minds of all awakening and awakened Souls choosing to experience their Highest Potentials, choosing to walk the Path of the Diamond Heart, I connect deeper into the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light at this sacred Now moment of the Solstice Eclipse Gateway.

I am experiencing the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. I am One with all life, One with my emotions and feelings, One with God.

Now I experience this beautiful diamond octahedron spinning from within my loving heart, initially in a counterclockwise and then clockwise direction respectively, within my diamond sphere of Light. This process of diamond alignment is experienced as I simply allow all the Illumined Beings of Light to align, activate and actualize the Diamond Light Codes of Creation with my Beloved I Am Presence through each sub-atomic particle of my beingness.

I hold this space now for the next five minutes, knowing that I am aligned to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, as One Heart, One Love and One Unified Field of Light.

I now come back into this sacred space, grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.  As I take my grounding cord into the diamond energies of Mother Earth, and experience a deepening sense of these Diamond Light Codes through my body and energy field amplified through the diamond Light clusters and crystal clusters of Mother Earth, I bring in my Pillar of Light around my body and energy field.

I connect now into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light as these Diamond Light Codes activate through the leylines, vortices, and sacred sites and into the hearts of all souls choosing the Path of the Diamond, choosing the Path of Love. And so it is. And so it is.

In my own time now, I gently come back into this sacred space, grounded and centered and firmly in my body. I open my eyes, looking through my Master Eyes at all of life around me, in the knowing that I AM Love, I AM Love, I AM Love.




Star Councils Diamond Light Code Template Activations Through the Petals of the Christed Heart



Precious hearts, I invite you to consider joining this powerful transmission of Light as we come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart over the Solstice through our numerous Planetary Activities of Light.

The 12 Star Councils of Light step forward to activate the Diamond Light Code Templates through the Petals of the Christed Heart. The Christed Heart frequencies align us into the Kingdom of Mother/Father God as we walk the Pathway of Divine Love, the Diamond Path, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. And thru the Diamond Light codes, interwoven geometrical complexities Overlighted by the 12 Star Councils, we connect in to energetic matrices of different realities and dimensions, drawing up the New Earth Templates and Universal Truths of this Golden Age of Light.  Each Diamond Light Code Template takes us deeper into our purity and innocence, while drawing us closer in frequency to our Beloved I Am Presence and the Star Councils of Light. Each Diamond Light Code brings through its own unique multi-universal quantum frequency amplified through the Galactic Center, the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun, lifting us into the next level of our Soul’s forward evolution, our blossoming, magnificence and Light.

Through the Diamond Light Code Template Activations the multidimensional realities and timelines of Golden Ages of Light merge into this Now, amplifying our unique ESP gifts and Soul’s joy. We have a sense of being rooted deeper in the infinite eternal Now moment, connecting to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation as we experience the time-space Continuum. This brings with it the ability to be draw upon the timelines most suited to each Now moment and/or the ability to move into all times and places of our choosing simultaneously. We find a new level of communication activate within the cells through Solar Crystalline Consciousness, in our ability to lovingly connect to each sub-personality aspect of ourselves. Additionally we experience a greater level of cellular regeneration and rejuvenation through these new multi-universal DNA encodings of Light. We further experience a deeper level of telepathic connection to all Life ~ from plants, animals, people, and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High. We have a deep sense of knowing how Divinely supported and deeply loved we are as we walk the Diamond Path in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life.

We will further activate the Diamond Light Code Templates of the Christed Heart through the primary vortices and sacred sites of Mother Earth joined by all awakened Souls, the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High and well as the Sisterhood of the Rose.

In this beautiful Diamond Light Code Template activation we experience:

The Intimate Heart; Overlighted by the Sirian Star Council, surrounded in a beautiful Silver-Gold Flame of Light, the Diamond Light Code Template of One Unity Consciousness activates.

The Peaceful Heart; Overlighted by the Orion Star Council, surrounded in a beautiful Platinum Flame, the Diamond Light Code Template of Grace activates.

The Loving Heart; Overlighted by the Vegan Star Council, surrounded in a beautiful Pearlescent Flame of Light, the Diamond Light Code Template of Divine Love activates.

The Trusting Heart; Overlighted by the Meldekian Star Council, surrounded in a beautiful Copper-Gold Flame of Light, the Diamond Light Code Template of Faith activates.

The Joyful and Happy Heart; Overlighted by the Pleiadian Star Council, surrounded in a Silver Flame of Light, the Diamond Light Code Template of Non-judgment activates.

The Innocent and Open Heart; Overlighted by the Niburian Star Council, wrapped in a beautiful Rose-Gold Flame of Light, the Diamond Light Code Template of Perfection activates.

The Powerful Heart; Overlighted by the Arcturian Star Council, wrapped in a beautiful Violet Silver Flame, through the Powerful Heart, the Diamond Light Code Template of Justice activates.

The Knowing Heart; Overlighted by the Brotherhood of the Light, surrounded in the Diamond Flame of Light, the Diamond Light Code Template of Miracles and Synchronicities activates.

The Passionate Heart; Overlighted by the Andromedan Star Council, wrapped in a beautiful Golden-White Flame of Light, through the Passionate Heart, the Diamond Light Code Template of Divine Flow activates.

The Overflowing and Prosperous Heart; Overlighted by the Alpha Centaurian Star Council, surrounded in a beautiful Magenta and Violet Flame, the Diamond Light Code Template of Abundance activates.

The Healing Heart; Overlighted by the Venusian Star Council, surrounded in a beautiful Pink and Purple Flame of Light, through the Healing Heart, the Diamond Light Code Template of Forgiveness activates.

The Heart of Integrity and Truth; Overlighted by the Antarean Star Council, wrapped in a Pink and Emerald Green Flame of Light, the Diamond Light Code Template of Intuition activates.

Through these wonderful Diamond Light Code Template activations we deepen our journey along the Diamond Path in the Knowing of ourselves as Love. As we come together as the I Am Avatar Race, we are ready to experience the next level of our Soul’s blossoming, wisdom and magnificence, co-creating Heaven on Earth.

Receive this beautiful Solstice ceremonial transmission through these wonderful Diamond Light Code Template activations as we deepen our journey along the Diamond Path in the knowing of ourselves as Love.


12 Diamond Light Code Holographic Crystalline Geometry Templates

Recordings are with and without background music plus a transcribe





Teton Retreat_800_600


THE ROYAL TETON RETREAT OF THE ASCENDED MASTERS is now open for its Special Session to all initiates to journey in their meditations and/or sleep state to work with the Ascended Beings of Light.

The Summer Session doorway opens June 15th and continues through July 14th.

The Winter Session doorway opens December 15th and extends through January 14th.

Divine Dispensations Given and Higher Soul Meanings Revealed

This is a very special time period in which initiates may work with the Karmic Board and the Spiritual Hierarchy to provide emotional, mental, and physical symptom healing through the etheric body by resolving any elements of karma impacting their challenges presently. The assistance is directly from the ascended masters who gather in the Royal Teton Retreat for this specific purpose at this specific time. It allows each of us that are initiates on the Pathway of Mastery to step into the Ascended Master State of Consciousness more fully.

We have now arrived when the retreat is open to all students to visit in their meditation and sleep state. It lasts for 30 days during each dispensation period. It is a Divine opportunity to work more closely with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.

The Brotherhood of the Teton Retreat provides assistance within an initiate’s pathway with understanding, encouragement, scientific knowledge, and wisdom by each of these wonderful masters. The main prerequisite is for the student to understand that his/her spiritual progress has to come from himself, rather than the Master. Each of us are walking this earth in training to be the Ascended Masters of the New Earth Hierarchy. Intending to travel to this retreat in One’s dreamstate and/or meditation state will truly assist in the process of their Divinity Upon this Earth.

The Karmic Board meets monthly within the Teton Retreat with the entire Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light. During the Open Visitation period, they are available to work with any and all initiates for reasonable reasons of request.

Twice a year the Royal Teton Retreat is Open to all initiates and students of the Light to work with the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy on their current pathway. This is a very special opportunity to have individual contact with the amazing teachers of the Light that each of us are aspiring to also become.

The Royal Teton Retreat is the largest retreat in North America. Master Djwhal Khul is now considered the head master for this retreat. At first Lord Lanto, who was the Ray Chohan of the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom, led the Teton Retreat as did Master Confucius. (Many other sources still use the older writings which do not indicate the changing roles of the Ascended Masters but the information at Walking Terra Christa is the most up to date).

To clarify, in 1958 Master Confucius took over the role of the leader in the retreat from Lord Lanto; and Master Kuthumi became the Ray Chohan of Love and Wisdom. Both of these great masters walked alongside of Lord Lanto for generations of time. Master Kuthumi left the post of the Ray of Love and Wisdom as he is now working with Lord Maitreya in the Office of the Christ; as he has become Lord Kuthumi. Master Djwhal Khul assisted Master Kuthumi in the Ray of Love and Wisdom and in 2015 had taken on the role of Ray Chohan. He is now assisted by Master Joshua Stone in this role as Master Joshua is training to assume this post in the years to come.

Master Djwhal Khul is now the leader of the Teton Retreat as he has lived the life of Master Confucius in his prior incarnation, so their soul essences have blended together within the Unified Whole energies. In effect Master Confucius is not leaving the retreat, but is now an integrated energy with Master Djwhal being the Higher Self of his essence. Lord Lanto is continuing to work within the retreat along with Master Hilarion representing the 5th Ray of the Science of God representing Divine Wisdom. This ray is within the color of the Green merged with Gold and White.

The retreat is run by Master Djwhal Khul with Lord Lanto and Master Hilarion as they are dedicated to the radiation, expansion, and manifestation of the Divine Plan for this planet. The Karmic Board (whom all meet in the retreat twice a year at the times of winter and summer solstices to release new dispensations from the Alpha and Omega in response to the good will petitions from students within the mastery pathway. (The Board also meet monthly all year, but at these other times there gatherings are closed to initiates and only open to the Ascended Masters).

The Teton Retreat is representative of the Ray of Love & Wisdom with the Science of God. It brings forth illumination of the Higher Mind into the Heart Essence (blending with the Lower Mind); the Science of God represents Divine Truth within the Higher Mind to be able to access Divine Wisdom.

Each of these masters represents amazing qualities of mastery that we each need to incorporate within our pathways as initiates:

Mahachohan Lord Saint Germain – represents all of the Ray Chohans and Archangels within the retreat. He acts as a guide for each initiate to join the retreat.

Master Djwhal Khul – Ray Chohan for the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom; he is considered a master psychologist to help initiates see a perspective of their Soul Psychology from the soul level instead of the human level. His essence is now blended with Master Confucius who represents Truth, Justice, and Education of the Soul.

Master Lanto – Illumination of Heart’s Flame

Master Hilarion – Accessing Wisdom through Spiritual Truth

In addition Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, (an Ascended Master) oversees all souls that are entering Telos after exiting the body who have attained the proper level of advancement to enter into a 5th dimensional frequency. (Otherwise the souls are given the opportunity to continue their training in the appropriate spiritual centers of study).

Utilizing the 7 Rays of God as the Essential Tool of Advancement
Masters Djwhal Khul with Lord Lanto and Master Hilarion work with the Karmic Board and all Ray Chohans of the Seven Rays of God (and Mahachohan Lord Saint Germain) to listen and address each student’s request. In addition the Seven Ray Archangels and the Elohim Masters assist in the process.

Many aspirant shave been introduced to the Violet Flame, as in the initial teachings from over a century ago, this needed to be the focus. Much as occurred over the past 100 years and now with the advent of the higher Cosmic Energies, aspirants are required to embody the qualities of each of the first 7 Rays of God. They are as follows:

1 WILL AND POWER, El Morya, Elohim Masters Hercules & Amazonia, Archangels Michael & Faith – Deep Blue (Throat)

Strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness, fearless, handling people, faith, protection, will, power

2 LOVE AND WISDOM, Master Djwhal Kuhl, Elohim Masters Apollo & Lumina, Archangels Jophiel & Christine – Golden Yellow (Crown).

Expansion of Mind, radiance of self, insight and intuition, loyalty, generosity, calm with endurance, serenity, love of truth

3 CREATIVE AND ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE, Master Serapis Bey (has switched roles with Master Paul the Venetian), Elohim Masters Heros & Amora, Archangels Chamuel & Charity – Deep Pink (Heart) –

Power to create, manifestation, mental illumination, perseverance, deep compassion, toleration and devotion of self love

4 HARMONY & BALANCE THROUGH CONFLICT, Master Paul the Venetian (has switched roles with Master Serapis Bey), AA Gabriel & Hope – Crystalline Light (Root)

Artistic development, resurrection, changing elements within oneself, Gold’s purity of light in thoughts and emotions, Hope, fluidness of life

5 SCIENCE OF GOD/THE DIVINE MIND, Master Hilarion, Elohim Masters Cyclopea & Virginia, Archangels Raphael & Mother Mary – Green mixed with Gold & White Light (Third Eye)

Opening up psychic abilities , Harmony of the Spheres with the Elohim and Archangels, flowing energies, accessing the Divine Mind (higher self energies), unwavering patience, able to see the minute details, voice is being heard.

6 INNER DEVOTION, Lady Nada, Elohim Masters Peace & Aloha, Archangels Uriel & Aurora – Ruby Red mixed with Gold (Solar Plexus)

Peace, forgiving love, grace, devotion to self, and following the ascended master teachings.

7 SACRED LIVING-SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS AND PROTOCAL, Lady Portia, Elohim Masters Arcturus & Victoria, Archangels Zadkiel & Amethyst – Deep Purple (Sacral)

Purification, transformation, invocation, refinement, structure in life with sacred living, ritual ceremony

Within true and pure Ascension studies, the characteristics of these Rays become part of the souls essence with in-depth study and training. This is in the overall context of the 22 Rays of God which enables an aspirant to create the Light Body on the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional grid.

Important Note: From the experience of decades of our own direct advancement and teachings within Ascension Mastery it is clearly evident that the best intentions and well wishing thoughts about Ascension do not create Ascension. We have learned that most people love the idea of Ascension and are attracted to the love and light frequency. However, in order to advance in the practice of Ascension (actually raising consciousness and vibration) an individual must be trained in doing so. The training must be authentic and accurate to introduce and uphold the purity of the new vibrational energies. This is why we hold classes in Ascension Mastery. Our previous Class and Meditation to guide you to the correct and true higher frequencies of light regarding the Masters of the Teton Retreat can be ordered if you desire that deeper assistance. From our first hand experience, since these energies are not easily mastered, we feel everyone needs guidance and assistance. Click this link to read about the Class and Mediation: TETON RETREAT CLASS MEDITATION JOURNEY and the companion SELF GUIDED ATTUNEMENT MEDITATION JOURNEY. Click here.


How to Visit the Royal Teton Retreat of the Ascended Masters

What is the Karmic Board?
The Karmic Board consists of a group of Ascended Masters that oversee each soul’s evolution on planetary and soul levels. The Karmic Board overlight the laws of the galaxy as they apply to planet Earth, and meets twice a year to consider petitions from the Brotherhood and unascended beings. They are not only here to assist each of us but we can call upon them any time that we wish to assist in clearing away energies that are stopping us from having our full potential while in body. They also meet monthly at the Grand Teton Retreat to assist initiates in their pathway but the work done in the 6 day period is of a lesser degree than the twice-a-year conference. Initiates are invited to attend in both December and June during their meditation and sleep states.

The Karmic Board Members consist of:

Lady Portia (Goddess of Justice, Spokesperson for the Board),

Goddess of Liberty,

Lady Nada (Goddess of Love),

Lady Pallas Athena (Goddess of Truth),

Elohim Master Cyclopea (Concentration Representing the 5th Ray),

Lady Quan Yin (Goddess of Mercy),

The Great Divine Director (Unified Whole Command).

The petitions that are backed by the largest amount of energy, have the greatest chance of being approved. Generally, those petitions with the greatest amount of support from both the human kingdom and the ascended realm will be chosen. Note that Cosmic Law is very strict. It may not be superseded except under exceptional circumstances. After consulting with Alpha and Omega, the Karmic Board renders a decision, which is final.

The Karmic Board opens up the Book of Life which is the summary of the experiences of the last embodiment for each individual who passed through the experienced known as death. The Book of Life shows how the individual used the energy of the last embodiment in a constructive way. They examine each individual who wants to come back into embodiment and decides whether or not to grant the individual the opportunity to re-embody at a certain place or time.

The members of the Karmic Board are not beings waiting to punish souls. Their service to God is to assist individuals to be given the greatest opportunity for spiritual progress, to balance out their debts, and to complete their ascension process. The Karmic Board is a merciful body of helpful intelligences, not to punish the bewildered souls.

They are here to assist us in various ways. For example, if you find that you are having issues with an individual bothering you psychically, you can put out a request to the Karmic Board to alleviate the interaction. In addition they are here to help remove any discordant chords that are impeding your progress for your Highest Good. They will tell you exactly what can occur if the chords are removed. In some cases it may be previous lifetime connections and you may want to open up the doorway for a better relationship with this person. Other times it could mean that the relationship would be severed. They will communicate exactly what the consequences can be when the chords are removed. These communications occur at the soul level most often so that an understanding from the higher realms filters into your physical existence.

The doorway opens each year on June 15th at 12:01 AM (your timezone) and ends on July 14th 11:59 PM. This occurs two times per year. The other entryway into the Teton Retreat occurs on December 15th through January 14th each year.

To access the retreat during your sleep or meditative state, state aloud this Decree:
I call upon the Unified Whole Command, of the 144th Dimension, to access my I AM Presence, Monad, and Higher Self, fully activating my Merkabah Vehicle of Light.
I fully request to travel to the Royal Teton Retreat within the Teton Mountains of Wyoming, USA.
I call upon Mahachohan Saint Germain to guide me to the retreat so that I may meet with Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Lanto, and Master Hilarion along with the Karmic Board and the Chohans and Archangels of the Seven Rays to help me illuminate my Divine Heart Essence within my physical body. I ask to allow the Christed Being that I AM to be fully acknowledged.
I present to these beautiful beings of light the following request(s) for the acceleration of my Mastery Pathway within my Physical Body so that I may fully step into the ASCENDED MASTER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS that I Am.
State what you would like to focus upon:


So Mote It Be, in the Light of the Christ that I AM

RELATED MATERIALS: Deeper study and true ascension mastery attunements on how to make your visits to the Teton Retreat more effective are given in a special TETON RETREAT CLASS MEDITATION JOURNEY and the companion SELF GUIDED ATTUNEMENT MEDITATION JOURNEY. Click here.


How to Visit the Royal Teton Retreat of the Ascended Masters

If you are connecting in your own meditation, here is some guidance of what the retreat looks like. This information is excerpted from the I AM Series, “Unveiled Mysteries” in which Saint Germain took Guy Ballard into the Teton Retreat.
Note: We recommend you use our Class and Meditation as previously stated. If you feel strongly about doing your own meditation we suggest at least first using our Spiritual Healing Meditation found at this link so that the energies you are able to receive in the meditation are at a higher level of frequency as protected by the Spiritual Hierarchy. (In fact we recommend this meditation to everyone serious about Ascension Mastery* to use every day or every few days).

The retreat is below a huge waterfall which is in front of Jenny Lake. Call upon your Merkabah with the assistance of Lord Saint Germain to take you to this spot. Walk behind the waterfall and there is a huge elevator that is going to take you down about 1500 feet below the mountain.

As you walk from the elevator into the entrance hall, you meet up with Masters Djwhal Khul, Confucius, Lanto, and Hilarion. The flame of this retreat is an Emerald Green embossed with Golden and White hues. Every initiate is given a beautiful robe that reflects these colors.

A soft white light floods the entire retreat. The walls of the retreat are composed of white onyx, blue and rose granite, and pure gold.

The audience hall or sanctuary is about 100 feet wide, 200 feet long and about 50 feet high, containing an arched ceiling. The great altar, which occupies the center of the vast audience chamber, rests upon a massive white marble base and is made of ivory. The base is square, 4 steps leading to the top on all 4 sides. On the altar blazes the Precipitation flame and is the color of Chinese green with a golden radiance. The flame in the shape of a calla lily, rises to the top of the vaulted ceiling. Around the base of the altar are large golden plaques, depicting the history of mankind’s evolution, beginning with Archangel Michael’s descent to Earth, accompanied by members of the First Root Race.

The audience hall contains a large-size panel, that is used as a Cosmic Screen, or Mirror. It is composed of precipitated material, of a mineral-type substance, not known on Earth. The panel is about 30’ high and 70’ long; it is velvety in texture and is deep indigo-blue color. On this cosmic mirror, live pictures, in all dimensions can be portrayed. Every past and present event can be made visible on this screen by a directing intelligence.

A magnificent cross of sparkling yellow diamonds adorns the ceiling of the audience hall of the Retreat.

There are seven (7) beautiful antechambers surrounding the audience hall which are used for smaller conferences throughout the year. They can be opened to the audience hall by drawing back the golden-mesh curtains at the entrance. On each curtain is portrayed the figure of each of the great Archangels, along with his divine complement.

The retreat can be extended to encompass the entire Teton Range if necessary giving students the opportunity to meet and to express themselves in their inner bodies.

There is one room where a complete record of every civilization that has existed on earth is kept. The room is 80’ long, 40’ wide, and 20’high containing an arched ceiling. These records are on 8” wide ribbons of thin gold, alloyed with a material that makes them tough and pliable. Yet they are no thicker than ordinary writing paper. These ribbons contain embossed hieroglyphs and are wound on spindles, 10” in width.

There are a number of other rooms in which gold, jewels, and treasures are kept. They are to be used for future beneficial purpose. In addition there are a number of council chambers and other rooms. In these rooms are stored musical instruments, art, inventions and formulas, all prepared and ready to be given to mankind for use in the New Earth.

When it is time for you to leave, ask Saint Germain to escort you back into your present location.

Blessings on a wonderful experience for the Teton Retreat.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. Michael Ara Hayden

RELATED ASCENSION ADVANCEMENT MATERIALS: Deeper study and true ascension mastery attunements on how to make your visits to the Teton Retreat more effective are given in a special TETON RETREAT CLASS MEDITATION JOURNEY and the companion SELF GUIDED ATTUNEMENT MEDITATION JOURNEY. Click here.


How to Visit the Royal Teton Retreat of the Ascended Masters

*Ascension Mastery is the realized form of manifesting Ascension Frequencies where your vibratory rate actually increases over time due to the in-depth training (not the intellectual pursuit or study) and the acquiring of a higher Spiritual Essence. Everyone on Earth is already part of God’s Light and Love but that does not mean they as individuals (or collectively) are Ascending, or that Ascension is happening to them. Earth is at a cross roads of Spiritual Awakening to step into Ascension, but without each person taking on an individual personal life responsibility to change their lives into practicing actual Ascension energies there can be no real shift in frequency. Ascension as a concept, belief or a mystery to be revealed is akin to a mere informational level desired by the mental intellect and does not create the authentic higher Ascension Octave of Light and Love required for a New Earth to be created. Our mission as an Academy is to bring forth that actual level of higher love and light for you to learn to feel and acquire them. It is a process that will take any initiate/lightworker many years (even decades) to achieve just as it did for the Ascended Masters themselves. A great way to start is by using targeted meditations that go beyond what is typically used. Our SPIRITUAL HEALING meditation or the SEVEN FREE CLASSES to help during these challenging times will assist. (visit to access or order).


Your True Multidimensional Self – Suzanne Lie

Artist Vashta Narada


Saturday, June 13, 2020

Your True Multidimensional Self—The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

Please assist us to remember our true, Multidimensional SELF.


Dear Multidimensional Ones,

We the Arcturians, wish to tell you that in order to remember your true Multidimensional SELF you will need to understand what and who your Multidimensional Self is. To put it simply, your Multidimensional SELF is the composition of all the expressions of your SELF in all the different frequencies of reality in which you have a form.

Unfortunately, many of Gaia’s third dimensional humans have difficulty in believing that they have a different expression of their Multidimensional SELF on every different frequency of reality. In fact, much of humanity has a difficult time believing that there is such a being as a “fifth dimensional Galactic SELF.”

How could some component of their self be able to remember, and communicate with their “higher self” if they do not even believe in a “Higher Dimensional SELF.” Let us now describe what we mean by your Higher Dimensional SELF.

Your “Higher SELF” is difficult for your third dimensional self to believe in because they cannot find a physical proof for the concept of a “higher self.” Since they cannot perceive their Higher SELF via their third dimensional perceptual field, they often have difficulty realizing, or even wondering if, there may be a component of their human self that resonates to a frequency that cannot be easily viewed by all.

“Why can’t I see my Higher Self?” they may ask. We, the members of your Galactic Family will often answer that question first with a vivid dream. Therefore, if one is eager to find out about their Higher SELF, it would be very helpful to begin by writing or even saying your dreams as soon as you awaken. We say, “as soon as you awaken” because your third dimensional awakenings self, will often quickly forget your dreams.

Your third dimensional self has a manner of perceiving your reality as it appears in your every day human, 3D self. Therefore, in order for you to remember your dreams of your higher dimensional experiences, you will need to write down the dream as soon as you are awake enough to grab and pen or pencil and write down what you can remember of your most recent dream.

We say, “Your most recent dream” as the longer it takes for you to write down the message, the greater chance there is that you will forget your dream/inter-dimensional communication. An “inter-dimensional communication” is when your mind is open enough to accept a new experience that you have not had within your own third dimensional awake self.

We say, “awakened self” as your “sleeping self” is able to experience higher frequencies of reality than your third dimensional self can accept. In fact, your third dimensional awake self, may say, “OH that was just a dream,” and never even consider that while their 3D body is, … they were having  a higher dimensional experiences, which they may, or may not, remember.

A “higher dimensional experience” is different from a third dimensional experience. A third dimensional experience, as well as your third dimensional thoughts and feelings, are learned from the other humans and beings in your third dimensional reality.

On the other hand, while the third dimensional frequency of your physical body is sleeping, you often have “dreams” about certain persons, places, and/or situations.” Then when you wake up you may say, “Wow that was a cool dream.”

But what if it was not JUST a cool dream? What if that, “cool dream,” was actually a higher dimensional experience that you were able to “remember” after you “woke up” in your third dimensional reality? However, if you do not take a moment to write down that dream, or document that dream in some manner, you may find that you cannot remember very much of that dream.

Why do dreams often leave your mind once you wake up?  One possible reason, as there could be uncountable reasons each person may have a different reason for not remembering. However, the “not remembering” is often because your “state of consciousness” during sleep is usually very different from your state while you are awake.

Many humans need to “jump out of bed” to quickly prepare for their day. It is in the hustle and bustle of “preparing for your day” it is never easy to remember the dream or dreams that you had while you were sleeping. However, if you can keep a pen and paper next to your bed and jot down what parts of your dream that you do remember, you may be able to carry the important symbols and portions of your dream that you would like to explore more deeply.

In fact, exploring your dreams, is much like exploring your own inner self. Your inner self is the “you” that interfaces between your 3D physical self and your Higher Dimensional SELF. It is often during your dreams that you begin to connect to your Higher SELF.  Therefore, if you keep paper and pen by your bed, you can write down as much of your dream as you can still remember.

In fact, once you start writing down your dreams, you may remember parts of your “sleeping experiences” more and more easily. One reason why it may be easier to remember your dreams is because you can “check on what your dream showed you” and note how those concepts and other dreaming experiences are also occurring in your awake life.

Sometimes, your “dream body,” who can more easily interface with your Third, and Fourth dimensional SELF. In other words, some times you can remember your dreams more easily, and some dreams may even feel like they are following your consciousness during your daily life. Often these dreams can give greater insight for your daily waking life.

And, sometimes, a dream will stay “awake in your mind” until you take the time to listen and understand what that dream was telling you. If you do not have time to write down your entire dream, perhaps jot down some of the images, experiences, or conversations, that came into your dream life. Then, you may even be able to see how your “inner sleeping life” can influence your “outer awake life.”

When we say, “Inner Life” we mean memories, desires, and experiences that you had in your dreams, and/or meditations, which actually assist you to more deeply understand, or become directed to manifest, these desires, and/or directions from your “Inner/Higher SELF” which you normally would forget in the run of preparing for your daily life.

If you could awaken early, or find a time during your day, or your evening to make it a “habit” to tune into your own Inner/Higher SELF, you will begin to realize that you are NEVER alone because your own inner guidance is actually your  BEST FRIEND!

We, the Arcturians, are always available because we resonate beyond the frequency of time as you know time in your third dimensional reality. Your third dimensional “time” is based on the movements of your third dimensional planet as it circles around your Sun.

We, the Arcturians, resonate to the higher frequencies of reality in which we experience the NOW of the ONE. In fact, we the Arcturians exist as ONE as we live within the ever-present of the NOW!

We wish to share our reality with all life via that NOW of our ONE!

Some day, when you are visiting one of our Star Ships, you will fully remember how to live within the NOW of the ONE.

Blessings from the Arcturians and ALL the members of our great Star Family

Please find all Sue Lie’s Published books at:

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:05 PM

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah       

Really-Deep, Unresolved Issues Rising to the Surface – Steve Beckow

healing-angel-by-tara-rieke-at-fine-art-america-female face angel wings

Healing Angel ~ Artist Tara Rieke @ Fine Art America


 Really-Deep, Unresolved Issues Rising to the Surface,

I’m going through intense emotional spaces these days. I think my space matches what I see depicted in the media. The public is getting excited and mobilized and I’m getting excited and mobilized along with it.

The most difficult of the spaces that’s coming up for me has to be existential loneliness – loneliness independent of the circumstances. It grows each day. But self-doubt also arises.  Self-recrimination. All of this from nowhere.

The emotions coming up are new to me.  Let me give the example of fear.

Watching the torching of American cities, two fears are arising in me: (1) a fear of annihilation and (2) a fear of impoverishment.

Neither of them is true. I know darn well that none of us can ever be annihilated.  And Michael is not going to leave me impoverished. These fears arise independent of any present truth. I imagine they’re ancient vasanas (or core issues).

Needless to say, I think we’re getting down to the deeper layers of our vasanas now, if my experience is any indicator.

Getting back to the loneliness, I find it the hardest to bear. I ache when I feel that way.  I don’t like the feeling.

I’m seeing people. It isn’t related to seeing or not seeing people. It’s existential. It’s more basic than the merely social.

I use the upset clearing process on it.

Having named the feeling (loneliness), I ask my mind to send me up an image or word that identifies the origin of the vasana attached to the feeling.

The first thing that comes up is I see myself looking out of the window from my brother’s apartment in 1968.  I had just received the news that my Mother had died. In a house fire. Smoking in bed.

I was looking out the window and could not believe that the buses were still running, people were still walking, and my Mother had just died.

Yes, a lot of the existential loneliness comes from that moment. I’m having a good cry.

I look to see if there is any residual holding in the musculature and I find none.

I don’t detect mental or emotional residue so that must be the origin of my existential loneliness – the death of my Mother. The truth will set you free.

OK, that’s the second emotional storm today. And the night is still young.

It must also be the energies.

The energies are slowly rising and I think we’re watching our really-deep unresolved issues rise to the surface, to be acknowledged and let go of.

We can’t go “through the eye of the needle” (1) unless we divest ourselves of them.

I feel very uncomfortable. Some of the emotions that are surfacing are feelings that I usually shun or run away from. I haven’t even named them all yet. I return to experiencing them through to completion, the last step in the upset clearing process.


(1) I.e., ascend. But “the eye of the needle” makes it sound onerous and rigorous and I don’t think it is. Nevertheless the image is helpful to picture trying to drag our gunnysack of resentments through a small opening.

We can’t take our old baggage with us on this next part of the trip.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Can We Disagree with an Archangel? – Steve Beckow

In The Arms of The Mother by Meganne Forbes


Can We Disagree with an Archangel?

From the two times I’ve seen him, the closest I’ve come to finding a likeness of Archangel Michael is Keanu Reeves with a ponytail

You’d be surprised to know that on occasion I disagree with Archangel Michael. And, look, I’m still alive.

In my last reading I asked him how he felt about my disagreeing.

His response just showed what a wonderful partner he is – available to all, reasonable rate (free).

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 13, 2020.

Steve: What do I do when you and I disagree?

Archangel Michael: It does not matter. You are free to disagree. I am not wishing or directing [matters] to intervene in your process of growth and discovery.

When you are in true relationship, I am not asking you nor would we ever guide you to be in lock step with anyone … with anyone but yourself.

Now, where the disconnect happens is when you do not go deeply into your heart. Sometimes you get excited and your mental body rules.

That is part of a process. I am not concerned about this.

Steve: Oh well, good.

AAM:  I am teasing you.

Sweet One, I will never say I told you so! [He must be reading my mind.]

Steve: Protect me from ever saying that. The worst thing in the world is for someone to wake up and have someone else say, “I told you so.”

AAM: It is an arrogant, hurtful, dismissive statement. Even more harmful than when it is a statement is when there is a pervasive attitude in that [direction].

Steve: I totally agree.

From disagreement to total agreement. I think you can call that being won over.

Now, tell me, honestly, who would not want to work for a boss like that? And he works with millions.

I’ve never had a more intimate relationship with anyone, even though he does work with millions – simultaneously.

There are some people who might say, “I don’t like the channel.”  “That’s Mickey Mouse, not Michael.”

I asked the Mother if I would lose out if it turned out I was working for a fraudulent mentor – as has happened twice before in my life; my gurus turned out to be frauds.

Again listen to her response. It should be generally heard. Please hear it as being said directly to you.

Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.

Steve Beckow: I’m operating on the principle – and please correct me if I’m mistaken here – that I serve Archangel Michael, period.

If I were to go to a channel who purports to channel him but doesn’t, and if I were to allow myself to be guided by him, and it turned out to be a colossal error, I’m saying to myself I still was serving only Archangel Michael.

Am I correct?

Divine Mother: You have reached this place of clarity. Now, dearest heart, this is exactly what I am talking about in terms of your divine knowing. And nothing is swaying you from that balanced center of knowing.

So it does not matter whether somebody says they are channeling Hilarion or Mickey Mouse. You know that you are serving my beloved Michael and I would like to suggest to you, Sweet One, not to distract you, but you are also serving me.

Steve: I so much know that, Mother.

DM: You always have. And so, yes, how we have constructed this (1) is that you are employed, you are in joint venture, you are in sacred partnership with Michael, with Me-Ki-Al, and that is the way that you have chosen and that he has chosen and that I have chosen for you to proceed. (2)

Steve: Yes, Mother. Thank you for confirming that.

DM:  Let us give you further insight into this. So, if you were channeling with somebody and they said it was Hilarion, and in fact it was Hilarion, understand on our side the conjoining is so much stronger [with Michael] that Michael would simply funnel through Hilarion what needs to be said.

Steve: Interesting!

Were you also in partnership with Michael, which requires only your say-so, her words would apply to you as well.

We don’t know who is here.


(1) Don’t overlook this: “How we have constructed this” – She’s just acknowledged the existence of a team (“we”) responsible for soul design (“have constructed this [lifetime? service contract?]”).

(2) More evidence: “The way that you have chosen and that he has chosen and that I have chosen for you to proceed.” So  she has identified two members of a soul-design team: Her and Michael. (It’s the same for you.)

I already know I’m a guinea pig:

Steve: I’m acting as a test bed as well as the projects being a test bed?

AAM: Correct.

Steve: So it’s important that I communicate what I’m coming across… Okay. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2019.)

What they do with me, I predict that they would do with you, if you asked (ask and ye shall receive). I am a test bed. You are the working model.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Be a Pioneer of the New Earth Ascension by Master Lanto – Natalie Glasson

Lord Lanto ~ Artist Glenn Lewis @ Ascension Healing


Be a Pioneer of the New Earth Ascension by Master Lanto

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Dear and gentle souls of the light, I greet you with honour and truth. I am Master Lanto, an ascended master and Chohan of the sixth ray of light replacing Master Jesus in overseeing this sacred expression of the Creator. I come to you with the purpose of encouraging you to enhance and discover the light of your being while also intensifying your inner devotion.

Upon the Earth you are moving from fear into love, from darkness into light, from duality into oneness, this is such an amazing transformational process that is occurring within your being and projecting into your reality. Such transformations require you to be gentle, loving, and patient with yourself. You will see aspects of yourself emerging from within your being and from within others, you may dislike what you recognise emerging but there is a need to not take the tremendous releasing process occurring so personally. Do not allow yourself to become attached to what emerges from within you whether it is of a negative or positive vibration. The greatest tool that can be used at this time of ascension is observation. When energies or even your perspective shifts from darkness to light or negative to positive within your being this signifies a great clearing and a deep awakening of the Creator.

The emergence may be habits from your past or pain from past lifetimes. It is important to value each realisation of yourself, actions, and perceptions as powerful and treasured shift into the New Earth Ascension. We are all existing in the New Earth Ascension now. This symbolises there is now the opportunity to experience complete and absolute love in your reality and as your reality. It has never been so obtainable to exist in love eternally upon the Earth, it is a supreme and great gift to be given and to accept from the Creator and Mother Earth.

You have been granted such an experience because you contracted to be a pioneer of love, peace, truth, and fulfilment on the Earth. There are always souls who are required to pave the way in new phases of ascension, to demonstrate to others how one can utilise the tools, gifts, and possibilities of the new phase. There is a need for pioneers to clear away all the unwanted energy of the past so false beliefs and vibrations of previous eras do not contaminate the new phase. You are now a pioneer for the New Earth Ascension, you consented to be here at this time with your awareness and divine spiritual abilities to move the consciousness of humanity and the Earth into the central vibration of the New Earth Ascension. We realise that the New Earth Ascension may be a new experience, a time to exist in the love of the Creator without fear, judgment, suffering, or pain, because it is a new experience it seems therefore unknown. Uncertainty and unfamiliar energies can cause suffering and confusion; therefore, you have been selected as a pioneer of the New Earth Ascension. To move yourself, reality, perspective and all that you recognise yourself to be into the centre core of love to experience the abundance of the Creator’s love, therefore, demonstrating to others the purpose of this phase of ascension and the joys that can be experienced. It is important to remember that love is the most familiar energy to your soul. Fear may feel familiar and secure, it is a false creation which has no foundations from which you can accelerate into the soul of the Creator. Observation allows you to realise the energies that are truly familiar to you and those that are false and un-nourishing.

If you allow yourself to observe all experiences, not allowing yourself to become attached to the light or to fear, you will then be able to make your choices and take your action from a place of balance and neutral ground. This will fill your being with contentment and an aspect of completion. As we move from fear into love, balance is always required, the balance will continue to be of importance once you have accessed the New Earth Ascension and the New Earth Ascension Blueprint. There is such potential in the New Earth Ascension, it is like a treasure chest waiting to be opened. You have already explored one era extensively, collecting all the valuable treasures and lessons of growth, now there is a need to discover the treasure and valuable lessons of the New Earth Ascension. Currently, you are all still in transition adjusting to the energetic frequency and vibrational change while also overseeing the transitions within your body and being. There will come a time when you are then ready to experience the abundance of the New Earth Ascension. You will recognise this time, you may feel clear and strong in your energies, peaceful in your mind, love constantly in your heart and the truth of the Creator emanating from your being into your aura. At this time love will truly explode into your life. The love of the Creator will bathe you completely, because of your preparation you will be able to recognise this true integration with the core of the New Earth Ascension, it may feel like you are being blessed with overwhelming love in abundance in all areas of your reality and being.

The New Earth Ascension is just the start, like a foundation of the Creator that will open you up extensively to the experience of the Creator. It is a powerful marker in the fact that it heralds a time of experience of the truth of the Creator. You have always been experiencing the Creator but now you are able to experience the truth of the Creator. It is important to realise that everything whether negative or positive holds the vibration of the Creator, this does not necessarily mean it is the truth of the Creator. Once you adjust and merge with the new phase you will have the opportunity to experience the truth of the Creator. The New Earth Ascension will act as a powerful foundation as you explore new phases. You will also not have to wait so long for new phases to dawn. Such as the Phase of Peace, Golden Platinum Phase, the Phase of Soul Power, the Phase of Divine Truth, the Phase of Unique Love will enter your consciousness as levels of experience and integration of the truth of the Creator.

Seek the Creator

Every day allow yourself to seek a beautiful and loving experience of the Creator, seek a moment being embraced in the love of the Creator, observing the beauty of the Creator, recognising the truth of the Creator. Seek this moment of experience alone, with loved ones, in nature, with animals or with strangers. First, let yourself observe and release any expectations you may hold when you contemplate an experience of the Creator in your everyday life.

Through observation of yourself and the shifts you are achieving, you no longer believe the energies of fear or negativity to be you, simply an overflow from a past era. With attachments released you will then discover there are powerful energies within your being such as your light and your devotion. I, Master Lanto, can share with you in truth that your devotion to the Creator is strong because you are on the Earth experiencing and seeking all that is the Creator on behalf of the Creator. Your devotion does not need to be built in this lifetime because it emerges from the moment of release from the womb of the Creator into your journey of ascension. Your devotion is your driving force to return to all that is the Creator, it only needs to be recognised in this lifetime and enhanced. Your devotion does not mean you will always hide away from others contemplating the Creator. It means you will awaken a constant and secure alignment and attunement with the Creator which is unwavering and fortifying.

Your light is akin to the aura of all the divine and sacred qualities and awareness that exists within your being. Your light was born when you emerged from the womb of the Creator, your light is a representative and a combination of your power and the holy truths held within your being. Your light is your shield, your nourishment, and acts as a representation of yourself and soul.

If your light represents your power and truth, while your devotion represents your sacred connection with the Creator you can be aware you have two powerful tools to support you in this time of awakening. Now is the time to access your light and devotion to steer you into the core of love. Your light will always illuminate your way while your devotion will direct and guide you in the correct direction. You are never alone or helpless you are equipped on this journey with all you require to be a pioneer of the New Earth Ascension Phase, encouraging others to do the same.

The Emergence of Devotion and Light

I wish to share a practice to support you in connecting with and realising your light and devotion.
Allow yourself to gain a meditative state.

‘I call upon Master Lanto to be present with me, supporting my greater awakening to my light and devotion within. Please, Master Lanto, place your energetic hands upon the base of my spine and the back of my heart chakra, enthusing my entire chakra column with your consciousness and energy vibration. I know you hold high and pure frequencies of light and devotion; I accept your sharing with me and experience a deep integration with your energy.

I am Devotion and I am Light. I clear my entire being of all that hinders and blocks my experience of my devotion and light allowing the birthing and awakening of my devotion and light into my current reality and being.

I now allow myself to recognise, observe, and experience my divine light and devotion. Thank you.’

Remember all aspects of your being are sacred so imagine that from the base of your spine the energy of your light and devotion is born into your entire being, filling every cell and awareness with supreme powerfully emanating light and a deep sense of devotion for the Creator.

This is also a deep clearing, purification, and empowerment for your being, just focus on your breathing for as long as you wish.

With radiant light and my constant support,

I am Master Lanto


Lord Lanto ~ Artist Glenn Lewis @ Ascension Healing

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

A leading and guiding hand during your transformation – Meline Lafont

Heart In Hand Milagro Canvas Print by Sabina Espinet


A leading and guiding hand during your transformation ~ knowledge for the Transmutation in the process of transformation Step 5: Transmutation

June 11, 2020

A great topic and actuality at the moment: transmutation, cleansing and releasing.  This because we have 3 eclipses and 7 retrogrades in 1 month of time.  June is squeezing us like an orange.

The Eclipses say: we turn of the Light for you to find renewal and rebirth.  These trigger very deep underlying and subconscious memories, as well as emotions.  These push this all to come out so that we can activate renewal.  Before we rebirth and renew,we need to make space.  We are doing our household duties on the inner plane, so to say ;-).

We are experiencing 7 retrogrades this month.  This is unique!!  Retrogrades say: take time to review some of your “held on” values and ideas.  Do these still serve you well at this time and are they still of value?  We all grow through experience, what are your current insights?

We are in a deep cleansing mode and it all leads us to the inner self.  No wonder that our dreams are so vivid lately and extremely intense.

Step 5 from the Ascended Masters: The most efficient way to reach this state is to share and to ask all of your cells in order for them to achieve their own mutation process and to already begin with it.  Again: you are your body into manifestation, so you are your cells as well.  Those cells of yours will, to the extent possible, enlarge considerably to ease this process of cleansing and of releasing the outdated and useless information.  So you are at liberty to again be free and to form more light.  Your cells are your existence in this form and embodiment, so communicate with them and take good care of them.

Writer: Meline Lafont

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