The Heart Chakra is a Portal – Steve Beckow

Heart Chakra ~ Artist Carol Herzer


The Heart Chakra is a Portal

This seems to be a time for dissonance, insights, and breakthrough.  The next few articles illustrate that.

One seldom knows one’s in dissonance until it gets healed. I was in dissonance trying to shoehorn my knowledge of what happened during a fourth-chakra experience into what I know about fourth-chakra experiences in general.

And I’ve always felt uncomfortable.  Like it wouldn’t go into such a confined space and, at a level below awareness, it bothered me. (1)

My knowledge of fourth-chakra experiences in general, including heart openings, says that they’re third dimensional in scope; temporary in duration; and complete unto themselves.

But two features of my own heart opening, which was a fourth-chakra event, simply wouldn’t fit into those parameters.

The love that I felt was higher dimensional. It was beyond the third dimension, whatever higher dimension it was (there are no road signs).

I ended up in an Ocean of Love. I now see that the Ocean of Love is Reality at a much higher dimension than even the initial experience of a tsunami of love was. It was the culmination.

That again suggests that the fourth-chakra experience was not complete in itself, but was a doorway into a higher reality. The event progressed and got higher in dimension as it did so.

My dissonance disappeared when I saw the fourth-chakra explosion as opening a portal. The portal was temporary and that goes along with it being at the third-dimensional level.

What happens after the initial explosion is a little like a trampoline or a safety net or a slingshot.  The device is elastic and is stretched but it doesn’t break and returns to its original form.  My experience of higher dimensionality stretched my experience of love but it was temporary and so it also receded.

Like a gigantic slingshot, how far we travel depends on how far the sling is bent. Trampoline, safety net – the same.

If I ended up in an Ocean of Love, then I must have jumped fairly high on the trampoline.  Once I say that to myself, the dissonance drains away.

The truth will set us free.

This is a good example of the truth being already known inside us. Of course it is. The Self, which knows the truth, is found inside us, in the heart, in the seat of the soul.

Whenever our everyday consciousness arrives at a truth, our insides respond by releasing us from bodily or muscular tension.

We could actually afford to ask our insides whether something is the truth or not and wait for its response. If it is, the truth will set us free.

My dissonance has disappeared. I feel more relaxed. I use this as proof of the accuracy of what I said, that fourth-chakra experiences are not complete in themselves but can be portals to a temporary experience of higher-dimensions.


(1) The same thing happened in 1987, which resulted in my leaving university.  After the vision that year, I knew I could no longer tolerate  shoehorning what I knew of reality into the confined box of empirical materialism (the belief that only what you see, hear, touch, etc., is real).

On the vision itself, see  “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” August 13, 2011, at


Heart Chakra ~ Artist Carol Herzer

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


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