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How Paradigmatic Breakthrough Works

It’s a very important process and realizing it’s at work here would be of  benefit.

What just happened for me was that cognitive dissonance built up to such an extent that I cast the prevailing paradigm down and accepted a new one. This is one way- not the only way –  in which the process of paradigmatic breakthrough works.

I’ve discussed this process in an earlier set of articles. (2)

The cognitive dissonance I was feeling when reading news accounts in the alternative press had two parts.

The first was that current events revealed that our currently-prevailing paradigm of polarization is not working. (3)

The second was that reading polarized accounts in search of the news was becoming for me so unpleasant an activity that I was fast reaching a point (again) of refusing to continue.

Our practice of polarization is not just a race to the bottom; it’s a train headed for disaster. Leaning to the right or the left side won’t help us on a train that’s headed for disaster.


Being polarized on the left side, the “commie” side, or being polarized on the right side, the conservative or “patriot” side, won’t stop the train from going where it’s headed. We have to stop the train and build new track. (4)

That’s how paradigmatic breakthrough works. Increasing cognitive dissonance leads to rejection of the prevailing paradigm and acceptance of a new one – to laying new track.

If you’re wanting to see what it would take to have your intimate partner, business colleague, etc., change, this is what it would take – and how it would occur.

And they’d say they had an epiphany, saw the light, got the message, changed their mind.

This may or may not be accompanied by, or reach the level of, realization. Mine did not. It was a building of disgust combined with the apprehension of emergency circumstances that forced me to cast down the statue of Baal, so to speak (I’m being dramatic).

I’m now wholeheartedly intellectually convinced that polarization won’t work; only unity will. I’m not yet experientially convinced and not yet realizationally anchored.

As I’ve discussed before, I’m now going to consolidate this re-choosing, this paradigmatic breakthrough by establishing a beachhead of understanding and then moving out from there.


(1) “Turning My Hat Around and Embracing Oneness,” June 6, 2020, at

(2) “The Principles of Largescale Employment Projects – Part 1/2” at and “The Principles of Largescale Employment Projects – Part 2/2” at

(3) The paradigm has been with us since time immemorial, but the Illuminati honed it to a fine point with their “divide-and-conquer” strategy.

(4) I acknowledge Werner Erhard as the source of this extended metaphor.


Sweet Pea Flowers

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