Universal Mother Mary – You are the Fulfillment of The Promise – Linda Dillon

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of love. Yes, I can give you a litany of the names I go by, but does it not suffice, beloved ones, to simply say I am the Mother of love, and in that I say I am the Mother of all, and in that I say I am the Mother of each and every one of you.

I welcome you and I gather you into my arms and around me, around us, around all, to have this quiet conversation in what some of you have thought of as in the midst of chaos, and what I would say to thee is in the realm of new existence, in the realm of higher octave, in the realm of new beginnings of new cycles of existence.

I ask you, I open the doorway, I invite you, I guide you to enter through this portal, this doorway and to leave what is old and what is truly non-existent behind. Many times I have spoken to thee about what is non-existent, about what is illusion, and what does not have substance that is in any way useful to you. I speak to you about my infinite ocean of time and the fluidity of time where you may swim backwards and forwards. But in this moment, in this eternal moment of my infinite now, I am suggesting to you, I am requesting of thee…do not look back!

There are times for the contemplation of what has gone beforehand, and you have had such a period of time, and you will have that again. But in this day, in this moment, I ask you to gaze forward and to gaze forward with clear intent and the acuity of your inner vision and knowing.

We have spent years, and indeed we have spent eons sharing and guiding and teaching, retooling, uplifting, attuning, infusing each and every one of you with the energy of love and that which is necessary for you to go forth…each of you…as Nova Beings, as Creator Race, as angels in form, as hybrids in form, as portals and gatekeepers and Earthkeepers. It matters not, beloveds, how you identify yourselves or even how you are identified throughout the multiverse, the omniverse.

What is important as you take this forward thrust is that you know and you embrace the truth of who you are. No more self-sabotage, no more group sabotage, no more embrace of that which is truly illusion and of the old false grids and paradigms, for they do not serve you and you have come to your own realization and a depth of heart knowing that, in fact, those old illusions do not serve you and you embrace the new. And what is the new except the essential that has always been.

There are times when you have said to me or to my beloved archangels, “Well, I work within the old grid. I work with the old paradigms because that is simply the way things are.” What I suggest to thee, beloved, is that is not of truth. That is not how things are! The truth of love, the truth of creation, the truth of your essence, the truth of my essence has never been of disarray, of hatred or greed or selfishness or fear, of lack or limitation, so that is not the way things are. That has been an absolute misconception of reality. And you have grown and you have matured and some of you would say, “Yes, I have seen through the chaos and I have seen through the illusion.”

It is not adequate to simply see through it or recognize it. It is vitally important, essential, to see what is ahead of you, underneath that illusion…inside. And of course the only way to truly discover and embrace that truth, that reality, that love, is through the knowing of your beautiful sweet self, of the immutable self that does not truly shift or change.

Your essence is and always has been love and that everything else in this journey of being in form and of being the truth and the implementers of the Divine Plan is you in form being the love.

Now, I may speak this clearly because you are at the level of existence where you can truly understand, comprehend, integrate, anchor, and bring into action and form that which I speak of. So often when I have said to you, “If it does not look like love, if it does not feel like love, if it does not smell like love, then why would you engage it, why would you proceed?” And you have truly come to a place, yes, through your own growth, might I suggest with a little help from your friends – human and otherwise – to come to a place in your Divine Authority, in your essential truth and right, in your birthright, where you do not want, choose, decide, anything that is abhorrent, that is not of love. You are placing yourself by choice, in alignment with Divine Will beyond choice.

Now, that does not mean that the direction of the human race is to become robotic, mechanical. If anything, sweet ones, you have become far more electrical and your light bodies are shining brightly.

What do you choose to do as you enter and truly begin to anchor this new realm of existence, this new expanded way of being, where you think with your heart and act from your will? What do you choose to do? When I pose this question to you I do not think, my beloveds, there is a single one of you that would say to me, “Well, Mother, what I would like to do is to continue in the path of endurance, in a path of struggle because that has made me so strong.” And, yes, that is in many ways true and it has certainly assisted in your desire and choice to receive the gifts of clarity that I have given you. But you were never intended, indefinitely or infinitely, to struggle, to practice endurance.

Fortitude is not a struggle; it is a strength. It is a way of being. Faith and Trust are not struggles, they are simply a form of existence that are the various reflections of love and joy. And so, in this time of new beginnings, I ask of each of you, in your infinite wisdom which we respect and love and cherish, “What do you choose? What is your intention? What is your heart’s desires?”

When I pose this query to thee I am not suggesting…in fact, I do not truly wish to hear a response that is pat, a response that is “Well, I wish to heal the world; I wish to save the world.” Your world is your inner landscape and the mechanics of such a statement do not speak to the beginning point of your heart, your choices, your decisions, your actions, and your truth. So, let me phrase this in a different way…My beloved children, creations of my heart, what do you hold dear to you?

I am encouraging you, I am guiding you to make this beginning point of your new beginning very personal. What is dear to your heart? What is dear to your life? What is of ultimate importance to you? Your answer is close to you. Yes, for many of you it is to simply feel the divine presence within thee and your connection, your infinite, ultimate connection to us – the Godhead – more clearly, more perfectly, more consistently. It is also to be in divine union, in sacred union, more deeply with yourself, with your partner, with your family, with your friends, with your community.

You do not go about saving the world and have no regard for those you cherish. That is how you express, how you experience love, and what it looks like, what this paradigm of Nova Being in Nova Community on Nova Earth looks like. So, before you jump over the moon, take time to identify what is dear to you, what is the reflection that, in fact, builds upon your quintessential truth? What is the love that, in fact, acts as the catalyst for your quantum leap? It has need to be in that expansion of your heart wisdom, in the expansion of your wisdom vision.

We did not spend years speaking to you about Divine Union, Divine Authority, Divine Knowing, your Inspired Self, the New You, we did not spend years speaking of these things so they could be set aside. No, it is to be integrated and in this integration, the starting point of creation, which you are in this phase – this is the next chapter, is what is dear to you. What is so precious to yourself, not merely as divine being but as man and woman and human being, what is so dear to you, so precious to you, that you wish to expand upon it and you want that experience of that miraculous sense to be shared far and wide? What are you choosing in the personal realm to build upon, to bring your attention to, to align your will with? That is the intention!

These choices are not merely universal, it is your expression of the universe within your sacred heart, and that is how you carry forth. You have done…even as I have said to you “do not look back”…I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge, praise, commend, celebrate victories of this past year where you have gone forth. And the biggest victory is the ability to expand your discernment. This is why in my tsunami, that I have focused the gifts of clarity and purity…purity of thought, purity of discernment, the purity of grace, the sense of child-like wonder and awe and inspiration…that you have learned to stand back from “that is not of truth” and send the energy of love into the melee.

In this new chapter, this new realm of existence, there are still going to be incidents of chaos but it is not internal; it is not something you are engaging in. You are the participant observer insofar as you send the purity of what is dear to you into those situations and you stand back and you watch them dissolve. This is the power of creation!

Think of it…do you really think, sweet angels of light, that I reached down and engaged the fullness of my energy in what is abomination, that I involve myself in hatred? No. There are times when it has spun around while some have learned very critical lessons. I have always, and always will, send my love, send my emissaries, send my warriors of light, to penetrate that darkness, for that is nothing short of the fulfillment of My Plan, but I do not engage it. Why would I put my Divine energy into something that is not of love?

And so I say to you, these are lessons and approaches to creation that you have very well learned in the past years. That is not where energies are focused as we go forward because you are reaching for what is dear, until such time as the entire planet, not some amorphous idea but the entire planet, every baby, every hair, every blade of grass, every pebble, every drop of water in every ocean, is dear to you. But first, what is personally dear to you.

Creation is not hasty. If you have learned one thing gathered around me, that is it. Creation is instantaneous and immediate but it is never hasty. There is such jubilation at this time, not merely of fulfillment, but of the new. You are the fulfillment of the promise and the promise, the word, the energy, has always been love.

Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
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Time to Start In – Steve Beckow


Time to Start In
Free book, Letting go of Social Vasanas or Collective Trauma, attached (below).

I recall reading somewhere – now lost to me – that we accomplish very little karmically in any one lifetime.

And I watched myself to see why that would be so.

And what I saw was a person bouncing from thought to thought, acting out each strong feeling, excusing himself, denying what didn’t serve his story. On and on this Punch-and-Judy life went, this Pinnocchio existence, in mundane chaos.

Any progress I might make was either hit-and-miss or short-lived. This life bore little resemblance to a conscious human’s.

What was missing were intention, values, personal responsibility, self-command, discipline, persistence, commitment.

In a word, I wasn’t taking myself seriously.

That’s too bad because we lightworkers are both starseeds and angels. The former means we’re higher dimensional (already ascended in other lifetimes) and the latter means we’re transcendental (from the angelic realms, beyond the Twelfth Dimension).

We do have the potential, every one of us, to make a  —>>>  HUGE  <<<—  difference in the world.

Not taking ourselves seriously not only condemns us to a Pinocchio existence; it also undermines the very reason we’re here – to make a large impact on this world to wake it up to Ascension.

This isn’t the life we should be thinking of as ordinary – viewed from any angle.

Not viewed from the angle of our enhanced and heightened creative powers, as we rise in vibration.

Not viewed from the angle of who we are – Starseeds of angelic origin, here to leaven the loaf and ease the burden.

Not viewed from the angle of the importance of this lifetime for the world – as we can see from cities globally locked down from an engineered pandemic and a deadly struggle between the Alliance and the cabal.

As we can see from the deep state deliberately murdering an innocent (black) man – on video, which video no officer tried to block or confiscate – stores being looted, and cities burning. Does it need to get more real or intense than this before we start taking ourselves seriously?

OK, well, I acknowledge this to be an important lifetime for me.

Out of my duty to my mission, which I agreed to long ago, and out of respect for others who’ve poured their energy into what became the design of my life, hoping that I would also take this lifetime seriously, I surrender. (1)

When I take all that I know about myself, I see that I’m not living anywhere up to their hopes (my Number One core issue) (2) and anywhere up to my true potential.

That’s enough playing small. Enough pleasing others. Enough wasting precious time.

Time to start in.


(1) I’m at work at the moment on an article on those who assist us in the design of our lives – our “soul design.”

(2) “The fear within the fear is that you will let down the Mother. … This is an issue, a vasana… So look at the fear and give it to me.” (Archangel Michael, ibid., Aug. 1, 2014.)

Here’s my first step in taking things seriously. Let me introduce the notion of social vasanas or what Thomas Hubl called collective trauma.


Download Letting go of Social Vasanas or Collective Trauma here: https://goldenageofgaia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Letting-Go-of-Social-Vasanas-v.-5.pages.pdf


steve pdf vasanas

See above Link to access PDF ~ Letting go of Social Vasanas or Collective Trauma

Love and Unity Arise in the Same Space – Steve Beckow


4th Chakra – Heart Chakra – Art by Lori A Andrus


Love and Unity Arise in the Same Space

I’m moving out from my beachhead of understanding now.  (1)

My beachhead is that I realize, from current events, that polarization does not work. I’m now open to human unity. I now foray out from that point seeking an understanding, experience, and realization of unity.

This foray into examining love and unity is based on my feeling a rise of the higher form of love and noticeing how it induced in me the feeling that I was one with everyone and everything.

I saw at that moment that love and unity co-exist in the same space.

I know it may be hard to see that. We have p[re-existing beliefs attached to both of these words. “Love” looks a certain way. “Unity” works a certain way.

But when you’re in higher-dimensional love, we’re offering ourselves as a channel for this higher love to flow out to all universally. And as it flows, our boundaries fall away – and, it’s my prediction – we become one with everything.

I’ve been in that kind of love and felt that oneness. I don’t mean I’ve realized it. Becoming one with everything in enlightenment terms equates to Brahmajnana or seventh-chakra enlightenment. I cannot claim to have had that experience. (2)

I mean that there is an experience of higher love, whatever dimension we may be on, where love and the experience of spiritual union with all other people arise and occur simultaneously.

You can probably imagine it. Imagine you love everyone – that you are sending love up from your heart and out to everyone. If you reach a high enough place with it, you’ll feel one with everyone. The two – love and unity – become one at a certain, more heart-open level of existence.

OK, I see now.  The light of understanding has gone on.

Until now, I’ve been perceiving “unity” as an amorphous kind of thing. It’s connection but it’s also a mass and it’s also….  I’ve had no clear idea what unity is.

But now I see it. Unity – like abundance and mastery – is a space.  I’ve been looking for it in all the wrong places. My beliefs have veiled it and sent me down the wrong track.

Unity is an experience, a feeling (but more). It’s a space and when one enters it one finds love there as well.

Unto itself, unity leads to higher and higher dimensions, known by higher and higher spaces or states. I can follow unity as far as exaltation.  I can’t get back to the Father on it yet, as the small golden star did in my 1987 vision. (3)

Unity is a space I can live in.  While in this space, I feel no fear. Fear is absent. If I were to feel fear, I imagine I’d have vacated this space.

I must sound like an astronaut on the Moon making her first observations. “The ground is grey. There are little rocks.”

There’s no holding in the muscular of my body that I’m aware of. Deep breathing is easy.  Oh, here is bliss as well. Feeling the bliss exerts an upward pull; needing to write exerts a downward pull.  I’m right where I need to be to fulfill my mission.

OK, that’s a foray out from my beachhead of understanding into the further understanding, experience, and realization of unity and its co-existence with love.


(1)  See “How Paradigmatic Breakthrough Works,” June 7, 2020, at https://goldenageofgaia.com/2020/06/07/how-paradigmatic-breakthrough-works/

(2) I had a truncated experience of it. But that would be like comparing a movie to real life.

Steve: [Emptiness of mind] was followed next by what appeared to be the kundalini completing its circuit at the seventh chakra. Is that in fact what happened?

AAM: Yes. …

Steve: Hmm, interesting! Ordinarily you would experience Brahmajnana at that point but I felt that it had been muted, toned down.

AAM: When you use the term “dramatic enlightenment experiences”[as I did earlier],  you are talking about Nirvana. You are talking about the unity of all with One.

It is not to say that you will not experience that, but you cannot (well, you can if you wish; it is a choice to) simply remain in that state of unity, of One, or be fully conscious, in service, in action….

So, it is a toning down, if anything. It really is the middle ground. …

You know that enlightenment is right there in front of you. It is yours to access. But if you are in service, you will not choose to live there. …

You can think of it as keeping two feet firmly on the ground. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2012.)

(3) See the progress of the small golden star in “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” August 13, 2011, at https://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/  



4th Chakra – Heart Chakra – Art by Lori A Andrus

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