Time to Start In – Steve Beckow


Time to Start In
Free book, Letting go of Social Vasanas or Collective Trauma, attached (below).

I recall reading somewhere – now lost to me – that we accomplish very little karmically in any one lifetime.

And I watched myself to see why that would be so.

And what I saw was a person bouncing from thought to thought, acting out each strong feeling, excusing himself, denying what didn’t serve his story. On and on this Punch-and-Judy life went, this Pinnocchio existence, in mundane chaos.

Any progress I might make was either hit-and-miss or short-lived. This life bore little resemblance to a conscious human’s.

What was missing were intention, values, personal responsibility, self-command, discipline, persistence, commitment.

In a word, I wasn’t taking myself seriously.

That’s too bad because we lightworkers are both starseeds and angels. The former means we’re higher dimensional (already ascended in other lifetimes) and the latter means we’re transcendental (from the angelic realms, beyond the Twelfth Dimension).

We do have the potential, every one of us, to make a  —>>>  HUGE  <<<—  difference in the world.

Not taking ourselves seriously not only condemns us to a Pinocchio existence; it also undermines the very reason we’re here – to make a large impact on this world to wake it up to Ascension.

This isn’t the life we should be thinking of as ordinary – viewed from any angle.

Not viewed from the angle of our enhanced and heightened creative powers, as we rise in vibration.

Not viewed from the angle of who we are – Starseeds of angelic origin, here to leaven the loaf and ease the burden.

Not viewed from the angle of the importance of this lifetime for the world – as we can see from cities globally locked down from an engineered pandemic and a deadly struggle between the Alliance and the cabal.

As we can see from the deep state deliberately murdering an innocent (black) man – on video, which video no officer tried to block or confiscate – stores being looted, and cities burning. Does it need to get more real or intense than this before we start taking ourselves seriously?

OK, well, I acknowledge this to be an important lifetime for me.

Out of my duty to my mission, which I agreed to long ago, and out of respect for others who’ve poured their energy into what became the design of my life, hoping that I would also take this lifetime seriously, I surrender. (1)

When I take all that I know about myself, I see that I’m not living anywhere up to their hopes (my Number One core issue) (2) and anywhere up to my true potential.

That’s enough playing small. Enough pleasing others. Enough wasting precious time.

Time to start in.


(1) I’m at work at the moment on an article on those who assist us in the design of our lives – our “soul design.”

(2) “The fear within the fear is that you will let down the Mother. … This is an issue, a vasana… So look at the fear and give it to me.” (Archangel Michael, ibid., Aug. 1, 2014.)

Here’s my first step in taking things seriously. Let me introduce the notion of social vasanas or what Thomas Hubl called collective trauma.


Download Letting go of Social Vasanas or Collective Trauma here: https://goldenageofgaia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Letting-Go-of-Social-Vasanas-v.-5.pages.pdf


steve pdf vasanas

See above Link to access PDF ~ Letting go of Social Vasanas or Collective Trauma

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