Can We Disagree with an Archangel? – Steve Beckow

In The Arms of The Mother by Meganne Forbes


Can We Disagree with an Archangel?

From the two times I’ve seen him, the closest I’ve come to finding a likeness of Archangel Michael is Keanu Reeves with a ponytail

You’d be surprised to know that on occasion I disagree with Archangel Michael. And, look, I’m still alive.

In my last reading I asked him how he felt about my disagreeing.

His response just showed what a wonderful partner he is – available to all, reasonable rate (free).

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 13, 2020.

Steve: What do I do when you and I disagree?

Archangel Michael: It does not matter. You are free to disagree. I am not wishing or directing [matters] to intervene in your process of growth and discovery.

When you are in true relationship, I am not asking you nor would we ever guide you to be in lock step with anyone … with anyone but yourself.

Now, where the disconnect happens is when you do not go deeply into your heart. Sometimes you get excited and your mental body rules.

That is part of a process. I am not concerned about this.

Steve: Oh well, good.

AAM:  I am teasing you.

Sweet One, I will never say I told you so! [He must be reading my mind.]

Steve: Protect me from ever saying that. The worst thing in the world is for someone to wake up and have someone else say, “I told you so.”

AAM: It is an arrogant, hurtful, dismissive statement. Even more harmful than when it is a statement is when there is a pervasive attitude in that [direction].

Steve: I totally agree.

From disagreement to total agreement. I think you can call that being won over.

Now, tell me, honestly, who would not want to work for a boss like that? And he works with millions.

I’ve never had a more intimate relationship with anyone, even though he does work with millions – simultaneously.

There are some people who might say, “I don’t like the channel.”  “That’s Mickey Mouse, not Michael.”

I asked the Mother if I would lose out if it turned out I was working for a fraudulent mentor – as has happened twice before in my life; my gurus turned out to be frauds.

Again listen to her response. It should be generally heard. Please hear it as being said directly to you.

Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.

Steve Beckow: I’m operating on the principle – and please correct me if I’m mistaken here – that I serve Archangel Michael, period.

If I were to go to a channel who purports to channel him but doesn’t, and if I were to allow myself to be guided by him, and it turned out to be a colossal error, I’m saying to myself I still was serving only Archangel Michael.

Am I correct?

Divine Mother: You have reached this place of clarity. Now, dearest heart, this is exactly what I am talking about in terms of your divine knowing. And nothing is swaying you from that balanced center of knowing.

So it does not matter whether somebody says they are channeling Hilarion or Mickey Mouse. You know that you are serving my beloved Michael and I would like to suggest to you, Sweet One, not to distract you, but you are also serving me.

Steve: I so much know that, Mother.

DM: You always have. And so, yes, how we have constructed this (1) is that you are employed, you are in joint venture, you are in sacred partnership with Michael, with Me-Ki-Al, and that is the way that you have chosen and that he has chosen and that I have chosen for you to proceed. (2)

Steve: Yes, Mother. Thank you for confirming that.

DM:  Let us give you further insight into this. So, if you were channeling with somebody and they said it was Hilarion, and in fact it was Hilarion, understand on our side the conjoining is so much stronger [with Michael] that Michael would simply funnel through Hilarion what needs to be said.

Steve: Interesting!

Were you also in partnership with Michael, which requires only your say-so, her words would apply to you as well.

We don’t know who is here.


(1) Don’t overlook this: “How we have constructed this” – She’s just acknowledged the existence of a team (“we”) responsible for soul design (“have constructed this [lifetime? service contract?]”).

(2) More evidence: “The way that you have chosen and that he has chosen and that I have chosen for you to proceed.” So  she has identified two members of a soul-design team: Her and Michael. (It’s the same for you.)

I already know I’m a guinea pig:

Steve: I’m acting as a test bed as well as the projects being a test bed?

AAM: Correct.

Steve: So it’s important that I communicate what I’m coming across… Okay. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2019.)

What they do with me, I predict that they would do with you, if you asked (ask and ye shall receive). I am a test bed. You are the working model.


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

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