Archangel Michael: There are No Sides. There is Just One Choice – Steve Beckow

archangel michael via council of love blog

Archangel Michael ~ Image via Council of Love


Archangel Michael: There are No Sides. There is Just One Choice

Archangel Michael sometimes says something that has me want to stop the presses. Of course this is problematic for me because, by solving a great dilemma, it makes everything I prescheduled obsolete.

What he says here is very relevant to us as a world riven by racial hatreds and gender exploitation, religious differences and political disagreements.

He’s talked to me about not taking sides for some time now, but the penny hadn’t dropped. In this latest discussion, it did. I got it. Thank you for being patient with me while I stumbled around in the dark.

If you take what he says here and add to it an understanding of my 1987 vision, you have two great big puzzle pieces in place. (1)

Steve: One of the things that’s been troubling me is the thought that I shouldn’t be taking sides and yet I most certainly am on the side of the Light.

Can you just talk to me a bit about that to help me clarify the matter?

AAM:  And what you are really saying to me, sweet friend, is that there is only one choice.

You see, it is not taking sides. Because what you are doing [is not delineating into sides], and what I encourage you and every single person on this planet and far, far beyond to do is [the same].

There is a mighty battle – I can use no other word for it – being waged upon your planet. It is far more complex and, might I say, far more secretive than 99.9% of the population is aware of.
When we talk about taking sides, it immediately separates the heart, the mind, the psyche, the behaviours [by holding] that one path is right and one path is wrong.

There is only one choice which is in alignment with your divinity and the divine, and that choice is the choice of the Light, the choice of the Love. …

There is only one path and that is the path of the Light.

So when you bring yourself into that alignment, then the, what I would term as “lower-vibrational” (you will understand what I mean) judgement disappears in the one-path process. (2)

Steve: So not sides because that relates to people but choices because that relates to behavior?

AAM: Choices because, yes, it relates to behavior, to actions, to thought processes, to heart processes. But what it really relates to is the determination – that is, as in willful – the determination of what your choice is going to be.

Steve: I’m not sure I got that one….

AAM: So there is a determination factor, as in when you look at something and you say, “Oh this is the truth; these people are behaving correctly. This is valid truth” or “This is wrong,” not knowing what the back story is.

Now there are “absolute wrongs,” as you know, because they are not of love. But what you are doing is you are not adding your energy, your voice, your intellect or your heart to taking a particular stance or side.

So when you look at something, you say, “Well, does this align with light?” Not judging the people or the veracity of their information.

Because what is being judged as correct action, opinions, belief systems, operating systems… The knowing of what is truly going on behind the scenes [is not there].

This is not to underestimate the human capacity for truth. Quite the contrary.

But there are judgements being made about who is right and who is reliable, who is not and who is unreliable and all that does is feed divisiveness.

I got it. I got it. There are no sides. There is only one choice: To love or not.

And I don’t say that as a club to beat someone over the head with, a new meme. I mean it really genuinely, deeply.

Nevertheless, I’ll bet someone will divide the world into two sides, two camps: Those who love and those who do not. Less and less as the energies rise.

It isn’t my intention to create a new meme.

My intention is to limit the focus of my gaze to myself. Am I loving or not? That is the most useful application of what Michael is saying, in my opinion.

If I really were immersed in the higher form of love, the problem, as Michael indicates, would evaporate. Love would dissolve it instantly. Problems cannot survive in the inner tsunami of love.  All dross is driven away, leaving only purity and innocence.


(1) See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” August 13, 2011, at

The purpose of life is to know our true identity as God. Not by the mind is the One known, but by the heart. Our choice is to love or not love.

At the same time, it’s the destiny of every created soul to realize God one day; therefore we’re all on the same pilgrimage. Not one is fated to perish; we are all eternal souls/the One. We should be cheering each other on, not fighting each other.

(2) Yes, I do understand. When one experiences higher-dimensional love, almost immediately pain disappears; all memory of suffering is immediately lost. The same with bliss.


Archangel Michael ~ Image via Council of Love

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