An Inner Awakening by Lord Melchizedek – Natalie Glasson

Symbols for Healing by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Gallery


An Inner Awakening by Lord Melchizedek

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings beloved friends, greetings to you light workers, and those in devotion to the Earth and the Creator. I am Lord Melchizedek and it is an honour to be in your presence. While I represent or give myself forth as one being, I am a consciousness of many. It is my purpose to oversee the Universal Level of the Creator’s Universe to support the spiritual education and Ascension education of all and to radiate the Universal Level energies, as well as delivering forth the divine plan as given to me by the Creator.

I come forth today with an insight. There is so much taking place on the Earth, multiple ascension shifts are currently manifesting. The Earth is almost erupting with the energy of fear as the old energy of negativity, fear, anger, frustration, and so forth is released for many beings to embody and then transform into positive loving light. Therefore, liberating the Earth, her humanity and all beings.

With the presence of fear, negativity, and limitations being erased, a new blueprint for the New Earth Ascension has and is being anchored into your being, into all beings and the Earth. This blueprint is creating so many different activations and awakening within your being, within the consciousness of humanity and within Mother Earth. There is so much taking place it can be challenging to acknowledge and realise with clarity what is occurring.

I, Lord Melchizedek wish to alert you to an inner awakening taking place within your being. This inner awakening is in response to the fear being released from the Earth, humanity, and the blueprint being anchored into the Earth. The inner awakening taking place within your being is extremely deep. It is within the depths of your being; it is an energy that is so sacred. It is a part of your being which you might describe as your truth. It is something you have been seeking. It is something you feel you may have lost and energy you wish to be reunited with to feel complete and whole. We can understand this inner energy awakening from the very depths of your being is extremely important in your ascension process and for the world. Therefore I, Lord Melchizedek wish to alert you to this occurrence within your being. While this is ancient sacred energy of your own truth and your integration with the Creator, it will also bring fulfilment and the manifestation of your dreams into your reality.

The Acceptance of Change

For you to acknowledge, this inner awakening would mean that change would begin its momentum. The change would occur within your reality and within your being. The most important question now is, ‘Are you ready for change?’ You may be ready for the changes you believe are appropriate and necessary in your reality. However, are you ready for change as guided by the divine will and the divine plan of the Creator? The change guided by the Creator is often unexpected and something maybe you had not considered for yourself. It can even be something you are against or could not possibly imagine yourself doing. It may be aligned with your dreams, desires, and goals, although often the Creator puts a little twist on it. And so, the change that requires acceptance is often outside of your comfort zone.
I, Lord Melchizedek, ask you are you ready for change as guided by the Creator within your being and within your reality? If your answer is yes, then it is time to seek within your being. If it is an uncertain yes, then you are still ready to delve down into your being. There is simply a need to acknowledge and to recognize that when the change manifests and anchors into your being there will be a need for you to be in complete acceptance. Maybe even surrendering to the divine will of the Creator. Knowing the Creator has created the wholeness, completeness, and the fullness you wish to experience on the Earth. And so, if your yes is uncertain trust will be needed, trust when the change manifests from the inner awakening.

The Power of Fear

It is often that which brings forth fulfilment, wholeness, and completion within our beings can also be something we fear. As you recognise or begin to turn your attention into your being recognising there is an inner awakening taking place in the very depths of your being. It is time to realise you may be fearful of this awakening and you may also be fearful of its presence and manifestation into your reality and being. This form of fear almost alerts you to the fact there is something very sacred waiting to be revealed. A big transformation is about to take place and fear often manifests from uncertainty. You are uncertain of what will manifest, what will awaken, it is like opening a box not knowing what is inside.

Trust is needed and acceptance.

When you realise there is an element of fear within your being concerning recognising this Inner awakening, you may also realise you have a fear connected to living your life fully on the Earth, creating, manifesting and experiencing your dreams. Even fear of awakening through the many levels of ascension, connecting with guides, with the Creator, finding a soul mate, and finding friends that connect on a deep soul level. All of the things you may wish to experience in your reality. It is time to acknowledge whether you also fear them as well. Fear is present because the reality you experience now, you know well, you have coping mechanisms, techniques and wisdom. When the Creator brings forth gifts and inner awakening you are uncertain of what will manifest how it will change your reality, your being, what you will be asked to achieve, manifest, and embody and empower.

The fear of uncertainty and the unknown is a natural fear. As the Earth releases fear, the energy of fear of the unknown will not be erased from the Earth, the planet, humanity’s consciousness. This is because it is a fear that alerts you and encourages you. This fear invites you to ground yourself, to stand strong, and rooted into the Earth, to realise you know yourself and you know who you are. You know who you are as a spiritual being, you know your connection with the Creator, you know that you are supported by your guides. You know the Creator wishes to share with you multiple gifts and to experience fulfilment in your reality. The fear creates an awakening of trust and a realisation that you do know even if you do not understand. Even if you cannot explain yourself, there is an aspect of your being that understands, knows, and acknowledges the changes that will occur. There is an aspect of your being that knows you can cope with these changes and they will bring fulfilment, love, peace, and joy into your reality.

The fear of the unknown activates an inner knowingness and trust.

Your relationship with the Creator is already magnificent, it is complete and whole, whether you can understand it with your mental mind or not. With the fear of the unknown comes a great confirmation of your being, which is such an amazing activation. It is an activation you ignite and begin; it can be a constant activation.

Discovering Your Inner Awakening

Imagine yourself knowing all that you are, trusting, confirming everything that you are, knowing your relationship with the Creator. Take your attention deep within your being. Acknowledge the fear which is almost like a smokescreen is dissolving. It was a smokescreen that was there for a reason because you were not yet ready to acknowledge what was behind the smokescreen. You are now ready. Take the attention of your mind and your third eye deep within your being to wherever you feel guided to connect with the inner awakening taking place and recognise the smokescreen that is dissolving. You will discover a light igniting within your being. This light is the energy of change. Change for your being and change for your reality. It is the truth energy you have been waiting for. It is the truth of the Creator and the truth of your being. It is an energy that allows you to feel whole, complete, and fulfilled. Remember, it may not be what you expected it to be, and it may not manifest as you expect it to. Trust and acceptance are important.

As you go into that energy radiate it out. It shines out through your being; it may feel familiar to you or It may feel completely abstract and unknown. Let it radiate into your body and your auric field. Let it flow into your eyes, throat, voice, and into your mind. Let it radiate out beyond your auric field. As it radiates out, allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into the core of this inner energy.

And what does it say?

What gifts are ready for you to acknowledge and receive?

What is present in that light?

You do not have to know now. Although you can take time to explore. Be present with the light, doing so will allow synthesis to take place and the changes to manifest. Take time now and in the coming days to be present with this light and awakening. Notice if the smokescreen tries to come back, if it does stand tall, ground yourself, know who you are and allow yourself to go back into the depths of your being, into the light that is promoting change in your being, reality and a manifestation of fulfilment. Enjoy the truth of the Creator, all I have spoken of is happening for you now, and you are activating it.

You are experiencing a very powerful awakening, enjoy it.

My love is with you. Thank you.

I am Lord Melchizedek

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

New Snow is on Earth – Steve Rother @ Espavo

Tajdar Prince of the Himalayas ~ Artist Holly Sierra


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NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

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New Snow is on Earth

Greetings, dear ones,

We are excited to join you this day. You see, from the larger aspect humanity has now reached a new energy and we’re very excited to tell you about this. Does this mean that all these challenges that you’re dealing with will suddenly go away? Or that everyone will start coming together in different ways? Well, that’s what we’re waiting to see as well. Humanity is going through a collective grief process, which has made itself obvious as people have overshadowed their own grief with that of the collective.

People are looking for things to start returning to what you would call a “normal” energy. Now we are going to tell you that normal in these days is quite different than it was even a few years ago. Planet Earth is evolving and the societies are doing their best to keep up. That’s part of what is taking place and will see play out for some time to come.

New Snow

Today we ask a question: Have you ever been somewhere that it’s snowed, with fresh snow covering the ground? All you could see was nothing but white, with very little evidence of other people being there before you. Can you take in the beauty of the pristine scene before you?

Then suddenly you turn and look in a different direction, and you can see footsteps where someone has been before you. Suddenly you feel a little more comfortable, knowing that you have a path that you can follow in some way. Dear ones, you are making those first imprints in the snow. You’re the ones who are setting these energies, so that other people can follow for many years to come. We hope you understand that many of you have come in with contracts specifically designed to connect you at the right moment and section of time/space. However, when these come along you suddenly feel pulled. With everything now happening on your planet it’s very difficult, because when anyone pulls your energy your first reaction is to close off.

The Door

But now, more than ever before, people will start stepping forward and creating a new path and space. Will you be ridiculed for it? Yes, dear ones, we can almost guarantee it. People who don’t follow the herd mentality will be singled out. But many of you came in specifically with this information. You arrived with a specific contract, sometimes just to say a few words to a person, perhaps to nudge them, or even to give resistance to something. Others have much larger contracts, yet all are needed now. The door to a new world is open and it’s starting to unfold in a beautiful way. Watch for it. And when you’re looking around for those footprints that proceeded, know that you’re making them. You’re at the beginning, you’re the ones making those imprints that millions will follow.

Many do not wish to move until they ascertain the best direction. Does that make a lot of difference? No, because you can always change your direction. That’s the beautiful part about humanity and the planet of free choice, you have that opportunity. You are quite multi-dimensional, which you’re not quite aware of. And as we’ve mentioned before, you have all this happening here on planet Earth. You’re worried and angry about it. No matter what side you think you’re on in all of these discussions, it doesn’t really make a lot of difference. Why? Because in the multiple realities, the 12 that are all around you, there are actually 11 filled by shadows of you and your energies. And when you make a big decision in one life, then those other dimensions pick up on those decisions and go in a different direction. That means you miss nothing.

A Multidimensional Vision

Is it possible to make a wrong choice? Yes, in this lifetime or dimension, and then another dimension has to pick up the other choice. When you come Home, you have the essence of all of it happening. We tell you, dear ones, you are living in crazy times. You’re very much aware of that, you’ve seen the new headlines that you never have before. The word “unprecedented” is being used more than it ever has before on planet Earth. However, that’s not the most active of all of your dimensions. You’re in the times of mastery, perfecting certain areas. That’s the reason so many challenges will come up, giving you an opportunity to master things as quickly as you can. Even if you miss it that’s not a problem, because there’s another one coming fairly soon. That is the most beautiful idea to look at every aspect of any problem you might have as an opportunity for mastery. When you master those things, it means you don’t have to take them to the next level of the game, which you’re starting to build right now.

That’s unbelievably beautiful. The evolution will happen simultaneously in all of your other dimensions, both individually and as a collective. We’ll share more about that in time, but for now we tell you that in one dimension you have a unity consciousness. This is starting to take hold on planet Earth and it’s very beautiful to watch. Over here you have another dimension that is very polarized, you are living this right now. None of the dimension are perfect. It may interest you to know that in another of your collective dimensions, President Hillary Clinton just survived her second assassination attempt.

What you don’t see as you’re creating it is that you can change your world, bringing in other aspects of your own multi-dimensional being. You can start returning to the perfection that you truly are.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in this way. Dear ones, we ask you to treat each other with the greatest of respect, nurture one another whenever possible, and play well together. Espavo. We now step aside for the Keeper of Time.


Greetings from Home.

I am the Keeper of Time. I join you this day, as you have changed and shifted time-space on your planet in a very quick heartbeat. Now you’re stepping back into a new world. But much like an escalator that’s already in motion, you have to time your steps to be able to get back into the system Footprints in the snow were spoken of earlier. However, dear ones, those are new energy people. The new energies set into motion on planet Earth are very difficult and quite challenging in many ways. You see, it takes experts who can hold the light in the face of adversity and many of you are doing exactly that. You, dear ones are the energy pioneers who are changing everything and setting a new possibility in motion.

Your energy is much stronger than you might think, and we’re so incredibly proud of you for your part of this. Trust that the doors will open when the time comes. You all have different purposes and different connections. Some of you know exactly where you’re going and the direction of your highest intent, while others do not. Fear not, dear ones, trust that when the time is right the opportunities will be there and the doors will start to open.

Your challenge is knowing when to step forward, but is that really a problem? What if you see something and step forward, but it’s not right? Simply step back, it’s not a real problem. The biggest challenge about this whole process would be that if a door opens and you’re so afraid to step through it, then it closes.

We’re telling you that everything has shifted, as you are starting to step forward into a new world. The perfect people, the perfect spirits, are on the job and they’re there watching this whole process unfold to make sure that everything’s in the right place at the right time. These are beings that have done this on many multiple planets throughout the universe. All that is here are these who corrected everything. Even if it was laid out incorrectly, you’re the ones who decided to be on the planet and take off your wings, playing the game of pretending to be a human.

Well done, dear ones, you made it. Now for each of you the questions become, “What am I supposed to do? When am I supposed to act? Where am I supposed to be? What side am I supposed to be on?” All of that will come in time, dear ones. Gain your confidence in your own ability to speak in harmony with your spirit and even your own ability to make mistakes. Everything starts to open up for you and with that you create a whole new set of footprints in the snow, a new world, energy and a light. Welcome Home, dear ones, you’ve earned it. With that we leave you for now, and we’ll come back together in another month to create magic all over again. Know you’re very magical as it is, and that we trigger that spark within you. We are with you all the time and you can hear us, if you only learn to listen and trust it. Know that you’re here for a reason. So with the greatest of honor, we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this game well together. You’re creating magic, thank you for taking your power!


I am the Keeper of Time.

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah