Experience It Passing Through Us – Steve Beckow

The Art of Love – Amanda Cass


Experience It Passing Through Us

Eureka! Drilling with our awareness, we struck love

Written before my recent reading with AAM.

There’s no subject more important than us enjoying love.

We spend a lot of time in our lives seeking it in general and seeking it externally in particular.

It’s ironic because we have a fountain of youth, an artesian well of love inside our hearts.

But then we compound matters by doing something else.  We misunderstand the dynamics of love. All of us are trying to get love – from our parents, our partners, our children.

It isn’t the getting of love that carries the reward we seek; it’s the giving.

Why is that? Because higher-dimensional love must flow. It does not stand still. And it flows universally, without our steering it.

We get our reward  – that is, we get to experience love – as it flows up from our hearts and out to the world. I repeat: We experience love mostly as it flows through us. Not to us.

Everybody, you’re going to be tested on this later.

—->>>  THIS IS IMPORTANT <<<—.

Love flows through us in an act of giving, not in an act of getting. We send our love out to the world and experience the flow of love as it passes through us. (1)

Gosh, that’s significant.

Eckhart Tolle tells a story about a beggar who turns out to be sitting on a box containing gold. The box is our heart and the gold is the love that exists inside the locked box.  It’s the inner tsunami that leads to the Ocean of Love. We’re unaware of the wealth in the box we’re sitting on.

It’s a hidden treasure, but seek and ye shall find, we’re promised.

From my limited experience I’d say we’d profit immensely – if we want love – to try giving it rather than trying to get it. We’d thereby become channels for the entry of higher-dimensional love into our realm of existence. And then we’d experience it passing through us on its unimpeded way out to the world.  And being a pipeline for love is excruciatingly … lovely.

From my own experience, giving love is the quickest way I know to experience the higher form of love.  Starting to send it out to all and sundry and experiencing it as it passes through us is what will bring us our reward.

As I feel love arise in this moment, it quickly blends into bliss.


(1)  I’ve been persuaded by Matthew Ward and my own experience that we can also get love. But I find it quicker to give it and experience it flowing through me. That’s an almost instantaneous route.



Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

2 thoughts on “Experience It Passing Through Us – Steve Beckow

  1. Ah YES! As I do with all you share (love and shake my head yes as if smelling the most beautiful scent), this one is oh so important. The gift is in giving not receiving – for when you give you receive. We are love, all which does live is love. We’re created by love, love is within – as within is without.

    I’m not on often these days for a multitude of reasons, usually only when I feel a deep need to post something and have the ability to – as I just did … but when I do come on and see your posts in the reader I’m always joyful. So many are waking up, remembering or seeing the truth, so many lightworks, starseeds and other energies from near and FAR are finding each other and working together to shift the collective and restore what’s been wrong for millenniums. The power of combined love has never been this strong before.

    Some feel that life is coming to an end, they’re frightened or having great anxiety *even those of us who know aren’t enjoying this ride* (and for them we MUST have great compassion and hold space for them), but the only things coming to an end is a fake reality, dark forces, deceit, hidden knowledge and veils and veils of blindness (through not only the eyes and ears, but thoughts and hearts). Love is the weapon that’s needed to fight this war no matter how violent and unstable it gets. Being love, giving love, spreading love. 💜💜💜 I so love you for posting this, it needed to be shared.


    Namaste Dear Shekinah …. Kimberly

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  2. How lovely you are Kimberly, I wish you were my next door neighbour! 💖 Giving rather than receiving Love often occupies my consciousness and many a time I have asked myself which is the most important ~ to give or to receive. I usually find my answer is an equal balance although the scales would tip over into giving in many instances. Here’s to LOVE always …. 💛💜

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