We are in a new land dimensionally – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Be Like Water ~ Artist Isabelle Bryer Paintings


We are in a new land dimensionally

As a solar influx makes its way to Earth and the weather opens its longing arms for the company of solar light in all of its forms, a protective shield is formed around earth. Every language, in every tongue and holy breath of Earth has prayed to their gods, and their leaders for guidance. Just like a tremendous rainstorm that comes after months of drought the ground is parched and cannot absorb the powerful influx of liquid blessings. All seek to get back into a place of wholeness but that wholeness has rewritten itself into a place of non-recognition. We are in a new land dimensionally, we are not who we were, we have lost a part of ourselves or it has been exchanged for something else, either way it is up to us to move forward through this new dimensional landscape. Our perceptions have changed our thoughts have changed, the way we look at life and each other has changed both for the good and the bad.

The polarities of all like the Gemini Twins play out in front of us in the dark, in the light and every shade of gray in between. Our Spidey senses have increased and the human body is vibrationally picking up discrepancies from every word, in every situation and newscast. New psychic sensories are birthed within the old elements of earth, like a Lotus within a Lotus, we are given extra amounts of unscripted abilities to recognize what is to come, and what is truth in an abyss of lies and falsehoods.



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We are all living threads of light in the tapestry of God – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

RAINBOW BODY buddha face


We are all living threads of light in the tapestry of God

We are all living threads of light in the tapestry of God; each of us is a different shade of God, a different sound of God, a different color of God. Our dreams are different, our personalities are different, however our desire for Love is similar. We were not created to be the same; God loves all his flavors of Creation. In many dimensional existences there is permanent Oneness, an Allness and Unity that is a natural flow of evolution.

We volunteered to come to Earth to wear different colors, to see different sunsets, to kiss different babies, and learn to Love. Yes we are One, yes we are of the same light, but we deliberately incarnated into different Earth experiences, embracing her wisdom. We came here deliberately be of a different shade of gray and a new song in Heaven.

We came to a point of deliberate Oneness earlier in 2020, as the crown of light was placed on Earth. We have been forced into our corners of inner thought and life deliberately, purposefully and judiciously. The world paused on a Holy in-breath, as a living Oneness came to Earth. We were forced like a flock of Consciousness into one holding place of thought. Within ourselves within our friends within our family, the Hall of Mirrors wrapped itself around us tightly as the event that changed earth was given free rein/reign. Divinity rode in on the back of human ignorance and used the opportunity the mantle it’s love around Earth.

This could have been the end of us but in truth it is a new beginning a dimensional place we have never existed, with rules we don’t understand. As all the scars and fractures of our past dimensional experiences unwind as a ball of thread, we find ourselves all tangled up emotionally. We feel lost in space, in a lost time, looking for something that we just don’t remember. Where did the dreams go, where did the love go, where did we go? We look in the mirrors of our life and just don’t recognize who looks back within those eyes are memories just beyond our reach.

The event unraveled us on every level as we try to re-stuff the old pillows of self. We’re not the same shape, we’re not the same twinkle, and we’re not the same person as we once were. We are all ready to re-capture what was, but all of those lightning bugs are on a different time wave, our nets and hearts are empty, but why? Pinocchio wants to become a real boy with a real life, as we all do, but he cannot see clearly into the future. Like a mirage on a hot western day nuances change like the neon Vegas strip. We’d love the mirage to be an oasis but at Second Glance it’s just a dust devil.



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